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Pablo Picasso Le repos 1932
This painting has a story. It’s very funny.


2024 Election Likely The Last To Be Decided By US Citizens – Musk (RT)
James Carville Rages at Trump’s Success (MN)
Bill Maher Upends Stormy Daniels’ Testimony With 2018 Footage (ZH)
Nuland Explains Why US Never Pushed Ukraine Into Talks With Russia (RT)
Ukrainian Government Warns Citizens Of Possible Full Mobilization (RT)
Trump Sees Biden Willing To Stop All Aid To Israel Soon (TASS)
Revisionism Erasing Russia’s Lead Role in WWII Akin to Holocaust Denial (Sp.)
Judge Trashes Election Lawsuit by the Elias Law Firm (Turley)
Macron ‘Hopes’ France Won’t Go To War With Russia (RT)
Xi’s Grand Chess Game: How China Outplays US in Europe (Sp.)
Will Xi Pry Europe From US? (Sp.)









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“..disenfranchise US citizens by importing as many illegal immigrants as possible.”

2024 Election Likely The Last To Be Decided By US Citizens – Musk (RT)

The continuing influx of illegal immigrants into the US could mean that American citizens could cease to decide the outcome of elections in the country in the not-too-distant future, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has predicted. The South African-born billionaire claimed that the Democrats are wittingly refusing to address the issue in the hope of skewing the balance in their favor going forward. Musk’s recent comment came in response to Republican lawmakers passing the Equal Representation Act in the House of Representatives on Wednesday, which would require the Census Bureau to ask respondents about their citizenship in its 10-year surveys. GOP representatives want only US citizens to be counted when determining the number of congressional seats in each state. Speaker Mike Johnson argued that “we should not reward states and cities that violate federal immigration laws and maintain sanctuary policies with increased Congressional representation.”

“Common sense dictates that only American citizens should be counted for electoral apportionment,” he insisted. Democratic Representative Grace Meng described the initiative as “reckless, cynical, and frankly, illegal.” President Joe Biden’s office was quick to state that it “strongly opposes” the measure, “which would preclude the Department of Commerce’s Census Bureau from performing its constitutionally mandated responsibility.” In a post on X (formerly Twitter) on Thursday, Musk wrote that “Unanimous Democrat opposition to requiring citizenship for apportionment of House seats and Presidential electoral college votes says it all.” According to the entrepreneur, “the Democratic Party goal is to disenfranchise US citizens by importing as many illegal immigrants as possible.” “Given the massive influx of illegals from every country on Earth, 2024 will probably be the last election actually decided by US citizens,” Musk concluded.

Last month, he warned that a terrorist attack on the scale of September 11, 2001 on US soil was “only a matter of time,” considering the number of people who have entered the country illegally. In February, the billionaire alleged that the Biden administration is seeking to import as many illegal immigrants as possible, legalize them, and “create a permanent majority – a one-party state.” According to some estimates, there could be as many as 16 million illegal migrants in the US at this point, including over 7.2 million who entered during Biden’s tenure. The issue of lax security at the US-Mexican border has dominated domestic politics in America for months, with Republicans advocating tougher controls and Democrats arguing in favor of a more liberal approach to the issue.

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“You know this guy’s gonna win by the way, this guy’s gonna win,” said Cuomo.”

James Carville Rages at Trump’s Success (MN)

Veteran political strategist James Carville says “Trump’s more ahead than he’s ever been” as he urged Democrats to try something different because everything they do is “not working.” Trump’s more ahead than he’s ever been,” said Carville, lamenting how fewer Americans than ever are concerned about what happened on January 6. “It’s going the wrong way. It’s not working. Everything we’re that throwing is spaghetti at a wall, and none of it is sticking, me included,” said Carville. “We gotta try to think of something different. Because what we’re doing is really, really not working,” he emphasized.

The former lead strategist in Bill Clinton’s winning 1992 Presidential campaign expressed frustration at his own inability to effect the outcome, lamenting, “The opinion I’ve come to is that I don’t matter.” “It doesn’t matter. You can prepare and you can be on TV, you can write pieces, you can have a YouTube channel, you can have a podcast and nothing, nothing!” Carville complained. “We’ve got to try to think of something different because what we’re doing in really really not working,” he asserted. MSNBC talking heads expressed similar frustration that Americans are no longer buying their hysterical narratives when they were dumbfounded by a new PBS Newshour/NPR/Marist poll that found more Americans believe Joe Biden is a threat to Democracy than Donald Trump.

The sentiment that Trump is on course to win and there’s little Democrats can do about it now they’ve chosen to run a borderline dementia patient in Joe Biden is widely shared. Back in January, top pollster Frank Lunzt said he thought Trump was “done” after January 6 and impeachment but can now barely bring himself to admit that Trump is likely to win the presidency. Former CNN host Chris Cuomo also recently said Trump will win the election and that he’s never seen as much energy behind a candidate, even more so than Obama in 2008. “You know this guy’s gonna win by the way, this guy’s gonna win,” said Cuomo.

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“..So I just think she’s not a good witness.”

Bill Maher Upends Stormy Daniels’ Testimony With 2018 Footage (ZH)

Comedian Bill Maher just used footage from a 2018 interview with Stormy Daniels to reveal that she completely contradicted her own testimony in the Trump ‘hush-money’ trial last week. After laying out how the Democrats have fumbled the ball on virtually every case against Trump, Maher turned his attention to Daniels, who he called a “bad witness.” “Because, let me show you a little video. This is when I had Stormy on in 2018, and first I asked her why she had sex with Trump… listen to that, and then listen to what she says after that.”

Maher, in 2018, asked her: “Why did you fuck Donald Trump?” saying moments later “but you say it’s not a ‘me-too’ case,” referring to the flood of rape accusations against various men in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. To which Daniels replies: “It is not a ‘me-too’ case. I mean I wasn’t assaulted, I wasn’t attacked or raped or coerced or blackmailed. They tried to shove me in the ‘me-too’ box as part of their own agenda, and first of all I didn’t want to be part of that because it’s not the truth and I’m not a victim in that regard.” Maher then contrasts that statement with Daniels’ testimony last week, saying “she’s talking about he was ‘bigger and blocking the way,’ – it’s all the me-too buzzwords.

During her testimony last week, Daniels claimed “There was an imbalance of power, for sure. He was bigger and blocking the way, but I was not threatened either verbally or physically,” she said, also claiming that she ‘blacked out.’ “She said there was an imbalance of power, for sure. My hands were shaking so hard. She said she blacked out. Blacked out? She’s a porn star. You really think she blacked out? A porn star is used to having sex with people she does not know. That’s the job. It’s kinda like ‘stormy, Bob, Bob, stormy, fuck!’ So I just think she’s not a good witness.”


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They weren’t strong enough to talk. So we made them fight instead.

Nuland Explains Why US Never Pushed Ukraine Into Talks With Russia (RT)

Ukraine has never been in a position to get a favorable settlement to end the enduring conflict with Russia and so Washington has never actually encouraged Kiev to negotiate with Moscow, former US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs and former acting Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland has claimed. The ex-official and one of the key proponents of supporting Ukraine through military means made the remark in an interview with Politico published on Saturday. A vast part of the interview revolved around the Ukrainian conflict, with Nuland producing a typical mainstream American assessment of it. “Let’s start with the fact that [Russian President Vladimir] Putin has already failed in his objective. He wanted to flatten Ukraine. He wanted to ensure that they had no sovereignty, independence, agency, no democratic future – because a democratic Ukraine, a European Ukraine, is a threat to his model for Russia, among other things, and because it’s the first building block for his larger territorial ambitions,” Nuland asserted, without providing any supporting evidence.

