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    D Benton Smith, if I ever even remotely come across as snarky let me know but don’t be offended because I mean no offence to you. I feel that this comments group (probably like others) is getting more emotional the more we get to know each other. Emotions are good. It means people give a shit (unless they are just desperate troll types – the like of which I have not encountered on this forum).

    I take your sentiments and position to heart and agree it is time to focus and put ones intentions into action. It is time to stay alert, garden, build resilience and reduce wherever any sort of dependency. Shit is getting weird with govt’s and corporations.


    Only Tulsi Gabbard comes to mind with the intelligence and charisma to lead.


    I guess it goes back to
    natural virus = herd immunity, spring- fall cycle – Lock downs were a poor choice – vaccine eventually available

    Man made virus – no lasting immunity – repeat cycles – continuous increasingly deadly mutations – Lock downs smart.

    either way The greedy politicians, .1% and the media providing false information have destroyed democracy it will take a far greater leaders to fix than the ones we currently have. A ban on lobbyist, A third party that grabs the hearts and minds, or a revolution are the only ways out that I can see.

    Seeing how Tulsi and Bernie were treated has really caused me to lose all hope for America. They have dumbed america down to the point where trump and biden are the choice and they are the same coin. someone on this site said the only difference is which group of billionaires gets to bend the taxpayer over.

    to the point of drug monopolies . – the same is true for media. Monopolies should be illegal -oh yeah they are.

    As I am typing this the Canadian news is on the the minister of infrastructure is on. She is preparing Canada for quickly getting people back to work after the pandemic. – She is researching FDR’s shovel ready program. and working with the provinces and cities to establish projects to get people back to work. It just seems like Canada is ahead of the curve. not perfect not even close but at least it does not seem like a few billionaires are sucking every penny out of the future.


    As you may know, I left shortly after March 19, 2003. Watching the inevitable decline ever since has been painfully felt by this one. I have, after 17 years, failed to see any serious attempt, to turn the ship of state in any helpful way.

    I left on June 14, 2005. I doubt I will ever return. I would probably get too worked up and get myself arrested for speaking up. But from afar, I can just relax and let things go. For me it is also painful, but also a battle of the two angels. One angel whispers in my ear that I should pray things get better. The other whispers “You were right! Pray that everything unfolds just as you expected, and then congratulate yourself for being right!”

    I saw a glimpse of hope In Obama in 2008, but that was just a desert mirage, a cruel joke.

    V. Arnold

    The other whispers “You were right! Pray that everything unfolds just as you expected, and then congratulate yourself for being right!”

    Thanks for that Boogaloo. I’m with that one also…
    I knew within a week I’d never go back. For what???????????

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)
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