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    The world has gone mad!

    “Unvaccinated people increase risk of SARS-CoV-2 for vaccinated people even when vaccination rates are high” Hahaha!



    Very mad:

    “The unvaccinated increase the risk of COVID-19 for the vaccinated when they mingle”

    This is how “the lemmings” are kept in their constant state of fear of the unvaccinated.


    V. Arnold

    No justice for Assange…ever…death seems his only escape from his prison…
    The world should weep…but forgets…
    My rage and anger are but dust in the wind…

    V. Arnold

    This is how “the lemmings” are kept in their constant state of fear of the unvaccinated.

    When there is no understanding of what critical thinking entails; and refusal to take responsibility for those who do understand critical thinking…then it’s all for naught…
    True critical thinking means (by definition) taking responsibility for what is understood by that very process…
    Failure to do so obviates that whole process…
    We’re lost……………………


    The Explosion of Cancer and Latent Disease: The Lipid Nanoparticle Platform Is Asking for Trouble



    Watch 5 minutes and then try to spell “Schadenfreude” !!

    “PANDA’s Marc Girardot on how the COVID vaccines damage your body”



    Germ. I heard this on the radio news this morning here in Canada and it wasn’t the CBC,(covid broadcasting corporation). They’re using models again and we know how well they preform. Models?!

    Veracious Poet

    When the world goes mad it’s time to focus on those you love, let go of toxic, crazy people & prepare for Armageddon…

    Pray for the insane,



    Dr. D

    “Populism” Democracy Averted for Now, But ‘Chaos Is Infectious’” Macron

    “Following the subpoenas, lawyers for Sussman moved to prevent materials being admitted in the case with their argument that they are protected by attorney-client privilege. They’ve called Durham’s subpoenas “astonishing and legally inappropriate.”

    We’ve already settled that there’s no attorney-client privilege. They settled that back with Trump and Cohen. (Besides, I don’t see the slightest legal work here: bag men and research, not legal advice)

    “‘They Might Be Foreigners!’ Washington Post’s Lorenz Justifies Hit Piece on ‘Libs Of TikTok‘”

    RussiaRussiaRussia! But also Liberals are xenophobic and hate foreigners and diversity? Really? That’s your argument?

    ““I think it’s rare to see an account gain so much prominence so quickly and be shaping these narratives in such an effective way,…I think it’s incredibly important, you know, as someone that covers the influencer industry to know who is exerting influence in this way.”

    “Telling people what to think is our job” –MSNBC Oh, so it’s just simple jealousy by the mean girls! Well! Carry on then.

    Actually, as it’s WaPo and Lorenz, every word is a lie. She obviously discovered full well the person was American and a nobody, barely involved. AND saying it’s really important to know who she was, well, then why didn’t you take the time to interview her? What’s the story without that? What’s the story at all? “Someone re-tweets accounts on the internet”? And then obviously publishing her home address to maximize harm and get her killed AFTER finding out she’s just a ordinary nobody. Like usual. Love and Tolerance, children. I’m so afraid I cried on camera, a Swiss private school girl in the 2nd most powerful journalist position in America. I’m the victim here and I have the tears to prove it!

    Speaking of though, there ARE a few foreigners I’d like you to look into. Apparently the son of a prominent position, with access to the nuclear codes, took a million dollars from Moscow. And a Billion from China. And $80k/month in Ukraine. And purchased bioweapons labs there. But if you don’t want to follow this fellow, there was a congressman on special security committee who was sleeping with a Chinese spy. And a Congresswoman who had a Chinese spy in her office for 20 years, and made some odd Billion dollars in Chinese business investments at the same time. If it’s saving children you’re after, a number of these people were involved with Epstein, and the full connections to them and his child trafficking have not been run down, nor, via Maxwell, all the foreign connections and influence that involved.

