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    Salvador Dali Cabaret scene 1922   • Putin Has Pushed Europe Into Inflationary Depression, Currency Collapse (Every) • West Reluctant To Put Puti
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    Must watch if you want to know what is happening globally and why. Three of the very best: Lira, Martyanov and Escobar:


    Oops, sorry, my mistake. Here it is

    (The other one is pretty scary too.)


    Third time lucky


    Starvation of the young.

    And a prophetic warning of the danger of allowing fascism to rise again, not recognising that the fascism would arise most prominently amongst in the delivers of ‘freedom and democracy’:

    Interestingly. Russia is described as the last bastion of European civilisation. (Lira/Martyanov/Escobar)


    V. Arnold

    For fuck’s sake! If this is the kind of shit I have to deal with in the comment section; then I’m gone…

    Dr. D

    V. Huh?

    Dr. D

    “Europe needs to find €2 trillion in energy costs. Good luck.”

    No. It’s not “Costs” they need. It’s the actual gas. They could have a quadrillion in currency to buy gas – and they do – but it still will buy zero gas. That the price isn’t a quadrillion yet shows they don’t fully realize their position yet. But they will. The “market” will.

    “Russia’s move is so blatant there is no way Europe can fudge an agreement”

    I didn’t look in, but I expect the old contracts ran out and all new contracts require rubles. Am I wrong? If Germany now paid 100% in rubles, as required, would they get gas? I suspect so.

    Germany is to delay mothballing some nuclear reactors – so common sense at gunpoint.”

    Did we not just hear this isn’t happening, for permit and also physical reasons?

    “Yet Europe and the UK will not ration energy by price because it means the staggering bills already being seen, … They will instead subsidize businesses and households”

    This is like fighting the “Putin shut off gas” meme. No, he didn’t. YOU did. In this case, every article says, “We need more MONEY.” No. You can have infinite money, your infinity money will still buy NO GAS. My God is it really that hard to understand? You CANNOT SUBSIDY. If there is NO FOOD in the pantry, you cannot ration out the empty shelves and stale air that you find there. “No means no”, people.

    ““For us, the support of the UK and the US is very important as well as the rest of the civilised world,” said Smyrnov.”

    What support? We shipped no weapons and won’t for two years. The money we sent never arrived because it was all laundered and flipped back to Congress, and Ze’s Miami palace. The support of 6 HIMARS, which are simple artillery units such as we had in WWI?

    “US Shares Blame In Ruined Ties With Russia – Clinton’s Defense Secretary (RT)”

    Since he’s the guy who ran and oversaw the whole thing, why is he writing editorials incriminating himself now? Why is it being published?

    “EURACTIV said it obtained a leaked paper that outlines the European Commission plan to cap wholesale gas prices that would target Russia.”

    How quaint. What now?

    “Thus, the exclusion of disabled athletes, cats, even Russian trees from competitions, the dismissal of conductors, the de-platforming of Russian artists, such as Dostoyevsky, or even the renaming of paintings

    Yes, they’re appalling, worldwide, racists. Always have been.

    an agreement with China to start fulfilling its gas supply contracts with payments made in rubles or yuan instead of euros or dollars.”

    Seems slow, but it’s light speed. They’ve flipped the system in just six months.

    ““..the poorer and more vulnerable you are, the more you are exploited, thrust into a hellish debt peonage from which there is no escape..”

    Kind of, but there’ s limit. If you’re truly poor and working cash you can’t get debt, and therefore no peonage. That’s for the aspiring middle class. As the migrants work, hide their money back in Nicaragua in gold chains, then return there when the house is paid and account is full, it’s just your basic deal, and your escape is simple.

    Nor is this option closed to Americans. If they worked and didn’t buy iPhones, lived 20 to a house as they do, they too could save enough in a short while to buy a tiny house or do as they wished. But debt is enticing, as all drugs and deadly vices are.

    “There is no attempt, unlike fascism and state socialism, to address the needs of the poor.”

    This statement is categorically false. They spend an enormous amount to do it very badly. The next statement is even more false. The only way to GET health care is to go broke and fall on the State. From that level to…about $60k, you’re going to have basically no coverage. So if you’re anywhere near $30k and get sick, you have to go broke, and the state gives you better services than if you made $100k, and all your kids too.

    This may not be fun, but it is real. Does Chris not talk to people anymore?

    The Clowns of Winter Harry the UK Down

    Hard to piece and present here. Okay, the Ukie attack was to pretend to be RUSSIANS, attacking their own base at Zap they already held? And use it as a point to force concessions for war (or blow up Zap into another Chernobyl and blame Russia…irradiating themselves???) Nevermind, the NeoCon Davos crowd don’t have the brains of a sea slug.

    Point here is: they had a PLAN…and they love their Plans. This is why they, all of Europe, written into the MI6/Slander Russia plan, were immovable, immobile, and foot-dragging about being shut off, because hey: they were just about to slander Russia and win anyway, amirite? This is why Bojo was allowed to hold on longer, and they were in a big rush-rush to (not) train these poor saps at MI6 HQ, doing everything but tattooing them with MI6 “Brits wuz here” logos.

    Okay, great. BUT THE PLAN FAILED. And now? Now will they be a little worried about the war?

    I guess we’ll find out.

    Hey, um, power prices are now 10x the start. Such that the INTRADAY move is now 2x the previous price. That’s a market that’s broken, and I can’t see how the Comex can tolerate it, as these are all on +10x leverage with no delivery and all derivatives. Daisy-chained up the line. Someone will default and the exchange(s) itself will crack.

