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A bit out of the ordinary, I thought I’d give you a piece from our Comments section yesterday, by highly appreciated commenter “Doc Robinson”. Partly because he spent a lot of time weaving it together from the CDC website, and partly because it’s relevant and even somewhat shocking.

To see that vaccinated people are hospitalized, and die, at an almost twice higher rate than non-vaccinated people, is something that at least deserves much more attention. We have that attention at the Automatic Earth. And sure, we get it, more vulnerable people are more likely to have been vaccinated, but still: a lot of less-vulnerable people have been, too, by now in the US.

And the vaccine story is being heavily skewed towards the “it’s all safe” point of view by media, industry, politics et al. But how reliable is that point of view, and how much of it is just propaganda? Let’s try and find out. You read the data, and you make up your mind. That’s all we ever asked. In that same vein, this is not meant as a definitive thing, we’re just asking questions.



Doc Robinson:

Nearly 4,000 Fully Vaccinated People in Massachusetts Positive for COVID-19

Data for such “breakthrough cases” is being selectively released, and with major spin. I assembled some of the limited data that is available, and made some very rough estimates. It doesn’t look good for the vaccinated.

Among those who get a Covid-19 infection that’s symptomatic, the fully vaccinated (breakthrough cases) have a significantly higher likelihood of hospitalization than the unvaccinated. And looking at the resulting deaths as a percentage of the number of those hospitalized with a Covid-19 infection, the fully vaccinated are dying at a significantly higher rate than the unvaccinated.


Percentage of Symptomatic cases which are Hospitalized:

Unvaccinated 5.8%
Vaccinated 9.4%

Deaths as a percentage of Hospitalized cases:

Unvaccinated 10%
Vaccinated 19%

Below is the data and math behind my estimates (for the US).


For the Unvaccinated:

Covid-19 Symptomatic Illnesses from Feb 2020 to March 2021 (CDC estimate) = 97.1 Million

Covid-19 Hospitalizations from Feb 2020 to March 2021 (CDC estimate) = 5.6 Million

Percentage of Symptomatic cases which are Hospitalized = 5.6/97.1 = 5.8%
(This is the same percentage as for Feb-Dec 2020 when almost zero percent of the population was fully vaccinated.)

Covid-19 Deaths through March 2021 = 0.569 Million [Worldometer]

Deaths as a percentage of Hospitalized cases (unvaccinated) = 0.569/5.6 = 10%


For the Fully Vaccinated:

Using CDC data through April 30
“A total of 10,262 SARS-CoV-2 vaccine breakthrough infections had been reported from 46 U.S. states and territories as of April 30, 2021. Among these cases, 6,446 (63%) occurred in females, and the median patient age was 58 years (interquartile range = 40–74 years). Based on preliminary data, 2,725 (27%) vaccine breakthrough infections were asymptomatic, 995 (10%) patients were known to be hospitalized, and 160 (2%) patients died. Among the 995 hospitalized patients, 289 (29%) were asymptomatic or hospitalized for a reason unrelated to COVID-19… 28 (18%) decedents were asymptomatic or died from a cause unrelated to COVID-19.” [CDC data through April 30]

Number of Symptomatic breakthrough cases = 10,262-2,725 = 7,537

Number of Symptomatic breakthrough cases which are Hospitalized = 995-289 = 706

Percentage of Symptomatic breakthrough cases which are Hospitalized = 706/7,537 = 9.4%

Hospitalized (symptomatic) breakthrough cases resulting in death from Covid-19= 160-28 = 132

Deaths as a percentage of Hospitalized (symptomatic) cases (fully vaccinated) = 132/706 = 19%

Using CDC data through June 14

Hospitalized COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough cases reported to CDC as of June 14 = 3,538
Fatal COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough cases reported to CDC as of June 14 = 671

Deaths as a percentage of Hospitalized cases (fully vaccinated) = 19%



Links to the data used in my comment above:







For clarification, the disadvantages of vaccination shown in my comment above are only related to Covid-19 infections, and don’t include any hospitalizations or deaths due to adverse reactions from the vaccines.




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    Vincent van Gogh Memory of the Garden at Etten (Ladies of Arles) 1888     A bit out of the ordinary, I thought I’d give you a piece from our
    [See the full post at: The Risks to the Fully Vaccinated]

    a kullervo

    Georgia Guidestones, here we go!

