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Henri Matisse Odalisque couchée aux magnolias 1923


German MPs Suggest NATO Impose No-Fly Zone Over Western Ukraine (RT)
David Cameron: NATO Won’t Shoot Down Russian Missiles Over Ukraine (Sp.)
Ukraine’s Air Defense From NATO Territory? German MPs Give the Green Light (Sp.)
Putin Removes Shoigu As Russian Defense Minister (RT)
Putin Proposes Belousov As Shoigu’s Replacement: About Cabinet Reshuffle (TASS)
Kremlin Explains Decision To Change Defense Minister (RT)
Russia’s Top Security Official Dismissed (RT)
The Appearance of Michael Cohen: A Wreck in Search of a Race (Turley)
Lindsey Graham Urges Israel To Bomb Gaza Like Hiroshima (RT)
We Should All Be Stoics Now (Pepe Escobar)






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Germany’s in no position to enforce it.

German MPs Suggest NATO Impose No-Fly Zone Over Western Ukraine (RT)

German lawmakers from both the ruling coalition and the opposition support the idea of NATO imposing a no-fly zone over western Ukraine amid the conflict with Russia, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) has reported. For its article on Saturday, the paper asked members of parliament about the proposal, earlier floated by the defense minister’s chief of staff, Nico Lange, who suggested that Russian missiles and drones targeting Ukrainian energy infrastructure and military installations could be shot down from the territory of neighboring Poland and Romania. According to Lange, this would lead to the creation of a 70-km-wide safe zone on the border between the EU and Ukraine, while also allowing Kiev to re-deploy its own air defense systems, which are in short supply, from the west of the country to the front line.

“Defending the airspace over Ukraine from Poland and Romania should not be ruled out in the long term,” Anton Hofreiter, a member of parliament for the Green Party, which is part of the German coalition, told FAZ. However, such a move is “not up for debate” at the moment as the current priority for the West is to supply Ukraine with “significantly more” arms and ammunition, he stressed. Marcus Faber from the Free Democratic Party (FDP), also in the ruling coalition, agreed that the “airspace over the Ukrainian border regions” could be “protected by air defenses on NATO territory.” According to Faber, this would only be “possible” if the West can secure enough ammunition for the air defense systems. A lawmaker for the opposition Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Roderich Kiesewetter, also said Kiev’s Western backers could shoot down Russian drones over western Ukraine. “This would relieve the Ukrainian air defense and enable it to protect the front,” he explained.

Kiesewetter recalled how the US, UK and France assisted Israel with countering a large-scale bombardment by Iran in April, saying it showed that countries can provide such help to their allies without actually becoming “a party to the conflict.” In March, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that the US-made F-16 fighter jets that the West is planning to supply to Ukraine will be targeted at airfields in NATO countries if they are going to operate from there. Earlier this week, Russia said it would conduct tactical nuclear weapons drills as a warning to the US and its allies not to escalate the Ukraine conflict. The announcement followed a suggestion by Poland of potentially hosting US nuclear weapons, and remarks by French President Emmanuel Macron about the possibility of sending French and other NATO soldiers to Ukraine.

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Won’t shoot down a thing.

David Cameron: NATO Won’t Shoot Down Russian Missiles Over Ukraine (Sp.)

Moscow earlier warned European leaders from intentionally stirring up tensions around the situation in Ukraine now that they know perfectly well that the Kiev regime is on the verge of total breakdown. British Foreign Secretary David Cameron has ruled out the possibility of NATO forces intercepting Russian missiles over Ukraine. Speaking to The Times, Cameron cited “many” allegedly “non-escalatory things” the UK “can do,” like supplying anti-tank weapons, tanks, and long-range artillery to the Kiev regime — military aid that Russia has repeatedly warned would only exacerbate the Ukraine conflict. “But the one thing we have to try to avoid is NATO forces in conflict with Russian forces,” Cameron stressed. “And that’s why, from the start, I’ve said I don’t think we can do a no-fly zone or NATO interception into Ukraine.”

At the same time, he argued that with NATO soldiers “not directly fighting off” Russian servicemen, any aid to Ukraine by the alliance is “acceptable. The British foreign secretary spoke after an array of German MPs backed the idea of NATO “cross-border” anti-aircraft units downing Russian missiles in Ukrainian airspace, something they claimed could “relieve the burden on Ukrainian air defenses and allow them to protect the front line.” Nico Lange, senior researcher at the Munich Security Conference, earlier insisted in a televised interview that NATO allies should use their “numerous” Patriot anti-aircraft systems to destroy “all Russian missiles and drones” over Ukraine from the territory of Poland. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov pointed out that Europeans are deliberately stoking tensions over Ukraine because they realize that Kiev’s forces face a complete collapse amid Russia’s ongoing offensive. “The moment is very important and, of course, this is very provocative on their part,” Peskov warned.

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“..NATO allies should use “the numerous” Patriot anti-aircraft systems to down “all Russian missiles and drones” over Ukraine from the territory of Poland…”

Ukraine’s Air Defense From NATO Territory? German MPs Give the Green Light (Sp.)

Despite Western aid, the Ukrainian military is reportedly already running low on air defense systems as Russian forces continue to successfully advance on several key areas of the front line. Several German MPs have approved the idea of Western “cross-border” anti-aircraft units shooting down Russian missiles over Ukraine n”This would relieve the burden on Ukrainian air defenses and allow them to protect the front line,” Roderich Kiesewetter of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) argued, according to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper. He referred to the US, the UK and France helping Israel repulse Iran’s massive missile attack in April, which Kiesewetter claimed shows that “the involved states do not necessarily have to become ‘warring parties’ to a conflict.” Agnieszka Brugger of the Alliance 90/The Greens party insisted that “it’s OK to station air defense systems at the borders of Ukraine’s neighboring nations so that the western parts of the country can also be protected.”

