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    TAE Summary

    * Psy-op-bait Gonzola Lira was tortured and seeks asylum in Hungary

    * Normies think inside the box

    * Africans and Asians are the new wetbacks; The US is offering $10K investment citizenship except you invest in Mexican drug cartels and hope to get US citizenship; Give me your tired of authoritarianism, your poor at accepting the status quo …

    * Ukraine is not the enemy; We have met the enemy and he is U.S.

    * TAE has been shot in the bow by World of Warships; Jim Kunstler believes the hole in the bow can be plugged while at sea

    * Medieval climate change killed a lot of people and animals; I love the smell of napalm in the morning; So gratifying to watch Bradley fighting vehicles destroyed and their crews burned alive

    * Starbucks killed the coffee shops; Uber killed the cabbies; Video killed the radio star; Thanks to technology we will soon need only one musician to entertain the entire world

    * We are all brutal; Western economies don’t add value; Those that can, do; Those that can’t do, skim

    * Some curse the darkness; Some light a candle; Some wait patiently for the great reset and the blight at the end of the tunnel

    * Lyle: I’ve just dribbled my life away
    – Chuck: Hey, it takes a lot of nerve to have nothing at your age. Most guys would be ashamed, but you’ve got the guts to just say, ”The hell with it.” You’d rather have nothing than settle for less
    – Lyle: l’ve never thought of it that way
    — Ishtar


    V. Arnold said

    Fear rules most of the western populations as near as I can tell…
    Fear is the ultimate tool of control and the object of that fear doesn’t even need to be tangible…

    Chatting with my wife today about doctors and how westerners are so unwilling to blame the doctor when the make a mistake and someone dies. The usual response is “Well the doctors did their best, it was not mean’t to be …”.

    My wife, who reads mostly Chinese news, tells me that she reads many stories from China where the doctors live in fear of violence. It is quite common for a doctor to be beaten up by the family of his patients if he kills the patient … or even just doesn’t save them. My wife thinks this is not very civilised and that the doctors should not be treated this way. I disagree, I think it is excellent; meritocracy.

    Doctors in China earn a respectable income but do have above average status. They are not part of the polical landscape – the CCP does not need to be nice to doctors to win votes – as they are in Europe, so they do not get grotesque wages like they do in Europe. There are still loads of Chinese doctors and all the ones I have met have been very effective and very efficient and have to work hard for their money.

Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)
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