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    Unknown Marble contest on Boston Common 1920 The world stock markets big see saw zig zags over the last few days seems to be a harbinger of more to co
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    Sure Pierce is confused but so is almost everyone. Thinking there has to be an escape hatch. Who like most does not appreciate what a dilemma really is. Thinking it’s a hard choice which if decided correctly will lead to all good things when in fact a dilemma is a choice with no good outcome. I think this is a singularly American thing and Pierce long ago caught the bug.

    It might be more accurate to say that this American way of thought has been exported around the globe and Europe,or at least its leaders, have heavily bought in. If for no other reason is it usually pays well. See Tony Blair as example number 1.


    Well, it looks as though a Dutch politician inadvertently let the cat out of the bag. Lots of damage control.

    “MH-17 Report False Flag Exposed After Revelation Passenger Was Wearing Oxygen Mask”

    All the governments of Western Europe know perfectly well that it was an American-inspired false-flag operation, but they continue the denials. As for the MSM, they have suddenly become awfully quiet about what is really happening in Ukraine. The whole thing is unravelling and no amount of BS is going to put it all back together. So who are the real terrorists now? The “ragheads”?

    Joe Clarkson

    But what good will Germany’s thrift be when the day comes for all those debtor countries to abrogate their debts? Especially since it will be a lot of German lenders who will see their assets vaporize.

    Countries are not at all like families. When a family goes bankrupt it loses almost everything. When a country goes bankrupt it gets to keep all the goodies it bought with the borrowed money, especially if those goodies included infrastructure like ports, roads and irrigation projects.

    True, when a country defaults, its economy may collapse into austerity, but I can’t see why it’s so much better to suffer years of austerity, like Greece, just to avoid default.


    Joe – those countries are going to abrogate their debts, anyway, so Germany might as well not go further into debt and cut her losses now. I guess it always pays to get good collateral beforehand. Germany profited mightily from these debtor countries; she just won’t get as much back. C’est la vie!

    The EU needs to split up, make it a friendly divorce, and get it over with. You are right, Greece would be better off defaulting.


    But the band’s still playing, and no one is going to have any problem finding a chair when it stops,,,right?

    This all reminds me back in 05 when all my neighbors thought I was nuts because instead of refinancing and going out and buying Hummers and Jet Skis and Cruizes to Europe, I was instead patching the old jitney together and paying off my mortgage with the savings.

    Now the shack is paid off and the neighbors are all gone, their houses foreclosed and their Hummers worn out.


    The hoi polloi of our planet have been enslaved and are quickly becoming the very miscreants Marx viewed as impediments to his ideal of a classless society.

    Sadly, the deck was stacked against us all and unbenounced to the ever swelling majority of those persistently fractured from cultural bias, with one exception… normalcy.

    The very same affect has spread throughout our productive enterprises over the past four decades reducing contributions to mere tertiary – sun tans and fried chicken.

    Germany has been extremely protective of her own and rightfully so… we were fed a stream of lies. To the victor goeth the pen, forgive me, the Ford Foundation.

    Google earth will provide a number of clues, Germany aligned itself with Russia and the East some time ago – observe rail lines between these nations.

    Germany will not fall on their swords in disgrace, although I would not put it past those plucking strings to perhaps send a message: much like the one Japan is about to receive @ 190mph.

    John Day

    Ebola Pandemic and Global Economic Reset will cohabitate.
    It’s not even speculation any more…
    “Discuss amongst yourselves”

    Now for something completely different, the proposition that modern humans were created through the discovery of hallucinogens 40,000 years ago, and that the current ban on shamanistic practice with these is leaving us at the mercy of rationality, which has no mercy, and no vision.
    A Banned TED TALK, really: “The War on Consciousness”

    My own life was changed in a “Purification Sweat” April 1994 on the Navajo Res. in Arizona.
    Thanks, Paul Tohlakai.


    Google earth will provide a number of clues, Germany aligned itself with Russia and the East some time ago – observe rail lines between these nations.

    I do not think East Germany had any say in the matter. Also, see the Eastern Bloc.


    Gravity is an aerosolized/airborne algorithm.

