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    Edward John Poynter Erato, Muse of Poetry 1870       Why the Delta scare? As a virus mutates, it becomes more contagious and less letha
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    Dave Note


    A quote from the former President of Facebook Sean Parker 2017

    He’s a full blown Transhumanist and psychopath

    Because I’m a billionaire, I’m going to have access to better healthcare. I’m going to be like 160 and I’m going to be part of this class of immortal overlords. You know the expression about compound interest. Give us billionaires an extra hundred years and you’ll know what wealth disparity looks like….


    Dave Note



    It’s so disappointing to see what ivermectin hesitancy, fuelled by ivermectin denialism, is doing to public health.

    BTW, if the elites want to pursue their transhumanist program, seeking immortality via technology, then let them go for it. Let them waste their time and brief lives. It’s a totally futile endeavour. Not even the universe is immortal — the laws of thermodynamics demonstrate that.

    And what would these elites DO with their “immortality” anyway? It won’t benefit me, that’s for sure, nor anyone else. Could these immortal elites bring my dead parents back to life? Of course not. Transhumanism is utterly selfish and, as I just said, futile.

    There’s a very strong delusion among these people!

    Maxwell Quest


    “BTW, if the elites want to pursue their transhumanist program, seeking immortality via technology, then let them go for it.”

    Quantity of life is no substitute for quality. Nature has allotted us a certain number of years for a reason. My guess is that once the psyche has hardened like concrete there is very little evolutionary growth that can occur. No new lessons can be learned. We stagnate.

    Talk to almost any NDE survivor, and they will tell you that, once they left their physical vehicle behind and experienced the next plane, and were instructed that they couldn’t stay and had to “go back”, they put up quite a fuss as they were dragged kicking and screaming back into their broken “meat puppet”. Each and every one later says that they no longer fear death. And many eventually leave their lucrative, high-stress, hamster-wheel jobs for less-paying professions that touch individual human lives. Claiming that their NDE was the best thing that ever happened to them.

    So, yeah, good luck with that immortal cyborg body transhumanism stuff.

    a kullervo

    Life’s end goal is to die; everything would be so different if our main concern whilst we live was to learn how to die with poise.


    I feel fully protected by the Ivermectin I take.
    But I wonder if that is wise? Does anyone know if antibodies are formed during Ivermectin prophylaxis?
    Perhaps I would be better off “catching” the virus, and then take Ivermectin & .HCQ to shake it off, and be then protected by antibodies?
    Since I am 78, almost 79 years old, this could be risky. For youth, it seems a valid course.
    Or, has anyone considered inoculating youth with the virus, and 5 days latter, 3 days of Ivermectin?


    I hear that some school kids, I think in the UK, discovered that you can catch Covid from drinking orange juice. Or rather, orange juice is spreading the infection! Drink orange juice before a PCR test and it will return a positive result: the miracle of bogus science.

    Its the Orangina variant next!

    We need the ex-President of Tanzania back again to talk some sense.


    Was just reading up on the online 12mg tablet of ivermectin for sale from India. Their dosage notes the upper age of 64 years old. Further down it notes the reason is related to liver function issues.

    I am wondering if any of our community can speak to this?


    Raul…Do you have a source for the chart showing different deaths among vaccinated and unvaccinated. This information may be most vital for educating the public if it is true.


    Nothing is done in isolation. The USA is being bombarded with a Private/Government PsyOps campaign. From its start to today, the PR for the mRNA gene therapy jabs is expertly written; starting with use of the term “vaccine”, to hide their true nature and to ignore the conscious decision to overrule the need for precautionary testing and review before approval put in place by law and regulations after the thalidomide tragedy.

    More than half of all Americas have been jabbed. Now the intent is to convince by any means possible (lying, blaming, and threats) to get the leftover unvaccinated injected. This winter another lockdown will tell if the Delta Variant scare is real or not. Except one more will flatten the US economy.

    This is truly dumbfounding. It would not have happened if the USA had a functional national public health system. This is far beyond the loss of trust. This is a foundational issue about the current economic political system and how it works. A reasonable interpretation is that the West is run by a rich cult that believes that there is no such thing as society. Mammon is God. All that matters is money. Certainly not the lives of the riff-raff. Injecting every American will make billions of dollars for the pharmaceutical corporations not to mention the riches gathered from jabbing the rest of the world. Yet, for now, the enduring consequences of this experiment are unknown.

    But greed can’t be the whole story. This July 4th is a perfect reflection of the Fog of War. The USA is retreating out of Afghanistan. This is the fall of Saigon, all over again; a trauma that killed the draft and triggered the Reagan Revolution that ended the New Deal. Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin may have agreed to end NATO’s Ukraine aggressions. This could finally signal that Barrack Obama’s pivot to China is underway. Except any war there would cut off the flow of goods from Asia which would flatline the West’s economy already depressed by the Pandemic. Also, last week the UK’s HMS Defender almost got in a firefight with Russia in the Black Sea. Ending the Great Game may be a bridge too far for certain Overlords.

    Climate Change goes unaddressed. Last week’s early blowup of wildfires in the West cut Canadian Pacific, Canadian National and Union Pacific rail lines. Transport links can’t cope with the PNW/BC heat dome and regional wildfires. This Independence Day reminds me of the quip about the end of WWII and Joseph Goebbels’ Propaganda broadcasts. The Reich’s glorious victories kept coming closer to Berlin.

    John Day

    @Madamski from Friday 7/2/21.
    Oh Shit, I just recognized that Chinese guy in the “botoxed-out” demo picture.
    That’s Wayne Newton, the owner of the Fig Newton Company!