    Again: where are the explosions? Like Evergrande, and nickel, I suspect that losses by “the right people” are being covered up and delayed indefinitely. Does a contract exist if you can never collect on it? What happens their creditors, who are being put off, but eventually stiffed?

    A: no one knows. We’ve never been here before. With worldwide universal corruption, and not even a pretense to markets. Or that if you pump-n-dump the wrong ape you accidentally jump out of the 15th floor.

    “US Flies B-52 Bombers over Middle East in Show of Force Aimed at Iran
    At one point Israeli F-16s joined the mission…”

    The B-52, a 68-year old plane. Followed by the far newer F-16, a 50 year old plane. That IS scary. …For the pilots.

    Note last time Biden said he would strafe and bomb all Republicans, he said he would shoot them with the F-15, not the F-35. Because the F-35 can’t fly. The F-15 design is 53 years old.

    Now we knew that, but what we DIDN’T know, and thought we were paying for, none of these planes have any bullets or bombs either. Or not more than a few day’s worth.

    …I’m sure Iran is a-shakin’ in their boots.

    BTW, great plan while you’re signing a treaty to get gas and oil that’s putting the U.S. and Europe in the dark. …While your psychotic pals in Saudi have already signed up with Russia and have run out. So murdering Mabus will be on the White House agenda now. Probably already has been. Remember Vegas?

    “The fraud is based upon 5th grade applied mathematics, and the fact you don’t know this is”

    Omg I knew this decades ago and probably everyone else here too. Not that a2 + b2 = c2 isn’t good math, but didn’t we cover this in the fifth grade? Okay a2 + b2 = c2, what are you gonna DO about it? One option is to make a bloody fortune off it, and the knowledge of how it works and where we are in the mathematical collapse.

    Yes, the rates tripled from 1% to 3%, and with a short test here, are back to 3% but not yet chosen the pattern. I suspect up and the market suspects that too.

    “British Columbia unveiled a fall COVID-19 battle plan that includes newly approved booster vaccines and flu shots”

    …A year after Fauci said “Covid is endemic”, and we are all going to get it. And we all had Omicron, which means we are all immune. Basically. Canada is apparently science deniers.

    WES yes, and they will get it and get away with it for a short time. It may even kinda-sorta work for a bit. However, we are in an arm wrestling, maybe Sumo match. If America cracks and goes violent, capital will flow to Europe. If as is actually happening, Europe is smashed, capital will flow to the U.S. instead. One or the other will go down. It’s the Patriots vs Davos. But if Powell says he has a lot of room to raise rates, and should, getting them back to 6%, meanwhile all Europe ceases to produce anything, even food and water, and becomes sub-3rd world, how is capital going to stay there?

    This happens in every war, and is the key element of the war, and the decades of pre-planning. They’re not going to blow up their OWN money, right? And the plan seems to have been they were all going to offshore and hide in China, to which China suddenly (10 years ago, these things are slow), said “No.” Soros then said “They are the devil, made of evilly-evil”. Since they had already arranged the sinking of their own ships, they now found themselves trapped on the two sinking ships with no lifeboats. Sucks to be you! Why did you drill so many holes in the sides? Wait ‘til the crew finds out!

    As for the tactics, sure Russia is using this. …So why hasn’t Ukraine changed their tactics? Whatever. That’s what happens with non-meritocracy totalitarian dictatorships. I remain shocked the West hasn’t gone bankrupt yet. I mean for 20 years, but especially now. Can reality EVER return to their brains?

    Apparently not even cold and hunger can cure it. Denial is a religion, and infinite.

    John Day

    “European Crisis” post is up. Picture with granddaughter under Namwah banana plants.

    Alastair Crooke looks at the economic war being waged upon the peoples of Europe by their betters, out of urgent-necessity. This necessity arises from the context of the power dynamic, which is not to be reconsidered by those who command the power. This constrains options to only those that support and enforce the power structure, which is a master-slave relationship structure. Thanks Michael R.
    We know the story: A group of western thinkers were posed three questions:
    Can the planet sustain a European-style level of consumption spreading everywhere, across the globe? The answer from these thinkers was ‘clearly not’.
    Second question: Can you imagine western states voluntarily relinquishing their standard of living by de-industrialising? Answer: A definite ‘No’.
    Must a lower plane of consumption and use of energy and resources then be coerced upon reluctant populations? Answer: Definitely ‘Yes.
    Crooke goes on to show that pulling people together into a global entity would be facilitated by a global enemy, such as pollution, global-climate-change and ecosystem destruction.
    The actual enemy inferred by this is humans, so humans can be united in identity through obliquely seeing themselves as “the enemy”. If the elite group sees the non-elites as “the enemy”, this is historically coherent, but it is a hard-sell to cold people who do not own anything
    Climate-emergency has become an identity-driver in western politics, but it has been marketing special-products, not austerity, until recently. Greece got to beta-test austerity.
    The non-west world, the economically colonized world, and western-enemies, such as Cuba and Iran, have not purchased this worldview, but are ok with Europeans, Americans, Canadians Brits and Aussies feeling it.
    Russia has a competing product for the non-West, which is oil, gas, guns and grain without the coercion and exploitation, and the possibility of saying goodby to the debts forced upon them by the western military-financial neo-colonialist empire.
    The western-collective-guilt paradigm has not been selling very well, as people look at impossible utility bills, impossible financial existence, and the fact that most of them never did have the benefits of resource extraction and exploitation. Most people in the “west”, which now includes eastern Europe, were just getting by and doing what they had to under the system that was tuned to benefit the elites. Something like 06% of Czech people, all in one mass in Prague, protested EU policies against buying Russian oil and gas this weekend.
    The exploitative and extractive elite paradigm, which is set to shed a lot of humans, as an interim-solution, cannot be expected to successfully deal with real resource depletion, pollution, and the end of exponential growth.

