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    I assume there may be others with real expertise here that may be interested in contributing to the Lifeboat blog. However, I can’t find a submissions link.

    In particular I have an article I wrote that was published in Hex Magazine. I still retain all copyrights and would be interested in publishing it there if you feel it would be of interest. While the article was aimed at the Heathenry movement, the article is fundamentally about local community, perhaps with hundreds of members. The article both advocates retribalization (in the sense of banding together in mutually supportive communities), and provides information as to what has worked in related areas.

    I can’t imagine I am the only one here in this boat. Would TAE be interested in submissions? The Lifeboat page page suggested you were. If so maybe further directions would be helpful and if not, perhaps that can be clarified?


    If TAE won’t Publish it on their Blog, I will publish it on the Diner Blog.

    You can submit the article either in the forum or submit it via email, however you like. Email admin@doomsteaddiner.org.

    Always looking for new insights and new perspectives in the Diner.





    Please send it to theautomaticearth@gmail.com






    Your article is Published now on the Diner Blog 🙂 Thanks for the submission, its a good one.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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