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US Rep. Gosar: Biden Debate Performance Shows He’s Unfit to Be President (Sp.)
Biden Campaign Refuses To Commit To Drug Test Before Debate (MN)
Justice Alito Dissent Says Majority ‘Shirks’ Duty in Free Speech Case (ET)
Want to Defeat Joe Biden? Make Free Speech the Key Issue in 2024 (Turley)
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What The Assange Saga Says About The State Of The American Empire (Hryce)
US Uses National Security ‘As A Veil To Hide War Crimes’ – Assange Lawyer (RT)
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Putin: The Protector of Ukraine (Paul Craig Roberts)
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EU To Put Brakes On Kiev’s Exports – FT (RT)
Zelensky Regime Willing to Sacrifice Own People for Anti-Russia Crusade (Sp.)
Israeli Plan To Prevent A Palestinian State (Sahiounie)
Fulton County Georgia Seeks to Destroy 2020 Ballots To Halt Lawsuits (GP)
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There are many takes on the debate. Jon is one. But in June 2024 you still use “Trump’s Blatant Lies” in your headline? As Biden said the border is more secure under him than Trump?

Jon Stewart – Trump’s Blatant Lies and Biden’s Senior Moments






Tucker Julian



Macron Zelensky
















Gosar says what many/most are thinking. Biden’s problem is, the Dems think it too. He’s a very big risk.

US Rep. Gosar: Biden Debate Performance Shows He’s Unfit to Be President (Sp.)

Numerous Democrats have expressed concerns about Biden’s poor performance and its implications for the future of his candidacy, according to CNN, which hosted the debate. Trump and Biden are set to debate again on September 10 in an ABC-moderated event. US Congressman Paul Gosar in a statement to Sputnik said US President Joe Biden’s debate performance demonstrated he was mentally unfit to be US president. “With tonight’s debate, Joe Biden stammered the quiet part out loud: he is mentally unfit to be President of the United States,” Gosar said. President Joe Biden’s claim that the US southern border is more secure under his administration compared to former President Donald Trump’s is nonsense, former acting US Customs and Border Protection Deputy Commissioner Ronald Vitiello told Sputnik.

Biden during the first presidential debate in Atlanta falsely claimed that the National Border Patrol Council endorsed him and that his border policy currently has the southern border in better condition than when former President Donald Trump was in office. “Nonsense,” Vitiello said Thursday night. “Media reports have a 40% reduction in encounters since the executive order was signed. That still keeps us at over 1 million [illegal crossings on the southern border] per year.” Vitiello added that even at a lower flow rate thousands of illegal migrants are being released after being encountered on the US southern border and present a threat to US security. National Border Patrol Council Vice President Art Del Cueto told Sputnik that the group will never endorse Biden and that the US southern border has been in shambles since he took office in 2021. “Our borders have been in shambles since day one of the Biden administration,” Del Cueto said Thursday night. “The Border Patrol union never has nor never will endorse President Biden. We are fully behind Donald J. Trump.”

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And how did that work out?

Biden Campaign Refuses To Commit To Drug Test Before Debate (MN)

The Biden campaign has refused to agree to a drug test ahead of his debate with Donald Trump later today. While Trump has offered to submit to a drug test if his opponent also does so, the Biden campaign is having none of it. In an appearance on CNN Wednesday, Biden campaign spokesperson Adrienne Elrod stated “I mean, I don’t even really know what to say about that.” She then claimed that Biden twice beat Trump in previous debates (don’t remember that). “This is what [Trump] does because he doesn’t have anything else to run on,” Elrod further charged, adding “He doesn’t have a plan. He doesn’t have a record for fighting for the American people. He doesn’t know why he’s running, except for to seek political retribution on his enemies.”

Really? Trump is the one who doesn’t have a plan? She continued, “So he has to resort to these types of tactics which are, frankly, just silly. Turns off a lot of voters, especially voters who want to see their president fight for them.” Have you asked the voters lately? Biden’s campaign also posted this pathetic attempt to project problems with their own candidate onto Trump:

They don’t know how to meme, and they can’t do this either.

As we noted yesterday, the Trump campaign suggested that Biden will “probably be filled with Adderall” on Thursday, with senior adviser Jason Miller noting “We know that when it comes to the big events, when it comes to debates, when it comes to State of the Union, things of that nature, that they’re going to have Joe Biden completely super-soldiered up. He is going to be ready to go.” The Trump campaign also wants to know why Biden needs an entire week to prepare for a 90 minute debate, and exactly who is running the country in the meantime.

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“..one of the most important free speech cases to reach this Court in years.”

And yeah, they dropped that ball. Kudos Alito.

Justice Alito Dissent Says Majority ‘Shirks’ Duty in Free Speech Case (ET)

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito said the high court shirked its duty by rejecting a challenge brought over the White House’s communications with social media companies over political content, a case he described as “one of the most important free speech cases to reach this Court in years.” Justices Alito, Neil Gorsuch, and Clarence Thomas dissented from the majority in the June 26 decision that the state and individual plaintiffs involved lacked standing to bring speech-related claims to the court. The plaintiffs in Murthy v. Missouri had claimed, among other things, that the Biden administration illegally coerced social media platforms to moderate certain election-related content and posts related to COVID-19. Justice Alito’s dissent disputed the majority’s arguments about standing while detailing communications between the Biden administration and Facebook. He said administration officials’ actions were “blatantly unconstitutional, and the country may come to regret the Court’s failure to say so.”

Justice Alito wrote that there was “more than sufficient” evidence that Jill Hines, one of the plaintiffs, had standing to sue, so the court is “obligated to tackle the free speech issue that the case presents.” “The Court, however, shirks that duty and thus permits the successful campaign of coercion in this case to stand as an attractive model for future officials who want to control what the people say, hear, and think,” he wrote. The dissent warned that the majority, whose opinion was written by Justice Amy Coney Barrett, sent a message to government officials that if a “coercive campaign is carried out with enough sophistication, it may get by.” He suggested the outcome should have been the same as in National Rifle Association v. Vullo, which was heard on the same day as Murthy and ultimately held that New York state’s government plausibly violated the First Amendment by pressuring companies to cut ties with the gun rights group.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit Court ruled last year that the administration’s communications constituted the type of coercion of social media companies that betrayed its duty not to violate the First Amendment.Three judges signed onto the September 2023 opinion that cited communications in detail. For example, it stated that a White House official “responded to a moderation report by flagging a user’s account and saying it is ‘[h]ard to take any of this seriously when you’re actively promoting anti-vaccine pages.’”It continued: “The platform subsequently ’removed‘ the account ’entirely‘ from its site, detailed new changes to the company’s moderation policies, and told the official that ’[w]e clearly still have work to do.’”“The official responded that ’removing bad information‘ is ’one of the easy, low-bar things you guys [can] do to make people like me think you’re taking action.‘ The official emphasized that other platforms had ’done pretty well‘ at demoting non-sanctioned information, and said ’I don’t know why you guys can’t figure this out.’”

In his June 26 opinion, Justice Alito described tech platforms as “critically dependent on the protection provided by [Section] 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 … which shields them from civil liability for content they spread.” He added that Facebook faced a regulatory environment that incentivized the company to “please important federal officials and the record in this case shows that high-ranking officials skillfully exploited Facebook’s vulnerability.” The administration, he said, “continuously and persistently hectored Facebook” while the platform’s “reactions to these efforts were not what one would expect from an independent news source or a journalistic entity dedicated to holding the Government accountable for its actions.”

“Instead,” he added, “Facebook’s responses resembled that of a subservient entity determined to stay in the good graces of a powerful taskmaster.”He later wrote, “Internal Facebook emails paint a clear picture of subservience.” The dissent also considered a variety of communications between White House officials Andy Slavitt and Rob Flaherty. For example, it noted that Mr. Flaherty, who served as White House director of digital strategy, accused Facebook of “hiding the ball” and suggested the company was “playing a shell game.”Justice Alito also pointed to Facebook’s changing policy amid White House criticism. Facebook representatives, he said, “pleaded to know how they could ‘get back to a good place’ with the White House.”


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“We are now seeing what is arguably the most dangerous anti-free speech movement in our history.”

Want to Defeat Joe Biden? Make Free Speech the Key Issue in 2024 (Turley)

Since his dystopian speech outside of Independence Hall in 2022, President Joe Biden has made “democracy is on the ballot” his campaign theme. Pundits have repeated the mantra, claiming that if Biden is not elected, American democracy will perish. While some of us have challenged these predictions, the other presidential candidates are missing a far more compelling argument going into this election. While democracy is not on the ballot this election, free speech is. The 2024 election is looking strikingly similar to the election of 1800 and, if so, it does not bode well for Biden. In my book “The Indispensable Right: Free Speech in an Age of Rage,” released last week, I discuss our long struggle with free speech as a nation. It is an unvarnished history with powerful stories of our heroes and villains in the struggle to define what Justice Louis Brandeis called our “indispensable right.”

