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    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.. • Bloody Hell, John Key Just Quit As Prime Minister (Spinoff) • Trump Picks Twitter Fight With China (AFP)
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    V. Arnold

    You gotta love it; we bankrupted the USSR with an arms race (which was a total scam); and now, Russia is genuinely ahead and the U.S. is going to play catch-up, LOL.

    Retirement and pensions; what a cluster-fuck!
    I saw the writing on the wall back in 2000 (actually way before that) and decided to get out.
    I totally agree with the above video about physiological inability to continue working.
    #1 get yourself out of debt asap at all costs, including bankruptcy (pride goeth before the fall). Debt is a killer both figuratively and literally.
    #2 do your research and find a country that is stable and cheap to live in. There is a surprisingly large number of countries on most of the continents; and do not exclude Russia. If all you have is $1,000 USD/month, you will have three times what the average Russian makes. As of today the ruble is 63.75 to the USD. In St. Petersburg (my latest information) the average wage is 15,000 rubles per month; do the math.
    I chose differently, and it has worked out splendidly; you can as well…

    V. Arnold

    Since the bloody edit feature is busted; $1,000 USD is more than 4 times the average wage in St. Petersburg (a very beautiful city I might add).


    I. W. O. Peasant cunning will prevail over Zioglobalist intellect in the long run, every time:).

    V. A. Also seldom mentioned is that future pension holdings will likely be forced into undesirable (capital losing) assets, rationed as far as withdrawal amounts, and taxed at higher rates. Disaster.

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