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    @D Benton Smith

    I’m still leaning to the ‘Virus Thing” as a dumpster fire(s) to distract from the economic holocaust that the global debt bomb is poised to unleash.

    The fiat system is the walking dead. Debts that can’t be paid off won’t.

    Or as someone said, Debts are always ‘paid off’ either by the borrower or by the lender.

    In either case there will be catastrophic bankruptcy spread far and wide and that will produce quite a ‘reset’.

    As to the ‘climate thing’ and where it stands, the Overlords are actively pimping their own perverse take on that subject.

    “Save the Planet” starring 7 billion ‘little people’ living on less while their carbon foot print actually increases.

    Just like they’re pimping their own perverse take on crypto currencies to replace the dying fiat era.

    Their version of crypto is totally Centralized.

    In contrast to Bitcoin’s being totally De-centralized.

    Anything the Overlords touch turns to Gobshite.


    The Vaccine accident reporting database this year is ten times the normal size, and we are only a little over halfway through the year.. Nothing to see here, move along ..


    @Germ: seriously … didn’t you hear?? VAERS is no longer an accurate “early warning signal” for medical professionals, like it was in the past, because anyone – literally anyone, even your senile uncle bob – can upload whatever they want there. C’mon, man!! Get up-to-speed with 2021!!! /sarc



    @my parents: guilt is the most powerful emotion there is, provided one isn’t a sociopath, psychopath, whatever.

    When an anonymous blog post gives you a lump in your throat, beware.

    That didn’t happen when I read IMdoc’s post, it was too “made for TV” movie script-ish. And hey, IMdoc, how about you just let a couple family members in to be with that dying patient instead of wailing about someone dying alone? (but I digress …) And then, you grandly exit the chatroom for an unknown period of time because you’re too overwhelmed by …

    Thank you for bringing this particular phenom to our attention. 🙂

    Mister Roboto

    That didn’t happen when I read IMdoc’s post, it was too “made for TV” movie script-ish.

    I guess I can see why you say that. Now that I let myself think about what I read, that business about him collapsing to the floor sobbing as soon as he left the dying old woman’s room strikes me as…a bit much.



    The date/time stamp is hyperlink of sorts. Click it and you will see the url expand to include the comment number.


    @mister … “a bit much“. Ya think? 😉 Decades of experience as a doctor and he collapses to the floor in the hall, in front of staff (underlings) and other patients because he* suddenly can’t handle it? After the post just a couple days ago that was both rational and measured? Well … ok then!!! I’m buying, whatcha sellin’?

    *not sure why I think he is a he


    those darned kids

    smells like dr.Qanon for smarties..

    i bet there are similar characters on other similar blogs as well (if this is gchq style manipulation).

    influencers for the influentialitos, the moyenne burgercheese, the bourgeoieasy of our time. they, having been properly inFluenced, in turn push the proleplorables to act the right way.


    A few snippets from the Australian Museum’s article on the Spanish Flu of 1918:

    Influenza was first noted in Australia in 1820 and reported in the Sydney Almanack of 1834.

    While influenza epidemics commonly occur each winter, there have been a number of pandemics (epidemics of worldwide proportion) in Australia’s history. These include a series of pandemics in the 1890s, 1957, 1968 and 2009. The most devastating pandemic took place in 1918–19.

    The virus mutates rapidly and constantly, meaning the human population cannot build up an enduring immunity. The flu is estimated to cause up to 3500 deaths in Australia each year.

    Unusually, the Spanish flu affected healthy young adults much more than its usual targets: children, the elderly or those with weakened immune systems. In Australia, the virus became known as ‘pneumonic influenza’.

    The first line of defence was to try to prevent the virus reaching the Australian mainland. The Australian Quarantine Service monitored the spread of the pandemic and implemented maritime quarantine on 17 October 1918 after learning of outbreaks in New Zealand and South Africa.

    The first infected ship to enter Australian waters was the Mataram, from Singapore, which arrived in Darwin on 18 October 1918. Over the next six months the service intercepted 323 vessels, 174 of which carried the infection. Of the 81,510 people who were checked, 1102 were infected.

    The federal government’s second line of defence was to establish a consistent response in handling and containing any pneumonic influenza outbreaks that might occur in Australia.