    What is the projected European population in the “leap 20 years forward” no-fossil-fuel scenario, please, Sir?
    EU country warns citizens of ten ‘difficult winters’ ahead
    Belgian PM argued that hardships are worth it as the bloc will “leap 20 years forward” by breaking away from fossil fuels

    Governments will step in “to protect markets” from financial losses… “Liquidity support is going to be needed.”
    Europe’s Nightmare Scenario Comes True: Energy Bills To Rise By €2 Trillion, Will Reach 20% Of Disposable Income


    Moses must be preparing for the exodus of the chosen people.
    US SPR (Strategic Petroleum Reserve) is being used up.


    not enough energy to go round.
    1. find other sources of energy
    2. Cut energy use, do without, inflation, recession, die of cold or heat, exhaustion
    3. pay in rubles or yuan instead of euros or dollars.
    4. Black market, underground economy,

    • Gazprom Signs Gas Deal With China To Convert Payments To Ruble, Yuan (Fox)
    STOP the Collective Self-Delusion
    TAE is giving you the opportunity to Look at what la-la-land has become

    Chris Hedges: Stop Pretending US Is a Functioning Democracy

    Chris Hedges: Stop Pretending US Is a Functioning Democracy
    September 6, 2022

    John Day

    The Finance Ministers of G-7 countries met back in June, to put a price cap on Russian oil, enforced by refusing insurance to ships carrying non-price-capped Russian oil. Indian and Chinese companies are working around this, already, buying Russian oil, voluntarily discounted to them by Russia, for much more, after re-labeling and sometimes refining it. The price cap on Russian crude oil should go into effect December 5, 2022. Russia just won’t sell to any country trying to enforce a non-market low price.
    This plan is proceeding, oddly enough, and Japan is participating (but Japan has a special exemption).
    ..While Japan’s finance minister Shinuchi Suzuki celebrated the G7 decision, on Friday, media noted, citing a Finance Ministry official, that oil from Sakhalin-2, the Russian project, which is exported to Japan, will be excluded from the price cap.

    My analysis is that Europe is being crashed into a financial wall. Inexpensive Russian gas and oil are being politically-excluded, so there is not going to be enough gas and oil for European economies to survive, either for industry, for households, or for pubs and restaurants. To crash this economic system even more acutely, the “solution” for inadequate gas and oil, and the resulting high-prices, will be to borrow more money at interest and give it away, to raise prices, but not supply. Indeed, Europe has little gas and oil, except for Russian supplies.
    European people, and societies, appear to be getting sacrificed in a power-scheme, which leaves current elites holding more debt of bankrupt individuals and nations.
    The WEF has played this as a segue into CBDC (central bank digital currency) with smartphone wallets, and medical-passports, inherently social-credit-scoring.
    At this point unpayable gas and electric bills could also provide a transition into CBDC, and let governments decide who freezes and starves.
    The private-arm of western banking and finance, Wall Street and London banking, for instance, is pleased enough with the status-quo, and would lose out to CBDC.
    The private financial system benefits greatly from creating debt-money to lend at interest, a game by which they logically come to own everything in a few more turns.
    Private western finance can choose to buy-into the BRICS global trade system, but would not profit nearly as much.

    What happens now, this fall? How hard will Europeans be hit by the politicians who serve elites and follow orders to shock Europeans into something new, some fundamental change?
    This will kill a lot of people, if it is carried through. How will the blame not fall upon the national governments, elected officials and unelected bureaucrats?
    The logical progression, which I see, is the repudiation of the western financial system and debts, after a period of great hardship and death.
    The European people would effectively elect to join the-rest-of-the-world. Indeed, North American, European and English-speaking countries, businesses and individuals owe 75% of the debt in the western financial system.
    The owners like to move financial bubbles and financial crises around. Europe is getting the crisis this fall and winter, but it will be visited upon all nations and peoples.

    Jim Kunstler offers:
    “The Great Re-Set is an emergent phenomenon. It unspools naturally out of circumstances that reality presents. It goes its own way and we have to adapt to it, like it or not. Is our climate changing? Maybe. But so what? The climate has changed many times since the Bronze Age.
    If preventing that is actually out of the question, which it is, then what else are you going to do? The answer is: adapt intelligently to new conditions.
    When you clear away all the mental resistance to that — which amounts to a titanic struggle to keep things just the way they are — you’re going to have to make changes anyway.”

    Labor Day Assessment

    John Day

    John Michael Greer, The Archdruid, notes the rapid back-pedaling on COVID “vaccine” products in the last couple of weeks. Distancing from the vaccination-salvation narrative has seemingly begun. Tony Fauci will retire before the new Congress is seated, Trump was responsible for Operation-Warp-Speed, not Biden/Harris, who are on record as “not being sure” back when the Donald was in the White House.
    Will the excess-deaths become impossible to hide?
    The “Clerisy” is a priestly class of experts to guide a society. Our current expert-clerisy is mostly a postwar invention. They have been successful at shunning responsibility when their ideas cause harm.
    Experts had not been trusted a lot by society before The Bomb ended WW-2. Greer presents the graph of number-of-physicians (green) compared to number of managers (red clay) from 1970 – 2015.
    Medical care got exponentially more expensive, but not better in that time period, as you will recall.

