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Trump Falsified Business Records Case May Be Delayed On Monday (Sp.)
Trump In Final Countdown To Post $464 Million Bond By Monday (ZH)
Fani Willis Goes Head to Head with Her Prior Self in Trump Case (Turley)
TIME To Panic: Joe Biden’s Campaign “In Trouble” Despite Obama Warning (ZH)
Ukraine Likely Had Prior Knowledge of Moscow Terrorist Threat (Sp.)
US Bails Ukraine Out, Covering Zelensky With ISIS – Zakharova (TASS)
Militaristic Revolution in the EU Paves Legal Way for Warmongering (Babich)
Western Banks Warn Against EU Plans to Give Russian Funds to Ukraine (Antiwar)
Mob Rule Versus Survival of the West (Susan D. Harris)
Macron Obsessing Over Personal Security Amid Ukrainian Conflict (RT)
Guterres, the UN, Might, Wise Guys’ ‘Wisdom’, and Right (Graça)
‘U-Turn Over Atlantic’ (Sp.)





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Stormy Daniels. Star witness: Michael Cohen.

Trump Falsified Business Records Case May Be Delayed On Monday (Sp.)

Former US President Donald Trump is facing four separate criminal cases, two at the federal level and two brought by the States of New York and Georgia. Trump also leads US President Joe Biden in national polls and most swing states. Judge Juan Merchan will hold a pre-trial hearing in New York on Monday to determine if there should be further delays in former US President Donald Trump’s falsified business documents case, one of four criminal cases he is facing. The case was initially scheduled to begin on Monday but was delayed to at least April 25 after prosecutors released more than 100,000 pages of documents to Trump’s defense team. Prosecutor Alvin Bragg did not oppose the 30-day delay but argued that no further delays should be placed on the trial.

Of the criminal cases Trump is facing, this case was the most likely to conclude before the Presidential election in November, but a significant delay could push it past election day. Trump’s legal team is arguing that the prosecution intentionally held the documents back and included exculpatory evidence favorable to the defense. If Merchan agrees, he could throw the case out and possibly sanction Bragg for potential Brady violations, but he could also issue a delay in the case or keep the trial date, scheduled for March 25, as-is.

“The People have engaged in widespread misconduct as part of a desperate effort to improve their position at the potential trial on the false and unsupported charges in the Indictment,” Trump’s legal team argued in court filings. “[R]eports relating to statements by Cohen that are exculpatory and favorable to the defense.” Most legal experts quoted in US media predicted that a delay could happen but they doubt that the judge will throw out the case. The documents relate to federal investigations into Michael Cohen, Trump’s former fixer who is expected to be the prosecution’s star witness. The documents were not in Bragg’s office and were instead in different offices around the country. Bragg argues that the Trump team intentionally waited until January to ask for the documents to cause a delay in the trial.

“[T]he belated nature of the recent USAO productions is entirely the result of the defendant’s own inexplicable and strategic delay in identifying perceived deficiencies,” the prosecution argued. Prosecutors also claim that less than 300 of the documents are both new to the defense and related to Trump’s trial. Trump has been charged with 34 counts of falsifying business documents related to repayments he made to Cohen for hush money payments Cohen paid to adult film star Stormy Daniels who claimed she had an affair with then-candidate Trump in 2016. Trump pleaded not guilty but admits to making the payments. He also denies that the affair took place. Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison in 2018 after being convicted of campaign finance violations related to those payments and for lying to Congress about how long discussions about a potential Trump Tower in Moscow continued.

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Trump OAN

“What he’s talking about is the money reported on his campaign disclosure forms that he’s built up through years of owning and managing successful businesses,..

Trump In Final Countdown To Post $464 Million Bond By Monday (ZH)

Donald Trump has until Monday to come up with more than $450 million to stop his properties from being seized by authorities following the results of his New York civil fraud trial. According to the ruling by Judge Arthur Engoron, Trump and executives at the Trump Organization inflated his assets. Initially, NY Attorney General Letitia James sought $250 million in damages – but later increased it to $370 million plus interest. Trump has been seeking a bond of $464 million ($454 million plus $10 million to cover his sons’ fines) in order to post bond and appeal the case. Last week, Trump said he had “almost $500 million” in cash, however his attorney Chris Kise told CNN that Trump wasn’t referring to cash he has on hand. “What he’s talking about is the money reported on his campaign disclosure forms that he’s built up through years of owning and managing successful businesses,” he said, which the outlet noted is “the very cash that Letitia James and the Democrats are targeting.”

Assets including buildings, houses, cars, helicopters and even Trump’s plane are on the chopping block if Trump can’t come up with the money. The former president has asked a state appeals court to allow him to post a smaller bond, or none at all, claiming that irreparable harm would be done if he was forced to sell properties in a ‘fire sale’ that can’t be undone if he wins his appeal against the amount due. The court has not come back yet with a ruling. If Trump can’t secure the bond, New York state officials can begin the arduous process of taking his assets. According to experts cited by a very giddy CNN, the first action should be seizing Trump’s bank accounts. “The banks are the easiest part, they’ll receive the judgment from the Attorney General – the court order – then the banks will enforce,” said former federal prosecutor Peter Katz, who has handled fraud cases. “They take the funds from the account and put it in the attorney general’s accounts. The other stuff is a little more challenging.”

According to debt collection expert Alden B. Smith, New York officials are “trying to get their ducks in a row,” adding “They want to find the most liquid of the assets they can restrain immediately. A bank account is the most effective way to do it.” Seizing Trump’s buildings and businesses is far more complicated. Once state prosecutors figure out which properties they want to take from Joe Biden’s chief political rival, they will give the sheriff an execution order, a $350 fee, and then the sheriff will post notice for the property in three places. The AG’s office must then advertise it four times, after which the property will be sold at public auction 63 days after the sheriff is given the execution order. According to Newsweek, the following Trump-owned properties had “fraudulent” and “misleading” values, and could be on the list (with New York properties taking priority, and those in other states being more complicated to seize).
Trump Park Avenue, New York, N.Y.
Trump Tower, New York City.
40 Wall Street, New York City.
Trump Seven Springs, Westchester County, N.Y.
Trump International Hotel, Las Vegas.
Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida.
Trump National Golf Club Westchester, Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.
Trump National Golf Club Charlotte, Mooresville, North Carolina.
Trump National Golf Club Colts Neck, Colts Neck, New Jersey.
Trump National Golf Club, Washington D.C., Sterling, Virginia.
Trump National Golf Club Hudson Valley, Hopewell Junction, N.Y.
Trump National Golf Club Jupiter, Jupiter, Florida.
Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles, Rancho Palos Verdes, California.
Trump National Golf Club Philadelphia, Pine Hill, New Jersey.
Trump International Golf Links Scotland, Aberdeen.
Trump International Golf Links Scotland, Turnberry.
Trump has roughly $200 million in cumulative loans on his properties.

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“I will certainly not be choosing to date people that work under me.”

Fani Willis Goes Head to Head with Her Prior Self in Trump Case (Turley)

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has finally broken her silence with CNN. Willis insisted that she has done nothing wrong while declaring that “the train is coming” for Donald Trump. On this occasion, CNN can be excused for not having an opposing view. Willis circa 2020 denounced Willis circa 2024. Willis told a CNN reporter “I don’t feel like my reputation needs to be reclaimed. I guess my greatest crime is I had a relationship with a man, that’s not something I find embarrassing in any way. And I know that I have not done anything that’s illegal.” The most obvious person to interview in rebuttal of that statement is Willis’s 2020 self. After all, she repeatedly declared that she would not have any romantic relationship with those in her office. Willis ran against her former boss Paul Howard, who was embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal involving his relationship with women in his office.

Willis offered both experience and ethical leadership, including pledging repeatedly that “I will certainly not be choosing to date people that work under me.” When confronted with this repeated campaign promise on the stand, Willis came up with a perfectly bizarre spin about Nathan Wade being literally “special” as a special prosecutor. While she hired him, supervised him, and controlled his continued employment with the office, she tried to suggest that he was not really part of the office in the same sense. Willis notably stressed that she did nothing “illegal.” She did not address whether she acted unethically. The court itself denounced her for unprofessional conduct in this controversy, including her speech at a church suggesting that racism was behind these allegations.

Moreover, it may be too early to tell if she is entirely free of criminal allegations. Many believe that both she and Wade gave knowingly false or misleading testimony. That is a problem not just for them as individuals but for the office in this case. Willis and Wade were both prosecuting people for the very same conduct of filing false statements with courts and making false statements. The two lawyers testified in tandem but only one was disqualified. While the Court casts doubt on Wade’s testimony on the relationship, it ignored that Willis effectively ratified those claims in her own testimony. Putting aside the pledge of a train coming for Trump, there is the problem that there are usually two tracks and another train may be coming for Willis as the state (and potentially the bar) looks into these allegations.


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“In 2020, Biden carried 87% of the black vote. Now, he’s polling at just 63%, a sharp decline. Meanwhile four years ago he won hispanic votes by a ratio of 2 to 1. He now trails Trump in that bloc..”

TIME To Panic: Joe Biden’s Campaign “In Trouble” Despite Obama Warning (ZH)

“Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up.” -Barack Obama.

With less than eight months before the 2024 election, the Biden re-election campaign is in big trouble. Not only is Biden lagging in the polls vs. Donald Trump, the border crisis he created by shredding all of Trump’s Executive Orders on immigration has resulted in 10 million illegals flooding into the United States – which has left even Democrats livid. What’s more, Biden is quickly losing the support of young Americans, and the latino vote. Things are so bad that TIME magazine has just devoted 3,700 words to let us know that Barack Obama ‘warned’ the Biden campaign last June that defeating Trump would be harder in 2024 (because no pandemic or hoax dossier to set him up?). Six months later, Obama ‘saw few signs of improvement.’

Obama returned to the White House in December, with a ‘more urgent’ message: the re-election campaign was behind schedule in building out field operations, and that an ‘insular group of advisers’ in the West Wing was hamstringing the effort. Now, it’s really bad… “Three months later, the 2024 general election is under way, and Biden is indeed in trouble. His stubbornly low approval ratings have sunk into the high 30s, worse than those of any other recent President seeking re-election. He’s trailed or tied Trump in most head-to-head matchups for months. Voters express concerns about his policies, his leadership, his age, and his competency. The coalition that carried Biden to victory in 2020 has splintered; the Democrats’ historic advantage with Black, Latino, and Asian American voters has dwindled to lows not seen since the civil rights movement. -TIME

Meanwhile, Biden’s inner circle is “defiantly sanguine” as a “fog of dread” descends on Democrats. The rest of the TIME article is full of anecdotes of dissatisfied Democrats, particularly young voters such as 20-year-old Aidan Kohn-Murphy. It has nothing to do, as many assume, with the President’s age. With palpable frustration, Kohn-Murphy enumerates the list of perceived policy “betrayals” as though they were “tattooed on the back of my hand.” According to the report, GenZ voters “don’t understand why they should be compelled to cast their ballot for a candidate who has done so many things that are against their values,” said Kohn-Murphy.