The official insisted that Kiev can still “succeed” in the conflict, though she dodged the question of whether she believes Ukraine could seize its former territories from Russia, including the Crimean Peninsula, which broke away from Kiev in the aftermath of the 2014 Maidan coup and joined Moscow after a referendum. “It can definitely get to a place where it’s strong enough, I believe, and where Putin is stymied enough to go to the negotiating table from a position of strength. It’ll be up to the Ukrainian people what their territorial ambitions should be,” she said, adding that “whatever is decided on Crimea, it can’t be remilitarized such that it’s a dagger at the heart of the center of Ukraine.”The former official revealed Washington has never actually pressed Kiev into negotiations with Moscow, claiming its “negotiating position” was never actually strong enough, including in late 2022.

“They were not in a strong enough position then. They’re not in a strong enough position now. The only deal Putin would have cut then, the only deal that he would cut today, at least before he sees what happens in our election, is a deal in which he says, ‘What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is negotiable.’ And that’s not sustainable,” she claimed. Victoria Nuland has been widely perceived as one of the key figures behind the whole Ukrainian crisis that started with the Maidan events, which ultimately brought down Ukraine’s democratically-elected president, Viktor Yanukovich, in 2014. The diplomat, who at the time was Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, infamously showed up among Maidan activists, handing out pastries. The affair became widely known as “Nuland’s cookies,” serving as a textbook example of direct US involvement in the coup.

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The end of Zelensky.

Ukrainian Government Warns Citizens Of Possible Full Mobilization (RT)

The entire Ukrainian society would need to make sacrifices and forget about their peaceful lives to defeat such an enemy as Russia, Defense Ministry spokesman Dmitry Lazutkin has argued. Kiev is overhauling its military service system to boost conscription numbers following a series of setbacks in its conflict with Moscow, with harsh reforms set to come into force next week. “Globally speaking, starting on May 18, when the mobilization law comes into force, first of all, the approach to this war will change,” Lazutkin told Espresso TV on Saturday. “Because this situation, when some people are fighting at the front lines, while others are living their quiet lives, is obviously coming to an end.” Life in Kiev is “strikingly different” from the situation in the east of the country, which is “abnormal,” according to the official.

“It would be normal if our enemy was weak. But with such an enemy, the whole country and the whole society need to mobilize,” Lazutkin added. Ukraine has been desperate to replace nearly half a million casualties – by Moscow’s estimates – since the outbreak of hostilities with Russia in February 2022. Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said last week that Ukraine has lost more than 111,000 soldiers in 2024 alone. Last month, President Vladimir Zelensky enacted amendments to the conscription rules, lowering the draft age to 25, automating summons and greatly expanding the powers of enlistment officers while introducing assorted restrictions for draft dodgers.

The country’s foreign ministry has suspended consular services for military-eligible Ukrainians abroad. Under the legislation, the fines for violations of the military registration rules will also increase up to $520, with Ukrainian authorities threatening to block bank accounts and impose penalties on the property of those trying to avoid military service. In response to the changes, there has been a surge in Ukrainians men seeking to flee the country. Border Service spokesman Andrey Demchenko recently said that around 120-150 people are caught trying to flee Ukraine every day, while some end up dying while trying to cross the border.

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Costs too many votes.

Trump Sees Biden Willing To Stop All Aid To Israel Soon (TASS)

Former US President Donald Trump believes that the incumbent US leader, Joe Biden, will soon stop providing Israel with any aid. “Biden wants to immediately stop all aid to Israel,” Trump wrote on his page on Truth Social on Friday. Earlier, he said that the Democratic Party, of which Biden is a member, actually hates Israel. US President Joe Biden said in an interview with CNN on May 8 that Washington will stop providing some weapons to Israel if its forces enter Rafah. Later on Wednesday, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin explained that the US was reviewing some short-term military aid to Israel over the situation around the Gaza city. On May 5, Axios reported, citing two Israeli officials, that the US administration had put a hold on an ammunition shipment to Israel for the first time since October 7, 2023. On May 7, Politico quoted people familiar with the deliberations as saying that the United States was holding shipments of precision bombs to send a political message to Israel.

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Revisionism Erasing Russia’s Lead Role in WWII Akin to Holocaust Denial (Sp.)

The push by the West to minimize and erase the contributions of Soviet Russia in defeating Nazism and fascism in WWII is a deplorable act of historical revisionism that should be condemned, just as Holocaust denial is condemned by most of society In recent years, there has been an attempt to minimize Russia’s contributions to the war effort against the Nazis, despite the long historical consensus that they did more to defeat the German army than any other country and sacrificed more to accomplish that, some 25 to 27 million Russians, than any other country. Worse yet, some have even gone as far as to equate the Soviets with the Nazis or even paint Nazism as an unfortunate response to the true danger: communism.

“There has also been a decades-long push to equate communism in the USSR with Nazism in Germany,” writes Conor Gallagher in Naked Capitalism. “While originally more of a fringe view, it started to go mainstream back in 2008 when the European Parliament adopted a resolution establishing August 23 as the ‘European Day of Remembrance for the victims of Stalinism and Nazism.’ Also called Black Ribbon Day, the US in 2019 also adopted a resolution to observe the date.”

Also in 2019, Gallagher points out, the European Parliament adopted a resolution blaming the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact for the Second World War, implying that the Soviets were as responsible as the Nazis for the war. “What the Soviet Union did was astronomical, and they paid a very tremendous cost. 27 million lives lost. And, the fact that there is an attempt to tamper with that narrative by Western leaders is really outrageous,” analyst and journalist Caleb Maupin told Sputnik’s The Critical Hour.“ All around the world, people understand that what they call Holocaust revisionism is unacceptable… There are European countries that have laws against that, will put people in jail for doing that. Well, if you try to denigrate the heroic efforts of the Soviet people or the great sacrifices they made with 27 million of their people dying in that war, how is that any different?”

In February, former US President Donald Trump reminded Americans that it was the Russians who were primarily responsible for Adolf Hitler’s defeat. “You’re really up against a war machine in Russia. Russia, what [did] they do? They defeated Hitler, they defeated Napoleon. They are a war machine,” Trump said, leading CNN commentator Jim Sciutto to call those historically factual remarks “a favorite Putin talking point.” Considering that Russian President Vladimir Putin is famously known for his ability to quickly recall historical facts, Sciutto might be right, but not in the way he is portraying. Those with the truth on their side often use historical facts as talking points. “World War II was one of the most devastating wars in history, and the fact that America stood with Britain and France and the Soviet people and the Chinese people to defeat the menace of fascism, that is a very, very important moment in world history, and, seeing that narrative denigrated is outrageous,” Maupin argued.

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Confusing article.

Judge Trashes Election Lawsuit by the Elias Law Firm (Turley)

The firm of former Clinton campaign general counsel Marc Elias has lost another election case in a spectacular fashion. The Chief Judge of the Western District of Wisconsin, James Peterson (an Obama appointee), did not just reject but ridiculed the Elias Law Group challenge to a witness requirement for absentee voting. Elias has been previously sanctioned in court and accused of lying in the Steele dossier scandal by journalists and others. U.S. District Judge James Peterson ruled against the lawsuit brought by the Elias Law Group, arguing that the witness requirement violated the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and Civil Rights Act of 1964. The state statute under § 6.87(2) describes what the witness must certify. The statute first sets forth in two sentences what the voter must certify on the ballot envelope. The first requirement concerns the voter certifying that he or she meets the requirements for voting generally and for voting absentee in Wisconsin.

The second requirement is certification that the voter followed the process for preparing the absentee ballot. These are the called the “first voter certification” and the “witness certification.” The witness certification refers to a witness certifying “all of the above,” which is obviously referring to the language on preparing the absentee ballot. Elias argued that it requires certification of everything that preceded it on the details of the voter’s record etc. In the court’s opinion, Judge Peterson expresses disbelief at the lunacy of the Elias argument, writing: “Normally, the court would begin by searching for other textual clues in the statute. But in this case, the most obvious problem with plaintiffs’ interpretation is that it simply does not make any sense.”