    The Great Rehash, Part Four: A Hill to Die On

    The dark side of psychology experiments: 5 Psychological Experiments That Explain the Modern World

    5 Psychological Experiments That Explain the Modern World

    ​Pierre Kory MD: ​Global CV19 Vax Propaganda Means Mass Casualties
    ​ ​Dr. Kory explains, “We have data screaming at us everywhere we look. You can start with the life insurance data, India’s data, Germany’s data, and we know people are dying at unprecedented rates. That is one thing. We know that disability is through the roof. No one has seen VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) with the numbers it is screaming. Now, we . . . are seeing buried miscarriage rates and spontaneous abortion rates 70% and up to 90% in pregnant women. . . . We are still seeing propaganda and all of these messages to get your (CV19) shot even though there is no logic to it. . . . Maybe people are blindly following these instructions and there is no more critical thinking or the control of the information is leading to mass casualties. This is literally a humanitarian catastrophe. . . . We have never seen this. This is a global condition. . . . We have a global catastrophe because the (bad) information has infected almost every country on earth. . . . Wherever you look the data is so ominous. The myocarditis and dropping dead is incessant. It’s from every country in the world. You hear everyday reports of young people doing normal fun activities, like going to the beach or going to the park, and they are dropping dead.”
    ​ ​“People are being told things (like getting CV19 booster shots) that are putting them at grave risk. I don’t know how to combat a global technological propaganda instrument. We have never had that before. I don’t think we have ever had the same messages and the same stories being shot out 24/7. I have been saying this for a while, and the world has gone mad because of unrelenting propaganda and censorship. We have never had this much power and this much propaganda . . . never the same story being told to the entire globe at the same time and the same lie.”

    Global CV19 Vax Propaganda Means Mass Casualties – Dr. Pierre Kory


    Laugh kookaburra, laugh

    Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree
    Counting all the monkeys he can see
    Stop, kookaburra, stop
    Kookaburra, that’s not the monkey – that’s me

    Perhaps the Kookaburra is just Emphatically Resonating, as Desmet points out.

    Perhaps everyone should take a big step back, a deep breath, and laugh at the absurdity we’ve collectively found ourselves in….

    Next step, getting to work at cleaning this mess up.

    Declaring a “new phase” in its pandemic response on Tuesday, the White House said it is launching a vaccine initiative “with a new approach,” adding that “most Americans” will need “one Covid-19 shot, once a year, each fall.”

    “It’s simple, and it’s easy to understand: If you are vaccinated and 12 and older, get the new Covid-19 shot this fall,” the White House continued. “This once-a-year shot can reduce your risk of getting Covid-19, reduce your chance of spreading it to others, and dramatically reduce your risk of severe Covid-19.”

    “If you are vaxxed, get this shot”? Uh what? Is this clean up on aisle 9?

    So back to laughing and cleaning up this mess… Cowards need not apply. Yes the U$$A is a failed Nation, the West a failed corporate conglomerate. It has been failed for quite some time now. Need proof or are your eyes and heart still open and working?

    First step- slap these fuckers right off the stage, literally. Bidet, Klaus, Gates, Fauci, Wolensky, Pharma CEOs, MSM talking head retards….etc Everyone of these shit-brained cowards deserve a loud slap in the face and thrown off the stage. If they don’t get that message maybe a punch in the throat and thrown into the streets- like the millions of people they’ve abused and murdered. If they don’t resonate with being de-throned, punched in the throat, de-powered and stripped of all their assets and thrown in the streets… Phase three is implemented.

    Lindsey Graham and Bidet both outlined Phase Three for all of us… “Take em out, remove from power”

    Problem – Solution action plan- laugh, deep breath, get to work cleaning this up. Courage.
    Phase One- slap em upside the head, throw them off stage. If that fails ->
    Phase Two- throat punch, strip them of all assets, homelessness. Let them Build Back Better
    No worky no worry Phase Three awaits them

    Phase Three- Off the f’n planet. You fucked it up for all of us, you learned nothing, now you get to be astral dust. Three Days of Courage is all it would take…

    Laugh kookaburra, laugh…

    D Benton Smith

    Beware of the man who has nothing to lose. The elites know this quite well. That’s why they’re afraid of us, and that’s also why they’re trying to kill us all off. They know what’s coning if they don’t.

    D Benton Smith

    Two guys walk into a bar. To be more specific a Physical Materialist and a Spiritual Dualist walk into a bar, and proceed to not get along. It’s the roughest bar on the waterfront, my kinda joint, so I come along later and walk into the same bar too, after the cheap booze has had a chance to kick in. It sure wasn’t your typical bar brawl. What I’m faced with is two guys who believe that their very lives depend on immediately and forthwith murdering the other guy. I mean to say it is an eyeball to eyeball existential thing to both of ’em.
    I swiftly conclude that for ME to survive I must prevent that from happening without myself getting murdered in the process by one of them or the other which would probably happen if I took sides . . . . . . and would certainly happen if I don’t.


    Individually, we stand alone…perhaps to eventually find kindred “spirits” in this immediate present and communicate and cooperate✌️✌️


    Mental and physical pain is causing people to get relief, of their pain, from opioids.
    Don’t talk don’t tell anybody ….
    Opioid sales are driven by the demand from people who have the money to pay for the opioids

    Not all the bodies are found in the street.
    Look in the well-to-do offices and homes. (The hypocrites)

    D Benton Smith


    Yes, I think that’s true. Have bumped into a few them right here.