In 2020, Biden carried 87% of the black vote. Now, he’s polling at just 63%, a sharp decline. Meanwhile four years ago he won hispanic votes by a ratio of 2 to 1. He now trails Trump in that bloc. Biden’s support of Israel amid the Gaza war has “tanked his standing with Muslim and Arab voters,” particularly in “must-win Michigan.” Overall, Biden’s advantage over Trump among nonwhite Americans has shrunk from almost 50 points in 2020 to 12, according to the latest Times/Siena poll. “It boils down to voters of color, and those voters are pissed,” said one former Biden campaign and White House official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “I think it’s very likely he’ll lose.”

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“..they have all these specific details, but they were unable to give anything specific to the Russians. This all makes one think that something is very wrong.”

Ukraine Likely Had Prior Knowledge of Moscow Terrorist Threat (Sp.)

A group of gunmen opened fire at a concert venue in Moscow on the evening of March 22, killing over 100 people and setting fire to the building. Eleven suspects have been detained by Russian security services in relation to the terrorist attack, including the four suspected perpetrators who were apprehended as they were trying to flee the country across the border with Ukraine. During an interview with Sputnik, political and military analyst Sergey Poletaev pointed out that the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) officially announced that the suspected terrorists had contacts in Ukraine. According to Poletaev, even if the reports about the perpetrators being Tajikistani citizens are true, the attack in Moscow could have been masterminded either by some kind of Islamist terrorist organization that has ties with Ukraine, or even by Ukraine directly. In any case, he noted, it appears that the Ukrainian leadership had prior knowledge of this act of terror, “which makes them accomplices, at the very least.”

Poletaev also argued that while the attack was likely planned by professionals, it does not necessarily mean that the perpetrators were equally skilled, with the analyst observing how high school students sometimes kill dozens of people during shooting sprees. Commenting on the attempts by both Washington and Kiev to hastily deny Ukraine’s trace in this terrorist attack, Poletaev suggested that the West is going to insist that ISIS* alone was responsible. Thus, he postulated, there will be two narratives – the Russian and the Western – and it all comes down to whose side the “global majority” is going to take. “It is in our best interests to collate a convincing body of evidence for our case. It would greatly help us with diplomacy,” Poletaev remarked. “We’re talking about the ‘third countries,’ of course, as the West will most likely dismiss any talk of Ukraine’s involvement.”

Seyed Mohammad Marandi, a political analyst and professor at Tehran University, also found it curious that, even when “no real details” about the attack were known, the United States started insisting that Ukraine was not involved. “It is also very strange that the United States was able to give such a detailed travel advisory or warning about a terror attack naming concerts and giving specifics about an attack in Moscow and large gatherings and all that [previous to the attack],” he added. “So, they have all these specific details, but they were unable to give anything specific to the Russians. This all makes one think that something is very wrong.” Referring to claims about ISIS being responsible for the attack, Marandi argued that this theory does not necessarily rule out “cooperation between Ukraine and ISIS or the potential role of the United States.”

“The very fact that the United States, from the start, said that Ukraine wasn’t involved and the very fact that they gave such a detailed warning to their citizens is raising serious questions. But ISIS and the Ukrainian regime both have very strong connections with the West,” he elaborated. “ISIS has cooperated with NATO countries, it has cooperated with Israel, and it has cooperated with other American allies in Syria for years. And Ukraine is also deeply dependent on NATO countries. Marandi also pointed out that ISIS “has always been focused on the enemies of the United States” whereas the terrorist organization’s attacks on NATO countries or the Middle Eastern powers aligned with the West have been “very rare.”

Cactus City hall

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“Attention, a question for the White House: are you sure it was ISIS, won’t you change your mind later?”

US Bails Ukraine Out, Covering Zelensky With ISIS – Zakharova (TASS)

After the Crocus City Hall attack, the US tries to bail Ukraine out by mentioning the Islamic State (IS, ISIS) terror group, outlawed in Russia, and to cover itself and the Zelensky regime it created, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in an article for “The American political engineers cornered themselves with their tales that the Crocus City Hall attack was carried out by the ISIS terror group,” the diplomat noted. “Hence Washington’s daily bailing out of its wards in Kiev, and the attempt to cover itself and the Zelensky regime they created with the scarecrow of the outlawed ISIS.” Zakharova noted that a number of factors directly and indirectly indicate the US authorities’ involvement in sponsoring the Ukrainian terrorism.

“Billions of dollar and an unprecedented amount of weapons, invested without accountability and with use of corruption schemes into the Kiev regime, the aggressive rhetoric regarding Russia, the rabid nationalism, the ban for peace talks on Ukraine, the endless calls for a force resolution of the conflict, the refusal to condemn the years-long terror attacks, carried out by the Kiev regime, and the massive informational and political support of any, even the most atrocious actions of Zelensky,” she listed. The spokeswoman also noted that previously, the US intervention in Middle Eastern affairs has led to the emergence, strengthening and institutionalization of a number of radical and terrorist groups that remain active in the region even today. “What is the logic, you may ask? Money and power. And, considering the international legal ban on direct interventions, it is also about sowing a ‘controlled chaos’ and reshaping the world order by the hands of terrorists,” she continued. “Attention, a question for the White House: are you sure it was ISIS, won’t you change your mind later?”

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“..the European Union, which was conceived as an entirely peaceful organization, becomes one of the world’s most implacable warring empires..”

“Later, these weapons will be used against “undemocratic” countries, whose leaders happen to be at odds with the EU and the US.”

An EU army is idiotic. Who will be in command? France or Germany? How about Hungary?

Militaristic Revolution in the EU Paves Legal Way for Warmongering (Babich)

During the last few days, the European Union went through a real militaristic revolution. A special “legal task force” is working on allowing the use of EU funds for war. The so-called European Peace Facility (EPF), officially stewarded by Josep Borrell, will get its money from the EU funds (and not individual states) after reporting the transfer of thousands of weapons systems to Kiev. EPF also reported having trained more than 40,000 Ukrainian military to use them. The Financial Times chose a somewhat routinely sounding lead for its story on the EU’s decision to legally stop being an “oasis of peace”: “Brussels proposes ‘legal task force’ to explore ways to use the common budget for defense. The headline, however, was more disturbing: “EU looks to bypass treaty ban on buying arms to support Ukraine.”

The reality described in the FT’s story, however, is more dramatic than the headline and the lead taken together: the European Union, which was conceived as an entirely peaceful organization, becomes one of the world’s most implacable warring empires – by law. Very soon the EU’s Union Treaty will no longer have a provision prohibiting “any expenditure arising from operations having military or defense implications.” (Article 41, point 2 of the Treaty on European Union.) Or, at best, this provision will be made devoid of legal force by some new additions to the EU’s legislation. FT reports, confirming its story by eyewitness accounts, that the European Commission is creating a “legal task force,” that would allow the EU to finance wars and military production by European money. In all likelihood, the first “beneficiary” of this financing will be NATO’s proxies in Ukraine, waging a war against Russia and Russians since 2014. At a recent conference of the EU’s 27 members in mid-March, 2024, it was decided to create within the framework of the so-called European Peace Facility (EPF) a special fund for financing Ukrainian armed forces (Ukraine Assistance Fund).

What the relation is between the word “peace” and the system of buying and transporting weapons to the zone of conflict, remains unclear. Ukraine Assistance Fund (UAF) will be financed by donations from EU member states to the tune of €5 billion a year. At least €500 million from that sum will be spent on training Ukrainian servicemen to use the EPF-provided weapons. The weapons will mostly be European-made (such was the requirement of France), but not only. Weapons from “third countries” can be bought and sold, creating opportunities for the spread of dangerous weapons around the world. Judging by the recent EU summit on Thursday, which discussed the ways of stealing “immobilized” Russia’s foreign assets and pouring its money into the UAF “for military support to Ukraine,” no law is an obstacle for the EU’s “legal task forces.” Was such an evolution of the EU unexpected? Not entirely.

The EU’s quasi-pacifist image started to crumble not now, but back in the 1990s. It transpired back then that the real European Union went a long way from the lofty ideas of the EU’s founders. Only naïve people can trust the EU’s claims, that it is a purely “soft power-based institution.” In 1995-1999 the EU’s member countries participated in military interventions against the former Yugoslav republics, later almost all EU members made their “military contributions” to the occupations of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. However, as more and more “crusades” by individual Western countries or American-British alliances ended in defeats (one can cite Afghanistan in 2001-2021 or the French intervention in West Africa after the coup in Libya in 2011), the dreams about a “collective war chest” of the EU started to take shape In 2020 the so-called European Defense Fund (EDF) and later, in March 2021, the European Peace Facility (EPF) started operating at the EU level. Their aim was clear from the start: to collect money from member countries and to buy arms for this money.

Later, these weapons will be used against “undemocratic” countries, whose leaders happen to be at odds with the EU and the US. Real European pacifists immediately smelt the rat and protested both against EDF and especially against EPF, which after the escalation of the Ukrainian conflict became one of the main sponsors of Zelensky’s military machine. Back in 2021, 40 pro-peace NGOs, headed by the German group Brot für die Welt (Bread for the World) came out with a statement denouncing the EPF as an instrument “which brings arms into wrong hands” and “allows to use the EU money to train the military cadres for dictatorial regimes.” Now, however, Brussels uses widespread anti-Russian prejudice in the EU, as well as constant reminders about the “threat from Putin” to justify the final destruction of the dream of “peaceful Europe,” which once inspired the pioneers of European integration. In comparison to 2021 critics are fewer and quieter. In this way, Russophobia was spiritually destructive for Europe, stealing its dream of “world peace.”

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“..once sanctions on Russia are eased or lifted, they could face decades of legal action.”

Western Banks Warn Against EU Plans to Give Russian Funds to Ukraine (Antiwar)

Some Western banks are lobbying against an EU plan to use profits made by Russian central bank funds that are frozen in Europe to arm Ukraine, Reuters reported on Thursday. The European Commission has proposed sending up to 3 billion euros to Ukraine per year using the revenue. About 90% would go to a fund called the “European Peace Facility” that can be used to buy weapons for Ukraine, and the remaining funds would go to the EU’s central budget for other types of aid. Russia has slammed the plan and has vowed to respond. “This is outright banditry and theft. These actions are a gross and unprecedented violation of basic international norms. We said that we would respond, and so we shall,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday. Sources told Reuters that banks fear they could be held liable by Russia in the future for being involved in the transaction. The report said once sanctions on Russia are eased or lifted, they could face decades of legal action.