    Mass inoculation of the world’s population with a sterilizing agent (plus a bonus of sundry harming side-effects) seems like a rational way for extending homo sapiens sapiens shelf life, while concurrently avoiding most of the costs of a full-blown, global war (small-scale local wars will still be unavoidable, though.)

    All else is blowin’ in the wind.


    I don’t believe now or since it began that Covid was natural or ‘an accident’

    It was intentionally created using a lot of very high technology.

    Cui bono?

    Well the billionaires are closing in on being trillionaires because of Covid.

    And the poor and middleclass were monkey hammered into destitution and near Neo-feudalism.

    Energy resources are dropping while demand is rising. Just in time supply chains are beginning to buckle.

    Jeff Bezos wants to escape to orbit, a good sign if ever there was one.

    Mission Accomplished.

    But Covid as a bio-weapon is about resources per capita not about ‘money’ per se.

    It’s not a weapon for a land grab or resource grab like in olden times, it’s about reducing demand on resources on the very large scale.

    Culling resource demand now that were hitting Peak Everything.

    Developed wealthy countries use far more per capita than poor countries.

    The wealthy within any given country use far more than the middle class or working class.

    Running out of everything means you have to drop demand for resources cause you don’t have an extra planet to rape and plunder like the last 500 years.

    Since WWII the notion of ‘population control’ has gone nowhere. The US which uses more per capita than most countries more than doubled it’s population in 60 years or so.

    Great job, while lecturing poor countries about resource depletion per capita.

    The majority of people in any country of the global, rich or poor, have refused to even engage in an adult discussion about population/resources per capita vs the planet’s natural eco-systems ability to sustain itself.

    Humanity is all about growthgrowthgrowthgrowthgrowthgrowthgrowth……..

    A doctor friend years ago said, “rapid unchecked growth is the strategy of the cancer cell and it looks like it’s also humanity’s business model.”

    There are very popular websites on the right side of the spectrum who for months have been saying that the vaccines are going to kill many millions of the vaccinated over the next several years and especially when the fall and winter comes back and the vaccinated are exposed to the many wild forms of coronavirus existing out there that will trigger their immune systems into a cascade of exaggerated immune responses, fatal cytokine storms.

    I didn’t give much credence to the stories months ago but in light of the rapidly deteriorating trust horizon regarding the official Covid narrative, it’s looking more and more plausible.

    Like an electric grid under stress from too much demand, the grid has to ‘shed load’ to save itself.

    Planet earth is beginning to look like it’s going to ‘shed load’

    Times up, no humans wanted an actual adult conversation about the Limited to Growth so it looks like Nature will decide.

    A friend has a sign on his office door:

    “Is It Too Late to Be Good?”


    @Oroborus: food for thought. Scary.

    I’ll bet a year’s pay on this, and I’m not a gambler: not one of the .01% elite parasites actually received a covid vaccine, despite what they’re saying or what we see on live on TV

    Doc Robinson

    A recent study on breakthrough infections of fully vaccinated military personnel (most of them without any comorbidities) found that severe symptoms can occur among the non-hospitalized cases (which are not being counted by the CDC, by the way), transmission is possible from the fully vaccinated, and found an unexpected range of Covid variants (in the breakthrough cases) “not previously associated with significant vaccine immune escape in-vitro, including B.1.1, B.1.1.519, B.1.2, and B.1.243 genotypes.”

    Little is known about SARS-CoV-2 ‘vaccine-breakthrough’ infections (VBI). Here we characterize 24 VBI in predominantly young healthy persons. While none required hospitalization, a proportion endorsed severe symptoms and shed live virus as high as 4.13 x 10 3 PFU/mL. Infecting genotypes included both variant-of-concern (VOC) and non-VOC strains.

    The SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine breakthrough infection phenotype includes significant symptoms, live virus shedding, and viral genetic diversity


    Well said @Oroborus, it’s the simplest explanation I’ve heard and I agree with you about the cytokine storms. Several people have mentioned to me recently that they were vaccinated and are now worrying about that decision. And I’m practically a recluse here in north GA. If our hunch about cytokine storms is correct, only the most die hard TDS types are not going to be pissed off.

    Mister Roboto

    I say once again, that if the vaccines are part of some grand population-control design, they’re probably not designed to actually kill people, just make it very unlikely that they will be able to bear children. But there will still be people who will die from the vaccination, because anything designed to have such a radical effect on the human body will very likely generate some “collateral damage” casualties. If large numbers of people started dropping dead on account of the vaccines, I think that would cause too many people whose efforts uphold “the system” to turn against that system.

    madamski cafone

    It is said to be unwise to infer motive, cui bono notwithstanding. Once we think we know what an entity intends to do, it tends to cloud our observations of what’s actually happening.

