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    Herri met de Bles Landscape with Saint Christopher 1535 – 1545   It is a strange world where in some parts of the globe children are left to drow
    [See the full post at: Humanity]

    V. Arnold

    This world is not whole. It’s fractured.
    At this time humanity is distracted.
    An illness creeps across the planet.
    Health does not exist; it is lost among the distracted.
    How to return to health?
    Maybe stop what we’re doing…


    In Thailand, mankind shows it very much possesses humanity.

    It seems you are confusing micro and macro levels here. After every disaster, natural or man-made, these stories surface. Remember that fire in a Russian shopping mall? Some guy got his kids out and went back to safe more and never made it out. On a personal level we are capable of sacrifice.
    But on a group level, especially when you are talking about nations, we can wipe out millions to gain a little extra comfort and sleep soundly at night.
    Surely you know that the West created all that misery in the Middle East and Africa, with premeditation and deliberation, to improve its own living standards. Letting the oppressed in would defeat the purpose now, wouldn’t it?
    With all that in mind I’m not sure I understand where you are going with this post…


    I’m going with my emotions, olo, and yeah, you’re very right to point out the difference between individual and group reactions. Then again, my essay went beyond that : what makes this happen while we all feel good about the cave divers as we let other children die as victims of US, UK, France incited ‘warfare’ in which so may children die? I don’t think I have to repeat myself about this. I’ve said it a thousand times. But it’s still strange that we focus on this, and not the UK or Obama records on child separation. You either get rid of the issue once and for all, or you do not.


    “simply for looking for a better life”

    Sorry Ilargi, you have got it totally wrong.

    We are in a world of limited civilisation and resources . Yes, civilisation is a rare resource just like any other. These people are coming either because their homelands have been destroyed by Western/Zionist meddling or because they have been breeding like bacteria and find the lure of civilisation and socialism irresistable. Take away the bombings and their “benefits” and almost all of them would return home.

    When you let them in as they have done in Germany and give them money for staying at home and breeding, you are dismantling your civilisation. Sadly, Europeans go from one extreme to the other and it is only a matter of time before they will be dumping them wholesale on places like North Africa – even if they come from Afghanistan. It is awfully predictable.

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