    And so on. We know all this but sometimes it pays to review. Foreigners. Hey, if you’re that racist and xenophobic, I won’t stop you, go ahead and follow up on the foreign influence problem. I suspect you can start right there in the office with your owner Mr. Bezos.

    “The dirty secret is that nobody will be going “green” the way fantasists propose. Rather, we’ll be going medieval.” –Kunstler

    I should probably keep this quote on speed dial.

    “At two dealerships, there was no inventory of new cars on the lots. The low-mileage used cars were actually priced higher than the new ones”

    And this is with them at $40k, a year’s income for most people, doubled as they’re all financed 3-6 years. But the problem is that the U.S. economy is 80% consumption (dead) with restaurants (dead), cars (dead), and housing (soon dead from interest rates.) So, what’s the economy again?

    Who cares?!?!?! It doesn’t have any attachment to the stock market anyway. Hasn’t in years.

    “@EdwardDowd Gettr
    A commodities trader with 25 years pointed out to me the natural gas anomaly in Europe. Normally the Q4/Q1 spread is below zero due to seasonality and storage owners putting gas into storage & withdrawing at profit(left chart). Notice what happened in Aug/Sep of 21 after Merkel visited Biden (right chart). Speculators playing mean reversion got hammered as there was a mysterious unlimited capital bid. IMHO it would take a central bank to do this so I speculate this was a planned war in Ukraine going back to summer of 21 & it was known by big players.”

    But Putin! RussiaRussiaRussia! He saw Ukraine on TV and his Generals told him to grab land!
    Meanwhile we AGAIN have OPEN pre-existing market trading, that we can CLEARLY track and trace and prosecute to EXACT individuals illegally insider trading. And don’t.

    @jack was running the joint when Trump et al were banned, and all the “non-compliant” Covid doctors.”

    Yes but he says he was outmaneuvered and outvoted by all the board who owned no stock and never logged in. When you’re an inbred pinhead like him, trying to become Rasputin but only in the fashion sense, these things happen.

    “Twitter is the closest thing we have to a global consciousness,”

    Lord God, I hope not. 1/10th of 1% of the dumbest people use it: reporters and politicians. Squirrel!

    “Musk: Asphyxiation of society”, Death.

    I hate to say this is mostly true. It doesn’t have to be, but it is. “Science progresses one funeral at a time.”

    ““..we’ve gotten into a system where we have the media in cahoots with the executive branch,
    Democratic Party and their owners. I mean, they weren’t in cahoots a minute ago when Trump was the executive, were they? Use your head.

    the Biden policy amounts to is a replay along the lines of president Franklin D Roosevelt’s policy toward the war in Europe from 1939 to December 1941,”

    Absolutely, and after they had paid million$ to get a weird nobody in to attack Russia and remove Stalin who had screwed up their Bolshevik takeover plan they paid a TRAINLOAD of gold for. And “F the EU” “We’re putting in our boy Trotsky!”. Then FDR arranged an intentional war. …Or maybe you think breaking all treaties, arming all bases, and cutting all oil to Japan wasn’t creating a certainty of war. While we had the Pacific code and were aware of Pearl Harbor weeks ahead of time, parking all the warships as sitting ducks, to which the captains were defying direct military orders to have them safely at sea as they did. Oh yes, very similar to WWII. The same people set up both of them, following the same rulebook, because it works. Nobody learns anything from history.

    P.S. the domestic U.S. is a replay of the Bolshevik Russian Revolution, but we are not falling for it quite as easily. They’re minons: incapable of new ideas or imagination. Just following orders, plans. And why not? I can tell people but since they’d rather die than crack a book, rather go to the hospital than listen, the plans work just fine.

    “likely we have a limited footprint on the ground in Ukraine, but under Title 50, not Title 10,”

    Like we need a leak to tell us this? OF COURSE the are there, been there all along, it was NYT public knowledge that we exist to arm and train the Nazis. Are the bioweapons labs we solely created even under 50, or is that yet ANOTHER front in a universal, total, 5GW war? It certainly was the PR wing.

    if this aid makes it to the battlefield, it will have zero impact on the battle. And Joe Biden knows it.”

