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    Claude Monet San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk 1908   • ‘Nothing Is Enough’ For Ukraine – Zelensky (RT) • Mexico Refuses Ukraine Peace Talks Without R
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    “As long as the war continues, nothing can be enough,” Zelensky

    …and nothing you shall have.


    A thread reader can unroll the tweet from Gonzalo using this twitter address: gonzalolira1968/status/1686140558803140608

    Free Julian Assange

    Formerly T-Bear

    I have deleted over fifty “” found there.

    What other trojan horse items might there be?

    The idea that such entities can interfere with exchange of ideas and censor should be offensive to all, but there aren’t even crickets. Such operations, their executive staff, their owners and directors should be destroyed to where they can never effect their agenda again.


    I have more and more close contact with ‘Normies’ these days with work etc. Conversations are difficult because although I don’t feel the need to win the argument around what was done to small business and families and the social fabric in Victoria, it is still troubling.
    That people are 100% locked in to this idea that no one knew anything and we just had to react and the government was doing it’s best with the available info at the time. No argument to the contrary is permitted and to remain at peace with my fellow citizens I have to choose to let it go. I have to say I am a tin foil hat and what do I know etc.
    Fuckin’ weird times I tell ya.
    I’ve decided to run with it and launch my new single on the 25th of August – ‘Doomsday Prepper’ I feel that being heard as “that nut-job guy’ is better than not saying anything at all. Looking to book gigs and promote the shit out of it so will call on help to spread the nut-job word when the time comes.
    Go Lira Go!!!


    oxymoron the “Normies” know their entire world would collapse without their part of the skim. My friend where will the funds to support your promotion and gigs come from? The skim. Where did the funds to colonize Australia originate? The skim.

    What is happening in the U.S. Congress right now is perhaps the most cynical protection of the skim ever. The citizens of the United States have been informed about “missing funds”, expensive hammers and unaccounted for military equipment for decades. We know that our public servants, beggars mounted, insure corruption for their part of the skim. What little i have is my part of the skim. I know that i have been completely ineffective in my protests over the last fifty eight years. I am still breathing, that is all the proof needed.

    Do you think that someone who believes they need a $60,000.00 dollar automobile to drive two miles to purchase a $5.00 cup of coffee is going to renounce corruption or imperial colonialism? Still, it is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.

    Dr. D

    “Germans Have “Moral Obligation” To Sacrifice Living-Standards & Wealth, Claims Green Party MP
    So China can enjoy them instead. No wonder China likes this plan so much.

    “South African Black Party Chants ‘Kill The Boer (White), Kill The Farmer’

    Like the Democratic Party, I see no racism here. If they don’t want this kind of thing happening, they shouldn’t have been born White! Serves you right. That’s what DiAngelo and Ibram X say.

    “Canadian Pastor Convicted Of Inciting Mischief In Trucker Protests Facing Up To 10 Years Prison

    “Mischief”? You Canadians should be so proud. Should have raped them instead, I guess.

    “Too Big to Hide” – Ed Dowd Slams COVID Vax Injuries “Cover-Up… It’s a Crime”

    Too big to hide? It’s being hidden extremely well. No one I’ve met yet notices a thing. They should have killed 5x the number (and planned to, I’m sure).

    Opening TikTok: Finally somebody saying it directly like I would. There are other lines, but these are the ones that are proven, inarguable, and the people will understand.

    “No such thing as a free hospital”? That’s exactly what we tell UK and Canada all the time. Then Canadians crow about their health care and spend the year in Florida not paying their high taxes of PST and GST.

    “• Mexico Refuses Ukraine Peace Talks without Russia (RT)

    In the “Holy Duh” moment. Can’t. Stop. Intervening. Telling everyone what to do. So they’re all going to have a peace treaty and decide among themselves what Russia and Ukraine will do. This is considered baseline sense for them. …Man they are way behind on ass-kicking. Getting your ass kicked regularly really takes this stupid off the table and you get a clue. Happily, it’s not the ‘nation’ that needs the kicking, just kicking all our leaders from Prep school, through Yale, straight up through State and DoD will do the trick. A heaping big can of whoop-ass for all. We can do it in shifts. I volunteer. “Save the Planet”.

