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    For the financial markets, the situation in Europe can't get bad enough. The worse it gets, the higher the likelihood that more taxpayer funds wil
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    John Day

    Traditionally, there’s a war to cover things up, and make people focus on an enemy who isn’t just a bloodsucking elite.
    This war will have other jobs to do, too.
    It’s got a whole lot of humans to cull, a significant fraction of the species.
    Our masters see that, and culling a lot of the herd will make the survivors more compliant. The tough question is “How?”
    A lot of different mechanisms will probably be explored in different locations. The elites must be having a hard time agreeing on the details, dontcha’ think?
    Turning off the electricity for a month would probably kill the majority of people where I live, and still preserve most of the infrastructure. Howzit where you are?


    Its a great article!

    Its unfortunate that there are so few people who will be reading it.

    On the other hand … it doesn’t matter. Its too late for anyone to do anything about preventing the hardship that is coming.

    You said …

    Their task is to transfer whatever amounts of taxpayer money it takes to save the major shareholders of the major banks of the world.

    I think its too late … the taxpayers money has already been spent and promissed well into the future.

    Its the printing press that is going to supply the illusion of money being available.

    Those that have that funny money are going to do very well buying stuff at distresed fire sales.


    And yet the system keeps on going not because there is any hope for a solution but because there is no solution possible. Its almost like a casino where no gambler dares cash in his winnings less he break the house and have nothing but a pile of worthless chips. The only way out is to continue playing and pretend the chips are valuable and enjoy the free drinks and buffet.


    The continuation of the current criminal ponzi scheme is ultimately about raw military power. It’s work for the bankers or face annihilation. It is a medieval arrangement between the military rulers and the high priests/ bankers. The rulers ceased to be nation states with the rise of fascism(we were just the winners of that war which was to temporarily decide the style of fascism that would prevail) and the concomitant rise of the corporate powers and the oil based economy. The chance for Democracy in the US is about the same as in Egypt . Only massive non-violent tax resistance and a world wide insistence on a transition to green local economies, and bio-regional politics can preserve a habitable planet.

    GREG L

    It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything here, but I’ve been lurking here occasionally. I’ve become convinced that the bailouts and money printing are merely a feature of a system that was destined to create a crisis and I’ve just come to believe that this crisis has been deliberately created and is diabolical in nature with the objective of reducing the entire globe to serfs. I know that smacks of conspiracy and collusion and I know that many don’t see that as plausible. Humans are highly susceptible to being manipulated by an appeal to our baser emotions and can be made to be a part of a conspiracy even without knowing it. For example, I’m an accountant and entered the profession simply because I like working with numbers and accounting concepts, however, people like me play an integral unwitting role in supporting the bankers whenever I assist with tax return preparation. The same could be said of attorneys, soldiers and others who unwittingly help support an economic and political system that’s inimical to their own interests. The system’s lifeblood has always been based on exploiting, creating dependencies or co-opting with the latter two creating a vested interest in it continuing. It’s just that now the system is going to require a pound of flesh and your first born and the illusion of fairness and equity is to be dispensed with. No, these people will never do the right thing and take the losses as that will mean the loss of their power and that can’t happen. As you’ve said, the street will be the most effective means of political participation, but that isn’t for the faint hearted as I fully expect that the bankers and their lackeys are prepared to spill blood—hell, they’ve already done that.


    The grand daddy of all bailout Funds is already in possession of the ultimate banking license.

    Viscount St. Albans

    Stoneleigh is convinced markets topped (while rolling?) back in 2011. Meanwhile the S&P actually reached new nominal highs in 2012, and those markets are approaching news highs once again.

    You, Ilargi, should really elaborate on that EU rescue fund bank license sentence above. It sounds like you’re about to throw in the towel (because, as you say, this could go on forever). But I know how you hate words in your mouth, so I’d leave it to you to clarify.

    You’re on record saying Spain is too big to bail. And yet, here the bailing is about to begin. Why did you get that one wrong?

    Viscount St. Albans

    50% of us households hold stocks directly or indirectly (through IRA and 401ks)
    (an even higher % holds them very-indirectly through pension funds).

    67% of households are homeowners…

    These are voters who will vote their own interests to support corporate bailouts and principle reductions on housing debt.

    The principal reduction on mortgage debt is coming after the election. You are going to pay down your neighbor’s mortgage debt and he’s going to pay down yours as well (via loss absorption through Fannie&Freddie). And you both come out ahead. F&F can absorb that and spread the losses over 50 years, paying around 2% on the debt needed to cover the dent.


    Professorlocknload said …

    “The grand daddy of all bailout Funds is already in possession of the ultimate banking license.”

    Here is your counter argument
    A Little Perspective on What Lies Ahead   (August 6, 2012)

    Eliminating Elites won’t eliminate our structural problems or the reduction in phantom wealth we’ve all been relying on.


    Nice point,counterpoint guys…question is when do the fireworks start?

    I see whats going on,and at least maybe 2-3% of the rest of Americas fast-shrinking middle class does…but not enough yet to make a serious difference.Too many listen to fox news,and the rest of the roar of the great propaganda machine

    Bee good,or
    Bee careful



    blah blah blah








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