    Yes, but they’re overlooking this isn’t the point again. The aid will murder Slavs, specifically Ukrainians who use this .38 revolver from 1932 in a 2022 theatre of war. So: 1) get rid of old toys 2) tie up Europe to their drug-dealing Americanos 3) Kill civilians and Slavs 4) Profit! Oh and Step 5) Distract from the universal failures of everything at home: Covid, scandals, banking, economy, shortages, prices…

    “Guidance was carried out by NATO’s Orion,”

    So NATO did this even under the fake story. Okay, so why is the article written again? What is Russia waiting for?

    Again, I’m suggesting that the only thing to stop the Potomac is to get punched hard enough to break through their denial. Like Russia sinking the Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean and also “denying” it. Since this is the high water mark and the end of the U.S. in Europe, this needs to happen under Joe Biden. And a real confidence-builder for markets and the US$.

    “The CDC’s Mask Mandate Is Dead and Won’t Be Back (TH)”

    Masks work! That’s why they didn’t stop the spread at all, and why Texas and California, NJ and FL were the same…or actually the non-mask states were slightly better. All masked states and nations universally the worst in the world. Science! Where we find out what is true, then methodically choose the thing that kills the most people like a heat-seeking missile.

    What the legal ruling held is that they can suspend your human rights and trample them for 28 months without consequence. And then invent another “emergency” and trample them for the next 28 months all over again, forever and ever, amen. I have a feeling this is not the legality or intent of the Founding Fathers. I give you 2A.

    “..63 percent of young adults experienced symptoms of depression or anxiety in June 2020…”

    There’s a lot to this, but for example women have never been unhappier since records were kept. Now they we got rid of their pesky husbands and children, Feminism is working! Children and teens have been in a straight line drop long before Covid. Drug use, arguably a symptom, has been increasing since before the War on Drugs, m-kay. What does that tell you? The entire society is terrible, inhuman, an utter failure, and needs to be scrapped. “Burn it all down!” And they have wide support for this. Or…you could simply go back to where you got off “the path”? Lost your “Way”? Left the Tao? And therefore came into rebellion against God and #Logos? “Re-pent” and get back on the path? Nah. That would lead us to 1952, and we all know if we did what made the average person happy and satisfied, we’d also have to use candles, ride horses, and re-install those second drinking fountains. …Which according to Progressives, we’re still doing and still exist right now worse than ever anyway. So since we’ve made no progress, racism is worse than 1950, we’re never going to get black billionaires, black policemen, black generals, black Presidents and black congressmen and supreme court justices, what’s the risk? That you might make everybody else happy so they don’t kill themselves on bullets and fentanyl?

    The real problem they have is that all those things are pro-life. And they are pro-death, as their religion. Denying all human nature. Machine robotic-loving biophobes. #AntiLife, wherever it is found. War? Yes. Glyphosate? Yes. Cancer? Yes. Drugs? Yes. Human trafficking? Yes. Children? No. We will fight to the DEATH for abortion, sterility, universal birth control, surgically removing or sterilizing children before puberty. Yes!!!!!!!!! Support mothers? Whaddya crazy? Some kind of hippie are ya? Support fathers?

    …Uh, who? ‘Nuff said. They hate all life, they love all death, look at their news, essays, and laws.

    And you wonder why humans born in an #AntiHuman, purpose-designed, death-cult-run, open-air concentration camp, as B.F. Skinner proudly said then did, have mental health problems? Please. We’ve been at this 50 years now: it’s so obvious even a scientist could see it. But if you want an intro, 100% of these things were tested on Native Americans down on the ‘Rez. Then rolled out to YOU. Because you said nothing.

    Including poison, sterility, FBI frame-ups, and denial of medical care. Enjoy, Palefaces!