    Want an example? How about Musk and that British reporter? The reporter HAD NEVER SEEN anyone ask him a question or push back before. Ever. So when Musk said “Hey can you provide an example?” He not only didn’t have any, he DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO. He thought he was being attacked instead of being a normal, average, human event. The very idea of anyone asking normal questions, you would just normally respond to is outside his experience. Questions like: “If 450ppm cause runaway warming, how come CO2 was 6 TIMES that for 300 million years and nothing happened?” You know: normal.

    If you can’t – or won’t – answer normal questions is when the American Whoop-ass comes out. Until then, we’re just curious what you think, leaving you alone.

    ““..more than 80 percent of Syria’s daily oil production was stolen and smuggled by the Americans and its proxy “democratic” forces – only in the first half of 2022.”

    Sure, the CIA/Derp State is self-funding. They’re collapsing and desperate for revenue to fill the gaps, such as the billions in no-bid vaccines for strains that no longer exist. But we’re missing a bunch. Ukrainian women trafficking as suggested yesterday, and this: Jimmy Dore interviewed RFK for hours last night but doesn’t seem to be posted anywhere.

    In it, RFK spent days at the border, unlike Kamala, and at his point, 300 people came through NONE OF WHICH FROM MEXICO. And only two from Latin America at all. I guess we should have known. SEVEN MILLION people have entered, and that would long since have run out of Mexicans to come.

    The Cartels are using million-dollar advertising worldwide, to FLY them here, for $10,000 apiece, then get Visas by “arranging” (bribing) with government, then BUSING them in a million-dollar fleet of new modern buses. Then WALKING THEM…. Oh wait: Oops! ROBBING them, so they won’t have any money for the crossing, then

    ENSLAVING THEM, to the Cartels, to mule and/or work for them in a Cartel Shop in L.A. or somewhere, (Probably sex trades, even men of course), THEN walking them, crossing the border to…come to America? According to everyone, the most racist nation on earth? So they’re Uzbek, Azerbaijani, Syrian, Armeni, and had TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS or more. That is, they were WEALTHY back home, AND crossed like 50 nations of safe harbor first.

    300. One night. One city. For Liberals who can’t count to “One”, that’s THREE MILLION DOLLARS. A DAY. $365 Million dollars a year. In ONE city. Times I dunno, 50 border cities?

    The “Cartels”. WHO ARE THE “CARTELS,” PEOPLE? Since Papa Bush set them up, THEY ARE CIA. All of them. Exclusively. Watch “Narcos”. Franchises and protectorates of the CIA, for which we buy them jets, run them guns, and move their multi-hundred Billions ON those jets via US banking. Everywhere. It was HSBC that BOUGHT the jumbo jet for them out of their bank account. …But you can’t take $600 in cash from eBay without being investigated. Or talk at a school board.

    Being desperate, THIS is how the Derp State is self-funding for now. THAT is why the border is open and must remain so, EVEN IF THE WHOLE U.S. COLLAPSES because of it, which is likely. Likely, because it’s The Plan.

    The border is mentioned, but in like a “…Can you believe…?” sense. SEVEN MILLION people so far. At HUNDRED BILLION profits. Direct to mass-murdering drug cartels. If only they WEREN’T run by the CIA, at least them you could reason with them. They’re controlling the whole border, including large swaths of the United States. No? They’re controlling areas of CHICAGO, 1,500 miles from the border, and you’re going to tell me the don’t control the border right on top of their home base?

    Syrian oil is a rounding error to that. It’s just easier and higher profit. YOU, your town, is the real extraction, slavery, rape, murder farm, and power base. And everyone approves.

