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    Henry Bacon General View of the Acropolis at Sunset 1927(?)   • Rand Paul, Top Republicans Demand Fauci’s Firing (RT) • Where Are The Handcuffs?
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    V. Arnold

    Henry Bacon General View of the Acropolis at Sunset 1927(?)

    The art today is interesting; the lighting is almost too bright, except fot the Acropolis…
    I like it…

    V. Arnold

    …as Orwell’s 1984 closes in on us in all it’s names/iterations; we the collective, seem loath to act…
    Not, in itself surprising, but contrasts well with all the rhetoric to the contrary…
    Bravado is easy when it’s not your ass on the line…but, your ass is on the line and apparently you utterly fail to see it.


    Idaho public health leaders announced Tuesday that they activated “crisis standards of care” allowing health care rationing for the state’s northern hospitals because there are more coronavirus patients than the institutions can handle.

    Dr. D

    Way better without a city ruining the Acropolis.

    Since it’s 1938 again, there are some things that can be done.

    If you can get drugs on every street in Australia, I’m very sure that you can get food. Refugees come and go, they are protected, paid, they live off line, off market. There are people who transport them, make fortunes, who buy sailboats and take open blue water away from Australia to free states like Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

    There are people helping others already, quietly, and getting paid. There are people selling not only vax cards, but an entry into the database. Probably thousands, tens of thousands. Everything that was going on before: restaurants, bars, movies, prostitution, is going on now. It just costs more and the profits are higher.

    What did I say about Rhett Butler. Did he sit and hope and mope, and wait for Sherman’s army to arrive? No, he took only a toothbrush and became fabulously, stupidly wealthy providing goods that people wanted. As a blockade runner in this case. So when they outlawed alcohol nationwide, gin disappeared, right? No, fortunes were made, by the Kennedys, who then used their fortune to run the new government after it was all over.

    So what do you want to do? There are so, so many opportunities. If it’s Russia, 1930, you can join the party, buy all the papers you want, like on palatial estates with special privileges, run the town. If it’s Germany, you can smuggle others or yourself out to freedom, escape to better lands. If you want to stay, you can provide things people need that the government denies, as millions do already, and fill storage units with pallets of cash while living in a sunny apartment overlooking the sea.

    Or you can follow the rules, get run over, watch your entire town get killed, rounded up into Australia’s Vaccine camps, fear, and do nothing. Everything, normal life is already illegal now, what’s the difference?

    Options. We’re not all suited to all things. But certainly we’re suited to SOME thing. Was mowing lawns really that grand, or should you convert everything to Bitcoin and walk over the Alps to Switzerland? What do we really need anyway? What do we stand for? And what happens, where do you want to be, AFTER.

    Moving from madness to pure insanity:
    Rutgers Uni Student Banned from Taking Online Virtual Classes because He’s Unvaccinated”

    You can’t parody these people. Is that like when they were all wearing masks for the Zoom meeting?
    Follow (anything but) the Science.” You know, science from Mr. Science, with 900 pages of him paying to have the virus created. And released.

    Paul referred Fauci to the DoJ for arrest. Nothing happened. The Intel agencies couldn’t figure out any possible origin for Fauci’s virus, except the Intercept could find it in an hour with one FOIA request. They then mentioned, “Gee Golly, how different the discussion would have been last year if only the government would have released what they already knew, immediately, so we could know and talk about it.” Golly gee indeed.

    Arrests for Fauci? Of course not. Nor anybody else, ever. Regardless of how many weapons labs to China, how many open email servers, how many fabricated investigations, how many murders, how many informant-to-victim ratios in the FBI, how many failures, how many Fed governors insider trade, how many billions of weapons flown to Asia to be dropped off to terrorists. Nothing.

    So your plan was to, what? Arrest all 2 million people in D.C.? And hold them where, exactly? Do you see why no one can “come back”, get voted in and change anything? The Comeys and Faucis don’t obey orders not to create and release worldwide bioweapons now, but you think they will if we have 10 more Red Congressmen? Jesus H. Do you see why D.C., the entire Federal level needs to cease to exist now? Their money collapsing? Their power devolving to us, as ‘it’ – every single thing they were doing — was already illegal under 10A of the Constitution? Nobody’s saving you. YOU are saving you. YOU are the Army, the Government, the Resistance. YOU are the freedom. YOU are the engine, the work. Only you. THEY are the sand that STOPS the work, the robbers that steal it, lie, kill, extort.

