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Biden Says He’s ‘Running The World’ (RT)
America Doesn’t Have A President – Musk (RT)
‘Doing My Goodest Job’ To Beat Trump (ZH)
US Mainstream Media Await New Orders Now Big Lie About Biden is Rumbled (DS)
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Western Elites Lose Grip on Power Amid Political Crisis in US, France (Sp.)
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The Grim Reaper: Biden Declares Two Justices Will Be Gone in Four Years (Turley)
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New British PM Assures Ukraine Of ‘Unshakable’ Support (RT)
Foreign Mercs in Ukraine Bragged About Murdering Russian PoWs (Sp.)





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“Biden insisted “no one” had told him he actually needed to undergo one.”

Biden Says He’s ‘Running The World’ (RT)

US President Joe Biden says he has been “running the world” and therefore does not actually need any cognitive tests to prove his fitness for office. The president made the remarks in an interview with ABC News on Friday, when the 81-year-old was repeatedly pressed by George Stephanopoulos about the growing concerns surrounding his mental and physical condition. Asked whether he has “had a full neurological and cognitive evaluation,” Biden provided a rather incoherent response. “I’ve had – I get a full neurological test everyday with me. And I’ve had a full physical. I had, you know, I mean, I – I’ve been at Walter Reed [national military medical center] for my physicals. I mean – uhm yes, the answer,” he stated. Pressed further whether he has actually had “specific cognitive tests” and an examination by a trained neurologist, rather than a broader practice doctor, Biden insisted “no one” had told him he actually needed to undergo one.

The president dodged the question on whether he would willingly pass such a test and release its results to the public, insisting his work alone proves he is fit enough for office. “Look. I have a cognitive test every single day. Every day I have that test. Everything I do. You know, not only am I campaigning, but I’m running the world. Not – and that’s not hi -sounds like hyperbole, but we are the essential nation of the world,” he asserted. During the interview, the president also blamed his subpar performance during last week’s debate against Donald Trump on suffering from a “bad cold,” dismissing it as a “bad episode” rather than part of a bigger problem.

The debate debacle has reinvigorated long-running concerns over Biden’s advanced age, as well as declining health. On Friday, a group of 168 high-profile Democratic Party supporters, including major donors and academics, sent a letter to the US president, urging him to drop out of the race, the Washington Post reported, citing anonymous sources. The signees have “respectfully” called on Biden to do so, arguing the move was needed “for the sake of our democracy and the future of our nation,” according to the report. However, Biden has repeatedly pledged to continue pursuing reelection, dismissing any prospects of dropping out amid the mounting criticism of the past few days.

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“Does America need a president?”

America Doesn’t Have A President – Musk (RT)

The US does not have an actual president and has not had one “for a while,” Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk has suggested. Musk took to his X (formerly Twitter) social media network to dip into the ongoing political debacle in the aftermath of the debates between US President Joe Biden and former leader Donald Trump. He reposted a message by another user, with a screenshot of an opinion piece run by the New York Times, titled “Does America need a president?” “Real question … since we obviously haven’t had one for a while lmao,” Musk wrote.

The piece itself, penned by social conservative columnist Ross Douthat, polemizes with other authors on the role of the president in American society, on whether a dysfunctional president can be fully substituted by others in the executive branch, the impact such a ‘leader’ has on decision-making and accountability, and other topics. Douthat himself has been arguing long before the disastrous debate that Biden “needs to be replaced because it would be incredibly dangerous to have a senescent president in the White House for the next four years – and not just because Democrats fear he might lose to Trump in November.”

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“We’re gonna protect our children from getting weapons of war off our streets!”

‘Doing My Goodest Job’ To Beat Trump (ZH)

On the heels of his flub-filled Fourth of July, President Biden’s Friday appearances did nothing to reverse his slow march to a seemingly inevitable exit from the 2024 presidential campaign. The day brought more head-scratching misstatements and garbled lines on the campaign trail, along with a much-anticipated primetime ABC interview that prominent Democrats called “sad” and “chilling.” Perhaps most significantly of all, however, more Democratic legislators called for Biden to leave the race — and Virginia Sen. Mark Warner is reportedly organizing a meeting with his peers with a goal of building a united plea for Biden to quit. According to anonymous sources cited by the Washington Post, Warner and allies are weighing various means of intervening, including a meeting at the White House with Biden. While the count of House Democrats who’ve urged Biden to quit climbed to four on Friday — as Illinois Rep. Mike Quiqley made his feelings known on MSNBC — no sitting senators have yet crossed that line. However, per the Washington Post:

“There’s a growing consensus among Senate Democrats that the situation with Biden at the top of the ticket is untenable, and senators are trying to determine the best way to relay that message to an insulated president. Some senators don’t think Biden has people around him who are giving him an accurate picture of the fallout.” Tellingly, a Warner spokeswoman refused to confirm or deny the reports about his machinations, instead saying, “Like many other people in Washington and across the country, Senator Warner believes these are critical days for the president’s campaign, and he has made that clear to the White House.” While Warner — the chair of the Senate intelligence committee — maneuvered on Capitol Hill, Biden spent the day in the battleground state of Wisconsin, which he officially won in the last election by only 20,682 votes. At a rally at a middle school gymnasium in Madison, Biden added to his ever-growing stack of gaffes, confidently predicting he’d beat Donald Trump “again in 2020”:

Proving again that not even a teleprompter can assure Biden’s reasonably error-free delivery of a speech, he also said, “We’re gonna protect our children from getting weapons of war off our streets!” Friday’s main event was Biden’s sit-down interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. Though it was pre-recorded after his middle-school-gym rally before airing in a primetime special, ABC said it showed the entire interview without edits. As we’d predicted, Stephanopoulos, who’s demonstrated all the worst tendencies of big-media leftists, played this interview relatively straight. He challenged Biden’s previous attempt to blame his debate performance on jet lag from travel that ended a dozen days before the event. He confronted Biden with pointed quotes from a New York Times report, where sources claimed his mental lapses have become more frequent. He also asked pointed follow-up questions when Biden was evasive.

At one point, however, Stephanopoulos sounded like an empathetic family member gently confronting an elderly person with the hard truth about their condition, telling Biden: “I’ve heard from dozens of your supporters over the last few days…They love you, and they will be forever grateful to you for defeating Donald Trump in 2020. They think you’ve done a great job as president, a lot of the successes you outlined. But they are worried about you and the country. And they don’t think you can win. They want you to go with grace, and they will cheer you if you do.” One of Biden’s worst moments of the interview came in response to what may have been the simplest question. Asked if he’d watched the debate afterwards, Biden said, “I don’t think I did, no.” Stephanopoulos’s follow-up question about when Biden realized the debate wasn’t going well triggered a particularly incoherent reply:

“The whole way I prepared, nobody’s fault mine. Nobody’s fault, mine. I, uh, prepared what I usually would do, sitting down as I did, come back with foreign leaders or National Security Council for explicit detail. And I realized about partway through that, you know, I quoted The New York Times had me down 10 points before the debate, 9 now or whatever the hell it is. The fact of the matter is that what I looked at is that he also lied 28 times. I couldn’t, I mean, the way the debate ran, not — my fault, no one else’s fault — no one else’s fault.”

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“The donors did not like seeing their investment go down the drain. Many wanted their money back..”

US Mainstream Media Await New Orders Now Big Lie About Biden is Rumbled (DS)

[..] since 2020 the MSM have been carrying more water for Biden than the Ganges in monsoon season. Biden’s deterioration has been evident for some years and it became an issue in the 2020 election. Brit Hume, one of journalism’s grey eminences, posed that Biden was senile based on his manner, behaviour and actions. MSM “fact-checkers” protected the precious candidate. But Biden and his handlers took notice that they had been rumbled and used the excuse of Covid from early 2020 on to hide Biden away campaigning from his basement. MSM ignored his concerning demeanor completely and supported him for President in words that would have embarrassed George Washington. After a most unusual election came a most unusual Presidency, where the hiding away of the most powerful man in the world continued. Appearances were controlled, press conferences limited and interviews permitted only in controlled scripted environments such as with celebrities or on late night talk shows.