    Good to see Lira again. Unexpected to be in such good condition. Pretty serious situation though, as I’m sure he knows. It’s the same serious situation he was in before, but further on in time. U.S. = Useless as usual, and hates its citizen’s GUTS. As usual. No surprise. As RFK said, they invented a whole new category for him in order to censor. “MALinformation”. That is, info that’s totally true, but the government just doesn’t like it. OF COURSE they censor that, immediately and instantly. Censor it FIRST. There’s not an laws against that, are there? Right?

    the West more generally did virtually nothing to prevent the war. If anything, we egged the Russians on.”

    But he refuses “the more cynical view”. Why? That’s against his own argument and evidence.

    ““Just think of that: a perfect phone call and here we have 20 phone calls, at least, of Joe Biden being involved with,[million dollar briberies]”

    Yes and no one cares. It’s not corruption when it’s our side. You’re just mean. The American people may care, but they don’t bother as nothing’s going to happen. Why waste your breath? It’s just depressing. …I don’t adhere to that view, nor, as RFK said in long discussion of Biden specifically denying him security, everyone says “You’re going to be killed.” “It’s Inevitable, Mr. Anderson”. That’s the sin of “Sloth”, or from the Latin sense, “Depression” or “Fatalism”. A lack of manly virtue in doing your duty. Yeah, probably you lose, so make them pay dearly. Very, very dearly, as a warning to others. Both that they can’t roam around free, AND that there are allies out there, ready to join in. That’s the point of owning media, force-feeding Trans worship, etc, to BREAK this, psychologically.

    “Joe Biden on Camera” – Hanson.

    No one cares. The media just covered up, multi-decade, multi-ten million dollar political bribery scheme from a guy who is a career-long known plagiarist, a child-sniffer, a daughter-showerer, a racist anti-buser, AND the top promo of “Superpredators” and “Black crime bill” that put a generation in prison. THAT who Malcolm X was taking about with the “Great White Liberal” “Helping” out.

    They LOVE it. They don’t even break a sweat defending him. WWIII? Bring it on, as long as it Joe at the head, we’ll follow him anywhere and “We’ll all go together when we go”.

    Speaking of Leher, the U.S. going around like this is a lot older than we pretend. Send the Marines to topple governments and vote in our guys, 1965.

    “I vowed to stop mass illegal immigration, terminate globalist trade deals, end the sellout of our country to Communist China, stand up to the permanent bureaucracy and the corporate media, and break the neocon addiction to endless foreign wars.”

    Promises, promises. Then did nothing and hired all the same people. (I’ve written on why, but no need to let him off)

    “Yet another doomsday prediction failing to come true. I’m shocked… Great Barrier Reef no longer classified as ‘in danger’”

    What? Again??? Not EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Gosh, it’s almost like Scientists need to read data or something, we all knew this since 2000.

    Sea Cows.

    Somebody finally figured out the monorail. And it wasn’t Americans.

    “What does the world, told a truth, but lie the more?” — Browning.

    Formerly T-Bear

    At Oxymoron #140411

    Most all the population spend their existence well within the small boxes of their lives, never venturing much beyond the immediate horizon of that box. Alien to them is anything beyond that horizon and alien is equivilent, well , to alien, foreign, unknown or unknowable, dangerous. This is hardwired into the species’ genetic foundation. It is education that creates this phenomenon, and it is education that breaks the hold of the genetic inheritance. This may be the monstrosity of which you are speaking and if so, it will be education that is the key.

    One of the most memorable evenings in my life was the night I worked a follow spot at a Tina Turner concert. That night she did something unexpected and while acknowledging the band members she added the lighting desk techies to the list. I understand this continued throughout all her remaining tours until retirement. That lady used ‘education’ to inform her performances like few others have ever done, the key being the ability to entertain well. The musical revolutions of the sixties and seventies attest to this ability of entertainment to transcend the boxes of our lives and may be the key to your goals.