“Ukraine’s air defense from Poland and Romania should not be ruled out in the long term,” Brugger’s colleague Anton Hofreiter said. But this is “not up for debate” currently because the current priority is to deliver “significantly more” military equipment and ammunition to Ukraine as part of Western aid, he added. “The airspace over the Ukrainian border regions” could in principle “be protected by air defense systems stationed on NATO territory,” Marcus Faber from the Free Democratic Party said. But he admitted that “[air defense] batteries and rockets are already in short supply.” The remarks come after Nico Lange, senior researcher at the Munich Security Conference, stated in an interview with the Tagesschau TV news program that NATO allies should use “the numerous” Patriot anti-aircraft systems to down “all Russian missiles and drones” over Ukraine from the territory of Poland.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has, meanwhile, stressed that Europeans are deliberately stirring up tensions around the situation in Ukraine because they realize the fact that Kiev faces a complete collapse. “The moment is very important and, of course, this is very provocative on their [Europeans’] part,” Peskov added. The Washington Post earlier reported that Ukraine’s “dwindling air defense capabilities are showing vulnerabilities, as more Russian missiles and drones are able to hit targets such as [Kiev’s] critical infrastructure facilities.” Western countries have ramped up military and financial aid to the Kiev regime since the start of the Russian special military operation, with Moscow condemning the ongoing assistance as proof of a NATO proxy war with Russia.

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He had the job since 2012. Major shuffle.

Putin Removes Shoigu As Russian Defense Minister (RT)

President Vladimir Putin has proposed that Sergei Shoigu be replaced as Minister of Defense of Russia by acting First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov, the Federation Council said on Sunday evening. Shoigu has been appointed Secretary of the Russian Security Council. Senators are scheduled to engage in consultations regarding the nominees put forth by the president during committee sessions on May 13 and during a Federation Council meeting on May 14, as announced by the upper house of the Russian parliament.

No further alterations have been made to the roster of candidates Putin has submitted for cabinet positions. His nominations include Vladimir Kolokoltsev for the position of interior minister, Alexander Kurenkov for minister of emergency situations, Sergey Lavrov for foreign minister, and Konstantin Chuichenko for justice minister. Denis Manturov, who served as deputy prime minister and head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade during Putin’s last term in office, has been nominated for the position of first deputy prime minister.

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New Defense Minister Belousov is an economist.
“..the need of “making the economy of the security bloc part of the country’s economy.”

Putin Proposes Belousov As Shoigu’s Replacement: About Cabinet Reshuffle (TASS)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed appointing Andrey Belousov, who previously served as the first deputy prime minister, as Russia’s new defense minister. Russia’s current defense chief Sergey Shoigu will replace Nikolay Patrushev as the Security Council Secretary. Other heads of security ministries and services, as well as Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, will retain their posts in the government. The president has also proposed appointing Boris Kovalchuk as the Chairman of the Accounts Chamber. This post has been vacant for one year and a half. TASS has summed up information about the cabinet reshuffle.

Sergey Shoigu, who has headed the Russian Defense Ministry since 2012, has been appointed Secretary of the Security Council. Putin has proposed appointing Andrey Belousov as Russia’s new defense chief. Belousov earlier served as minister of economic development, Russian presidential aide for economic issues and the first deputy prime minister, who oversaw the economic bloc. Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that the decision to appoint Belousov as the defense minister is linked to the need of “making the economy of the security bloc part of the country’s economy.” Now the budget of the defense ministry is nearing the level of the 1980s, “which is not critical but <...> extremely important.”

Chief of Russia’s General Staff Valery Gerasimov will retain his post, Peskov stressed. Belousov’s appointment “will in no way change the current coordinate system” in terms of defense issues, he noted.As the Russian Security Council Secretary, Shoigu will among other issues oversee the work of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, which recently became directly subordinated to the president. Apart from that, Shoigu will also become the president’s deputy in the Military-Industrial Commission. Now Putin is its chair, while Dmitry Medvedev is his first deputy in this body.

Patrushev was relieved from his duties in connection with his new post, according to the presidential decree. The Kremlin will announce further details about his new position “in the coming few days,” Peskov said. Putin has proposed that the other heads of ministries and agencies of the security and foreign policy bloc should retain their posts. Thus, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev, Minister of Emergency Situations Alexander Kurenkov and Justice Minister Konstantin Chuychenko will keep performing their duties. Other officials who will retain their posts are Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service Sergey Naryshkin, the heads of Russia’s Federal Security Service and Federal Protective Service, Alexander Bortnikov and Dmitry Kochnev, as well as the head of National Guard (Rosgvardiya) Viktor Zolotov.

Alexander Lints will remain head of the Main Department for the President’s Special Programs (he is in charge of developing and implementing the state policy in the field of mobilization issues and planning respective events). Putin has also proposed appointing Boris Kovalchuk as the Chairman of the Accounts Chamber. This post has been vacant since November 2022 when Alexey Kudrin tendered his resignation. The chairman of the Accounts Chamber is appointed by the Federation Council. Kovalchuk was one of three candidates suggested for the president by Russia’s upper house speaker Valentina Matviyenko. In 2010-2024, Kovalchuk was Chairman of the Board of Inter RAO. In March 2024, he was appointed deputy head of the control directorate in the Russian presidential administration.

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“Conflicts today are won by those “open to innovations,” presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said..”

Kremlin Explains Decision To Change Defense Minister (RT)

Andrei Belousov would be the best person to deal with the issues faced by the Russian military nowadays when it comes to their economic needs, the Kremlin spokesman told journalists on Sunday. Earlier, President Vladimir Putin named the former first deputy prime minister as his pick for the defense minister’s position. An economist by education, Belousov has long worked with the Russian government in various capacities but had previously dealt with civilian matters only. He served as Russia’s Economic Development Minister between 2012 and 2013 and worked as the president’s economic aide between 2013 and 2020 before taking over the position of the first deputy prime minister, which he held until May 7. When asked about the seemingly unconventional choice for the head of the defense ministry, Peskov replied that the “battlefield is now dominated by those who are more open to innovations and are [ready] to introduce them in the fastest way possible.”

The Kremlin spokesman also said that, with the Russian military budget rapidly growing, “it is very important to integrate the economy of the [military] into the national economy.” According to Peskov, the Russian military budget has grown from 3% to 6.7% of the national GDP since the start of the Ukraine conflict. It was not “critical” for the Russian economy but the situation still started to resemble the late Soviet era, when the USSR’s military expenditure amounted to 7.4% of its GDP, he added. Such a situation was still “extremely important” and demanded an adequate response from the authorities, the Kremlin spokesman added. Belousov is not just a “civilian person,” Peskov maintained, adding that he had proven to be “quite successful at leading the Economic Development Ministry” and then worked as an economic aide to the president “for a long time.” “The Defense Ministry should be absolutely open to innovations, to the introduction of the most advanced ideas and the creation of conditions favorable to economic competitiveness,” the Kremlin spokesman said.