The court then notes that: “Under plaintiffs’ interpretation, every witness would have to determine the voter’s age, residence, citizenship, criminal history, whether the voter is unable or unwilling to vote in person, whether the voter has voted at another location or is planning to do so, whether the voter is capable of understanding the objective of the voting process, whether the voter is under a guardianship, and, if so, whether a court has determined that the voter is competent. See Wis. Stat. §§ 6.02 and 6.03. Many witnesses would be unable to independently verify much of the required information. The statute allows any adult U.S. citizen to serve as a witness, suggesting that a wide variety of people should be able to do the job…It makes no sense to interpret § 6.87 in a way that would make compliance virtually impossible.

If plaintiffs’ interpretation were correct, it would mean that countless absentee ballots over decades were invalid because the witness certified that the voter was qualified to vote and met the other requirements in the first voter certification, even though the witness had no basis for such a certification.” However, it gets even wackier. They argued that a simple witness requirement constituted a type of illegal vouching under the Voting Rights Act. This is a reference to the Jim Crow era when a registered voter had to vouch for a new voter, a system meant to prevent African Americans from voting.

The case adds to a long litany of losses and controversies for Elias. That record includes allegations of lying to reporters and subverting voters. Elias featured prominently in the filings of Special Counsel John Durham. It was Elias who made the key funding available to Fusion GPS, which in turn enlisted Steele to produce his now discredited dossier on Trump and his campaign. During the campaign, reporters did ask about the possible connection to the campaign, but Clinton campaign officials denied any involvement. Weeks after the election, journalists discovered that the Clinton campaign hid payments for the Steele dossier as “legal fees” among the $5.6 million paid to Perkins Coie.

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“..the French president may be using Russophobia and scaremongering tactics to satisfy his ambition of leading the European Union.”

Macron ‘Hopes’ France Won’t Go To War With Russia (RT)

French President Emmanuel Macron has said Paris seeks to avoid direct involvement in the Ukraine conflict, but that an intervention may be necessary to deter Russia from advancing too far. The European Union “would lose all credibility and security” if Russia were to prevail, Macron said in a video posted on X (formerly Twitter) on Saturday, responding to a question on whether France is “going to go to war.” “Our own future and our security is at stake in Ukraine,” the French leader argued, stressing that in addition to delivering more military equipment to Kiev, EU nations must be “ready to act” if “the Russians are going too far.”

“So no, I hope with all my might that we won’t have to go to war,” he said, insisting that France is a “peace power.” However, Paris needs to continue to arm itself in order to “protect peace,” Macron continued, stressing that intervention must remain an option if the country’s interests are threatened. “We have to be dissuasive and credible towards our adversaries sometimes by telling them: ‘If you go too far and if you threaten our interests, my own security, then I do not rule out intervening’,” he said. Macron’s comments echoed his previous non-committal statements on a potential deployment of troops in Ukraine. In February, the French President refused to rule out the prospect of NATO boots on the ground, claiming that the EU’s credibility “will be reduced to zero” if Ukraine is defeated.

A few months later he urged EU nations to boost their military spending and arms production to reduce dependence on Washington. The French president doubled down in an interview with the Economist earlier this month, calling the Kremlin the main threat to EU security and saying that keeping the option of deploying troops in Ukraine is necessary as a “wake-up call,” while defending his “strategic ambiguity” approach. Moscow has criticized Macron’s “dangerous talk,” with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov claiming that the French president may be using Russophobia and scaremongering tactics to satisfy his ambition of leading the European Union.

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“.. Ursula von der Leyen was also present at the meeting “to wag her finger in Xi’s face..”

Xi’s Grand Chess Game: How China Outplays US in Europe (Sp.)

Xi Jinping’s recent European tour was largely perceived as a PR success by China, highlighting the EU’s interest in Chinese investments and market access despite its tough rhetoric, according to Jeff J. Brown. Brown is the author of The China Trilogy, presents blogs and podcasts at China Rising Radio Sinoland, is the producer of China Tech News Flash!, is co-founder and curator of the Bioweapon Truth Commission Global Online Library, and is the founder of Seek Truth From Facts Foundation. “[French President Emmanuel] Macron and Xi signed 18 agreements on technology, agriculture, aviation, green development, SME [small and medium enterprise] cooperation, and people-to-people exchanges, which is good PR for both countries,” Brown told Sputnik, commenting on the first leg of Xi’s trip.

“Xi and Macron will play to their citizens’ hope for deeper Sino-European cooperation and the Old Continent’s industrial sector will continue to quietly invest billions in China, behind the back of Uncle Sam.” France has a much better reputation among the Chinese than the Five Eyes, continued Brown, referring to the Anglophone intelligence alliance encompassing the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. However, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen was also present at the meeting “to wag her finger in Xi’s face to remind him of how awful China is towards Europe and if it wasn’t for Beijing’s endless support for Russia, NATO would not be losing the war in Ukraine,” remarked the expert.

The EU’s relationship with China is going downhill, mostly due to US pressure, even though the trend contradicts the bloc’s economic interests, according to Brown. His views were shared by veteran Asia-Pacific affairs expert Thomas Pauken II. “We’re going to see probably improved relations between China and France,” Pauken told Sputnik, explaining that the talks likely included some “key factors in how France and China, their trade and investment ties, [evolve]. But, this will not lead to an improvement between China and the EU Commission.”

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There is no grand scheme. There are small steps.

Will Xi Pry Europe From US? (Sp.)

Chinese President Xi Jinping concluded his five-day tour of Europe on Friday, having visited three countries: France, Hungary and Serbia. During the visit, Xi promoted China’s vision of a multipolar world and discussed economics and its relationship with Russia. The visit to Europe by Xi, his first in five years, was designed to increase its global reach and give Europe an alternative to a US-led foreign policy that has dominated the continent for decades. One could even say he is trying to pry Europe away from the United States, as the rising power of China and the waning power of the United States seem destined to remain on a collision course. “[Xi] doesn’t really want to face a united front of the Us and the EU in the way Russia has faced on Ukraine. So he’s trying his best to [pry] the Europeans away,” Dr. George Szamuely, a senior research fellow at the Global Policy Institute told Sputnik’s Fault Lines.

The selection of the three countries Xi picked was intentional, partially because each of them has significant historic anniversaries with China, but more importantly, Xi likely sees a chance to make more inroads in each of them. Serbia was the easiest case for Xi to make inroads, Serbia and China have been growing their economic ties recently and when Xi arrived at the Presidential palace, he was greeted by crowds waving Chinese flags and chanting “China, China, China.” Xi’s trip coincided with the 25th anniversary of the NATO bombing of the Chinese embassy in Serbia, and the Chinese president visited the site of the bombing, which killed three Chinese journalists. “Serbia is still very resentful about NATO’s bombing in 1999, and that’s formed the bond with China because, of course, the Chinese embassy was destroyed during the NATO bombing,” Szamuely explained. “So that kind of creates this bond between China and Serbia as victims of NATO.”

Hungary, likewise, has a strong relationship with China and is quickly becoming China’s entry point for the EU market. It was the 75th anniversary of Hungary and China opening relations, and both countries seemed eager to continue developing their economic ties. “[Xi] went to Serbia and Hungary, two fairly small countries that don’t really carry that much weight, but will nonetheless represent a certain independent way of thinking in Europe. The kind of thinking that Xi Jinping would like to encourage,” Szamuely said. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has distanced his country from other EU members on several issues in recent years, including Ukraine. Last year, Orban held up an EU aid package to Ukraine for months, angering others in the bloc. Hungary’s relationship with China may also allow Xi to circumvent EU tariffs on Chinese EVs, another issue sure to anger Brussels.

