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    Claude Monet Grand Canal, Venice 1908   • Turkish Interior Minister Claims “The Whole World Hates America” (BNN) • Ukraine Demands Shell’s ‘Russi
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    V. Arnold

    Claude Monet Grand Canal, Venice 1908

    He (Monet) does water so well…

    Here in LoS we have been in a heat wave for the last 2-3 weeks. The mercury has been hitting 40°c with many 39°c’s thrown in for good measure.
    The humidity has been 40% which exacerbates the temps quite a bit… We don’t ususally turn on the air-con until the 35°c mark; which is usually by noon or one o’clock…
    The weather bureau says another 2 weeks until some relief…
    Hottest period in my 20 years here……….

    Dr. D

    Whoopie says to Bud on “The View” that “You better be afraid of the Left. You better.” Um, why? If they have good persuasive ideas, then that’s not a cause for ‘fear’. Only if they use violence, and you promote violence, would there be a cause for ‘fear’. This is kind of what the Right was saying, and kind of what they suspected with the non-apology. The Right are considered useless, weak, stupid, and beneath contempt. That is to say, 95% of all American counties, ie. the whole country. They fear the 1-3% of the Left much more than the 95%. And why not? They’ll burn down 12 American cities and have the cities pay THEM.

    I find Whoopie’s statement remarkable. As brazen as her other open calls to violence. But what can you expect from a an openly racist anti-semite?

    “MTG Bares Fang-Fangs, Throws House Meeting Into Chaos Over Swalwell ‘Sexual Relationship With A Chinese Spy’

    Why not? Shouldn’t somebody deal with open “treason” throughout all the upper ranks? I doubt he even issued an apology.

    Like this: “Accusations of mismanagement and chaos are piling up against St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner.” (St. Louis DA)
    “Bailey asserts she neglected her duties by failing to properly staff her office and allowing thousands of criminal cases to languish. …a judge ordered Gardner to “show cause” why she shouldn’t be held in contempt of court for failing to ensure that prosecutors from her office show up for a murder trial on April 17.
    The contempt action comes after a judge sanctioned Gardner for failing to turn over evidence in a double murder case earlier this month.”

    Now you see why they’re after “Soros” DA’s. Um, because they specifically and intentionally cause crime, murder, death, destruction, unrest, and economic and social collapse? To ME? And this is the same office that did nuclear prosecution when a homeowner even brandished to protect himself.

    Conclusion: WE will not protect you. We will jail you if you protect YOURSELF. The only condition in which we are happy is if you are dead.

    “Failing to turn over evidence”? And she says “They have no cause to remove her (just because she won’t lift a finger to do her job)”. The people generally are 100x tolerant of this behavior and speed, showing they love it only slightly less than she does.

    Here’s another one the people love: “The Bullet Train Epitomizes Golden State Corruption” $127 Billion dollars, Zero train. Divide by zero, that’s like INFINITY corruption. Example how much money that is? Like two fully-functioning nuclear power plants. But that’s NOT ENOUGH corruption. They still need MOAR.

    This is why you can’t “Let it go” but have to go do your job as a citizen.

    “Waco 30 Years Later: It’s Not An Atrocity If The Feds Do It

    Burning children alive on camera. Everyone approves. And things were so much better, milder, more innocent back then. Like cancer, if you don’t stop evil, it expands. Using your $127 Billion dollars you’re now too weak to resist, and too corrupt to vote out.

    Musk + Tucker = Apparently people like sex? Sex sells? Note implied in the headlines are women are little darling Stepford robots with no reality or agency of their own and have nothing to do with this. That’s what Rolling Stone believes! Whenever babies are made, women are never in the room!
    They Hate. Life. So. Much.

    The very thought of Joy drives them insane. Why? Like other demons, they are separated from God, yet still hunger for the love and light that originates from him. Like rabid animals they are dying of thirst and can’t drink.

    …And all they have to do is say “Yes.” I accept God again. They won’t.

    Petroleum reserve needs to cease to exist to leave the U.S. helpless in the upcoming/present war. We’re required to lose, and with Swalwell, etc, all institutions driven insane with a a Marxism that is internally contradictory and illogical, we are an easy, well-prepared target. Once you have children running in the streets, setting fires and raping things, I can buy it all up for 5c on the dollar. Then Lo! I suddenly see the Light!!! …Aaaaaaand once I own everything, we install a Napoleon, smash everybody, re-establish law for MY property. …’Cause “You’ll Own Nothing.” You’ll rent it from me. …If I FEEL like it, and mostly I don’t feel like it cause you’re not enough dead yet.

    “Ukraine Demands Shell’s ‘Russian Blood Money’ – Politico (RT) “

    Notice like other grifters, they have no power of their own, pretend they are weak, innocent, and helpless, and everybody ELSE must do all the work FOR them (or else mister!!) while Ze buys a third mansion, gets an Oscar, and his wife parties $10,000 shopping sprees. I mean, doesn’t that say “honest victim” to you? Apparently it does, everybody loves it. Ze is driving a Cadillac Escalade, surely that Welfare thing is working.