Biden’s deteriorating physical condition, as well as his mental decline, were covered up by his handlers in a number of ways. This year, two events began to poke serious holes in the view that Biden is just old. Last year a Special Counsel, Robert Hur, was appointed to conduct an investigation into the finding of classified documents at Biden’s residences. He reported his findings in January. The report was not kind to Biden to say the least. He stated that Biden should not be prosecuted for the documents because a jury would not find him guilty as they would be sympathetic to the fact he was a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory”. NBC News dutifully provided covering fire for this by rolling out Democrat operatives to trash both Hur and the report. Then there were the recent international events such as D-Day and the G7 meetings, where Biden was caught on camera spacing out and wandering off.

The videos were shown on Fox News and went viral. The Associated Press stepped up for the covering fire and called them “cheap fakes”, following on from the White House reaction. A bemused Fox News said the videos “have not been cropped, they have not been sped up or slowed down or edited in any way”. And then came the debate. Biden had slipped in the polls against Trump due to the response from voters to seeing a candidate pursue the Kafka-esque strategy of putting an opponent on trial. And so Biden and his handlers came up with a cunning plan – to challenge Trump to a debate in an environment they believed they could control. They set the rules, selected the moderators (CNN, who had earlier supplied the questions in advance to Hillary Clinton in a 2016 debate), had no audience that would cause Biden to lose focus, and banned any cross-talk to limit Trump’s quick repartee.

Biden spent seven days at Camp David prepping for the debate as if there was nothing else going on that required his attention. It was a brilliant strategy and only one thing could ruin it – the senility of the candidate. It did. The reaction was immediate from folks believing in Biden. Democrats and Never-Trumpers were gob-smacked. But it is fascinating how their surprise was akin to reading the last few pages of an Agatha Christie novel. Massive surprise at the unveiling of the murderer is followed by an “oh yeah” as folks think back on the clues that were there all along. These reactions showed up in polls taken over the last few days. A CBS News poll two days after the debate showed 72% of folks now believe Biden’s cognitive issues prohibit him from being President, and this includes 42% of Democrat voters.

The immediate reactions of the MSM were different. At 10:30 that night the panicked howls of the MSNBC political pundits and “experts” mourned the death of their favoured campaign, while CNN threw ashes on the coffin. The New York Times suffered a dark night of the soul, and as the dawn broke published an editorial claiming Biden should step down. These are the guys who in March this year were taking a victory lap comparing Biden to Beethoven, Wagner and Martin Scorsese after Biden angrily shouted his way through a teleprompter speech to Congress.

The assorted Democrat Party apparatchiks and elected representatives were even more on fire. The donors did not like seeing their investment go down the drain. Many wanted their money back. Incumbent Democrats facing election in November were all over the place, with the mood varying from total support to calls to step down. In a Presidential election year Biden is at the top of the ticket and so has the capability of dragging these guys over the finish line, as party regulars tend to vote the entire line. Or not, as the case may be. The White House gamely tried damage control, saying Biden was ill with a cold or suffering from jet lag after two back-to-back trips to Europe two weeks before the debate. The usually obedient White House Press Corps did not buy it. No word as yet from White House doctor Dr. Kevin O’Connor, who gave Biden his annual physical this year and claimed he was “fit for duty“.

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“He is part of the Biden family..”

Parkinson’s Specialist Visited White House At Least 9 Times The Past Year (ZH)

A Parkinson’s disease specialist from Walter Reed Medical Center visited the White House at least nine times in the past year, according to journalist Alex Berenson of Unreported Truths, while the NY Post has reported that a cardiologist was present during one of the visits. Dr. Kevin R Cannard traveled to the White House’s medical clinic each time, meeting with either President Joe Biden’s personal physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor, or a naval nurse who coordinates care for the president and other senior officials. O’Connor notably gave Biden a clean bill of health after his February annual physical. The visits spanned July 28, 2023 with the latest being March 28 of this year. That said, Berenson notes that the most recent logs are from April 1, so it’s unknown if Cannard has visited more recently.

According to Cannard’s physician profile page, he is a “neurologist and movement disorders specialist at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center” who specializes in treatments for “early Parkinson’s disease.” Since 2012, he has served as the “neurology specialist supporting the White House Medical Unit,” per his LinkedIn page. His most recent paper was published in August 2023 in the journal Parkinsonism & Related Disorders, and focuses on the “early-stage” of the crippling disease. Since Biden’s health is O’Connor’s primary responsibility, it is highly probable the meeting was about the commander in chief, according to Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Tx), the doctor for both Presidents Obama and Trump. “It’s highly likely they were talking about Biden,” Jackson told The Post. -NY Post. “He should only be [regularly] treating the president and the first family,” Jackson continued.

Walter Reed cardiologist Dr. John. E. Atwood was also present during a Jan. 17 meeting, the NY Post reports. According to Jackson, who has never treated Biden, O’Connor and Biden’s family are trying to “cover up” Biden’s declining cognitive health. Ya think? “I believe he and Jill Biden have led the cover up. Kevin O’Connor is like a son to Jill Biden — she loves him. It’s crazy. Kevin O’Connor was in that job on day one of the Biden administration because they knew they could trust Kevin to say and do anything that needed to be said or done and cover up whatever needed to be covered up. He is part of the Biden family,” said Jackson, who has warned about Biden’s cognitive decline for years.

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“A group of 168 Democratic Party supporters..”

Democratic Donors Urge Biden To Step Aside – WaPo (RT)

A group of 168 Democratic Party supporters, including major donors and academics, sent a letter to US President Joe Biden on Friday, urging him to drop his bid for reelection, the Washington Post has reported, citing anonymous sources. Over the past week, several other media outlets have claimed that pressure on Biden is mounting from within the party, but the incumbent is digging in his heels. Doubts over whether the 81-year-old is mentally and physically capable of leading the country for another four years have grown since his halting performance in a televised debate against Republican rival Donald Trump last week. Biden appeared frail and confused throughout the encounter – something he and his campaign have put down to a cold and travel-related fatigue. In its article on Friday, the Post quoted the letter as “respectfully” calling on Biden to “withdraw from being a candidate for reelection for the sake of our democracy and the future of our nation.”

The plea cited “threats posed by a second term of Donald Trump” and advised Biden to “cement your legacy by passing the torch – just as George Washington did.” According to the paper, the 168 signatories include Christy Walton, the billionaire daughter-in-law of Walmart’s founder, as well as billionaire investor Mike Novogratz and Harvard Law School professor Lawrence Lessig, among many other top-level business executives and academics. Speaking to the New York Times on Wednesday, Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings argued that “Biden needs to step aside to allow a vigorous Democratic leader to beat Trump and keep us safe and prosperous.” The article noted that while Hastings was one of the first major Democratic donors to publicly vent his frustration, many of his peers are privately expressing similar concerns.

On the same day, another major Democratic Party donor, Charles Myers, the chair of Signum Global Advisors, told Bloomberg Surveillance that Biden has “four to five days” to prove he is fit to continue the race for reelection. The president has, however, brushed off all suggestions he should step aside. “Let me say this as clearly as I possibly can, as simply and straightforward as I can: I am running… no one’s pushing me out. I’m not leaving,” the politician insisted during a call with campaign staffers on Wednesday.

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“So already you have people concerned about Trump, but at least Trump is a known quantity,” he added. “But now, well, what’s going to happen now?”

Western Elites Lose Grip on Power Amid Political Crisis in US, France (Sp.)

US President Joe Biden is considering dropping out of the 2024 US presidential race after last week’s disastrous debate performance, according to reporting from The New York Times. The news emerged early Monday after the president was said to be in discussions with members of his family over the weekend on whether to continue his candidacy amid widespread concern over his age. Last week’s televised debate with former President Donald Trump, where Biden frequently appeared to have trouble finishing thoughts and responding to questions, stoked public anxiety among many Democratic Party officials. Opinion surveys since Thursday night’s event appear to show the octogenarian head of state falling further behind in the polls. The renewed panic comes as observers in France are urging a center-left alliance ahead of elections this weekend to deny Marine Le Pen’s party a parliamentary majority.

Observers fear the controversial figure could prevail in the second round of voting Sunday, ushering in the country’s first right-wing government since World War II. Both incidents are drawing concern internationally as establishment political forces struggle to fend off increasingly potent challenges to their power, according to Dr. George Szamuely, a senior research fellow at London’s Global Policy Institute. The author joined Sputnik’s The Final Countdown program Wednesday to offer analysis on the twin developments and their implications for Western countries. “This makes the United States look weak because if Biden does step aside and they say ‘I’m not physically and mentally competent to run,’ then the next question will be, ‘well, are you physically and mentally competent to remain president?’” said Szamuely. “It’s going to be very hard for Biden to say, ‘yes, I can still function for another six months as president while there are two serious wars taking place in which America is actively involved. I think there will immediately be calls for Biden to resign forthwith and the result will be great anxiety.”

