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    Banksy Girl With a Pierced Eardrum (and face mask) 2020   • Americans Prioritize Staying Home, Worry Restrictions Will Lift Too Fast (CBS) • Doct
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    V. Arnold

    Banksy Girl With a Pierced Eardrum (and face mask) 2020

    Good to see Banksy staying current and relevent…
    It’s nicely done; true to his legacy…

    The US political system is inherently incapable of getting this right. Not going to happen.

    Unfortunately that is 100% correct; sad to say…

    V. Arnold

    Re: Banksy; Girl With a Pierced Eardrum…
    Pierced ear drum???? How about Girl With a pierced ear lobe? 😉


    Art in all forms continues to open up our worlds and lives to so many ideas. Just watched Who Killed Malcolm X and the movie about Rachel Dolezal. Both such thought provoking movies highlighting human behaviors in all their glory and not-so-glory. Nothing is as clear as it seems.
    Thanks for what you do Ilargy.

    Dr. D

    So….again, China has zero, but just locked down a city of 10 million last night? For no deaths. Uh-huh. And that appears 24h after the U.S. tries to open and puts pressure on us to remain closed. When the U.N. says 250M people will die if we do?

    Lots of pretty strange things there.

    So…since they claim there is no immunity and thus no herd immunity, the CV numbers are falling anyway? Somebody in a white coat want to explain that? Because y’all make no sense.

    Japan and Turkey which did not lockdown, are identical to Germany and U.S. who did. U.K. who locked down late, locked down AFTER they already peaked. Sweden has been removed from the chart. So…anyone want to Science for me here? Y’all make no sense.

    Americans Prioritize Staying Home, Worry Restrictions Will Lift Too Fast (CBS)”

    What is this telling us? Based on science that makes no sense, reported by a media which not only doesn’t make sense, but lies and contradicts, which then mis-informs the peoples’ opinions. So this is a chart of how convincing the narrative is. Why would I care? I want truth, not popularity.

    And it’s also dumb because 100% of the people are ALREADY going to public places: Wal-Mart, so say nothing of Dictitorial Mayors nationwide going to Salons every week. That is, it’s the PERCEPTION of quarantine as more than half aren’t doing it enough to be worth the name. Again, don’t care about perception. Perceptions don’t stop viruses. I know the people THINK they’re quarantining, but medically, they’re not. It’s a joke. Humans are just like that. And also why we survive and succeed constantly although dying all the while.

    Doctors Rethink Rush to Ventilate (R.)”

    We killed the U.N.s 250 Million people because they said we had to lockdown because there weren’t enough ventilators. Because, if you’re just respirators, we have enough/far more of those. And even not knowing this, only 5 of 20,000 were used? So…Cuomo, Fauci, anyone, want to explain how you were all off by orders of magnitude? 20 million. 2.5M people. 200k. Still looking. Well at least they’re looking in the right direction, at the blood and the Co Fe Fe Oxygen bonds.

    .infected more than 2.6 million Americans with nearly 20,000 deaths as of 4:30 pm Thursday.” Worldometer, as I write this, says 886,000 infections and 50,000 deaths.”

    Okay, first is 0.7%, second is 5% death rate. However, Cuomo’s NYC testing yesterday said that 2.5M had antibodies in NYC alone. So SURELY the other 90% of the nation had multiples of that many. Dropping back to 0.1% again? Lower, I’m sure but whatever: their own numbers now demand it be way below 0.7%. While that’s higher than the (reported) flu, it’s not 5%.

    House Passes $484 Billion Coronavirus Relief Package (Hill)”

    Good to see some Republicans, and AOC actually get on record opposed, as suspected she was lying on voice vote before. What to do, I don’t know, but if everyone agrees, certainly no one’s thinking.

    Fed Balance Sheet Increases to Record $6.62 Trillion (R.)”

    The Fed is now an agent bank for the Treasury. That means the Treasury will own half the assets in the economy. That means the American People own the corporations instead of vice-versa. I thought you wanted socialism and the government to own the means of production. Now they do.

