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    @Kassandra: “As someone who works in IT (started in 1998 in SF, CA) I had a front row seat for all of it. A friend I used to work with had a theory that working in IT (or with IT all day) was driving people crazy because in essence it meant you were living in an abstraction … Even those of us building systems and deploying code couldn’t really “see” anything we did.”

    Utterly fascinating. I work in FRONT of a computer all day, which I consider terribly dehumanizing, but I hadn’t considered how different it would be if I were “behind the scenes,” so to speak, building the platforms. You can’t “see” anything but a bunch of code on a screen. 40+ hours a week. Code. Code. Code. On a screen.

    Thank you for the insights you’ve been serving up lately. 🙂


    In the wake of a court decision to end federal mask mandates, Dr. Ben Carson, former U.S. secretary of the Housing and Urban Development and chief of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, said he is glad there are checks and balances in our system of government but in order to truly restore trust in public health agencies, the mainstream media needs to be held accountable for colluding with the executive branch.

    So the corruption of the CDC and NIH is okay, them being run by big pharma is okay, the real problem is that the media didn’t tell you …. didn’t tell you what? The government has been taken over by corporates, that is not news, we all know that, but those who took the vax refuse to see the reality of the situation and instead think that the government works for the people. Scapegoating the media so that Carson can keep his payoffs from corporates: the whole thing stinks.


    Safe and effective. But the scariest part is here:

    Harris had been scheduled to receive her intelligence briefing at 10:15 am ET Tuesday

    Really, Oros, must we see those freaking Hunter pictures? The guy is disgusting.

    Never fear- photo is proof Hunter Biden is prepared to give Kamala her own special head intelligence briefing !

    Take a load off Hunter, take a load for free
    Take a load off Hunter, and you put the load right on Kamala

    Catch the cannonball, now to take me down the line
    My bag is sinking low, and I do believe it’s time
    To get back to Miss Fanny, you know she’s the only one
    Who sent me here, with her regards for everyone

    Oh the Weight these Days, cheers to the load being on them.


    So now we have entered the “train war” stage in the Ukraine!
    Russia knocks out some of the railway substations powering Ukraine’s electric trains.
    The Ukraine has about 1,900 locomotives, 1,600 electric, and 300 diesel.
    The Ukraine doesn’t have a lot of logistics supply trucks nor the needed roads.
    Houston: I think the Ukraine now has a major supply chain problem!
    Ukraine/Russia use 5 foot rail spacing, while Europe uses 4′ 8-1/2″ rail spacing.
    So Europe can’t easily supply the Ukraine with more locomotives.
    Does that mean western politicians can no longer visit Mr. Z in Kiev by train?

    Veracious Poet

    Pancake head origin theory (excluding later sexual definition):

    Patron saint of silence.

    During the apocalyse in which Clock Spider and limecat fought, the masses continued shouting praise and insults to the two until none of it made any sense.

    One defiant person shouted “I have no idea what you’re talking about so here’s a bunny with a pancake on its head.”

    Pancake bunny appeared, and the masses went silent.

    The war raged on…



    Right on, @phoenixvoice. “Life is a mixed bag. The same circumstances that cause mental distress will also push individuals to deal with that stress. Not all coping strategies are detrimental.” Glad your daughter has found a stable state again and directed her energy into positive/creative pursuits. Better than I could manage at her age. Bravo to both of you, and long may it continue.
    A while back articles linked ‘childhood stress’ as a cause of maladies such as “vaxxine hesitancy” and “ukraine narrative hesitancy” or some such thing. My childhood experience was of being bullied, frequently, and when I sought help from “authorities,” I got not help or relief but indifference, contempt, more bullying. Which developed into a lifelong skepticism of authority – my best defense these last several years. My childhood stress was quite unremarkable compared to the suffering many ppl endure, and I only mention mine because – like you said – not all coping strategeries are detrimental 🙂

    Raúl, thanks for the PJW/Church clip, my only genuine laugh today. Whether true (I hope) or merely embellished, it was a delight 😀



    Twitter’s Top Lawyer Breaks Down In Tears During Musk Takeover Meeting


    Too sweet

    “Twitter’s top lawyer, Vijaya Gadde, reportedly broke down in tears during a virtual meeting with the company’s policy and legal teams to discuss the ramifications of Elon Musk’s purchase of the social media platform.

    Having been with Twitter since 2011, Gadde was the key executive in charge of ‘trust and safety, legal and public policy functions’ – described by Politico as the company’s “moral authority.”

    Gadde(fly) holds one of the most controversial positions at Twitter: Her teams decide how to moderate content. That’s made her a target of right-wing criticism, particularly when Twitter blocked the distribution of a New York Post article about President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, in 2020. She faced a renewed wave of criticism after multiple reports confirmed she was behind the decision to ban Trump from Twitter. “


    Kassandra said

    As someone who works in IT (started in 1998 in SF, CA) I had a front row seat for all of it. A friend I used to work with had a theory that working in IT (or with IT all day) was driving people crazy because in essence it meant you were living in an abstraction … Even those of us building systems and deploying code couldn’t really “see” anything we did.