“So already you have people concerned about Trump, but at least Trump is a known quantity,” he added. “But now, well, what’s going to happen now? I mean, what happens during the next six months? What happens at the convention? Everything is up in the air. So internationally there’s just a great deal of concern of an America in turmoil.” “Yeah, it feels like a bit like a free fall for sure,” agreed host Angie Wong. European leaders are said to be worried over the potential of a second Trump term amid concerns the former president would pull the United States out of the NATO military alliance. The European Union has investigated ways to ensure continued funding for Ukraine’s proxy war against Russia in the event the former president ends US support for the conflict upon returning to the White House.

But Europe’s political establishment is also losing its grip on power as support surges for right-wing populist parties throughout the continent. Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party won the most support in the first round of recent French parliamentary elections, leading President Emmanuel Macron to seek alliances to prevent her triumph in the second round. Although Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s coalition bested Macron’s centrist party in the first round of voting, the French president is unlikely to include the leftwing in figure in any coalition, said Szamuely, noting that ”Macron seems to really hate him.” The analyst suggested the French leader would seek more moderate allies, forming a center-left alliance of establishment political figures to deny Le Pen power.

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“..empires pass through seven stages, and right now the West is in the stage of decline and collapse in which “the heroes are always the same—the athlete, the singer, or the actor.” Sound familiar?”

The West’s Mask Of Morality Burns To Dust (Carman)

“Knowledgeable people know that Frankenstein is not the monster, but only wise people see that Frankenstein is the monster.” This quote has been resonating recently when considering the monstrous atrocities occurring on the world stage. Knowledgeable people know now, thanks to eyewitness accounts and global communications, that what is happening in Gaza to civilians is monstrous, in spite of the media spin, but only critical thinkers are willing to go deeper and see that the governments purporting to fight “the monster,” that is, Hamas, are at least partially culpable for creating it and, at worst, the monster themselves. It’s still absolutely wild how quickly the West went from arming Nazis in Ukraine to supporting actual genocide, all the while domestically making issues about the dangers of the far right, inclusion, kindness, and right think.

Words are violence after all, according to AOC, just perhaps a tad less violent than air strikes, but who’s measuring? Western support should be of no surprise considering the death toll in the Middle East over the past several decades in the name of freeing the people from evil tyrants. Of course, it’s easy to overlook that 90% of US drone strikes killed civilians, but we’ve been indoctrinated to have a short memory and rewrite history. Luckily, we get a “masterclass” in painting from old favourite George W. Bush as a gift for our collective amnesia and ability to allow a relentless PR machine to dictate and reformulate our opinions. Of course history would remind us of Agent Orange, the Tuskegee experiments, and other immoral atrocities waged against humans, but there’s something even more flamboyant and bombastic about the West’s current posturing, like they’re no longer hiding the psychopathy from their citizens, with the mainstream media becoming more desperate and less impactful in maintaining these nonsense narratives.

Has the West always been narcissistically playing the good guy, or has it become more depraved over time? While we can look back over history to the banking cartels and war profiteers to see that evil has always lurked within, it must be acknowledged that during the earlier stages of empire, there was a stronger commitment from institutions, some members of government, and active citizens to uphold the values of the ideology. As Glubb asserts, empires pass through seven stages, and right now the West is in the stage of decline and collapse in which “the heroes are always the same—the athlete, the singer, or the actor.” Sound familiar? It’s therefore fair to assume, based on empirical evidence even amassed within our lifetimes, that the Western leadership and its institutions themselves have become even more overtly and intensely morally corrupt over time. It could be argued that there was moral justification for fighting the Nazis in World War II as well as economic and geopolitical aims.

It could also be argued to a lesser extent that the proxy wars fought against the backdrop of the Cold War had legitimacy considering the Western paranoia of the USSR and communist ideals of permanent revolution. It begins to get much harder to justify the more recent wars in the Middle East, but a US public shellshocked by 911 was willingly compliant, with antiwar voices ignored and drowned out by its European allies. However, the military industrial complex is increasingly clutching at straws despite the most intense propaganda scheme deployed since COVID, evoking ignorant but well-meaning support to arm Ukraine and prolong the death toll. The struggling public of the collapsing West has grown weary of taxes used to fund the war machine, and now, with Gaza, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the stories fed to us about freedom and democracy are nothing more than comforting fairytales to justify state sanctioned mass murder.

The weak rationalisations for the current genocide occurring are becoming more and more pitiful as the death toll of innocents surpasses the 10,000s and World War III looms on the horizon, promising many millions more. Yet the tired legacy media still attempts to twist the narrative, making traumatised Palestinians pulled from the rubble condemn Hamas before they are allowed a voice. Are Israeli citizens expected to condemn their government, which, to date, has been far more murderous before being platformed? The whitewashing of history, just as occurred with Ukraine, to downplay the neo-Nazi threat and murder of 14,000 civilians in the Donbass since the US-backed coup in 2014 is in full swing again. Hamas are the personification of evil and attacked Israel completely unprovoked, purely because they are evil. This smear is from the Putin playbook, Hussein before him, and frankly any leader that’s impending the savagery and theft of Western colonialism. It’s so infantile that it’s embarrassing.

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“>.the next president “is going to appoint at least two new appointees.”

The Grim Reaper: Biden Declares Two Justices Will Be Gone in Four Years (Turley)

One of the least discussed aspects of the interview with President Joe Biden last night was his declaration that two of the nine justices are not long for the Court. The question is which two are facing retirement or the reaper. In arguing for his remaining as the nominee despite record low polling, the President told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos with certainty that the next president “is going to appoint at least two new appointees.” That must be uneasy news for the relatively small court that almost of a third will soon pass . . . one way or another. Liberals have been pushing Sonia Sotomayor to retire, but she has clearly rejected those calls. On CNN, journalist Josh Barro bluntly wondered why Sotomayor remains on the bench when younger jurists could be brought on to guarantee a liberal vote for years to come. He indicated that many liberals are frustrated with her for not stepping down: “I find it a little bit surprising, given what Justice Sotomayor describes there about the stakes of what is happening before the Supreme Court, that she’s not retired. She’s 69 years old, she’s been on the court for 15 years.”

At 70, Sotomayor shows no signs of mental decline. She has been a highly effective justice, stepping into the vacuum created by the death in 2020 of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Of course, few ever questioned the “Notorious RBG” in her decision to stay on the Court, despite her much older age and longer tenure. While some of us noted that Ginsburg was taking a huge risk in not allowing then-President Barack Obama to pick a successor, she remained on the Court in spite of medical problems and ultimately was replaced by Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Ginsburg, however, was almost 20 years older than Sotomayor. There is no concern for deterioration or death on the bench in Sotomayor’s case. It is simply a matter of swapping out justices like light bulbs before they burn out.

All of the justices are younger than Ginsburg when she passed (and considerably younger than President Biden who is running for a second four-year term).
Justice Thomas, 76.
Justice Alito, 74.
Justice Sotomayor, 70.
Chief Justice Roberts, 69.
Justice Kagan, 64.
Justice Kavanaugh, 59.
Justice Gorsuch, 56.
Justice Jackson, 53.
Justice Barrett, 52.

Justice Clarence Thomas is the oldest, but has not indicated that he is ready to retire. He would likely want to wait for a Republican president. If history is a measure, he has time. Oliver Wendell Holmes retired at 90. A recent analysis of the court’s projected composition suggested the next time the majority of justices will be appointed by a Democrat is likely to be around 2065. I did not find that analysis particularly compelling. However, I also fail to see how Biden can be certain that 2 of the 9 justices will die or retire. After all, even Thomas is six years younger than Biden. If he is predicting the death or retirement of Thomas within four years, he would presumably predict his own passing or retirement years ago. Running on the pledge to replace two departing justices could prove awkward if the justices are reluctant to be replaced or dispatched.

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“The real issue for Democrats is how to address this looming issue without tearing the party apart..”