    So when they go bankrupt, what then? Nothing. The assets still exist. You sit down, do a debt restructure, and refloat the assets. Assets owned by whom? The people. Just like the 1991 Swedish bank takeover. If only the Marine Generals had gotten a high-profile bankruptcy expert into the White House this could all be sorted out.

    Lawmaker Who Thanked Trump to Face Censure Vote from Michigan Democrats (JTN)”

    Black Democratic Georgia official said he was voting for Trump and was forced to resign yesterday. Best of all worlds as not only do they get the press, they get the DNCs violent reaction and string of racist DNC comments against him.

    Ousted US Health Official to File Whistleblower Complaint (R.) “

    Can you retroactively file? Every person fired needs to get on this immediately. But what am I saying? No one can ever get fired from a Federal job, not even if they watch pron all day and it’s reported everywhere(SEC). In any case, last whistleblower Charlie they just changed the rules, then tampered and back-dated the forms after working closely with the Congressional opposition, as a basis for illegal impeachment and that was all good. No one arrested. Ever. For anything. Amen.

    Wonder how this will evolve when food gets scarce.”

    We already know. Russia and other nations have stopped wheat before last year. No one cares. No interest in grain elevators, rail lines, and are feverishly attempting to stop the spring’s planting.

    Larry Summers reminds me of Harvard’s recent fiasco, and how he lost a Billion dollars for them. The more you fail, the more you rise. If only he’d lost $100 billion (to his pals on the other side of the trade) AND a felon he’d be promoted head of the IMF. Right, LeGuarde?

    Steele Testified Emails Were Wiped, No Docs Related To Primary Source (DC)”

    You so cray-cray. Newsflash: NO emails are erased. Ever. They’re with the NSA if not elsewhere too. Like HRCs and Strzok-Page are. Weiner’s laptop. No one arrested. Ever. For anything. Amen. Want impeachment? Impeach for gross dereliction of duty.

    Upton Sinclair’s 1927 book “Oil!”,”

    This is the alpha and the omega of it. They’ve done it again, destroying everyone in the U.S., and they cheer yet again, being bought off with $1,200, less than the Manhattan Indians. Save us Daddy government, you’re our only hope! Otherwise we’d have to work and take responsibility for ourselves. We would keep our work instead of getting $1k and losing $17k.

    Dr. D

    Pdf, long, listing contrasting Covid numbers:


    Pulse oximetry as a safe, simple and relatively inexpensive early warning system that your covid-19 infection is taking a dangerous trajectory?

    D Benton Smith

    As though anyone with a brain cell for company needs any further confirmation . . .

    Notice that efforts to discredit Remdesivir are coming from the same sources (using the same com channels) as similar attacks against Hydroxychloroquin , medical masks, drastic non-medical mitigation, investigation of Wuhan virology lab, and every single word Donald Trump has spoken since birth. These same authorities and media outlets sing the praises of the WHO, CDC, NIH, Tedros, Bill Gates and the basically good intentions of the Chinese Communist Party.

    See any kind of a pattern there ?

    Like war, perhaps?

    Hint : it’s a war.

    And in war, who is it that lets those ‘dogs of war’ slip in the first place ? Don’t be distracted by the baying dogs. Go for the guy with the leash.

    Forget the noise unless it’s actually biting your ankle. Noise only and always comes AFTER the fact. Aiming at the noise is a failure to ‘lead the target’ . Go for the source of the signal, go for the hands that hold the reins of power. Track back to the individual human beings who repeatedly and consistently obstruct things that help and promote things that harm or waste time.

    I DO NOT advise an overabundance of kindness when you find them. Rest assured they would be happy to do the same for you.

    In the final analysis it is always and only you, personally, who are the final arbiter and last decider of what’s real and what you ought to to do about it.



    I read an article about a doctor who claimed the problem was not the lungs, but that the red blood cells lose their ability to transport oxygen. He goes on to say that in this case intubation was the wrong treatment. US hospitals receive a lot more money if the patient is intubated!