    Whatever the motives of the entities behind/around covid et cetera, their actions do indeed seem to be moving us toward a reduction of population. I agree with a kullervo‘s sentiments above on that subject. It intrigues me that I lived in Elberton in 1979 but never heard of those monoliths.

    It intriques me that Russia is pushing vaccination so hard. My hypothesis: they are scared of covid variants driven by the selection pressure imposed by mRna “vaccines”, so much so that they will risk considerable political fallout at the polls by imposing harsh measures to get them all vaccinated with a real vaccine that will help the body fight covid variants.They take people likie Bossche seriously, methinks.

    It occurs to me that spike proteins might should be considered as a thing all on their own. They’re not good, and we’re training people’s bodies to make them, if I understand all this nonsense correctly.

    It intrigues me that Russia doesn’t bother with Ivermectin but instead pushes Aviifavir, a drug based on Avigan, a Japanese anti-flu drug. I have no particular idea on why this is so.

    It intrigues me how TPTB wield so much power for such little yield. It’s like watching your Uncle lose his home and savings because he’s a true Amway believer who “believes in the product”.

    madamski cafone

    The US federal coronavirus risk estimations are all skewed to make money for pharmaceutical companies not to control the pandemic. Doc Robinson’s link above and the earlier #78124 link to a study from Israel indicate transmission of coronavirus variants occurs in the fully vaccinated. The unvaccinated definitely are at risk if they come within breathing distance of a shedding carrier, and the vaccinated too. But since these cases are no longer required to be recorded, this is another known unknown. A fourth variant spike appears to be almost certain next winter in the USA since there has been a conscious decision to return to normal, end masking and social distancing, and ignore the risks. There is no plan B. The failed public health system has not been rebuilt. There is only more fear propaganda blaming the unvaccinated.

    The elephant in the room is that the proven side effects of the gene therapy vaccines are identical to having COVID for both encapsulated mRNA and gene modified adenovirus jabs. J & J vaccine and AstraZebeca cause blood clotting with low platelet count in young women. J & J use was continued in the USA with a label warning. Similarly, Pfizer and Moderna mRNA jabs cause myocarditis in adolescent boys and a label warning was added.

    The only thing that possibly be causing this is the artificial spike protein assembled within human cells by gene therapy. The Establishment simply do not care that a certain percentage of adolescent boys and young women will get uncurable long term illnesses; if they survive.

    If there was a functional public health system, if off-patent treatments were allowed, and if the health of Americans is improved, there would be no need for a lockdown next winter in response to a new overflow of coronavirus variant patients into for-profit hospitals.

    In the last two years the life expectancy of Whites in the USA has declined 1.4 years, Blacks 3.25 years, and Hispanics 3.9 years. The USA is on the brink of splintering apart due to greed, corruption and incompetence.

    V. Arnold

    @ upstateNYer

    I replied to your comment @ Debt Rattle June 24 with my comment @ #69


    What a strange world.

    I think its fair to say a lot of us who frequent TAE and have done the last decade are clued-in to what is playing out. It all seems to run in sequence.

    2001 – oil, money, corruption, war
    2003 – Iraq/WMD’s, continuation of above
    2007/08- homes, money, corruption, stawk maarket
    2010/11 – crypto started making waves, wikileaks, rebellion, arab spring, Libya (Gaddafi)
    2012/13- Syria, deep state takes down Assange
    2015 – Trump, Brexit
    2019 – Epstein, deep state takes down Trump
    2020 – cobblers

    It appears to me that we have a much clearer view of this through the timeframe of history. Cobblers was created to usurp the power of populism from the people. They have been steadly losing power for decades. Much of this has been cronicled here on TAE for almost as long. Cobblers (and the subsequent vaccines) are a last ditch attempt to control the population and to assert their will on us all. Sadly, how little they themselves study history is evident in their actions. Should they have spent any time looking back through history they might realise that such attempts to maintain control always result in their losing the support of the populace and revolution, collapse or decline are the most probable outcomes. Meanwhile, China and Russia are both positioned well regardless of what The West might try to do (save the atom bomb) as it is just their time. Try as they might, they will not stop something that is natural to occur.