“Think About it Very Carefully”: Author Don Winslow to Sen. Mark Warner (Turley)

Last night, President Joe Biden refused to take a cognitive or neurological test despite widespread concerns over his physical and mental decline. ABC’s George Stephanopoulos pressed the President on his low polling and efforts of Democrats to get him to drop out of the race. He specifically mentioned the effort of Sen. Mark Warner (D., Va.) to organize members to pressure him to end his campaign. Biden took a not-so-subtle dig at Warner. However, it was nothing compared to a curious posting by author and Democratic activist Don Winslow, who appeared to threaten Warner on X (formerly Twitter). When the story broke in the Washington Post, Winslow posted a curious and ominous response:

It is not clear what Winslow meant by Warner knowing what he was talking about when asking if he was “sure you want to go down this road?” The message has caused a bit of a stir on the Hill. For the denizens of the Beltway, it sounds extortive and threatening. The suggestion is that Winslow has something on Warner. While some have asked whether this could be viewed as a threat criminally, it is clearly not sufficient for a charge. Warner is a public figure and this comment could just be a reference to political backlash or the lack of an alternative. His asking Warner “Are you sure you want to go down this road?” could be a reference to the political implications of the resulting chaos, including making Kamala Harris the presidential candidate. Harris is even less popular than Biden according to some polls.

While some polls show her doing slightly better than Biden against Trump, other polling shows that she would do considerably worse. However, it is the follow up of “Think about it very carefully” that has got tongues wagging in D.C. Whatever the intended meaning, the posting shows the depth of the division on the issue. Those divisions are only likely to deepen further after the refusal to take a test to put these concerns to rest. Notably, Biden has insisted that the public can simply observe him. However, that position stands in contradiction to the frivolous privilege claims made by the Administration to withhold the audiotape from the interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur. That was an interview that the President was prepared for in advance and held in ideal conditions with staff.

It is an opportunity for the public to hear him under questioning to reach the very conclusions that Biden suggested in the interview. As for Winslow’s posting, it may just be an incautious, poorly worded message rather than extortion or blackmail. We have all made postings that we regretted. The real issue for Democrats is how to address this looming issue without tearing the party apart. I have tried to drill down on the legal implications of swapping out the top of the ticket or the entire ticket. It is uncharted territory when it comes to the federal election laws on the use of past contributions as well as some states with restrictive rules on ballot changes.

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“According to Orban’s Friday op-ed, unless NATO changes tack now, “it will be committing suicide.”

War Has Become NATO’s Agenda – Orban (RT)

NATO has effectively made warmongering its raison d’être by jettisoning its original “peaceful” and “defensive” nature, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has claimed. Hungary’s leader, a vocal critic of Western involvement in the Ukraine conflict, has repeatedly warned that ever more escalatory steps by the US-led military bloc could eventually lead to a direct military confrontation with Russia, yielding catastrophic consequences. On Friday, Orban paid a surprise visit to Moscow, where he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Hungarian prime minister’s office clarified that he was on a “peacekeeping mission.” The discussion between the two leaders centered on potential ways to peacefully resolve the Ukraine conflict. Wrapping up the talks, Orban acknowledged that Moscow’s and Kiev’s positions remain very “far apart.” He added, however, that “we’ve already taken the most important step – establishing contact,” vowing to continue the effort.

Earlier, on Tuesday, the Hungarian prime minister had arrived in Kiev, where he sat down with Vladimir Zelensky. Orban advocated for an immediate ceasefire and negotiations. On the same day as his trip to Moscow, an op-ed penned by Orban was published in Newsweek which addressed the latest tendencies involving NATO, of which Hungary has been a member since 1999. In it, the Hungarian prime minister stressed Budapest’s active participation in multiple NATO operations and initiatives over the years, as well as its compliance with the bloc’s 2% defense spending target. Orban noted that the NATO his country joined 25 years ago was a “peace project” and a “military alliance for defense.” However, “today, instead of peace, the agenda is the pursuit of war; instead of defense, it is offense,” Orban lamented.

The prime minister stated that “ever more voices within NATO are making the case for the necessity—or even inevitability—of military confrontation with the world’s other geopolitical power centers.” He warned that this attitude “functions like a self-fulfilling prophecy.” He noted that several member states have recently entertained the possibility of launching a NATO operation in Ukraine. In late February, French President Emmanuel Macron said he did not rule out the deployment of French troops to Ukraine. Even though his suggestion quickly drew criticism from Germany and other members, the French head of state has since doubled down on the controversial idea on multiple occasions. In May, Estonia and neighboring Lithuania signaled their readiness to send troops to Ukraine for logistical and other non-combat missions. According to Orban’s Friday op-ed, unless NATO changes tack now, “it will be committing suicide.”

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“One of Keir Starmer’s first phone calls after taking charge of the UK government was with Vladimir Zelensky..”

New British PM Assures Ukraine Of ‘Unshakable’ Support (RT)

London’s support for Kiev during the conflict with Moscow will remain at the same level under his leadership, the new Prime Minister of Britain Keir Starmer has told Vladimir Zelensky. Starmer replaced Rishi Sunak as the head of the UK government on Friday after the Labour Party he leads claimed a landslide victory in a general election, securing at least 412 of the 650 seats in parliament. One of his first phone calls in the new role was with Zelensky. The Ukrainian leader wrote on X (formerly Twitter) on Friday that during their conversation he congratulated Starmer on becoming prime minister and “wished him success in fulfilling the British people’s expectations of the new government.” “I am grateful to Prime Minister Starmer for reaffirming the UK’s principled and unwavering support for Ukraine,” he said.

According to Zelensky, he and the British premier had “coordinated positions” ahead of the NATO Summit in Washington on July 9-11 and discussed ways to further strengthen the “partnership” between Kiev and London. Starmer later shared Zelensky’s post on his page, claiming that “Ukraine’s ongoing fight against Russian aggression matters to all of us.” “The UK’s support [for Kiev] remains unshakable,” the PM wrote, adding that he is looking forward to meeting Zelensky in person. Britain has been one of the biggest backers of Ukraine during the conflict with Russia, pledging £12.5 billion (around $16 billion) in support for Kiev, including £7.6 billion (around $9.7 billion) in military aid, since February 2022.

Starmer becomes the UK’s fourth prime minister during this period, after Conservatives Boris Johnson, who resigned in September 2022, Liz Truss, who set a record by stepping down on her 15th day in office, and Sunak, who headed the government until Friday. However, London’s commitment to Kiev remained unchanged despite the changes at the helm. Earlier this year, Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said that the role played by Britain during the conflict in Ukraine was “even more aggressive, more elaborate in its provocative assertiveness than of any other participant, including even the US.”

In May, London’s ambassador in Moscow, Nigel Casey, was summoned to the foreign ministry following remarks by the UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron that Ukraine has the “right” to use UK-provided weaponry to strike targets deep inside Russia, if it decides to do so. Casey was warned that “British military facilities and equipment on the territory of Ukraine and beyond” could be targeted if such attacks do happen. Moscow has repeatedly warned that deliveries of weapons and ammunition to Kiev by the US, UK and their allies will not prevent Russia from achieving its military goals, but will merely prolong the fighting and increase the risk of a direct confrontation between Russia and NATO. According to Russian officials, the provision of arms, sharing of intelligence, and training of Ukrainian troops effectively means that Western nations have become de-facto parties to the conflict.

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“..the so-called “Chosen company.”

Foreign Mercs in Ukraine Bragged About Murdering Russian PoWs (Sp.)

A US media outlet’s report has claimed to shed light on atrocities committed by foreign hirelings dubbed by the West as so-called “volunteer soldiers” fighting in the proxy war in Ukraine. Foreign mercenaries fighting on the side of the Kiev regime reveled in executing Russian prisoners, the New York Times has reported. The atrocious killings are believed to have been carried out by members of the so-called “Chosen company.” One incident in August 2023 was described to the outlet by a witness, the unit’s medic, a German called Caspar Grosse. Grosse explained that a wounded and unarmed Russian soldier seeking medical help from his foreign captors was shot in cold blood. First one mercenary shot the Russian in the torso, and then, as he slumped still breathing, another soldier “just shot him in the head,” Grosse recalled. According to several accounts, video footage and text messages exchanged by members of the unit and reviewed by the outlet, such “unwarranted killings” continued.

In another episode, a Chosen company fighter “threw a grenade at a surrendering Russian soldier who had raised his hands, killing him,” the outlet stated, referencing reviewed drone footage. It was added that the Ukrainian military published a video of this episode, but edited out the surrender moment. Militants from the company of foreign hirelings and thrill-seekers reportedly talked freely about the murders of prisoners of war in group chats. In a third episode, revealed by such messages, a soldier in command in October 2023 told the fighters he would take personal responsibility if “anything comes out” about the killings. At the center of all these three incidents was reportedly a Greek mercenary with the callsign Zeus. He shot a wounded Russian in the trench, tossed the grenade at a prisoner, and bragged “a thousand times” about killing the surrendering Russian, claimed Grosse.