    NB1 : I thought injections of vitamin C were given to help red blood cells
    NB2 : We are 4 months in, why is this kind of discussion still valid?


    I’m trying to post with link that this blog is not accepting. I’m going to put remove the links. I’m sure you all know how to do a google search and get the links.

    Truth seeker
    @ Dr. D
    You just gave a link. Here is what I found behind that link.
    What They Don’t Tell You
    by a man with an internet connection
    April 17, 2020
    Is Covid-19 a real pandemic, thrust unexpectedly onto the entire world by a
    mischievous Chinese bat, somehow far more deadly than the hundreds of other
    coronaviruses in common existence, from all variety of animals – bats inclusive – or is
    it in fact a highly coordinated event, planned in advance, and blown out of all
    proportion by governments, media and corporations? Are the heavy restrictions, that
    will prevent things like four people walking side-by-side on the sidewalk, but allow
    them to share a car, consequence of biological disaster, or political?
    Many reading this will have formed their opinions after watching an awful amount of
    mainstream media, saturated with Covid content. However with the media controlled
    by governments and corporations with vested interests, there are certain things they
    won’t tell you. If you want to see the bigger picture, and discover the less reported
    details, read on.

    Perhaps the lab had absolutely nothing to do with this outbreak and instead a really sick snake unleashed this pathogen on the world.

    You can believe that if you want, but for many of us the “coincidences” are starting to become too startling to ignore.

    About the Author: I am a voice crying out for change in a society that generally seems content to stay asleep. My name is Michael Snyder and I am the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog, End Of The American Dream and The Most Important News, and the articles that I publish on those sites are republished on dozens of other prominent websites all over the globe.


    We Have Never Seen An Economic Collapse Quite Like This, And It Is Largely A Self-Inflicted Wound
    April 23, 2020 by Michael Snyder

    Millions Of Americans Are Now Making Far More Money Being Unemployed Than They Did When They Were Actually Working
    April 23, 2020 by Michael Snyder

    The Facts That Prove That Almost Everyone Is Wrong About This Coronavirus Pandemic
    April 22, 2020
    My coincidence map – truth seekers
    Seniors, care homes, flue shots covid-19, death


    Time for a 3rd party

    no worriesTrump says – inject – light- heat and disinfectant. FDA and Lysol says – NO NO NO do not try this at home. Why dont we just Nuke em like the hurricanes?
    This could be the result

    You must be logged in to view attached files.

    Dr. D: I read the Miles Mathis pdf yesterday, and saved it. Generally, I go to Miles for smiles. It’s nice to see he can write so readably.
    If you are willing to read him, I urge you to consider Rappoport’s interview with “Ellis Medavoy”. It’s eerie and very timely (though published in 2010)- one of those things where it doesn’t matter if it’s genuine or not. Even if it’s fiction, it is highly likely to be true.

    D Benton Smith

    The World Health Organization is a consortium of stakeholders who envision themselves as the developers, manufacturers and distributors of the vaccine. They want to be seen as the indispensable solvers of a problem, so the problem must be ( and must be seen to be) as big as possible.

    Should they accomplish their objective that means not only would they have powerful authority to direct unimaginable sums of money towards the people & organizations tasked with developing, making and selling the drug, they would actually BE those recipient individuals and organizations. Nice. Talk about having your cake and eating it, too. (Of course all of the above would be done within the framework of profitable business, so those same stakeholders would also be claiming any profits that might accidentally slip though the cracks along the way.) Inextricable rat-lines to, from, and through China are woven throughout. As are banking and OLD old money (Think European). As are numerous official intelligence agencies stretching back to (at least) the run up to WW2.

    In addition to the above mentioned benefits, is a very special bonus prize : once established as the sole controller of a thing that people must receive in order to live, then this consortium becomes the de facto owner of the whole shootin’ match. Not duke; not earl; not prince. King of the hill, and the globe it rode in on. So you see how they really do want to have that, right ? And have you seen any of them do big, consequential, action towards achieving it ?