One of the greatest villains in that history was President John Adams, who used the Alien and Sedition Acts to arrest his political opponents – including journalists, members of Congress and others. Many of those prosecuted by the Adams administration were Jeffersonians. In the election of 1800, Thomas Jefferson ran on the issue and defeated Adams. We are now seeing what is arguably the most dangerous anti-free speech movement in our history. President Joe Biden is, in my view, the most anti-free speech president since Adams. Under his administration, we have seen a massive censorship system funded and directed by the government. A federal judge described the system as “Orwellian” in its scope and impact. Biden has repeatedly called for greater censorship and accused social media companies of “killing people” by not silencing more dissenting voices. Other Democrats such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts have pushed for restrictions on “unacceptable” speech.

The Biden administration seeks to censor even true statements as disinformation. For example, I testified before Congress last year on how Jen Easterly, who heads the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, extended her agency’s mandate over critical infrastructure to include “our cognitive infrastructure.” The resulting censorship efforts included combating “malinformation” – described as information “based on fact, but used out of context to mislead, harm, or manipulate.” The left has picked up the cudgels of censorship and blacklisting once used against them. During the McCarthy period, liberals were called “communist sympathizers.” Now, conservative justices are called “insurrectionist sympathizers.” In this election, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Jill Stein, Donald Trump and Cornel West should talk about the threats against free speech at every debate and stump speech. They will have to overcome a news media that has been complicit in the attacks on free speech, but these candidates can break through by raising it as a key issue dividing Biden from the rest of the field.

Democrats and the news media have hammered away at cracking down on those accused of “disinformation.” The public, however, has not been won over by those seeking to limit their right of free speech or the push to amend the First Amendment because it’s too “aggressively individualistic.” So far, the anti-free speech movement has flourished largely in the echo chambers of academia and the media. It is time for the public to render its judgment. As discussed in my book, we are hardwired for free speech. It is in our DNA. Despite these periods of crackdowns on free speech, we have always rejected those who wanted to regulate the views of others. Jefferson called the Federalists “the reign of the witches.” (Ironically, Jefferson would himself prosecute critics, though not to the same extent as Adams). Attacks on free speech have returned with a vengeance before another presidential election. After fighting in the courts and in the public to expand censorship, Biden should now have to defend it with the voters. Let’s have at it, as we did in 1800. Free speech is again on the ballot. It is time for the public to decide.

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Sure, he should have volunteered for 175 years of prison time.

Australian Politician Blames Assange For Years Of Captivity (RT)

The opposition leader in the Australian Senate, Simon Birmingham, has claimed Julian Assange’s years of confinement in the UK were the result of his own actions, as he evaded lawful extradition requests. On Wednesday, the Wikileaks founder walked free from a courtroom in a remote US Pacific territory, after pleading guilty to a single count of conspiracy to obtain and disseminate national defense information – in exchange for a sentence that amounted to the time he spent in UK custody fighting a US extradition request. The Australian government, including Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, had sought his release. In an interview with Sky News Australia on Thursday, Simon Birmingham predicted that “the prime minister’s embrace of Mr. Assange might not age very well, once Mr Assange starts tweeting again.” He insisted that Assange should not be considered an innocent Australian citizen, persecuted by an authoritarian government.

“Mr. Assange evaded lawful extradition requests, first by hiding in the Ecuadorian embassy, then by using his legal rights in the United Kingdom to challenge them over many years,” Birmingham said. “The reason it has taken so long to resolve this is his decision to challenge it in that way.” Ecuador granted Assange political asylum in 2012 due concerns that a Swedish extradition request for the Wikileaks founder was a ruse to have him sent to the US. American espionage charges, which were made public years later, could have landed the Australian up to 175 years of prison time. The Australian Senate opposition leader claimed that the publishing of classified materials by WikiLeaks endangered the sources of US allies, including Australia, which is a member of the Five Eye intelligence-sharing group.

A similar argument was made by US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller, who claimed during a daily briefing on Wednesday that Assange “put the lives of our partners, our allies and our diplomats at risk, especially those who work in dangerous places, like Afghanistan and Iraq.” Some journalists, including Associated Press reporter Matt Lee, challenged him – pointing out that the court verdict specifically said that there were no victims in the case and that the US government never identified to the public any individual put in harm’s way by WikiLeaks. “Just because people were able to mitigate the harm done by your actions, that doesn’t absolve you,” Miller responded, comparing publication of leaked documents to reckless driving.

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“America goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all.”

What The Assange Saga Says About The State Of The American Empire (Hryce)

The Assange saga is a salutary tale about the exercise of US power as the American Empire declines, and the continuing willingness of US allies like the UK and Australia to comply with America’s demands – even when they involve persecution of citizens of those allied countries. Assange’s release is understandably being portrayed by some commentators as a victory of sorts – the international Federation of Journalists called it “a significant victory for media freedom” – and insofar as Assange has regained his personal freedom, it is. But it should not be forgotten that for the past 14 years the US has been able to successfully – with the abject complicity of governments and authorities in the UK and Australia – imprison a journalist of international stature for simply engaging in genuine investigative journalism.

Assange is a journalist – not a whistleblower or leaker of classified material. Nor did Assange’s publishing of the classified material in question cause any real harm to the US – other than to embarrass it by disclosing the truth about American conduct during its wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. America’s fabled commitment to freedom of speech and the press – embodied in the first amendment to its constitution – has never been absolute, but, as the Assange saga clearly shows, it has probably never been weaker than over the past few decades. That is not surprising – given that pursuing the inherently corrupt aims of the Empire overseas must inevitably result in the curtailment of domestic freedoms. Barrington Moore Jr described this relationship as “aggression abroad and repression at home” during the height of the Vietnam war in the late 1960s, and America’s founding fathers were well aware of how the British had been corrupted by their Empire.

Washington in his farewell speech warned against America becoming involved in “foreign entanglements” – and John Quincy Adams famously said “America goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all.” And Edmund Burke, the conservative 18th-century British statesman, and stern critic of British policy in America and India, pointed out that “the breakers of the law in India are also the makers of the law in England.” It is hardly surprising, therefore, that the US persecution of Assange should have occurred during a period in which America has engaged in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and promoted and funded proxy wars in Gaza and Ukraine.

And there can be no doubt whatsoever that if Assange had been extradited to the US and had been tried in an American court, that he would have received a very lengthy jail sentence. One prosecutor suggested that a term of 175 years would have been an appropriate punishment for him. Nor should it be forgotten that America’s persecution of Assange was carried out on a bi-partisan basis. Mainstream Democrats and Republicans were equally keen to put Assange in prison. Hillary Clinton was a particularly rabid critic of Assange, as was Biden until very recently. In fact, Donald Trump had a measure of sympathy for Assange because WikiLeaks had published the emails that had damaged Clinton’s reputation in the lead-up to the 2016 election.

America’s internal decline over the past 50 years can be gauged by comparing Assange’s likely fate with what happened to Daniel Ellsberg – who famously leaked the Pentagon Papers to the Washington Post in the early 1970s. When Ellsberg was prosecuted, the US courts threw the case out on the basis the Nixon administration had subjected Ellsberg to unlawful persecution. Equally troubling – especially for the citizens of the UK and Australia – is the fact that, until very recently, governments in both of these countries cravenly capitulated to US demands in relation to Assange.

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“..this was the only way to end a case that undeniably did not play in favor of the image of the US in the world..”

US Uses National Security ‘As A Veil To Hide War Crimes’ – Assange Lawyer (RT)

The Julian Assange saga has clearly shown that the US has been using its “national security” as a “veil” to hide war crimes, one of the WikiLeaks founder’s attorneys, Aitor Martinez, has said. The years-long persecution of the publisher and the extradition case have also set a very dangerous precedent, which threatens the whole concept of press freedom, the lawyer added. At the same time, the Assange case had become growingly toxic for the US administration, sprouting numerous groups advocating his release and effectively turning into a global movement, Martinez suggested. “The truth is that the US administration had been pushing for the extradition process until recently, and indeed, just a few weeks ago, they had even provided diplomatic assurances seeking the effective handover of Julian Assange.

However, in recent times, a citizen movement has emerged against this extradition, and I believe there is no corner of the world where a ‘Free Assange’ movement has not sprung up,” the lawyer stated. The timing of the abrupt resolution of the years-long affair is likely linked to the looming US presidential elections and the ongoing campaign, where it was bound to emerge one way or another. The case “in some way tarnished the image of the United States before the world” given it “meant the political persecution of a journalist who simply published truthful information that evidenced the commission of serious war crimes,” Martinez noted.