During his visits, Xi and his counterparts pledged to continue growing their economic ties and said that a $2.1 billion high-speed rail project that will connect the capitals of Hungary and Serbia will move forward, largely financed with Chinese loans. Both Hungary and Serbia are participants in China’s Belt and Road initiative. But it was Xi’s trip to France that could really change the geopolitical landscape if the two countries start to move closer. The two countries also shared an anniversary during Xi’s visit, it being 60 years since the two countries opened diplomatic relations. More importantly, France is still one of the most powerful countries in the EU and, along with Germany, tends to direct the union’s policies. While in practice, France has been virtually tied to the United States’ foreign policy, French President Emmanuel Macron has expressed a desire to step out from Washington’s shadow.

“Last year, when Macron visited China, on his way back, he talked a lot about Europe needing to carve out strategic autonomy, Europe needing to pursue an independent foreign policy, and, above all, he said we should not blindly follow the United States. Now, Macron didn’t really pursue that,” Szamuely stated. “But probably, Xi Jinping thought, well, that’s a good sign, you know, maybe there’s still some hope in Europe.”

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    Pablo Picasso Le repos 1932 This painting has a story. It’s very funny.   • 2024 Election Likely The Last To Be Decided By US Citizens – Musk (RT
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle May 12 2024]


    The push by the West to minimize and erase the contributions of Soviet Russia in defeating Nazism and fascism in WWII is a deplorable act of historical revisionism that should be condemned, just as Holocaust denial is condemned by most of society

    That would be true if anybody believed the western governments. There will always be a few retards left behind, but the vast majority know the government is lying, even when they support those lies. I am 100% sure that the holocaust is bullshit, I am amazed that the Russians keep going on about it – I suspect it is to maintain harmony with the professional victims in Russia – and do not just admit that it is bollocks. Show me a picture of a Jew in a gas chamber, go on, just one …. nah, bever happened, plenty of pictures of dead people, some starving, but none of Jews in gas chambers. The lies of the chosen genociders.


    “Given the massive influx of illegals from every country on Earth, 2024 will probably be the last election actually decided by US citizens,” Musk concluded.

    There’s the electoral college, so was there ever a first one?


    50 kmh is all it took! Really 50kmh, where did these engineers get their degrees? Harvard?


    A bunch of kids were taught/brainwashed a slogan about the Jew holocaust “Never again”. Now they see a new holocaust and they respond with “Never again”, by protesting. Of course, the American liberals write them off as Soros stooges, but these “liberals” were always Zion nationalists. US citizens support this shit.

    Fortunately, there are no Jews in the town where I live; I would be interested in the Chinese reaction to them, the Chinese have suffered similar behaviour in the past, they recognise these people. Just today an old geezer was telling me about how the cultural revolution turned people into behaving almost as bad as the Jews, but he insisted on emphasising that during the cultural revolution people were rounded up for a reason, they were targetted as individuals, they did not just kill everybody they set eyes on. Not sure how that makes a difference, but anyway.

    The Jews are not unique, but they are the worst at the moment; thieves who have been caught and are going apeshit trying to kill the owner of the house. They have shown us that Hitler was not as bad as he has been made out to be, he is just a Jew born before his time. Maybe after a few generations they will start to improve, until then, they will be watched with suspicion and rejection if they ever turn up over here.


    I’m sure I’ve asked this here before but I’ll do it again:

    China competing with the USA for influence over Europe. Why? At least the Americans have reasons: 1) to extract what little wealth is left in Europe 2) to use Europe against Russia.

    What value does Europe have for China or Russia or Iran? There are no natural resources. The continent is being de-industrialized so it won’t make anything. Do they still have any gold? I know ten years ago Merkel was taking Germany’s gold back(a suitcase full each time she came home from NY). Plus you’ve got an ethnic blueprint which makes 1991 Bosnia look like a Sunday School picnic.

    Isn’t everyone living in the past thinking Europe still has value? Like every western country it has a spoiled, narcissistic population and it has massive debt. Plus the leadership is in the process of dividing and destroying western society. Meanwhile the citizens continue to show how useless they are by not resisting such destruction.

    Europe had a thousand year Dark Age after the Roman Empire collapsed. Then it figured out how to plunder the rest of the world so it did matter for 5 centuries. Time’s up! It’s on the verge of another collapse. Which is why the most powerful people in Europe are talking about a Great Reset. The new aristocracy which will rule the next Dark Age…they hope for another thousand years.


    Oh that nasty Putin he’s pooched the cbdc’s on us! Damn him. Couldn’t have anything to do with the energy to power it, could it? The electrical grid is being strained in most places globally, anything to do with that? More electricity ie needed stat. Okay sir/madame well just add some more digital digits here and it will appear, as soon as we figure out who’s gonna lose their electricity to power the new digits and move them to the right spot to get more energy. Circle jerk much?

    ” But now the country is beginning to realise that an almost exclusively digital payments system comes with significant risks, especially at a time of heightened geopolitical tensions. In time-honoured fashion, the article in the UK Telegraph began with a spot of fearmongering about Vladimir Putin.

    “People started to realise that it is very easy for Vladimir Putin to switch everything off,” Björn Eriksson, a retired police chief, former head of Interpol and leading cash advocate, told the Telegraph. “At first we were arguing for vulnerable people, the elderly, women in abusive relationships who rely on cash… Now we are talking about national security. And it’s not only Putin, it could also be organised crime.”

    World’s Oldest Central Bank Keeps Sounding Alarm on Fragility of Cashless Economies. Are Other Central Banks Listening?


    Let’s go digital quick before we can’t. So where is the electricity going to come from? Solar panels? Wind turbines? Oil? Gas? Coal? “will limit access to electricity” Sure and for whom? The banks so they can run the cbdc’s? It’s a race to the bottom, crash and burn baby!

    “Costa Rica has become the latest Latin American country to introduce rationing due to drought, announcing Thursday it will limit access to electricity for which it relies heavily on hydro-generation.”


    Yea, all digital, sure thing, what could possibly go wrong? It’s like net zero for carbon, all bullshit all the time, just not physical possible while maintaining the present configuration and demands, we’re close to max with energy production. Sure we can produce this much for quite some time to come, but cannot increase the output by the amounts necessary for the kind of infrastructure growth needed for a total transformation to all digital, all the time.

    (Bloomberg) — Texas electricity prices soared almost 100-fold as a high number of power-plant outages raised concerns of a potential evening shortfall.
    Spot prices at the North Hub, which includes Dallas, jumped to more than $3,000 a megawatt-hour just before 7 p.m. local time, versus about $32 at the same time Tuesday, according to data from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas.

    This morning, Ercot, as the state’s main grid operator is known, issued a “watch” for a potential capacity reserve shortage from about 7-9 p.m., meaning the buffer of spare supplies could fall to low enough levels to call on back-up generation, cancel or delay outages or curb usage.


    reference the article concerning revisionist history of WWII

    every person who grew up in the US after WWII consumed volumes of misinformation about WWII. Every person who had any knowledge of Audie Murphy was presented a perspective sans the role of The USSR. When was the first time you, a citizen of the US, heard about Victory Day as celebrated in Russia? When was the first time you heard or read the words The Great Patriotic War? What was the impression cultivated about the Lend – Lease program? When was the first time you saw a photgraph of the flag being raised in Berlin, May 1945? Did you expect the flag to have the colors and symbol the flag raised expressed?
    Do you believe disinformation is a product of the internet? Do you understand Public Relations is propaganda? Do you understand the very notion of technological progress as presented on television is a ruse? How did Lincoln phrase it? “you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”

    and connecting reference to The Holcaust to disinformation about WWII has put a smile on Bernay’s face. Surely hope the authors of the (Sp.) piece got a nice dinner at a super Michelin Guide establishment.


    Why would the UN not suspend Israel?

    The majority of the UN are in support of Palestine and have voted to accept them as a member.

    Of course, Palestine will not become a member because the Jews own the USA and so the Jews will use their veto to quash the wishes of the majority of the world; what more proof do you need that the Jews do not believe in democracy, they want to rule your ass and they want you to obey.