    The above described consortium of stakeholders is not the only consortium of stakeholders. I see at least three others, and maybe a fourth if you count the extremely loose-knit cohort of “wild card” independent thinkers and doers. The disorganization of this fourth quasi-group defies description.

    The thing of it is, this isn’t a spat or jostling for better seating at the shit show. This is a war. It has already been twice as disruptive of human activity as world wars one and two put together. Hey, people, the WORLD is in lockdown. Wake up and smell the cordite. And remember, it’s always the noncombatants who suffer the most casualties. Call this a call to cognitive arms. You must choose sides and start thinking. Then you best start doing , based on your absolute best damned estimate of what really IS , and what the hell is actually on around you. Time’s a wasting.


    The Whistle Blowers Protection Act, 2011 lays down the complete framework to investigate alleged cases of wrongdoing. The crime or wrongdoing could be in the form of fraud, deceiving employees, corruptions, or any other act which misleads people.

    In our filing we will make clear that Dr. Bright was sidelined for one reason only — because he resisted efforts to provide unfettered access to potentially dangerous drugs, including chloroquine, a drug promoted by the administration as a panacea, but which is untested and possibly deadly when used improperly,” his lawyers said in a statement.


    A very effective asthma drug -theophylline- used to cost about 14 cents for a hundred mg tablet. Somebody bought up all the manufacturers and now ONE time-release 100mg capsule costs around $2.20, from the ONLY manufacturer. They did the same with albuterol- $6 a container is now $70.
    I suspect somebody somewhere is rounding up HCQ manufacturers and offering their first-born sons back to them if they will give up the rights to making it. Voila! It will be found to be MUCH more effective when it costs $1800 a treatment from the ONLY manufacturer, don’t you think? Of course, zinc sulfate will have to come off the vitamin store shelves, as well.


    That should be “bought OUT all the manufacturers…”

    D Benton Smith


    Dr. Bright is a drug salesman for his “former” employer Novavax, Inc. I which markets products competing directly against Hydroxychloroquine in the Covid 19 narket.

    His willingness to completely incinerate his professional reputation (conflict of interest, personal gain, fraud) in public by suing will be rewarded with a bigger salary at at a better job once the heat comes off. He’s Fauchi’s conjoined soul-twin’.

    His vapid posturing is all about knocking out the competition and cornering the Cov19 market

    Dr. D

    D Benton, you’re ahead of me, I hadn’t thought of that. If WHO issues the passports, they can make and break Kings, and in a clever, king-advisor way.

    “In our filing we will make clear that Dr. Bright was sidelined for one reason only — because he resisted efforts to provide unfettered access to potentially dangerous drugs, including chloroquine, a drug promoted by the administration as a panacea, but which is untested and possibly deadly”

    Okay, that is their allegation, I will read them in court. However, I feel they have problems. Unless administration officials were furious in their pursuit of this — and generally they buck and oppose him at every turn — even head Cheeto only said, ““It’s a powerful drug on malaria, and there are scientific works on this. Some strong signs,” “What do you have to lose?” he said repeatedly, at one point adding: “If it does work, it would be a shame if we didn’t do it early.”

    So he said “there are signs” “”It’s not going to hurt people,” (because it’s been constantly prescribed for 50 years) “We don’t have time to go and say, gee, let’s take a couple of years and test it out.” Meaning we have to work quickly, and also that he’s sent this lead to the FDA and Medical wing for rapid testing. Which is happening, not just here but worldwide. And given this, one of the few medical leads, the prosecutable medical malpractice is indeed to NOT try it, even in a hurry you wouldn’t ordinarily take.

    That’s a million miles from “Unfettered access” (i.e. no prescription), “potentially dangerous” (not when used by a doctor, in a hospital the only use that has been proposed), or as a “Panacea”, literally, a drug that cures everything. It is not a cure for cancer, it is a treatment for Covid that may work safely only for some patients and excluding some conditions. It is extremely, excruciatingly well-tested, and is only as deadly as garden-variety prescription drugs that require ordinary monitoring. So I think you have a difficult case to prove and you’re not helping it much by starting page one with essentially complete nonsense and misrepresentation. But we have a system and that’s their right to pursue this. Especially in public, as the spotlight on these fellows is not salutary.

