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    Edourd Manet A Bar at the Folies-Bergère 1882   Something curious happened during the Trump love fest at the G7 over the weekend. And I don’t thi
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    Yes. Thanks. The impact of the G7 picture is Donald Trump at the center and his dominance and the decreasing power circling the table and then fading out to the left. The British PM is a washed-out patch of gray hair.

    He is the only oligarch there. The rest are incompetent credentialed servants of global plutocrats except perhaps for the invisible new Italian PM. Like the last supper, this picture marks the beginning of the end of an old world. A civil war has broken out between Western globalists and democratic elected nationalists. This will not turn out well. The Atlantic Alliance is dead. There will be no resurrection.


    Look who is in the picture with the big shots.

    He sold his soul to the devil.


    Trump’s top economic adviser was against tariffs for years. Then he joined the Trump White House.

    When Larry Kudlow signed off for the final time from CNBC’s “The Kudlow Report” on March 28, 2014, he left viewers with the same mantra he had repeated for years.

    “Free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity,” Kudlow said.

    Now, four years later, Kudlow is helping sell President Trump’s “unprecedented” tariffs, going so far on Wednesday as to call Trump “the strongest trade reformer of the past 20 years.”
    Just three months prior, Kudlow was calling tariffs tax hikes, prosperity killers and the cause of the Great Depression. And 13 days before becoming director of the White House’s National Economic Council, Kudlow said Trump “has never been good on trade.”
    You can watch lots of examples of Kudlow’s about-face in the video above.

    Kudlow’s former colleagues also seem baffled by his transformation. In April, CNBC’s Jim Cramer asked how Kudlow’s views were meshing with Trump’s “nationalist” views, and CNN’s Erin Burnett asked whether Kudlow had “confidence” that Trump would “do the right thing” on tariffs.
    And two months ago, Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney, citing Kudlow’s penchant for free trade, asked whether he was “comfortable” in the Trump White House.
    “I am,” Kudlow replied.


    Brilliant. Thank you.

    As VietnamVet pointed out, he is the only one with his own wealth and financial power-base. The others are mere lapdogs of others.

    John Day

    The origin of the Fibonacci spiral is the dark blue empty spot, which happens to be the crotch of that guy behind Bolton. Who is the guy behind Bolton? What is in his trousers? Classic crypto-photo-composition to be sure. Somebody, somewhere is laughing 🙂

    John Day

    The mystery man with the Fibonacci origin in his pelvic chakra turns out to be Kazuyuki Yamazaki, Japanese senior Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs

    V. Arnold

    It took me a bit and I really like your POV. Unique. I agree.
    I’m still trying to understand Fibonacci.


    Relationship to Fibonacci sequence and Golden ratio


    Er, what?! What has a Fibonacci series got to do with a photograph? The photo shows lots of people looking aggressively at … Trump, who looks quite unconcerned. Should he be unconcerned about the G6 talking openly about excluding him? – Yes, I think he should, they are his only allies! They want action on Climate Change, and the stupid sanctions against Russia, and the stupid sanctions on Iran, and the stupid hostile attitude towards China and North Korea, Syria, Iraq, Afghanisan, Libya, Yemen, etc. The world is shaping up into two blocs, headed by US and China-Russia, and they will soon have to decide whether they leave the US bloc and join the China bloc. If they do so, the US Empire will have collapsed. And the Emperor will have lost the lot because of his hubris. History will record this man as a colossally stupid egomaniac.

    Incidentally, the Fibonacci series doesn’t start at 0, because you can work backwards from there to get a series of negative numbers going to -∞ that still conform to the defining relationship: Fib(n) = Fib(n-1) + Fib(n-2)

    V. Arnold

    Well, between zerosum and palloy, I finally got it.


    V. Arnold et al,

    Where I think Fibonacci becomes real interesting is in connection with fractals and Mandelbrot sets. Because then you realize you’re looking at nature itself. These are not just artificial numbers.

    fibonacci shell

    This course is not bad at first sight: https://fractalfoundation.org/OFC/OFC-11-1.html

    Dr. D

    I thought the same thing for a different photo. The media was a-twitter (or a twit) for a reprise of the big-dick-handshake-contest DJT played a bit last time. The photo was of the imprint of Macron’s thumb still visible on Trump’s hand a minute later. Looks like he sure lost that one, right?

    Wrong. Like Raul, I had the impression if they’re going to childishly play this game…his game…then they already lost. You have to understand these are power people, it’s the only thing they think about, care about, or act about. So…who’s in charge? Who captures the focus? Who sets the rules? Who decides the agendas and what games we play? And it doesn’t matter who REALLY has the power, because in reality either the people or the Army always has the real power; from narcissistic sociopath’s view, it’s all about whose court you bow in. Do you go see Don Corleone, or do you ignore him? That’s the alpha and omega of power with narcissists: who’s getting the attention is the important person, they are the one in control.