    The Markster

    The NSA glitchiness has subsided for now, and if this comment posts it worked on the first try like the old days (ie. ten days ago).

    Surprised to see that Trump op-ed in Newsweek. Yes we need accountability, but Trump will not be allowed to succeed at his de-blobbing, just like Hunter and Joe will get a slap on the wrist and a return ticket to one of their mansions. Nice reminder from Kunstler about the current government not being the country.

    The empire must hit the brick wall and fall apart in order to save not just this country, but all of of God’s creatures here below. ☮️


    A tale of two futures ( doomsday prediction)

    1. • Syria: A Tale Of Plunder And Resurrection (Pepe Escobar)

    2. • Russia Is Making Its Biggest Geopolitical Shift In 300 Years (Trenin)


    Proxy War, Mercenary War
    <strong ….lying runs in the family

    !. Joe Biden’s bewilderment, forgetfulness, sees no evidence of wrongdoing

    2. Hunter …. a bag of cocaine, why and how would an addict leave an incriminating crackpipe in a rental car, simply abandon a laptop at a repair shop with evidence of his own felonious behavior on it, or allow his illegally registered handgun to turn up in a dumpster near a school.


    Dr D, on the immigration circumstance. Keep your friends close keep your enemies closer. The humans who would stand up and resist are being brought to the United States to prevent resistance to the wholesale rape of their nation of origin. Much cheaper to place the immigrants among a docile and passive population, who are already betrayed, than to have your bidness men shot on site on sight.

    to paraphrase Rodney Carrington, It has happened here once, a lot of times


    My friend where will the funds to support your promotion and gigs come from? The skim. Where did the funds to colonize Australia originate? The skim.

    I’d tend to say it is the other way around.

    Look at how live music was in the 80’s and 90’s vs after Ticketmaster and similar ventures took control. Or music on the radio post-Clearchannel.

    Even further back, all the live music and dancing that could support 10-20 piece bands. With fast and slow couples’ dancing, essentially gone. In far, far more smaller venues, no stadium tours for King Oliver or Tommy Dorsey. Watch Swing Kids and then Footloose back to back and the loss becomes more starkly highlighted.

    Music, both live and just…. MORE musicians in general, were integral to society for quite awhile.

    Starbuck’s wiping out thousands of mom and pop coffee shops across the nation and then raising the price of coffee to $6 a cup – kind of like 2001 Argentina when your electric company gets bought by a multinational corp and suddenly your electricity prices quadruple but they stop doing maintenance and you get power surges and blackouts constantly.

    Or Uber wiping out all the thousands of cabbies while having desperate or clueless people grind down their cars to collect the depreciation as cash, essentially.

    It strikes me as strange, seeing a private musician composing and performing as taking the skim – like is it presumed that’s oppressive capitalism or colonialism or something? Considering it is compared almost in the same breath as colonizing Australia. What???


    jb-hb when one looks at the debt load carried by all western economies it is clear there is not enough value added production to sustain any of those economies. When a person looks at debt to earnings ratio in the mainstream economy as well as any government economy all that one sees is debt. Going along to keep the get along going is skim. I certainly am not innocent. Every plan set i produce for residential or light commercial projects is paid for by debt skim. Real estate, construction and mortgage lending are all based on upfront skim of the underlying debt. The United States economy has been non-productive far longer than most care to admit. Nixon and the Petrodollar noted the end of any recognizable productive activity in the US. The Petrodollar is the most recognizable face of the skim. Living in a western society means you are part of the skim. That “public relations” ,as discussed yesterday, has painted a noble face on consorting with the devil that in no way changes the reality of going along to get along.