“Therefore, unquestionably, the Assange case would have arisen in the framework of the presidential debates, and this was the only way to end a case that undeniably did not play in favor of the image of the US in the world,” he said. While politicians in Washington have ultimately opted to wrap up the affair, the US intelligence community has regarded it as a personal vendetta of sorts against the journalist, Martinez claimed. “This case was being radically pushed by the US intelligence establishment and mainly by the CIA as a form of revenge against Julian Assange for the material he had published, which in some way had revealed the shame of the US military in operations abroad,” he said.

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Russia Considers Downgrading Diplomatic Relations With The West (RT)

Moscow could be forced to downgrade diplomatic ties with Western countries, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov has warned, citing hostile policies of the US and its allies. “We have not initiated such a step yet, despite all of the things related to the most tumultuous phase in our relations with the West,” the diplomat said in an interview with the Izvestia newspaper, published on Thursday. “Is a decision to downgrade the level of diplomatic ties possible? I can say that we are examining this issue. Such decisions are made on the highest level,” Ryabkov said, adding that it is too early to “speculate.” The West’s “sense of impunity” on the world stage will eventually force Russia to retaliate more decisively, if the situation does not change, the deputy minister warned. Our adversaries must know that, with every step, they are moving closer to the point of no return.

Ryabkov accused Washington of helping Ukrainian forces pick targets when using US-supplied long-range ATACMS missiles to strike Russian territory. Last week, four people were killed when cluster munitions from a missile hit a packed beach in Crimea. The incident prompted Moscow to summon the American ambassador. “It was a flagrant case of a direct [US] involvement in the conflict,” Ryabkov said. “The complicity in a terrorist act committed by the Kiev regime will not go unanswered.” The diplomat said that deliveries of weapons to Ukraine and attempts to confiscate Russian assets abroad undermine potential dialogue in other fields, such as arms control. “They must understand that it would be simply impossible,” he stressed. Earlier in June, Ukraine’s Western backers renewed their pledges to continue support for Kiev in its fight with Moscow. Russia has repeatedly stated that no amount of foreign aid will stop its operation in Ukraine, and that weapons deliveries only lead to further escalation.

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PCR thinks Putin should kill more Ukrainians. Putin does not.

Putin: The Protector of Ukraine (Paul Craig Roberts)

Has anyone noticed that Putin is conducting his “limited military operation,” by which he means limited to Donbas and the former Russian territories that are again part of Russia, as a response to US/NATO/Ukrainian initiatives? When the Russian military strikes outside the limited combat zone, it is usually a response to a Ukrainian strike into Russia out of the combat zone. After 2.5 years of conflict, Putin has made no effort to win the war. He doesn’t even seem to understand that Russia is at war, not engaged in a limited police action. Putin has left the Ukrainian government in functioning order and has not interfered with Zelensky’s ability to continue the conflict. Kiev is intact. The government in Kiev is intact. Nothing has been done to close Ukraine’s borders from Western armament supplies. The entire initiative of the conflict is with the West. The West acts, and Putin responds. There are no Russian initiatives. Indeed, Russia was forced into the conflict by the West’s initiatives.

This is not the way to fight a war. It is Putin’s refusal to fight and win a war that is causing the enormous expansion–the ever widening–of the war. Notice that the Kremlin’s response to the US missile attack on Crimean civilians and a public beach is to call in the American ambassador and complain, to investigate, to send condolences, not to destroy and occupy Kiev. After all this time haven’t the Russians learned that no one pays any attention to their complaints? Why does Putin think he can shame the shameless West? Why does the Kremlin worry about over-responding to attacks? Washington doesn’t worry about over-provoking Russia. Let me be clear, I am on humanity’s side. I don’t want nuclear war. Putin should never have entered a conflict when he did not intend a quick victory before Washington/NATO could get involved and widen the war.

Now that French troops are in Ukraine, now that US/NATO personnel are conducting the targeting of the US long-range missiles on Russian civilians, and now that Russia is faced with the likelihood of NATO troops entering Ukraine, Putin’s response is to play into Washington’s hands by speaking of bringing North Korean troops into the conflict. Imagine the propaganda damage. North Korea is even more demonized than Russia and Putin. Why does Putin want to widen the conflict instead of quickly winning it? Is the reason that his central bank director convinced him Russia lacked the resources to conduct a real war? Is this why Putin endlessly emphasizes Russian nuclear capability? Does Putin lack the resources to conduct conventional war? With his central bank director’s 16% interest rates hindering the Russian economy, perhaps it is so. Putin’s central bank director left Russian central bank reserves in Western depositories where Washington could seize them.

Was this incompetence or an act of treason? Washington has decided that the interest income earned by the seized Russian central bank reserves will be given to Ukraine to continue the war. So Russia’s own central bank reserves are financing Ukraine’s ability to conduct war against Russia. When the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia, especially the youth, were corrupted for years by Washington’s propaganda. They lost their national consciousness and became “citizens of the West.” Has Russian youth escaped from this delusion, or does it still rule? The question before us is: Does Russia have leadership capable of comprehending that Russia has an enemy intent on her destruction and dismemberment, or will the Kremlin finally realize this at the last minute, too late to avoid nuclear war?

It is extraordinary that the fate of the world rests on Russian misperception and inadequate response to the West’s intent. As a result of Putin’s inability to act decisively, he was drawn into a conflict that has become open-ended, involving, at least in plans, troops from foreign countries. To pretend that such a conflict is a “limited military operation” is an act of irresponsibility, even evidence of reality denial. Russia is at war with the West. She got there because she refused to acknowledge the fact. Grasping reality remains a challenge for the Kremlin which continues to enable the Ukraine conflict to spin out of control rather than use the force to decisively terminate the conflict before it ends in World War III.


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The loudest anti-Russia voice as your top diplomat?

EU Nominates Hawk For Next Top Diplomat (RT)

EU leaders have officially nominated Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas to replace Josep Borrell as the bloc’s top diplomat. Kallas is known for her hawkish position on Russia and has been one of the most outpoken proponents of tougher sanctions on Moscow. The leaders also backed Ursula von der Leyen to serve a third five-year term as the president of the European Commission, and named the former foreign minister of Portugal, Antonio Costa, as the new president of the European Council. The nominations for Kallas and Von der Leyen are not final, and require approval by the European Parliament. However, Costa is automatically elected by the national leaders of the 27 nations.

Euronews cited two sources as saying that Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni voted against Kallas’ candidacy, while Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban abstained. In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Kallas wrote that the potential new post would be “an enormous responsibility at this moment of geopolitical tensions.” “The war in Europe, increasing instability in our neighborhood and globally are the main challenges for European foreign policy,” she wrote, promising to “work on achieving EU unity” and “protect the EU’s interests and values in the changed geopolitical context.”

Kallas has repeatedly called for stronger sanctions on Moscow and backed the idea of using frozen Russian assets to fund aid for Kiev. In May, Estonia’s parliament passed a law that allows using seized Russian assets for the reconstruction of Ukraine. She urged the EU to boost the deliveries of weapons to Ukraine and increase the bloc’s own defense capabilities. “Our aim must be to manufacture more munitions than Russia,” Kallas said in March. Russia blacklisted Kallas earlier this year and issued a warrant for her arrest, citing “hostile policies towards Russia.

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This feels very stupid.

EU To Put Brakes On Kiev’s Exports – FT (RT)

The EU is set to reimpose tariffs on sugar and egg imports from Ukraine on Friday to protect the bloc’s farmers from a flood of cheap goods, the Financial Times (FT) has reported. EU member states decided earlier this year that they would apply an “emergency brake” if Ukrainian imports reached a certain volume. Eggs and sugar imports have now hit that level, the FT said, citing people familiar with the situation. Tariffs amounting to €419 ($448) per ton of white sugar and €339 ($362) per ton of raw sugar will be announced on Friday, the publication reported. Eggs will cost an additional 32 cent per kilogram, it added. Ukraine has become the EU’s leading supplier of eggs after the bloc’s poultry industry suffered from bird flu outbreaks in recent years. Imports from Ukraine jumped by three-quarters in 2023, and continued to rise at the start of this year, according to EU data.

Last week, tariffs were reintroduced on Ukrainian oats as imports also reached the relevant ceiling. The decision to limit Ukrainian imports follows months of protests by farmers. Agricultural workers argue that the EU’s policies are threatening their livelihoods. After the launch of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, Brussels dropped all tariffs and quotas on Kiev’s farming goods for a period of one year to allow its agricultural products to be shipped to global markets. Farmers in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and other neighboring countries staged protests, complaining that they simply could not compete with cheap Ukrainian imports that were not subject to the same tariffs and regulations as EU-produced goods.