    “• US Military Industry Struggling to Meet Ukraine Demand – WSJ”

    Yet they are still 510% against jobs, work, and re-industrialization. …Whhhhhhhhyyyyyy? Why? He says. Because we are required to lose. They know it, they are CREATING it. It’s not an accident. It’s Raz al Ghul and the League of Shadows. They MAKE cities fall. They DECIDE and CAUSE it.
    That’s why they need our guns, because otherwise the U.S. WOULD fall. With them, WE are the U.S. Army, which is how it is supposed to be. The POINT of a declaration of war is to “Call up” the Army out of the local militias, as we would have no standing army. Look it up.

    “Resolution Would Make Biden Disclose Number of US Troops in Ukraine (Antiwar) “

    Like Swalwell patticake and 100 other examples, THIS IS ALREADY ILLEGAL. HE IS ALREADY REQUIRED. So you’re going to pass a resolution that Biden should follow the law? No, like the St. Louis DA, you Impeach them immediately for not following the law. That’s not some kind of politico-moral statement, that’s your g-d-d—-d duty. I don’t care how it LOOKS, in fact I’m sorry it looks sh—-y, but that’s the process to make the paper machine make paper, and the nail machine make nails. That’s how it WORKS. Read the manual for once and follow it.

    “The UK has been one of Kiev’s main backers,”

    Da Whut??? UK has no tanks, no planes, and no shells. That’s a MAIN backer? You could put every UK serviceman in a college football stadium and still be half-empty. WTF are these guys talking about??? They’re a “Backer” of the war only in the sense that they are the main CAUSE of it.

    ““The escalation of tensions on the Korean Peninsula is ongoing, and this only raises our level of concern..”

    The original PLAN had the Losing U.S. war starting in North Korea. That’s why they were hebephrenic apoplectic about Trump causing peace there (and never mentioned again). They’re only barely getting it back on track.

    “Western Countries Dodging Russian Oil Ban (RT) “

    Yes, Joe Biden is a major purchaser of Russian Oil.

    “The dollar will be extremely hard to replace for four reasons: The rule of law, liquid financial markets, and economic and military might.”

    Hahahahahahaha! Oh wait: you’re not kidding?
    1) The West has no rule of law. Anywhere.
    2) The financial markets are actually illiquid. The prices are rigged, and the “liquidity” is an illusion. In many markets, created entirely by HFT yanking away bid-offers if anyone tries to take them. In others, liquidity is infinite until it is zero, like FTX, SVB, etc. This is now market-wide. Other markets like Silver, Bitcoin, have NO delivery. Ever. How are you “liquid” if you sell millions of something but never deliver it?
    3) The U.S. and West hasn’t the Economic might to avoid backruptcies of BlackRock and SVB, the 17th largest bank. They cannot make copper and steel for shells leading to
    4) The U.S. has zero military might and has been defeated by every pajama-wearing group with a revolver since WWII. We only most recently lost entirely in F-Stan, in Syria, and can project no power into Africa, Asia, tiny Pacific Atolls, or Ukraine.

    Okay, you want to change your position?

    “Mobius: Per CNN: “I have an account with HSBC in Shanghai. I can’t take my money out.”

    You could if it were Bitcoin. Speaking of, London just said they are willing to be a trading and clearing house for Bitcoin and Crypto. Noooooooooo!!!!!. OMG, JHC, and all things Holy, THAT’S THE WHOLE AND ONLY POINT of Bitcoin. There IS no “clearinghouse”. YOU are the clearinghouse. Cut the banks out, and their vig.

    If I free people, they go search the city in a fever, find a rope, make a noose and stick their heads back in it, what do you want from me? They’re like “Forky” constantly looking to throw themselves in the Trash.

    • Did the Neocons Save the World from the Thucydides Trap? (Unz)

    Not exactly. The White Hats are few and have delicate power, however they CAN instigate Russia to do this, knowing the outcome will be THAT. That is, they are inside so they can measure the support of the long PLANned China war we’re supposed to lose. They realize there’s still too much support and near zero support for America. So the only way to derail it is to SHOW, to live through, to FEEL and experience an utter loss somewhere else, demonstrating how useless we – and all their weapons – are. For other reasons, that was best demonstrated in Ukraine, whereby they SIGNAL to Russia that they exist and have a green/yellow light. Russia then tests their own waters and accepts.

    This is all done as it were BY the Neocons, as they are such rabid, glue-sniffing morons, they can be steered ANYWHERE. That’s why Davos put them there. As long as it’s war, murder, theft, and other Nazi values. However for the exact same reasons they can say “We’re 110% behind you”, then refuse to escalate in Ukraine after just ONE bunker is busted, hanging the NeoCons, and all Davos, out to dry.

    Mr. House

    Pepe Escobar: Russia has DEFEATED the Neocon Agenda Despite Ukraine Crisis


    Klaus Schwab and his Daddy Eugen

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree



    A soft shoe hectoring by your Betters

    Truly out of touch and insane

    Bankers need to be dancing on the end of ropes

    CitiBank Says Ukraine War Must Be Won So That ‘Private Capital’ Can Be Put Into The Country


    Placing, say, three mirrors behind the candle one gets “for candles for the price of one”.
    That’s what keeps me confused in terms of energy expenditure.
    So I better stick on commenting social dynamics and art that TAE offers, when the mood strikes.



    Did you think that you were able to change what will happen just because you read TAE?