    In an imaginary world where Americans had balls, morals and spirituality (that last one is for Dr D, the man who believes spirituality makes you a good nation), that would never happen. The USA is 95% people with christian roots, but not the sort of christians who obey the ten commandments, not really christians at all, just fakes who are really zion nationalists and Jew slaves.

    Dr. D

    “James Carville Rages At Trump’s Success: “It’s Going The Wrong Way, It’s Not Working!”

    ““It doesn’t matter. You can prepare and you can be on TV, you can write pieces, you can have a YouTube channel, you can have a podcast and nothing, nothing!” Carville complained.”

    He added: “Now you f—king kids I don’t want to hear your wah wah wah: you f—king vote for me you little s—ts or else…”

    …Have you tried running a candidate that can speak in complete sentences? Supporting Medicare for All or even allowing a vote? Have you tried spending money on American citizens and young people? Not funding all sides of several wars? Fixing the housing problem, college costs, etc?

    Huh, so mysterious. Can’t figure it out. Guess Carville’s not the election genius he thought he was.

    Babylon Bee has notes on this:

    “Biden Declares Administration Will Never Leave Anyone Behind, Except Those Americans Held Hostage By Hamas, Or Trapped When Afghanistan Fell, Or Killed Accidentally By A Drone, Or Murdered By Illegal Immigrants (Continued)

    … or murdered in the womb,
    or imprisoned in Russia (unless black and lesbian),
    or unable to afford groceries because of inflation,
    or denied entry to campus because of being Jewish,
    or confronted by a drag queen in the library children’s section,
    or abused by gender surgeons,
    or devastated from a massive chemical spill,
    or denied a track scholarship because a man said he was a girl,
    or killed by violent felons being released without charges,
    or leered at by a member of the opposite sex in a locker room,
    or murdered by a mentally ill man on the subway,
    or crushed by taxes to pay off other people’s student loans,
    or harmed by the COVID vaccine,
    or killed accidentally by a drone,
    or denied jobs for refusing to adopt radical gender ideology,
    or condemned as a Nazi for disagreeing with the government,
    or needed to afford gasoline, or destroyed by neo-Marxist indoctrination at public school.

    Other than that… no one left behind. Thanks, Joe!”

    Now why is that not an election-winning position??

    “Over 124 Pounds Of Cocaine And Fentanyl Seized In El Paso In 1 Week

    But to be fair, that’s only Hunter’s portion.

    “World’s Largest Floating Solar Farm Wrecked By A Storm Just Before Launch

    The Oceans? Have storms? When did this start? Does anyone else know about this?

    “Suspect In Bronx ‘Rope And Rape’ Arrested

    “Kassan Parks, 39, was arrested Saturday and charged with walking up behind a 45-year-old victim at 3 a.m. May 1, lassoing her with a bent from behind, dragging her unconscious body between two cars, and raping her, the NY Post reports.
    Parks has been charged with first-degree rape, assault, strangulation, sex abuse, public lewdness and harassment.”

    I know it seems stupid when I say it, but the Police protect the CRIMINALS. The video above is a crowd forming around this guy who would probably work themselves up to…beating him to death or something. Note, this is APPROPRIATE. We want Justice, not over-justice or under-justice, and that means we need a fair arbiter and to release all known information so the entire public can know what’s going on. …And we paid for it, so it’s doubly appropriate. He does deserve punishment and prevention, but the RIGHT punishment we can all more or less agree with.

    But we’re going to have a breakdown in law, and “They” want this. “They” are engineering this. “Defund the Police”, arrest them if they follow their training, etc. And while I’m no fan of police and feel at this point corruption is rampant everywhere, maybe 80%, follow what happens with this:

    THEY think that if they defund the police, the criminals run rampant, immigrants, imported felons, whatever, we will turn to GOVERNMENT and say “Daddy save us.” And get more power of oppression over us. NYC is one of the MOST “Daddy save us” places in America, bright Blue, but this is how Americans act. Do they LOOK like they’re in the mood to ask the proper authorities for help? No, they LOOK like they’ll tear this guy limb from limb and any immigrants who act this way too. Police are the ones STOPPING justice right now. Like in St. Louis or Portland.

    Let’s try again: while I think the system we just had is the best and appropriate for our modern world, there weren’t always police as we know them. Back a ways, there might be a Constable (yes in U.S.) or Sheriff but largely YOU grabbed the guy and hauled him off to court YOURSELF. Like driving across town to the Doctor’s house only in this case it’s to wake the only policeman in the village to hand him your man. Now we forget that because it was long ago, before urbanization in 1880 or so. And we evolved our system, it wasn’t always that way.

    So if Police aren’t up to the task, then what? Defunded, overwhelmed, etc? Well we MIGHT use Congressional Praetorian Guard as they wished, who deputized themselves over J6 into all 50 states without jurisdiction, then hauled them 2,500 miles from Alaska into a hand-picked, hostile court in D.C. OR…the law of those former times all still exists. We just don’t use and frown upon “Citizen Arrest” which is considered a joke or even kidnapping. But if WE are the government, then WE are the police, with all the complications therein.

    Ask this guy if he’d rather meet Us, or the Police, right now.

    The story is – and also said here daily – we should all just give up. Yup. Cede the country without a shot. That’s the whole point of Bezmanov’s confession about how Socialists work. They are narcissistic sociopaths, who work on codependence and consent. Well I don’t give my consent. And I don’t believe your story. Police are arresting US, not them. They are protecting CRIMINALS, not Victims. So if police go away, the whole world’s going to get more politer. Especially if everyone is visibly armed as is happening in 25 states now?

    Why would I give up when that not only CAN happen, but IS happening, more or less everywhere, and everybody slowly becoming aware of it? Slowly the wheel turns and that Indian in the convenience store is a hero for whacking a thief with a broomstick and kicking him in the pants. Better, the criminal doesn’t like it, but also doesn’t spend 5 years in jail at $500,000 when he can be cured in just a few minutes for free.

    Don’t give up. That’s the whole point. Like Ireland, you lose only if you stop. If you don’t stop, you win. How are you going to have world government if local governments are still credible? Or if you can all handle your own business without them? Then how are they going to steal MOAR than even now? Impossible.

    Tom Luongo with very much my perspective on Israel/Gaza:

    This has been left, or rather tirelessly tended to simmer and keep the fire warm so they could puff it up at a moment’s notice like this. And not to say they haven’t both behaved badly, with a lot of emphasis on Israel being the perpetrator, both as a nation state having larger responsibilities, as the self-appointed proctor and guardian of Palestine, and as the overreaction is clearly and universally acknowledged to be both out of line, AND militarily unworkable, i.e. a failure, and they keep going to clear all person, aka the definition of “Genocide”. Nevertheless I’ve spent years watching the PLO take tactics of hate when tactics of Gandhi would have worked, unable to forego ethnic (and therefore unscientific, idiotic) hate. So LOTS of people are dying.

    But that’s the point. I commit a grisly murder in the front so everyone’s attention is riveted, while I rob a bank and escape when the police are busy. THE MURDER IS REAL. But the PURPOSE of it isn’t marital jealousy of some s—t, it’s something I FABRICATED, set up, staged, to do the robbery out back. See the old forgotten movie F/X.

    And so with this. “…And then a miracle happened” when Jewish billionaires – supposedly self-avowed Zionists – paid MILLIONS to have protests…against themselves??? Just like BLM? Occupy? C’mon, if you can’t see it by now, wtf? So SINCE they are supposedly, by name or heritage, Jewish, and they are ARRANGING A PROGROM against the Jews, what gives? Against themselves???