The banks also worry the move would erode trust in the Western banking system. One source said it would set a bad precedent and that stealing the funds would amount to the “weaponization of foreign-held reserves and assets.” The US is looking to take an even more extreme measure by giving all of the Russian funds to Ukraine, not just the profit and interest. Last month, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen came out strongly in favor of the idea. “It is necessary and urgent for our coalition to find a way to unlock the value of these immobilized assets to support Ukraine’s continued resistance and long-term reconstruction,” Yellen said. Legislation to give the Russian money to Ukraine has been introduced in Congress and has received bipartisan support, but the bills have yet to be voted on. About $67 billion in Russian central bank funds are held in the US, while over $200 billion is held in Europe.

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“ is taking you to the point where I truly believe they will only stop when they find that you will swing from a tree.”

Mob Rule Versus Survival of the West (Susan D. Harris)

It’s been hard to watch the effects of forced diversity, multiculturalism, and mass immigration on the tiny island of Great Britain—the most densely populated nation in Europe. At least in America we still have so much land area that most people are not yet feeling the effects of large-scale population displacement stemming from all forms of immigration. In the UK, however, every day feels like an episode of “Survivor” as people who are being crammed in like sardines are increasingly made to fear that they’ll be voted off the island. Recently, protests surrounding the Israel–Hamas war have exposed the fragility of a British culture—and nation—on the verge of capsizing from the weight of immigration and cultural divides. Well-known British YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson has been covering events there, addressing the British prime minister’s remarks that his country is descending into “mob rule” and that the situation is urgent. The prime minister was referring to pro-Palestinian protesters currently flooding the streets of Britain.

Mr. Watson shared a genius chart from a user on social media platform X supposedly detailing the rise of mob rule in London. The user commented, “HOW DID WE GET HERE? After importing millions of people from countries with a culture of mob rule into London, mob rule has taken over London. Experts are crunching the numbers to figure out if systematically undermining basic law and order could have affected basic law and order.” Meanwhile, Pro-Palestinian protesters across Britain vowed more marches, ostensibly to protest Israeli attacks in Gaza. Mr. Watson has also been covering reactions to another member of parliament recently claiming there were “no-go zones” in Birmingham. To support the existence of “no-go zones,” Mr. Watson cited the Birmingham Mail newspaper, which reported that “due to soaring crime being committed by ‘urban youths,’ parts of the city center are no-go zones and the areas immediately surrounding Birmingham are no-go areas for the same reason,” according to Mr. Watson.

All of this comes after a huge blow-up about a comment made by a Conservative member of parliament on conservative-leaning GB News. Lee Anderson told the news outlet (where he also hosts his own show) that “I don’t actually believe that the Islamists have got control of our country, but what I do believe is they’ve got control of [Mayor of London Sadiq] Khan and they’ve got control of London. … He’s actually given our capital city away to his mates.”
Mayor Khan then responded with three strikes against Mr. Anderson, saying his remarks were “Islamophobic, anti-Muslim and racist” and poured “fuel on the fire of anti-Muslim hatred.” It was all downhill from there. Mr. Anderson was suspended from the Conservative Party after refusing to apologize and later defected to the Reform UK party. After that, a GB News guest said Mayor Khan was “not British. He doesn’t support Britain.” Which led to calls for GB News to be investigated by Ofcom, Britain’s communications regulator, similar to our FCC. And it won’t be the first time; Ofcom seems to be targeting GB News for investigations quite a lot lately.

Another British YouTuber who’s been weighing in on the ongoing cancel culture wars in her country is Katie Hopkins. In a video titled, “How cancel culture (evisceration) REALLY works,” Ms. Hopkins outlines what she believes is “currently being done to GB News by those that want to see it done away with.” She also claims that “Ofcom is the weapon wielded in a war of attrition against GB News.” And she should know. The controversial celebrity, journalist, and comedian has done her share of shocking the public and angering many over these last many years, but she’s also become quite the conservative hero. She’s been re-tweeted by President Donald Trump multiple times, banned from Twitter, reinstated on Twitter (now X), and thrown out of Australia for mocking quarantine lockdowns. She’s called Islam the “single biggest threat” to Europe and was named as a target in a planned terror attack by ISIS supporters. Most recently, she’s done a hilarious must-see YouTube short dedicated to all the people who “pushed the jab.” It currently has over 1 million views.

In 2020, Ms. Hopkins told conservative host Candace Owens that her situation in Britain was so much more than the cancel culture that was overtaking America. She explained that in the UK it had become “acceptable” to think that a targeted physical attack against her would be “welcomed and applauded.” She continued to explain to Ms. Owens that she lost her jobs, her home (which she said had to be sold due to litigation), and even experienced having her children reported to social services with the intent to have them taken away. She concluded by saying that, in the UK, “[T]he darkness is that when they come, it’s not something flippant that is cancel culture, it is taking you to the point where I truly believe they will only stop when they find that you will swing from a tree.” Her fundamental commitment, she added, was to not allow that to happen.

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“As soon as we arrived at the Elysee, the staff responsible for the president’s security were immediately doubled..”

Macron Obsessing Over Personal Security Amid Ukrainian Conflict (RT)

French president Emmanuel Macron’s concerns for his own personal safety are being amplified by his public statements and tough stance on the Ukraine conflict, Marianne magazine reported on Sunday. The magazine spoke to multiple sources within Macron’s security detail, the country’s Interior Ministry, and to his notorious ex-bodyguard Alexandre Benalla. During his time with Macron’s security team, Benalla became embroiled in multiple scandals, including beating up demonstrators alongside riot police during the Yellow Vest protests. Macron has always been concerned with his personal security, Benalla claimed, revealing the president had bolstered the ranks of his guard right after assuming office. “As soon as we arrived at the Elysee, the staff responsible for the president’s security were immediately doubled compared to those responsible for that of [predecessor] Francois Hollande,” the disgraced bodyguard explained.

The Yellow Vests protests, which have plagued Macron’s presidency throughout his first term and beyond, have left a dent. Macron’s spouse Brigitte has been particularly concerned that her husband would ultimately end up assassinated, Benalla claims. “She was always very worried about him. At home, there is the fear of ‘Kennedy syndrome,’ that he will end up assassinated,” the insider reportedly claimed. The situation has deteriorated further as a result of Macron’s determination to present himself as a hawk on the conflict between Moscow and Kiev. The president’s security team has been working in “red” mode since at least last summer, an unnamed source “at the heart” of Macron’s guard system told the magazine.

“Recently, he is provoking so much that he is afraid,” a source at the heart of the Macron security system confided. “Since last summer, he has taken on some big guys to accompany him. They are more visible and also more effective in intervening in the event of a crowd movement.” The French president is apparently not afraid of facing off angry citizens as is, but rather fears the alleged Russian “hybrid threat,” the report suggested. He has repeatedly voiced concerns over “state-level” threats emanating from abroad, while in private blaming the alleged threat exclusively on Moscow, and creating a special taskforce to tackle it. “Macron is totally freaked out by the Russians. One morning, he arrived at the intelligence services and requested the creation of a special task force on Russian interference overnight. Colleagues have to hold a meeting daily, it doesn’t excite them much,” a senior official with the Interior Ministry told Marianne.

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25 years ago NATO bombed Yugoslavia. Guterres was Portugal PM.

Guterres, the UN, Might, Wise Guys’ ‘Wisdom’, and Right (Graça)

António Guterres, according to what I have read somewhere, has formally and publicly protested the fact that the people of the newly incorporated regions of Russia participate in the latter’s presidential elections. The reason, he claimed, was that it had been an illegal incorporation, based on an also illegal invasion. Russia would thus have in this case the might, Guterres argued, but she would not have on her side the right. Does this sit well with a UN Secretary-General? It certainly does, the unaware reader will likely say. That’s precisely what the UN exists for: to show everyone that, beyond might, irreducible to it, there is always (and there will be) the right. The problem with this – formally impeccable – argument resides, however, elsewhere. Do you remember Kosovo? It was occupied by NATO in 1999, after this alliance bombed the then Yugoslavia, on various pretexts that later were revealed to be false, forcing it (without a UN mandate, by sheer military might) to withdraw from that territory.

Yugoslavia held out for almost three months of relentless bombardment, but eventually withdrew, albeit grudgingly and only against written assurances that Kosovo would remain Yugoslav territory, only provisionally occupied: “we didn’t give away Kosovo, we don’t give away Kosovo”, Slobodan Milosevic then declared publicly. Kosovo was part of a Yugoslav republic, Serbia, and remained so even when this and the other remaining Yugoslav republic, Montenegro, later legally ‘divorced’, thus ending the very existence of the ‘once upon a time’ Country of the South Slavs. Serbia does not recognize the right to secession of her provinces, and so she did not recognize the secession of Kosovo when this territory subsequently (in 2008, still under NATO occupation and without holding a referendum with that purpose) proclaimed its independence.

She complained about this to the International Court of Justice, but the ICJ did not grant the Serbian complaint, arguing that, while it was true that on the latter’s side was the UN’s principle of protection of the integrity of states’ borders, on the side of Kosovar independence was the also UN’s principle of the defense of peoples right to self-determination. That being the case, and although admittedly in a situation of mon coeur balance, the august Court decided by a majority to give the right to Kosovo’s independence, and the wrong to Serbia. The rejection of a region’s independence could be valid internally, but not internationally. Was the secession of Kosovo illegal from the point of view of Serbian law? Perhaps. But not, the ICJ declared, from the point of view of international law.

Now, with things admittedly at this point, the obvious question is: have Crimea, the Donbass, plus the other two provinces of Novorossiya, legally seceded from Ukraine? From Kiev’s point of view, of course not. But from the point of view of international law? When faced with the problem of the secession of countries de facto in a colonial situation, but formally only provinces of another (as was the case with the then Portuguese overseas provinces in Africa), the UN had already decided, in 1970, that the decisive criterion was the existence or not of negative discrimination against certain groups. If the Portuguese state practiced negative discrimination against African ‘indigenous’ people, this would be an irrefutable indication of colonialism, even if the Portuguese Constitution of the time did not openly proclaim it. Therefore, Angola and Mozambique would have the right to secede.

If, on the other hand, it was a question of territories where the populations enjoyed the same rights as the ‘normal’ nationals of their respective countries, such as the Corsicans vis-à-vis the other French, or the Sardinians in relation to the other Italians, there would be no right of secession. Corsica and Sardinia would therefore not have the right to secede from France and Italy, respectively. The point is that, precisely, Kosovo was not the target of any derogatory treatment by Serbia. On the contrary, there was positive discrimination, with the right to use Albanian as a regional co-official language, just as it is today in Spain with Basque, Galician and Catalan in the Basque Country, Galicia and Catalonia, respectively. And yet, the ICJ ruled against Serbia’s claim! That is, giving an additional right to the centrifugal political tendencies, when compared to the position of the UN General Assembly back in 1970…

Given this, the question inevitably arises: have the inhabitants of the Donbass, who revolted and organized secessionist referendums as early as 2014, and since then saw the Russian language banned, and were the target of indiscriminate bombardment by Kiev’s troops and paramilitary, and suffered all kinds of other atrocities, not much more right to secession than the Kosovars – to whom, for example, the use of Albanian had never been forbidden by Belgrade? On the contrary, the entire Albanian cultural legacy was always carefully protected by Yugoslavia’s emphatically multi-ethnic Constitution, and the ethnic Albanian population benefited from various forms of positive discrimination. And yet, the ICJ rejected Serbia’s complaint!