    Figmund Sreud

    @ Dr. D. – Hahahahahahaha! Oh wait: you’re not kidding?

    Well, … it’s a very first time I wish I had a Twitter account, … just for a moment!,to repost your response to this guy – since he is so, … so proud of his article. And so, just perhaps, maybe you wish to ruffle his feathers? Or permit someone else to do so? That would make my day, …



    John Day

    After Liftoff is up, yes with the Starship video

    Archdruid, John Michael Greer talks about the late decay of empire, specifically the American Empire, but other empires, too:
    Dancing On The Brink
    The core project of this blog, like its predecessor The Archdruid Report, is the quest for ways to lead a meaningful human life in harmony with nature during the decline and fall of a vast and profoundly unnatural civilization…
    ​..​​Roughly five per cent of the human race currently live in the United States of America. That very small fraction of humanity, until quite recently, got to enjoy about a third of the world’s energy resources and manufactured products and about a quarter of its raw materials… It happened because as the world’s dominant nation, the United States imposed unbalanced patterns of exchange on the rest of the world, and these funneled a disproportionate share of the planet’s wealth to this one nation.​.. America’s empire came into being in the wake of the collapse of the British Empire during the fratricidal European wars of the early twentieth century…
    ..The ascendancy of one empire simply guarantees that other aspirants for the same status will begin sharpening their knives. They’ll get to use them, too, because empires invariably wreck themselves: over time, the economic and social consequences of empire destroy the conditions that make empire possible. That can happen quickly or slowly, depending on the mechanism that each empire uses to extract wealth from its subject nations…
    ​ ​The mechanism the United States used for this latter purpose was ingenious but even more short-term than most. In simple terms, the US imposed a series of arrangements on most other nations that guaranteed that the lion’s share of international trade would use US dollars as the medium of exchange, and saw to it that an ever-expanding share of world economic activity required international trade. (That’s what all that gabble about “globalization” meant in practice.) This allowed the US government to manufacture dollars out of thin air by way of gargantuan budget deficits, so that US interests could use those dollars to buy up vast amounts of the world’s wealth. Since the excess dollars got scooped up by overseas central banks and business firms, which needed them for their own foreign trade, inflation stayed under control while the wealthy classes in the US profited mightily from the scheme…
    ..The problem with this scheme is the same difficulty faced by all Ponzi schemes, which is that sooner or later you run out of suckers to draw in…
    ​..​Fast forward to last year. When Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the United States and its allies responded not with military force but with punitive economic sanctions, which were expected to cripple the Russian economy and force Russia to its knees. Apparently nobody in Washington DC considered the possibility that other nations with an interest in undercutting the US empire might have something to say about that. Of course that’s what happened. China, which has the largest economy on Earth in purchasing-power terms, extended a middle finger in the direction of Washington DC and upped its imports of Russian oil, gas, grain, and other products. So did India, currently the third largest economy on Earth in the same terms; so did more than a hundred other countries.​..
    ​..At this point the sanctions are hurting the United States and Europe, not Russia, but the US leadership has wedged itself into a position from which it can’t back down. This may go a long way toward explaining why the Russian campaign in Ukraine has been so leisurely. The Russians have no reason to hurry. They know that time is not on the side of the United States…
    ..For many decades now, the threat of being cut out of international trade by US sanctions was the big stick Washington DC used to threaten unruly nations that weren’t small enough for a US invasion or fragile enough for a CIA-backed regime change operation. Over the last year, that big stick turned out to be made of balsa wood, and snapped off in Joe Biden’s hand. As a result, all over the world, nations that thought they had no choice but to use dollars in their foreign trade are switching over to their own currencies, or to the currencies of rising powers. The US dollar’s day as the global medium of exchange is thus ending.​..
    ..When the British pound lost a similar role in the early years of the Great Depression, no other currency was ready to take on its role either. It wasn’t until 1970 or so that the US dollar finished settling into place as the currency of global trade. In the interval, international trade lurched along awkwardly using whatever currencies or commodity swaps the trading partners could settle on: that is to say, the same situation that’s taking shape around us in the free-for-all of global trade that will define the post-dollar era…
    ..The United States of America is bankrupt. Our governments from the federal level on down, our big corporations, and a very large number of our well-off citizens have run up gargantuan debts, which can only be serviced given direct or indirect access to the flows of unearned wealth the United States extracted from the rest of the planet. Those debts cannot be paid off, and many of them can’t even be serviced for much longer. The only options are defaulting on them or inflating them out of existence, and in either case, arrangements based on familiar levels of expenditure will no longer be possible. Since the arrangements in question include most of what counts as an ordinary lifestyle in today’s United States, the impact of their dissolution will be one for the record books.
    ​ ​In effect, the five per cent of us in this country are going to have to go back to living on about five per cent of the planet’s wealth, the way we did before 1945. If we still had the factories, the trained work force, the abundant natural resources, and the thrifty habits we had back then, that would have been a wrenching transition but not a debacle. The difficulty, of course, is that we don’t have those things any more.​..
    ​..The good news is that there’s a solution to all this. The bad news is that it’s going to take a couple of decades of serious turmoil to get there. The solution is that the US economy will retool itself to produce earned wealth in the form of real goods and nonfinancial services. That’ll happen inevitably as the flows of unearned wealth falter, foreign goods become unaffordable to most Americans, and it becomes profitable to produce things here in the United States again. The difficulty, of course, is that most of a century of economic and political choices meant to support our former imperial project are going to have to be undone.
    ​..​The most obvious example? The metastatic bloat of government, corporate, and nonprofit managerial jobs in American life…
    ​..​What will happen … is that the middle and upper middle classes in the United States, and in many other countries, will face the same kind of slow demolition that swept over the working classes of those same countries in the late twentieth century…
    ..All the businesses that make money catering to these same classes will lose their incomes as well, a piece at a time. Communities will hollow out the way the factory towns of America’s Rust Belt and the English Midlands did half a century ago, but this time it will be the turn of upscale suburbs and fashionable urban neighborhoods to collapse as the income streams that supported them go away.
    ​ ​I want to stress that this is not going to be a fast process. The US dollar is losing its place as the universal medium of foreign trade, but it will still be used by some countries for years to come. The unraveling of the arrangements that direct unearned wealth to the United States will go a little faster, but that will still take time. The collapse of the cubicle class and the gutting of the suburbs will unfold over decades. That’s the way changes of this kind play out.​..
    ​..We are dancing, we Americans, on the brink of a long slippery slope into an unwelcome new reality.