In April, EU lawmakers extended Kiev’s duty-free access to member states’ markets but also decided to introduce caps on Ukrainian farm imports such as oats, corn, maize, honey, eggs, poultry, and sugar. Duties would be applied to the listed produce if imports exceed average levels of past years. The expected reintroduction of tariffs comes just days after the EU opened membership talks with Kiev, “an agricultural powerhouse,” the FT said. The move underlines how difficult Ukraine’s accession negotiations will be, it added.

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“..they know or have identified certain individuals in the Kiev regime and the US’ decision-making process, whom they can hold personally responsible..”

Zelensky Regime Willing to Sacrifice Own People for Anti-Russia Crusade (Sp.)

The number of Ukrainian casualties in the country’s ongoing war against Russia has remained a highly contentious matter throughout the duration of the conflict. Kiev and its Western allies often downplay the number, claiming the death toll is only in the thousands, but Moscow’s defense ministry has estimated the actual figure is close to 500,000. Purportedly leaked US intelligence documents admit Ukraine’s death toll is much higher than publicly acknowledged. Whatever the number, the war is likely the bloodiest the world has seen in decades. But security analyst Mark Sleboda claims the “ideological” Kiev regime is unfazed by the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands, or even a million, of its own citizens in its crusade against the Russian nation. The international relations expert joined Sputnik’s Fault Lines program Wednesday to discuss the latest developments in the conflict as the killing of several Russian civilians, including two children, at a beach in Sevastopol elevates tensions to new heights.

Host Jamarl Thomas began by asking Sleboda what the consequences might be for the United States, which provided Ukraine with the US-made ATACMS missiles used in the attack. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov recently warned the country would be forced to respond to repeated acts of terrorism against Russian civilians. “That’s a good question and I don’t know that anyone rightfully knows the answer to that,” Sleboda responded. “There are some who suggested that the statements by Lavrov and by other officials seem to indicate that they know or have identified certain individuals in the Kiev regime and the US’ decision-making process, whom they can hold personally responsible, and what measures they might take against them either over sanctions, criminal cases or shall we say more direct justice.” “The other possibility is an asymmetric response, as Putin has promised, of providing long-range strike weapons to US adversaries in the world,” he suggested.

Thomas speculated Moscow could implement a no-fly zone over the Black Sea, where drones have gathered targeting information for Ukrainian strikes. Russian officials have also pointed out that advanced Western weaponry, such as the ATACMS missile system, typically require the assistance of highly-trained US military personnel to operate. The high level of coordination in the strikes on Russia represents a level of US involvement in the conflict that goes beyond what the country publicly acknowledges, Russian officials have noted, requiring a response from Moscow in order to protect its people and territory.

“This is not passive intelligence,” Sleboda said of Kiev’s reliance on Western reconnaissance aircraft to help coordinate attacks. “This is active intelligence gathering.” The security analyst also noted the assistance of the United States in programing targeting information into Ukraine’s weapons systems, according to comments by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and generals in the German Bundeswehr. “Not doing something almost guarantees escalation by the West,” said Thomas. “Meaning, they’re acting with impunity. They don’t believe in Russia’s red lines.” The host claimed the United States has not yet faced a great enough cost during the conflict to reconsider its position, with American officials frequently boasting of the potential to undermine one of their perceived global adversaries without sacrificing American lives.

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All other plans involve 2 states.

Israeli Plan To Prevent A Palestinian State (Sahiounie)

While the world watches the genocide in Gaza, there is another war on the Palestinian people in the Occupied West Bank. On June 9, the New York Times (NYT) reported that Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich outlined, in a speech to Jewish extremists, a plan by the Israeli government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to annex the Occupied Territories of the West Bank. His speech was recorded secretly and leaked to the NYT. Smotrich is part of the more than 600,000 Jewish settlers illegally occupying Palestinian lands. He advocates Israel taking all the Palestinian territories, and preventing the Palestinians from ever having an independent state. The UN, the U.S. and the international community all agree that Gaza and the West Bank should be eventually an independent Palestinian state, which would be the end of a brutal Israeli military occupation and apartheid.

This is not the first secret leaked speech of Smotrich. In October 2022, Smotrich was caught calling Netanyahu “the liar of all liars”, as reported by The Jerusalem Post. According to Smotrich, the plan to steal the West Bank is fully supported by Netanyahu, and forms a basis for the current right-wing Jewish extremist coalition keeping Netanyahu in power, and out of jail. The plan involves supporting the Jewish settler’s expansion in the West Bank, which is illegal under international law, and has been under occupation since 1967. Officially, the Israeli government maintains that the West Bank’s status will be negotiated in the future. The Smotrich-Netanyahu plan would forever deny the almost 3 million Palestinians of the Occupied West Bank their freedom. For Palestinians, the plan would mark the end of any hope to live in freedom and democracy, but for the Jewish Zionists, the plan would be a culmination of their goal to have one land ‘from the river to the sea’ which is occupied only by Jews.

Not every Jew is a Zionist, and not every Zionist is a Jew. For example, after October 7, U.S. President Joe Biden said he was a Zionist, while being a Christian. Zionism is a political movement, hiding behind a religion. Similarly, Al Qaeda and ISIS are political movements, hiding behind a religion. Using the word Zionist as a label of identification is not antisemitic, because Zionism is not limited only to Jews. The modern movement of Zionism began in the late 1800s, and refers to Zion as an acronym for Jerusalem. Jewish settlers in the West Bank see their illegal occupation there as a demonstration of Zionism. Those who oppose Zionism are not being anti-Semitic. They simply oppose a political position of the Israeli government, just as they may oppose a political position of the Japanese government on an issue.

The official name of Israel is “The Jewish State of Israel”. Some have offered that there is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and also similarly of Iran. So why do people complain about the religious nature of Israel? Israel denies the human rights and civil rights of non-Jewish people in Israel and Palestine, and has been classified as an Apartheid state by the UN and human rights groups. Tallie Ben Daniel, the managing director of Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), which sees Zionism as a movement whose aim “is to deny the rights of Palestinians and the humanity of Palestinians.” “For us, we want to be clear: the form of Zionism that has survived and has power now is an expansionist, right-wing, genocidal form,” Ben Daniel said. “The people in power in Israel right now … want to annihilate the Palestinians and get all the land for Jews, and there is no thought there could be coexistence,” said Ben Daniel.

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Nice county. Fani says hi.

Fulton County Georgia Seeks to Destroy 2020 Ballots To Halt Lawsuits (GP)

In an ongoing lawsuit concerning the 2020 election, attorneys for Fulton County, Georgia, made a controversial argument yesterday. They suggested that a temporary injunction preserving the 2020 Fulton election ballots should be lifted, which would allow the ballots to be destroyed before they are unsealed, copied, and revealed to the public. The attorneys also contended that Fulton County should receive attorney fees for the case, despite a Georgia Supreme Court ruling that overturned lower court decisions and confirmed standing for the plaintiffs who seek to copy and inspect the ballots, according to the VoterGA. Representing Fulton Superior Court Clerk Che Alexander, Attorney Laura Moore made the case that there is no longer room in a secure warehouse cage for the ballots, so they may now be destroyed.

Moore conveniently omitted from her argument that Fulton County recently opened a new 60,000 sq. ft. Election Operations warehouse at an initial cost of nearly 30 million and an additional 4 million annual lease for Fulton taxpayers, per VoterGA. More from the VoterGA press release: Attorney Kaye Burwell argued that the county should receive attorney fees for costs incurred so far because Plaintiffs’ claims, which are still yet to be adjudicated, are“meritless”. Burwell ignored all rulings showing Plaintiffs in the case, currently known as Favorito v. Wan, were granted relief eight times thus proving their claims are legitimate. The rulings include:

• A temporary injunction to preserve all ballots on Jan. 7, 2021;
• An order to produce scanned absentee ballot images on April 16, 2021;
• An order upholding two Open Records Request claims on April 20, 2021;
• A motion granted to add the county and clerk as Defendants on April 21, 2021;
• An order to unseal the ballots for inspection and copying on May 21, 2021;
• An order granting Petitioners’ motion to add parties on June 24, 2021;
• A Georgia Supreme Court order confirming Plaintiffs’ standing claim on Dec. 12, 2022;
• An appeals court adoption of the higher order for Fulton plaintiffs on May 11, 2023.

Lead Plaintiff Garland Favorito added, “Watching the attorneys make such ludicrous, dishonest arguments with a straight face while seeking to destroy the ballots and charge us fees for winning arguments in court against them only serves to remind me of the massive Fulton County corruption that threatens the voting rights of every Georgian.” Judge Robert McBurney is expected to rule soon on the motion for fees, the temporary injunction for the ballots and a Plaintiff motion to substitute Defendants with new members of the Fulton County Election Board who the court can compel to act if it grants further relief.

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“..the markets’ strength won’t last long, as they have been strong for a long time, so regardless of who wins, problems will begin after the elections..”

Jim Rogers Warns of Economic Decline Post-Election (Sp.)