Benjamin Reed, a former American member of the unit, claimed that he “heard, to such a large degree, innumerable conversations, about the executions of PoWs on various operations.” Furthermore, the unit’s recruiter told him that it “was OK to kill PoWs if they didn’t surrender in the strictest Geneva Convention standards.” Reed posted a video on TikTok, calling his former comrades “kill-crazy cowboys, nothing more.”In interviews, Grosse is said to have recounted details that other Chosen members corroborated. Ryan O’Leary, the American who claims to be the de facto commander of Chosen company, denied to the outlet that his fighters had committed war crimes. However, after being contacted by The Times, O’Leary reportedly vowed in a group chat to “cast a wide net” to “snare the rabbit” who had been speaking to journalists. Any footage showing the killing of a surrendering soldier should have triggered an investigation in the US, underscored the publication.

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  40 Responses to “Debt Rattle July 7 2024”

  1. a nation of Alan Greenspans describing themselves

    irrational, exuberant, unknowing

  2. “Does America need a president?”

    • America Doesn’t Have A President – Musk (RT)

    Duh’merica didn’t notice and didn’t care

    It takes two to Tango

    The Media Whores can’t do business without “Johns”

    The Sheeple are the willing “Johns”

    The Media Whores have no game without Duh’public ,which at least half played along low these past four years.

    Don’t blame the Presstitutes that the Sheeple are so phucking stupid and retarded as to buy a Pig in the Poke.

    Duh’mericans have lit their own hair on fire and are now trying to put it out with a hammer.


    What a pitiful excuse for a ‘country’

    OMG, Pedo Jo-jo is asleep at the wheel!

    The Media Whores have tricked us OMG!

    Call the cops!

    “Officer, I want to report a murder, yeh, a murder of Democracy!”


  3. Stephanopoulos sounded like an empathetic family member gently confronting an elderly person with the hard truth about their condition,

    telling Biden: “… They want you to go with grace, and they will cheer you if you do.”
    Staphylococcus is a diseased little Media Maggot, a vibrating eunuch buttplug.

    A dwarf Satanic organ grinder monkey, performing for the DC swamp’s collective Beezlebubs.

    A stunted, mentally deformed Lord of the Flies

    My Precious

    Trying to subliminally suggest to the demented war criminal gangster to take the money and run……

    The Empire of Lies is a cesspool and as they rioters in Chicago were chanting in 68′, I remember it well;

    “The whole world is watching, the whole world is watching, the whole world is watching…”

  4. The Empire of Lies “brand”:

    Duh’merica the Beautiful

    New tagline motto:

    “It’s Not Worth Wiping Your Ass With”


  5. “Fadi Lama discusses his fantastic book
    “Why the West Can’t Win” and
    the Money Powers that rule the world.

    He explains how everything in the West is fake and a Virtual Reality
    (e.g. fake democracy, fake economy, false flag operations).

    Democracy was created by the Money Powers as the new means of control
    (e.g. only individuals with money can run for office).

    He argues that the East has overtaken the West economically and militarily.

    The world will have a hard split between East and West.

    The West will collapse into a globalist dystopia (e.g. 15-minute cities).”


  6. Control or Chaos

    Rules of engagement



    Introduction to Military Rules of Engagement (ROE)

    The aim of this article is to analyze the relationship between the
    Rules of Engagement and the International Humanitarian Law, this latter also referred
    to as Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC) or Law of War (LoW).

    Rules of Engagement
    Protecting Civilians through Dialogue with Armed Non-State Actors

  7. Trump is not following ROE
    Putin is not following ROE
    Israel is not following ROE
    USA is not following ROE
    Demonstrators are not following ROE

  8. https://x.com/peacemaket71/status/1809487778821849220

    The sea port of Chernomorsk was “taken apart” along with foreign guests.

    The foreigners arrived a few hours before the attack.


  9. “Biden admits he pushed to expand NATO This is specifically why Putin has stated the war started Biden forgot he wasn’t supposed to say that part”

    Actually, they’ve said it a bunch, they back-rev all lies, remember? We ALWAYS told you this was happening. Fauci NEVER said masks/no masks, never said vaccines would work, was no mandate.

    For some reason dug this up, famous first line, “F—k You! This is the best Biden Ever!” — last month, but did you hear the rest of it? Timestamp. https://youtu.be/0pb6xXuU5wM?t=398 (10min show if you want whole thing) What’s here? BREATHTAKING. Just gob-smacking reversal. Guess what, MSNBC? Trump made every decision about Covid. He’s the one who did the lockdowns. He refused to close the borders, air travel to China. His economy before Covid was the worst ever. Plus the bleach hoax. Trump was downplaying Covid, never closed borders, but ALSO demanded all States lockdown. So he did both. Also it is and isn’t the 1919 pandemic. He should have opened all schools as kids were fine. So he BOTH said Covid was no big deal AND that schools in Chicago should be locked down 4 years.

    BREATHTAKING. So MSNBC is back-reving here, step by step, that all the BAD decisions, that we NOW don’t like in hindsight, were Donald’s, and all the GOOD decisions in hindsight that we DO like, were all somebody else. …Oh and Fauci never existed, so clearly it wasn’t like MSNBC supported him.

    That’s how it’s done in real time, Winston. Every newspaper archive has been edited. Every statue removed.

    So we BOTH were always expanding NATO everybody-knows-that AND Putin is paranoid we were never expanding NATO and we don’t know why he did this “unprovoked” aggression. Both. Fine. But why does it work? Are WE the baddies here? Are WE the morons? Guess so.

    So now when you point to their lie, the public will say “What lie? They’re telling you we expanded NATO, pshaw, everybody knows that.” Day after day after day after day after day.

    Speaking of, Sinfest (comic) is running a “Wonderland” series right now, where the clocks all stop Oct 7. But also Day after day after day after day? There’s something to this, I’ll just put in your ear. We know, can bee pretty sure those guys, “THEM”, are dark occult members. As Jimmy Dore (or Kurt) says, it sure seems like they have to start every war with yet-another blood sacrifice. And on a certain day of the full moon in Mars or some s—t. Remember the Shmitah, with Dow markets crashing on fall holidays, every 7 years for 49 years like clockwork? So IF you believed in magic, and IF you believed in Satanic blood sacrifice to get your way, and IF you were casting a satanic spell in the full moonlight…which sure seems like….THEN: What is the spell for? So Julie at school will like you? Will pass you a note in chemistry? No.

    So we didn’t ask, for example, if 911 was a spell, what was the spell FOR? To cause a Global War on Terror? They could do that without the spell, although it might be good astrology for their success. (“Taurus: The stars predict tomorrow you’ll wake up, do a bunch of stuff, and then go back to sleep) No. They were at the pinnacle of all possible power. What if the Spell they cast, with a blood sacrifice of thousands, was to STOP THE CLOCK. That is, same day over and over, forever and ever, just the way they want it. Humans never wake up, one long prison sentence forever, just the way hyper-logical, anti-emotional alien ant overlords want the universe to be. No changes ever. Everything is PERFECT, in my ego. The same, at Peace at last. Stop time itself. Ah! Relief! 25 years, point and can say “9-11, 9-11, 9-11,” and it works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2xFnKWSxdQ “Where were you when the world stopped turning?”

    It’s a thought.

    Okay, time for another? Ever wonder wtf is with Pluto that Astronomers already understand the size of and all the public worldwide were pissed about?

    https://www.faroffplanet.com/cdn/shop/products/Hb6f28504f1524627ac616e19ad25a71fn.jpg?v=1678915789&width=823 (Formatting all f’d up)

    WHY? Why on ever-loving earth would anyone BOTHER? Who decides? All astronomers, got up one day, took a shower, then voted in a Zoom chat to ban Pluto, piss off every human on earth and get their funding revoked? WTF was pushing that? That is literal bat s—t nonsense. And everywhere, all at once, same day.

