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    Ladies, Gentlemen,

    I feel the urge to remind the public an amount of energy is expressed in Joule. An amount of energy per unit of time is thus expressed in Joule per second. That is power. Power is energy/time

    1 Joule per second equals 1 watt.
    1000 Joule per second equals 1 kilowatt (1 kW).

    If one has a device with a power of 1 kW and they keep it plugged in during 1 hour, that device will have consumed an amount of energy equal to 1kilowatt*hour = 1kWh = 1000 Watthour = 3600000 Watt*second = 3600000 Joule.

    If 1 million people want to charge their EV battery containing 15 kWh with a 7.5kW charger all together, they will need 15 gigawatthours of energy provided over the course of 2 hours. That requires about 7 nuclear reactors.

    But if these cars were charged with slower 1kW chargers, taking 15 hours to charge them, one (typically 1Gigawatt) nuclear rector will do.

    Calculations using “kilowatts per hour” make no sense.

    Best regards.

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    B from B

    “But then the tiny Netherlands is the 2nd biggest tomato exporter in the world.”
    Yes, and even more crazy: Belgium is the 2nd biggest banana exporter in the world!
    I don’t see any banana plantation around here! 🙂

    We have large seaports (Rotterdam and Antwerp respectively) so we just transfer these goods. For statements about agriculture (“EU agriculture is built on enormous subsidies.”) you might consider to distinguish local production from global trade.

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