    D Benton Smith

    Warning : the following comment is very figurative in quality, almost poetical. Esoteric philosophizing some might call it, so steer clear if you don’t like that kind of stuff. I am quite well and not off my meds, so to speak, so don’t worry. Just skip the comment and move on.

    For my part I, too, promise to move on and immediately return to regular broadcasting on the expected topics.

    . War Stories

    In my strangest moments I get the distinct impression that all or most of this has already happened long ago . . . . . . and that the apparent world we believe we’re looking at is just “Future Us” retelling the story of how things went, and why.

    If that’s the case then the good guys have already won, and are now just bragging up their stories about what they did in The Great War.

    “This,” they say melodramatically, with a broad all encompassing sweep of the arm, “is how it all played out.”


    I’m reading the Chris Hedges piece right now, passed through the part where he reviews how programs designed to combat poverty were attacked and largely dismantled by Reagan, his peers, and politicos that followed.

    I grew up listening to such rhetoric, believing that it was true.
    I also grew up listening to the rhetoric of the Mormon church, believing THAT was true…and the Mormon teachings, ill luck, and biology are how I ended up in a bad marriage that had to be ended, with a father for my children that saw child support as an existential threat to his existence…and so designed his life to evade child support as much as possible.
    Which brings me to today: on food stamps and Medicaid for 10 years, dependent upon the Earned Income Tax Credit, etc., working, but hampered by the lingering effects of PTSD from my marriage. I’ve had 10 years to reconcile the Reagan rhetoric of “welfare queens” with the realities of my own life.

    There are grifters in every system. In politics there are many grifters…the Biden family comes to mind. Do some grifters scam the government’s programs to mitigate the ill effects of poverty as was illustrated by Reagan and peers? Yes. I have even met some of them over the years. But the effectiveness of a program is not sufficiently measured by the presence of grifters. How much suffering was/is alleviated by various programs that mitigate poverty? THAT is the purpose of these programs — and is it worth it to hang out to dry all those who benefitted for the small percent that grift? (Now, the Democratic and Republican political parties…those are a couple of systems that are so infused with grifters that the grifters in leadership probably outnumber the non-grifters in leadership positions.)

    Medicaid isn’t just a system that provides medical care to impoverished folks, and the grifters in that system are not just those that hide their income in order to receive medical care. I met another type of Medicaid grifter this past Saturday. Friday night my daughter had a filling fall out. I wanted to get it taken care of right away, (didn’t want to wait until Tuesday, after the long weekend,) and I knew that her Medicaid-provided dental insurance would fully cover redoing the filling. I found a dentist on the insurance a couple of miles away that had Saturday morning hours, called and made an appointment to have her seen at 11 am. The dentist and assistant took an X-ray, and had applied the numbing gel in advance of the Novocain shot. The assistant then approached me with a computer printout showing that the filling would cost $220, a handwritten $63 written next to it. The assistant explained that the insurance only covered $63 of the procedure, and I was required to pay the balance. I have enough experience with Medicaid to know that billing a Medicaid recipient — or even asking for payment like this — is contrary to both state and federal law. I told them (the dentist was right there, and my teen daughter was 3 feet away,) that this was a covered procedure, and that they were not allowed to bill me. The assistant explained that usually I was correct, but that they only routinely do oral surgery on Saturday, so there was an extra charge. I knew that this changed nothing according to the law, and it was disingenuous to list Saturday hours on their website and then claim an extra fee on Saturday. I changed tactics, stated that, look, I don’t have the money with me (I didn’t,) don’t have it in the bank (i don’t,) I have no credit card, I didn’t get my tax refund this year and cannot afford the charge. If you are not willing to complete the procedure, I’ll take my daughter now and leave. The dentist decided to go ahead and do the filling.

    Attempting to collect payment (other than established tiny copays at time of service — of which there are none for children’s care) from a Medicaid recipient for a covered service is considered fraud on the part of the medical provider. How many other Medicaid recipients has this dental office scammed, demanding extra payment for Medicaid-covered procedures? Medicaid recipients are already impoverished — this is fraud designed specifically to prey upon those already identified by the government as struggling financially — and it was over an emergency dental service provided to a child.


    I find myself wondering when Chris Hedges is going to figure out that the Covid “vaccine” is killing folks. He is generally brilliant, and has a knack for seeing through corporate and government shenanigans. However, he doesn’t appear to see this one yet. Either that, or he is aware but avoiding the issue since medicine is not his profession and to avoid being canceled. But I don’t think that he is biding his time. He is either oblivious or not yet certain. He may be blinded by his own cognitive dissonance in this area. Still, the perfidy of the US government and megacorporations is something he perpetually looks into…he is going to eventually stumble across the data on the excess deaths.


    Jacques Baud : “..the exclusion of disabled athletes, cats, even Russian trees from competitions, the dismissal of conductors, the de-platforming of Russian artists, such as Dostoyevsky, or even the renaming of paintings..” .… and now visas.

    I find this really disturbing as it reminds so much of the way Germany treated Jews in the 30s and 40s.

    The punishment is not for what they did but for who they are.


    DBS #115381

    I wouldn’t argue against that “distinct impression” in the slightest. Who’s to say, ay? 😉


    @phoenix: your Medicaid health coverage type of story doesn’t just play out for Medicaid recipients. I wouldn’t even want to begin with the stories of those of us who “fall through the cracks” and earn too much for Medicaid, too much to qualify for “subsidies” toward purchasing our own coverage, and aren’t offered coverage through an employer (who increasingly offer worse coverage and pay less of the premium).

    If you don’t fit The Model (maybe I should trademark that) … it’s pretty much a get lost scenario.