    The point is NOT to arrest Fauci. The point is for you to SEE. It ends when you SEE what’s going on at last.

    “Mu Variant Raging through US as Experts Fear ‘Greater Transmissibility’ (Sky)”

    Let me guess: you haven’t the faintest, foggiest idea whether it’s Mu or not because virtually Zero genetic tests are being run. So you just say s—t and post it on T.V. Like mis-quotes from doctors in Oklahoma that towns of 8k have “lines of gunshot victims” every day of the year.

    “Into the void between our scientific knowledge and our fear of mortality has rushed politics.”

    What fear of mortality? Speak for yourself, slithering coward. “Men” are those who die with honor.

    Speaking of craven, slithering cowards: ““It isn’t a visual hellscape, like hospitals; it’s more of an emotional hellscape,” Boedy said.”

    Oh noe! His feelz! Worse than any death of a thousand children! An Ego-death! Of ME!

    ““Morale is at an all-time low,” warns a petition at the University of Iowa.”

    Oh noe! Moar feelz! Because they have near-zero death rate and that’s the only thing they can fabricate, lie, and pretend. However shall Karen and Chad’s feelz survive? Can their maid Jaunita help save them, as she’s been working without a mask the whole time? Tune in next week to “As the Circus Turns”

    Idaho has no hospital shortage. Like everywhere else, they fired the doctors and nurses and closed the beds, then complained to you while they stayed safe at home insurers and administrators with 6-digit paychecks. It’s been 30 years: maybe you should notice?

    “it recommended that ministers seek further advice, taking into account factors such as the impact on disruption to education,”

    What disruption to education? YOU are the ones that shut down schools. “We have to take into account our continuing, bad, harmful, and proven utterly useless disruption and prevention to all education, and the several thousand child suicides we directly caused. We all agree we should keep going. Our actions have clearly done nothing, and not enough children have died.” Applause all around. Good show old chum! Since Covid cases are higher than ever, what we’re doing must be working!

    “The hospital refused to administer the medication, citing lack of FDA approval,”

    That has literally nothing to do with it. Doctors prescribe drugs off-label C O N S T A N T L Y. Like, every. single. day. WTF do you think Benadryl is? Sure, all hospital patients develop a head cold at 9pm every night, not that it’s used as a sleeping pill at all ever. Jesus, Mary and all the Saints. Can someone use a telephone here? Or is it that no matter who they call, they lie with every spoken word? I’d be shocked if doctors prescribed ON-label, correctly. I mean, on-label, legal prescriptions are the leading cause of death.

    “NIH Orders $1.67m Study On How Covid-19 Vaccine Impacts Menstrual Cycle (NYP)”

    Don’t worry: that test will be done in 2-10 years. We just say it’s safe with no evidence at all til then. Science™! We’ll say anything for money! We’ll fight you til the death of the last patient!

    “67% Of Unvaccinated Americans Would Rather Quit Their Job Than Be Vaxxed (RT)”

    Everywhere I go, I ask and same answer: nobody’s coming in to work. Nobody. No. Body. Nada. Nyet. Nein. Nao. No reason, no cause. Just: no work. So tell me how they are going to eliminate the few remaining people who WILL work? Yes, that would be primarily these guys, the young, the Red, and the DGAF.

    Bravado? My -ss IS on the line. Every. Day. so far. Every. Day. I came in to work, licking pedestrians under the bridge for money. Every day I lived what I say, what I believed. If they want to take this further, I’ll be happy to make a fortune resisting them and fighting for human freedoms while hampering, forestalling, bedeviling, and opposing their plans at every turn. You know, it wasn’t Robin who made the Hooded Man. No one picks that life on purpose. It’s the OTHER side that leaves them no choice. They create nothing but their own demise and just can’t help themselves. Because they are #AntiLogos, #AntiLife. The only life can be had by stopping them.

