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    Egon Schiele Death and the maiden 1915-16   Joe Biden is working for Donald Trump, right? I haven’t heard either of them say it outright, but it’
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    Ken Barrows

    If unemployment is 6% by October 2020 none of this will matter


    People will vote for trump and it won’t matter.
    People will vote for biden and it won’t matter.
    The un-official unemployment is 26% and it doesn’t matter.
    The yards are bursting with inventory and it doesn’t matter.
    More and more people are falling behind and it doesn’t matter.
    Tourists at the vacation resorts are +50% vacant and it doesn’t matter.
    Those who can raise the price of their products do it and it doesn’t matter.
    Those who are desperate leave, join a caravan and it doesn’t matter.
    Those who are suffering take opioids to kill the pain and it doesn’t matter.
    People pray to their gods and it doesn’t matter.
    What matters is that a person can put enough food on the table to be able to live another day.


    Raul: I just finished up my post today and then wandered over here for my daily fix.
    I just want to thank you for all you do here, you are one of my treasured must reads.

    I am taking the liberty of cross-posting here in Automatic-land as a comment, I understand should you not wish to approve it as is uses vulgarity (Sorry six years in the Infantry left me with bad habits that I have yet to break).

    Analysis is not advocacy.

    I really wish that more folks would remember this simple statement.

    I cannot for the life of me say that I have advocated for any particular political “solution” or “system” or “candidate” in this ongoing affectation that is my journal. I kinda do the same in my conversations with people. This lack of enthusiasm is made easier by the options being served up by the political elite in this country being so god-awful. If I have ever done so, I honestly think at this point that either I misspoke or was too stoned to think straight.

    I strongly feel that politics and our country is in the midst of a generational change. The problems that we face only have unpleasant solutions that we haven’t thought of yet. The two parties that call the tunes careen through the failed solutions of the old white men of my generation, and baby, us old white dudes have failed immensely with everything that we have touched.

    Trump will probably win. I don’t see the two probable candidates (right now Bernie and [shudder] Biden) as having a snowballs in hell chance against the Donald provided that things don’t go completely shithouse in the next 556 days. To be honest, being fat, dumb, and happy currently, I am not particularly interested in such a thing occurring just to have the current fuckwad at 1600 Pennsylvania sent a’ packin.

    What folks don’t want to face, and what the two parties want desperately to hide from the voters is that we have started the long decline. Oh, I am fairly certain that momentum and inertia will mean that the inflection point in history which we straddle won’t be noticed yet, but we are going from a positive slope to a negative slope, and none of the solutions being bandied about by the gerontocracies dominating the two current political parties have the mental or moral courage to address and lead the society through to the next phase.

    My co-workers at the VaSpa have convinced me to make the attempt to watch “Game of Thrones”. Being of a curmudgeonly and sullen nature, I reluctantly agreed and will watch the same on DVD at the rate of once a week. I wasn’t all that impressed by the books, Martin could use a good editor and I gave up on reading them after the third book.

    I think that the reason that I agreed to dip my toes into this current pop culture phenomenon is to watch the first season with the only catchphrase that I remember in mind.

    Winter Is Coming.

    Maxwell Quest

    These are certainly interesting times, but Biden will have no role in it.


    Zerosum has it. The future is: “Pay more, get less”. There will be fighting over scraps; centuries of accelerating depletion of the natural environment ignored. My prayer is that the necessity of human unity and cooperation will be recognized before our local planet becomes an Easter Island in space. Silent monuments; impoverished survivors. Politics as the “art of getting things done,” would achieve that, but the “art of war” stands in the way. Older versions of our cultures could think and act for generations, but now the fiscal quarter and even shorter news cycle are dominant. These do avoid the reality. The real estate development culture looks for an exoplanet new home. Conservative nature works from true surplus. When your surplus is debt, liens on depleted resources and overvalued assets, you aren’t conservative. Of necessity, the economy will shrink to the sustainable. These digital etchings will disappear. We’ve been offered the Whole Earth view since the 1960s, but unable to cut the cord of the magic of indebting the future so we can consume today. Said Wimpy, “I’ll gladly pay you tomorrow for a hamburger today”. Failure of intelligence remains our greatest challenge. We hide failure, blame others. The politics we have are of gamblers, hiding debts from their employers, doubling down. Bob Dylan wrote, “you can’t win with a loosing hand”. Hard for the average person to understand, the fakeness of it all.



    Selective outrage again. At least you have shifted somewhat from the All Assange All the Timecoverage.

    Since you declared the election over two weeks ago I’m surprised you bother to mention Biden. Have you booked your tickets to the inaugural ball yet?