    “Assange’s Fate Can’t Be Left in the Hands of Priti Patel (John Rees)”

    Thankfully Biden is President or they’d never risk extraditing him to America where he can testify before Congress. And run down the exact election interference by Steele run from the Queen’s MI6. (P.S.: As Usual) Try to think positively. And Foreigners, Cluephone: it’s for Ms. Lorenz. But never fear! The wonderful Mrs. Markel and her human-shaped-consort are the British Invasion! Back in the USSA to run for Mrs. President in 2024! The crowd goes wild! She’s a narcissistic, sociopathic harpy whose husband is not a man, and I hear they love that sort of thing, with Trudeau, Macron, HRC, Kamala…

    “Australian Covid.” #Winning! Vaccines, masks, and social distancing. Oz is the bestest, with Singapore! Now where’s our pancakehead to comment on how we need to follow the Scienz? Vaccines work!

    “Netflix Donations”: you shouldn’t have published this article. Now Netflix is going to seek out and fire that one Republican they still have employed. Because we love Diversity in all its forms.

    Mister Roboto

    Haven’t read the “US mental health crisis” article yet, but that’s something I’ve known or suspected for more than three decades now. We’re a socially-atomized society that’s horribly alienated from everything normal and healthy for human life, and it has only been getting steadily worse since the early nineties when I started fully realizing it. Even before knowing anything about Peak Oil and what-not, I knew we were heading into some kind of crisis, and it was pretty apparent to me that the way we are existentially was going to make (and indeed is making) that crisis so much worse.


    The Empire of Big Lies and Hate sent it’s Department of Defense Operations (DoDo) General Austin ‘Powers’ to slink into Ukraine in a vain attempt to save their faces from their asses. Didn’t work, what a shock.

    Years ago, a friend was making a wildlife documentary about anacondas.

    Anacondas can feed on dogs, sheep, deer, and even jaguars. They like big stuff and can go a month or so between happy meals.

    So his film crew and a local guide located an anacondas that was nearly 30 feet long and tipped the scales at close to 600lbs. A very big snake as snakes go.

    I asked him how the guide found the snake, he said, “Oh, when a child goes missing near a village that a good sign.”

    He said that Anacondas often likes knee deep grass to wait in and contrary to movie myth, it grabs and strangles it’s prey remarkably fast, not a slow movie drama misconception. The slow part is squeezing the now deceased prey to break it’s bones thoroughly enough so as to swallow it smoothly, he said, “Like a tube of tooth paste consistency.”

    Well kids, that’s what Russia has done to the Ukraine, it’s gone, but it needs to be squeezed and ‘kneaded now into a smooth paste so as to comfortably swallowed it.

    I asked my friend how thick was the diameter of this anaconda he filmed was.

    He said, “Think of an Olympic sprinters thigh muscle, but 30 feet long, it’s surprisingly strong as you might imagine.”



    • Shocks to the System (Kunstler)
    There will be changes in the map.

    Washington’s strategy is to see a “weakened” Russia.
    Disposal of military museum inventory
    The Ukraine War is a Racket

    The more weapons blown up by Russia in Ukraine, the more new orders come from the Pentagon. Former Warsaw Pact countries now members of NATO are in on the scam as well. They’ve discovered how to dispose of their 30-year-old Soviet-made weapons and receive modern replacements from the US and other western NATO countries. While many who sympathize with Ukraine are cheering, this multi-billion dollar weapons package will make little difference.

    War is a racket, to be sure. The US has been meddling in Ukraine since the end of the Cold War, going so far as overthrowing the government in 2014 and planting the seeds of the war we are witnessing today. The only way out of a hole is to stop digging. Don’t expect that any time soon. War is too profitable.
    Modern military hardware for WWIII got destroyed
    • The Moskva Riddle (Escobar)

    The Moskva was on combat duty 100-120 km away from Odessa – controlling the airspace within a radius of 250-300 km.