    The larger your personal debt load, the greater your part of the skim. No matter that oxy is a noble man, the economy he lives within is bankrupt and depends on skim of debt. Why do you think over 500,000 human beings have been murdered in the last eighteen months? Without that skim you, i and everyone in western culture is a pauper.

    thank you for responding,


    jb-hb the skim from the English colonial system is what financed all of Victoria Queen of the Ocean and the colonization of Australia as a penal colony.

    yes human beings are as brutal as they appear to be, every single one of us, without exception


    jb-hb when one looks at the debt load carried by all western economies…

    checking back with what you said before

    My friend where will the funds to support your promotion and gigs come from? The skim. Where did the funds to colonize Australia originate? The skim.

    No, I don’t think you were making an observation about debt to gdp ratios.

    You were saying oxymoron’s indie music is complicit in a system of oppression and exploitation.

    If not explain how an indie musician composing, recording, and touring IS similar to colonizing Australia but is NOT colonizing, oppressing, or exploiting?

    The Petrodollar is the most recognizable face of the skim. Living in a western society means you are part of the skim.

    Things of value don’t skim, they GET skimmed.

    Coffee shops, cabs, music, electric companies.

    Mining coal, harvesting wheat, laying bricks. These are not emergent from debt. They are not hypothetical things like a synthetic CDO.

    Composers and musicians make music

    Music is kind of intrinsic to being alive and human. A flute made from a vulture bone tuned to the pentatonic scale 30,000 years old was found in a European cave. It is not a debt based derivative. It is not exploitative.


    I’ll take fair turns at batting – 2 replies gets 2 replies

    Fake Environmentalism
    Everything since people started planting seeds for food is bad and wrong. Evil. ALL civilization. Any living in it are collectively dependent on that system and guilty of its inherent evil and of destroying the planet. CO2 will calls a meltdown the planet into Venus and you are ALL DOOMED.

    Fake Economics
    Everything in The West is based on exploitation and debt, which is bad and wrong. Evil. All Western Civilization. Any living in it are collectively dependent on that system and guilty of its inherent evil and destruction. Debt will cause a meltdown of the economy and you are ALL DOOMED

    An economic proposition that any value creation occurring in the west stems from, is based ON debt and exploitation is as crackpot as AFKTT’s Fake Environmentalist anti agriculture anti CO2 schtick. We’re all working hard making non exploitative VALUE, tboc. Start from that premise and see what new worldview it leads you to.

    In BOTH cases, Fake Environmentalism or Fake Economics, in the end, the mechanics of the thing do not even matter. They do not have to make sense.

    It’s the underlying guilt and shame that matter. That’s the assumed magical layer of reality BENEATH -not above – the physical reality – that’s why I got not 1, but 2 replies when I questioned it. That’s supposed to be the UNQUESTIONABLE part.

    Oh, are you excited about a new single and a tour? Well, let me tell you sir, that’s all filthy and despicable with collective guilt, shame, and doom – doomed!

    Let me show you how a normal, baseline decent human being responds to oxymoron’s news

    Hey man, that is GREAT that you’re getting new material out there and are going to play live for people. It must have been extra brave to go ahead and make new music in our current paradigm, when it almost feels like culture itself got nuked, as if you could be throwing your art into a void – respect man, art and culture matter now more than ever.

    Best of luck with the single. Hope the tour brings some entertainment and joy to the musicians and the crowd. Don’t forget to share the single with us when it is ready for launch.

    (and I mean that sincerely)

    As opposed to, in response, you know, hissing in their ear that everyone is horribly and collectively guilty, your civilization and culture suffused with it and based on, dependent on it, your little thing you were happy about and looking forward to is complicit in evil, you’re all doomed.

    D Benton Smith

    The Cabal is an organism dying of auto-immune disease. This is evidenced virtually everywhere you care look, as the government (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Cabal) uses its broad global power to nullify or destroy every effort to rid the government of the crime, corruption and turpitude that is the core of the fatal disease.

    In other words, the immune system is trying to cure the organism, but the organism is seeking to wipe out the immune system which is its last and only hope of survival. Quite a conundrum.