    Dr D
    No. It’s not “Costs” they need. It’s the actual gas.
    Yup. In capitalism, when there is scarcity, the price of a needed resource will continue to rise as long as there is money available to follow the price, until the money is gone from those who held it, transferred to those (in industry, in government,) who hold or control access to the resource. Because that *IS* the plan — getting the people of Europe to accept that they “own nothing” and blame Putin rather than the WEFfer yahoos in their own governments.


    “There is no attempt, unlike fascism and state socialism, to address the needs of the poor.”
    According to Arendt, the Nazis dismantled programs designed to help the poor pretty early into their regime. I think that by “state socialism” Hedges is referencing the other great totalitarian power, the defunct USSR…they started out with programs to aid the poor, but since with Stalin they went full-totalitarian the programs were essentially just a part of the endemic propaganda and indoctrination of the populace. We could say that the Nazi and Communist Party propaganda “attempted” to address poverty…but it was really just puffery.


    @ UpstateNYer
    Yes, I am very aware of those who fall through the cracks of Medicaid because they earn too much. It is tragic and a travesty. I, too, have been in that situation in the past, and know of others in that situation as well. As an adult I do not get free preventive dental care under Medicaid, and my 6 month exam and cleaning are 4 months overdue because I don’t currently have the funds. There is a family that I knew years ago that was hiding (drug dealing) income to get Medicaid. They had a toddler. (I didn’t realize this at the time…the puzzle pieces came together later.). The mother told me of a recent situation when the father had fallen suddenly ill, had gone to the hospital, the mother had been beside herself with worry. Looking at the angst of the mother’s situation, it was difficult for me to categorically say that this family should be cut off from Medicaid because the father was hiding his illegal income…it would inevitable cause pain and suffering downstream to innocents. If the mother took the child and left she would be legally eligible for Medicaid, but would not be able to easily support herself and the child…she would get subsidized childcare, SNAP, a pittance of TANF for a short while and poverty wages in a tiny apartment that she could barely afford, exhausted by work, and not as emotionally available to her child. There are no easy solutions.


    The Russian sanctions were intended to bring the Russian economy to its knees and have them begging Europe to buy their resources at any price they were willing to pay. It failed, and it is the European economies which are on their knees, with far worse to come.

    Supplying Ukraine with weapons was supposed to bring the Russian military to its knees. It failed, and it is the European military that is running out of weapons and ammunition.

    Europe is the bulk of NATO. Sometimes senior NATO personnel have spoken as is they run Europe, and perhaps they do. NATO is supposed to defend Europe, but Europeans are being told they must suffer [and die] in order to defend NATO!

    At what point do Europeans realise that NATO’s artificial war with Russia is destroying their lives? When do they demand that their countries leave NATO so they can live a normal life?

    It seems to me that the longer Russia fights in Ukraine then the weaker Europe/NATO becomes.

    John Day

    @Phoenixvoice: Thanks again for the slices of real-life-existence, not doctrine, Sister.


    UK – Liz Truss

    After BREXIT the UK needed to find new trading links with the world. Instead Liz Truss demonised Russia and sent warships to China. She is more interested in the UK being a US ‘mini-me’ rather than stimulating the UK economy.

    She is also threatening to cause conflict with the EU over Northern Ireland/BREXIT, and She immediately declared support for Ukraine.

    Here in the UK we are looking at :

    – Double digit inflation [possibly 20% or more].
    – 60% of factories may close due to energy costs.
    – An even higher percentage of small businesses may close for the same reason.
    – The value of the Pound is falling on an almost daily basis.
    – There is talk that power cuts could last for two days or more

    Most of this is to support the phony ‘war’ against Russia.

    I dread to think what the UK will look like in 6 months time.


    Here’s something I have wondered about.

    If non-covid excess deaths are up 40%, and have been for a while, then this would cause immediate bankruptcy in all life insurance companies. This has not happened. I recall, I think last year, about some life insurance company refusing to pay out a claim on someone who died from the vax because it was “voluntary” and the death was considered a suicide.
    Then, we heard no more about it.

    If the life insurance underwriters are not going broke, then there is something happening behind the scenes. Possibly the money printers have contacted them all and said that they would be made whole if they kept their mouths shut. Seems logical.

    D Benton Smith

    A few days ago I posted the first part of this comment thinking that it was complete. Well it was not complete. It had a punchline that didn’t dawn on me until days later. So I’m posting the while magilla again, with that new stuff which proceeded from it, at the end.

    The following attempted essay might make more sense if you listened to the video interview by Tucker Carlson of Mattias Desmet. Not absolutely necessary, but it would probably help as sort of a “lead in” to material which is extremely difficult to articulate because it has to do with a primordially fundamental concept that is nearly impossible to explain without using the concept itself as a key part of the explanation. Like trying to define the word “in” without using the word “in”.

    What Tucker and Mattias discussed towards the end of their conversation aligns very closely with an idea that has dominated my attention for many years. It concerns the nature, the ESSENTIAL nature, of “Respect” and the role which respect plays in human relationships.

    Now, clearly and obviously respect is not a singular fixed value or some kind of an “on/off” or all-or-nothing affair. It’s not a simple yes or no of either having high respect or none at all. Respect exists as a “sliding scale” of valuation. It’s a word expressing an entire range or continuum of something very basic, related to “how much” we value another.

    So then, what is respect?

    I’ve come this far in defining it after long , humbling (and sometimes even humiliating) work :

    Respect is one’s voluntary acknowledgment of the other person’s deserved right to be there and to communicate.