The global economy will face difficult times by the US presidential elections or shortly thereafter, renowned US investor Jim Rogers told Sputnik. Rogers observed that most markets are currently performing well and reaching new highs due to the massive amounts of money printed by nearly every central bank worldwide in recent months and years. “There’s a lot of free money around. It has to go somewhere and it’s been going into the investment world so everybody’s having a good time…,” Rogers said. ” When everybody is making a new high, that’s a risk. Whenever that happened in the past, it usually led to a decline, a bad market, and a bad economy… Soon that will be a problem.” Rogers explained that because the US is the largest economy in the world, whatever happens there affects the rest of the world. According to Rogers, the downturn will begin around the time of the US elections or shortly after.

The US presidential election will be held on November 5. The main rivals in the race are Biden, a Democrat, and his Republican predecessor, Donald Trump. Regardless of the winner in the upcoming US presidential elections, the markets will react positively, but this period of “happiness” will be brief, legendary American investor Jim Rogers told Sputnik “People expect Trump to win. They think that Trump will be good for the market. So if he wins, the markets will stay strong, not too much longer, because the markets have been strong for a long time now,” Rogers said. “Likewise, if Biden wins many people will think ‘we will have the same old good things’. So whichever one wins, the market is going to be happy for a short period of time.” Rogers added that the markets’ strength won’t last long, as they have been strong for a long time, so regardless of who wins, problems will begin after the elections.

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    Ivan Aivazovsky Lake Maggiore 1892   • US Rep. Gosar: Biden Debate Performance Shows He’s Unfit to Be President (Sp.) • Biden Campaign Refuses To
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    I see a line of cars
    And they’re all painted black
    With flowers and my love
    Both never to come back – Jagger/Richards



    There, it’s been said

    Orange Jesus won’t save anyone or anything.

    He can be talked in and out of anything by the people he picks to surround him.




    Hang them from the nearest lamp post


    Dr. D

    “If You’re Shot, Robbed, Or Assaulted In Chicago, There’s A 50/50 Chance There’ll Be No Police To Respond To Your 911 Call

    Again, when seconds count, the police are never coming. Never. Not in an hour, not in a day, never.

    …So keep payin’ those taxes, boys.

    Surgeon General declares guns a public health emergency. Which of these two things are regulated in the Constitution: 1) Guns. 2) Health ? Trick question!! they have jurisdiction over neither. Neither is what they should be focusing on, being in charge of defense, the post office, and the border.

    Another company commits suicide, dedicated to hate: https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/politics/warner-brothers-cnn-disaster/

    Not over the horizon yet, but I don’t see why they’d stop.

    Ze and 2nd Peace Summit: that’s over the event horizon. But what Ze is saying is illegal! It’s against the law to talk peace. (Also, he’s not an elected leader, he’s a civilian.)

    “Nobody voted to allow European bureaucrats to change Europe’s demographics. Europe is being invaded and its population is being replaced.”

    Not “replaced”. They’re still there, but doing nothing to help themselves. You CAN enclave, become the Amish, a parallel society, stop backstabbing each other and persist if you want. I say that here too. Or with Christians either. There’s nothing they like better than backstabbing and trashing each other; Definitely what you want on a sinking ship where we’re lowering lifeboats.

    Other parts too: 1) Top focus of Brexit was immigration. Therefore when the people voted Brexit they stopped even pretending to limit them and opened the borders entirely, adding what 10M, immediately, as fast as was humanly possible? Such that even the busses and highways are full and halted? But there’s a Democracy and the Conservative Party means something. 2) A enormous number of immigrants have special legal status and are not citizens. Therefore, there is no legal issue in deporting all of them. They are welcome citizens of their own home countries and are merely Visa (or not Visa) workers. I can’t go to Italy and expect to vacation the rest of my life either, and when my Visa is not renewed, I need to return to South Newark with a homicide rate exceeding Africa and not pretend I’m an “Asylum”.

    No? Why is it fair for me and not for them? Because you’re racist? Because there are opportunities in America? Yeah, there are in Central Asia or Africa too, with 1B people and a continent the size of China and Europe combined. They’re booming.

    “[Biden] has the southern border in better condition than when former President Donald Trump was in office.

    It’s just breathtaking, isn’t it? This was Trump’s like sole, –thingie he turned the dial even slightly on. Fought hourly in the news for all four years. NOPE! Never happened! The thing that happened all four years we reported never happened.

    …And you wonder why Americans act insane. We’ve been driven crazy. No one can defend against this infinite line of lies and gaslighting, I don’t care who you are. At least Jesus could retreat to the desert, where would we go?

    And as said: They are letting in 10M – exactly of course because when we don’t stop or interdict them, we know exactly how many. And ALSO there is a huge national security threat from … somewhere, some mysterious location, from — for some reason – there seem to be a million Chinese, Russians, and Central Asians like F-stanis here. FBI werry, werry worried. Huh. BothNeitherAi. The thing we just reported is happening isn’t happening while it’s happening.

    Okay, suppose you have your head on straight and know it’s happening: what do you DO, as an American about it? Go shoot people? You tell me, genius. We’re already voting the other way, and we already know voting doesn’t matter. Look at Brexit, or voting anti-war for everyone since Nixon. (“Who is coming. So we’re finally on our way.”)

    “The Trump campaign also wants to know why Biden needs an entire week to prepare for a 90 minute debate, and exactly who is running the country in the meantime.”

    Okay, trying to get out of the lies for 60 seconds, BIDEN ISN’T RUNNING THE COUNTRY. Right?


    Got it? Wait: if NEITHER was running anything, making decisions, getting their decisions enacted, WHO has been running things for 8 years, if not since Eisenhower? Huh. You figure it out.

    “Who is running the country in the meantime?” Hahahahaha. I remember them asking if anyone in all America though the government wasn’t already too large under Carter and we’ve 10x’d then. Probably 30x with contractors, all Google, Amazon, etc. You notice everytime we add government things get much better, right? Socialism is the answer.

    “• Justice Alito Dissent Says Majority ‘Shirks’ Duty in Free Speech Case (ET)

    Don’t worry the court will save you. Be sure to vote and fight really hard about who get appointed! Is this one of those times we obey the court who is really smart, or a time when we ignore and defy them because they’re stupid? It’s an even-numbered day, putting it on my calendar.

    As an aside, it’s PROBABLY ILLEGAL for the USSC to just no hear cases. They don’t wanna. Like, you can just not defend the border ‘cause you don’t wanna, not be a navy but a gay nightclub ‘cause you don’t wanna. Unlike Marbury v Madison, where the USSC “just made stuff up” by claiming co-equal power to decide Constitutionality (I agree, but this was not decided, ratified or written anywhere), the USSC “just decided” they can hear or not hear cases. Like, I send this car-theft to court, and the judge says, “Nah, I got a golf tournament Saturday, I’m not hearing the case. Dismissed.” In practical terms, there IS a problem, since the Feds shouldn’t be doing anything in the first place – all powers are with the states – there are only 9 men to do this with the addition of 37 States and 250M people since 1800 – but that just means you need some other means to do you d—n job and pass an amendment if necessary.

    Saying what we do is expedient and mostly works but is probably all illegal. Like usual. There are 1,000 cases a year should probably be heard by the USSC, but they simply refuse them. And so it takes 10 years and several million dollars to get there – like Armstrong being held in life sentence for mere contempt – then toss it out anyway.

    “• Want to Defeat Joe Biden? Make Free Speech the Key Issue in 2024 (Turley)

    That won’t work, more than half the people don’t want free speech – if it allows the other guy to speak.

    We’ve well covered this, as Turley says, this means they ban even TRUE things. Like Assange, or TRUE facts about Covid, wars, that they don’t prefer or are embarrassing. That’s APART from nobody knowing what is “True” in the first place: that’s why we have free speech and discuss it, work it out.

    “as he evaded lawful extradition requests.”

    You’re a joke. They were not “Lawful” in the slightest: that was the problem. 1st, Julian is not a citizen, not residing nor based in the U.S., the un-lawful jurisdiction over all humans planetwide. No. 2nd he was a publisher, doing what is established for 200 years as lawful, legal journalism under 1A in the first place. EVEN in America, EVEN as a citizen. It’s hard to imagine a more breathtakingly unlawful request every made in U.S. history. That’s the point.

    So there are two kinds of people: People who think they’re in The Club, that includes government, and defend them because They R Us…and everybody else, like the other 7.8 Billion.

    This is aside from every OTHER arrest warrant being illegal, as Sweden admitted. Julian was technically on “jumping bail” – as a foreign national, which should be like 90 days? Deported?

    “Mainstream Democrats and Republicans were equally keen to put Assange in prison.”

    Including Trump. And Snowden. And classified JFK documents, and everything else too that would make an informed electorate.