    Yeah, well the Pluto Return in Satanic Astrology is a b—h. It’s going to flip the United States and wreck the f– out of all these guys. So what can they do? Blow up Pluto? It would take about 40 years to get out there with a nuke. No: their only solution was that HUMAN BELIEF creates reality, “Power of Positive thinking” “Name it and Claim it” – Joel Olsteen So if the PEOPLE don’t’ think Pluto is a planet, then it no longer exists!! Reality is all a simulation, right? And then the bad mojo for us Satanic, occult, astrological maniacs no longer exists! Easy!!

    …I Kid. You. Not. Or go ahead: tell me YOUR magic theory on how everybody got up one day and did this all on their own, without coordination, and every media outlet on earth suddenly got all kinds of time to cover it and cared.

    Yeah, uh, dips—ts? NEITHER SPELL IS GOING TO WORK. You can’t stop time, morons, and you can’t erase Karma, nor planets. Pissing off all life on earth is the #Opposite of staying in power by removing Pluto.

    “Googled it, I couldn’t find it and then I went to DuckDuckGo, immediately…They’re hiding this story. “

    They’re not hiding it, which is why you can cross-check the two and prove they are every day.” Also whenever we go through the huge time and expense of hiding things, it’s because those facts are very very unimportant and never mean anything.

    ““Does America need a president?”
    • America Doesn’t Have A President – Musk (RT)

    We haven’t had a President since Nixon. Now remember all the kerfuffle about Haig taking office when Reagan was shot, went on for years, probably still making jokes now? Yeah, where’s that indignation concerning taking over Biden, that he’s not doing stuff but today’s Alexander Haig is? Crickets. “It’s not fascism when WE do it!”

    Anyway, story of Carter – that is, day after we now PROVED the CIA operative was Deep Throat and had him removed – They sat Carter down after his magic win nobody expected (But there are several people, like Green, who like Lindsay Williams predicted months and years ahead) and said, “Well, Jimmy, STFU and sit down, THIS is your cabinet. KISSINGER is President now. Btw, here’s the Zapruter tape.” And he went home and cried. THAT is what the country was already, in 1976. None of his plans were going to get done. None. No energy, no helping the American people, none. And he did his 4 years then got back at them by doing his plans for 40 years AFTER being President, which he did. …Didn’t see that coming, did you? You evil f—s.

    In any case, no Presidents for decades. Since ‘63. Reagan had the Ayn Rand plan, he “Ended” the Cold War but didn’t “Win” it, by doing what they’re doing right now: Nodding, saying “Sure boys!” and doing exactly what the “Genius” “Experts” say. …Who have failed at everything they’ve ever touched, so like Ukraine, we do it MORE, in just the right place, with intelligence, and the #Opposite happens. And it’s not our fault!!!

    Promise, you evil f—s, we TRIED to get a WWIII going! I don’t know what happened that the USSR fell and we had no nuclear exchange instead! Too bad about all your plans for 40 years, Cuba, K129, take the win, right??? …And yeah, Reagan had to trade certain things to stay on course to get this OTHER thing done. Which do you want, give vaccine immunity that might backfire 40 years from now, or a worldwide nuclear exchange in 1988, Nina? Your choice. Tick tock.

    ““The donors did not like seeing their investment go down the drain. Many wanted their money back..”
    • US Mainstream Media Await New Orders Now Big Lie About Biden is Rumbled (DS)

    1) This is all real and Biden is totally true, everyone was surprised and fell for it, OR 2) Biden is a show, a puppet and no one could make this may gaffes, these exact gaffes, over and over for year without it being a setup and nobody doing anything about it.

    Pick one.

    It’s a show, like everything we see. “I believe everything I see on TV, it makes me much more selective” –Spinal Tap. Guess what? Jussie Smallet was a scam too. He was “Very fine People”. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/hidden-history-robert-muellers-right-wing-terror-factory-part-2

    99 of 100 Nazis, extremists, bikers, white supremacists, are FBI. Who knew? Except everyone, since it’s been a standing joke since 1970, and was a line in several comedy movies starting back then. WWE isn’t real either.

    “• Democratic Donors Urge Biden To Step Aside – WaPo (RT) (P.S. I want my money back.)

    These are almost the most irrelevant stories on the planet right now, /and not just because they’re from an irrelevant 3rd world country like America. Russia is taking 5 towns a day. There is no ceasefire. They’re trying to remove Orban for mentioning peace. Not a single other leader can bring that word to their lips without lighting on fire. Africa is free. Other BRIICS are joining feverishly. China has found ground where they’re in no economic peril. All Europe has elections flipped. France vows to be on fire every day for 6 years. Japan has Central Bank trouble. Bond rates are dislocating.

    And speaking of that, Inverted Yield curve. They’ve sure found ways to stop the clock forever, stall, and this is another. Just print $30B/mo, hand it to my friends on the side, no one notices? WHILE raising rates? So we’re cutting and easing BOTH? Okay, it’s not when the curve inverts that there’s a definite recession, 100% of the time, it’s when they UN-invert. It’s just you wanted the warning first, with the inversion, to sell and position yourself. And they used to be really close in time, back when we had actual markets and not just bank interventions, manipulations. However, the curve is Un-Inverting now. We’re on “Liquidity Flows” as there is NO ECONOMY anymore. Actual creation and sales of actual things now has ZERO effect, as we are, as that means, we are not in a Capitalist system, not at all, none, nada, nyet.

    So it’s all Bank Interventions, Money-printing to my Cantilionaire friends. IF they get the money I print and hand them, market go up. IF I slow down printing money to my friends, gets disrupted, compounding outpaces me, market go down. That’s the world now. There IS no “economy.” Get that through your heads. IF Politburo raises prices in Vladivostok, price go up. Duh. If politburo does not, they go down. There is NO natural ecosystem of ANYTHING right now.

    And so IF liquidity drops, THEN what? Yeah then things correlated with hot money like Bitcoin go down. 25%. Yield Curve Un-Inverts. Recession nearby. Hot money flees. Not all prices, all things, all nations, worldwide, same day. Some markets and sectors FIRST, then some others, then more…Bitcoin is leveraged speculation right now and it’s first. Still 300% over last year, like Teslas.

    “but at least Trump is a known quantity,”

    Reminds me, they asked Putin who’s his candidate for U.S. President. He said Biden, because he’s a known quantity, totally predictable. But my point is, no matter WHICH he says, he really means Trump. If he says Trump, it’s Trump. If he says Biden, he’s just faking you out and he means Comrade Trump. Just ask the media, that’s how they reported it. A = A ≠ A. Rain, dry, hot, cold, snow, sun, whatever happens, it proves my theory. All things and their opposites means I’m right and they’re the same. When I roll double 1s in Monopoly, House Rules means I really rolled double 6s. Ask Biden in NH: all votes for other candidates are REALLY votes for Biden. Fixed it. All things and their opposites are the same. All cards are a royal flush. All roulette wheels mean Red 14. All properties drawn are Park Place. …Ask any rich kid. When YOU draw Park Place it’s actually Atlantic Avenue. Everyone knows that.

    Trump = Trump ≠ Trump Trump on the brain, Trump’s under me bed!!!

    https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/A6aDMMBL2vgpok8abY628k-1024-80.jpg.webp (Link still screwed up)

    He sure keeps them busy and their eye off the ball while the real adults go do things.

    “• The West’s Mask of Morality Burns To Dust (Carman)

    I thought that happened with Nagasaki? No? Wasn’t big enough? You all needed more? You wanted to follow the guy who did Nagasaki, Vietnam, wanted to follow and give him everything. Riiiiiiiiight. And this is our fault why? A: It’s the job and purpose of America for everything to be our fault. Otherwise Tony Blair would have to be responsible for his own actions his own genocides, and we can’t have that.

    “[Sotomayor] is 69 years old,”

    All about POWER. That’s young for the court. They already appointed a young justice, it was Sotomayor 15 years ago, as young as she could be. What, should you be appointed right out of law school? And all the members are embarrassing, but she’s CLEARLY not the most embarrassing, she’s just Liberal. She’s the LEAST in line for replacement. Aaaaaaaand they’re gunning for her anyway, probably Garland has guys circling her house with duct tape, not doing anything, because POWER.

    …It’s insane. Suppose you guys GET all this power, what you gonna do with it? Then it’s YOUR company, YOUR country, YOUR 5,000 sq ft mansion-at-sea-level. Then what? You’re ruining YOUR thing, the thing you stole and own. Your ruining YOUR nest. Once it’s YOURS you need to have it work sensibly, productively, profitably, happily. You need COMPETENCY and ORDER. That is: #Logos. Your sworn enemy. Burn it Down. Clown… Joker World.