    To Biden: “I wrecked your campaign while tweeting in my spare time as a stay at home dad. Are you SURE you want me unemployed so I can go full time?” — A Tweet.


    Excuse me?!


    Since many here are so eager to accept the findings of small (often fraudulent) studies that show the miracle efficacy of ivermectin, maybe those same people might find themselves in a bit of a bind when they read this similar type of study that shows ivermectin has “significant adverse effects on sperm function.”

    those darned kids

    it’s so hard not to take the bait…


    The horse dewormer campaign is in full swing, ladies and low-count gentlemen….


    I though the Zuby quote above dealt with this Idaho thing..

    C’mon def, now it looks like you’re just actively looking for the stupidest thing you can find.

    The highest # of cases Idaho ever had was 2,298 back in Dec 2020, it has about 1,000 on average lately, up a bit, admittedly, but “Medical experts have said that Idaho could have as many as 30,000 new coronavirus cases a week by mid-September.” That’s next week….!!! The total number in 20 months is 228,093, but they’re going to equal that in the next 7 weeks?

    Only real question here is: How many health workers have left because of the mandates?


    But the NYTimes says I can’t keep a stiffy if I don’t get a clot shot

    So it’s Ivermectin and Covid attacking my penis. Thank god I finally get some respite from my perennially engorged member. My wife was sick of being pregnant anyways.
    But wait Deeflayshuneister – I thought the good guys want depopulation? Colour me confused. Are we wanting more sperm and more stiffies? We will have to bio-engineer heaps more impossible burgers after we come out of lockdown – all pregnant and shit coz the lockdowns were working to keep the sperm happening. How do you even get horse dong paste when you are locked down?


    I just can’t keep from thinking about that re-po incident in sep 2019 when we went from 2.5 – 10% in the blink of an eye. All those banks about to lose their shit…

    It must be the blood draining from my brain from lack of Covid. Can’t wait to get infected so my brain can ask for the blood back from my penis. Then I would have the faculties to work out what is reallybehind the current world events effecting every country.

    At least I have the full-wooded, spermicidal De-flaccid-ista to get to the truth. And I thanks his sweet sweet buttercup cheeks for his service.


    I posted this on 7 sep, copied over from a guy named Maxwell from offg (TAE post #86453). It really helped me understand the repo thing. There are others- Wolff, Fitts, etc, but this one really did it for me. Here is an excerpt.
    “Hence the FED started to “buy all worthless shit for double the price”, Gates’s and Silicon Valley gang took over the media, and Orwellian shrinks and doctor Fauci-Mengeles came to the “rescue” unleashing operation COVID.

    COVID phenomenon cannot be understood without understanding the un-televised 2019-2020 unprecedented financial collapse threatening the entire global financial system. The COVID fraud timing became necessary as the world markets were faced with an emergency debt crisis that popped up in formerly mostly liquid markets: Repo markets, money markets and FX markets.”

    John Day

    @nuevo-Deflationista: This song’s for “you”…

    Mr. House

    In a democracy the majority rule, but it does not mean that the majority will do the right thing.

    Why is nobody looking into this?

    Let’s make a list ….
    1. Fauci
    2. Hunter
    3. Vaccines – Breakthrough COVID infection
    4. Vaccines – pre hospital treatment

    “This flu has a 99.7% survival rate and has a fatality rate less than the annual flu for those under 21.

    Meanwhile, with vaccination rates of 98% on campuses, “cases” from the worthless recalled (as of 12/31) PCR test are surging.

    It seems Israel has become ground zero in destroying the globalist narrative. As the first country to mass vaccinate, with over 84% fully vaccinated, how could 86% of all the cases in July be among the vaxxed if the vaccinations work?

    The vaccines do not keep you from contracting covid. They do not keep you from spreading covid. They do not reduce the viral load if you get covid. They don’t keep you from being hospitalized from covid. They don’t even ensure you will not die from covid.

    Of course, there have been more deaths and adverse reactions to these vaccines in eight months than all vaccines combined in the last forty years. So there is that.”

    Breakthrough COVID infection
    You decide what is right

    2019-2020 unprecedented financial collapse

    “what we’re doing must be working
    It just costs more and the profits are higher.”

