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    Claude Monet O Rio 1881   Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party presented a big plan yesterday which, as the Guardian ever so subtly put it, “would mean t
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    Dr. D

    You’re right about communism in America, but words only mean what we collective understand them to mean, so I can’t be the only one to distinguish between the sub-types. When no one distinguishes them within their minds, there is no difference.

    I don’t know why we would add any finer distinctions here, however, since every addition of that Social progressiveism since 1913 has made things measurably worse. For the good of the people we had the war on poverty, the war on drugs, bankrupted social security, shut down all the charity hospitals and destroyed health care, wildly raised the price of houses with mortgage help and benefits, along with the price of college, neither of which can ever be paid, bankrupted Millennials in the process, destroyed the cities and the small towns, income tax moved from 1% to 39% and expanded from the 0.1% to everyone down to the poverty line, raised inflation with the costs, then the inflation plus the social benefits utterly destroyed the family — the only true and working communist structure, yet the one thing communists hate above all others.

    That’s a near-universal, Sherman’s march-to-the-sea, scorched-earth legacy that has not only left nothing functional standing, but has indebted our nation among many others, to $200T combined liabilities, and that may not include personal debts or states like IL and CA pensions.

    They may vote for Corbyn or Bernie, sure. We’ve seen that throughout South America…where with a turn to the left functionality, poverty, and income disparity again gets multiples worse…but I just don’t see how. The people would have to have faith in government, and the government would have to have the illusion of wealth and functionality to sell the idea. Martin Armstrong believes, with universal bankruptcy the cycle of the state has peaked, and I’m inclined to agree with him.

    Democratic Socialism is failing in Sweden, France, England, Germany, Spain, Finland, Canada, (and California), can’t you just let it go? Their promises, like the Windrush people’s, were always false: you’re on your own. Since you’re on your own anyway, why not dispense with the illusion?


    Raúl Ilargi Meijer said
    I’ve seen this from ten different sources now, that means it must be true.

    zerosum said
    FOX use 5 people on outnumbered to discus their opinions. CNN is now up to 9 people sitting at the discussion table. I SUPOSE THAT 9 PEOPLE WILL BE MORE DEMOCRATIC AND TRUTHFULL.

    I’m always looking for info, without the propaganda/fake news. One of the reason that I try to include the author is to give the readers a chance to verify if he has a bias in his reporting.
    TAE is as close as we can get to the truth.
    On that note check out these two opinion pieces. (Do you see the echo with TAE)
    Imperialism and the Rule of Law

    By Donald Monaco
    November 21, 2019

    The impeachment crisis and American imperialism
    By Patrick Martin
    November 21, 2019


    Dr. D,

    I always get back to the simple observation that in America’s most prosperous times, the highest income tax levels were 70-80-90%. And then I think: what about this don’t you people understand? I don’t care about socialism or capitalism, but some things are just too obvious. That a state tends towards being inefficient is too clear too discuss. But that inequality in both the UK and US has reached disproportionate levels, is too. Though some would still like to dispute it.

    It’s not about political ideology; if anything it’s about simply looking back at the 1950’s and 60’s, and see what made America so rich. Well, one of the elements that were present is those 70-80-90% tax levels. Would the country have been less or more wealthy without them? Who cares? They were there! And given the state of the country today, what exactly would be the reason to not go back to the golden age of capitalism when people paid 80% in income tax for the richest?


    ” looking back at the 1950’s and 60’s, and see what made America so rich.”
    My opinion:
    Capturing Exponential Growth of resources after the destruction of assets during WWII
    We can never go back. Those resources have been consumed.
    The elites have it all and they will not share.


    Is the following true. Zerohedge reports.
    And while the Examiner reviewed “federal banking and corporate records” for their report, the MSM is completely silent about this obvious graft.

    CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and FOX have all been radio silent on this report.

    Hunter Biden-linked company received $130M in special federal loans while Joe Biden was vice president
    by Alana Goodman
    | November 21, 2019


    My opinion:
    Capturing Exponential Growth of resources after the destruction of assets during WWII We can never go back.

    So you mean the taxes had no influence on it? They surely did something about inequality?! Sorry, I don’t think so. I also doubt we have fewer resources now than back then. In fact, I think we’re at our peak. Which may be because we’re more focused on scraping the barrel, but still.

    Still, I think an 80% tax on billionaires is a good idea. It would leave them with $200 million out of every billion. Who needs that kind of money? Do they pay proportionally more for the roads they and we drive on, the parks, health care etc.? Me no think so.


    “Still, I think an 80% tax on billionaires is a good idea.”
    You saw my indirect answer, from the Washington examiner
    “the MSM is completely silent about this obvious graft.”
    In my opinion:
    The answer is in the hand of lawyers, accountants and bankers that can be hired to change the laws that have been made so that the elites can have an advantage.
    Gosh! I think that there are already some laws that could equalize the playing field. Since nobody is bulletproof nobody will enforce those laws.
    Will the new Ukraine president try to see if he is bulletproof?