    It tells me meta-meta they feel powerless inside so they have to STEAL power, from somebody else, but once they do they’re never satisfied and still feel small and powerless inside. If you WERE powerful, you would run your FarmVille3 to the most crops and cows and stop trying to yank levers and break things. You’re just vandals.

    “I also fail to see how Biden can be certain that 2 of the 9 justices will die or retire.”

    Yes. My thought exactly. Why? BECAUSE IT’S ALL A SHOW. It’s all theater, none of it is real. That’s what he’s signaling here for anybody listening. RBG? Yeah, and she was “Just fine” while at home, nobody saw here for 6-9 months before she “Died” on Rosh Hashanah. We know Roberts voted GWB infinity x Infinity executive privilege, then took an expensive safari vacation to Africa. So if they have something on him, they can make his retire any day they please. And the rest of them, that’s why.

    As this: “Are you sure you want to go down this road?” “Think very carefully”

    Or as McAfee has TATTOOED ON HIS HEAD, “Whack’d” So you’ll KNOW if he disappears, he was “Whack’d” that’s WHY he tattooed it, FOR YOU, so you’ll know. ….And everyone then ignored it, when he sadly committed suicide in maximum security prison, next to Epstein and Murtha. Jesus, does it look like this to you? “FBI sees nothing to investigate with Biden having “Will sell country for food” sign around his neck.” — Bbee.

    ““One of Keir Starmer’s first phone calls after taking charge of the UK government was with Vladimir Zelensky..”

    Alexander, disappointing, covering the election his his usual fair-minded way, DOES NOT MENTION the total, raving insanity of being the 3rd largest Political Party and having NO SEATS. He’s like “That’s the electoral process, and it’s awesome, they’ve broken through.” No what are you insane? That’s not awesome. If they are 1/3 the support they should be somewhere in the ballpark of 1/3rd the seats or there’s no Democracy, it’s a joke. You’re a joke. Anyway, pointing out, Labour claims “Supah, victory evah!” when really they got monkey-hammered with low turnout. Not as bad as expected, but since Corbyn, 11M, 10M, 9M, 8M votes, dropping relentlessly, but not fast enough, and evenly. Of course, Tory’s last gift — like here being actually Democrats — actually Socialist/Labor, is to have a snap election that DOES give, cede the entire country to the Opposition Party, which is really, obviously, provably now the UniParty. Otherwise, zero explanation.

    Where was I? Oh yes, and the POINT was, Alex says, that the British PEOPLE are well aware the British Elite and everyone-in-it care about NOTHING but Ukraine, while every Brit dies, is white with hunger and raped in the streets. And Labour now CLEARLY knows that, that’s the WHOLE basis of the election their win, everything.

    …And the first thing they do in office is call Ukraine. Give them money. Raise the draft. In Public. And PISS IN YOUR EYE. THAT is what Labour, and all British politics is doing, THAT is how much they hate, despise, and do not fear you. Maybe Alex takes that for granted, I sure don’t.

    Not worried about cows, or swimming, more about how many feet below water they get when they jump in. I’d be worried and I know I can swim up.

    Epstein: yeah, didn’t the judge release it last week? Where is it? Where’s the media?

  10. Formatting missing, had to hand code it, you can see the errors. Maybe I’ll paste today’s into yesterday or something.

  11. https://dwp.dmdc.osd.mil/dwp/app/dod-data-reports/workforce-reports
    DoD Personnel, Workforce Reports & Publications

    MAPSMap: Where are American Troops Stationed Overseas?
    Published 4 days ago on July 1, 2024
    By Pallavi Rao
    Miranda Smith
    See this visualization first on the Voronoi app.

    A map with the top 10 territories hosting active duty American troops, according to March, 2024 figures from the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC).

    Map: Where Are American Troops Stationed Overseas?
    This was originally posted on our Voronoi app. Download the app for free on iOS or Android and discover incredible data-driven charts from a variety of trusted sources.

    With a military budget bigger than most countries’ GDPs, the U.S. military manages to station troops in nearly 170 territories, on every continent in the world.

    But which countries host the most troops? We map the territories where active duty American military personnel are stationed, according to March 2024 figures from the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC).

    Reserve troops and civilian personnel are also stationed overseas for support activities. They are not included on this map.
    Ranked: Top 10 Territories Hosting U.S. Troops
    There are nearly 170,000 active duty American troops stationed overseas.

    More than half of that number are in Japan (55,000) and Germany (35,000), a holdover from World War II after the Axis powers surrendered.

    Germany is now also home to the US European Command (EUCOM) headquarters in Stuttgart. It’s a key regional outpost, to help “keep the peace in Europe, parts of the Middle East, and Eurasia,” as stated by the government.


    Here’s Where American Troops Are Stationed Overseas? Reserve troops and civilian personnel are also stationed overseas for support activities. They are not included on this map.

  12. Off the radar in the West, … so far:

    On Monday, July 1, Finland’s parliament approved unanimously a brand new military treaty with the US, granting the US—not NATO—unprecedented military rights in 15 bases, just next to Russia’s North-Western border.

    Globalists Are Prepping FINLAND To Be The Next Proxy-War | Prof. Tuomas Malinen


  13. “The weak rationalisations for the current genocide occurring are becoming more and more pitiful as the death toll of innocents surpasses the 10,000s…”

    Passive voice, deliberately twice in the same breath

    “…current genocide occurring…”

    Popping up like mold, mushrooms and spontaneous combustion.

    More, “…are becoming more and more pitiful…”

    Someone was told by someone not to write ‘Israeli’, ‘Zionist’ or ‘Jew’ probably because someone would have had to write those ‘words’ too many times.

    “Has the West always been narcissistically playing the good guy, or has it become more depraved over time?”

    Asked and answered.
    With the widespread deployment of psychometric testing and personality surveys as hiring/entry requirements, the appearance seems to be The Narcissistic personality disordered were deliberately selected. Reap the whirlwind.
    (I too am entitled to the the passive voice)

    “Kevin R Cannard traveled to the White House’s medical clinic each time, meeting with either President Joe Biden’s personal physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor, or a naval nurse who coordinates care for the president and other senior officials.”

    No self-respecting Neurologist travels anywhere to visit a “naval nurse” in order to exam his patient (no nurse necessary/invasion of doctor-patient relationship) or write his “paper”.

    “…naval nurse who coordinates care…”

    The correct term is “brokers care”…. ditto for the pharmacists.

  14. Here is a notice to the Bad Guys (hopefully they’re still clever enough to lurk this forum).

    The longer you continue to do the wrong thing on purpose because you think that wrong things are good, then the longer those wrong actions are going to go on failing and taking you down with them, and the more miserable you are going to get. You are building the Hell that you are going to be in. And if it’s not fire and brimstone of legend then it might as well be, because it will be as wrong as you think wrong can get.

    Meanwhile, people who do the right thing and therefore get the good results that are the fruit of correct action, are just going to get happier and happier until I reckon they’re going to be just as happy as happy can get. Call it Heaven. Might as well be.

  15. Yesterday – Russia,Russia,Russia,Russia,Russia,
    Today – Trump,Trump,Trump,Trump,
    Project 25

  16. Trump World ‘panicking’ as Project 2025 gets on the radar of voters

  17. An ultimate hard-on luster of an actor (sidekick to a monkey in one movie) and the “other-people’s-money” rusty iron lady is not flaunted as much by the commentators of many sites now days.


  18. Zerosum, mute the sound on the msnbc vid and watch pudgies eyes. Is the look up and to the left subliminal messaging or just a screen refresh for a blank mind?
    The not so svelte man boy is obviously reading the teleprompter.

  19. Joe Biden – The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
    “Well,That ain’t Good”

  20. It is a bit odd to think that there hasn’t been a real president since Nixon when the earliest memory I have of a “president” is seeing Jimmy Carter on the TV and thinking, “That person is the president of the United States.” I was three or four. Then I have to question, okay, then what is a “real president” like?

    It is similar to thoughts from the past few days as spouse and I watched the film Suffragette and I wondered at a movement that resorted to violence to property, but abhorred violence to humans. It seems that today, movements are so easily co-opted by astroturf and NGOs and agents provocateurs and FBI plants that the genuine humanity gets washed out of them early on.

  21. If Trump wants to win, keep quite.
    Let the democrats do their thing.
    Watch/supervise the vote counting.
    People power is engaged.