    “• US Uses National Security ‘As A Veil To Hide War Crimes’ – Assange Lawyer (RT)

    As above, those in The Club, classify everything. Somehow we have this child-like perception that being “Classified” documents means literally anything at all. They “Classify” which donuts they bought for the meeting of the Junior Paper Clip purchaser’s Club because it’s easier. Nothing that exists can be de-classified because you would need to re-read it all then re-ask everyone involved. I think when this was done 90% was de-classified but that’s even WITH a stupidly pro-classification bias and years delay. I’d expect it could be 99.9% easy. But then we’d have an informed electorate that would be really pissed off with what you’ve been doing.

    Now as other Assange articles said, the Cable leaks are a HUGE win for foreign intel services, who can then have a True-True point to confirm their Intelligence suspicions and play the Diplo-game far more perfectly, evading and harming us. Which donuts might be a key clue as it would say who was in the meeting that day. Too bad, I guess, maybe you should ask why you suck so bad and have so little support from your own staff that they would risk their lives to screw you hollow. Like because you’re promoting idiotic, illegal, self-defeating foreign wars and talking about pizza and hot dogs all day? THAT is the problem: YOU.

    Narcissists and Governments can never see themselves as the problem, and there’s a reason for that correlation. This is after 100 solid years of every time they touch anything, then a minute later even pizzas can’t be delivered right, your car costs $50,000 and was still on 9th recall and shut off remotely etc.

    Thanks, government. Even having Ford Pintos blowing up was only 1/100th as dangerous as you.

    “• Russia Considers Downgrading Diplomatic Relations With The West (RT)

    In opposite news, when Russia said “We are no longer at peace” and “We are going to retaliate against the U.S. personally” Lord Austen picked up the d—n phone and called Russia that day. We won’t know what they said, but the diplo-release was that “They affirm to keep communication open, and enforce that the duty of diplomatic relations and embassies”, etc. Good.

    “PCR thinks Putin should kill more Ukrainians. Putin does not.”

    PCR is an American so there’s nobody on earth he doesn’t want to kill loosely. He’s in government, so he would take action on this, unlike the rest of the 330M who couldn’t be arsed to bother even if you were on fire. …For better or worse.

    “After 2.5 years of conflict, Putin has made no effort to win the war. He doesn’t even seem to understand that Russia is at war”

    PCR, entirely lost as usual. Putin is a LEGAL mind. Don’t know why or how he got there, but that’s how he founds his thinking. Aside from Russia now mopping up the FOURTH Ukr army, Okay, Paul, IF Russia were to declare a war, what are the legal effects? What policies and measures become activated? Oh that’s right, IF it is a WAR THEN the International Law of War comes into play. Ukraine becomes a total war target, BUT ALSO EVERYONE HELPING THEM, under Russian law.

    Therefore immediate declaration of war against all Europe, NATO, the United States, and as targets are picked, 6 hours later complete nuclear annihilation. Wot a genius.

    Putin is the only guy on the board not saving Ukrainians – which he is (he could nuke them in the first 15 minutes, 3 years ago) but Putin is saving YOU, the Americans, Brits, etc. so you can sit around, drink fine coffee and complain. He just saved your life, can’t you be a LITTLE appreciative?

    If he’d ask the question of if Russia understands why Putin acts this way is easy: they do. And they were soft on the West, not believing they were really this evil. Putin’s approach allowed them to get up to speed even on WHY he took this position. Now they are slowly anti-West and wildly Pro-Russian, a deep and substantial, unprecedented national change. That’s as big a transformation for them as going from Tzar to Soviet.

    “• EU Nominates Hawk For Next Top Diplomat (RT)

    Estonian chihuahua. She personally is going to attack, conquer, chop up, and destroy all Russia. Al-rightie then! No one will stop ‘til they’re shown. Like every day up to now. So we’ll demonstrate.

    “• EU To Put Brakes On Kiev’s Exports – FT (RT)

    Government: so government is stealing €419 ($448) per ton of white sugar in order to take the revenue from that tariff and hand $50B of it back to Ukraine, pay every worker, fund every pension, and give free health care. Can they do that to my State? Appreciate it. No €419 is too high when that means you pay €10,000/tonne back to me in welfare.

    …Meanwhile, a swarm of paper-pushers eat up our sustenance, as the Declaration said.

    “• Zelensky Regime Willing to Sacrifice Own People for Anti-Russia Crusade (Sp.)

    This just in! Breaking news!

    “Thomas speculated Moscow could implement a no-fly zone over the Black Sea, where drones have gathered targeting information for Ukrainian strikes.”

    That’s actually a really good idea. The U.S. will send fighter jets from Romania to shoot them down, however, (international waters) then Russia will have to level those airbases. Etc. But in concept it’s least-bad and very possible.

    “Watching the attorneys make such ludicrous, dishonest arguments with a straight face while seeking to destroy the ballots and charge us fees for winning arguments in court against them only serves to remind me of the massive Fulton County corruption that threatens the voting rights of every Georgian.”

    Yeah, what’s going on in Georgia? Can’t you guys get these pirates back under control? Oh, wait: you do that by ELECTING people. Got it.

    “This is why CNN won’t allow an audience for tonight’s debate”

    Heard it commented, that being in a debate in an empty room – nobody, nada, a pin could drop – had that uncanny valley effect. There’s no one to play to, no one to gasp at a gaffe, no idea if anything said is hitting the mark. That is to say, a fake debate, crowning every other part up to now being faked, one by one. …Was also said they were shutting off BIDEN’s mike for a reason, not Trump’s.

    “COVID Is Surging Right Now. Here’s What Alarms Doctors the Most.
    Infectious disease experts share what’s different about this latest wave and what to know about the new variants.” — HuffPost

    You’re kidding right? Is this 2024 article? Still at it? “The increase in cases also doesn’t appear to be causing an uptick in hospitalizations. “There’s no evidence they’re more severe than what we’ve been dealing with,” Hopkins said.”

    So…it does nothing. Like the last years. Also them:

    “The COVID Summer Wave Is Here and Hospitalizations Are Soaring—How Long It Will Last?”

    So Soaring = Nothing. No hospital = Infinity hospital. No one notices because they haven’t heard a not-lie in 40 years.


    Trump did nothing to shut down “Project Ukronaziland” in four years

    He won’t do a thing now because the Trust Horizon with Russia (and China and Iran and BRICS and the Global Majority) has been permanently destroyed for at least a full generation.

    Poverty, financial collapse and depression await the Empire of Lies.

    What sane person would want to head up that Sad Circus?

    A narcissist or a clown



    The obscenity and absurdity will continue until morale improves. The money is dying As their system of control collapses, they open the Gates of Hell.

    those darned kids


    those darned kids

    hey, world, let’s tune in to see america’s best and brightest! who will guide us through the perils of a planet populated by dictators and demagogues!? who will america choose to save us from injustice and servitude?!

    to whit:

    BIDEN: Well, anyway, that’s – anyway, just take a look at what he says he is and take a look at what he is.

    Look, I’d be happy to have a driving contest with him. I got my handicap, which, when I was vice president, down to a 6.

    And by the way, I told you before I’m happy to play golf if you carry your own bag. Think you can do it?

    TRUMP: That’s the biggest lie that he’s a 6 handicap, of all.

    BIDEN: I was 8 handicap.

    TRUMP: Yeah.

    BIDEN: Eight, but I have – you know how many…

    TRUMP: I’ve seen your swing, I know your swing.


    BASH: President Trump, we’re going to…


    TRUMP: Let’s not act like children.

    BIDEN: You are a child.


    we’re in good hands.

    those darned kids

    “nuclear war, it’s a motherfucker” ~ sun ra


    Will we see Joe today?
    Or is Joe suffering a drug hangover?
    Or is Joe going cold turkey?
    Joe won big in Canada!

    John Day

    I vote for “Macron & Zelensky” video today. #1

    Michelle is the choice for Obama’s 4th term.

    a kullervo

    Free Energy ⟹ Energy delivery > Energy consumption

    This cannot be, because in the Universe (as we perceive it)

    Energy delivered = Energy consumed

    … (conservation . flux . dissipation)
    … (eating . The OroborO . eats)

    John Day

    No adrenochrome or amphetamine or Noopept https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/nootropics
    drug testing for Open Mouth Joe :-0


    I was amazed when Joe fired off with the “Fine People” hoax AND the Democrat activist fake Tiki Torch Carrying KKK-Nazis in the same breath.

    And went on to say “you can watch the video of it.” Anyone who watches the video of it will see Trump clearly delineate who he thinks are awful people and who he thinks are fine people – specifically excluding awful people from his fine people comment.

    So encouraging people to watch it was strange, unless his handlers thought saying “you can watch it” will dissuade people from watching it.

    Then again, my wife, who does not watch mainstream news and does not go on social media, nevertheless thought Trump had said Nazi-KKK’s are fine people. I guess from everyone at work that DOES watch the news and use social media?