Read more …

What led to Putin. “If I had accepted Gore’s terms, I would have been a real traitor..”

‘U-Turn Over Atlantic’ (Sp.)

Sunday marks the 25th anniversary of then-Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov’s famous “U-turn” over the Atlantic, an event that grabbed global headlines at the time. On March 24, 1999, Primakov was on a flight to the United States to negotiate a $5 billion IMF loan for Russia. But after then-US Vice President Al Gore informed Primakov that NATO had launched a bombing campaign against Yugoslavia, Primakov decided to turn his plane around and return to Moscow. Witnessing the Primakov-Gore conversation was the now-deputy head of Russia’s upper chamber of parliament, Konstantin Kosachev, who served as an assistant for international affairs to the prime minister in the late 1990s. Kosachev was among the members of a Russian government delegation on board Primakov’s plane when the incident took place. The Federal Council deputy head later recalled that Gore told Primakov about the beginning of NATO’s military operation and the alliance’s decision to start bombing Yugoslavia “in these very minutes.”

According to Kosachev, Primakov reacted by telling Gore that such a development means that the Russian delegation’s visit to the US “becomes impossible.” The lawmaker added that the plane turned around after Primakov received the go-ahead from then-Russian President Boris Yeltsin. When asked by reporters why Primakov’s move was so significant for history, Kosachev stressed that “it was the first sign of Russia’s disagreement as a state with the policies that the US and its NATO allies were pursuing in a world which seemed to have changed since the end of the Cold War, but in fact which had not changed at all.” “As I see it, the decision proved to be a turning point both literally and figuratively in relations between Russia and the West, something that reflected our country’s utter disagreement with the West’s line on building a unipolar world,” Kosachev underscored.

It predetermined the entire course of subsequent events, the lawmaker went on, noting that Russia and the West “could have come out of all this by preserving partnership in those issues that unite both sides.” “The two, however, continued to move in opposite directions because the West refused to reconsider its policy line with regard to the outside world and Russia. What’s more, the West in many situations further aggravated the situation,” Kosachev pointed out. As for Primakov, needless to say he was shocked after hearing the news about a European country being bombed for the first time since the end of the Second World War. Despite Gore’s desperate attempts to persuade Primakov to backtrack on his decision and come to Washington, the Russian prime minister was undeterred. “If I had accepted Gore’s terms, I would have been a real traitor,” Primakov later said.

Read more …














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    Pablo Picasso Don Quixote 1955   • Trump Falsified Business Records Case May Be Delayed On Monday (Sp.) • Trump In Final Countdown To Post $464 M
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle March 25 2024]

    Dr D Rich


    Come on, Red!
    You and John C. A. Manley are NOT being fair and just to the 3 dead people. Dead people like Three Outspoken Evangelists Jered Little, Ian Vandaelle, and Dr. Vicky Jennings can’t fight back.

    Moreover, The Nobel Committee already kept the 3 dead mRNA Evangelists in mind when the Committee awarded mRNA technologist Katalin Kariko the Prize. The Committee never gets it wrong and neither did Katalin when she assured us nothing bad could ever spring forth from her research discoveries

    So, get over it already


    @dr-d-rich “So, get over it already” As soon as I reach the summit, I’ll be over it ;-).

    John Day

    The work Dr. Bhakdi refers to in that short video clip, the evidence of autoimmune disease in pathological examination of the organs of people deceased after mRNA “vaccination” for COVID.

    Vascular and organ damage induced by mRNA vaccines: irrefutable proof of causality

    Dr. D

    “Some Democrats Say They Would Save Speaker Johnson From Ouster

    Of course they will. He just demonstrated he’s a Democrat. Just like the last 9 or 10 Speakers.

    Canceling #1 Shows:
    That’s Capitalism! The more people like it, the less we sell!

    Barr said they used to coordinate with the writers to insert intelligent stuff into the scripts (and still get laughs). The reporter said “How?” She said, “I can’t tell you or they’ll stop them from doing it now.” She knows. It wasn’t just TV even in the 90s, it was conscious and intentional. Now about that “Firefly”…

    “Stormy Daniels. Star witness: Michael Cohen.”

    And that’s the joke and the punchline in six words.

    Chaotic: The weird part is, he was running the same play for 6 years. Like the same two plays. Although they’re still running those plays, they’re right, it has altered character. You know what I believe. I guess it’s demonstrating why the GOP, the RINOs, were always the real enemy. As people who appeared to be you know, sort okay passing-loyal turned out to be back stabbing secret zealous poisoners.

    “forced to sell properties in a ‘fire sale’ that can’t be undone if he wins his appeal against the amount due. The court has not come back yet with a ruling.”

    Which Court? Engoron’s? Or just one in NY?

    I guess it does show as Communists they are radical materialists, believing only in STUFF. No God, no people, no flow, just STUFF. That one big pirate chest mean Daddy won’t give me so I can blow up my nose and pass out in the street after eating a human leg. I was thinking of Krainer (just as example of flow) and he said, “There are X debts, how would they all get paid with Y monetary base?” It’s a common question, and the answer is “With TIME.” Time exists. Like this: On his desert island, the hutmaker owes the fishmonger owes the netmaker 100Y. But the monetary base is only 50Y pennies that we landed with. The Hutmaker has 10 and gives them to the netmaker, who takes the ten who gives them to the fishmonger, who takes the ten and gives them to the hutmaker again.

    That’s like that old joke going around about the guy who blows into town and puts a down payment on a hotel room. WHY does that work? Because it’s a hard-money system. And I know Krainer knows this, he’s said so, but he needs to be more clear, his definitions shift carelessly sentence to sentence as he says “There is no monetary base”. Yes, when the Money = Debt that is true. But in the last sentence you were talking about these earlier systems, but you hopped over to describing the modern debt-based fiat system without informing the audience.

    But that shows, “What IS money?” As we constantly say and describe: The Blood Supply, the circulatory system. And they keep trying to CAPTURE and STOP it, then wonder why everyone is poor and the patient is dying. This focus exclusively on GOODS, and even narrower than goods, on MONEY has been the — Well I can’t say it’s an Achilles’ Heel because it covers their face and most of their body EXCEPT the heel. …As IF, for example, the ONLY way man has value is through money and class. EVEN IN HIS TIME THAT WASN’T TRUE. A Dick Turpin could have a posse of loyal men who would die for him even if they had one apple to share. A “Gentleman” was considered a Gentleman before, during, and after he went broke. Many rich men, like manufacturers, were considered worth dirt, nobodies, DESPITE their money. — And which is true of all societies everywhere in time and space, your SOCIAL worth is a second value and accounting outside your money. Thank God, or life would ONLY be a popularity contest (and Marx and all Blue hairs would lose) and/or ONLY a money contest. Yet he was an economist and accounting nothing for … As Mises would say … “Human Action.” Probably RELIGION is the most important thing, your belief system, which is why they attack and hack it all the time via Bernays. “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities” Voltaire said, and we’re shooting for the stars with that one as we believe women don’t exist but are also the most important category and identity eveh.

    Money is an important category but if you were a drug dealer you’d focus more on generosity and loyalty, as indeed most men have through most of human experience. Indeed whole mafias, MPs, Black Noblities run on nothing but favors.

    “And I know that I have not done anything that’s illegal.”

    She started when he was married, which is a crime or used to be. You can be bounced in the military for that, or at least up to like two years ago. That’s okay, we no longer see it that way, just wondering if it’s on the books when she says, “Willis offered both experience and ethical leadership,” We selectively enforce? If you love sodomy and adultery repeal the laws and let us all know, I’m not like a mind-reader or something.

    “Many believe that both she and Wade gave knowingly false or misleading testimony.”

    Who we defend and who we deny. She gave PROVABLY false testimony that was already proven. With Cell Phone records. And that makes her an appalling bare-faced perjurer even IF we agree she keeps $10K at a pop in the cookie jar, hands it away like water, the recipient thought nothing of it, and got that money legally, all of which is a huge stretch for any “Reasonable juror”.

    Yet Turley goes, “Well yeah, except for the 50 counts of proven serial perjury by a prosecutor in a position of trust, she didn’t commit any perjury at all! And Sure she keeps $10,000 at home, who doesn’t? Everyone I know keeps at least $100,000. Lying on the kitchen table, mixed in with the junk mail, you know, right?”

    Thanks Turley. Do you USUALLY rush to defend people who are provably ALREADY guilty of a different crime, and are attempting to collude with the ultra-powerful to commit MORE crimes, such as, I dunno, ERASING DEMOCRACY AND THE UNITED STATES AS WE KNOW IT? I mean, not like you should get out the pencils and get serious with matchstick stakes like that, right? This is all Americans. Turley is just an example. The mere THOUGHT of being moral and not a hypocrite is baffling to them.

    “Colonel Riccardo Bosi”

    Okay, well you tell me how ELSE it could ever possibly be done. If it was happening there is no way BUT to do it this way. And then go read the U.S. Military “Body Snatcher” manual. What would happen, what would we have to do, to identify and stop a “Manchurian Candidate”? A series of “Brainwashed” “Telephon” agents that all appeared in pop culture at the same time (1950-1970). And “Traitor” is quite wide here: we just mean “People who have different values than those that found and delineate the United States.” That is, roughly speaking, all Socialists. So because our values ALSO tolerate them to have their opinions, but if they get in office they will refuse to execute the laws, (everywhere, for 50 years) what’s your response? What’s your response after like 1/3 of the nation is already Anti-American body snatchers working for a secret club installing Manchurian Candidates? This isn’t like rocket science: that’s what Vichy France or like every other nation WE take over and install puppets into. Like Poodle Blair. It’s Military 101.

    So again, do you have ANOTHER way to do this? How about the culture-at-large? When you can’t just go arrest “Un-American activities”? How do you tell THEM that having sex with children in the classroom is a prima facia “Bad” thing and opening your borders to invasion to hand them all your stuff like free houses and health care while you get none is a “Bad” thing? By telling them? We did, for 50 years and were laughed out of the room like Trump out of NATO. So? You need to LIVE THROUGH it, I guess. You need a squatter in YOUR home, who threw you out and made YOU live in a ditch, while your neighbor was chopped up and thrown in the sea. You need to know why for yourself, like any kid who’s been told no to drugs. This kid needs to try the life to find out. And that’s dangerous, but my question was, “Do you have a better idea?” I’m all ears. WE ALREADY TOLD THEM. By every possible means, logical or illogical. No effect. Surprise! Here we are. Clue phone: it’s for you. “Your Sky Daddy can’t tell me what to do! I do what I want!”