    BREAKING: Former Ukrainian MP Alleges Biden Family Received $12M Kickback From Transaction With Burisma Owner To Kill London Criminal Cases, Provides Details To DOJ

    BREAKING: Former Ukrainian MP Alleges Biden Family Received $12M Kickback From Transaction With Burisma Owner To Kill London Criminal Cases, Provides Details To DOJ
    by L Todd Wood November 22, 2019

    UPDATE: In further clarification of information provided, CD Media can now report that the $32M referenced below was sent to London, where it was seized by British officials and criminal charges were levied against Zlochevsky. Vice President Biden actively sought to have the charges thrown out in the United Kingdom for Zlochevsky in exchange for the $12M being diverted to Hunter Biden, according to Onyshchenko.
    Hunter Biden was then brought onto the board of directors at Zlochevsky’s company Burisma and received further payments of $3.1M over a period of months.


    Responding to Lt. Col. Vindman about my Ukraine columns … with the facts

    If you don’t have evidence these 28 facts are wrong, I ask that you correct your testimony because any effort to call factually accurate reporting false only misleads America and chills the free debate our Constitutional framers so cherished to protect.


    It’s frustrating. Raul is, imo, 119% on heavily taxing the rich as a fiscal means of redistributing (the re-d-word! I dun used it! strike me down!) the tendency for welath to sip[hon upwards in a capitalist economy. (Well, it does. Sue me for it being true.)

    But the money the wealthy hold is mostly worthless already. There aren’t enough resources on hand to grow our way out of this, and all redistribution does is inspire more growth.

    What is needed is a very severe belt-tightening, and that work is always left to poor old Mother Nature.

    The time for that turnaround was several decades ago. Carter was on it, but America wanted Reagan’s Morning in America MAGA nonsense, and then we wasted several decades after that playing silly games with words while the rich sold everything off and the rest of us watched, too many of us not realizing what was happening or how incontrovertible the results would be.

    Sin Taxes of the Poor Soul


    The war on poverty didn’t bankrupt us. War, period, and all its attendant freak shows, did.

    MLK got shot because he denounced the Viet Nam war not just morally but because it financially gutted said War on Poverty, turning it into a mere charity program, which is not how you solve poverty, just how you alleviate it.


    19% correct, that is. And yes, that figure is scientifically accurate. My ouija board told me so.


    I’ve just heard, CNN, MSNBC, insisting that Trump is lying, again, about Ukraine, Hunter all the reports by John Solomon.
    This is not going to end well. No matter where the truth lies, the rich and powerful people will not admit to being even a little bit wrong.
    Its a good thing that the web is there to present us, with the different opinions.
    My brain get info from others. My opinions are based on the opinions of others.


    “19% correct, that is”

    I’m sick today and can’t see straight. That’s One Hundred & Nineteen per cent.


    I traveled through Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan in the late 1960s. It was all rebuilt. Japan was running high speed rail. The first cut in marginal tax rate in the USA from 90% was John Kennedy’s but the rate cut from 70% was in the Reagan Era when the first time in my life I saw the homeless living under bridges next to the railroad tracks in Seattle.

    The most effective rate is around 70% to avoid tax avoidance and offshoring. Anything less intentionally flushes government down the drain and accelerates privatization. Mission accomplished. The income inequality of the USA is between Chile and Turkey.

    The impeachment hearings are astonishing in that the Empire’s technocrats have no fear of going in front of Congress in public and denying the rampant corruption and blaming Russia for the war that started in 2014 when the West assisted the overthrow of the elected government of Ukraine.

    Donald Trump is a symptom of the decline. The Praetorian Guard wants a new Emperor.

    V. Arnold

    Claude Monet O Rio 1881

    Lovely, just lovely…


    I recently stumbled across people I knew very well 20-30 years ago. Bright bright people. Chemist. Asian history major. Clever, witty, funny, soulful, talented… and they’re all determined to Beat Trump and Vote Dem even though they watched the Dems shaft Bernie, the one candidate who, said polls, could knock Trump out of the park with one nut tied behind his back.

    And the, and then, there’s this sad faith that getting the Right Man in the White House will somehow fix all these problems.

    As if putting Casey Jones at the engineer throttle would somehow stop a runaway train with no brakes screaming down a steep hill toward a broken bridge over a 1,000′ chasm… would somehow stop said train..


    Don’t you just love it when VietnamVet posts? Concise, deeply informed, filters facts through fundamentals…

    V. Arnold

    The PC culture sweeping the west is an evil that must be recognised for what it is; censorship and control, pure and simple.
    This is well worth a read:

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