    John Day

    @Tinfoilhatted Canuck: Don’t worry about ivermectin toxicity with advanced age. It’s not a thing. Somebody’s lawyer made them write that, I presume. That kind of liability disclaimer is the norm in western medicine these days.

    @Vietnam Vet: Yes. We are in the early days of the war against the homeland.

    John Day

    @Dave Note: Former President of Facebook Sean Parker 2017

    “Because I’m a billionaire, I’m going to have access to better healthcare. I’m going to be like 160 and I’m going to be part of this class of immortal overlords. You know the expression about compound interest. Give us billionaires an extra hundred years and you’ll know what wealth disparity looks like….“

    This dude is into linear projections, but he is projecting into a narcissistic delusion. There is the bad health care that poor people get, and the bad healthcare that rich people get, which can actually be WORSE, since there is so much money in it.

    John Day

    @Ilargi: That last article, which Germ posted Friday, is what I saved from the quick skim I was able to do Friday. I might be that healthcare worker who just nips it in the bud without a second thought or an antibody response. I was actually disappointed a few days ago NOT to have had a significant, sustained exposure to COVID. I am just really tired of this bullshit, but it’s going to be replaced soon with some new worse bullshit. We are the homeland, coming under hybrid-war attack, from the “monster on the loose”.


    Delta variant response team.

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    Dr. D

    “The U.K., where half the population is fully vaccinated”

    The UK is only 50%? But the U.S. is more than that? Uh-huh. I smell a big pile of steamy goodness spread from sea to shining sea.

    “The USA is being bombarded with a Private/Government PsyOps campaign.”

    Did you really think we’d escape? Whatever is done elsewhere will eventually be done here. What is that, “no man is free unless everyone is”? (I think Thoreau). Yes, because if there’s a black man in the gutter, there has to be a white man in the gutter with him, holding him there. If your have bad men in prison, you have “free” men in prison too, as the guards. So don’t do it to others, and you won’t do it to yourself. Problem with nations is the time-delay. THEY got the benefits and dies happy, their children pay all the costs, so ha-ha.

    “the West is run by a rich cult that believes that there is no such thing as society.”

    Yes. And if ONLY Mammon were their god. You can see it in hundreds of their actions. They’re willing to take, cause, encourage ENORMOUS losses, the death of whole industries like CNN, to push their real religion, so it’s not “money” they’re after. That’s when there’s clearly profits – stunning opportunities, RIGHT THERE that they firebomb or make illegal to prevent profit from happening, delivering to the people what they actually want and not this trollop.

    “Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin may have agreed to end NATO’s Ukraine aggressions.”

    This was in Luango, I think. Quite subtle at this point, and work watching closely. Russia defeated the West again, and this time with a lot less casualties. All the deaths were on our side this time, self-inflicted on purpose.


    VietnamVet, thanks for the succint summing up in your post.

    Only to one point: National Health advisories (boards, etc. instituted since a long time, imperfect in many ways, whatever ..) have been killed off.

    For ex. in France, Macron is advised for COV19 by a mysterious Kabal of ‘experts’ or ‘friends,’ called the Scientific Council for COV19.

    A collection of yay-sayers, Macron admirers, o-la-la, France is a shining “Start-UP” Nation, old-hat has to be swept away by super sexy tech, innovative medecine, new directions to be explored speedily with probity and rigor, leading to a wonderful National Resurgence, and so on. One of the members is a child psychiatrist, total stooge, another is a lame sociologist.

    link in F, but one can note that Prof. Raoult used to be a member but is now listed as ex.


    “ Unvaccinated people do more than merely risk their own health. They’re also a risk to everyone if they become infected with coronavirus, infectious disease specialists say”

    So, basically what CNN is saying is

    Unvaccinated people are unclean!! (Biblical term)
    Unvaccinated people have cooties!! (School playground term)


    As a virus mutates, it becomes more contagious and less lethal.

    What is the source for this claim? I can’t think of a reason for such a selection pressure until it starts to run out of hosts.


    “As a virus mutates, it becomes more contagious and less lethal. And then eventually it mostly disappears.”

    Nope. As a virus mutates, it usually becomes more contagious because that helps it spread.

    But being less lethal may or may not help it spread. Let me clarify: for some viruses, becoming less lethal is a good strategy because people become less worried about it spreading and they take less precautions with less lethal variants. For others, like Ebola, becoming more lethal is a good spreading strategy because it spreads through people handling corpses. For the covid virus, the evidence is that it spreads fast enough that lethality simply doesn’t change one way or another its chances of spreading. So far, new variants are as likely as not to be more or less lethal. Some of the faster-spreading mutations, like alpha, have been somewhat more lethal. Some haven’t.

    As for viruses eventually disappearing, clearly not. The seasonal flu remains seasonal and there is no reason to think it will ever go away. The same for many viruses that cause childhood diseases, like measles. Some new viruses have eventually disappeared, some, like AIDS, didn’t.


    Right, so the post begins with a supposition that is probably false. The second paragraph also appears to impart some kind of intelligence to the virus (“the virus has no reason to mutate”). Evolution doesn’t need reasons, it just needs random mutations and selection pressures. If a mutation makes it more likely to spread, there is a good chance that that mutation will outperform the current variant. It doesn’t need a reason. Vaccination might increase the chances of more infectious variant becoming dominant but I can’t see how lethality is affected.

    Does vaccination increase the chances of dying from the delta variant? I don’t think that enough research has been done into that. Older folk and more vulnerable folk have probably had the greatest rate of vaccination and this may be a factor.

    However, from the bare figures, it seems likely that vaccination in the UK has had a downwards impact on the case fatality rate overall. Fiji, with far lower vaccination percentage, is also struggling with Delta and is seeing a much greater fatality rate than the UK.

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