    D Benton Smith

    I know for a fact that I am not a conspiracy theorist because , by definition, you can’t have a conspiracy THEORY until you have a theory . . . and brother, I haven’t even got a hypothesis yet.

    There is such a thing as conspiracy however, and that’s a fact too. I know that because the word is in the dictionary and I’m pretty sure that means something. Even if all it means is that it is a THEORY, well at least it exists to that extent, and is therefore part of that which exists (i. e. reality).

    So, I guess that makes me a REALITY theorist, doesn’t it? Like Einstein and Hawking and dudes like that. Much fancier company than you guys. You’re just a bunch of conspiracy hypothesists.

    D Benton Smith

    “What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.”

    ― Mark Twain

    “There is only one thing we know for sure, and it’s that our only avenue of access to the Universe is awareness.”

    ― D Benton Smith


    Only humourous or romantic nonsense.
    Another word for “Unnecessary bullshit”. In general, describing something that is pointless or has no real reason for its existence.
    Something vacuous, such as a verbal statement, without any particular meaning or value.

    Irrelevant details that may cloud the issue of main concern.


    not fluff
    The One Certain Victor In The Pandemic War

    Authored by Patrick Buchanan via,

    There is talk of hundreds of billions of dollars in monetary transfers from the world’s North to the world’s South.
    Currently, the major expenditures of the U.S. government, as well as a growing share of total federal spending, are Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

    None of these programs will be curtailed or reduced this year or next. And if the Democrats win in November, the nation will likely take a great leap forward – toward national health insurance.

    Republicans are calling for a suspension until 2021 of payroll taxes used to finance Social Security and Medicare. While that would provide an economic stimulus, it would also blow a huge hole in federal revenue and further enlarge the deficit and national debt.

    Even before the virus struck with full force in March, that deficit was projected at or near $1 trillion — not only for fiscal year 2020 but for every year of the new decade.

    The next major item of the budget is defense, considered untouchable to the Republican Party. Hence a confident prediction: This generation will never again see a budget deficit smaller than $1 trillion.

    Indeed, the $2 trillion lately voted on to save businesses and keep paychecks going to workers will lift the deficit for 2020 above $3 trillion.

    As of March 1, 2020, the nation was at full employment, with the lowest jobless rates among women and minorities in our history.

    Less than two months later, 26 million Americans are out of work.

    These workers will soon begin picking up unemployment checks, a new burden on the federal budget, to which will be added the cost of expanding food stamps, rent supplements and welfare payments.

    Consider education.

    Though Harvard, with its $41 billion endowment, was shamed into returning the $8.7 million in bailout money coming its way, does anyone believe the stream of U.S. revenue going into higher education will ever fall back to what it was before the pandemic?

    As for that $1.5 trillion in student loan debt, is it more likely that vast sum will be paid back by those who incurred the debt, or that it will be piled atop the federal debt?

    Congress has already voted to bail out our stressed hospitals.

    Now, standing patiently in line for their bailouts, are the states — and America’s cities and counties. These governmental units are virtually all certain to face falling tax revenue and expanded social demands, leading to exploding deficits.

    Their case: You bailed out the businesses and the hospitals. What about us? When does our turn come?
    Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, anticipating the mammoth bill for bailing out states and cities, has suggested that governments be allowed to use bankruptcy laws to write down and write off their debts.

    Probably not going to happen.

    Donald Trump is not going to give Red State governors facing gaping budget deficits because of the coronavirus crisis the wet mitten across the face. For his political future will be decided by those states.
    Still, the cost of bailing them out promises to be enormous and to create a precedent for bailouts without end.

    Then there is the clamor, already begun, from, and on behalf of, the Third World. The IMF, World Bank and the West, it is said, have a moral obligation to replace revenue shortfalls these nations are facing from lost remittances from their workers in the developed world.