    Really? Biden is going to have a difficult time because of groping allegations? I think you have a short memory. The pussy grabber is going to go after Biden for groping? Well Trump is so lacking in decency and a sense of proportion he just may. Biden is certainly not my candidate. He has that pesky Ukraine corruption problem AND some issues with the same son regarding a Chinese financial package. He is a product of the same neocon/neoliberal war machine that gave us the Bush and Obama foreign policy.

    Ilargi, we must have read a different Mueller report. Did you read volume 2? Even the GOP bobbleheads on Fox realize there were obstruction crimes (6 at least) committed by Trump. Napolitano listed them. It is the intent to obstruct that is the crime – not whether it was successful – even if the underlying allegations aren’t proven.

    Of course your challenge issued last week that if Trump has committed crimes he should be charged is silly. He is the sitting President. While in office he cannot be charged with a crime according to DOJ policy. You may remember that Bill Clinton lied while under oath to a Grand Jury. He was not charged in court. He was impeached. This is why Nixon needed a pardon from Ford when he resigned.

    If Barr does not shut down the SDNY investigation and DC Grand Jury the set up is clear. Every time the Trump team can show malversation and misconduct on the part of Dems or the FBI, a story will emerge about Ivanka skimming millions from the inauguration, or Trump laundering money for Russians through real estate deals, tax cheating, fraud on loan applications. Jared Kushner’s finances and influence peddling will fill in any gaps left by Trumps accountant rolling over on him. Oh, and then there are the contents of Pecker’s safe. All of that will be doled out as required.

    If Barr succeeds in shutting down the SDNY investigations and the Grand Jury in DC he will still not be able to shut down the emollients clause lawsuits or the VERY promising NY state AG’s investigations into money laundering, tax cheating and bribery. Of course, just the attempt to shut down any of these investigations will be its own scandal. I do not believe that if Barr shuts down these investigations the details will remain hidden. They will make their way into the public domain.

    I don’t understand how you can predict imminent economic collapse for more than a decade and then confidently predict Trump will win re-election. Have you reneged on your economic predictions? Both you and Jim Kunstler are on the same path. Kunstler averages an economic Armageddon prediction every six months. It seems like you both may finally be correct in the near future. How does that translate to a Trump victory? You contradict yourself. If the economy goes down so does Trump.

    I don’t feel that you have an accurate view of Bernie voters (certainly not the ones I know) or, for that matter, the American electorate. You are about as accurate with your assessment of US voters as DR D is with his ideas on American gun owners.

    I have been a visitor to TAE for a long time. I used to learn a great deal here. I am not saying goodbye because I disagree with many of your conclusions. I always enjoy reading intelligent views different from my own. That is one way I learn.
    What is driving me away is your selective outrage. It, unfortunately, has the whiff of hypocrisy about it.

    You express outrage at the refugee and immigrant treatment at the hands of the Europeans. Yet on the US southern border children were forcibly removed from their parents as one element of TRUMP”S immigration policy. Hundreds of these kids are still unaccounted for. WHERE ARE THESE CHILDREN? Where is your outrage? You express far more concern about a Russian bimbo.

    Under Trump, pollution by large chemical/petroleum corporations has increased dramatically as Trump has rolled back emission regulations instituted under the Obama admin. Of course, it is not disputed by ANY scientist that this results in more sickness and death- especially among the young. Don’t worry though, they are mostly the poor and black who live downwind. Trump appoints lobbyists and industry execs for the relevant cabinet posts. Where is your outrage? You rail against Monsanto but ignore Trump’s deliberate increase of poison pollution. You express more concern about Assange’s cat than these Trump victims.

    Your hero Assange was played like a fiddle. Both he and Manning suffer from terminal naiveté. The only person who understood what his life would be like after treason was Snowden. You are shocked shocked when the evil empire doesn’t play fair. Really? Manning is no Ellsburg. Assange is no Ben Bradley or even Catherine Graham.

    “My experience with the Pentagon Papers showed that an act of truth-telling, of exposing the realities about which the public had been misled, can indeed help end an unnecessary, deadly conflict. This example is a lesson applicable to both the nuclear and climate crises we face. When everything is at stake, it is worth risking one’s life or sacrificing one’s freedom in order to help bring about radical change…
    …Today, similar revelations do not occasion equal shock because in the current administration in Washington, lying is routine rather than exceptional. Whether we are headed for a turning point toward bringing liars to justice will become clear when the investigations of President Donald Trump’s administration are concluded.” – Daniel Ellsburg

    Ellsburg knew the war. He was in the jungle. So was Mueller. Mueller was wounded and decorated for heroism under fire. You have repeatedly referred to Mueller as a coward. To the contrary, Ellsburg and Mueller have a very clear eyed view of risk and consequences. They don’t scare easily. I have opined before that history will show Mueller played this hand brilliantly. I’ve also written here that it is very dangerous to underestimate your adversary. You made a real error here. I disagree with Mueller’s political stance on just about everything. But he ain’t no coward. Maybe I am incorrect about you, Ilargi. Perhaps art history school was a lot more rugged than I imagine. Perhaps you had to perform at a high level while responsible for the lives of others while hurt and in constant life threatening danger. Do you really understand the essence of courage? It is not about whining, sexual ambiguity or cleaning the litter box. Perhaps you are more appreciative of the courage showed by the Golden Bone Spur.