    ​ ​Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu Claims “The Whole World Hates America”
    ​ ​Soylu’s characterization of Europe as an American pawn suggests that he believes the continent lacks independence and is heavily influenced by the United States. By stating, “There is no such thing as Europe. There is America. Europe is a trend in the Americas column,” Soylu implies that Europe’s actions and policies are primarily driven by American interests rather than its own. This perspective further underscores Soylu’s negative view of the United States and its global influence.

    M. K. BHADRAKUMAR​ ​China, Russia circle wagons in Asia-Pacific​
    ​Last Wednesday, US Commerce Department announced the imposition of export controls on a dozen Chinese companies for “supporting Russia’s military and defence industries.” The Global Times hit back defiantly that “as China is an independent major power, so is Russia. It’s our right to decide with whom we will carry out normal economic and trade cooperation. We cannot accept the US’ finger-pointing or even economic coercion.” …
    ​..​Putin had disclosed in October 2019 that Russia was helping China to create an early missile warning system that would drastically enhance the defensive capacity of China. Chinese observers noted that Russia was more experienced in developing and operating such a system, which is capable of identifying and sending warnings immediately after intercontinental ballistic missiles are launched.
    ​ ​Such cooperation demonstrates a high level of trust and requires a possible integration of Russian and Chinese systems. The system integration will be mutually beneficial; stations located in the North and West of Russia could provide China with warning data and, in turn, China could provide Russia with data collected at their Eastern and Southern stations. That is to say, the two countries could create their own global missile defence network.
    ​ ​These systems are among the most sophisticated and sensitive areas of defence technology. The US and Russia are the only countries which have been able to develop, build and maintain such systems. Certainly, close coordination and cooperation between Russia and China, two nuclear-armed powers, will profoundly contribute to world peace in the present circumstances by containing and deterring US hegemony.​..
    ​..​Again, exercises of US aviation and fleet forces have been increasingly noticed in the immediate vicinity of Russian borders or in regions where Russia has geopolitical interests. On April 5, B-52 Stratofortress circled over the Korean Peninsula allegedly “in response to nuclear and missile threats from North Korea.” At the same time, South Korea, the US and Japan conducted trilateral naval exercises in the waters of the Sea of Japan with the participation of aircraft carrier USS Nimitz.
    ​ ​Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev recently drew attention to Japan’s growing capability to conduct offensive operations, which, he said, constituted “a gross violation of one of the most important outcomes of the Second World War.” Japan plans to purchase around 500 Tomahawk cruise missiles from the US, which can directly threaten most of the territory of the Russian Far East. The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is working on developing Type 12 land-based anti-ship missiles “in order to protect the remote islands of Japan.”
    ​ ​Japan is also developing hypersonic weapons designed to conduct combat operations “on remote islands,” which Russians see as options for Japan’s possible seizure of the Southern Kuriles. In 2023, Japan will have a military budget exceeding $51 billion (on par with Russia’s), which is slated to increase to $73 billion.​..
    ​..Surveying the regional alignments, Yuri Lyamin, Russian military expert and Senior Fellow at the Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, a leading think tank of the military-industrial complex, told Izvestia newspaper:
    ​ ​“Considering that we have not settled the territorial issue, Japan lays claim to our South Kuriles. In this regard, checks are very necessary. It is necessary to increase the readiness of our forces in the Far East…
    ​ ​“In the context of the current situation, we need to further strengthen defence cooperation with China. In fact, an axis is being formed against Russia, North Korea and China: the USA, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and then it goes to Australia. Great Britain is also actively trying to participate… All this must be taken into account and cooperation should be established with China and North Korea, which are, one might say, our natural allies.”
    ​ ​In highly significant remarks at a Kremlin meeting with Shoigu on April 17 — while Li was in Moscow — Putin noted that the current priorities of Russia’s armed forces are “primarily focusing on the Ukrainian track… (but) the Pacific theatre of operations remains relevant” and it must be borne in mind that “the forces of the (Pacific) fleet in its individual components can certainly be used in conflicts in any direction.”
    ​ ​The next day, Shoigu told Gen. Li, “In the spirit of unbreakable friendship between the nations, peoples, and the armed forces of China and Russia, I look forward to the closest and most successful cooperation with you…”​ …
    ​..Russia, is turning attention to the Asia-Pacific theatre. Suffice to say, Li’s visit shows that the reality of Russia–China defence cooperation is complicated. Russia–China military-technical cooperation has always been rather secretive, and the level of secrecy has increased as both countries engage in more direct confrontation with the US.
    ​ ​The political meaning of Putin’s 2019 statement on jointly developing a ballistic missile early warning system extended far beyond its technical and military significance. It demonstrated to the world that Russia and China were on the brink of a formal military alliance, which could be triggered if US pressure went too far.