Earlier, the Russian Federation Council revealed that Putin had proposed replacing the current acting defense minister, Sergey Shoigu, with Belousov. The Senators are scheduled to consider the nominees put forth by the president on May 13 and 14. Shoigu was appointed Secretary of the Russian Security Council by a presidential decree on Sunday. Commenting on the appointment, Peskov said that the former defense minister would act as the deputy head of the defense industry committee. Shoigu has a good knowledge of the field since he’s already been “deeply involved” in the work of the Russian defense industry and “is well aware of the production rates” required of each specific enterprise, he added.

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New blood all along…

Russia’s Top Security Official Dismissed (RT)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree appointing Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu as secretary of the Security Council, where he will replace Nikolai Patrushev, the Kremlin said Sunday. Another decree suspended Patrushev from his post. According to Spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Putin opted to assign a “civilian” to lead the Defense Ministry, citing the necessity for the agency to embrace innovation and progressive concepts. Peskov further mentioned that Shoigu, in his capacity as secretary of the Security Council, will serve as the president’s deputy within the commission on the military-industrial complex.

The Kremlin’s spokesman added that Valery Gerasimov, the head of the General Staff of the Defense Ministry, will remain in his current role. Peskov noted that it will be revealed in the coming days who Nikolai Patrushev’s successor will be after his departure from the position of Security Council secretary. It was previously revealed that among the candidates nominated by Putin for cabinet positions in the government reshuffle, acting First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov was tapped to take on the role of Minister of Defense. During the president’s most recent term in office, he oversaw the socio-economic sector.

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“..Bragg first has to show Merchan that someone claimed to have evidence directly tying Trump to an intentional fraudulent scheme to conceal a crime. Thus far, Bragg is not even close..”

The Appearance of Michael Cohen: A Wreck in Search of a Race (Turley)

Michael Cohen is to criminal justice what car crashes are to Nascar: few want to admit it, but he is the perverse draw for the wreck-obsessed. The difference is that Cohen was already a rolling smoking wreck when he pulled up to the track. Even for those of us who have long been critics of this case and its dubious legal theory, it has been surprising to see that the prosecutors had no more evidence than what which we previously knew about. The assumption was that no rational prosecutor would base a major criminal case virtually entirely on the testimony of Michael Cohen who was just recently denounced by a judge as a serial perjurer peddling “perverse” theories in court. The calculus of Alvin Bragg is now obvious. He is counting on the jury convicting Trump regardless of the evidence. He believes that all he needs is to check the boxes on the elements of the crime, no matter how unbelievable the vehicle.

The reason is that Bragg likely fears a directed verdict more than a jury verdict. After the government closes its evidence, the defense will move for a direct verdict on the basis that the evidence is insufficient to sustain a conviction. In other words, when the prosecution rests this week, Trump’s counsel will stand and ask Merchan to end the case before it is even given to the jury. Many of us agree with that assessment. After three weeks of testimony, there is still confusion on what crime Trump was allegedly seeking to cover up. Bragg has vaguely referred to using the denotation of payments to Daniels as “legal expenses” as a fraud committed to steal the election. However, the election was over when those denotations were made.

Moreover, many believe that such a characterization for payments related to a nondisclosure agreement was accurate. (Hillary Clinton’s campaign claimed in the same election that hiding the funding for the Steele dossier as legal expenses was perfectly accurate). Judge Juan Merchan, in my view, has failed repeatedly to protect the rights of the accused in this case. However, he can claim that there was enough alleged to give Bragg the chance to make his case. Thus far he has not done so and, if he is truly neutral, Merchan should grant the motion.

Bragg is counting on not only a motivated jury but a motivated judge to keep this anemic case alive. All he hopes that he needs to do is get this to a Trump-loathing jury to set aside any reasonable doubt. To do that, he found the ultimate motivated witness with a record of saying whatever serves his interests and those of his sponsors. Even with a New York jury, however, you cannot assume that every juror will jettison doubt when it comes to the unpopular defendant. Yet, Bragg first has to show Merchan that someone claimed to have evidence directly tying Trump to an intentional fraudulent scheme to conceal a crime. Thus far, Bragg is not even close. Indeed, many of his witnesses helped Trump more than they hurt him on the actual charges. Bragg started with testimony on the killing of a story by David Pecker, former publisher of the National Enquirer tabloid, on an uncharged transaction to kill a story of a Trump affair with a different woman, Karen McDougal, a former Playboy model.

The relevancy was marginal but the testimony backfired in that Pecker admitted that Trump told him that he knew nothing about any reimbursement to Cohen for any hush money. He further said that he had killed or raised such stories with Trump for decades before he ever announced for president. He also said that he had killed stories for other celebrities and politicians, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Rahm Emanuel and Mark Wahlberg. For good measure, Pecker noted that Cohen often exaggerates and became loud and argumentative. Witnesses said that Trump likely had a mix of motivations including sparing his family from embarrassment. Daniels’ own counsel contradicted the prosecution’s reference to the payment as “hush money.” Prosecutors now need Cohen to check virtually every box on his own. It is not enough to say that Trump wanted the hush up the alleged affair. That is no crime and NDAs are common and legal.

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“..Secretary of State Antony Blinken admitted on Sunday that Israel has failed to show any “credible plan” to get civilians out of harm’s way..”

Lindsey Graham Urges Israel To Bomb Gaza Like Hiroshima (RT)

Israel must do whatever needs to be done to win its “existential” war with Hamas, just like the United State was “justified” to disregard civilian casualties when it droped nuclear bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) has claimed. The Israeli military is facing increased international scrutiny as its military operation in Gaza enters its eighth month, claiming the lives of more than 34,000 Palestinians. However, Graham argued in an interview with NBC News on Sunday that Hamas is to blame for the bulk of civilian casualties, and urged Israel to continue fighting until a decisive victory is achieved, no matter the cost. “When we were faced with destruction as a nation after Pearl Harbor, fighting the Germans and the Japanese, we decided to end the war by bombing Hiroshima, Nagasaki, with nuclear weapons,” Graham stated.

“So, Israel, do whatever you have to do to survive as a Jewish state. Whatever you have to do,” he added. While Graham did not call for the use of actual nuclear weapons in Gaza, he made a similar controversial comparison during a subcommittee hearing earlier in the week, referring to Israel’s war with Hamas as “Hiroshima and Nagasaki on steroids.” The White House recently suspended the supply of some of the larger-payload bombs that Israel could use in its new offensive in the southern Gaza city of Rafah, outraging West Jerusalem’s staunch supporters. “Give Israel the bombs they need to end the war they can’t afford to lose, and work with them to minimize casualties,” Graham said.