    Selective outrage. This site is your baby – so of course you can do with it as you will. But, no more Trump apologia for me.

    You write well – as does Dr D – when he is not sounding like the love child of Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman or channeling J Peterson. My one bit of advice to the good doctor is not to write about guns and those who own them. Your claim to know who owns 100% of the guns in America and what they should or will do with them is kind of silly.

    I will respond if addressed, but otherwise goodbye. I wish you well. Go with God.





    We have 6 subscribers/patrons so far on Patreon in a week. While we have 1000’s of readers every single day. Do you get the difference?

    Times have changed, and I fully understand if the changes have escaped you, but a site like the Automatic Earth can no longer exist on ad revenue, and that I don’t see coming back. Ad revenue here is down 85%.

    So it’s up to you now. A dollar a month, or 100 dollars, it’s time to show your true colors.

    This is not a sudden thing, it’s just that the very last thing I ever wanted to do is to ask anyone for money, and I know I should have done this 2 years ago, but now I must or there will be no Automatic Earth

    Support us either through our own Paypal widget top left, or through Patreon. Thank you.




    Mo Flora,

    Love you too. I would genuinely hate to see you go. But still, Assange is not the coward and Mueller is not the hero. And I cannot make them that. If Mueller were only half a man, Assange would be walking free today. But Mueller is not half a man, and Assange is not free. I will not move an inch from my view on either of them. Muller is a coward BECAUSE Assange is a hero. But one is doing DC victory dinner parties right now, while the other’s being tortured. I’m inclined to say you should be ashamed of yourself but I won’t. It’s Orthodox Easter after all.


    The Democrats have an albatross around their neck. They restarted the Cold War solely to keep their donors in the money. Damn the risks of a nuclear war. Corporate politicians will scapegoat Russia continuously through their dementia, decline and death. The defense industry’s corruption has gotten so bad they can’t design and build airplanes that fly safely or do their designated missions. 346 airline passengers needlessly died because of government deregulation. Donald Trump has a clear path to re-election except for Bibi Netanyahu, Mike Pompeo and John Bolton. The summer war with Iran will close the Straits of Hormuz and crash the global economy. A year of endless gasoline lines will elect the Defense Community’s Biden/Harris ticket who will oversee the last gasps of the Empire and humans on earth unless there is a restoration of peace and community.


    I’m with you ViernamVet, purposely bad jet fighter designs and all, but only up till the point of the gasoline lines. That’s a re-election deal breaker.


    I care for a lot of things.
    I”m not passionately biased for …. it lead to intolerance
    Being too carrying and passionate for an “ism” is bad for your blood pressure and for your ulcers.
    Don’t be one of those following the path of death.
    There are too many people blowing themselves up in churches/synagogues/mosques

    What matters is that a person can put enough food on the table to be able to live another day.


    Yes. Sorry. I wish I could write clearly like you. Just like LBJ and Vietnam or Jimmy Carter and the Shah, if a war with Iran breaks out this summer; the gasoline lines from the shortage of oil, will assure that Donald Trump is not a second term President. But unlike LBJ, Donald Trump desperately needs a second term to avoid indictment. He will be the Republican candidate. On the other hand, Plutocrats will do everything in their power to prevent a Bernie Sanders/Tulsi Gabbard ticket. They will suffer the same fate as the late Eugene McCarthy. The Democrats will nominate a corporate sponsored candidate after a brokered convention. “Money talks.” Joe Biden and Kamala Harris top that list right now. The Democrats will win the election against a weakened ranting Donald Trump if Americans are still at war with Iranians who are supported by the Chinese and Russians, if the gasoline lines persist, and if the corruption remains undeniable.

    V. Arnold

    The elections in the U.S. are simply rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic…
    …and the band did play on…


    The world is ten years past Peak Oil and conventional US oil production has slumped to half of its peak. Tight shale oil has NEVER made a profit. And you think whether Joe Biden will get the Democratic nomination MATTERS? Does he have a solution for Peak Oil? Of course not.

    You can argue all you like about who would make the best US leader, while the world slides into the abyss, but Industrial Civilisation is FINISHED, because there is NO SOLUTION. Renewable energy will take too much energy to build out. Electric cars will require charging at home overnight, but the grid in the suburbs can’t handle supplying all that energy. The whole lot will have to be rebuilt, and THAT will take a lot more energy.