    There is talk of hundreds of billions of dollars in monetary transfers from the world’s North to the world’s South.

    Welcome to Tomorrow

    D Benton Smith


    “A fluffer is a person employed to keep an adult film star aroused on the set. These duties, which do not necessarily involve touching the actors, are considered part of the makeup department. After setting up the desired angle, the director asks the actors to hold position and calls for the fluffer to “fluff” the actors for the shot. Fluffing could also entail sexual acts such as fellatio or non-penetrative sex.”

    To that I would include arcane financial Tech-Speak as one of the preferred pornographic pastimes of the present day. Comparable to folks who discuss in great technical detail past arts and sciences that are long gone and will never return, like how to hand craft a gold pocket watch. Not a bad thing, just pointless except as pleasant distraction from an unpleasant reality. A porn of sorts.

    The electronic-wizardry-enabled world of globe spanning delusional high finance is going away faster than the television antenna. What’s going to get you in trouble is that what you know for sure (the survival high tech enabled electro-finance as a means of making a living ) just ain’t so. Hear what Mr Twain is telling you.

    And the ONLY way you’re gonna get through this transition with your fortunes and skin intact is to make yourself aware of realities that you really really wish were not true. Listen to what Mr Smith is at least trying to convey. I may fail in that attempt, but the message sure as hell ain’t fluff. I’m actually trying to save a few lives if I can.

    Look, guys, I’m well aware that I play with words . . . and sometimes too much . . . but it is always and only toward the purpose of encouraging others to become more aware that the world most of us thought we were living in is not the world that actually is. That real world is coming at us like a hot-boxed freight train. Please increase the depth and range of your awareness.

    And cut me a fucking break with the snarky shit. Please!


    The emerging evidence of correlation between air pollution and Covid deaths, particularly in Europe is going to be a very interesting thing to keep an eye on:

    At what point are the CEOs of VW et al with their diesel emission defeat devices going to be hauled back in for a homicide investigation?
    It’s one thing to reach settlement based on your devices having reduced the value of owners vehicles plus some unquantified health effects to the population. It’s quite another if the focussed wrath of the population descends based on heavily studied and materialised deaths. Will they become the scapegoats for a good chunk of pent-up consumer anger?
    I couldn’t care less if their sociopathic asses burn in hell for eternity, but it’d be a shame if the slow-acting politicians escaped retribution off the back of a token effigy-burning.


    Sorry, friends. My link to the earlier post about pulse oximeters did not take; only an associated image. Let’s try again.


    @ D Benton Smith

    ” I’m well aware that I play with words ….”
    You just taught me a new word.
    and I’m not playing with you with “snarky shit”
    Thanks to our host, Assume that we are all on the same page
    “become more aware that the world most of us thought we were living in is not the world that actually is.”
    Welcome to Tomorrow

    D Benton Smith


    Peace and Amen


    The US federal government failed to prevent the introduction and spread of Wuhan Coronavirus. The pandemic is swamping of hospital systems in NY State, Boston, and New Orleans. Future hot spots will pop up. Similar debacles occurred in Italy, Spain, France and the United Kingdom. This cannot be a coincidence. More than 50,000 Americans have died because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The global economy has crashed. Yet China, South Korea, New Zealand and Taiwan have managed to keep the virus at bay.

    It is not science that failed. Public health fundamentals of testing, tracing and isolating the infected work; even with the asymptomatic highly contagious Wuhan coronavirus.

    The facts are fairly straight forward. Markets never have cared if humans live or die. The US healthcare system was converted from affordable hospitals preventing and treating illnesses into an efficient for-profit wealth extractor. What failed are North American and European governments. Reopening the economy early without a functioning public health system in place will kill hundreds of thousands more Americans. Only the restoration constitutional democracy, the rebuilding of the public health systems and jailing corrupt profiteers and politicians will prevent future waves of death by mutant coronavirus infections or other contagions.


