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    • Britain ‘Poised To Open Door To Thousands Of Migrant Children’ (Guardian)

    Inbred brit gentry will now have thousands of innocent child sex slaves to select
    from to practice their victorian predisposition for buggering and other elite tastes.
    Special thanks go out to uncle sam and of course greek culture in handing the
    refuge ball off: syria – turkey – greece – limies. Let the hunger games begin.

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    Ilargi –
    As appeared in Forbes & taken from Russian Insider: ‘Still No Sign of Anticipated China Crash Landing’, provides a more credible explanation than Reuters and others…maybe
    they, and by extension you are drinking from the same trough. Regards.

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    Ilargi: either you’re still offshore in a 5 eyes country, or suffering jet lag – oh yea….
    of course, its predigested news pap Sunday! Hang in there, you’re still the best!

    Purveyors of yesterday’s mashed potatoes:
    Reuters 4
    B’berg 3
    BBC 2
    Observer 2
    FT 1
    Spiegel 1

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    Charles Hugh Smith yesterday has captured my interest with: “There are no winners in this domino-like destabilization of the global economy except the U.S.”
    Analysis Ilargi?

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    Ilargi – my sincere and humble thanks to you and Stoneleigh for your remarkable insight
    over the years, regarding the role of energy initially, and now inclusive to all things
    earthly. Best wishes for 2015 and beyond.

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