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    Irving Underhill Irving Trust Building, Trinity Church, Wall Street, New York 1931 Last night, I made it back to Athens, still half a cripple, but the
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    This happened when communism failed too. I think middle aged men find it particularly difficult to adjust when the assumptions that have shaped their working lives evaporate. (Lawrence King paper on significant rises in suicides and deaths from substance abuse and alcohol in post-communist states)


    I hear Warren Zevon singing, “Life’ll kill ya! That’s what I said. Life’ll kill ya, And then you are dead!” Stressed? You want stressed? Read “The Automatic Earth!” That dude will make your fingernails curl, but I love him just the same.


    Makes me think of Bukowski: “Find what you love and let it kill you”.



    I think I prefer Rumi…..

    Close your eyes.
    Fall in love.
    Stay there.

    V. Arnold

    @ VisionHawk

    Aren’t Rumi and Bukowski saying the same thing…


    Dear V.Arnold,

    Yes….it does seem that way….. but one approach comes from love…..

    V. Arnold

    @ VisionHawk

    But, but, don’t they both…
    Seems so to me…


    Dear V.Arnold…. the eternal question in spiritual circles…..DOING vs BEING.

    I have come to realise that BEing is the new DOing…….we don’t need to keep achieving anything – we just need to uncover who we really are.
    Without all the conditioning, programming, expectations or attachments.

    Underneath it all we ARE already love….. we’ve just forgotten it.
    We just need to remember. 🙂

    It’s the connotations of Bukowski’s comment that don’t gel with me…. but having said that, yes – we are all really getting back to the core of things.


    Being & Doing are much the same for me, because Doing is a kind of Being and it can involve other people by Being a Safetynet for us all.


    >>Underneath it all we ARE already love….. we’ve just forgotten it.
    We just need to remember.<<

    The best definition of “love” I’ve found is caring for others equal to oneself.
    Doesn’t being in a state of love (caring for others equal to oneself) inspire the doing – not “either,” “or,” but “and?”

    Ilargi, I’m sorry to hear about your injury. It sounds systemic. I’ll recommend two approaches… one easier and one more challenging (but better… kind of an extension of the first)…

    1. The Zone Diet – an anti-inflammatory diet engineered to minimize cellular inflammation.
    2. Nutrition Balancing – a more refined diet, an added detox program, hair mineral/toxin analysis, specialized supplements and a wider scope.

    I learned about Nutrition Balancing from a good friend who jumpstarted her “Rockefeller Medicine Men” erroneously declared dead thyroid. Her doctor said it needed to be radiated to death and she needed to be on Big Pharma’s potions for the rest of her life. NOT! Her thyroid is working fine now, thank you very much.
    In addition, her osteoporosis resolved, too – something that Rockefeller Medicine Men claim to be impossible…
    Yes, it is an anecdote, but the Debt-Money Monopolists, the cabal that finances both Big Government and Big Pharma, aren’t about to invest in studies to minimize their profits and control over the population.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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