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    So the so called “vaccines” don’t stop you from getting covid,
    they don’t stop the transmission of covid,
    but “might” make symptoms less severe if you do catch covid!

    Since there is no way to prove or disprove the “might” make symptoms less severe claim, it is possible the so called vaccine does not work at all!

    But at least you can’t be sued for the vaccine not working because nobody can prove it!

    If you are a vaccine maker, you are in the sweet spot!

    Mister Roboto

    @madamski: Well, some people apparently just like to Shout at the Devil! Biden’s strings are certainly being pulled by somebody. He’s clearly in no sort of shape to actually lead the country. Will he represent some kind of improvement over Trump? I want to hope so, but I’m inclined to agree with Lefty Twitter that four years of HideEmbarrass will lead to somebody who will make Trump seem like “the good old days”.

    If Coke were to ditch the HFCS in favor of real sugar (think old old Coke, New Coke was just a bait-and-switch way of hiding the switch to HFCS), I bet people would drink it no matter what politics they were advocating!

    Dexamethasone has probably saved a hell of a lot of lives in the past year or so. (That’s the steroid they use to stop Covid-pneumonia-driven cytokine storms, in case anyone doesn’t know.) It shouldn’t be the only line of treatment when other things are available, but if it and steroids like it weren’t in the picture, we would probably be looking at some real and serious damage to the fabric of society from all the lives lost.


    Another news story you won’t be seeing on msm!

    Maricopa County (Phoenix) in Arizona, is going to do a hand audit of the federal election starting Friday.

    They will also be canvassing certain pre-selected addresses, where multiple ballots were mailed from. Some addresses were responsible for mailing in thousands of ballots! Vote once! Vote often!

    Not sure if they are being allowed to audit the tabulation machines though!

    Since the msm are not covering this, naturally it doesn’t matter, because it didn’t happen!

    To help you better swallow this, have a coke! Things go better with coke!


    With the US Post Office now joining with the NSA, CIA, FBI, and Homeland, spying on you, you can now rest assured that your future election votes will be the most secure in history!

    If you vote incorrectly, they will correct your vote!
    If you forget to vote, they will vote for you!

    It is a win-win!


    About 30 years ago, my engineering boss at the time, passed around the engineering department, a rather interesting news clipping from China about how to instantly improve product quality!

    It seems this Chinese state run company was supposedly in the business of making home refrigerators.

    In those days, a citizen needed to save for half a life time to be able to buy a refrigerator. If the newly arrived refrigerator didn’t work, there was no recourse, except maybe take the big risk of complaining to the local CCP party official.

    Apparently one CCP party official took note. Maybe he got one of those quality made refrigerators!

    This CCP party official had all of the factory workers stand at the back of the plant watching as all of the factory’s managers were shot by a firing squad!

    Quality improved immediately!


    Late, unread thoughts:
    Once you want something, you can do something.
    Evil snuffs desire.

    Once you create something, you have something.
    Evil dissolves creativity.

    it’s good when your terra firms is water, sometimes.


    No. Not “snuffs”. Evil feeds on desire.


    This could be a turning point. Reality has punctured the PR bubble. The basic problem are leaders that still believe the propaganda. They must if they are to earn 7 million dollars like Janet Yellen.

    The US Navy dare not to run the Bosporus Strait with two ships into the Black Sea. Ukraine realized they will get not support for a hot war with Russia and have backed down.

    Why risk gene therapy and having your body awash with coronavirus spike protein when you still must mask up and avoid dark damp spaces? Overseers cannot explain why Texas is outperforming Michigan. Half of the nation has been injected with mRNA vaccines once, but the number of coronavirus cases is plateauing at the second peak levels.

    The First Rule of Neo-liberalism is “profits over lives”. Coronavirus Vaccines are corporate profit makers.

    Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand prove that coronavirus can be eliminated but constant vigilance is required to control imported outbreaks from Europe and the Americas. Half-ass lockdowns and vaccines do not work. There must be a working government with strong borders, a public health system that tests, tracks, and quarantines the infected for 7 days, and a united people that mask, social distance and practice personal hygiene. In two months, coronavirus would be gone, and the economic depression ended. But this is too expensive for the rentier and managerial classes. The pandemic has profited billionaires.