    NO. That leaves one option: these Rich, Few guys are killing all the poor, other saps, and wearing them as a skinsuit. That is to say, by definition they cannot be Jews. Let’s say I say “Death to America, kill all Americans,” then start actual actions to accomplish that. Am I American? Anyone I meet will say, “Great: you first.” NO. That means I am ANTI-American. I am NOT American, as I want Americans killed and take all steps to do so. Same here. They believe in nothing, they are just getting everyone killed to steal their stuff and escape. Like the Middle Ages, net-net what happens? The Jews are killed and their stuff is stolen. These rich guys escape richer than before. The “Government”, king, politicians in the middle are a wash. Sure they’re complicit but only in that they’re scammed, or willing or unwitting, doesn’t matter. If you participate in a felony you’re not innocent, but really I want the mastermind so it can’t happen again.

    But killing for fun and robbing for profit isn’t the whole thing: “Davos’ plan is to split the world over Israel/Palestine using the UN as the ‘voice of reason’ for the ‘genocide’ in Gaza.”

    This is so f’ing old and boring it’s in Revelations. Two THOUSAND years old. C’mon guys, really? You’re spacefaring transhumanists of the singularity and this is the best you can come up with? IDGAF. What you do over there is none of my business. Blow yourselves right up if you want to! …So long as I’m not paying for it or picking sides.

    “Europe has lined up fully behind this idea, but it’s being done to marginalize/neutralize the US/UK influence over the UN, setting the stage for a reformation of the institution with Europe and China at the helm.”

    Aka: unelected and totalitarian States of “1984”. The Boring Old World Order. Peace can’t be ALLOWED; we paid a lot of money for this war and told lies for 50-100 years and you’re not going to screw it up on us now. Now DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD and CARE about this, dammit! I got Hulk Hogan in one corner and the Undertaker in the other, now YOU’RE GOING TO WATCH my action figures go pew-pew OR ELSE IT GETS THE HOSE again.

    Sorry: still DGAF. It’s a scam, a sham, and none of my business. Get me and us right the f– out of it. We have money at home to spend.

    So again, that’s the PURPOSE of this made-up puppet show, same as keeping race hate toasty warm here with Rev Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc and then Obama. …Some of which it was already proven with check stubs were on the FBI payroll. Funny old world. But that’s the point here: WHEN they activated their race-war-on-tap, pop! A squib! NOTHING HAPPENED. The retards. They tried again, and again, and again, then poured gasoline on the roman candle and tried again, and still nothing to this day. The End.

    So unlike some people here, huh: it seems like we DO have options. We DO have choices. We DO have free agency. We CAN pick peace and leave-me-alone you f—kkers if we want. And it DID work. We DID win. By doing absolutely nothing and it’s driving them crazy. Man, I could pop more corn and watch them run around in circles all day.

    And so we can do it again now. IDGAF what the UN says. What are they gonna do? Invade me? I don’t know why an unfunded, irrelevant, corrupt, completely discredited human trafficker is in the news. Like, I don’t care what Minnie the Pimp in Milan says or thinks or does either. Nor the WHO. They don’t have an army. If you ignore them, they essentially cease to exist. The only power they have is lies. From a known, serial, deadly liar: I mean, REALLY?

    No, UN, you can go away now, and Americans have said that for like 40 years. There aren’t enough Blue Helmets on earth to take on CHICAGO, much less the United States. And Chicago is gun-free.

    “The US leaving would be a good thing. It would end the threat of the UN. But this is now the openly declared part of the strategy.  Trump and the Neocon Congress (Israel) vs. Biden and the Europeans/RoW (Palestine) are just pawns in this power play.
    To review: End Nation States. Default on the old system of the world. Transfer power to globalist institutions like the UN. Control all the on-ramps to civilization with a digital passport and fake money.
    Do not be deceived by this.  These — don’t give a single solitary fuck about the Palestinians. Never have.  They are a means to an end.  And the more Israel kills them, the stronger Davos’ position becomes.” — Luongo

    Ah, but as I say daily, here’s your other problem: “These Davos ghouls want an unlimited, untraceable flow of money to destabilize the native society from the ground up.”

    “if you want to invoke the wrath of the globalists, just try to take their money laundering operations away from them.”
    It’s all bullshit folks.

    A must-read.

    Maher, “Democrats blew it”. This is good, great, sure, but this is the sort of meta-meta control used here. “Blew it” presupposes there was ANY case at all, and they just weren’t good players in full earnest. NOT that they are corrupt, illegal fiends, fabricating everything from “go”. …But, baby steps. If he said that, his audience would leave. The problem is once it drops below a threshold, we stop chasing it and the truth never comes out. Then years, decades, lifetimes later it’s our collective mythology this happened when it’s all false. Like Nixon, set up and assassinated by the CIA. Officially now. But no one goes back and re-writes the implications of Watergate in their heads. Except me, because that’s honest and responsible, and that’s what makes me a boring crank, shouting to the empty winds.

    Eurovision: gosh what could be more boring or less edgy than that? That’s cool and risque’ when there’s a 90% Christianity you’re fighting against. And Donald Trump? Boy, you’re really being super counter-culture to not like him amirite? Stand up for the little people and fight da Man by aligning with Google, Nike, Lockheed, Halliburton, Apple, and Facebook. That’ll show Jeff Bezos and Mitch McConnell you’re voting the way you’re told. Oh, and picking out a FOREIGN leader? Yeah, why don’t they pick out Andrews from Australia or Kuroda of Japan? I mean, you in Europe are your own people and have license to really get involved in the leaders of other nations not even on your CONTINENT.

    Britain is in a category all their own. Wow, how edgy, how DARE they represent gay sex which has been unremarkable for 30 years now if not forever? Next they’ll be marching for the rights of Irish tenements in Hell’s Kitchen after the Black ‘47, amirite? When you’re aligned with Google, Facebook, Coke, and every multinational corporation who wants you to DEI, you know you’re on the bleeding edge of relevancy, and the right side of history.

    I’m so bored I have to talk like this just to keep myself from falling asleep. Gee, when can gay people be allowed in public? Except everywhere, every time, always? Next thing you know women will wear pants that allow you see their ankles. — Then they’ll be men.

    They’re not 10, 20, 30 years behind the curve, behind the fashion; they’re 50, 70, 100, 120 years behind what’s “Edgy”. They’re fighting for footman’s rights concerning horse-carriage and buggy whips. They’re marching with sternly-worded placards against the landing of Viking Longships near Monasteries. Dinosaur rights! Lizards R People too! Yabba Dabba Do!!!

    “• 2024 Election Likely The Last To Be Decided By US Citizens – Musk (RT)

    This goes with the arcana of CA election law and ID yesterday. The point isn’t to make it legal, it’s to make it so confusing and arguable that it gets enforced according to my friends and against my enemies, while having deniability. That is to say, it’s one, big, Lie. By a pack a rabid weasels of lies. I don’t care. You’re not fooling anybody. If you get near me, I’ll arrest and run you through, win or lose, just for the lols.

    ““Let’s start with the fact that [Russian President Vladimir] Putin has already failed in his objective.”

    Yup. 12 cities a day? What a loser!

    “The official insisted that Kiev can still “succeed” in the conflict, though she dodged the question of whether she believes Ukraine could seize its former territories from Russia”

    They can “succeed” while getting smaller and all their people are dead. Strange parameter for “success”. Same way these people want the U.S. and Ohio “successful.”

    Saudi: not about the money, but a really good design useful anywhere. So we should/could have them for all our city farm markets as well. Good investment, even in, say, the bad winds and snows we get here. “Cheap”, reliable, fixable.

    Slam Dunk:

    Okay, but THEN what? The rockets went up, what were they carrying? WHY did they feel the need to do this? Why did Russia play along completely even now? NASA has a budget, shooting that film wasn’t 1/10th the cost, what did they do with the money? There’s $40 Trillion missing now, even from the last few decades, what did that go for?

    Don’t stop. The Seen and the Unseen. I feel like this “disclosure” is taking your eye off the ball.