    So I said fine, let’s pull it up on Youtube, it’ll only take like 60 seconds. We watch it. He clearly says certain things, does not say others, clearly says who is BAD, NOT included as fine people….

    a couple minutes later while we are talking, she blurts out “But he said that nazi-kkk r Fine People!!!”

    Okay. Let’s try again. Concentrate this time. Try to remember afterwards.

    Social Proof seems to count for A LOT. Socially, Trump said Nazis = fine people, Social Facts > Fact Facts.

    I thought Biden was surprisingly lucid if unbearable. And he seemed to go through phases of having more zip intermittently throughout the debate.

    I’ll bet they had him hooked up to one of those walkman-sized drug dispensers that you can hook people up to, to inject drugs on a schedule. I imagine they had a ramp-up of increasing drug intake over time – largest dose was probably no sooner than the 60 minute mark.

    It was interesting that the debate went over the 90 minutes scheduled and Biden seemed to finally have a true 404 error in overtime – like, they’d timed the drugs PERFECTLY.


    F-16’s flying overhead all last week. Sometimes at night. At least 2 flights of them passed over just now.

    I can tell it’s them even with cloud cover now – they have a slightly higher pitched, fizzy sound compared to the occasional F-18’s. Probably due to the single engine.


    In a few words.

    a new pretense
    1. Shifting/rearrangement Chaos and Control
    Joe Biden’s debate performance demonstrated he was mentally unfit to be the representative.
    A Constant – NOT accepting truth and responsibility
    democracy is not on the ballot this election, free speech is.
    a massive censorship system funded and directed by the government.
    They will have to overcome a news media that has been complicit in the attacks on free speech,
    People Power – Elections is time for the public to decide.
    Assange was guilty of leaking embarrassing secrets. “aggression abroad and repression at home”. The Julian Assange saga has clearly shown that the US has been using its “national security” as a “veil” to hide war crimes.
    When the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia, especially the youth, were corrupted for years by Washington’s propaganda. They lost their national consciousness and became “citizens of the West.” Has Russian youth escaped from this delusion, or does it still rule?
    To pretend that such a conflict is a “limited military operation” is an act of irresponsibility, even evidence of reality denial. Russia is at war with the West.
    regardless of who wins the election, problems will bubble over and overcome controls.

    John Day

    Suddenly in my inbox, and I don’t even pay them:

    From The New York Times
    June 28, 2024

    Practically in despair after President Biden’s debate performance, some Democrats are privately discussing whether it is too late to persuade the president to step aside in favor of a younger candidate.

    Autonomous Unit

    the free energy video is stupid. It takes energy to make a hunk of metal a magnet, and magnets lose their magnetism of time. They can make a nice desktop toy, though.


    “SmartDose® 10 Injector offers a wearable subcutaneous injector with an integrated drug delivery system…”


    John Day

    Quoth jb-hb:
    “I thought Biden was surprisingly lucid if unbearable. And he seemed to go through phases of having more zip intermittently throughout the debate.

    I’ll bet they had him hooked up to one of those walkman-sized drug dispensers that you can hook people up to, to inject drugs on a schedule. I imagine they had a ramp-up of increasing drug intake over time – largest dose was probably no sooner than the 60 minute mark.

    It was interesting that the debate went over the 90 minutes scheduled and Biden seemed to finally have a true 404 error in overtime – like, they’d timed the drugs PERFECTLY.”



    Who are the allies/friend?
    In a surprise development, the United States and Israel are currently in negotiations to send eight Patriot air defense systems from Israel to Kiev. Ukraine has for months been eyeing Israel’s retired Patriots, but they still could be needed by Tel Aviv given the country is on the brink of full-blown war with Hezbollah along its northern border and possible bigger confrontation with Iran.

    One week ago, a Biden administration statement revealed that it is pausing all shipments of Patriot interceptor missiles to foreign countries and redirecting them to Ukraine. US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby confirmed that the “difficult but necessary decision” of prioritizing the delivery of Patriot and NASAM missiles to Ukraine has been made, thus revealing the level of desperation amid the Russian aerial onslaught.
    Copilot Using the web
    The cost of supplying eight Patriot air defense systems would be substantial. Let’s break it down:

    System Cost: A newly produced Patriot battery (which includes the launching system, control station, ground radar unit, generators, and antennas) costs about $400 million12. Since you’re interested in eight systems, that’s 8 x $400 million = $3.2 billion.
    Missile Cost: Each interceptor missile for the Patriot system costs approximately $4 million3. With eight systems, you’d need a significant number of missiles. Assuming an average of 16 missiles per system (a conservative estimate), that’s 128 missiles. The total cost for the missiles would be 8 x 128 x $4 million = $4.096 billion.
    Total Cost: Adding the system cost and missile cost, the total cost for eight Patriot air defense systems would be approximately $7.296 billion.
    Keep in mind that these figures are estimates, and actual costs may vary based on factors like training, logistics, and maintenance. The Patriot system is indeed effective but comes with a hefty price tag.


    How are Democrats “panicking” NOW?

    Biden was surprisingly on the ball! Stringing together paragraphs of sentences consistently on the same topic, intelligible, on topic vis a vis the debate questions. Long answers delivered without stutter, as if they were being read off a teleprompter or memorized.

    How did they get him to stop squinting? Botox? Whatever way they did it, he didn’t even do the Biden Megasquint.

    How are they saying he was disastrous???? Yes, Biden IS a wreck and has been for some time, but I’m dumbfounded while being not surprised at all by the news cycle today. By any sane comparison to what was reportedly, repeatedly drilled into our heads was ranging from adequate to good performance from him in recent years, last night Biden kicked ass.

    Will we see ANY cognitive dissonance surrounding the about-face? Or is it just the next NPC download, no worries?


    June 28th – 110 years ago in Sarajevo.
    T’was like yesterday.


    Bill Gates Is Investing “Billions” In The New Wave Of Nuclear Powerhttps://www.zerohedge.com/markets/bill-gates-investing-billions-new-wave-nuclear-power

    “Mr. I Know What’s Best For The Entire World” Gates

    In Woketardistan the inmates already have been sold that loving war is Good, while hating ‘hate’.

    Nuclear power can be sold as ‘greener than green’.

    The Green Nazi Mind Meld

    “As we have been noting for months, urgency for clean energy has intensified due to the tech sector, especially Artificial Intelligence, consuming massive amounts of energy.

    Advocates emphasize its immense clean energy potential, proven technology, and existing infrastructure. Although not renewable, nuclear energy emits zero carbon and could help meet global emissions targets.”

    Uber Alles!



    It was a mercy to Biden to be debating Trump.

    Vivek Ramaswamy would have debated like a 60’s/70’s/80’s/90’s presidential candidate, delivering his knowledge of the various issues in detail and showing how they scaled up to various principles and values.

    He would not have eviscerated Biden. It would instead have been like Vivek whipped out a samurai sword and, in a blur of motion, chopped Biden into 1-inch cubes, which then fell behind the lectern in a heap.

    I felt like Trump’s performance was visibly degraded compared to previous election cycles. A sharp, competent, energetic, knowledgeable candidate would have absolutely stomped all over Biden like Godzilla on Bambi. The comparison would have left the American public shocked and aghast.

    If we transported 1980 Carter to run against Trump instead of Biden, I don’t think Trump would have fared well at all last night.


    The meltdown of the CNN panel after the debate was over was a treat to see. I wish I knew how to get it, and post it.
    But Biden says he’s in it for the long haul.
    Crazy aunts won’t get out of the attic. Grampa won’t budge from the chair.
    I agree with jb-hb that Biden was slow to start and seemed to have spurts of energy.
    Biden was the first to call “liar”.


    The miserable SCOTUS decision may have recalled the Smith-Mundt Modernization act, which allowed the US gov to bring propaganda to the states.

    “A danger of the act: “Today, the military is more focused on manipulating news and commentary on the Internet, especially social media, by posting material and images without necessarily claiming ownership,” reported the Post.”
    This quote is from an old “Foreign Policy” article in July of 2013.


    Trump can be talked in and out of anything by the people he picks to surround him.

    *sigh*. Exactly. And a penchant for flourishes when firing does not prevent this problem.


    Biden is not quitting. He will do another debate in Sept.
    Trump should prepare to send flower to Biden’s nursing home.

    D Benton Smith


    I think you may have misjudged the American electorate. Yes, they are cows, a fact for which we should all be grateful. If they were unbroke feral West Texas long horns then things would get pretty spicey. For one thing, only the bravest and most desperate half-crazy cowboys would be able to do ANYTHINBG with them.