    China, Russia circle wagons in Asia-Pacific

    Russia Threatens To Give North Korea Advanced Weapons If Seoul Arms Ukraine

    John Day

    ​ It turns out that the whole US rocket & missile-munitions industry has choke points at rocket-motor production that prevent increased production before 2026.​

    ​ ​Japan Signals an Attitude Shift to the Growing Power of the Global South
    ​ ​In mid-April, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs released its Diplomatic Bluebook 2023, its most important guidebook on international affairs. Japan’s foreign minister, Yoshimasa Hayashi, wrote the foreword, which begins: “The world is now at a turning point in history.”​ …
    ​..​Despite all the talk of sanctions, Japan continues to import energy from Russia. In 2022, 9.5 percent of Japan’s imported liquefied natural gas came from Russia (up from 8.8 percent in 2021). Most of this energy came from Russia’s Sakhalin Island, where Japanese companies and the government have made substantial investments. In July 2022, Hayashi was asked about Japan’s continued imports from Sakhalin-2. His answer was clear: “Sakhalin-2 is an important project for energy security, including the stable supply of electricity and gas in Japan.” Since July, Japan’s officials have continued to emphasize Japan’s national interests—including through the Sakhalin-2 natural gas project—over its obligations to the G7 and to its own statements about the war.​..​
    ​..​The Diplomatic Bluebook 2023 makes three important points: that the post-Cold War era has ended, that China is Japan’s “greatest strategic challenge” (p. 43), and that Global South countries must be taken seriously. The Bluebook highlights Japan’s confusion, caught between its reliance upon Russian energy and the growing confidence of the Global South.​..
    ​..​Anxiety about the growing role of China in Asia is not new for Japan, which has long contested the Diaoyu (China)/Senkaku (Japan) islands. But now, there is a much more pronounced—and dangerous—assessment of the situation. The Bluebook 2023 notes the close alignment between China and Russia, although it does not focus on that strategic partnership. Rather, the Japanese government focuses on China, which it now sees as Japan’s “greatest strategic challenge.” Even here, the Japanese government acknowledges that the two countries “have held a series of dialogues to discuss common issues.” The “efforts of both Japan and China” are important, says the Bluebook, to build a “constructive and stable” relationship (p. 43).

    ​ ​The new chief of the BRICS bloc’s New Development Bank, Brazil’s leftist ex-President Dilma Rousseff, revealed they are gradually moving away from the US dollar, promising at least 30% of loans in local currencies of members.

    BRICS Bank de-dollarizing, promises 30% of loans in local currencies, new chief Dilma Rousseff says

    ​ ​Russia-Brazil Relations: Lavrov’s Visit to Brasilia​ , Andrew Korybko
    ​Lavrov’s trip showcased the significant role that Russia attaches to Brazil when it comes to the Latin American dimension of Moscow’s grand strategy. Both parties’ rhetoric was positive, but it remains to be seen if anything of tangible substance ultimately comes from it, which will be greatly determined by whether or not Lula attends this year’s St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in less than two months’ time like he was just invited to do.

    Russia-Brazil Relations: Lavrov’s Visit to Brasilia

    ​ ​The White House has accused Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of repeating Russian and Chinese propaganda. While visiting China, Lula said that the US should stop “encouraging” the war in Ukraine and seek peace instead.
    ​ ​Speaking with reporters on Tuesday, the White House’s National Security Council’s Spokesperson, John Kirby, lashed out at Lula. “Brazil has substantively and rhetorically approached this issue by suggesting that the United States and Europe are somehow not interested in peace or that we share responsibility for the war,” Kirby said. “In this case, Brazil is parroting Russian and Chinese propaganda without at all looking at the facts.”
    ​ ​The spokesman went on to call Lula’s statement “simply misguided” and “deeply problematic.”​ [Psst … Go to St. Petersburg in June, Lula.]