  22. On, The West’s Mask Of Morality Burns To Dust (Carman), link at top.

    Europeans ‘stunned’ by Biden’s cognitive decline (prev. posts).

    Everyone, pols and public in the EU knew practically from 2019, 2020, that Biden was a geriatric patient who needed 24/24 care.

    Nobody is ‘stunned’ to note his decline – everyone dislikes him, he is very nasty fellow, now given to geriatric rage fits.

    Plus, this state of affairs creates endless mockery of the USA, all over the world, which Dems seem oblivious to. (In contrast to Obama who was treated like some kind of Saint or Super Nov! Leader)

    But the EU and other(s) kept quiet, until the US, still a dominating power, sent a signal that maybe GenoJoe was not the best choice for Pres, as the polls show a deep dip for him, supporters (aka buyers of the elections with mega-dollaris donations) sudenly withdraw their monies if they can, and in any case, block future donations to GenoJoe.

    To return to the article up top, what is not spelled out in it, afaik, is that the ‘Collective West’ has passed from claiming racial superiority (a tool of old-style colonialism) and using military superiority (industrial revol., command of the seas, industrial processes, hogging energy, etc. from 1880 on to make it short) to becoming the desperate holders of ‘moral superiority’, attempting to hold the position of ‘fair dealers’, ‘liking minorities’, ‘loving’ alternate identities, etc, as a lasst-ditch effort for supremacy.

  23. Pandemics, Financial Collapse, War & Terrorism Designed to Overwhelm – Steve Quayle


  24. The real war.
    Battle for the money in Ukraine.


    Ukraine eyes debt deal before deadline, seeks to add GDP warrants, sources say
    By Libby George and Karin Strohecker

    LONDON, July 1 (Reuters) – Ukraine told investors it still expects to succeed in its unprecedented aim of restructuring debt in the middle of a war before payment moratoriums expire by Aug. 1, according to four sources who joined a call with the Finance Ministry on Monday.
    The war-torn country also intends to include GDP warrants as part of its effort to restructure some $20 billion of international bonds, said the sources.
    Monday’s call marks part of Ukraine’s fresh push to engage with investors after formal restructuring talks last month ended without an agreement.

    Statements released last week showed there was a wide gap between the 20% haircut bondholders are prepared to give and a proposal from Ukraine that would have translated into a haircut of up to 60%.
    “They believe that an agreement can be reached soon,” one of the sources said, speaking on condition of anonymity.
    The Finance Ministry also assured investors on the call that the bonds linked to economic performance would be index eligible, two of the sources said, an important feature for those who want to trade them. Yuriy Butsa, head of Ukraine’s debt management office, who is leading the country’s engagement with creditors, spoke on the call and was joined by representatives from the government’s advisers and the IMF mission chief to Ukraine, Gavin Gray, the sources said.

    On the creditor side, members of the Ad Hoc Creditor Committee joined, along with investors who were not part of the group.
    Ukraine has $19.7 billion outstanding on its international bonds and owes $2.6 billion on GDP warrants – a fixed-income instrument with payouts that are linked to the strength of economic output growth. The warrants were created as a sweetener to creditors during Ukraine’s 2015 debt restructuring in the wake of Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

    The statement released last week, which details the government’s restructuring proposal to bondholders, only mentioned the GDP warrants in the context of removing a cross default clause between the bonds and the warrants. Some investors had interpreted this as a sign that Kyiv did not envisage restructuring both types of debt at the same time, but dealing with the bonds first.
    However, the message was now that something had to be done with the warrants as well, the sources said, as the payments due on the warrants were included in the IMF’s crucial debt sustainability analysis (DSA), and could also siphon money away from the largely token coupon payments that the government proposed to make to bondholders under the restructuring.

    “Ukraine has proposed that the new bonds will have no events of default related to or referencing the GDP warrants, while our proposal recognises that GDP warrants payments included in the DSA are taking up substantial headroom,” the ministry told Reuters via email.
    An IMF spokesperson declined to comment.
    Ukraine’s bonds have risen by more than 2 cents since the initial negotiations failed, suggesting some optimism that a deal could be reached. Though they fell slightly on Tuesday, they were trading between 27.8 cents and 31.49 cents.

    The GDP warrant, however, has shed more than 1 cent since the initial restricted talks ended.
    Ukraine also intends to add a most-favoured creditor clauses in the restructured bond instruments to ensure that those holding the state-owned enterprises’ debt would not get a better deal when that debt at is restructured at a later stage.

  25. Don’t accept the distractions.
    Biden has immunity for wrong decisions due to dementia.

  26. Other news

    Orban May Be On His Way To China After Trip To Moscow

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, fresh off a controversial trip to Moscow, may now be on his way to Beijing, a Hungarian media site reported on July 7, although the government in Budapest hasn’t confirmed the journey.

  27. laugh out loud
    Hanlon’s razor (or rule) is usually quoted as “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

    Zerosum rule

    “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by dementia.”

  28. Democrats have only one fact to accept – WHEN will the VP become president.

  29. @RIM

    Not your fault, I know, but the new format sucks. The function of being able to quickly review a commentator’s past comments by clicking on their screen name is now missing. That’s worse than just being a drag. The omitted function now vastly increases the work load of those of us who like to review the record before sounding off. For that lack alone, if not restored to it’s previous utility the missing feature will lower the quality of commentary overall going forward.

    My memory is only fair to middling and not getting any better as the decades pile up. I cannot recall verbatim what someone wrote here last week. I need to review the exact text and haven’t got the hours available in a day to go back-slogging through a week or more worth of TAE daily editions to verify wording.

    Save us from the ravages of time and cognitive decline. Don’t turn me into small scale version of Joe Biden. Give us the old TAE commentary structure format back, I beg of you.

  30. When supposed stupidity achieves the same effect as consistent malice, don’t be stupid, treat it as purposeful malice.

    If someone is being super duper malicious sitting in their basement never troubling anyone, wtf do I care. If someone is being super duper “stupid” for decades, always indistinguishable from malice, just coincidentally in the same direction always, who is the stupid one when “onoz, it’s tEh sTuPiDiTeEeZ again!” is the answer. Fuck that Hanlon guy.

  31. Look at the bottom of the left side of the page
    ” Debt Rattle July 6 2024″
    The old format is still there.
    not lost

  32. @jb_hb

    Spot on, once again. There is method to the madness, and purpose behind the method. The purpose is the precise inversion of good into its opposite, namely evil. This purpose was explicitly expressed as a vow (enforced under punishment of certain death) in the unified two Satanic Masses (one at the Vatican and the other in the USA) detailed in the opening pages of Malachi Martins “faction” novel, Windswept House. Geopolitical events since that time, and especially visible in the last 4 years, are an exact match to those avowed purposes, and executed by the same people (and their heirs) that attended those events.

    I urge everyone who possesses even the mildest curiosity to read those pages, and the entire book, actually. I am completely certain that it will remove any residual reservations you might have that ANY of these goings-on are “coincidental” in the least.

  33. @zerosum
    Thanks for your helpful observation of:

    “Look at the bottom of the left side of the page
    ” Debt Rattle July 6 2024″
    The old format is still there.
    not lost”

    Yes, it’s there on July 6 Debt Rattle, but missing on today’s July 7 Debt Rattle. I suppose that fact does give us a “work around”, albeit a clumsy one requiring going back to an earlier Debt Rattle edition (pre 7 July 2024). I can live with it, but it’s still a timewasting pain in the arse, and so I whine and grumble accordingly.

  34. Glitches happen every now and then,
    And good providers have a backup plan.
    Patience is required ’til that time when
    Things go back to normal, if they can.

  35. Notice no Dems are out publically defending Joe.
    He is all alone in the White House with only Jill and Hunter to guard him.
    Obviously Jill and Hunter don’t trust anybody in the White House now.
    Nothing matters because Joe won’t remember what unfolds this week.
    I would say Joe got the kiss on both cheeks this weekend.
    Hopefully the Dems screw Jill and Hunter.
    Joe can’t be prosecuted for any crimes since he has the best immunity of all, dementia.

  36. In my defense I maintain that it is the civic duty of all good citizens to whine and grumble when they encounter things that they don’t like, but which are solved and implement higher up the ladder of control of command. Peasants aren’t kings but it serves the king to be informed that the peasants aren’t all that happy about the king’s latest solution.

  37. Look at how the voting is going
    the peasants aren’t all that happy about the king’s latest solution.