    As a direct consequence of hitting the Moskva, NATO managed to reopen an air corridor for the transfer of aircraft to the airfields of Chernivtsi, Transcarpathian and Ivano-Frankivsk regions.

    There is the proof …. there is no way to defend a fleet of warships in WWIII.
    critical thinking entails; ….
    loss of control by the snobs
    social/economic collapse/change of the system


    Thanks God Twitter-Twatter is in Good Hands now!



    Haven’t read the “US mental health crisis” article yet, but that’s something I’ve known or suspected for more than three decades now. We’re a socially-atomized society that’s horribly alienated from everything normal and healthy for human life, and it has only been getting steadily worse since the early nineties when I started fully realizing it. Even before knowing anything about Peak Oil and what-not, I knew we were heading into some kind of crisis, and it was pretty apparent to me that the way we are existentially was going to make (and indeed is making) that crisis so much worse.

    Good to see this article, and I appreciated all the comments a couple days ago.

    As someone who works in IT (started in 1998 in SF, CA) I had a front row seat for all of it. A friend I used to work with had a theory that working in IT (or with IT all day) was driving people crazy because in essence it meant you were living in an abstraction, your whole day and everything you would do abstracted from reality. Even those of us building systems and deploying code couldn’t really “see” anything we did. Some people working on the user interface would see something, but it still wasn’t real to ones mind. The best and the brightest at Stanford and UC Berkeley, in computer science and data and information sciences no longer know how it all works! They don’t know there really is an infrastructure out there somewhere. And now we have a generation that didn’t know “before”, when even the magic technology had cords and nobs and antennae. They are living in the matrix and don’t really know any different. And the wizard behind the curtain wants to make them crazy, and is succeeding.

    Every once in a while I experience something that gives me hope. Like last week, meeting a 19 year old that makes mixed tapes, yes, cassettes! They are out there, seekers of the real. We need to tell those stories too.


    So You Want It Darker

    That can be done.



    For a test put on some glasses and put on the mask.


    The glasses will mist up.

    Each of the fine water droplets will be hundreds of times bigger than the virus.

    My conclusion would be that masks ensure that the virus is blown up into the air giving a wide dispersion.


    Speechless …

    “FDA Approves First COVID Treatment for Younger Kids”

    — Agency expands remdesivir indication to include patients as young as 28 days


    I’ve seen quite a few people on Twitter today who say that in the past 24 hours, they’ve magically gained 1,000-10,000 followers, ostensibly because of changed “measures” (or is that a Covid only term?).

    No such luck here. @AutomaticEarth has been virtually frozen for as long as I can remember, ie 10 years+, at 3,800 followers +/- 1% or so. Through those years, there have been huge shifts in readers numbers, both up and down, 50% (?!), but followers has always remained in that very narrow range.

    It’s just something I’ve accepted. Someone put a freeze on it 10-12 years ago and that’s it. But yeah, it’s still weird to see it. Of course, Facebook simply cancelled our account for murky reasons, and never explained, 6-7 years ago?!. Not sure if that’s better or worse than being frozen for a decade.


    Reminder for Biden
    Russian President Vladimir Putin briefed his US counterpart Joe Biden during the video talks about Ukraine’s failure to comply with the Minsk agreements, according to Kremlin aide Yury Ushakov.

    “Our president informed [Biden] in sufficient detail about how Kiev fails to fulfill the relevant Minsk agreements. It was said directly that Ukraine sabotages the Minsk implementation, in addition, it sabotages the agreements reached within the framework of the Normandy Four summit, delays the negotiation process in the contact group, seeks to exclude Donbas from the negotiation process,” Ushakov said following the leaders’ talks.

    Ushakov said that, in his meeting with Putin, Biden emphasied that the US and NATO are concerned about Russian force movements near Ukraine’s borders.