    White House Slams Brazil After Accusing US of ‘Encouraging’ War in Ukraine

    John Day

    ​ ​U.S. Invests $1.5 Billion to Spur 5G Rollout Despite New Evidence of ‘Devastating’ Health Issues
    ​ A new study from Sweden showed that a previously healthy woman developed symptoms of “microwave syndrome” shortly after a 5G cell tower was installed 60 meters — nearly 200 feet — from her apartment.
    According to the study, published April 10 in the Annals of Clinical and Medical Case Reports, the 52-year-old woman developed “severe health problems” — including “unbearable” pain, headache, dizziness, loss of immediate memory, confusion, fatigue, anxiety, nose bleeds and issues with her lungs, stomach and urinary system.
    ​ ​The woman temporarily relocated to another home with low radiation levels and no 5G exposure, at which point almost all of her symptoms disappeared. When she moved back to her apartment, the symptoms returned.
    ​ ​The study’s findings mirror the results of two prior case reports, conducted by the same researchers, which showed that non-ionizing radiation from 5G — well below levels allowed by authorities — can cause health problems in individuals with no prior history of electromagnetic sensitivity, the authors said…
    ..“These measurements are very alarming,” said Nilsson, managing director of the Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation. “They confirm the concerns raised by hundreds of scientists that 5G would lead to an increase in exposure to microwave radiation — which has already been proven harmful at levels lower than governmental limits.”
    It’s not just 5G’s high radiation levels that are problematic — it’s the highly repetitive nature of the pulsating 5G signal that harms people’s health, the authors said.
    “In medicine, you have a recovery period,” Hardell said. “It takes [the] cellular system time to recover from something that’s bad for it.”
    For instance, he said, research on radiation treatment for fighting cancer has shown that the radiation has a stronger biological effect when one treatment is given in the morning and one in the afternoon — rather than just once a day — because cells do not have time to recover.

    U.S. Invests $1.5 Billion to Spur 5G Rollout Despite New Evidence of ‘Devastating’ Health Issues

    ​ Space X Starship took off from Boca Chica Texas this morning, successfully lifting the largest and heaviest rocket ever into the sky.
    There was a failure of separation of the Super Heavy Lifter first stage, from the Starship , so the entire assembly was blown up in the sky in a “rapid disassembly”. If you cue-up to 44 minutes, you will cut to final-countdown (the chase).

    ​ ​Combined Vitamin D, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and a Simple Home Exercise Program May Reduce Cancer Risk Among Active Adults Aged 70 and Older: A Randomized Clinical Trial​ Thanks Charles, 100-200 mcg of vitamin K-2 helps vitamin-D to benefit immunity, and the cardiovascular system​, also.

    Michael Reid

    Tom Luongo
    Publisher of Gold Goats ‘n Guns

    In short, the Commies of the World Economic Forum, believe they have the recipe to turn America against herself.

    Because that’s the only way to defeat the “Shining House on the Hill,” by tearing it down.

    And there is no faster way to do that than marching us into a war Americans don’t want against enemies who will fight to the last man.


    Ilargi top post, previous, map of demos, protests, in France:

    A list for the reasons of the protests, on different rubrics.

    Vaguely ordered the list a bit, without judging importance, weight.

    Officially, in the Int’l MSM it’s all about raising the retirement age. (A questionable take, that isn’t the heart of the reform. Not going into that here.)

    Millions oppose XYZ, therefore support the oppo to the retirement legislation:

    —> Gilets Jaunes are of course on board, without their jackets

    —> “Inflation”, i.e. huge! price rise of ordinary goods, Why, what?

    —> Macron’s arrogance and disdain for ordinary ppl (this counts..)

    More. State violence, top-down command, centralisation:

    Paris is running the periphery, Police violence, Law-fare crack down on those arrested in demos, Gilets Jaunes previously mutilated, etc.

    Extravagant illegitmate use of article 49.3 to force into law ABC. — equivalent to US Prez. executive orders but with far grander powers, scope, etc.

    Present or expected ECOLO rules. Imposed by the EU Commisson, enforced by the F Gvmt.

    Banning fossil fuel-run vehicles in 2035, banning older ppl from driving (not done yet) – enforcing use of renewable energy – v. excessive insulation on housing, heating, v. strict criteria.. Private property owners won’t be able to rent or sell; or even occupy sometimes – it is said.

    Degradation of the SECU (social security) in particular health care in hospitals. Imho, as in GB, state health care is being dismantled in favor of the private sector, tele medecine, etc.

    The Covid contradictions (mask, no mask, no entry to shops, vax, etc. etc.) and disaster, particularly the Gvmt. repression of the likes of Prof. D. Raoult, who treated covid patients with success (it is claimed) with hydroxychloroquine, off the shelf meds, and proper care.

    — Other, there is much more….


    Be happy!
    You’re not responsible to keep the system operational.

    Figmund Sreud

    More chatter on dying U$, … simply because Russia is loosing!

    Anyway, … it’s basically a counter reaction to dire headlines predicting the end of the U$. So be it, … still fun watching it all regurgitating!



    I seriously doubt there are only double-digit American solidiers in Ukriane. (weren’t there more than that in that bunker that got Kinzaled?) Biden made that speech to – I forget either the 82nd or the 101st – about them going into Ukriane about a year ago now. Based on nothing but being alive for the past few years, no I don’t believe there would be only 29. 29. Kind of like pricing something at 4.99?

    Various news stories making fun of Russia, saying they are using T-55’s (model first came into service in 1947.)

    Various OTHER news stories speaking glowingly of Ukraine being sent U-55’s from Slovenia. T55’s with an upgrade package from 20 years ago.

    The T-55 being reintroduced into modern warfare is ridiculous, deserving of scorn, brave, stunning, innovative, and sensible.