    This is nowhere more crystal clear, exhaustively documented and unimpeachably witnessed than the so called “UFO/UAP Disclosure Hearings”, chaired by Congressman Tim Burchett, but DRIVEN by a myriad of persons and organizations that technically (at least) outrank him by a country mile.

    There are two sides (roughly speaking), which consist of a whole gaggle of smaller fry who are lining up behind either one side or the other. One side is the one that has been illegally asserting the authority to keep secrets, and the other side is the one which says such authority resides ONLY in the duly elected and Constitutionally observant public servants of the citizens of the country.

    The primary issue is NOT the sexy headline subject of the hearings (i.e. UFO’s and aliens are a secondary, though still ultra important, issue.) The BIG issue that is becoming more and more visible and openly discussed, is the subject of SOVEREIGNTY, and the question of who, specifically, is the final arbiter of authority in this country (and, frankly) many other countries as well.

    The Cabal is on the wrong side, and is indeed the organization which has arrogated to itself ILLEGAL powers which is attempting (largely successfully so far) to impose over the top of the LEGAL (voted on) powers as described in numerous foundational legal codes, and most especially as unambiguously written into the US Constitution.

    This is a really, REALLY, big fight that has been brewing for a LONG time in MANY theaters of conflict (Covid, Vaccines, Ukraine, Dollar Hegemony, Wokeism, Censorship vs Free Speech, Academia, Depopulation, Slavery, Science, etc etc etc) and amazingly the place where this enormous battle seems to be spilling out into the streets are those UFO hearings. Who woulda thunk it?

    Try not to be distracted by the little green men. Keep your eye on the men behind the curtain. The ones with the “authority” to tell everyone else what they can or must do, and what they can or cannot be told, about what is or is not tangibly true.

    The way things have been going those men behind the curtain might just turn out to be small and green

    John Day

    @Oxymoron: “Organic Prepper” is sort of taken already. “Humanure Prepper” might pack some punch, and not so much put people off as completely destabilize them, which might be better, or not.
    Just thinking out loud with my fingertips on the internet.
    (Avoid: “Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko”!)


    Don’t look up and for the love of your god don’t look back! Why not? says I.

    European heatwaves: Soldiers died in the heat in 1160, Rivers ran dry in 1303, animals fell dead in 1393
    By Jo Nova

    Medieval “climate change” was filled with heatwaves, droughts, and crop failures
    One thousand years ago, “rivers ran dry under the protracted heat, the fish were left dry in heaps and putrefied in a few hours.” Men and animals venturing in the sun in the summer of 1022 fell down dying.”

    It was so hot in 1132 that the rivers ran dry and “the ground was baked to the hardness of stone”. Around 1200 at the Battle of Bela “there were more victims made by the sun than by weapons”. In 1303 and 1304, the Seine, the Loire, the Rhine, and the Danube could all be crossed with dry feet, and they dried up again in 1538-1541. In 1393 and 1394 the crops were “scorched up” and “great numbers of animals fell dead”. In 1625 in Scotland, it was so hot “meat could be cooked merely by exposing it to the Sun.”

    And so it goes — history that was known in the 1800’s appears to be disappearing, leaving us with a generation of snowflakes who think they are the only humans who ever faced hot weather. They with their air-conditioned bedrooms, mobile phones and filtered water.

    In 879, agricultural laborers, who must have been as tough as nails, were struck down after “just a few minutes in the sun”.


    When people said they were storing seed at Svalbard, they thought it was plant seeds. hahahahahaha
    As the pale male westerners sink into the sea:
    take yer pick, ladies! soros gates biden(s) zuck mike kissssinger (yes, indeed, and other older vintages as well!)……..we gotcher brand right here!


    That gecko is beautiful and sweet. I love lizards! whether or not this will put me in good with the reptilians (I love chelonians as well) I don’t know, but I’ll probably get along with them better than most. 😉

    Dr. D- on a roll again today. In fact, everyone seems to be contemplative instead of itchy. I like it.