    According to Russian state-controlled RT News, the Kremlin said in a readout that Moscow is “seriously interested” in obtaining “reliable and firm legal guarantees” excluding NATO’s further expansion eastward and the deployment of “offensive strike weapons systems in countries adjacent to Russia.”

    According to Ushakov, the two leaders spent a lot of time discussing Ukraine during their meetings.

    According to him, Biden informed Putin that the US is preparing large-scale penalties in the event that the situation in Ukraine worsens.

    According to Ushakov, Putin told Biden directly that Russia is concerned about Ukraine’s and NATO’s military buildup.

    Putin, he added, mentioned the recent NATO drills in the Black Sea.

    According to a Russian presidential aide, Putin informed US President that the “red lines” for Moscow are NATO’s continued eastward expansion and the deployment of offensive weapons in Ukraine.

    The subject of whether Putin committed not to deploy troops to Ukraine in a talk with Biden, according to Ushakov, is strange and was not even considered.

    He claimed that Biden informed Putin in an acceptable manner about the possibility of further sanctions against Ukraine.

    “Biden discussed the possibility of sanctions.What was previously spoken publicly and relayed to us through various routes has now been said, but in a more acceptable and presidential-worthy form”, Ushakov explained.

    What are the Minsk agreements on the Ukraine conflict?

    The Minsk Protocol was an agreement aimed at ending the conflict in Ukraine’s Donbas area.

    It was drafted by the Trilateral Contact Group on Ukraine, which included Ukraine, Russia, and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), with the leaders of France and Germany serving as mediators in the so-called Normandy Format.

    Here are the 13 points of Minsk agreements, in brief:

    1. An immediate and comprehensive ceasefire

    2. Withdrawal of all heavy weapons by both sides

    3. Monitoring and verification by the OSCE

    4. To start a dialogue on interim self-government for the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, in accordance with Ukrainian law, and acknowledge their special status by a resolution of parliament.

    5. A pardon and amnesty for people involved in the fighting

    6. An exchange of hostages and prisoners.

    7. Provision of humanitarian assistance.

    8. Resumption of socio-economic ties, including pensions.

    9. Restore full control of the state border by the government of Ukraine.

    10. Withdrawal of all foreign armed formations, military equipment and mercenaries.

    11. Constitutional reform in Ukraine including decentralisation, with specific mention of Donetsk and Luhansk.

    12. Elections in Donetsk and Luhansk on terms to be agreed with their representatives.

    13. Intensify the work of a Trilateral Contact Group including representatives of Russia, Ukraine and the OSCE.

    D Benton Smith

    The Bad Guys modus operandi is unchanged down through the ages and differs not at all from the garden variety “dark triad” criminal . (narcissism + psychopathy + Machiavellianism ). They pretend to be one thing (for examples: an American or a Jew or a Catholic or a German or a Capitalist or a Communist ) and ruthlessly climb to the top within that false identity by using the lower echelons to commit horrific and profitable crimes on their behalf. When the victims finally rebel (which is truly an irresistible tide of real strength) the Bad Guys flee by directing that ferociously righteous vengeance toward the patsy (Jew, Ukrainian Nazi, Capitalist, etc.) while themselves slipping away unnoticed to infiltrate and steal the identity of their next victim.

    This time, however, I believe we have their number. This time I think we’ve got a good shot at catching the slower ones and forcing the others back into the private Hell they have created for themselves.


    “Are We Being Hypnotized, And Do We Like It?” – A Conversation with Professor Mattias Desmet, PhD


    Yesterday I saw the following interesting post by Riley Waggaman (aka Edward Slavsquat), which has me revisiting my theories about what exactly is going on with the Ukraine situation:

    For those not familiar with Riley, he is an American “self-exiled living in Moscow”. Interesting perspective.


    Wait …The pain hasn’t reached the brain cells
    Russia Halted Gas Supplies to Poland, Reports
    52m ago
    Poland won’t pay for Russian gas deliveries in rubles, Piotr Naimski, a government official in charge of strategic energy infrastructure, said earlier on Tuesday.

