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    Mr. House

    madamski cafone

    It seems they’re determined to make a ruckus.

    Ukraine Says NATO Only Way to End Donbass War, 37,000-Troop US-NATO War Games Aim at Confrontation With Russia

    It also seems that the censorship of google is about complete. DSearches must be very s[pecidic to yield any results outside the official narrative.

    John Day


    Are there matching shoes?


    This one’s cheaper, and featured last year on TAE:
    Goes with any shoes…


    Did anyone manage to follow the link on odysee that @Germ posted yesterday? The specific page referenced has been taken down. I did poke around and found an Ivor Cummins video called “The New Normal” which may have been what Germ was trying to surface; here is the link for that:

    It’s well produced, with good clips from various elites revealing bits that make the case that there really is a general plan behind it all.

    By the way, in the media and censorship environment that we live in I have gotten to where I make no assumptions about the continued availability of any information. In the past I used to just save the link to a ZeroHedge article, for example, assuming that it would be available indefinitely. That ended a few weeks ago when I clicked one of those old links, only to be hit with a paywall that told me past articles were only available for paying members – and only members at the HIGHEST level of membership at that. Ok, so now I save the link to the originating web page that ZeroHedge took it from, AND pdf the article as well. Same for video; any interesting video I download before I even watch it. In Firefox you can bring up the Page Info from the Tools menu; scroll through the Media tab to find the video element, and try downloading it using the Save As button. For obstinate web sites I resort to the command line tool “youtube-dl”, which works almost always and not just on youtube.


    @madamski. I wouldn’t characterise churches as particularly conservative – many are fully activist liberal. Churches are churches, full of everything from the pious and the pompous, for good and bad.

    I’m talking of conservativism as in the desire and outlook to conserve and preserve as a starting point.. The outlook that instinctively rebelled against the overturning of traditional liberties and modes of operating for the sake of “saving grannie” because it was obvious what reflexively overturning the status quo in a panic would be. The same outlook that says removing voter ID from requirements to vote is a self-evidently regressive move from the status quo.

    One of the prime things making liberalism so toxic at present is that outrage-based change is a path to progress, when its really just a path to mobilising mobs of adrenaline fueled imbeciles. “Fire in a crowded theatre?”. The past five years of media shrieking “the deplorables will do us in… be afraid!” whilst meanwhile the “progressives” are wrecking havoc in every conceivable area.

    Conservativism can be stifling and toxic too, but in the current political landscape a solid dose is needed.

    madamski cafone

    @ John Day

    You know what they say about the size of a man’s probiscis stocking.


    @ Mr. House

    “I wouldn’t characterise churches as particularly conservative – many are fully activist liberal.”

    Nor would I. But the ones I attended were. Evangelical, even. Franklin Graham boosters. MAGA hat wearers.

    I’m all for conservative wisdom. No one follows it but I’m for it, just as I relish the moral core of liberal progressive ideals. No one follows them but I’m for ’em.Right now it seems to me we’re living through peak liberal backlash against the conserative dominance, both real and imaginary, of the past 20 years, 12 of which had a GOP boss. The liberal backlash is already spent, imo, only residual inertia moving it forward awhile yet. Conservative backlash is growing fast. It too follows outrage-based thinking but that outrage is more reality-based than what most liberals/progressives are drinking these days.

    Speak of the conservative backlash devil: Arkansas becomes first state to ban surgery, hormones and puberty blockers for transgender youths

    @ Rototillerman

    “By the way, in the media and censorship environment that we live in I have gotten to where I make no assumptions about the continued availability of any information.”

    It no longer feels rabid to think or say such things. *sigh* I’ll miss RT.

    madamski cafone
    madamski cafone

    They’re categorically dumb, the CIA: ‘What happened next?’ CIA roasted after bragging about arming Afghan Mujahideen, aka the Taliban

    Meanwhile, bailing out is attempted. Can the US be saved from itself? Only Biden knows for sure, and he forgot. What was the question? TIme for Putin to make that call and send in Five Guys Named Moe

    Mr. House

    I haven’t said anything about church…….. i find most “christians” to be fake and just as bad as woke people. Very similar in my exp. actually

    madamski cafone

    @ Rototillerman

    “It’s well produced, with good clips from various elites revealing bits that make the case that there really is a general plan behind it all.”