    Outright admiration isn’t necessarily a part of it. Admiration is fine, if deserved, but it’s not necessary. In other words, you don’t have to admire something to respect it. Far from it. And it’s certainly not necessary to express praise to show respect for it either (far from it again!) All that is required, insofar as respect is concerned, is that the object or person be regarded with the appropriate degree of acknowledgment that they have the right to be there and they have the right to communicate. The correct amount, that’s all. Sometimes the correct amount is low. QUITE low.

    To say that another way, what we’re considering here is the degree of acceptance of the other person’s deserved right to be and to do. Guillotining the King or relegating a citizen to a forced labor camp are expressions of having an extremely low acknowledgment of the other person’s deserved right to be there and communicate. To want someone to be dead and gone is about as close to no respect that I can imagine, but there are many many gradations in between.

    And what does any of this nit picking about respect have to do with anything?

    Well, quite a bit actually. Almost everything, in fact, because respect is the most fundamental medium of exchange of value that informs all human relationships (comparable in some ways to “money” but in a social sense). And I really do mean ALL relationships. Indeed, it’s not possible to even have relationship between people in the absence of some type and some degree of acknowledgment of both parties’ right to be there (to exist, wherever they choose) and to say or do as they see fit. If either party is simply not there (at all), or if either party does not transmit or do anything (at all), then there simply is no relationship, at all.

    In other words, and simplified to the point of no return, if there is ZERO respect then there is zero relationship. In order for two or more humans to interact, to have relationship with each other at all, there absolutely must be at least SOME voluntary acknowledgment of the other person’s deserved right to be there and to communicate.

    Allow me to fill in some back story of why I’m writing this particular admittedly esoteric comment at this particular time. I got into two fights (of the verbal argument variety) in one single waking day. TWO, within a span of less than 12 hours. What the hell? How did THAT happen?

    Well it turns out that both incidents were caused by the same thing: failure by one party in an exchange to show the appropriate amount of respect to the other party in that exchange.

    Now the tendency in such fights . . . . . no . . .. wait. “Tendency” is the wrong word. It is WAY the wrong word. Let me make a fresh start on the intended statement :

    Such fights are ALWAYS caused by the recipient of valued goods or services not showing the correct amount of respect to the provider of those valued goods and services. It is never the other way around, and it is never for any other reason that does not fit snugly into the broad category of “exchange.” Fights only occur when the receiver of something of value does not properly acknowledge or accept the right of the provider to be who they are and where they are, engaged in whatever they need to be engaged in.

    That’s remarkable, isn’t it? Why do you suppose that is? You’ll never hear anyone complain that the price they’re being made to pay is too low, now will you? Ever hear of a thief breaking and entering to place valuables there for free, as a gift? That’s odd, neither have I. Do spouses ever berate spouses for NOT cheating?

    Only when the taker does not respect the maker will you ever hear the cry, “Stop.Thief !”

    The tendency is for complaints about “respect deficiency” to be expressed as a demand by the receiver of the goods (or services) to be given them at a reduced valuation, or even for free, on the basis that somehow, by some unexplained magic or undefinable standard, they simply (and for no other reason )deserve the freebie as their birthright.

    This typically plays out as a long winded narrative that the “best” people deserve stuff because they are superior, and that the stuff should be given to them gratis by people who are deplorably inferior because they are only able to obtain things by dint of their own labor. Having to work for a living in order to survive is considered to be proof that they are little or no better than beasts of burden, and thus inferior, and therefore undeserving of respect ( or equitable payment!)

    And thus the truth, reality itself, is inverted and turned on it’s head.

    The upside-down “logic” is that because these common hewers of wood and haulers of water are inferior (in comparison to the “better” people, who can make nothing) they are decidedly less (not more) deserving of respect. Thus they have less (not more) of a right to be there and exist, and they would also have less (not more) right to do as they please and say what they please (freedom of speech) as decided by the “better” people, who have first dibs on such things as freedoms of any and all kinds.

    This phenomenon manifests as a weird and mentally unsettling perversion of Reality itself, and to the highly aware it often looks like what it is : a monumental lie in violation of a universal truth. It looks evil, absurd, nonsensical, tragic, comical or so nonsensically unreal that it makes one doubts one’s own reality (gas-lighting), and it is indeed all of those things

    But it is ALSO common to all human relationships that have gone awry. It is as true between groups, nations and empires as it is between individuals, spouses and friends. When things go south, THAT is why they went south. The receiving or taking party in an exchange has failed to show proper respect to the providing or giving party in the exchange.

    Simple as that.

    When there is a convergence of bad intentions among organized groups of mutually cooperative recipients of ill gotten goods and services this phenomenon can really get out of hand. Elites, for example, can decide that those who refuse to make and give the elites everything they want, for free, have no right to be there or to communicate at all, in any way whatsoever. As in genocide.

    Like now for instance.

    A nearly perfect example of this utterly “through-the-looking-glass” level of insanity is the heartless and rightfully reviled comment by Klaus Schwab’s WEF cheerleader,Yuval Harari, about the problem of how best to dispense with or dispose of the billions of “Useless [human] Eaters” now that “Artificial Intelligence” has reduced them all to “hack-able animals”, and replace them with “better-than-human” machines, starting immediately.

    What a stunning public display of self-blindness, from a man who is so mentally, physically and spiritually disabled that he does not know the difference between a man and a woman (Harari is “married” to another man), could not produce any of the items he routinely depends on for life itself, and thinks that it is possible (through some process that no one knows) for a computerized counterfeit simulation of intelligence to be capable replacing human work and judgment and thereby actually and successfully REPLACE those humans.