    I agree with vis a vis the impacts of gutting health systems, and the moral agnosticism of the market toward deaths. But I’m not at all convinced that this is the primary factor in global deaths.

    I was much impressed by this vid (linked on Unz) of Professor Johan Giesecke, one of the world’s most senior epidemiologists, advisor to the Swedish Government (he hired Anders Tegnell who is currently directing Swedish strategy), the first Chief Scientist of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and an advisor to the director general of the WHO, lays out with typically Swedish bluntness why he thinks ultimate deaths in Sweden will not be far different from other EU countries:

    V. Arnold

    Only the restoration constitutional democracy, the rebuilding of the public health systems and jailing corrupt profiteers and politicians will prevent future waves of death by mutant coronavirus infections or other contagions.

    …and we both know, that is not going to happen…


    So I went back and read Deagal again to see corollaries between countries and the current miasmas… Any Deagel readers out there?


    Yet China, South Korea, New Zealand and Taiwan have managed to keep the virus at bay.
    New Zealand (where I live) has adopted extremely repressive measures at massive economic cost. Whereas Australia has similar outcomes to NZ with significantly less intervention (eg allowing all businesses to remain open, not just essential ones). The heaiest-handed interventions may not be as effective as you think.


    My parents said know
    So I went back and read Deagal again to see corollaries between countries and the current miasmas… Any Deagel readers out there?
    Not yet – got a link? Deagal? Deagel? Deagle?



    The Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic killed Neo-Classic Economics and Globalism Version 2.0 like WWI did the Version 1.0. The Western Empire has fallen. 4.5 trillion digital dollars handed to the wealthy won’t work a second time. Full faith and credit of the U.S. government is gone. Reopening the economy early won’t resurrect it. Yes. Chaos, splintering and widespread death are most likely. An autocracy is possible. But there is no one competent enough in the West to jump in front of the mob. Only Tulsi Gabbard comes to mind with the intelligence and charisma to lead. A sane option is restoring constitutional democracy that worked more or less until the 1980s but that will take reestablishment of the media fairness doctrine and ending of corporate campaign funding. This requires an incompetent Establishment somehow recognizing that is in its own best interest to elect 21st century Franklin Delano Roosevelt as President. But, the 2020 NY governor is Andrew Cuomo, no FDR. On the other hand Samuel Johnson’s quote is very appropriate today. “Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”

    V. Arnold

    Only Tulsi Gabbard comes to mind with the intelligence and charisma to lead.

    Yes to the rest of your post. As you may know, I left shortly after March 19, 2003.
    Watching the inevitable decline ever since has been painfully felt by this one.
    I have, after 17 years, failed to see any serious attempt, to turn the ship of state in any helpful way.
    Your comments generally resonate with me; they tend to spear the heart of the matter…

    On the other hand Samuel Johnson’s quote is very appropriate today. “Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”

    Great quote, thanks…


    Here in Ontario the coronavirus death rate seems to be leveling off (i.e. not increasing) mainly because the coronavirus is running out of nursing homes to visit.

    Same for Quebec.

    Canada has now passed Belgium.


    Ontario announced today they are going to start producing a million masks a day at the old closed GM car assembly plant in Oshawa. First the plant has to be tooled. No word on when this might happen. Just a might slow!

    GM stateside has only been producing N95 masks for like 2 months!


    V Arnold:

    I hate to tell you this but the “ship of state” isn’t going to turn anytime soon because I cut the ship’s steering cables!


    A sane option is restoring constitutional democracy

    being past peak oil means america is also past having the luxury of a federal government. it is a totally unaffordable layer of the most wasteful kind of energy use (wars, bridges to nowhere, senators on private jets). it will be difficult enough to maintain state-level organization.

    in saying ‘being past peak oil’ i am using tverberg’s definition (~many cannot afford the output of the system).

    V. Arnold

    I hate to tell you this but the “ship of state” isn’t going to turn anytime soon because I cut the ship’s steering cables!

    No wonder it’s been going in circles; just like a broken record;
    it’s the same old thing, same old thing, same old thing, same old thing, same old thing,………..

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