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    from fiscal monitor pag 34: “Tax systems around the world have become steadily less progressive since the early 1980s. They now
    rely more on indirect taxes, which are generally less
    progressive than direct taxes, and within the latter, the
    progressivity of the personal income tax has declined,
    reflecting most notably steep cuts in top marginal tax
    rates”…”The backdrop to the debate is a marked increase in
    income inequality in many countries over the last few
    decades and a spectacular increase in the income share
    of the top 1 percent in particular, especially in the
    Anglo-Saxon world”…”it is notable that those
    countries with the largest reductions in the top marginal
    income rate have experienced the greatest increase
    in inequality”…pag 36: “The implied revenue gain if top
    rates on only the top 1 percent were returned to their
    levels in the 1980s averages about 0.20 percent of
    GDP (Figure 18), but the gain could in some cases,
    such as that of the United States, be more significant.” pag 39 “Based on Luxembourg Wealth Study data, a 1 percent tax on the net wealth of the top 10 percent of households could, in principle, raise about 1 percent of GDP per year”


    hi ilargy
    i think you have made a big mistake here: i suggest to read carefully the fiscal monitor october 2013: the box 6 is only a little part and i think was used from main stream media (WSJ the first to give global relevance) in order to hit the credibility of FMI in order to avoid the real news in fiscal monitor 2013, where they say, that the fiscal politics in developed country from aroun 1980 to date, have contributed to make rich more rich and it’ s necessary and urgent to make the oppostite. i suggest to read the spech of Lagarde at Davos and two work book of FMI of the start of 2013 dedicated to confirm peak oil

    in reply to: Beppe Grillo Wants To Give Italy Democracy #7009


    i’m transition town activist in Italy ( Ilargi we see in a talk in Scandiano)

    yes M5s (aka for five star mouvement) is the first single political force in Italy. but and this is even more important, there is no way to made a government without M5s even indirect support. the only alternative is a Bersani-Berlusconi support of a third person as happen in the preceding Monti. but in this eventuality i think Grillo keep the 51% the next time.

    just to be honest i vote for m5s in the lower chamber and for Bersani coalition in the higher: this just to be sure that Berlusconi don’ t keep power again. and i think that a lot of people made the same: there is a 3% discrepancies in the m5s result in the two chambers: the electoral sistem is very different between the two and i think our is the more crazy in the world.

    why we are sceptical in m5s? becouse they lack of a real direct internal democracy: it’ s not clear how m5s candated is choiced. the program remain the same for four years. if sameone try to say this internal is immediately fired. Grillo himself is in the 99% not in the 1%. same point in the program is in contraddition with direct democracy: just to make an exemple: amministrative division in italy are “comuni” the smallest, a group of comuni make “provincie” a group of provincie make “regioni” Grillo want to reduce number of “comuni” and eliminate “province”. and a lot more. I and a lot of italian citizen vote for him only becouse is the only alternative to the Monti agenda.

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