    Michael Lardelli

    Australia’s economic growth is largely an “illusion” created by population growth – currently running at an amazing 1.7% per annum – far higher than any other developed nation. If you look at GDP per capita Australia actually did go into recession in around 2010 despite the politicians talking about the “miracle” of the recession-proof Australian economy.


    Ambrose – “Tax policies and social structures have encouraged the collapse of the fertility rate.” Yeah, that’s a stretch. I was thinking maybe it had more to do with the constant inflation we’ve had (which is always under-reported) for the last 30 or 40 years, the fact that mothers had to join the work force just so the family could keep their heads above water, the fact that jobs have been offshored, automated, foreign temporary-workered, eliminated, and wages have not kept up with corporate profits or inflation. When families feel threatened, insecure, and are barely able to stay on the treadmill, they’re not going to have more children.

    Not that I agree the world needs more people; we already have way too many as it is. But if I had to tick a box, I’d say inflation (the very thing Ambrose is always calling for, more and more spending) has been the culprit.


    Michael – yes, population growth will do it, especially very wealthy Chinese. I don’t doubt Australia went into recession in 2010, but China’s massive stimulus probably brought you out of it quite quickly.


    John Day – Mr. Hancock makes mention at 6:01 of your video to Dr. Gabor Mate, who works with drug addicts. Dr. Mate is incredibly brilliant, and in the following video he says that power and reality is not outside of yourself, but inside. Perhaps the drug Mr. Hancock speaks about doesn’t so much get us in touch with another entity as it gets us in touch with ourselves, the part we have lost, the light within – creativity.

    Mate’s video is interesting because he talks about the drug addicts he works with (who are all escaping from fear, pain, emptiness), but also about people addicted to power and wealth (at approximately 14:00) and how they’re not going to stop what they’re doing; we have to stop them. They too are trying to fill a void.


    Mate’s a fascinating watch, agree with much of what he details, thank you for this.

    John Day

    The “inside” and “outside” of “self”, when considering consciousness can be really slippery.
    There is ESP.
    What is “inside” or “outside” of “self”.
    Shamanism and spiritual disciplines explore this.
    It’s an exploration, more than an explanation, unintelligible to the non-seeker, eh?
    🙂 John


    You have to go after Ambrose more often!
    Thoroughly enjoyed this. 😀

    My take is that everyone (esp. the USA) is looking around for scapegoats.
    Germany Not Borrowing, Germany Exports Too Much, China Property Bubble, Russian Hackers, … after all it can’t have anything to do with Wall Street….

    John Day

    Ambrose is the more worthy target.
    Krugman is too lame, and gets shot up regularly at ZH, anyway.


    When families feel threatened, insecure, and are barely able to stay on the treadmill, they’re not going to have more children.

    Families have never been richer than they were in the exact same time the fertility rate plunged. Whether they would perhaps still have felt insecure for 40-odd years now? I don’t know.

    TAE Summary

    * Both horns of a dilemma are sharp; The American Way cannot hope to change this; The denial that can be spoken is not the true denial

    * Unlike families bankrupt countries get to keep the worn out house and broken down hummer; If you are going to collapse you might as well do it all at once; Germany will be left holding the bag when assets turn to steam; See <i>Mein Dampf gegen Lüge, Dummheit und Feigheit</i>

    * EU should divorce; Greeces gets the house, France take the kids and Germany keep the 401K; It’s a great time to be a lawyer

    * The music continues; The band plays “Nearer My God, to Thee”; The fat lady is high on Ayahusaca; The scapegoat has left the building with a black swan; Only Google Earth can save us now

    * The definition of marriage will be expanded to include the union of Ebola and Economic Collapse; Pat Robertson will oppose this saying it hurts traditional marriage and Ebola shouldn’t be allowed in the country anyway; Passage will be in doubt until Gwyneth Paltrow weighs in and saves the day; It’s fine with me as long as they don’t kiss in public

    * Aussie growth is an illusion created by modeling rabbits; Their economy was saved by the Chinese building a recession-proof fence from Wallal Downs to Bremer Bay

    * Mom’s in work force have no time for kids or the making of them; Besides me people shouldn’t have so many kids

    * Pierce is confused; Mate’ is fascinating; Krugman is lame; Ambrose is a worthy target; The ‘Self’ is a mystic klein bottle; Gravity is a recursive mist; There is ESP

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