    I started in “IT” in 1985 as an embedded systems engineer using digital/analogue electronics to control mechanical machines of various sorts, so we always got to see what was happening. After some time in defence, I moved into designing and building systems used in car factories then on to other products.

    Most IT these days is calculator work which is dead boring but I did take it up for a while in the finance area – for the money – put it down again to return to embedded systems, then in my later years picked it up again for the money and as an easy option to work towards retirement.

    I understand why SF pays well, the work can be mind numbing – the same as finance with many finance vendors in SF – but it is easy and repetitive so there is not much to challenge an old geezer. I am convinced that without the SF money most electrical/mechanical engineers would gravitate to the embedded systems area and never get to SF or finance. What is worse about SF is all the hype: some new “software package” does something wonderful but when you look into it you discover it is just a reinvention of an old algorithm but now with tons of marketing, the results is tons of duplication.

    The advantage with embedded systems is that you have to get out into the real world, visit a test site, visit a factory, understand the problem, design, trial and test the solution, install the solution, determine whether the solution works, show off the solution to the client.

    You meet all sorts of people who are specialists in all sorts of areas, you see all sorts of technologies and get involved in lots of unexpected speciality areas, such as printing, cars, marine, oil rigs, hifi, ticket machines, etc and you meet lots of people who have worked on different projects, each of which has a different experience from working in different areas.

    I remember talking to someone who was working at Porsche, he was working on an emergency braking system that prevents the car entering a corner at too fast a speed. They had achieved their latest version of the system and were to show it off to the CEO. The big guy gets in the back of the test car, the engineer beside him, the control equipment in the front seat and the professional test driver. They get the car up to speed on the test track and enter a corner too fast: the car hits the arnco barrier and slides round the corner on the arnco, destroying the porsche test car. After the corner they tried to work out what went wrong: it turns out they had forgotten to turn on the test system. How’s that for real life.

    Dr. D

    My money is on kids going insane because every word they’ve ever heard is a lie.

    Every adult that ever spoke is a liar.

    I know this from personal experience. Now it isn’t JUST that this is appalling, disheartening, that there is crippling cognitive dissonance, which causes such a short-circuit in mental processing that can actually cause pain, immobility and suicide. That would be bad enough.

    The problem is because every word they’ve ever known is a lie, and every person or location they get their information from is a liar, there are no actual, real, true facts IN their person from which to rebuild a mind and identity.

    When we say “cognitive dissonance” we have a presumption that their mind is pretty fine, mostly correct, but only was caught up in this ONE error and liar. That’s considered bad enough to identify, feel the emotional betrayal of, and undo. Lack of trust, disorientation from having to re-calibrate, all that.

    THEY HAVE NOTHING BUT COGNITIVE DISSONANCE. 24/7/365, x21 years, all movies, all media, all friends, all family, all habits, all experience. 21 years of zero. Not a single fact known, not a single person you can turn to.

    Yet here we are with Covid, which is inescapably irrational. Their own story, their own rules are contradictory and in fact flip-flop day to day. So they cannot hear ANYTHING, any facts, from any person, authority or rebel, that won’t cause a collapse of their mind-system from birth.

    Gee, I wonder why they’re stressed and falling apart, incapable of the simplest actions.

    On the more practical, coding, or daily life now, has only one or maybe two mental states: alpha. Head down, doom scrolling, TV on. Alpha alpha alpha. Where’s the lazy boredom of the forest? Looking out a window on a rainy day? Where the wine-drinking engagement playing cribbage with your aunt and friends? Where’s all these other states of mind and being? That would be like “Eating is good. We like eating.” So we eat like thanksgiving all day, then the next day, then the next, without pausing, forever.

    I thought these guys liked diversity. Where’s the diversity of mind, thought, experience, and state of being? Theta meditation or Theta sleep? It would be like staying awake for days or trying to: it will in actual fact, drive you insane and kill you.

    But of course #AntiLife, #AntiHuman #DeathCult is their religion, belief, and goal, and woe to all who do not “Do what they’re told.”

    Why are the kids in bad shape? THEIR PARENTS ARE MURDERING THEM. The other adults then sit around and gaslight about it. Stop.

    V. Arnold

    @ Dr. D #106896

    I personlly, have not ever read anything that strong and to the point before…
    Please keep it coming…

    I aspire, but mostly fall quite short of the goal…


    Now that Paxlovid is being approved as an expensive alternate to ivermectin, the US VP gets it.
    If she recovers, I recommend to you the purer ,cheaper, version of the horse dewormer.

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