    What I’m saying is that it doesn’t matter how EXTREME Biden’s incompetence is seen to be by the herd. They don’t care. That’s why they don’t pay it much attention because they have more pressing business to attend to. What matters is that now they have seen it, and now they care, because a truly incompetent President is going to harmfully impact their daily lives. Now they see what the source of the problem is, at least so far as they are concerned. The herd sees that a bunch of incompetent Bozos running the country through a sock-puppet incompetent President. Now the herd will throw the bums out.

    That’s not me with a crystal ball and the wisdom of the ages talking. It’s the number-crunching political scientists who are saying it. Biden spooked the herd. The numbers show it. The appropriate response to this situation is panic. Their AI computer algorithms are telling them in no uncertain terms that if the UniParty doesn’t don’t pull a Presidential rabbit out of an empty hat then the current regime is OVER.

    Political (and probably some actual) blood will run in the gutters. The Dems have mere weeks to pull of that kind of miracle and for the past few years they haven’t been doing a very effective job at that sort of thing. They keep getting caught and pilloried until now even the HERD sees it! What if the herd stampedes!?

    People keep forgetting about that characteristic of the invisible majority of Americans. It’s just like the way they keep forgetting the same thing about the Russians. We’re a lot like Russians in that regard I suppose. We really don’t like to fight and we are really disinterested in Government because it stinks and we have better things to do like live decent ordinary lives That is, until we are forced by circumstances to do so. Like now. The herd has taken notice.

    Just Some Randomer

    “Biden is not quitting. He will do another debate in Sept.”

    Biden better be careful or he might find himself catching a bad case of death.



    D Benton Smith


    I think that it’s not fully EVERYBODY quite yet, so there’s still a little more time left to save a few more. Keep telling the truth and a few more sleepyheads may get the message at the last possible moment. After that, yeah. What will be will be. They will have made up their minds and that will be that.

    D Benton Smith

    It seems self-contradictory to call something a democracy in which 95% of the people don’t participate at all, and of the 5% who do get involved, half of them are career criminals who operate on the basis of might makes right (which doesn’t seem very “democratic”). The surprising thing to me is that such an arrangement doesn’t wind up turning into total Anarchy. Instead, it winds up devolving into something else that doesn’t even have a name (that I’m aware of anyhow).

    Then it struck me. ADemocratically Utopian project (such as the United States was/is, for example) eventually develops by stages into a PURE democracy, in which everyone participates just precisely as much as they individually believe that they need to, or want to, or HAVE TO.

    That’s the stage we’re in now. Some folks have decided to be selfishly bad and grab the reigns to do whatever they damn well want, and others have decided to be selflessly good and give their lives to stop those guys from killing everybody. The rest of the people (a far too vast majority, in my opinion) have made decisions to just follow orders in exchange for money, which lands them in a stupified state of confusion on one side or the other of a defining tipping point. I speak of the ever present tipping point vacillating at the nexus between what is Good and what is Bad, or what is Right or Wrong, and most importantly of all, what is True and what is a Lie.

    No matter whether you examine that phenomenon from 35,000 feet or in fine-grit detail under an electron microscope the forms and functions remain exactly the same. Regardless of scale the essential parts and relationships between parts remain virtually identical. It is very much like a hologrammatic fractal. And the pattern it reveals is the conflict between Right and Wrong, True and False, Good and Bad, God and the Devil.

    How peculiar, don’t you think? Could it be that the Catholics and the Hindus are BOTH right? Seems to me that the only ones who get it wrong entirely are the ones who don’t, won’t or can’t see the pattern.

    Consider this, since YOU are self-aware and have the faculties (to think, act and know that you are doing so), then wouldn’t it follow logically that any (and every) entity that is genuinely superior to you would ALSO be able to do those same things that you are able to do, only do them all BETTER than you can?

    Isn’t it simply logical (patently obvious, actually) that such an entity would also be able to think, plan and communicate, and that it would do so WAY better than you do?

    That’s what I think, anyway, and I’ve done quite a bit of lab and field testing to confirm or falsify the theory. My conclusion (which I LITERALLY stake my life on) is that, Yup!, there is God and he is ready willing and able to communicate to you to help you get your sorry ass out of this mess you’ve got yourself into. He can and will dumb the messages down to your level so that you CAN understand what he’s telling you. But even then, you won’t hear if you don’t listen.

    Notice that I did NOT say that you won’t get an answer if you don’t ask. That’s because you’re ASKING for stuff all of the time. You want this, you want that, you want some other thing. It’s practically non-stop. BUT YOU FREQUENTLY DON’T LISTEN TO THE ANSWER THAT IS GIVEN!

    The answer is to do the RIGHT thing, not the wrong thing. Do the good deed, not the bad. Believe (and TELL!) the truth, not the lie. Don’t trade in lies as though lies were a currency you can exchange for things you want. If you want something good then ask God how to make that thing become real and he will provide you with the truths you need to make that so. When you do it THAT way (and yes it requires work) then you will wind up owning and experiencing the REAL thing, the gratifying thing, and not some disappointingly worthless fake that leaves you feeling as empty as a used beer can.

    The test of whether a message is coming from God is whether it is true, good, right, helpful and aimed at genuine betterment. Your awareness and freewill and ability to discern those qualities is your gift from God. It had to have come from him because it couldn’t possibly have come from anywhere else.

    You, personally, have absolutely no other possible TRUE explanation for where those inexplicable things could have come from. You sure didn’t make them. You just HAVE them, and if you lost them you have absolutely no idea how to replace them. You don’t know how and you wouldn’t know where to begin to find out. That’s why people who have lost their connection to God are so damn scared of dying! They don’t know how to make themselves exist! And since they have lost their communication with God they are left thinking that their end (body death) will be THE end. Lights out. Curtain down. Empty theater. Fade to black. Terrifying hopelessness. Bummer.

    Luckily, that’s not the case. You ARE aware and you have both the free will to choose to do what is in your GENUINE best interests, and the agency to turn that will into actions that have meaning and consequence in Reality.

    They are a GIFT. They are a gift from the Creator. Just accept it with some well deserved gratitude and take his good advice moving forward toward what is genuinely in your own best interest. Just ask the following question. “What should I do next that is genuinely in my own most enlightened BEST interest?”

    Within a VERY short time you will know the answer of precisely what you should do next, and you will not know how you came to know it. That’s the gift. Both the answer and THE CAPACITY TO KNOW IF IT IS GOOD OR IF IT IS BAD are God’s gifts to you, as is the free will to choose whether to act upon the answer or not.


    On RT articles (not bad) re. Macron., prev. thread.

    There will NOT be civil war in F, though riots and upping the violence on both sides (demos, State via Police) may happen. Common in F, think Gilets Jaunes, or the New Year burning of cars, hundreds of them in ‘sensitive areas’…

    Why? Because most ppl will be happy to see Macron ‘defeated’, ‘made powerless’ or ‘pushed to quit.’ A new National Assembly offers some hope of ‘change’ (hmm, ‘hopiness’..) new allegiances, etc.

    Note the programs of the Rassemblement National (le Pen), and the New Popular Front, NFP (left-green-coalition) are at heart the same -> populist economic measures (re-lowering retirement age, taxing the rich, knocking TVA off ‘essential goods’ etc. etc.)
    The NPF proposal is more elaborate, longer, prudent in content. The RN has already walked back many of their proposals, presented as promises, e.g. concerning the retirement age, leaving the EU electricity market, etc.

    Both these oppo blocs support UKR to the hilt or ‘as best as we can’ (differences in wording), and are PRO EU.

    All pro-Frexit pols have been eliminated.

    Re. Israel – Gaza the NFP is split: Mélenchon supports Palestine and X-X-X overtly / covertly support the Zionists.

    The outcome of these elections will not lead to fundamental change. France has entered the Age of the Spectacle unequivocally, with enthusiastic applause from the Dominating Class.

    The ‘top’ Corps. / Finance / Oligarchs / Big Biz will, in the main, champion (order) a vote for the RN (RN has made promises.) A section of low-class workers will vote for the RN, in the tradition of ‘oppose the mainstream’, ‘oppose immigration’, ‘get rid of Muslims’, ‘champion France’ and so on.


    On, top post, Macron and Zelensky, super GAY dancing etc.

    Who knows what is real?

    See here an ex. which is presented as a spoof, an obvious fake, making fun.

    It is not supposed to be believed (Macron with huge breasts, NO) but see how his face actually melds well… (besides the size etc.)


    MACRON DANCE ! #macron dance ia #faceswap

    ♬ original sound – IA DROLE FR – IA DROLE FR


    Simple, Election campaign strategy advise/instructions. Practice for 10 days.

    ” I’m telling the truth, You are the liar,”

    (repeat louder and louder until you die or until end of campaigning
    It’s not brainwashing, propaganda or senior abuse)


    The Dems need to find Joe’s and Jill’s price to leave!
    That is why Joe is staying he won’t leave!
    Joe will leave when the price is right!

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