    BTW, they lost all the data, all computers, all setups from the landing. ‘cause it ain’t historic or nothin’. We claim we can’t figure out how to go back. Also now that everyone has a copy of the film on their computer, you can make a good case for star parallax in the background. It will tell you exactly how far away those objects are.

    That’s the bull video I’ve been looking for.

    He’s not actually all that big. Or all that aggressive. He’s just fooling around.


    Maria Zakharova Does the loudest mother fucking Mike drop in international diplomacy.

    The garden my arse.
    More like a toilet in a slum brothel. Omg.

    Europe is presently lost to twisted leadership


    • James Carville Rages at Trump’s Success (MN)

    said Carville. “We gotta try to think of something different. Because what we’re doing is really, really not working,” he emphasized.

    You forgot what is democracy. Listen to the people. People Power. Stop the killing. Make peace. Help the people.


    Lugono is very good but that Mike Benz has my heart strings. Watched the whole video today in Oz,
    The bike race analogy was a better fit for me than secret family black nobility stuff.

    Dr. D

    Uh, yeah, that’s exactly my point: there are no Christians in America. Like 5%. “Christian Roots”? Like what? Like the way we all have Neanderthal roots? If it isn’t here now, it may as well never existed, now is the only time that matters. America CAN be spiritual as well, but it isn’t right now, as often happens with the cycles of these things.

    Actually that’s a misrepresentation. Only 10% of the population is even lukewarm enough to read Depak Chopra on their calendars each month. So it burns my biscuits to see “America is a Christian nation” …or Jewish, or Protestant, or whatever they make-up-in-their-fevered-heads-today. America wasn’t founded on Christianity either. That’s another myth. Sure, maybe MASSACHUSETTS was, once, sorta, in some places, before not again, but that’s one of 13 states. So, um, South Carolina were pious Religious refugees, or maybe more like Caribbean money-plantations? And the Puritans weren’t “Christians” and neither were the Quakers or whoever, another whole state. They were complete Weirdos. “Christian” as we think of it might be like “Anglican”, while these guys are more like I dunno, a cult of Osho or Ram Das. Not to say they’re bad — although some were — or that Swedeborgians don’t believe in Christ — they do — just that they’re not the Norman Rockwell white church, more like the rolling Pentacostal and snakes, dropping mescaline, “God-is-speaking-to-me” version.

    That’s all revisionist history, fabricated parallax to mislead, like saying “White people” settled America. First: they didn’t. But second, “White” is something YOU made up, now. So the English, Irish and Scots don’t fight in your magical made-up-disneyworld, and they didn’t all fight the Poles and look down on the Swedes who were all here next door? And the “English” didn’t fight … um, the English? Under Cromwell, same time? And fight tooth-and-nail the Quakers?? Like Wm Penn? And ALSO the French, trying to run a genocide that shipped them to Baton Rouge like the Trail of Tears? And they ALSO were the same as the Germans, so different they STILL aren’t one culture today, nor speak English +100 years later? (The Amish). Oh, but NOW they’re all white. …Except the Jews, who are/aren’t, the Asians, who are/aren’t, the Blacks, who oddly today are/aren’t since Irony is dead or really turns out to be Loki the practical joker.

    Okay, so um, America was NOT founded on Christianity? Just the run-of-the-mill, background, universalist, non-denominational luke-warm milque-toast like today? Yeah, mostly. And today they’re even LESS Christian than that? By a LOT??? Yup.

    But we’re a “Christian Nation”. Feminists, Eurovision, Ariana Grande, Madonna, Beyonce’, etc all act as if they are reacting against a Christian right which doesn’t exist now if it ever existed at all? Yup. Makes them seem edgy and get audiences when they’re boring as soup.

    Okay, medieval history lesson for today: It’s fun to watch these things come and go, wax and wane in predictable cycles. Cromwell was a religious time as I mentioned, but he was a reaction to Charlie I, who clearly wasn’t. Popes sometimes are, but mostly aren’t, with epic Borgias, etc for generations. (Joke: Is the Pope Catholic? A: Not usually) But baseline: what what the Church attendance, average Middle Ages?

    …Oh, like 10%.

    What? We’re told it’s like 99%, you’d be pilloried or shot if you didn’t show up, excommunicated, disowned, finger-wagged even. Yeah, whatever, people say a lot of things, compare size of churches to size of birth records same period. Then read pastor’s laments no one comes to church so they keep the pew warm just like today. Can’t get offerings and tithes, just like today.

    …Again, like everything, it’s a lie. Probably made up in Victorian England, like most of our lies were. That was a period where like our Boomers, have not even a passing interest in the Truth, and we haven’t rooting out 1/100th of the lies they left yet. All our stories concerning sex in Victorian England are all lies, for instance, easily proven. Divorce. Etc.

    You see, certain people wanted to REACT to this. Say they were BETTER. Then they could SELL you a load of horses–t for their book-tour-and-profit. Marxism was one of these, but by no means the only one. Progressives are especially bad with this, but not to say Conservatives don’t lie feverishly to fabricate a Beautiful past-that-never-was instead of a Glorious-future-that-never-will. But none of that does us any good if we don’t have a baseline.

    What do you suppose Church membership was here in our recent height of the 1950s? 10% maybe? 30%?

    Oh, a “Christian” nation, espousing “Christian” values. Please. FIRST we need to establish WHAT HAPPENED before we try to react to it emotionally or compare ourselves to it.

    Next problem: I am not my group. I am an individual. Groups are made badly out of relatively unrelated individuals, none of whom would agree on anything if put in a room. Go to a Methodist meeting, who are all supposedly “Methodists.” Yeah, nope: won’t agree. So you can’t define me from my group, if you can’t even define the GROUP in the group. Even the Amish disagree, everywhere, with each pastor and church.

    But you’re going to say I as a “Christian” or “American” am a certain way because somebody, some mythical stereotype that actually doesn’t exist, you heard and read about from known liars SAYS I am that way? I don’t think so.

    But excuse me, I have to attend a protest of all the Jews FOR Palestine, like Sanders and Stein, then pop off in late afternoon to march with women Pro-LIFE. Then I’ll go down to the Casino to play cards with a billionaire Indian before visiting a Black Millionaire on his golf course, then finish the day in a VW Bus camper with a Conservative Millennial and talk about their hispanic friends who are against illegal immigration.

    …What are you talking about? WHAT Christian West? What Christian America?


    I’ve used the word ‘satanic’ to describe the ‘new world order’ (globohomo) for years on TAE

    Some here seem to have thought it extreme but with each passing day, it’s lookin’ better and better as the perfect term

    Eurovision 2024 is the poster child for Satanism writ large.

    Told yah so…..


    Damn you!


    John Day

    Dima updates Kharkov offensive, which came a week early, catching Ukraine flat footed, which is supposed to eb impossible these days.

    Simplicius with brief (for him) Kharkov update:

    11 minutes of magnetic why pole shift is akkowing Auroras in Puerto Rico: Good News, VERY Bad News, More Solar Shockwaves Coming | S0 News May.12.2024


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    Mr. House

    #277: At the limits of monetary possibility

    Read the article, read the comments: Tell me you’re a coward without telling me you’re a coward

    High school never ends, most of the students wouldn’t stand up to the bully even with numbers in their favor.


    @Dr D re: space budget and the big booster

    Again, I ask… What’s parked at the Lagranges? A bitcoin mine? A laser? A Sanrio factory?

    It is my belief that we are past a time when big rockets are the correct strategy. At one time, they were the only solution, we lacking some tech. Now, start small and build the infrastructure to wait for you to arrive. The big rockets are a cool show, but so much wasted effort. It is time to ‘grow into space with our roots’ so to speak. Also my belief, we will have evolved past human in the process in a remarkably short time.


    I have a perhaps silly notion that there is less news than before; on the topics that I (we) would find worth discussing, that is. But I can’t seem to find a reason why I think that. Please help me. Not by unleashing your own grand theory of the planet, though I’m sure it’s lovely, but by addressing my perception. Thanx.