    Playing this game means they already lost, but are so stupid, they don’t realize THEY are the ones giving Trump all his power. The media 24/7 TrumpTrumpTrump!!! What’s the meta on that message? TRUMP is the one who’s important, TRUMP has the power…which he doesn’t. He probably doesn’t control 20% of the executive yet. But by doing this, they’re making all the other important people, businessmen, agents, diplomats, got to Trump’s court and treat him like the king. Aye caramba! Stimpy, you eeediot! But they can’t help it. It’s not Trump’s ego that’s running things…it’s THEIRS. In fact, THEY have the power, not him, but being the trust-fund brats they are, being defied for the first time in their life so unhinges them, it’s so unfamiliar when they’ve robbed, cheated and murdered their way to the top, never had to act on real merit, that they don’t know what to do when actual gamesmanship, tactic, and merit is called for. …Basically, he’s running them around on their ego, the ego of a narcissist sociopath, which believes — MUST believe — that THEY are smarter, and everybody else is an idiotic fool, bumbling before their greatness. That’s what makes it a mental illness, that like a psychosis, they’ve live completely disconnected with reality that we ALL have strengths and weaknesses, people above and below us.

    Is that not what we read in the paper 12x a day? That Trump is an idiot, and got a billion dollar empire in one of the world’s premier shark tanks, knocked off 15 candidates, and destroyed one or possibly two political parties, and possibly the mainstream media because he’s “just lucky”, but really he has the IQ of a fruitcake and watches Sharks on the Discovery Channel all day? Yup. And so long as they think he’s an idiot…and he keeps feeding them all the idiotic misdirected nonsense, misspelling “Cofefe,” that keeps them in a useless lather…they never take the game seriously. ‘Cause he’s an idiot, right? How hard can it be? Like Macron, who went home last time crowing how Trump does whatever he says…just before he didn’t. At all.

    Seriously Emmanuel, does Trump LOOK like a guy who follows orders and does what he’s told? Perhaps this rebellious personality trait has come up in the papers before? Nope. He went home and said “Trump’s in my pocket, ’cause I’m awesome sauce.” 100 times in a row. You’d think when Trump has run the same pass play from pre-season to the payoffs, one of these other geniuses might catch on, but you’d be wrong. He MAY have another trick in the bag, but we’ll never find out because so far they’ve fallen for the SAME. DARN. TRICK. for 2 1/2 years in a row. ONE trick. And HE’S the dumb one. OMFG.

    He’s going to lose the empire? That’s the whole POINT of Trump, and the (Marine) Generals that put him into office. They know the attempt at world domination by what St. Reagan called “The Crazies in the Basement” has failed and the U.S. will collapse if it pushes further on this front. It arguably already collapsed, but they won’t report it. Therefore, the America First wing is attempting the best fallback to the borders as a pariah state, salvaging what they can. And that’s over the dead bodies of the Neocons, the Clintonista’s, the Bush cartel, and the empire maniacs like Soros and Brennan. That’s why they have a bankruptcy/restructuring expert in office.

    The POINT is to lose the empire. It always was. No one in the U.S. wants an empire or ever wanted one, not among the people anyway, that’s why they had to lie, lie, lie about it every day the hidden state was pushing for it, and come up with ever less plausible reasons for it. The people, the businessmen, the soldiers would never tolerate it. Maybe that’s why they can’t understand his plan, because to them, the plan must always be MORE power, MORE money, MORE dictatorship, where a return to the Constitution–should we ever get one–will reduce the size and power of government so substantially as to make empires, dictators, fascism — indeed any repression of the people — impossible.

    Please for the love of people all over the world lose the Empire as soon as technically possible. The lives of more innocent millions will be saved. And you want Trump to KEEP the empire, and will be mad when he DOESN’T bomb and control the rest of the world? I don’t care if it’s accidental or on purpose. The faster he “loses” the happier I’ll be.


    I didn’t see the Fibonacci in there until the 2nd ZH pic (comment 8:21link), but I immediately saw the red spiral drawn wrong.


    Fibonacci is just a handy approximation for a golden ratio. And there is nothing magic about the bottom right quadrant. Here is an overlay of 4 golden ratio sections.


    Here is the actual image


    But none of this metaphorical Fibonacci/fractal/Mandelbrot stuff has anything to do with G7 power politics. Can we start again, please, and just use plain English that can only be understood in one way? Why would the hidden state, and/or Trump, want the Empire to crash itself, when they are the primary beneficiaries of the Empire? I can understand why WE would want it to crash itself, but why would the people who benefit the most from it already?


    palloy, in my view, it’s a conflict within the elite. Part of it benefits from unrestricted global trade and free flow of capital. Another part benefits from protectionism. Until recently they could coexist, but once further globalization, and the associated economy of scale, is impossible the first group found itself spread too thin and open for an attack from the second group. The first group still controls most politicians and bureaucrats, but the second group managed to get Trump elected as a president.
    By the way, WE don’t benefit from any of it. WE are a liability. Ideally, the elite would like to give us rifles and send into a trench warfare, letting the problem sort itself out.

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