    Ukrainian SIM Card Deaths – Counting Ukrainian’s War Dead By Other Means

    Ukrainian cell phone companies say that they have experienced the lost of about 1.1 million SIM cards mostly in eastern Ukraine.since the war began. Since July, they are experiencing about 5.5K SIM card losses per week.

    There are about 1.2 SIM cards per Ukrainian. So dividing 1.1 million lost SIM cards by 1.2 SIM cards per Ukrainian supposedly equals about 900K Ukrainian war deaths.

    One flaw in this indirect calculation is how many SIM cards were just abandoned by Ukrainians leaving the country?

    None-the-less this war death calculation is probably closer to reality than anyone wants to admit.


    Lira (3/26/2022) before his first catch and release.

    “Do you want to know the truth about the Zelensky regime? Google these names:
    Vladimir Struk
    Denis Kirev
    Mikhail and Alexander Kononovich
    Nestor Shufrych
    Yan Taksyur
    Dmitry Djangirov
    Elena Berezhnaya
    If you haven’t heard from me in 12 hours or more, put my name on this list.

    Lira (7/31/2023) after 2nd catch and release.

    “Right now, I’m about to try to get out of Ukraine, and seek political asylum in Hungary.

    Either I’ll cross the border and make it to safety, or I’ll be disappeared by the Kiev regime.

    Kiev has had a chance to disappear this guy for over a year. I wonder how long his followers will have to wait to hear that he is safe? Political asylum from who? Why not catch a plane to Chile or the US?

    Seems like psyop bait.

    D Benton Smith


    [Gonzalo Lira] “Seems like psyop bait.”

    I try to be as cynical and suspicious as the next guy, Chooch, but you, on the other hand, have some REAL trust issues. You think Lira is a liar? Working for whom? At least suggest a motive or plausible rationale for his actions, instead of just throwing shade on a guy who is literally risking his life to help ungrateful armchair pundits heckling from the cheap seats safely distant from the war zone.


    Heat waves …
    You forgot Egypt,
    It was so bad that the slave left Egypt.

    Just Some Randomer

    “Kiev has had a chance to disappear this guy for over a year. I wonder how long his followers will have to wait to hear that he is safe? Political asylum from who? Why not catch a plane to Chile or the US?”

    Indeed. And if he were a local he’d have been bundled off to the front lines post-haste. Being a US citizen however I guess things are a bit more complicated.



    “Do you want to know the truth about the Zelensky regime?”

    You should be glad that it was a Democratic/freedom/liberty political system.

    Here is the link to the article on Volodymyr Zelensky in the Panama Papers:
    Credit: James O’Brien/OCCRP


    Proof …. F0-1023 the FBI would not investigate…..

    Patrick Lawrence: The Bidens’ Burisma Bribery

    Patrick Lawrence:
    The Bidens’ Burisma Bribery
    July 31, 2023

    The just-released document,
    F0-1023 FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION ), now tells us pretty precisely what happened when the son of a bitch, (Joe), serving as Obama’s point man in Kiev made full use — fully corrupt use, I mean — of Washington’s leverage in post-coup Ukraine.

    Taking Care of the Shokin Matter

    Zlochevsky, as he recounted the Bidens’ bribery scheme, told the F.B.I. informant he had 17 recordings of conversations he had with Hunter and Joe as they arranged to take care of the Shokin matter and take Zlochevsky’s money for the favor.

    This is a smart guy. Zlochevsky also told the F.B.I. man he had “many text messages” and two written documents, financial records of the payments the Bidens received. Zlochevsky, by the F.B.I. informant’s account, considered this documentary proof of his “coercion.” There appears, then, to be a body of evidence awaiting examination and verification.

    Today, the talk from MSM is all about Trump getting indicted again.