    John Day

    Thoughts after reading comments:
    Good comments.

    I’m unraveled pretty far, already.
    It was my destiny. Now it’s my everyday life.

    Yep, ivermectin, zinc and doxycycline (don’t forget “V.D.”) will still work for the genetically vaccinated if they get COVID.

    Dr. D

    I guess you’re too optimistic. I’m stuck back where we say bad things are good and refuse to name the devils we have. Or in more common parlance: I’m shouting we need to call a spade a spade…and a lie a lie.

    Until we do that, no conversation we have will amount to anything. Actually that was with Rappaport and what’s-his-nuts. He said, once he got people to agree that HIV was one thing, instead of a couple things, that was a lie. Once they’re in the lie, everything follows naturally, and he can lead them anywhere he wants. What’s better: they will never look again and DEFEND the lie. The specifics don’t matter, the principle is true. For example, right now Fauci, chief progenitor of Fauciism, is saying everything and its opposite are true. Texas is best state because they were the most compliant with the Covid rules, for instance. As Rappaport’s liar said, the principle isn’t to tell the truth – ever – it’s to SOW CONFUSION, and let everyone fight. That’s the whole purpose. Then like Russia in the 90s, an outside force mails suitcases of $100s to the party they want to win, or to any party that might vanish and not keep the useless, life-wrecking fight going.

    To me — and as he said, but 10 seconds of insight will tell you — the key thing is to call a lie a lie as soon as you can possibly identify it. And a liar a liar as well, so you can cut them out and isolate them as soon as you can identify them. So rounding up devils, to me, is a way to protect the good. There are other ways, and this tends towards the military approach. But I don’t think the good are likely to prosper with any other approach, like nurturing, if you DON’T protect the good from lies and the liars of malintent, sowed in the ranks.

    A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.” ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

    Which is why I natter on about them. I assume perhaps incorrectly that all sides already hate every McConnell and Bush out there, so I have nothing to add on their behalf since they’re identified and we’re in agreement. That moves on to these other characters who are still believed for illogical reasons I can’t conceive of, or knowingly followed anyway although their plans are fatal. Fauci would be type I and Biden type II. …He’s going to cut carbon 50% in 10 years, so I assume myself and no brown person in America will be burning any heating oil in the Minnesota winter anymore. I.e. a total death genocide of the poor and vulnerable if he’s foolish enough to attempt it. “A murderer is less to fear” indeed, because people will follow the liar and his lie to the widespread death of themselves and me. Naming it is the LEAST I can do.

    So we need to name the lie, and therefore know and quarantine the devil. Or more accurately, the dangerous, misguided, mentally ill, fallible human brother. For his good as well as everyone else’s. But that starts with suspecting the crime, investigating it, and then referring the evidence to the D.A. by way of naming it. Then the public jury can decide what best to do. But it starts with telling the truth and naming the lie.

    Maybe I shouldn’t, who knows?


    madamski, yes… the Clintons and class, Billy Boy was a Rhodes scholar ! after all, I didn’t think of that. Yeah, for the rest, something like that.

    Ha ha ha I met that pair once, by accident, in a restaurant in Geneva. They were eating in a popular but not unchic eatery, with 2 other ppl, and I entered with a friend, male, ex-cellent casual dress, British, with several drinks on board – he was playing the genial loud-spoken ex-lord of ‘some imaginary’ Manor.

    He spotted the Clintoons and swerved right over, being effusive. (I was amused and hiding behind the friend’s bulk.) Bill was quite pleased and genial and even off-handedly suggested a co-arrangement of tables (we had not been seated yet, and in this restaurant that was perfectly possible) but Hill killed off that idea pronto. Then my friend cheerfully shouted Remember Suez and we pushed off to some table-for-2 at the back. Too funny. Then I met Bill another time.

    An avatar Prez…ha ha. Some explanation must be found …

    Rototillerman, yeah, most corrupted, I can get that, and easy to control as well. But the damage to image is SO high…from far off it looks like a Golf Club Association, running 3 golf clubs, elected a Prez. who was a relative of the founders, who did do good work for the club, who deserves to be rewarded, and get some free dinners and enthusiastic clapping, flowers for the wife, while all the members know he will sign anything, the enterprise is run by a committee and the Prez (this Prez at any rate) is of no account.

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