Washington has acknowledged its “reasonable” concerns that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) may have violated international humanitarian law while using American weapons, but a new US State Department report failed to pin-point any specific violations. Secretary of State Antony Blinken admitted on Sunday that Israel has failed to show any “credible plan” to get civilians out of harm’s way. President Joe Biden vowed not to support a “major” military operation in Rafah with US weapons, but indicated that Israel’s “limited” invasion has yet to cross Washington’s red line. On Friday, Israel’s war cabinet approved a “measured expansion” of the ground operation in Rafah, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledging to continue the military campaign and “fight with our fingernails” even without US weapons.

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“Sail away. Be Stoic. The complete antidote to the current insanity.”

We Should All Be Stoics Now (Pepe Escobar)

The great dilemma across the modern West that opposes free will – so eulogized by the bourgeois revolution – to the Law of an Omniscient God, omni-powerful, Mesopotamian, would seem quite pathetic to the Stoics. They would say there’s no problem in solving the exercizes of human will within a framework of possibilities created by an original Higher God; and the same applies for the lesser gods, local, regional. The result is the enchainment of Destiny. And on this enchainment, the Higher God exercizes His will. Seneca, in his Epistles, presented us with how Cleanthes approached this tension between human will and divine will with a remarkable sense of humor:
Destiny (or Zeus) conduces those of good will;
Those of bad will, He drags.
(Epistles 107.11)

So we started with the sound of the wind in the Gulf of Morbihan evoking Plato’s pneuma; but the synchronicity had actually started days before in Rio, when prior to one of my recent conferences in Brazil I was presented with a precious essay by Ciro Moroni who essentially revived Pearson’s nearly forgotten 1891 gem. I read Moroni’s essay on a flight to Salvador, the Brazilian Africa, and in a white fort facing the deep blue South Atlantic sea, silently praised his role as part of the “educated people’ that Western civilization cultivated until the mid-20th century”. This column owes as much to an educated man in Rio as to classicist Pearson and the Stoic posse. Until recently, across the collective West, Stoics were packaged in a bundle, alongside Epicureans and Skeptics, as if they were mere variations of a quite eclectic period, Hellenism.

These three philosophical strands would look like the equivalent of a cultural response to Platonists and Aristotelians, who would be credited as the foundational currents of Hellenism in Greek philosophical literature in the 6th, 5th and 4th century B.C. In an essay on the Stoics included in my previous book, Raging Twenties, I noted how the great ascetic Antisthenes was a companion of Socrates – and a precursor of the Stoics. The first Stoics took their name from the porch – stoa – in the Athenian market where Zeno of Citium used to hang out. Stoic specificity is a must. The collection of Stoic theses established by its founders was replicated for at least 5 centuries, non-stop, by authors from Athens and Alexandria to Rhodes and Rome – all the way to the Prince of the Romans, Marcus Aurelius, who wrote, in Greek, a devoted dissertation on the Stoic conduct.

Stoic tradition got some bashing by Plutarch because they did not actively participate on public matters and on war. But then Marcus Aurelius broke the mold – in an epic way. He was one of the five “enlightened” and quite successful emperors of the Antonine dynasty. Marcus Aurelius was an active Prince; a roving leader of this troops in several ops in the Danube; and while camping, he found time to write the legendary Meditations. Then we have Panecius from Rhodes – who was at the top around 145 B.C. Panecius was quite influential in Rome, and is considered a peripatetic Stoic-Platonic synthesizer, anticipating the way more famous Antiochus, who brought the stoa into the Academy, trying to show that Stoic beliefs featured heavily in Plato. By the way, the translation of stoa to porticus in Latin gave us “porch” in English and “portico” in Portuguese and Spanish.

Today we know there was a massively important movement of scientific, geographic and historical expansion of a new Greco-Roman synthesis from 200 B.C. to the year 200. This period may be easily compared to the Renaissance (roughly 1450-1600). Stoic themes are absolutely determinant in the Greco-Roman renaissance – even if they were traditionally obscured by Platonic theology or Aristotelian science. They were also neutralized in logic and epistemology by skeptical rhetoric and philosophical pessimism, and underestimated in ethics by Christian religious propaganda. Well, never underestimate the power of Heraclitus. Zeno and Cleanthes directly used Heraclitus to formulate their theses. Later on, Plotinus would come up with a legendary quote: “Ethereal Fire lies down, transforming itself”.

Jean-Joel Duhot, writing on Epictetus and Stoic wisdom, noted that Stoicism is not materialism: that would only make sense under the Platonic perspective of the rejection of matter. Anthony Long, an expert in Hellenistic Philosophy, got closer: Stoics are not materialists. They would be better described as vitalists. The Way, the Stoics tell us, is to own only the essentials, and to travel light. Lao Tzu would approve it. Wealth, status and power are ultimately irrelevant. Once again, Lao Tzu would approve it. So let’s finish, inevitably, where we began: by the sea, the wind – pneuma – on our sails. And let’s remember the Syrians – in many aspects quintessential Pilgrims of the Sea. Via Syrian colonies, papyrus, spices, ivory and luxury wines spread out all the way to, for instance, Bretagne. In Naples, Palermo, Carthage, Rome, even the Sea of Azov, Syrians and Greeks have been prime historical pilgrims on an ever-renewed Maritime Silk Road. Sail away. Be Stoic. The complete antidote to the current insanity.

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    Henri Matisse Odalisque couchée aux magnolias 1923   • German MPs Suggest NATO Impose No-Fly Zone Over Western Ukraine (RT) • David Cameron: NATO
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle May 13 2024]

    Dr D Rich

    Learnt about American Christians and Christianity on this blog today.
    An Epiphany…notice the capital ‘E’.
    The author, not-Scott-Ritter, even dropped the Jew-word.
    My God!
    As my neighbor exhorted, “jesus h Christ”.

    Monopolies…now there’s the obvious thing and it is celebrated. God bless the billionaires…by God I meant The Feds Jerome Powell bequeathing free money to said billionaire. A bequeathing that never causes inflation like the kind caused by giving money to the multitudes like Fish.
    Is it Jerome Powelll?

    Thank you for reference @Mr. House.