    John Day

    Last night Thomasjkenney said (about being directed to use the automated check-out, instead of engaging a human being):
    “The robot takes a final breath, reads the tally, and requests some dough. I show it my chip, there’s a vague slurping sound in the back, and it’s over.
    I say a hearty “Fuck you, robot!” and walk proudly out the exit.

    It’s ok to refuse, because this does cost some humans their employment, and short-changes other humans, like you, of their human engagements, which are part of a normal(ish) life.


    Regarding children/teen mental health during pandemic…
    I have 3 teens. The boys have rolled with the online school, in-person masked school, etc., reasonably well. My daughter experienced depression and began self-harming while school was online. She was having imaginary conversations with characters from books. (She asked me if that was alright. I told her it was fine as long as she could tell the difference between reality and her imagination.) The depression finally lifted a few weeks afterin-person school (masked) began again fourth quarter of the 20-21 school year. She was ecstatic to interact with peers for several weeks. The depression and self-harming returned the first quarter of the 21-22 school year (in-person, masked,) — I think that she was “out of practice” with managing the stresses of new teachers, peer relations, etc. Half-way through 3rd quarter she has regained her bearings and is doing well again.

    On the upside, the lockdowns resulted in my daughter creating a reading diary. She is taking notes on books she reads, noting what she likes, dislikes with the writing style. She is thinking of writing books as an adult. It also super-charged her interest in visual art and she has been improving and honing her drawing and painting skills. She is getting very good at her craft. Without all of the time on her hands from school closures and lockdowns, she likely wouldn’t have created the reading log nor focused on her art.

    Life is a mixed bag. The same circumstances that cause mental distress will also push individuals to deal with that stress. Not all coping strategies are detrimental.

    John Day

    Dr. D said:
    “Then FDR arranged an intentional war. …Or maybe you think breaking all treaties, arming all bases, and cutting all oil to Japan wasn’t creating a certainty of war. While we had the Pacific code and were aware of Pearl Harbor weeks ahead of time, parking all the warships as sitting ducks, to which the captains were defying direct military orders to have them safely at sea as they did.”
    FDR had the Japanese code and kept the reports to himself. The commanders at Pearl Harbor were kept in the dark, and at Clark Air Base. They were ordered to cluster the planes to protect them from saboteurs, but really to make them easier targets for bombing. The aircraft carriers were ordered out of Pearl by FDR 2 weeks before 12/7/41, and the other modern ships left on 11/30/41, leaving the WW-1 ships and crew to absorb Japan’s attack on the “climb the highest mountain” day, per Japanese code.
    The US was legally at war with Japan a week before 12/7/41, by a secret treaty with the Dutch Empire, when the Japanese fleet crossed a parallel line in the Pacific. That was never announced, either.
    FDR and Lincoln are generally ranked as America’s top presidents as I recall.
    I think we can all make our own rankings if we want.
    I still rank LBJ as worst…

    John Day

    @Ilargi: Maybe they have only figured out and rescinded the newer censorship algorithms at Twitter?

    John Day

    @Ilargi: Musk says he’ll make the Twitter algorithms open-source.
    That means replacing whatever is bottling you up.

    Also: Ghislaine Maxwell’s right breast looks larger in that picture with Musk.
    In most women the left breast is larger, and most men have a larger left testicle.



    I find all this scary as hell:

    Vice President Kamala Harris tests positive for Covid

    Harris completed her two-dose regimen of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine in January 2021. She received her first booster dose in late October and a second booster vaccine on April 1. The vice president’s positive Covid-19 test comes as the US has largely lifted most of its Covid-19 mitigation measures after the Omicron variant spike over the winter.

    Safe and effective. But the scariest part is here:

    Harris had been scheduled to receive her intelligence briefing at 10:15 am ET Tuesday

    The cackling witch of the west gets intelligence briefings. She’s one step away from the no. 1 office. Couldn’t get over 2% in the presidential run. The US is in a war. That is scary.