    Oh, there surely is, several competing versions, probably, vying for top dog implementability as opportunities lean toward one or another. There was once a plan to colonize the moon. Atomic energy solar/wind-power would fuel a utopian future just as soon as we made enough Star Trek movies. There is a sizable chunk of folks who think Elon Musk will get us to Mars and that will mean something to starving people. There were several plans to assassinate Castro and “liberate” Cuba.. There was war to make SE Asia safe for democracy somewhere with rice paddies and pagodas, really good drugs and hookers and the kind of clap they made 50s sci-fi horror flicks about.

    In a world as baroquely complex and unevenly cornucopian as ours, there’s more than enough for a little bit of everything, including fools with money and authorized power who think they can pull off some comic book wet dream world domination via controlled demolition of existing world order from which, miraculously, a glorious New World Order will arise from the ashes like phoenix shaking off the rophynol. Must’ve been all that crazy good coke Epstein supplied on Pedophilia Island.

    If we had leaders capable of staging a magical dictatorship that abuses the people without repercussion, we’d already be living in it. These guys are so late to their own party, the keg’sclanging hollow.


    Severe illness often carries a fairly heavy dose of narcissistic behavior (it’s all about me”). It’s tolerated because we care about the one who ails, and the narcissism leaves when the antsiness of health returns.
    I now see that drum-beaten fear also leads to narcissistic attitudes. Who’da thought?

    John Day- thanks for letting me come vicariously to your party. It was lovely.

    People die in isolation.
    Hearts grow cold in a lockdown nation.

    madamski cafone

    @ Mr. House

    My booboo. I meant Huskynut.

    madamski cafone

    @ my parents said know

    “People die in isolation.
    Hearts grow cold in a lockdown nation.”

    On my good days, I let our pup make friends for me in our neighborhood, then find ways to invade their life if it doesn’t seem too icky, both my invasions and their lives. (Lot of icky of late, eh?) It not only reduces their loneliness and makes me feel useful, it also opens dialog on covid and masks without even trying. I’ve been impressed by how even Biden-loving survivors of Trump Derangement syndrome (whew!) are willing to put aside masks and say, “You know, I heard something about that. What do they mean, it’s not “really” a virus?”

    Spring that turning to summer. Fall gonna be glorious… and windy, both from the podiums and blowing unrest down the streets.


    I get so weary of trying to sort out the ping-pong of vaccine claims and counter-claims. What seems clear to me is that by accident or design, a kind of vaccination dictatorship with attendant vaccination apartheid is being set up, and at great speed. Almost as if there’s something heading our way and TPTB need a system in place to meet it.

    In Australia the general mood is clear: vaccines are good for us and are the only way for us to be released us from captivity. The messaging is loud and clear and persistent and pervasive. Never mind that compared to other countries our yoke has been light and our burden small. Gotta get the economy moving again! It is also clear that the federal government really doesn’t know what to do about any of this, and seems to be making things up as it goes along.

    Yes, vaccine adverse events are reported, but are so few in number that they are acceptable for the greater good. A statistician remarked to me some time back that there is an error rate associated with everything that we do. Medicine is no exception.

    Thus far vaccination is not mandatory here, the number of people jabbed is not large compared to the total population, and there seem to be quite a few refuseniks. I won’t be surprised if in time one of our governments gets out the big stick and demands that everyone submit, er, accept. Yes, there is unhappiness here at the dictatorial nature of the whole exercise, but how that will affect polity remains to be seen.

    Thus far Australia has not descended into the neofascism that now imprisons the UK. By the way, I can’t help remarking that the British are now experiencing what they have let be done to Julian Assange: confinement, helplessness, hopelessness. A dose of their own medicine!