    Tim Morgan’s essay even without considering the comments left me with three prospects:
    1. Assess the height of the McNally bridge on 219?
    2. Sing hymns with my mother on Mother’s Day. Her favorite is still Eternal Father (strong to save, whose arms hath bound the restless waves, who bidst the mighty ocean deep, its own appointed limits keep , oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea)
    3. Or spout Tim Morgan’s style gibberish at my reflection in the bathroom mirror

    Here’s the most entertaining segments, at least to me, from Tim M.

      “..another out-of-the-blue shock forcing central bankers back into flooding the economy with liquidity…”

      “…financial system has been allowed to grow far more rapidly than the underlying economy itself, and this creates a wholly unsustainable set of trends which will lead to a drastic reset of the relationship between the economy and the financial system.”

      “This has happened because we’ve been trying to counter, whilst at the same time denying, structural deterioration in the global economy…”

      “…essence, we’ve been trying to overcome material economic deceleration with monetary stimulus, a technique that cannot work, but for which no alternative exists.”

      “…making credit cheap to service also means making it cheap to obtain. We need, but have yet to find, new tools for managing the supply of credit to the economy in ways that do not exacerbate systemic risk.”

    That either qualifies as some damn serious Hagiography to The Man or Dr. Morgan mistook the psychedelic mushroom stash for Planter’s peanuts…..



    Haven’t seen you comment before and noticed your use of the word “sacked” ….

    So, I suggest the TAE community check out a veritable Russian expert ( Andre Martyanov ) on the matter. for his credible take.

    But what do I know.


    I think I see what my problem with news volume is. Its the celticbiker variant of tolerance. Once you realize we are being abused with the same methods used for thousands of years, The news presented looks like a repeat and therefor not news. The window for todays news gets smaller and smaller. I used to have a dozen or so sites I read. Now just a few. The others had news, but it was the same old shit with a different victim. One by one I just stopped going there. Sort of like moving out of the denial stage.


    I will check Mr Martyanov later, but. Mr Shoigu moved from secretary of defense to head of their CIA. Or something like this. Its a great chance to mark western propaganda outlets. Its the ones that say “sacked”. And the man has had the spot 12 years. Putz.
    Remember the old joke about the USSR beating the US in the olympics? US came in second and USSR came in next to last.

    Dr. D

    “On CNN: “I doubt the New York indictment would have been brought against a defendant whose name was not Donald Trump.”

    Why am I reading this? Yes, the point of bringing this up is: it’s over. CNN is the one defending Trump and attacking the trial.

    Note what it took though. If Trump hadn’t patiently gone through it, demonstrating how stupid and ridiculous and discredited they are – let’s say he could take a hammer and smash the court – then we, the People, wouldn’t have gotten to this point. Psychologically. And also to “redeem” those last Left Blue people who couldn’t get it through their heads yet. A few hundred thousand more flipped, I think particularly the Black community.

    So CNN flips at Carville’s direction? The Alien Ant Farm hive-mind group-think? He’s saying “It’s not helping” so de dum de doop bop, pheromone release, de do beep beep, “We need to DO something!!!” at CNN? Yeah, actually that’s probably not far from how it works. Trump is the infinite bad (We all know), so therefore everything else follows.

    Yes, um, HOW did we determine he WAS the infinite bad again? Fill me in on that part.

    Tucker-Trudeau: Makes me ill to hear about, review that Covid fascism. Too bad, needs to be done. That’s why many don’t though: it makes them so mad they want to shoot things. Anyway, opening quote: “You don’t have to take the vax, that’s your free choice; however, you will have no rights and won’t be able to eat, work, travel…”

    Free Choice! Free world! Just that “free” speech doesn’t mean “Free from consequences” and there’s your kneecaps.

    “Richard Feynman explaining atoms and stars”

    That is fun and I love Feynman, but I learned that Feynman also described “Nuclear” energy as “Electrical”. Now maybe that doesn’t make him an “Electric world theory”, but he’s headed in or has a door open in that direction.

    “Germany’s in no position to enforce it.
    • German MPs Suggest NATO Impose No-Fly Zone Over Western Ukraine (RT)

    Great! Good idea!!! Two problems: One, IT WILL CAUSE WWIII. Oh but that’s only One. Two: YOU HAVE NOTHING THAT WILL DO THAT.

    So why don’t you get on your sneakers, jump to Mars, get a super space ray gun from Ming the Merciless, fly back here on a pterodactyl, and use the ray gun to transmorgify Putin into a potato, ‘cause that ain’t happening either.

    Jesus, every day now you have to re-introduce reality to people.

    Okay, to be more specific, Alexander points out that Russia is PATIENT. Very, very patient. More patient than any one of us in the West can DREAM to be. They have spent three years, a DECADE telling what will happen. Any planes taking off from a base into Ukraine, defines your entry as a combatant into the war and THAT BASE WILL BE NUKED. In Germany. In Poland. In London.

    Got it? They are sending F16s, Because 3 F16s from 1976 will conquer an island of 2 million people. Yup! They’re going to all give up. Three jets. “Don’t mispronoun us! We surrender!!!”

    Yes, re-introducing reality to everyone, everywhere.

    Now WHY will this work? Well, our three jets conquering an island the size of Massachusetts, having 2 Million people, will then DISCREDIT and EMBARRASS Putin. Who will then surrender. ‘Cause: Embarrassment, amirite?

    Re-introducing reality to everyone, everywhere.

    “• David Cameron: NATO Won’t Shoot Down Russian Missiles Over Ukraine (Sp.)

    Cameron is Prime Minister now. Again and again. Nice how you don’t vote for him and it happens anyway. You kick him out, cheer that finally, you won, the witch is dead, and he just comes back.

    ““non-escalatory things” the UK “can do,” like supplying anti-tank weapons, tanks, and long-range artillery to the Kiev regime”

    Training every soldier, paying every check, providing every weapon, giving every target, using every satellite, shooting every shell, that’s not “escalation” nor being a participant in the war.

    Re-introducing reality to everyone, everywhere.

    Note, what does this rely and depend on? A: Lies. Let me plant lies. The Father of Lies. Everything follows from there.
    “If I can get you to believe absurdities,” I can “Get you to commit atrocities” as we read daily in every news story. None of us normal people support or approve of this, but the lies have us mis-perceiving what’s going on.

    “• Ukraine’s Air Defense From NATO Territory? German MPs Give the Green Light (Sp.)