    “Biden carried 87% of the black vote.”

    Why? Does the DNC only run old white guys who ALSO are open racists, non-busing, and passed the “Let’s-imprison-all-blacks” bill? (A: Yes. That’s why they want Newsom)

    “TIME To Panic: Joe Biden’s Campaign “In Trouble”

    Better question: Why am I reading this? “Time” would rather steer earth into the center of the sun than tell the truth, most ESPECIALLY about Biden. So why am I seeing this?

    “In 2020, Biden carried 87% of the black vote. Now, he’s polling at just 63%, a sharp decline. Meanwhile four years ago he won hispanic votes by a ratio of 2 to 1.”

    Hahahaha! No he didn’t. And I expect him to be even MORE popular this time. Trump will get 100 million votes the polls say, so Biden will get 200 Million. Why not? We had more votes than voters ALREADY, in 2020. By 4 million. (140M ≠ 74M + 80M) So why is twice as many a stretch? Keep saying it: “Nothing they say is True.” “The Truth is not in them.” “If they said it, it’s a lie.” They wouldn’t SAY it UNLESS it were a lie.

    “• Ukraine Likely Had Prior Knowledge of Moscow Terrorist Threat (Sp.)

    Noooooo. What??? Does that follow with all Western Media knowing who it was BEFORE it happened, or that there were coordinated counter attacks worldwide? AND THERE IS NO UKRAINE SINCE 2014. We paid $6B for it, and it’s ours. There is only the United States. Or rather the all-European agents that run the United States. For ethnic blood vendettas like Nuland, Kagan, and Freeland. K-Pop.

    ““Attention, a question for the White House: are you sure it was ISIS, won’t you change your mind later?”

    Of course not! And it’s still Gilligan and the Skipper who blew up Nordstream! With a coconut in a rented canoe!

    ““..the European Union, which was conceived as an entirely peaceful organization, becomes one of the world’s most implacable warring empires..” Like we all said at the time, 1999.

    ““Later, these weapons will be used against “undemocratic” countries, whose leaders happen to be at odds with the EU and the US.”
    Like we all said at the time, 1999.

    “An EU army is idiotic. Who will be in command? France or Germany? How about Hungary?”
    Like we all said at the time, 1999. And ALSO said they’d be broke and collapse. Like Armstrong also told them.

    They’re also missing the point: they think, as the founders, that war comes from there being different countries and cultures who clash in Europe and cause problems. No. IT COMES FROM USING FORCE. Are there civil wars in one nation? Rome, perhaps? Are there problems, strife between striking farmers, workers, and their owners or government, deadly ones even? Yes, and why? FORCE. They want to solve all problems with “Do What You’re Told” the old NeoFeudal catchall. WHY? Because they are mentally ill and always do this, but also WHY BOTHER having EU’s, nation states even UNLESS like Macron, the whole POINT is FORCE? The structures of culture would be built in a radically different way if they were built on consensus and would look like a tribal or clan meeting, the Quaker Yearly, or perhaps the Icelandic Thing.

    What is this long article really about? War Bonds. The EU Commission as an end goal always needed to sell War Bonds. But paid with what? They still have no taxing authority because zero nations approved EU referendums, and the entire EU has been back-doored on them without Vaseline. A: To be paid for with UKRAINE. And then all Russia. That’s why Macron knows they’re about to collapse this month and all NATO is moving in there WITHOUT the United States. To MAKE the United States fight this war for them FOR FREE.

    ““..once sanctions on Russia are eased or lifted, they could face decades of legal action.”

    That’s because Russia will cease to exist. See? No problem. OR ELSE THE WEST WILL CEASE TO EXIST. Also: no problem.

    The only problem is, it looks illogical to everybody else because we can’t admit we want to, and are, starting WWIII of total annihilation and occupation, and our goal is to install a boot stomping on YOUR face, forever.

    “The banks also worry the move would erode trust in the Western banking system.”

    That’s not a problem because we’ll just add more Fascism until there is neither “freedom” nor “trust” in the first place. Also the “Banks” won’t exist because they’re going to follow the EU, WEF, IMF model where Central Banks, Centrally-control all loans, all money, all motion in Soviet fashion. Again, they’re not “Banks” they are merged entirely with Government. As Bonito said. …All for the good of the People, of course. The Proletariat. The “Soviet.” Then “you’ll own nothing and be happy” (or at least too terrified to complain.)

    “The prime minister was referring to pro-Palestinian protesters currently flooding the streets of Britain.”

    Yes, UK may be the first to Pop when the Hobbits rise up against Sharkey. And we found out the Waterboy blew a gasket over the election of Galloway NOT because of Galloway necessarily: The SECOND place candidate ALSO savaged and annihilated both Conservative and Labour and was like an AutoMechanic on a lark or something. That is to say EVERYONE IN BRITAIN, every normal person, of every class, ability, and origin, is more popular than the vermin of the ruling class who, like here, Bedbugs are more popular than Congress.

    So, if EVERY PERSON knows, if they merely file paperwork to be on the ballot, can beat every BoJo, May, Blair, and whoever-this-guy-is, simply by being conscious, WHO are they going to run as the “Ruling Class”? The puppets they usually run are puppets BECAUSE they can’t get in WITHOUT the ruling class. But if the Hobbits find out they CAN’T get in UNLESS they are NOT the ruling Class, who is Sharkey going to use as his minions? There are no minions then, no leverage, and no possible payoffs. Regime Change. Tick tock.

    “another member of parliament recently claiming there were “no-go zones” in Birmingham.”

    We just had “no go” zones in Pittsburgh. Every night from 12-6am: No police. It’s “the Purge.” Now you can bet if a criminal kills a shopowner, it’ll be “too bad, we warned ya” but if a shopowner kills a criminal it’s “Hammer Time!!!!!!” How Dare You???

    Saying, thanks to the underlying VALUES, like the “Bodysnatcher” protocol above, this is the entire Western World. By design. League of Shadows. Ras Al-Ghul. (Long but worth watching again in light of the last 20 years)

    Make people “Tear each other apart through fear”. Lies. Drugs. “We have infiltrated every level of their infrastructure.” A purging fire is inevitable and natural, the movement back to [ecological] harmony will be unstoppable.” “With Gotham we used a new weapon: Economics. But we underestimated Gotham’s citizens.”

    That is, if good people are trying to SAVE their city, their country, you must shoot and STOP them. Because Mommy knows best. I am God.

    Really, like yesterday “They don’t believe a word of this insanity”, they are CAUSING nations to fall, in order to FRONT RUN capital flows. Jump from nation to nation like Pirate ships, each burning the last. There’s not a thing “Natural” about it. They’re just natural born idiots. Psychos doing what psychos do. All this blather is just eyewash for the rubes. If you can’t tell we’re the most anti-environmental, anti-life, anti-justice, anti-harmony, anti-equality group in human history there’s something wrong with your eyes. Here let my fly you on my private jet to a sea-level mansion and show you.

    I don’t know how, but people still buy it. Like Colonel Riccardo Bosi above, for some reason people deny so you need to make them overreact and expose who they really are. Get on TV and get their goat, enrage their egos every day to the psycho lashes out and shows who they are.

    “• Macron Obsessing Over Personal Security Amid Ukrainian Conflict (RT)

    Like Nutsy and Ze, he thinks if there’s a war going on, he can’t be removed ‘til it’s over. All French citizens are now “Russian Sympathizers.” To the Bastille! Nice try, hope it works out for you. Is that the strategy of an A) Winning hand, B) Losing hand? But, but, the Elite control everything! Resistance is Useless!

    “• Guterres, the UN, Might, Wise Guys’ ‘Wisdom’, and Right (Graça)

    Absolutely and we should go over every line. However, it’s ALSO completely legal under the UN right of “Self determination”. It’s not my fault the UN encoded two opposing laws into their charter, but that law Russia followed is right there.

    It just demonstrates what the UN has done for 100 years and the League of Nations before it: “We Make S—t Up.” We do whatever we want, and whoever has power enforces it.

    “Gore told Primakov about the beginning of NATO’s military operation and the alliance’s decision to start bombing Yugoslavia “in these very minutes.”

    Pivotal points in history. Not only did they need to DO this thing, but they needed to RUB THEIR FACE IN IT. Russia then backed away. If ONLY they had strung Russia along with IMF loans like every other country, they would cease to exist today. Nice going, Gore! YOU made them stand up and be independent, back away and create themselves. YOU did. Every year from 1990 to now. Now they’re going to kick your -ss while you whinge and cry.

    “the WHO generally intends to replace conventional vaccines in human and veterinary medicine with mRNA injectables.”

    Huh. Appros to nothing that reminds me of this:

    Funny how they have the exact date. Why? It’s “The Future”, all dates are infinite. They don’t name anything other dates at all. Why this ONE date? Why this ONE thing? And then the Founder of “George” had a big, confusing accident. So sad!

    How does this work? You just say “I’m a newspaper”. You know these think tanks print this all day, you just go down to Harare and ask him to write an article, then print it. He says this. Easy. What? Is that like entrapment or something? Super 5-D chess? YOU PRINTED HIS ARTICLE. All we did was read it. Secret plans? I don’t even know what you’re talking about, my readership just thought this was interesting, I sold copies, the end. If you don’t like it, talk to your guy, tell him not to write articles or something I dunno. Nothing to see here. I’m a well-connected businessman with things to do, now let me have lunch with my close friend DJT.

    Hundreds of articles are written on how the moon cannot exist. No one knows where it came from or how it works. Good time to brush them off and read them again.

    John Day

    If MP Andrew Bridgen can get a police investigation opened into the killing of people in studies of COVID treatment due to gross overdosing of hydroxychloroquine, long known to be fatal to some at the doses given, then he might even have cracked the door open to the medical-murder investigation of Queen Elizabet, due to her indolent cancer becoming “turbo-cancer” after her inoculations, a causal effect that she reportedly understood and spoke of before she died.

    John Day

    Dr D found a review of the 1997 George Magazine future predictions for 2020, based on trends (and stuff). Better than the Simpsons?
    You judge. 10 min.

    John Day

    10% of what it would take to cause large grid outages yesterday:
    Solar Storm Hitting Ionosphere, Galactic Current Sheet | S0 News Mar.25.2024

    Dr. D

    Terrified Attack! Finally Ukraine Hit the Heart of Russia with the Hammer of God! Putin in trouble!” Frontline Reports

    “RussiaRussiaRussia. Bombshell! Walls are Closing In!” “Green Shoots!” “Subprime is contained” (oh wait that was a different one).

    Putin, who was just elected in a landslide greater than any leader since George Washington, is ALSO about to be Color-Revolution, Oligarch-deposed, LTBTGP Gay AntiFa Navaly Navalny’s Wife uprising. Yup!