    Another shitbox asswipe M2 Bradley taken as a trophie by the Russians

    When they put in front of the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation’s Moscow Embassy, they can light it on fire and sell hot dogs to the crowd!


    The Empire of Lies Gangster Nation will never send Abrams ‘Boondoggle’ tanks to Ukronaziland cause they will all end up like THIS


    Super Sweet

    Two out of three little pig M2 Bradley’s vaporized.

    Next time it will be a Hat Trick and snuff all three


    I used to think Jim Kunstler was a sharp guy. Read his books back in the day. He actually thinks these corrupted, morrally bankrupt, jew infested institutions are going to police each other. He’s delusional. When you decide to poison and kill a few billion people, you dont give a fuck about Constitutions.


    I finally got around to looking into the TAE site hacking that we all experienced this past week. As many of us noted, clicking on any page element resulted in a new browser tab opening, with the initial URL of the new tab being “”. The new tab then quickly switched to another site, often one that appeared to try and convince you that your device had malware.

    So first we look up on, and learn that the site IP address is Then we take that IP address and pop it into; here is what comes out:

    OrgName: Webzilla Inc.
    OrgId: WEBZI
    Address: 110 E. Broward Blvd., Suite 1700
    City: Fort Lauderdale
    StateProv: FL
    PostalCode: 33301
    Country: US
    RegDate: 2023-01-20
    Updated: 2023-01-30

    (along the way I also did a DNS lookup, but that was a dead end; their DNS records are from, and the relevant owner info is shielded by a third party organization called “Withheld for Privacy” out of Iceland)

    If you do an online search for webzilla among the links that comes up is this one: South Florida Web Firm May Have Facilitated Russian Hacking, Court Records Reveal. So, not a surprise that shady things happen at webzilla, but it seems definitely out of character for Russian hackers to go after TAE. I would have thought that it was The Cabal trying to squash truth-seeking sites.

    D Benton Smith


    When Google informs the inquisitive that “a Web firm may have facilitated Russian Hacking” then it is a very safe bet that the web firm in question is working for the same guys that Google works for, and who created the absurdly false narrative of imaginary “Russian Hackers” successfully boosting an undesirable orange man into the oval office.

    In other words, our recent hacking experience was a tame, but unmistakable shot across the bow that they can fuck with us any time they want, and that they’re lurking.

    None of that is actually news to anyone, but I find it mildly encouraging. If they read carefully enough maybe some of them will learn something truthful for a change.


    Ukraine is not the Enemy | Dmitry Orlov

    Dmitry gently bitch slaps the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation with sardonic Russian wit.

    D Benton Smith

    At first I thought that the photos of Special Counsel Jack Smith were chosen for their quality of capturing his face at a particularly unflattering moment. But now that I’ve seen a dozen or so photographs of him in various settings, and published by his friends as well as his his detractors I have come to a different conclusion. He has the most consistently hostile facial expression and malevolent eyes that I’ve ever seen outside of a horror movie. I know better than to judge people’s character based on their looks, but in his case I’m going to make an exception. He has the face of a hate filled remorseless killer.

    V. Arnold

    @ T-Bear #140414
    Most all the population spend their existence well within the small boxes of their lives, never venturing much beyond the immediate horizon of that box. Alien to them is anything beyond that horizon and alien is equivilent, well , to alien, foreign, unknown or unknowable, dangerous.

    Boy oh boy; you nailed it!
    As with you, I know first hand the truth of that.
    Fear rules most of the western populations as near as I can tell…
    Fear is the ultimate tool of control and the object of that fear doesn’t even need to be tangible…

    John Day

    @Rototillerman and D BentonSmith: The censors keep practicing new AI techiniques while watchng if they affect the views a little or a lot.
    How much dialed-in frustration makes 90% of people not bother to stay and read?
    How persistent are commenters to upload a few links?

    John Day

    Well hopefully “grandiose” is now permanently roaming the “happy hunting grounds” where it belongs!

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