    Note the above.

    What’s going to happen? Well, they’re sending the F16s, they’re doing this.


    It HAS to happen, because as I said, Russia is very very patient. But also not kidding. I had a good idea: suppose Russia has them take out the Kersh Bridge, which has nearly no military function whatever, although “Times Radio” and all the “Thinkers” keep pretending it does. ‘Cause that’s “reality” and they don’t do that.

    Then Russia: KNOCKS OUT EVERY BRIDGE IN EUROPE. Like, every nation involved, Germany, Romania, England, etc, takes out a key bridge as a military asset, like near a base, allows motion of military goods, etc.

    What I want to do in this exercise is try to demonstrate Russia CAN “Communicate” to Europe, they have the ability, AND they don’t have to start WWIII as we know it. What would the people of, say e.g. France, think if bc they are involved in this ridiculous war they can’t afford, which now cost them nuclear power supply, have their A4 road cut in one place with zero or like 8 casualties?

    Nothing: they’ll agree with Russia and against Macron. Macron: we don’t want to be nuked, we don’t want a war at all. Knock it off or we’ll come up there an make you, say the Gilet Jeaunes.

    “• Putin Removes Shoigu As Russian Defense Minister (RT)

    Interesting. And they swapped Wagner when they took Africa, and swapped General Armageddon when they were launching an offensive. So it doesn’t have to mean anything, too few data points, but probably does.

    What’s the “Offensive” in Kharkov? Alexander points out that it’s too few men to attack, take, occupy Kharkov or Kharkov city. Okay. Also that Russia WARNED them, again and again, like above, Lay off attacking Main Street Belgorod. We’re patient, this is a war, but There are no military targets there.

    So it could be like this: YES, they want to stretch forces, so you attack somewhere and already in the middle is busy, nothing new there. So either north or south. They attack North, city, next to Kiev. Forces pull from Odessa, where you’re trying to attack NEXT. See? Here’s the thing though: like any Reconnaissance-in-force, IF YOU JUST GIVE US THE TERRITORY WE’LL TAKE IT. Like they MAY have massed and expected a lot of pushback.

    When it doesn’t happen, they are far more hollow than expected, well…we go forward until something stops us, see? And they did. So it was an “offensive” but maybe not an entirely expected one.

    And that leaves the next thing, YES they are asking for surrender from Kiev – not expecting it – but Kiev n’ co. are too comfortable, thinking they’re safe, nothing will happen, let the Hick Easterners fight and we’ll do cocaine. But once they pull allllllll the soldiers they’re going to, they’ll open the third on Odessa. Because they have to cross a mile-wide river there and that sucks.

    But when you have a million men not deployed, you have these options. It’s not genius. They can probably apply pressure anywhere and it would work, they chose this way. Outsiders, Duran, they’re like “Why didn’t they defend, defense line, etc??” …C’mon: because they don’t have the resources. They’re 1/10th the size, and relatively, they’re doing totally great. Amazing, heroic abilities. But they’re retards, ‘cause none of this will matter.

    “• Lindsey Graham Urges Israel To Bomb Gaza Like Hiroshima (RT)

    Of course he does. Olde time Republicans at work. We’ll fight anyone any where any time…as long as they are helpless goatherders throwing stones because none of our weapons work.

    Kept out of this because nothing’s changed, but say, the “Babylon Bee” is like “Worst. Genocide. Ever.” Where they tell you days ahead of time they’re coming, etc. Yeah, ha. ha. Except they TOLD them to leave Gaza city, then bombed them fleeing, TOLD them to go to Raffah, and are bombing that too. There is no “Safe Zone” if you are Palestinian. DEAD is your “safe zone. …That’s the definition of a genocide. Here we are again, as I said, no changes.

    AI targets it all, genius! …With 2,000lb “Dumb” bombs that are incapable of doing anything except leveling apartment blocks. Maybe even the right one, who knows? AI has targeted: “All objects in Gaza higher than 4 feet in elevation” and “all living creatures and their water”. Schmartz!

    Oh and Trump agrees. Aaaaaand why do you think we’re not for Trump, Trump followers as he’s our “leader”? He told us to like Bolton, we said no. He said take the vax, we said no. He said bomb Syria, we said no. He said support Israel, we said no. …Some leader. He’s our EMPLOYEE. So given our choices we’re deciding whether it’s strategic to fire him yet or not. Maybe so. Sorry the media reports it the Opposite, but the Media is always lying.

    If it’s the link I think it is, I like Tim Morgan. Also comment trying to derail him into conspiracies, or local wars, etc, he rejects: not his point, not useful. I appreciate. He’s also as a money-guy asking “Are these theories/additions actionable?” Do they make me not go broke in Wales in 2024?

    Without considering them however, you can’t understand/predict what’s really going on.

    Makes me think yes, all these things are the same. Same as 2000, same as 2008. “It’s going to crash!!!” Yes. Your world map isn’t wrong. But will it? I said so too and wrong by 24 years is as good as being dead, totally, completely wrong, is it not?

    What I missed in this was, IF the system as build by Greenspan and chained derivatives is bad, and WILL collapse, and the Government will try to bail them out, was the loss of CONFIDENCE it causes. That is, it has to do with the PEOPLE. The PEOPLE wouldn’t trust or put up with such danger/risk/behaviour. THAT was my hidden base assumption.

    That was totally wrong.

    They’re still saying it today, and it’s still never happening. Gold never rises. Bitcoin rises but “slowly” (fastest, highest commodity ever) and is slowly absorbed into the Borg and controlled. Copper or some such are mined at a loss for 20 years. Companies like Tesla run at a loss for decades. Iron miner Tinto (?) gives 11% dividends in a <5% world, no interest, no one cares.

    Not to say this CAN’T happen – it can – but apparently the human psychological realization of this runs on a very different unrelated track. Money HAS been stolen, from investors, whole major movies made about it (Big Short) front news for months (MF Global) all politicians involved, no effect. No alarm, no one changes their behavior. Example: least of all the Crypto boyz scalping a satoshi.

    That goes to the other part: drawing this map is part of “Game Theory”. Aha, but Game Theory depends on RULES of the “game”. What you realize now is, there ARE no rules to the Game. They make them up every minute, change them any time they want, reverse them, pass them, don’t pass them, like Calvinball. So WHAT game are you playing, predicting, when the “Game” has no rules but “I just said”?