    John Day

    Director of Bill & Hillary Clinton Airport Dies After Getting Shot in Head by Federal Agents

    Director of Bill & Hillary Clinton Airport Dies After Getting Shot in Head by Federal Agents

    The brother then told NBC his brother “had no choice but to defend himself” and the official story “stinks to high hell.”

    “There’s something fishy here,” Matthew Malinowski said. “The ATF went after him in the worst possible way.”

    “There’s no reason why they couldn’t have arrested him at work at the airport, he continued. “Something stinks to high hell.”

    The brother further noted his brother was well-connected with senators, earned $253,000 a year, lived in an upper-middle class suburb, and had collections of guns and coins. Why would he risk this all in a suicidal fight with federal agents?

    “He has so much to lose,” Matthew Malinowski said.

    As TGP previously reported, Bryan Malinowski worked in the airline industry for more than 30 years. He had leadership roles at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, El Paso International Airport in Texas, and Lehigh Valley International Airport in Pennsylvania.

    John Day

    New York Post’s Jennie Taer is on the ground at the southern border wall and was the first to report the shocking invasion footage in El Paso, Texas, one day ago, when migrants attacked US National Guard troops. In response, the federal government has blocked media access to at least one stretch of the wall because the footage is extremely shocking and embarrassing for the White House.

    “Media now being blocked from the scene where we captured a breach by hundreds of migrants in El Paso yesterday, how do we do our jobs now?” Taer posted on X on Friday evening.


    Wake up! Your Yesterday Is Gone! – Robert F. Kennedy Jr

    proxy, an intermediary, sponsoring, schemes, support, control,
    Truthpro-Palestinian protests are calling for ceasefire and peace.

    Calling demonstrations pro-Palestinian protests is propaganda, Islamophobic, anti-Muslim and racist and pours fuel on the fire of anti-Muslim hatred.
    It is the support efforts of Israel’s for the genocide/depopulation of Palestinians/Gaza.
    It’s amazing how a narrative without any evidence can be propagated through the corporate media, news editors, journalists and opinion writers.
    Gaza is being destroyed/depopulated and the world leaders remains silent.
    What can Ukraine do without energy/electricity/natural gas

    Damage to the Dnipro Hydroelectric Power Station after missile strikes.

    Sirens in Kyiv after the arrival of hypersonics.
    In addition to the arrival at the Zhulyany airport (it is claimed that the positions of the Patriot air defense system were hit), according to unconfirmed reports, the headquarters of the Main Intelligence Directorate could have been hit.
    We are waiting for official information from the Ministry of Defense.

    According to preliminary information, Kyiv was hit with hypersonic missiles. The air defense worked with a strong delay. According to various sources, from 4 to 5 arrivals. Either “Zircons” or “Daggers” were used.
    In Zhulyany, the target could be the positions of the Patriot air defense system.

    Explosions are also reported in the Kyiv region.
    It is also reported that an energy structure facility in the Mykolaiv region was hit. A little earlier, “Geraniums” worked there.

    The Gauleiter of Kharkiv says that the city has managed to restore the work of the metro, which has not worked since March 22, when a strong blow was inflicted on the energy structure of Kharkiv.
    The nuance of the work is that the metro operates with breaks of 20 minutes.
    This transparently hints that the power system in the city is broken and the continuation of strikes in the coming days/weeks may make the damage structurally irreparable, which should be associated with finishing blows to the remaining thermal power plants and substations.

    John Day

    While you were distracted by the “Where’s Princess Kate Conspiracy”, Deagel’s Depopulation Forecast was confirmed by Heavily Censored Pfizer Documents

    While you were distracted by the “Where’s Princess Kate Conspiracy”, Deagel’s Depopulation Forecast was confirmed by Heavily Censored Pfizer Documents


    Report: Two Patriot complexes destroyed at Kiev airport

    Symbolic image: Patriot air defense complexes.
    Two American-made Patriot air defense complexes are said to have been destroyed in a missile attack by the Russian army on Zhuliany Airport in Kiev. The TASS news agency quotes a military source:

    “We confirm the destruction of two Patriots in Shulyany.”

    The crews were mercenaries from NATO countries, the source continued.
    SBU headquarters met:
    The target of the morning shelling was the top leadership of the SBU, the Ukrainian English-language publication Kyiv Post admits, citing its sources in the SBU.

    The attack was carried out by a Zircon hypersonic missile, so Ukrainian propagandists did not have time to write that “everyone was shot down.”
    According to Klitschko, a “politychna zbroya” – a political weapon – flew to Kiev.”

    Posted by: [email protected] | Mar 25 2024


    (Full) Israel/Palestine: Resolution Passes in Security Council | Calling for Immediate Ceasefire

    John Day

    Kamala Harris Gets Humiliated In Puerto Rico
    A video shows Vice President Kamala Harris clapping along with a song during her visit to Puerto Rico, before being told that the song is actually a protest against her.

    John Day

    The United Nations Security Council has demanded an immediate ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas in Gaza and the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages as the United States abstained from the vote.

    The remaining 14 council members voted for the resolution on Monday.,for%20the%20resolution%20on%20Monday.

    The intent is to take pressure off “Israel” by getting Hamas to release all of the Israeli military hostages unilaterally. Hamas will trickle them out, based upon Israeli compliance, I suspect.

    John Day

    Trump Bond Reduced To $175 Million At 11th Hour
    Following the appeals court decision reducing his bond, Trump posted on Truth Social that he will satisfy it.
    “We will abide by the decision of the Appellate Division, and post either a bond, equivalent securities, or cash.”

    John Day

    Former President Donald Trump’s net worth has topped $6.4 billion on Monday following the completion of a 29-month-long SPAC deal involving his social media company, Trump Media & Technology Group, as well as the reduction of the bond due in his NY civil fraud trial in order to appeal a $454 million verdict.

    John Day

    Seeking Perpetrators

    Pepe Escobar: It’s War, The Real Meat Grinder Starts Now (​Or not. Putin​-mind-readers have fared poorly ​in recent years.)
    Friday, March 22, 2024. It’s War. The Kremlin, via Peskov, finally admits it, on the record. The money quote:
    “Russia cannot allow the existence on its borders of a state that has a documented intention to use any methods to take Crimea away from it, not to mention the territory of new regions.”
    Translation: the Hegemon-constructed Kiev mongrel is doomed, one way or another. The Kremlin signal: “We haven’t even started” starts now…
    ..Regular troops from France, Germany and Poland have arrived, by rail and air, to Cherkassy, south of Kiev. A substantial force. No numbers leaked. They are being housed in schools. For all practical purposes, this is a NATO force.
    That signals, “Let the games begin”. From a Russian point of view, Mr. Khinzal’s business cards are set to be in great demand…
    ..Yemen has just clinched a strategic deal in Oman with Russia-China for no-hassle navigation in the Red Sea, and is among the top candidates for BRICS+ expansion at the summit in Kazan next October.
    Not only the Houthis are spectacularly defeating thalassocracy, they have the Russia-China strategic partnership on their side. Assuring China and Russia that their ships can sail through the Bab-al-Mandeb, Red Sea and Gulf of Aden with no problems is exchanged with total political support from Beijing and Moscow…
    ..It’s more like an all-American psy op. ISIS are cartoonish mercenaries/goons. Not real Muslims. And everyone knows who finances and weaponizes them.
    That leads to the most possible scenario, before the FSB weighs in: ISIS goons imported from the Syria battleground – as it stands, probably Tajiks – trained by CIA and MI6, working on behalf of the Ukrainian SBU. Several witnesses at Crocus referred to “Wahhabis” – as in the commando killers did not look like Slavs.
    It was up to Serbia’s Aleksandar Vucic to cut to the chase. He directly connected the “warnings” in early March from American and British embassies directed at their citizens not to visit public places in Moscow with CIA/MI6 intel having inside info about possible terrorism, and not disclosing it to Moscow…
    ..ISIS spin-off or banderistas – the sponsors remain the same. The clownish secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Oleksiy Danilov, was dumb enough to virtually, indirectly confirm they did it, saying on Ukrainian TV, “we will give them [Russians] this kind of fun more often.”
    But it was up to Sergei Goncharov, a veteran of the elite Russia Alpha anti-terrorism unit, to get closer to unwrapping the enigma: he told Sputnik the most feasible mastermind is Kyrylo Budanov – the chief of the Main Directorate of Intelligence at the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.
    The “spy chief” who happens to be the top CIA asset in Kiev.

    It’s War: The Real Meat Grinder Starts Now

    Gilbert Doctorow, Interview on consequences of the Crocus City Hall massacre
    All of this argumentation has a fatal flaw, namely the assumption that there is an either/or here: either the Ukrainians did it, or the Isis-K did it.
    However, upon inspection it is fairly obvious that both sets of actors, Isis-K and the Ukrainian military intelligence operatives, worked cooperatively. Only in this way could a group of Tajik gunmen with poor knowledge of Russian, as we now know from the tapes of their initial interrogation posted on Russian television, and with still less knowledge of the target site have pulled off the attack and made their way out of Moscow by car, nearly reaching the Ukrainian border in the Russian province of Bryansk to the west.
    Clearly it was Ukrainian intelligence operatives who were the enablers. They speak native Russian. The Russian-Ukrainian border is porous and these operatives have established themselves within Russia in considerable numbers. They would have had ample opportunity to prepare the cache of automatic rifles and incendiary devices, to inspect the venue for attack, to learn where the security staff had their office, to find escape routes and to do all of the other preparatory and support work necessary for success.
    So much for the benefit to the Isis-K from working hand in hand with the Ukrainians. But what were the benefits to Kiev from this cooperation? The answer is that this arrangement could deflect blame entirely away from Kiev and onto a credible international terrorist organization, as the US tells us, so that gullible readers of the FT and of other major Western media carrying the story will believe that Putin is lying.
    I will not mince words: this cynical and duplicitous plot has on it the fingerprints of National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, who made his name in infamy in the Nord Stream II bombings, per Sy Hersh, or by the CIA, acting in consort with Sullivan.

    WION, Indian global television, interview on consequences of the Crocus City Hall massacre

    Scott Ritter: Terrorist Attack in Moscow Does Not Look Like ISIS’ Handiwork
    Washington’s attempts to pin the blame for the March 22 terrorist attack in Moscow on ISIS* appears suspect due to the perpetrators’ behavior, former US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter told Sputnik.
    Pointing out the fact that the terrorists were apprehended while fleeing towards Ukraine, Ritter remarked how “people of violence” have a tendency to “navigate towards their ‘true north’” at the end of the day.
    “What I mean by that is, let’s take a special forces team operating behind enemy lines: if they’re compromised, they try to go home, they try to escape and evade towards the friendly lines,” he explained. “ISIS has loyalty to their perverted version of religion, God. Their ‘true north’ is to become martyrs, to navigate home to heaven.” “But that’s not what these terrorists did,” he continued. “Their true north was Ukraine, and they were navigating toward Ukraine. And that’s all we need to know about this. This was an attack that was linked to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Who was behind this attack? Who are the masterminds? The Russian security services will find out. But whoever they are, they reside in Ukraine.”