    I say again, Myth of a Great War by Mosier is a great book to read for people interested in Ukraine.

    He reasons that there was no such thing as a breakthrough, for a variety of reasons. Mobility of the forces of the day vs, implicitly, speed of intelligence on their movements – forces could always be brought in to plug a gap. Firepower available. Mass conscription meant there was always, ALWAYS something available to plug gaps. So stop throwing away millions trying to create and exploit gaps that can never be exploited.

    In Ukraine, the knowledge of enemy movements is too quick to make surprising maneuvers to throw an opponent off-balance. Concentration of force is punished by the firepower available today.

    Those early thrusts at Kiev make sense in that context – you can’t surprise the enemy, but they can’t know your future plans for withdrawal. You get them to send a whole bunch of guys north and you retreat. With the dependence on railroads combined with reach and firepower, those guys sent North are going to take awhile to redeploy. Seems like the closest thing to a surprise maneuver in this war – retreat, that is.

    The Allied powers felt particularly stymied on the WW1 Western front. The various things they tried:
    –“surprise” obvious attacks uphill into well-entrenched positions by unsupported infantry
    –prepared attacks that would go on for months (unsuccessfully)
    –theorizing that the enemy MUST be taking more casualties from these actions than the Allies (wrong) so just keep doing them
    –open new theatres of war (but using the same approaches above) so, replicating the Western Front in a variety of other places over and over.

    The Allies started to realize that walking parade lines of men into machine guns might be contributing to failure. Meanwhile the Germans were using artillery (just a matter of sheer weight of explosives thrown) and developing combined arms doctrine.

    2 things worked

    1. Falkenhayn/Verdun – choose a place the enemy can’t stand losing. Threaten it. Take chunks of it as bait. Pulverize everything the enemy feeds into it – prepare to do this in advance. (Verdun was ruined by other generals wanting to “exploit” successes of this technique with attacks to gain ground. Kind of analogous to that fairly recent (rumored) costly/failed massed Russian attack? The whole point was to NOT gain ground…)

    2. Brusilov – just attack on the ENTIRE front. No attempt at exploitation, breakthroughs. Just apply pressure along the entire front. Forget about surprise, exploitation, maneuver, secrecy. Don’t worry about any of that. Just push broadly everywhere.

    The Germans were actually fairly good at taking ground. It’s just that it wasn’t worth the effort. Failing to realize that cost them dear.

    Ukraine makes me think of an old scifi novel I read, The Black Ship. It was mediocre, but there was an interesting military situation with a giant ship orbiting a planet during a regional conflict. Every time the ship approached the horizon, the opposing forces would have to disperse, scatter, wait, then concentrate as it “set” on the other horizon. It was just able to throw too much stuff down on any troop concentrations to do anything else. So the whole rhythm of the war was dictated by where the Black Ship was in orbit at any given time. In our current scenario, the Black Ship is always there.

    If NATO really enters into the fray – or if Russia takes the gloves off – I suspect the various intelligence-gathering tools will go down, godlike networking will go down, and WW2-ish dynamics will be in play again. (Various armies will have to remember – how do we do scouting again??? You can’t check with satellites?) But then again, dispersed weaponry like drone swarms may be the thing.

    IMHO everything important to do with Bakhmut appears to have happened about a month ago (or more). The important stuff that happened then is just becoming commonly accepted knowledge in the past week or two. My only sense of new developments is that maybe Russia is making a big spoiling effort against any upcoming Ukrainian offensive. Various vague references out there to a future wide-front crossing of the lower Dnieper, but I think putting all your guys in a position of having a large river at their backs is a bad idea from the get-go. Everything back to Caesar’s War Diaries says so.


    RE: “Without freedom we are nothing. With humanity we are everything”- by Vandana Shiva.

    Consider the hidden potential here. “With humanity” deserves exploration, contemplation, and understanding. What does it mean/how to BE “with humanity”?

    Is it what happens when we come together over a personal experience post (à la Phoenix), a Calvin cartoon strip, an Eckhart Tolle quote, an animal video, a Beatles song, or artwork selection?

    I propose that “with humanity” is a key component of your existence and resistance, your most powerful tool. It is everything – all you have and all you need. If you want it.

    It is the one thing YOU can implement with/in every thought, word, and deed. “With humanity” is your LOVE in action. Freedom will surely follow.

    LOVE to Ilargi and TAE friends.




    Scott Ritter: Russia is Ready to FINISH Ukraine After the US Undermines Peace Negotiations


    I find Whoopie’s statement remarkable. As brazen as her other open calls to violence. But what can you expect from a an openly racist anti-semite?

    As racist as those tribe members who will threaten politicians who do not support Israel? Want to see real racism, go to apartheid Israel.


    Dr D said

    In many markets, created entirely by HFT yanking away bid-offers if anyone tries to take them.

    Total nonsense, provide some real evidence that this happens: That a co-located market markeing server can inject cancels into an order stream out of order, ahead of orders received from another client.

    How are you “liquid” if you sell millions of something but never deliver it?

    Liquidity is being able to convert an asset into cash, so delivery is irrelevant to liquidity.