    Mr. House

    Idiots guide to monetary policy: When we have all the money and assets we love high interest rates! When we have all the debt and could lose our grip on power we change the rules and we love low interest rates!


    Too late. Its already in the USA

    Report: Different ‘Pandemic Potential’ Brain Destroying Virus With 75% Death Rate Spreading In India

    HEALTHReport: Different ‘Pandemic Potential’ Brain Destroying Virus With 75% Death Rate Spreading In India
    “People should continue to wear masks and practice social distancing to stop the Nipah virus from spreading.”
    Published 14 hours ago on 7 September, 2021
    Steve Watson
    The Telegraph notes that “There are currently no drugs available to treat Nipah, although the WHO has identified the virus as a priority disease for the development of a vaccine.”
    In June, The Oxford University team of virologists who developed the COVID AstraZeneca vaccine announced that they had made a “big step forward” in testing the Nipah vaccine.

    Mr. House

    “Brain Destroying Virus With 75% Death Rate Spreading In India”

    Maybe this is the pandemic we’ve all been waiting for! Brain eating romero zombies!

    Mister Roboto

    So we’re still paying attention to CylonDeflationista? Why?

    Mr. House

    Nah, he/she won’t answer the question about their 2012 comment. I assume it’s not the same person, heck it could be a postal employee since they now monitor the internet. I’m back on the ignore train.


    << The NIH, too, pulled together the initiative at breakneck speed. Funding for such a study would typically take years to see approval. “We were worried this was contributing to vaccine hesitancy in reproductive-age women,” said Bianchi.>>

    Rest assured, the study will not suggest that women not get the vaccine. The study is to better understand the issue so that a more effective messaging campaign can be developed targeting women of childbearing years who are currently vaccine hesitant.

    It nicely shows how much the “safe and effective” mantra was a lie. And how there were definitely unknowns about this vaccine program — i.e. not all of the potential side effects were known.


    Regarding upset and masked college professors…I have a friend who is an elementary school teacher in his fifties who quit his job at the end of the 2020-2021 school year because he refused to teach masked. He is now “employed” (mostly room and board) by a family with a large number of children in Texas who decided to keep them home in preparation to finding property where they can live off-grid.

    Emotions run high on all sides.


    << Last week, the American Civil Liberties Union claimed, to the shock of many, that mandatory vaccination actually bolsters civil liberties and that the right to bodily autonomy is not “absolute.” >>


    Well, ACLU just lost all credibility in my book.


    Regarding ivermectin & sperm — the study doesn’t analyze the more relevant question: are the changes in sperm temporary or permanent? Men are making sperm regularly. If there are several malformed ones during and immediately following ivermectin treatment then that is good to know…but if the problem resolved after use of ivermectin has ceased, then it isn’t that big of a deal.

    (But no curly tail sperms. That’s too bad. I always thought those ones were the best of the malformed variety.)

    Somehow, I suspect the changes are not permanent. If they were permanent, TPTB wouldn’t be so dead set against ivermectin.


    Or the stupidity of people that think an open door can keep out a mosquito or that a mask can keep out an aerosolized virus. Yawn.

    It’s starting to be that the majority are wearing masks in stores again. Even Home Depot. Idiots.

    Only two good reasons to wear masks: (1) cold temperature, (2) avoid facial recognition software

    So, if Idahoan schools have doors and Windows cracked in the winter to provide ventilation and this causes the schools to be colder than usual — THAT is a good reason to wear masks, and would actually reduce covid transmission.


    @Dr D: you are occupying an interesting space these days….more please.

    “You know, it wasn’t Robin who made the Hooded Man. No one picks that life on purpose. It’s the OTHER side that leaves them no choice. They create nothing but their own demise and just can’t help themselves. Because they are #AntiLogos, #AntiLife. The only life can be had by stopping them.”

    They create/contribute nothing because they believe they are the creators/source of everything – and we should be eternally grateful. They are #AntiLogos, #AntiLife, #AntiLOVE. Their demise comes when WE choose life – to live TOGETHER on OUR terms.


    Buy a man eat fish, he day, teach fish man, to a lifetime.