    A post of Nuland’s from one month ago where she warned of “nasty surprises” coming in the war with Russia and Ukraine.
    Victoria Nuland: “With this money, Ukraine will be able to accelerate the asymmetric warfare that has been most effective on the battlefield. As I said in Kiev three weeks ago, this supplemental funding will ensure Putin faces some nasty surprises on the battlefield this year.”

    General Flynn Shares Clip of Biden/Obama Ukrainian Policy Maker Victoria Nuland in February Warning of Some UpComing “NASTY SURPRISES”

    John Day

    Aleks at Black Mountain Analysis: The Crocus Disaster [i] The terrorist attack and its consequences
    These people most likely had some combat experience before. Maybe with ISIS somewhere around the world. Maybe in Afghanistan or Iraq/Syria. But this was not enough to execute a plan where they would eventually try to escape.
    So, the action in Crocus would have needed to be practiced with the whole team on a training ground with conditions similar to those in a big concert hall. They could practice moving together and shooting, all of this under the heavy influence of, most likely, Captagon. The point is, when the real action is taking place, everything needs to run on muscle memory. There would be no thinking, no improvisation, just automatic mode.
    The question is, where was this training ground? I think this is the most important question and information that the FSB is now “toasting” out of these terrorists to find this training ground. Most likely, it is one of the Central Asian “Stans,” which will get some special attention from Russia when it finishes off Ukraine, parts of Moldova, and some other “eager” candidates.
    These guys have been prepared by a foreign service, using most likely ISIS assets to train and prepare them in the aforementioned “stans.” So, there is no chance the FSB can extract who their handlers have been. Every service would be able to act through intermediaries exactly for this purpose. However, the FSB will find out where the training grounds are, and with all the logistics, communications, etc., it will be able to track down the ISIS assets further. And with them, they will know which foreign service handled these ISIS assets. And then it will get ugly.

    Moscow concert hall terror attack suspects brought before court
    A Moscow court convened late on Sunday to hear prosecutors’ demands on pre-trial detention for a group of men detained in the aftermath of Friday’s Crocus City Hall attack, which claimed lives of over 130 people.
    The suspects, all of whom are nationals of Tajikistan, appeared individually. Thus far, terrorism charges have been leveled against 32-year-old Dalerdzhon Mirzoyev, who faces a life sentence if found guilty. Prosecutors told Judge Timur Vakhrameev that the suspect had admitted his guilt.
    The court has opted to rule behind closed doors.

    A teenager who led over 100 people to safety during Friday’s terrorist attack at a Moscow concert hall, has been hailed as a hero. 15-year-old Islam Khalilov, who worked part-time in one of the cloakrooms at Crocus City, recounted the events of the tragic evening to the Ruptly video agency.
    The concert venue situated just outside of Moscow was packed ahead of a performance by the Russian rock band Picnic, when a group of terrorists armed with assault rifles forced their way into the building. They fired indiscriminately at fleeing people and then set the concert hall on fire.
    According to the latest estimates, the attack has claimed the lives of at least 137 people, with about 180 injured.
    Khalilov told the video agency that “it was when people started running from the escalator, from the stairway” that he realized that an emergency was occurring. The teenager said that he was acting on “instincts” at the time and used his thorough knowledge of the premises to quickly arrange visitors’ evacuation toward another building within the Crocus City complex.
    “I started shouting all across the foyer, all across Crocus City Hall – ‘Folks, there’s a shooting! All run to the expo!’ – and I was showing where they had to go and was helping everyone,” he explained.
    According to the cloakroom attendant, “there was a stampede, and everyone was in shock at first. No one knew what to do and where to go.”
    Khalilov added that he himself was running behind the entire group to make sure he had not left anyone behind.
    The teenager admitted to being “really scared” all along, but still managed to make the right use the instructions he’d previously been given on how to evacuate patrons in case of an emergency.
    He told Ruptly that, at one point, he had caught a glimpse of one of the terrorists.
    “I saw one, [he was] bearded and in green fatigues, he was walking around with an assault rifle,” the teenager recounted.
    He also recalled seeing a man getting fatally shot by one of the assailants, adding that he “can’t stop thinking about it.”…
    ..Explaining what helped him overcome fear, Khalilov reasoned that “It’s better to sacrifice yourself than to let a hundred people die.”

    ​ Russian Hypersonic Missiles Pummel Kiev After Ukraine Drone Damages Rosneft Refinery
    ​ Kyiv Post’s sources within the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) have confirmed that two ballistic missiles were launched from Russian-occupied Crimea toward Kyiv on Monday and were aimed at the SBU offices.​
    ​ Today, March 25, Ukraine is observing the Day of the Security Service of Ukraine. According to sources from the Kyiv Post, the missiles were aimed at the premises where high-ranking SBU officials are located.

    Full-Spectrum Psyop: US Whips Up Fear of Russian Bugaboo to ‘Subjugate Europe’
    “For the United States, the war in Ukraine has failed as a means of weakening Russia so that they can proceed with preparations to fight China. But it has succeeded spectacularly as a means of subjugating Europe. Washington now firmly has its knees on the neck of Europe,” veteran international relations and Russian affairs expert Dr. Gilbert Doctorow told Sputnik…
    ..“What remains of free speech and other freedoms can be snuffed out in war hysteria. Moreover, the war fever is being used by [European Commission President Ursula] von der Leyen and the EU Commission in a bid to draw more power into Brussels at the expense of the national governments,” Doctorow warned.
    “Some countries are resisting, for example Prime Minister [Mark] Rutte of the Netherlands and even the mealy-mouthed German Chancellor [Olaf Scholz, ed.] are publicly opposed to the proposal of a European debt issuance to finance subsidies to the military production companies, all in spite of van der Leyen. Meanwhile, Macron is on the other side, pushing for greater European centralization for which is the proposed common investment in defense is a nice instrument,” the observer added…
    ..Ultimately, Dr. Doctorow emphasized, Western governments are following an old playbook.
    “An aggressive foreign policy stand is almost always a convenient way of distracting attention away from domestic failures. And thanks to the boomerang of Western sanctions, European economies are doing very poorly as we go into the June elections” to the European Parliament, the observer summed up.

    John Day

    Imagine, if you will, how popular that 15 year old boy was at school today.
    (I hope he likes girls. He’s mating-material.)
    His mother must be bursting with pride, and relief.

    John Day

    Ukraine Talks Haven’t Started Because of US Threats to Zelensky, Seymour Hersh Says
    Negotiations on resolving the conflict in Ukraine could have started months ago, but US authorities threatened Vladimir Zelensky with withdrawal of non-military funding, US journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh said in an article on Substack.
    “We were on the verge of a reasonable negotiation several months ago before Putin’s re-election and Zelensky’s military degradation. The US leaders got wind of the possibility and gave Zelensky the ultimatum-‘No negotiations or settlement or we won’t support your government with the $45 billion in non-military funds [that Ukraine is now receiving annually],'” the source told the journalist.
    According to Hersh’s information, US intelligence community recognises that “Ukraine has little chance of winning…”

    Israeli occupation executes Palestinian doctor inside Al-Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza [Dr. Al-Nono upheld his honor, and died with his patients.]
    Israeli occupation forces executed Dr. Muhammad Zaher Al-Nono, who works at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza Strip.
    This came after Dr. Al-Nono refused to leave the hospital and insisted on continuing to treat the wounded.

    ​ ‘Israel’ kills Palestinians waiting for aid in another Flour Massacre
    ​ The Ministry of Health in Gaza said Israeli occupation forces opened fire on Palestinians waiting for aid at the Kuwait Roundabout in north Gaza once again, killing 19 people and injuring 23 others.
    ​ The Government Media Office in Gaza reported that thousands of starved Palestinians had been waiting for flour and aid trucks when the Israeli occupation forces and military tanks opened fire and shot them down.
    ​ A Palestinian man carrying the body of his son, who was martyred when “Israel” opened fire on people waiting for aid. [Images not an option today]–kills-palestinians-waiting-for-aid-in-another-flour

    ​ The Israeli government has designated nearly 2,000 acres in the West Bank as state-owned land, in a move described by rights groups as the biggest land grab on occupied Palestinian territories in decades.
    ​ The expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank is illegal under international law. In 2016, the UN Security Council described them as “a major obstacle to the vision of two States living side-by-side in peace and security.”
    ​ Nevertheless, Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich argued that the declaration of state-owned land in the Jordan Valley on Friday was “an important and strategic issue.”
    ​ “While there are those in Israel and the world who seek to undermine our right to Judea and Samaria and the country in general, we promote the settlement movement with hard work and in a strategic manner across the country,” Smotrich said in a statement, as quoted by the Times of Israel.

    John Day

    This resolution calls on Hamas to give up all remaining Israeli military and police POWs/”hostages” immediately. Netanyahu has assured that any ceasefire will be temporary.
    ​ The United Nations Security Council today voted in favour of an immediate ceasefire in Gaza during (the month of) Ramadan ‘leading to a permanent sustainable ceasefire’, after the US abstained.

    LIVE UPDATES: UN Security Council demands immediate ceasefire in Gaza

    ​ The US had repeatedly blocked Security Council resolutions that put pressure on Israel but has increasingly shown frustration with its ally as civilian casualties mount and the UN warns of impending famine in Gaza.
    ​ Speaking after the vote, US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield blamed Hamas for the delay in passing a ceasefire resolution.
    “We did not agree with everything with the resolution,” which she said was the reason why the US abstained.
    “Certain key edits were ignored, including our request to add a condemnation of Hamas.”,for%20the%20resolution%20on%20Monday.

    ​ Candace Owens Out at Daily Wire After Criticizing Israel
    “My crime, is that I do not believe that American taxpayers should have to pay for Israel’s wars or the wars of any other country.”

    ​ 3 more journalists killed in Israel’s attacks on Gaza
    Another three Palestinian journalists were killed in fresh Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip on Saturday, bringing the death toll to 136 since 7 October 2023, Anadolu Agency reports.
    ​ A statement by the media office identified the slain journalists as Muhammad Al-Rifi, Abdul Rahman Saima, and Mahmoud Imad Issa.
    ​ In an earlier statement, the office said “Israel deliberately killed journalists in Gaza in order to silence the voice of Palestinians, to hide the facts, and to prevent information from reaching the regional and international public.”​
    Relatives, loved ones and colleagues of Al-Aqsa TV anchor and journalist Mohammed Salamah, who was killed in an Israeli army attack on a house, attend his funeral ceremony held in front of Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir Al Balah of Gaza [Images not supported today]

    3 more journalists killed in Israel’s attacks on Gaza

    John Day

    RFK Jr. says that despite Israel’s genocidal bombing of 30,000-plus Gaza civilians, Israel is still a “moral” nation

    ​ War on Gaza: More young Americans favour Palestinians than Israelis, new poll says​ [Main 3 POTUS candidates: Same Genocide, different excuses.]
    Pew poll finds that half of Americans don’t know the Palestinian or Israeli death toll in Gaza war

    ​ Majority of Biden Voters Now Want Michelle Obama to Run
    ​ According to a Redfield and Wilton Strategies poll, “46 percent of eligible voters would support the attorney and wife of former President Barack Obama if she decided to run for the White House.”​ The survey found that three-quarters of Biden voters support Michelle Obama.