    Perhaps I am being understated but I do not see the vaccines or cobblers being much more than a control strategy and will all soon be over. People have died (millions) and millions more may be killed, maimed, paralised or left infertile. I do not mean to understate the level of tragedy in this. Meanwhile, psychopaths do what they are liable to, which is attempt to maintain control no matter what. It matters not what the economic, human cost is. Control means everything to these people. For a good summary of this, check McAfee’s last few video uploads that Raul posted on the last two days debt rattle. John McAfee summed it all up rather well.

    ‘No matter what’ includes infecting us with a virus, innoculating us with the same, shutting down the world and bumping off their long-term enemies. Who could keep up/prove anything considering the state of international travel or the surveillance state they control? All the media institutions are undoubtedly theirs from reuters on through to john hopkins, harvard, the military industrial complex, the courts, the banks, the stock market, big pharma and the entertainment industry. Check-mate.

    While we get whipped up into a frenzy about our loss of rights, electoral fraud, mask mandates, vaccine safety, covid lab theories, they are busy preparing the next stage of the plan. I suppose this might look like the loss of our ability to self-publish (internet control) cultural revolution (wokeness, blm, critical race theory) monetary control (great reset, cashless societies) and finally political dictatorships. Last I looked, Trump’s wall was renamed Peloci’s wall and was conveniently relocated to washington DC completely surrounding Capitol Hill. Britain is also being heavily surrounded (politically, economically) for daring to go against the EU and banking is being bribed to move to Frankfurt. Assange still sits imprisoned while the courts procrastinate in grey areas of civil and international juristiction. They can afford to wait ten more years while rolling out the next several stages of matrix-like reality for the rest of us serf cattle to become accustomed to. Irrespective of how high taxes or inflation goes. We only (historically) revolt right near the end.

    At least knowing somewhat about what we are heading into gives us the knowledge that we are not missing much as reality dictates that there really are no alternatives! As the good Dr. Day has stated, getting vegetables growing (with no Glycophosphates), or as Raul reminds us daily, painting a beautiful picture, or alternatively writing some poety or a song, learning an instrument, brewing some wine, making fine furniture, wiring a circuit board, programming a computer, building a house are all fine things to be doing in the meantime. Anything but obsess over what we cannot control or do anything about.

    Of course, we continue to stand up against tyranny in whatever way we can but we shouldn’t become deluded that we were ever any more than pawns in this game. Thus we should play our hands slowly, deliberately and without any illusions as to what we could hope to achieve.

    Best wishes to all you good people – have a good day.

    Mr. House

    My response to userzeriods well thought out post:

    Dr. D

    That is very bad. The only thing worse than waiting is not waiting.


    Recent vids of Prof. Didier Raoult, France, concerning only the patients treated in ‘his’ main center hospital in Marseille, one link below:

    …. seem to show (he is cautious and always says ‘for now’ etc.) no striking / immediately apparent difference between vaxxed and non-vaxxed, as concerns,

    > infections, those who test positive. 20% of ‘his hospital’ positives are vaxxed, and 25% of the population he sees – this is hard to judge of course, foreignors and so on – are vaxxed.

    > severity e.g. becoming hospitalized or not.

    // deaths are too small a no. to judge (on their own)//

    One correspondence (submitted to the Lancet)

    In our center, among 15242 patients followed up for COVID-19 from January 1st, 2021, 1213 were hospitalized (7.9%) and 125 died (0.8%) with COVID 19.

    Among these, 545 were vaccinated, 62 of whom (11.3%, p < 10) were hospitalized and eight died (1.4%, p = 0.08). Therefore, vaccination did neither prevent hospitalizations nor the most severe forms…


    Of course, vaxing ramped up over time, there were no vaxxed on Jan 1. 2021, a lot more detail / finer analysis could be done, not sure that woud be useful (particular context, small nos.)

    .. in line with my stance for now that the vaxxes can’t readily be shown to do good or harm, in a meaningful, unequivocal way, at present.

    Raoult, in line with your post (on video) has some data that shows *Infection* to be more common after vax (within one month, 1 or 2 doses) than without it, he says, we have to see, and wonders what is the mechanism?

    So thsi all lines up though it is murky.

    Raoult (in F no subs) June 8 2021


    Madamski noted: “It intriques me that Russia is pushing vaccination so hard. My hypothesis: they are scared of covid variants driven by the selection pressure imposed by mRna “vaccines”, so much so that they will risk considerable political fallout at the polls by imposing harsh measures to get them all vaccinated with a real vaccine that will help the body fight covid variants. They take people like Bossche seriously, methinks.” But I would also add that here in Moscow at least, the traditional low credibility of the authorities ensures that voluntary compliance will be limited.

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