    ~ Joe Biden

    absolute galore

    In this study we screened a total of 385 patients who were diagnosed of onchocerciasis. Out of
    which, 37 (9.6%) were eligible for further tests, as their sperm counts were normal while the
    remaining patients had very low sperm counts and were therefore not used for further tests or
    were too weak after the preliminary screening tests and were not considered eligible for further
    We therefore investigated the effects of ivermectin therapy on the sperm functions of
    these eligible 37 diagnosed patients of onchocerciasis who were of ages between 28 and 57
    years. The sperm functions of these thirty-seven (37) onchocerciasis patients were
    evaluated/analyzed both before and after treatment with ivermectin after informed consent have
    been obtained from each subjects and the study was conducted in compliance with the
    Declaration on the Right of the Patient [9].

    Let me see if I understand. Of the 385 males diagnosed with t onchocerciasis, 90% HAD SPERM LEVELS SO BELOW NORMAL THEY COULD NOT BE USED IN THE TEST. Just under 10% had normal sperm counts to begin with. So, maybe the parasite might have had something to do with it?
    With 4 billion doses served, you would think Africa would be depopulated by now.

    Interestingly, about the same percentage of people who get onchocerciasis, 10%, are asymptomatic.

    *Oncocercomas are subcutaneous, fibrous nodules where adult worms dwell and breed. These nodules are most easily felt when they form over a bony part of the body. Deep nodules around the groin region can be harder to detect, but finding every nodule is important for appropriate treatment of the disease. Having more nodules does not necessarily indicate a more severe microfilarial load.
    -The location of the nodules on the body depends on the place that the fly bites, which varies by region. In the Americas, the nodules are found mostly on the upper body in the head and neck region, in contrast to Africa where the nodules are mostly on the lower body, especially in the groin region.


    Light a man a fire he’s warm for a day,

    light a man on fire, he’s hot for the rest of his life.

    ~ Old White Joe

    John Day

    “Continental Prison State” is up. No picture this time, just a word picture.

    I’m not the only one who thinks that sociopathic “royalty” arose to meet an ecological niche, created by farming, when stable food sources allowed for groups of way more than 150 people to form, and those groups floundered without a strongman “boss”.
    The groups organized under a compassionless “boss” could also overrun and slaughter other groups for their farms, when drought and famine hit.
    This mode of societal organization has subsequently flourished until today.

    The rule of compassion-free elites is reaching a crisis again, it’s biggest crisis yet, and it is flummoxed as to a solution, since the best solutions involve the dissolution of the system of rule by the unfeeling. The “owners” (Carlin) are boxed-in, unusually constrained this time.
    WW-3 is out, though they tried a version of it, The Global War On Terror, after 9/11/01.
    The GWOT failed, but in a way, it was not meant to succeed. President Cheney designed perpetual war in countries with “easy oil” to prevent them from burning it, so it would still be there later for the globalists. Here we are. Growth is over, so with the rest of the crash of 2008, it will be officially-over-forever.
    The current elites are supported by the zombie of industrial capitalism, drawing blood while it still walks and breathes. They have thrown together an enforced austerity gambit, involving global central-bank digital currency, into which any human can be included with some facial recognition software and a smartphone.
    Any human can be excluded from that, too, by a poor social-credit rating, lack of the most recent genetic-engineering “vaccination” or voicing of dangerous racist and divisive political opinions.
    This new system needs enough buy-in to be adequately cohesive, and a large enough fraction of any population, that those excluded really are isolated. It also needs a working internet and high-data cell phone networks. It needs these things continuously, and their continuation requires the continuation of a high complexity infrastructure, which is more vulnerable than most people realize. It may be impossible to extend it to rural areas.

    Cash transactions must become an impossibility. Cash must be outlawed, somehow, or this albatross will not be able to get airborne.
    That makes me want to use cash more and more, today, to make the elimination of cash economy less feasible.
    Supporting cash economy is a little “Blow-against-the-Empire”, of which we are capable.
    Amazon doesn’t take cash. “Oh, Bother!”