    Majority of Biden Voters Now Want Michelle Obama to Run

    ​ US funding cut harms Palestinian refugees: UN agency
    ​ “In Gaza, the humanitarian community is racing against the clock to avert famine,” UNRWA Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini said on X.
    ​ “As the backbone of the humanitarian response, any gap in funding to UNRWA will compromise access to food, shelter, primary health care & education at a time of deep trauma.”
    ​ The US is the largest donor to UNRWA, providing the refugee agency with $300-$400 million annually.
    ​ In January, Washington and several Western countries “temporarily paused” funding to the agency following Israeli allegations that some of UNRWA employees were involved in the Hamas attack on Oct. 7, 2023.​ [Later clarified as confessions-under-Israeli-torture]
    ​ On Saturday, the US Congress approved legislation banning UNRWA funding until March 2025.

    US funding cut harms Palestinian refugees: UN agency

    John Day

    ​ The Language Of Force: How The Police State Muzzles Our Right To Speak Truth To Power​ (Tyrants don’t like people who speak truth to power.​)
    ​ “If the state could use [criminal] laws not for their intended purposes but to silence those who voice unpopular ideas, little would be left of our First Amendment liberties, and little would separate us from the tyrannies of the past or the malignant fiefdoms of our own age. The freedom to speak without risking arrest is ‘one of the principal characteristics by which we distinguish a free nation.’”
    ​ – Justice Neil Gorsuch, dissenting, Nieves v. Bartlett (2019)

    ​ ‘LGBT movement’ added to Russia’s terrorist list
    Banks are now obliged to freeze funds and suspend services to persons and groups associated with the grouping, which critics say is hard to define​
    ​ According to ​Interfax sources, the law “does not affect the right of citizens to privacy and will not entail any negative legal consequences.” The restrictions are related to the need to comply with the ban on LGBT propaganda, advertising, generating interest, and involvement in the LGBT movement, the outlet said.​..
    ..The move follows a ruling by the country’s Supreme Court last November that upheld the Ministry of Justice’s recognition of the “international LGBT movement” as extremist.
    ​ Judges also recognized its structural divisions as fitting the same description and banned them; a move that representatives of the gay community said they feared would lead to a clampdown.
    ​ Earlier this week, a court ordered the arrest of an administrator and the art director of a gay bar in the city of Orenburg, after they were charged with violating a ban on LGBTQ ‘propaganda’.
    ​ According to the law, banks are required to freeze the funds of persons included on the list and suspend services to them. However, critics have argued that there is no specific international LGBT moment and that for that reason the wording is difficult to interpret…​
    ..In 2022, Russia expanded an existing ban on ‘LGBT propaganda’ to minors by outlawing it altogether.

    ​Meryl Nass MD has gotten to be really clear and succinct, explaining WHO global governance coup through Pandemic Treaty and International Health Regulation Amendments:
    My talk to the National Health Federation​ , A 16 minute quickie on the WHO and global agenda

    ​ Doctors For COVID Ethics present autopsy study findings, August 19 2022 , Vascular and organ damage induced by mRNA vaccines: irrefutable proof of causality
    ​ This article summarizes evidence from experimental studies and from autopsies of patients deceased after vaccination. The collective findings demonstrate that
    mRNA vaccines don’t stay at the injection site by instead travel throughout the body and accumulate in various organs,
    mRNA-based COVID vaccines induce long-lasting expression of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein in many organs,
    ​Vaccine-induced expression of the spike protein induces autoimmune-like inflammation,
    ​Vaccine-induced inflammation can cause grave organ damage, especially in vessels, sometimes with deadly outcome.

    Vascular and organ damage induced by mRNA vaccines: irrefutable proof of causality

    ​ Epidemiology of Acute Myocarditis/Pericarditis in Hong Kong Adolescents Following Comirnaty Vaccination
    ​ There is a significant increase in the risk of acute myocarditis/pericarditis following Comirnaty vaccination among Chinese male adolescents, especially after the second dose.

    John Day

    ​ Endocrine Disruptors Galore: How Plastic Food Packaging May Be Wreaking Havoc on Your Health
    Norwegian researchers reported that chemicals leaching from plastic food packaging may cause more concerning and widespread harm to health than previously realized, including developmental problems and hormone-related cancers.​..
    ​..[Researchers used the term “chemical features” 37 times in their paper, they did not define the term, nor is it standard organic chemistry jargon. The term is assumed to include the presence of a chemical, its concentration, plus its breakdown products, its concentrations and the presence or absence of other chemicals or features.]
    ​ On that basis, the researchers detected 2,146 unique chemicals and 25,511 features — 16,846 in the seven PUR and PVC samples, and 8,665 in the 29 PE, PET, PP and PS samples.
    ​ The number of features differed among plastic food packaging products, however, with as few as 37 features in an HDPE container and as many as 9,936 in cling wrap.
    ​ Unsurprisingly, plastics that required the addition of more chemicals during their manufacture had more identifiable chemical components and more chemical features. Among the plastics studied, HDPE ​(high density polyethylene) had the fewest features (616) followed by PET​ (polyethylene terephthalate) (1,320), PS ​(Styrofoam/polystyrene) (2,284), PP​ (polypropylene) (2,711), LDPE ​(low density polyethylene) (5,495), PVC ​(polyvinylchloride) (12,683) and PUR ​(polyurethane) (13,004).​..
    ​..Extractions from 33 of the 36 plastic objects sampled interfered with at least one receptor.
    ​ The leading receptor target was PXR, which was affected by 33 extracts and solely by eight. This was not surprising given the large number of roles this receptor plays in cellular detoxification and its ability to associate with a wide range of biomolecules.
    ​ PXR also is involved in maintaining the body’s energy balance and inflammation. Since pharmaceuticals interfering with PXR have been associated with hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol and heart disease), it’s reasonable to assume plastics can do the same.
    ​ PXR effects also rose as the number of chemical features grew, leading the researchers to conclude that screening for PXR activity “provides a good initial representation of the general toxicity as well as the chemical complexity of mixtures of plastic chemicals.”
    ​ Twenty-three extracts affected PPARγ, the second-leading target, with the strongest activation from LDPE and PVC extracts. PPARγ is the master regulator of adipogenesis — the formation and accumulation of fat cells — and its activation has been implicated in obesity and metabolic disorders.
    ​ Eighteen extracts activated the estrogen receptor, with the strongest effects coming from PS (polystyrene​/Styrofoam) samples and containers of frozen blueberries and yogurt.

    Endocrine Disruptors Galore: How Plastic Food Packaging May Be Wreaking Havoc on Your Health

    ​ Tennessee Senate passes bill to ban chemtrail spraying while corporate media pretends geoengineering doesn’t exist
    ​A new clean air bill passed by the Tennessee Senate contains language that prohibits geoengineering, also known as chemtrails, across the Volunteer State.
    ​ In order to create cleaner skies in Tennessee, the state senate included language in the bill that prohibits the “intentional injection, release, or dispersion, by any mean, of chemicals, chemical compounds, substances or apparatus within the border of this state into the atmosphere with the express purpose of affecting temperature, weather, or the intensity of sunlight.”

    ​I like Willie Soon Ph.D. who shows the long geological timescale correlation between solar energy incident on our planet, correlated with oceanic temperatures. It’s tight.
    Climate the Movie​ , Excellent new documentary about the absurdity behind climate alarmism

    Oil Surges As US Production Unexpectedly Tumbles After Shale Merger Wave Fizzles; Russia Orders Companies To Cut Production

    ​ Why Is The National Guard Being Deployed During The Great American Eclipse On April 8th?
    ​ On April 8th, millions of Americans will be traveling to locations where they will be in the path of the total solar eclipse. Oklahoma is being touted as one of the best states for that, and it is being reported that the Oklahoma National Guard “will provide first responders as well as units with hazmat response capabilities”…
    ​..At least four states within the path of totality have urged residents to stock up on groceries before the eclipse. Some officials have already issued disaster declarations ahead of the event, and some schools have decided to close, citing student safety.
    ​ Texas officials have issued a slew of warnings, including that people living within the path of totality should stock up on groceries and gas and run any errands—such as filling prescriptions—in the days before the eclipse. One official also urged pet owners to stock up on supplies for their animals.

    Why Is The National Guard Being Deployed During The Great American Eclipse On April 8th?


    “If this country was a restaurant and 330 million people walked in, half of the country would be allergic to half of the menu.”

    Is this a plea to unite around RFK Jr’s support of the Jews as owners and the Jew-land genocide? Killing children in Gaza while running Children’s Health Defense which should be renamed Jew Children’s Health Defense. RFK Jr is in the gutter, occasionally wiping himself off to try to appeal, but still in the gutter. Still, Rowe is right, the country is divided (duh, you think so?), but the country also has no morality, so it has more than division to fix.

    D Benton Smith

    After America’s extremely blatant demonstration of raw malice in the Crocus City Hall massacre, what happens next?

    First off, consider how quickly that most people saw through the lackadaisical denials and misdirection to reach the conclusion that the Crocus City Hall cold blooded murders were the work of CIA operating via its usual front groups. Secondly consider the consequence of such a fact really sinking in. Everybody still capable of rubbing two neurons together now knows, PUBLICLY, that the United States Government, without reason or excuse, SLAUGHTERED hundreds of completely innocent human beings just to make point of the fact of being able and willing to do so. In other words, straight up terrorism.

    The next thing they figure out is that people who even CAN do such things are homicidal psychopaths of the worst sort who must be eliminated from society as quickly as possible. And the FINAL thing they all figure out is that for the first time in countless centuries the people of the world CAN and ARE running down, containing and eliminating those psychos at last.

    That’s a major recalculation of who is going to win and who is going to lose, and it ain’t rocket science to figure out what happens after that.


    The 7 major ways China has changed between 2019 and 2024

    Wow, another white guy has something good to say about China, a white guy who has been to China and seen the place for himself, the cities at least. I’m a bit taken aback.


    My take away from this topic is that western propaganda regarding China has been very effective. Or maybe the last to fall. Fall it will. Fall it has to me.

    Dr D Rich

    Scott Ritter doesn’t no shit about special forces



    D Benton Smith

    “… That’s a major recalculation …”

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