    Veracious Poet

    CULTural anecdote:

    My wife has become too fragile to continue to care for & manage her mother’s healthcare from home (ulcerative colitis + now bile-induced gastritis), a task she lovingly performed since 06/2015, following which her 3 brothers & 2 sisters engaged in a group call yesterday to decide what to do with their mother…

    During the conversation, which was controlled by her brother who is an ICU RN with 25+ years experience, it was decided to remove all medication & switch to strictly morphine to make sure that momma is “comfortable” (she’s was released to home hospice following a hospital admission last summer, when due to my wife’s actions she recovered back to her almost “normal” self following a cardio crisis created by the 2nd booster).

    During their conversation, which we listened to but did not participate with (to alleviate stress) the “expert” know-it-all RN announced that he’s witnessed countless situations like their current dilemma, dealt with nuisance families bothering the “professionals” with silly requests to bring food & drink for their loved ones, that it is well known within the nursing “community” that morphine is “judiciously” administered without the family’s knowledge/permission, beyond RX script limits, a reality that doctors are apparently *totally* aware & tacitly approve of, to reduce the elderly’s “suffering” & help them on their “journey” 😐

    My wife’s siblings all signed off on the drug-her-up plan, since none could be bothered to provide even one day of 24/7 care/love, deciding in unison to throw momma into a nursing home (my wife didn’t vote, but was very upset & I did my best to console her)…

    Of course neither my wife nor I were shocked by the genocidal admission of the death CULTure running “healthcare”, after dealing with similar circumstances during my mother’s three-year battle with cancer, having read articles on the death-care cult practices, both linked on TAE & elsewhere…

    Following my mother’s experience during diagnosis & surgical treatment 06-07/2019, prior to going into remission for 2+ years, they almost killed her with diazepam & morphine (hospital/nursing home), which I had to daily monitor & fight to get her well enough to come to my home for 24/7 loving care prior to her declining in 11/2021 & passing 02/2022 ~ If it hadn’t been for the COVID nightmare, I have no doubt she’d still be here 😐

    Just thought I’d add that tidbit in passing, perhaps to help illuminate any other souls that are, or will be, facing similar circumstances.


    John Day

    I am sorry that your wife is going through this, VP Gary.
    I have experience in this regard. Buprenorphine is actually much easier on those going through this process, because it is much less constipating, much less sedating and much less confusing.
    I’ve known this since 1986, and now it is even apparent in “the literature”.




    VP Gary:

    Your struggles in dealing with elderly parents in declining heath brings tears to my eyes because I have already gone through this stage with both my parents and then my Wife’s two parents.

    I don’t think there is any best way to deal with this, as each parent faces different health issues. So you are constantly learning and trying to adjust to new and ever changing situations, such that you always feel you are learning too late what is the best thing to do.

    At least you are trying your best. That is truly what counts and is what love truly is about.

    When it is all said and done you will know you were there and gave it your best shot. Nobody can do anymore than that.

    P.S. One option to explore is in home nursing care to relieve some of the pressure on your Wife and yourself. I would give it a try before committing to a nursing home where you 100% lose any say in your Wife’s Mother’s medical treatment. This loss of say in medical treatment was sharpely driven home by covid where children lost all say in their parent’s medical care.



    I think when it comes to spoofing bid/sell orders you might be unpleasantly surprised at what can and did happen.

    Some years ago I read about some companies trying to locate communication towers as close to the Chicago CME in order to intercept bid/sell orders a few micro-seconds ahead of others.

    They wouldn’t have gone to all that effort and expense, if it wasn’t possible. So never say never!



    How did your outdoor wood burner project work out this past winter?

    Yup, I grew up with the Beatles too! Sort of dating myself as old!


    Hi VP. I feel for you and your wife as you let go and move into the next phase of care-giving. You are not alone in the fulfillment of this special role. Keep loving one another, all will be well.

    WES – good advice as always. To “age in place” is the best choice but not always possible; care-giver quality/availability and finances may make this difficult.

    As for the closed loop, wood-fired outdoor furnace (heat transfer H2O to my boiler to radiant floor heat system), it worked like a champ! It took awhile to fine tune the process and get the right wood mix/volume for optimum performance. Saved on the propane. Next year will be the big test and $$$ savings. Will get her fired up in late October/early November. Thanks for asking.


    De- Dollarization:

    One thing that nobody seems to bring up de-dollarization, is the unimportant fact that the US created and launched a BIO-WEAPON upon the entire world!

    Then the US seized Russia’s central bank currency reserves.

    Before that the US seized Libya’s gold, then Venezuela’s gold, then Ukraine’s gold.

    Decades before that the US assassinated foreign leaders and bombed the shit out of third world countries that looked cross-eyed at the US.

    So you know maybe that bio-weapon shit was a step too far?
    Then seizing a big country like Russia’s central bank reserves?

    Like maybe the US accidently woke a few people around the world up that they are in decline and are actively trying to seize anybody’s wealth they can get their grubby hands on?

    Like the US is showing they are more corrupt now rhan ever before?

    Like maybe you are next?

    So the ungrateful buggers are moving and hiding their wealth from uncle sam?

    No, this time isn’t different.


    Smoke ’em if ya got em… 4/20

    Stoney Day on a maniacs…

    Lennon said they were more popular than GOD ? Adolf is spoken of more than God these Daze…


    Mind your own business
    Life or death is my choice/decision.

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