    Get real.

    Dr. D

    Quite a nice article by Flora. Thank you.

    VietVet beats me to the pre-picked Biden/Harris ticket. It’s so obvious as she (illegally) imprisons the poor at home and Biden (illegally) bombs the poor overseas. If other people see this as clearly, it won’t go well for them. The people aren’t into corporate-power picks right now, and Biden’s first stop – moments after vowing not to take corporate money – was to bow before America’s most-hated company Comcast, to take corporate money. What are you doing??? Wait a week!

    To me it’s not that: it’s that this has already been run twice, and mostly lost twice, or lost what was important. Even now they are busing in people and rigging primaries against people’s progressives in California, having learned nothing. They are not changing, and the Democratic base is now split and at war with the leadership. That means critical loss of votes, when all they need to do is to put forward one of those young stars and just lie, lie, lie, like all politicians lie by telling the miserable poor, the working, the disenfranchised, that things are different and they will do something this time. Then remove that President or double-cross the voters like always. But they won’t do even that. I don’t see how that’s a path to victory.

    Mo is correct about the drip, drip, drip but the difference is, Trump supporters know who he is and they don’t care, so that block is not split. If they try things and impeach, like Warren; crash the economy, like Maher; de-list from state ballots like Illinois; erase the electoral college like Colorado; or a state essentially revolts and un-seats a sitting President, like the SDNY or as Cuomo vowed to do today in de-banking and closing the NRA — and all this is instead of just winning in fair elections against a terrible candidate! — then Trump, who holds the rigged markets through Mnuchin and Powell, will let it collapse and blame the Democrats’ ill-will for the immense destruction of the poor. My theory is that is why they were so tepid in pursuing the House – they needed the Senate, but they also needed someone to blame. Although I can say this: like everything else I say, no one will believe me and no one will blame Trump if the U.S. crashes and say it’s all because the DEMOCRATS impeach, de-ballot, de-bank, and lately, de-platform candidates and campaigns, and spooked the markets. That’s astonishing election tampering, and it’s going on right now, proudly and openly. I don’t think the American people like that much.

    They point is they are doing this rather than not primary-rig, rather than win a fair election against, as you say, the nation’s worst candidate. If he’s that bad, isn’t he that easy to beat? Couldn’t any Gabbard/Buttigeig beat him? Why yes, probably. THEY could, just like Bernie would have beat him in ‘16. But they refuse to give up the geriatrics and unite the party FOR the people, basically the working people, which were so ill-treated that Trump – Trump! Of all people! – stole them. They won’t stop running the ‘16 election, they won’t learn, and they haven’t given the left-for-dead in PA, WI, MI anything yet. Why is it so hard just to lie to them? Everybody else does. Instead, they are still, STILL! doubling down on how they are ‘white’ (they are not), they are violent (apparently they are not), gun-owning (they are), are ‘hateful’ (who love their country as all men do, and don’t ask why), and they are not welcome in the party. These states, these people are the vowed ENEMY of the party. It’s crazy, I have no explanation. As Bernie sold out, support for him is not strong enough, and yet 20% of Bernie voters will vote Trump if he withdraws. How do you win when you’ve done that, when you’ve given them no place to go?

    To the Biden question, I believe the reason many of the 20? 30? candidates are in the race is because they think they can avoid being arrested as Trump counter-attacks the election-tampering and long-term corruption of the government/nation. If he does, they decry “Election tampering! Arresting candidates!” which is fair enough as far as it goes. However, do we never arrest anyone corrupt just because they hide in a campaign? I don’t see how that can be, or I’ll rob a bank and start a campaign today.

    And I feel the DNC has a plan, they put Biden/Harris up for some reason. But Biden is the Obama-era DNC, the Hillary stand-in. That was not winning. Bernie/Gabbard could be winning. But that means change, and for reasons I don’t understand, they won’t do it. They won’t stop the wars, they won’t help Michigan. So long as they do, then Biden is working for Trump, he’s the GOP’s best friend and ally, and would rather lose – and re-elect Trump – than stand back and have the young blood win with their young, non-corporate ideas.

    Again, you may think I’m against Democrats, but I’m not. I’m telling my own opposition how to win, just as so many, many Progressive voices like Jimmy Dore or Tim Pool are, and are being shut out, attacked by their own party, their own people, attacking those who hold their same social principles and driven them #walkaway. Please change and win. #comeback.

    John Day

    Creepy Joe doesn’t hate billionaires. He’s the candidate of non-hate-for-billionaires.
    Bernie/Tulsi 20:20 would have to die in a small plane crash, if they got the nod, because they hate all the fine people who have made America what it is today.
    See how that works?

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