    Again, this is constrained by the PEOPLE, freak out, get scared, take their money and stop playing with you. If you aren’t trustworthy, abuse them, change the rules all the time. But they don’t. They keep playing a game with no rules that they keep losing. So solution there, but you see the problem with predicting anything resulting from it.

    No wonder everyone is just FOMO the MOMO. Logic, Reason, #Logos, has all been suspended and may be for the rest of my life, doesn’t seem to be having any trouble now, does it?

    What is it that other guy says, “It Doesn’t pay to predict the end of the world because you can only do it once”? Yeah, as you know I’ve been predicting this for 20 years and wrong for 20 years on that pick. Time to adjust your antenna?

    Same here. His statements are great in the British careful, elegantly stated way, but strikes me that’s not must good because of this. …Worse, I think you need to be that smart, internalize a model that complicated only to be ABLE to do/take the NEXT step. That is, that WAS the Pot of Gold, end of horizon. Now getting to the end is only they beginning and I/we need another entire lifetime to add a third model as complicated as the last one to trade/win accurately.

    …That just seems too much for any human to accomplish.

    Dr. D

    I don’t have a very good idea on the news. Yes, Poppie. I think the Truth has a ring to it. We know it when we hear it. As you say, fewer and fewer even KNOW it, much less dare speak it, so there’s no “ring” to anything they say, no emotional response to us that says, “Yes! More.”

    This is like watching everyone do re-makes and cover songs, but no new songs. And that is also happening.

    Or rather, as I say of oil, etc, that is happening HERE. In Russia, China, Khazakstan, they are building sci-fi space future with towering uplifting buildings, space programs and jet-speed rails with silent electric cars. It’s the whole West, us, that is 3rd world or worse. I mean at least in Brazil you have young, active people and great beaches. We have nothing and no hope, just everything falling down. Same day every day. Like Prison Planet, working as designed. Boot on our face, forever. Same thing every day.

    And so with the news. It’s supposed to be the NEWs. It’s not NEW. It’s old, like no NEW in 25 or more years, and it shows.

    Like investing above, when you SAY something, reveal Congressmen as direct paid Chinese agents, um, that’s supposed to MATTER? Something CHANGES? Then you have the new? When a company is bankrupt they’re supposed to fail, chop up, change? Then you have the NEW?

    Nope. Nothing matters. Nothing changes. Nothing will ever change again. …And we may be old, imagine how Millennials feel!

    So why report the “News” when nothing happens because of it? When it’s the same news, same acts, same corruption as yesterday? No one learns, rakes everywhere, every day forever?

    Why? Because Reality still exists and still matters. Things ARE changing, they’re just all hidden and denied. We CAN decipher the news and find it. It’s just a 2nd or 3rd derivation of the game.


    Stoicism – Physics, Logic and Ethics
    The four great virtues: courage, justice, wisdom and temperance.

    little has changed since the man wandered the streets with a lit lantern in the daytime


    Dr D. The reason it is so difficult for game theory to work is that it is system prediction from outside. From inside it is much easier especially when you are a system driver. Think Soros. He doesn’t anticipate the play he makes the play As nasty as he is he is an agent of change – the storm in the system.
    Hillary and little boy Alex etc, they are small high pressure systems amplifying his endeavour to devour and accrue.
    Same with Gates. I mean they ran goddam simulations and test runs. They Gamed the theory.

    This is like watching everyone do re-makes and cover songs, but no new songs. And that is also happening.

    No that is the music version of CNN – it is monolithic and has captive ears but like Substack and X – Spotify has 900,000 uploads of new songs each week. I know because I have to stand in a que like a schmuck.


    Reader discretion advised I say uncooth things because I don’t drink with mates often enough to blow off sufficient steam- I’m working on a rap about NSA spyware etc. I stole and adapted one of Dr D’s lines for the bridge. (not in this current version). Not a cover version.

    on my phone NSA spies ever listening
    close Like Obama and the other dude ‘Kissenging’
    Done to Nixon one of the tricks son
    My data these fuckers suck till my dick cum

    Tracking of my mouth now down to my kiss tongue
    not young. getting done. like one in the bum
    no fun now never anon
    Anonymous hackin’ at my crack an they’re well hung

    shine like white nickelodeon starlet my
    Red hot arrow shoot over the target
    Then your little red light started blinkin’
    because I got busted critical thinking

    After a while we get a nice profile.
    Our case files minority report styles
    The watch list grows with another member
    Woulda watched my words but forgot to remember

    Listen up hear meh yeah I know you’re there
    Put me on a watch list I don’t care
    look Rihanna Hot shit on private share
    Took me dollar. What this trackin’ eye moves? Yeah.


    Evil Puppeteer Behind the Curtain:

    Evil Destroyers/puppets

    Benjamin Netanyahu
    Antony Blinken
    Lindsey Graham

    People power



    If water has this memory, as described, then…
    …there may be some real substance to homeopathy
    …I wonder about drinking rainwater?
    …how does one “structure” water? Play classical music for it before drinking? For how long?
    Very interesting idea.


    “God alone knows the future, but only an historian can alter the past.” ~ Ambrose Bierce


    Less news?

    Idunno, yes? Everything online is feeling increasingly opaque.

    I was just thinking how 2008 or 2012 internet seemed so much better than 2024 internet. In every respect – shopping, browsing videos, searching for specific info, news, what have you. Everything seems less sophisticated, simpler, obtuse.

    Same with smart devices. My 2012 Note 2 did everything my 2022 phone does but more transparently, like it was there to serve me. Windows 7 was way preferable to Windows 10 or 11.

    this doesn’t exactly sum up what I mean, but takes a stab at part of it


    @Dr D re: change is there, but obfuscated

    Yes, agree. And that is a finger in my eye for sure. Some things my friends and I felt were inevitable have been squashed. You’ve talked before about “…weapons no work…” being cover for different classes of weaponry under development. You can run GPS navigation from spacecraft that are nowhere near this planet. You can’t do transceiver and expect responsiveness, but you can read signal and triangulate. Sorry, I digress.

    Much of the News has always seemed to me an attempt to keep the ‘timeless’ conflicts burning. LA Riots, poor Rodney King. Phuq dat, I went for a bike ride and tried to be at peace with my fellow beings. There’s an old oil patch set aside as a park, named the Gates King Open Space. “Can’t we all just get along?”