    No wonder he and his Cabal-mates are afraid. Persons mentally and physically disabled to that degree have good reason to be afraid. And especially afraid of anyone and everyone who is competent at all of life’s necessities and NOT handicapped and NOT afraid.

    People fear what they don’t know how to control in some way. They fear the unknown, which of course includes the unknown details (i.e. the lack of knowledge and skill) of how to make/handle/control the vital necessities of life.

    I don’t know much of anything about rattlesnakes, and so I would be afraid if one of them started shaking its tail at me. My Dad, on the other hand, knew everything there was to know about the crritters. [ True story. He got bitten once and didn’t like it so much that he made it a major point to learn and master everything about them], and ya know what? He wasn’t afraid of them at all. He respected them plenty, but he had no fear of them.

    Many people are afraid (or should be!) of running out of food, because they don’t personally know the first thing or have the slightest skill about growing, making or even finding food. If left to only their own devices they would definitely suffer deprivation and possibly die. If food is not in the pantry, fridge or grocery shelf then they are fucked.

    That’s not the case with people like subsistence farmers, hard core survivalist or indigenous Amazons at home in their jungle. These folks are of not afraid of running out of food because they have the knowledge of and skills for what they must do to get it. The are quite aware of the dangers if they run out of food, which is why they work so hard and learned so much about it, they respect reality, but that’s a lot different than fear. Fear is what it feels like when one DOESN’T know and therefore CAN’T do or make or control well enough to provide what is genuinely needed.

    So don’t shoot those wicked idiots except as the absolute last resort to preserve life. Their evil springs from the ignorance and fear of near-total lack of ability to DO ANYTHING . The only long term defense against their fear driven arrogance, disrespect and homicidal tendencies is the same as the defense against any other ignorance driven pandemic of incompetence: find and share the truth.

    That’s what’s being done, evidently, and if that’s any evidence then it seems to be working. I sure do hope we can wise them up before the blow us up. I’m encouraged by the fact that they really and truly are VERY incompetent, and will no doubt screw up the intended democide as well.


    ‘Low pass rates in trial of NCEA literacy and numeracy tests alarm principals

    Some principals are shocked by their students’ high failure rates in a trial run of new NCEA literacy and numeracy tests.

    Year 10 students have trialled the tests, which will be compulsory in 2024.

    Principals and teachers have told RNZ all Year 10 students at at least one school failed the writing test and at others two-thirds to a half failed it.’

    I am confused by this Radio NZ report, because having spent many years in the ‘education’ sector before returning to the real world, I witnessed the introduction of the system in which everyone passed because there were no tests, but just ‘assessments’ in which no teacher was permitted to allocate the bottom grade to a student however little work the student did or however little knowledge was retained.

    Not that it matters much, since the system will collapse before 2024. Indeed, we are hearing reports of declining numbers of children attending schools, firstly because there are insufficient teachers (due to ongoing health issues triggered by jabs) and secondly because draconian rules have caused parents to withdraw them from schools.

    Of course, the purpose of ‘education’ was initially t(late 1800s) o train factory workers to be able to read instructions and tally and record production. Then better trained personnel were required to useful as fixers of machinery and as developers of new products.

    But in a de-industrialised society the children of peasants only need to know how to obey. .

    Everywhere we look, we see the end of an era.

    Awaiting the next round of reports of the carnage in Ukraine and the carnage in the financial markets.

    I see that oil is well down from recent highs; currently Brent Crude (October Contract) US $88.47 -4.84%



    That is a very good point.

    Six months ago I was convinced that it would be the insurance sector, or people taking insurance companies to court over non-payment, that would expose the great scams surrounding Covid and jabs. Yet ‘nothing’ happened.

    Here in NZ there is a ‘no fault’ accident compensation system run by ACC.

    After some whispers about a surge in claims due to jab injuries, the whole issue went ‘dead’.

    . .


    ‘Respect is one’s voluntary acknowledgment of the other person’s deserved right to be there and to communicate.’

    What an ‘interesting’ idea, especially coming from someone who showed so little respect.

    D Benton Smith


    Thanks for confirmation of who you are, to whom, I assure you, I will henceforward pay precisely the correct amount of respect.


    @citizenx: Where did you see the quote about “getting to work to clean this mess up”?

    Armenio Pereira

    If it wasn’t for those who are overtly mean and cruel how would the fair ones keep on with their everyday low-key cruelties?

    If it wasn’t for the weirdos how would the normies carry on with their weird little ways (without completely losing it)?


    Still reading Rules for Radicals.
    This bit was hilarious — because the WEFfers obviously don’t really study Alinsky, as they are doing so many of their tactics in ways that are obviously not in alignment.
    …any consideration of a boycott should carefully avoid essentials such as meat, milk, bread, or basic vegetables….With non-essentials—grapes, bananas…many liberals can make a “sacrifice” and feel noble.

    So what does the US and NATO and WEFfers do? Oh, cut back dramatically on the ENERGY that underpins current European civilization. I mean, sure, make the populaces cut back on NON-ESSENTIALS — like sending all of their military supplies to Ukraine, so the Europeans can feel “noble.” That will be tolerated. But, ultimately, depriving the populace of the means to keep warm in the winter? That is NUTS. (Which belies that it comes from a totalitarian meme. Totalitarian memes do not operate according to typical memes, and produce policies and practices that at odds with “common sense” as generally recognized.)


    Extreme weather is/will cause food insecurity, poverty, and death
    Adapt or perish

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