    The alternative is something we humans have not yet done at scale, a large scale cooperative economy, based on local cooperative and civic economies.
    It has been described, and it is technically feasible, but it is also vulnerable to a big, militarized, sociopathic-boss economy bombing it into oblivion.
    Libertarian Municipalism, Murray Bookchin:

    My friend, Larry and his wife and son live in Australia. Larry’s Mom, Naomi, just died in Medina, Texas.
    Larry can’t leave Australia to come to his mom’s funeral.

    a kullervo

    … and the vaccines boost (pun intended) your sex appeal, erection and reproductive organ size.


    With apologies, Raúl Ilargi: a detail re: the Biden ‘teach fish man’ quote supra

    At first glance – that Biden might have said this, seems, of course, entirely plausible. Nonetheless – although I didn’t spend a lot of time looking – it was rather disappointing to be unable to find any reported instance of Biden actually having said it – or anything even approximating it.

    Perhaps the more plausible an attribution, the greater the necessity to verify it.

    those darned kids

    seems to me someone should take one of them firefightin’ planes, get up there, and start sprayin’ horse paste all over d.c.

    ain’t never seen such a bad case of worms.


    .. unable to find any reported instance of Biden actually having said it – or anything even approximating it.

    I can say whatever I want here, and quote any Tweet I want, BECAUSE I trust my readers to understand what is real and not.

    those darned kids

    here’s a joe biden quote that he really has mangled:

    i, joseph robinette biden junior, do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states, and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states, so help me god.

    Mister Roboto

    I assume it’s not the same person, heck it could be a postal employee since they now monitor the internet.

    Yep, it may very well be mostly an AI, so that’s why I’m going to refer to this new entity as CylonDeflationista from now on.


    BECAUSE I trust my readers to understand what is real and not.

    Oh do you now?!?!?!

    I assume it’s not the same person, heck it could be a postal employee since they now monitor the internet.

    Yep, it may very well be mostly an AI, so that’s why I’m going to refer to this new entity as CylonDeflationista from now on.




    Maybe reply to Mr. House’s question? And do tell what led to your epiphany where you automatically began trusting the establishment that lies constantly. You mean to say they stopped lying when the lying was going so well? Do inform us.

    those darned kids

    Oh do you now?!?!?!

    that’s some pretty aggressive punctuation. feeling ok?

    really, you should feel complimented that others have assigned you a categorization that includes the word “intelligence”.



    Does the vaccine work?

    What is a breakthrough infection?
    Most epidemiologists agree that a breakthrough case occurs when a person who has been fully vaccinated becomes infected with the coronavirus. That infection could manifest as anything from asymptomatic, to mild symptoms, to severe symptoms that result in hospitalization or even death.

    COVID-19 vaccines are effective at protecting you from getting sick. Based on what we know about COVID-19 vaccines, people who have been fully vaccinated can do things that they had stopped doing because of the pandemic.
    In general, people are considered fully vaccinated:

    2 weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines

    What We Know
    COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective at preventing COVID-19, including severe illness and death.
    COVID-19 vaccines are effective against severe disease and death from variants of the virus that causes COVID-19 currently circulating in the United States, including the Delta variant.
    Infections happen in only a small proportion of people who are fully vaccinated, even with the Delta variant. When these infections occur among vaccinated people, they tend to be mild.
    If you are fully vaccinated and become infected with the Delta variant, you can spread the virus to others.
    People with weakened immune systems, including people who take immunosuppressive medications, may not be protected even if fully vaccinated.

    Where is the Mu variant of COVID-19?
    In the U.S., the variant accounts for about 2,000 cases as of Friday,according to the Global Initiative on Sharing All Influenza Data. (

    The states with the highest mu variant cases are California, Florida, Texas and New York. The mu variant was first detected in January 2021 in Colombia and has since spread to parts of South Korea, Canada, Europe and Japan, according to the WHO.
    Real-time tracking of influenza A/H3N2 evolution using data from GISAID


    Someone may have addressed this long ago but I missed it. What does a vaccine that has 95% success rate even mean in the context of a disease that is 99% survivable without the vaccine? Does this mean that of the 1% that otherwise would have died, 0.95% will now live? Is this even demonstrable with clinical test groups in the low thousands?

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