    To be more on-topic, I think our host does a remarkable job, and we are not at liberty to steer this ship unless input is solicited. I am quite frustrated with various separations that have happened this last decade, particularly losing Foss and others. At that moment, all focus shifted and hasn’t really returned. It’s not that energy/ecology topics have disappeared. They’re being subsumed in a gulf of unnecessary politics (by that, I mean humans shouldn’t require this much overhead to buy a donut).

    As another commenter feared yesterday, if it is burn-out, go do something away from people for a while. Immerse in something that isn’t related to Rat Race, and feel that thing to be right as rain if humans weren’t around to interfere. Or start chewing away at your reading list/bucket list/retribution list.

    Shut down for a while. We’d miss you dearly. Appoint a trusted friend to run the site, and allow occasional user contribution to keep folks engaged. There are a few people here I end up reading daily anyway, so if it was an official thing, might be good…and might move the focus to new, uncharted lands.


    Give me the New Song:

    Sittin’ With A Duck On A Bay – The Aristocrats


    Ilargi wrote, I have a perhaps silly notion that there is less news than before..

    I have the same impression. I think it is because the MSM keeps slipping down the slope, meaning they treat distractions with great enthusiasm, give one side of a story, neglect what is important, point the finger to no purpose, get their facts muddled, haven’t a clue, and so on. Of course (most) are paid off, or paid only if they follow some set X line. That isn’t news (sic), but it has steadily gotten worse.

    Ex. What can the W MSM write, say, about the genocide in Isr.? Nothing very ‘real’ or ‘germane’ … or even ‘interesting’ … because they can’t admit the whole point is extermination of the Pals. in Gaza.

    Of course chunks of important topics are just left out, such as the present war in Sudan.

    Then there is the alternative ‘media’ which ranges from the well-meaning looking for facts to the wild interpretations to the shrill pushers of one pov. which becomes hard to make sense of, polarization sets in…not that I’m knocking Scott Ritter / Max Blumenthal / Doctor X who reports on his experience in Gaza / Military news from UKR by Y, etc. to mention various types of sources. Often of course the info. they have is partial…

    Time gets compressed. There is not much past, be it historical explanations, or even just some established or liked ‘narrrative’, and the Future, be it hopes, propositions, plans, specially any concrete proposals, is AWOL. Who has adressed, how to resolve, stop, terminate, the killing in Gaza? I don’t see anything solid out there… that is because nobody has the tools and the power to implement them to any effect. I am not knocking e.g. student protests in favor of Palestine, Muslim pundits on You-Tube, etc.

    So in the end, there is no ‘news’, just weird bits and pieces, nutty tropes, etc. Individuals can join a ‘cult’ or just be isolated with fragmented facts spinning in their heads (… to make it dark..)

    see tax breaks for journos, one ex. US

    This is the French model. ‘Accredited’ journos (went thru indoctrination at journo school) hired by MSM can deduct ‘set expenses’ automatically. This is not just to make them stay on with better pay, but to make them feel part of a ‘special’, ‘ruling’ class, thus subservient to their masters.


    just btw what’s up with Baltic states wanting to send ground forces into Ukraine?

    You have no strategic depth and you are “afraid” of “Russian Expansionism,” so you send your guys AWAY? Like Belgium sending soldiers to do police work in Bordeaux France on the eve of WW1 or WW2 after loudly agreeing they think Germany will invade them. What?!!?

    I get that they aren’t intended to get into combat (alternatively, not OFFICIALLY getting into combat…) and sit there in Lwow, but uh, Lithuania, really? Your CAPITAL is like 80 miles from the border with Belarus and 60mi from the Kaliningrad enclave. (like from Chicago to Rockford or Denver to Colorado Springs)

    Do you comprehend things like time, space, and object permanence? Worst threat evar AND you are, I guess, totally invulnerable? Is there Lithuanian force shield technology I don’t know about?


    If water has memory, which it does, that means blood has memory. Explains my animosity for the Christkillers…thousands of years creating havoc and misery with their godforsaken money system.


    There just might be 74 million reasons environmental charities ignore eagles and whales, and reject zero emission nuclear

    The author raises a reasonable issue regarding transparency of funding, then in true western brainwashed style comes up with this ….

    Imagine you were President Xi wanting to sell more slave made solar panels to Australia, to sabotage their grid and force companies to move to China so you could steal their IP and get them dependent on your supply lines? What stops that money filtering through a chain of philanthropists and into saboteurs hands? The ABC?

    Paranoia on steroids. Maybe your problems come from Australia and not from outside Australia.


    Murder of 1/2 is still murder.
    UN Unleashes Controversy, Accusations Of Deception, Over ‘Revised’ Gaza Casualty Data

    The UN agency in its report reduced the number of women and children believed to have been killed in the war by nearly half.


    Gaza Palestinians:
    Gaza Palestinians are considered dead.
    That is why the UN reduced the number of women and children killed by half.
    Israel can’t kill or murder people that are already dead.
    Israel can’t starve to death people who are already dead.
    Any questiins? /s

    Only A Few Square Kilometers:
    Russia took a few square kilometers of Ukrainian northern border land using just a few light motorized troops with no heavy armor at all!
    What Russia had going for them in this area, were hard core Nazi troops guarding the Ukrainian border!
    You know, the Nazis the Ukrainian government is desperately now trying to kill off!
    Normally you would probably expect a fight to the death.
    But naw, these hard core Nazis have no intention of dying for their country!
    They just want to make the other poor bastards die!
    These Nazis are used to being barrier troops who force cannon fodder troops to die instead!
    By bravely shooting retreating cannon fodder in the back!

    So whenever these Nazi troops find themselves at the frontline, with the Russians coming, they retreat behind the cannon fodder troops for protection!
    Too bad the cannon fodder troops didn’t behave like real Nazis, and shoot the cowardly Nazis troops in the back for retreating!
    You know one good turn surely deserves another!
    Actually, each Nazi is probably owed many good turns!

    Washing Machines:
    The Russians have now perfected the art of accurately lobbying washing machine at Ukrainian laundrymats!
    Admittedly, there have been some Ukrainian casualties from falling washing machines.
    However, the Ukrainians can’t put all of these free washing machines to work, laundering money, because the Russians have removed the micro chips from the lobbied washing machines!
    The Russians say they need to remove the micro chips from the washing machines in order to ensure accurate FedEx air delivery to the correct Ukrainian address!



    You don’t have to convince me water has memory!
    Ever night, I have to get up and go pee!

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