    @Germ: I took a look at this paper, and the abstract & conclusions read more like a political science term paper than a piece of medical research. Although I’m not done picking it apart yet, it looks like the authors may have started with their conclusions and worked backwards.

    Interestingly, I searched on the first listed author, David M. Fisman MD, and looked at his Wikipedia entry. Interestingly, the study was published on April 25, and here it is only a day later, and his page has already been updated with a paragraph prominently reporting the “results” of this “study”.


    Fun fact

    If the Pathocrats can management to get Old White Pedo “Joe Biden” to fog a mirror to late Jan 2023, Kama Kama Khameleon can be voter frauded into serving not only two four year terms but also the last two years of Old Bidet’s term, making a full ten years of her craptastic presence.

    That’s more than most Pimps can get from even theira best endurance Hoes.

    Pro Tip:

    Hunter Biden wanted prostitutes to unionize because they need ‘more protection’ and were ‘business savvy like strippers’

    “……Hunter Biden thought prostitutes should unionize to give themselves ‘protection’, they did a job ‘just like everyone else’, a recording from his laptop has revealed.

    He made the comments in a 2018 recording of a conversation with a Chateau Marmont employee that is on the infamous laptop he lost.

    It’s unclear why Hunter had a recording of the conversation. In it, he said: ‘You organize without even organizing in any traditional way. If you want to advertise legally you go through the unions [of which] you’re a member…..”



    Smedley Butler, the most highly decorated soldier of his time, supposedly thwarted the infamous Business Plot coup attempt in 1933 against FDR. It was also called the Wall Street Putsch

    Well, what if it wasn’t really thwarted, it was successful, and the plotters just sat FDR down and said do what we tell you to or you’re a dead man and so is your family. Boy Howdy.

    What if the Wall St “White Shoe Mafia” told him to get into WWII because, as Smedley Butler famously said, “War is a Racket”. A very profitable racket, still is.

    That would explain a lot of the song and dance leading up to the US involvement in WWII.

    The Military Industrial Mafia in the 1930’s was Bush League compared to what it morphed into during and after WWII.

    At best FDR was captured and controlled opposition, at worst he was a mobster and definitely not a traitor to his ‘class’.

    Smeadley wrote a book in 1935 called “War is a Racket”

    Still a page turner after all these years.



    Raul, “Harris had been scheduled to receive her intelligence briefing at 10:15 am ET Tuesday.”

    Not to worry overly about that. Harris’ intelligence briefing MIGHT be a bit different than that of others in the WH. Sort of an … intelligence … in brief, so to speak … “Ukraine is a country in Europe. Russia is a much BIGGER country on its border. Russia invaded Ukraine for no reason …


    Really, Oros, must we see those freaking Hunter pictures? The guy is disgusting.


    BS word salad.

    Mister Roboto

    Mr. House


    About a 3rd of the way thru the substack you posted, the author seems to think America can afford infinite expenditures…………… take it with a grain of salt. Looking back over the past 20 years, who is rising and who is falling? Who seems confident and who seems desperate? If things were so great in the good ole US of A we wouldn’t be calling half our country deplorables and trying to censor them at every turn. The situation in the Ukraine is even more of a Mind $*)# then covid. My take of the trend is decline and lavishing money in a super corrupt country such as the ukraine and having problems on the home front doesn’t spell success. Like i said a grain of salt.


    @Mr. House: I don’t disagree with anything you said, quite the contrary in fact. My main takeaway from the article was that Russia might have some downsides I hadn’t previously considered.

    Mr. House

    “My main takeaway from the article was that Russia might have some downsides I hadn’t previously considered.”

    Don’t we all? 😉

    Its like dating someone and then the honeymoon period ends and all those downsides you hadn’t consider rear their ugly head!

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