    The Coronavirus Pandemic illustrates the slow-motion collapse of the Western Empire. The first job of government is to protect its people against war, plague, and famine. Washington DC failed. It is not a coincidence that a new Green Zone circles the Capitol. It also cannot be ignored that the Empire’s wars have come home. Both US political/business parties are complicit with the military occupations of Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

    Although censored by social media, Moon of Alabama’s post and link are relevant:

    China and Russia Launch a ‘Global Resistance Economy’

    Fake democracy is at a breaking point. If the vaccine campaign likely fails and a US national public health system is stillborn, if the Central American famine remains unaddressed, or if a World War erupts to challenge China’s, Russia’s, and Iran’s resistance to the current global financial system; a new Dark Age is inevitable for the survivors in the Americas and Europe.

    John Day

    Thanks everybody for the kind human comments. Thanks Grm for helping with the COVID information, and the insights about the incessant schemesto totally dominate all aspects of our physical and mental existence. I do think the schemes are unable too coordinate. Several of them appear to need some of the others to fail, in order to completely control us, and I think there is mass-consciousness, some form of hive mind. Also, no matter what the projections are, we have not yet co-created the future. There’s a random error-function generator, too.

    . I read the “Professional Psychopath” link for about 45 minutes just now.
    Athenas Walker, Professional Psychopath
    Fascinating model-clarification. My cognitive model is refined.
    I’m not one. I do seem to lack fear and get very clear headed when threats are highest. I’ve always been curious about death in the moments that it was possibly for immediate consumption.
    You might have some of those traits.
    Howzat workin’ for ya?
    (What DO they say about the size of a man’s proboscis stocking? Mr-average-size-surgical-gloves)

    V. Arnold

    Give people back the responsibility taken away from them.

    Can responsibility really be taken from us?
    Seems to me responsibility is an internal state; which exists to a greater or lesser degree within the individual and can only be given away or, in the extreme, coerced from them. .
    A totalitarian state may not allow individuals to publically exercise (express) their responsibility, but individuals can still know what moral responsibilities continue to exist for themselves.
    We’re not yet in full 1984 mode, but at the rate government control is being enabled, by individuals giving up their moral responsibility to fight the galoots, we’re surely doomed to a slave like existence in short order.
    I worry TAE’s days may be numbered as social media is increasingly taken over and controled by corporate fascists…


    Michael Reid:

    Would that be Atlantic or Pacific salmon water you’re drinking?!

    a kullervo

    <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”; title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

    V. Arnold

    a kullervo
    No go on your youtube…

    a kullervo

    @V. Arnold

    Failed at my attempt to embed a video – this is what it was all about.

    Best regards.

    V. Arnold

    a kullervo

    Got it. Jimmy Cliff singing a Cat Stevens song; loved it thanks…

    madamski cafone

    @ Raul

    “Give people back the responsibility taken away from them.”

    It’s a riddle. People can be encouraged to be responsible but resp[onsibility can neither be granted nor taken away. Volition is entirely, uh, voitional. It is not the entrusted authority’s to give away: they don’t possess responsibility either, just the authority we grant them.

    Awesome rework of the Cat tune.

    madamski cafone

    @ JOhn Day

    “I’m not one. I do seem to lack fear and get very clear headed when threats are highest. I’ve always been curious about death in the moments that it was possibly for immediate consumption.
    You might have some of those traits.
    Howzat workin’ for ya?”

    I developed through many adventures the tendency to clarify and focus when danger gets too close. A psyhchopathic aspect born of cognitive encounter not genetic hardwiring, although I’m sure my wiring’s significantly off. My most dangerous aspect is my profound empathy coupled with a singular intelligence also born not so much from genetics but from pursuing my own course since early adolescence after a particularly stimulating childhood.

    Informed empathy is cruelly punishing and drives one to feel responsible for the illusion of justice our society so cherishes. I am glad to be relieved of the illusion that humans can be just, and to replace it with the reality that human can be loving and kind just because they goddam well feel like it and you.can’ So there.

    Wow. Look at that thumb. Impressive for such average-size hands.

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