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  • in reply to: To Where Our Oppositional Culture Takes Us #1914

    good post.

    though it must be added that Berman also discusses something equally as fundamental, counterproductive, delusional, deleterious and destructive as, “negative identity” — the amerikan dream.

    The Hustle:

    “The crux of the problem remains the American Dream: even ‘progressives’ see it as the solution — including, I have the impression, the Wall Street protesters — when it’s actually the problem.”
    – Why the American Empire Was Destined to Collapse
    Author and social critic Morris Berman says the fact that we’re a nation of hustlers lies at the root of our decline

    this really speaks to me.

    it resonates with a glaring hypocrisy in Occupy perhaps best manifested by one of it’s leading, hypocritical lights, Chris Hedges, when he consistently champions restoring the American middle class at the same time he exhorts us to, “embrace, and embrace rapidly, a radical new ethic of simplicity and rigorous protection of our ecosystem”.

    it should be obvious that the two (American middle class and radical simplicity) are diametric, each the enemy of the other.

    but i encounter and experience little if any perception let alone discussion of this paradox.

    only more of the same.

    Ralph Nader is talking minimum wage (hacking at the branches) when we should be focused on the fact that, “We do not live in an economy, we live in a Ponzi scheme” [*] (striking at the root), and essentially begging for table scraps is not a reasonable let alone viable solution.

    yes, i know this is idealistic (if such words apply given the gravity of our black hole, no matter which direction we choose) albeit steeped in reality.

    and i know, as the late, great Joe Bageant astutely observed:

    “In the face of all this stands a very diverse public, which regardless of what some might claim behind a few beers, is not about to take up arms or use force to unseat the ruling class. When your life and your family are so utterly controlled by persons and forces that you cannot even see, you don’t take such risks. That’s not gutlessness. It’s common sense.”
    – Understanding America’s Class System (Honk if you love caviar) [**]

    but living on the razor’s edge of homelessness it’s difficult to shake disillusionment, frustration and anger in response to the ever increasing futility of this American life.

    i don’t want a job, a car and a house
    i don’t want to Occupy the past
    i want a Revolution
    a different way of being



    in reply to: Prediction is Very Hard, Especially About the Future #1710


    El Gallinazo Quote 1:

    “the executive branch of the global mafia, with a primary base in Israel”

    El Gallinazo Quote 2:

    “a total collapse of the world economy may be part of the NWO’s long term plan”


    is this the defining Jump-The-Shark moment for TAE?

    why are you resorting to NWO (new world order), “the Jews did it”, conspiracy theory drivel?

    and i guarantee you Naomi Klein would not appreciate having her well researched-and-reasoned thesis dragged through NWO, “the Jews did it”, conspiradroid mud.

    there is no need for shadowy cabals of Jewish “evildoers” to explain our cold, harsh, indifferent and unforgiving reality.

    i implore TAE to reverse this despicable, debunked and counterproductive course with dispatch.

    if TAE has a reasonable grasp of reality, it will at the very least redact this offensively specious BS.

    and if TAE has any sense of ethics, it will not reward let alone reproduce this effluvia.

    it’s an odious brand of miseducation and ignorance that does more harm than good as it grossly distorts reality.

    it’s Alex-Jones-level crap, which is to say, mighty low.

    for those not so easily ensorcelled:


    they’re good for what ails El Gallinazo.

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