    Eurovision 2024…
    Um…I have a degree in music & theatre, and have loved musical stage performance since I was very young. Sometimes I perform. I am not a prude. I’m not Christian, although I have respect for most Christian tenets, and abide by them and model them to my children — I am not immediately horrified by Wiccan and devil/demon imagery, although it can rapidly descend into territory that I consider problematic.

    This Eurovision thing is disgusting. Do people actually enjoy it? Or is it just like the emperor’s new clothes?

    Can we have a folk music revival already? It would be nice to get back to people simply getting up in front of others with acoustic instruments (amplification is fine, but not the type that fries ears and tingles arm hair,) and singing songs.


    @Raul re: lack of topic

    Have not much direct answer for that. I will say that most ‘news’ is the same, different cast of characters, forever (from my perspective). In ’90s thru mid ’00s there was plenty of stuff to attract my attention on many topics, especially tech stuff, semiconductors and chip advances, etc. From ’10s onward it was all poisoned well devastation. All the tech journals I’d read (Ars Technica!!!) couldn’t shut up about Russian Hackers. Past decade, poison ruined every TV show and movie. I finally ditched the last remnant of my habit, classical movies, a couple years ago. Now I’ll only watch music interviews/videos and the occasional ‘cute cat clip.’

    I just had a very interesting convo with wife re: AI and the ‘nuclear bomb’ nature of that. The legal cleavage, dodge copyright and paying the artist, is double edged. Same with the deep fake aspect. OK, so we can’t believe vid anymore. How do they use that to gin up the hate again? “Didja see that? They killled that guy.” “Yeah, yeah…looks fake.”

    Currently, the big news in my world is the stupefying wave of ‘supply chain’ attacks on open source software. Schneier’s Backdoor in XZ Utils That Almost Happened is a good vignette, but even he, who admonishes against easy attribution, winds up blaming Russians.


    I get the same feeling about news. The only 2 theories I have are monetization and tolerance. Maybe there is no money in basic [independent] reporting. Maybe I need a bigger dose of news every day to get the same high. Tolerance has variants. I feel like the channels are repeating, not new.


    @Raul re: lack of topic

    You have taken us on a trip that examine “the trends”, the controllers efforts, and we are waiting for the results. (Like watching an ice cube melt.)
    My garden will produce a crop before the denouement will happen.




    Formerly T-Bear

    At RIM May 12, 2024 at 5:02 pm #158881

    Perchance would that feeling be because most of traditional media only reports on issues of little consequence, geared to the limited attention span, and have gained little trust at that; where the alternative media, although capable of enlightening, is filled with dross and does not carry the gravitas or authority expected of sources. Also the range of trustworthy traditional media had moved ‘off-shore’ to a very limited resource, mostly found outside the ‘Empire and its sycophantic allies’, mostly now found in Russia and having a differing schedule of importance requiring attention. We have entered the era of the ijet (sometimes spelled eejit {idiot}). Does this help your search?


    Yeah- I’m still going to unleash my grand theory of what’s going on. I think that the filthy rich know what Ben Davidson sees and they are diverting everyone’s attention with ideology, wars, economic chaos, bullshit and nonsense- lest the masses start reading, noticing, and begin looking for the entryways and air intakes of the multi-trillion dollar luxury “caves” of these people.
    The Naturals should make sure those Morlocks don’t emerge at all.

    Meanwhile, here’s a note from september 2023 that indicates the “cracked” magnetic field that protects the earth is why we have rare red aurorae.
    In that article, they reference one from 2022 as well.
    Looks like red aurorae are not going to be rare anymore.
    Ben says these solar storms addle the brain. It sure would explain a lot of what’s happening across the globe.
    And why you may feel that way, Ilargi.


    On a friendlier note-
    Ilargi, if anyone has earned a break, it’s you.
    Give us a heads up, please. I’d like to send something for the kitchen before you go.


    It’s CNN, but here is a stunning gallery of worldwide aurorae.


    The Gaza death toll is still officially around 35k, a totally unbelievable number given the quantity of bombs the USA is shipping to Israel, which we can definitely assume are being dropped. How to find out the truth, how to get some real news? Oh well, let’s get back to the Trump trials, that’s not a tedious show at all.


    With respect to:

    Backdoor in XZ Utils That Almost Happened

    the comments are rather more edifying.


    It’s tough to crank out “news” when everyone with a functioning melon no longer believes anything they say. Corrupted monopolies only create shit, no incentive to excel. All the lying has caught up with them, now they’re fucked.


    News from the msm is being reshaped from the successful covid propaganda experience.
    In addition all American media is concentrated in the hands of about 5 or 6 entities.
    International news gathering organizations like Rueters, Bloomberg are obviously being used to filter what we see.
    Then there are the newer Google, Facebook, X, Tic Toc, Youtube, filters.
    Medical Journals are a sick joke these days. They only serve those who need to publish.
    Pay walls are being used to keep professional stuff from prying public scrutiny.
    I suspect the old journalists concept only remains in the dying boomer generation.
    Few msm organizations support any journalists.
    There maybe more people but I suspect there are fewer jobs for journalists.
    Only a few pressitutes are needed by msm.

    Videos instead of only text, are becoming part of the new journalism.

    In regard to alternate sites, often one can learn more from reading the comments, if you are preparated to spend the time to wade through 500 comments to spot one useful gem. MoA for example.

    Financial news requires reading many articles to find just one truth.

    An example of how the news is turned on and off as required, is Hunter Biden.

    The sources of news are changing and TAE has been changing to reflect these changes.
    That is why I recently had to upgrade my tablet to get more RAM.

    Susan C

    Eurovision 2024

    How about if they simply replace the whole thing with excerpts from the Ted Mack Amateur Hour?


    Celticbiker brings up several good points.
    If you are doing both, then you want less people involved in creating the new lies to make it easier to control and quickly change the narrative’s lie as needed.
    Monopolies mean you don’t need to support and write as much news variety.

    With alternate media more people might be aware of msm’s lies but that is hard to tell or measure.
    Msm even lies about lying.


    “…silly notion that there is less news than before; on the topics that I (we) would find worth discussing…”

    Media Whores and Presstitutes

    The MSM used to be more of an actual business which had to actually earn enough money to balance their books.

    Fewer people read ‘ads’ in newspapers, you got the whole internet to shop in.

    Few people need ‘classified ads either.

    Now that pretty much all MSM is a propaganda arm of the Globohomo (alternatiely: homo globoii) they were being subsidized to stay in business as propaganda props in order to balance their books, i.e. pay humans to write lies.

    Now AI can write lies for less of a paycheck and since the ‘message’ of the day is the same for all outlets they don’t even need that many ‘variations on a theme’.

    Journalist as a group were never that smart, had they been they would have become doctors, lawyers, stock brokers, etc…even real estate agents were and are presently smarter than your run of the mill ‘journalist’.

    ‘Journalists’ are people who aren’t smart enough to even write second rate pulp fiction novels, hence their default to writing lies (and fiction) for a paycheck.

    A sad paycheck, journalism never payed well, now finding an apartment in the Big Shitties they dwell in cost $3K for a broom closet.

    Now that media whores like even Disney are bleeding red ink out their asses it’s harder for the Homo Globoii to print ‘money’ to keep the rotting carcass of Mickey Mouse animated and fogging a mirror for PR’s sake.

    The Grift & Greed is so colossal and huge now there is no cake left after all the psychopaths have taken their cut to finance Pressititudes

    It’s become a Potemkin Village to Far

    Idiocracy has over taken the MSM an kneed it in the groin and kicked it to the curb.

    Even Fake News is too expensive a prop to maintain, hence the dwindling excretion of ‘news’

    Even Lies have fallen victim to Inflation.





    Even Zero Hedge has headlines now like this:


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