    Commonwealth Serum Laboratories was established during the First World War to alleviate Australia’s dependence on imported vaccines. In 1918 it developed its first, experimental vaccine in anticipation of pneumonic influenza reaching mainland Australia.

    Researchers did not know what caused influenza, but produced a vaccine that addressed the more serious secondary bacterial infections that were likely to cause death.

    Between 15 October 1918 and 15 March 1919, CSL produced three million free doses for Australian troops and civilians. It later evaluated the vaccines to be partially effective in preventing death in inoculated individuals.

    By the end of 1919, the influenza pandemic was over.

    Across the globe, the pandemic had had a devastating effect on a population only just beginning to recover from years of war. Many more people died from the influenza pandemic (50–100 million) than had died during the First World War (18 million).

    In Australia, while the estimated death toll of 15,000 people was still high, it was less than a quarter of the country’s 62,000 death toll from the First World War. Australia’s death rate of 2.7 per 1000 of population was one of the lowest recorded of any country during the pandemic.

    So many lessons here, so many forgotten.


    “IM Doc” is Iraqis throwing babies out of incubators 2.0

    Mister Roboto

    Decades of experience as a doctor and he collapses to the floor in the hall, in front of staff (underlings) and other patients because he* suddenly can’t handle it?

    {/cut to the choir outside the hospital room window singing their hearts out, behind whom a large, breeze-fluttered American flag has suddenly appeared for some reason}


    “They Make Patients Die Alone, And We Let Them | Two Doctors React”

    6:59 minute video from December 2020

    Doc Robinson

    According to the FLCCC, the Ivermectin dosages in the IMASK+ protocol are being increased to 0.4-0.6 mg/kg and are strongly advised “at the very first sign of symptoms.”×900

    absolute galore

    Just got back from the grocery store on my way home from work. I was one of the few people without a mask, just like a month and a half ago when they finally stopped requiring one. Eventually, almost nobody had a mask. Including when I shopped four days ago. (The sign says only no mask if you are fully vaccinated. I suspect I would be surrounded by a mob and pelted with fruit and veggies if they knew my status.)

    For a while, before Ivermectin, I just rolled with it–I did not seem to fall into the category of people with a high probability of dying. Then I got some Ivermectin and that really gave me a sense of an ace up my sleeve.

    Now maybe not as much. Like sumac, I’ve expressed concern about it being rendered ineffective over time. If some of the reports are true, it may have taken quite a leap, especially in how it works on more advanced disease.

    So be it. Could we be getting hit with both Marek’s and ADE? If it were Marek’s, JMG’s nightmare scenario for the vaccinated could get flipped…

    Either way, two things are clear to me right now:

    1. Unleashing these vaccines on the virus was the height of hubris, and has now turned the entire human population into a completely uncontrolled experiment.

    2. Statement number one will not be acknowledged in the mainstream narrative. Not in our lifetimes (however long that might be.) And now with even the doctors who were standing up against the system at a loss, the confusion and darkness grows, providing the perfect cover for what might really have happened/be happening.

    I do believe the whole mess was human folly and human greed and the need to exert control. Yeah, same as it ever was.

    Are we actually just getting into Delta? Or, as Fauci has threatened, is there something new out there? How would we know? At this point–Marek’s, ADE, new variant, just Delta finally hitting U.S., certain pockets of vulnerable people, or all of the above–it is all speculation. There is something strange in the land, softening us up for financial disaster, crop failures, water shortages. Gail Tverberg pointed out a while ago that we simply won’t have the treasure to continue with these massive vaccine campaigns for very long. And Jung pointed out it was our own minds, our own mass psychosis,that was the most dangerous threat.

    I’m still a little reluctant to pull out my Ace and take Ivm prophylactically–cause then where do you go if you get it anyway? Still, I plan to live my life as fearlessly as I can, and not get sucked into the techno-medical madness we’ve unleashed. That way is insane, and no way to live a life. The New Hampshire motto is starting to make a lot of sense. May we all stay grounded.

    madamski cafone

    I think we can all agree that whatever ADE or Delta variant is/isn’t happening, the ADE meme is growing; and buzz rules media. It can’t ignore buzz.


    @ezlxa, so many lessons learned, yes. But are the motives of those in control now at all similar to the motives of a couple centuries ago? What are we actually seeing now and why? There are good comments here on TAE asking why we can’t have open conversations and debates about what is going on and how to cope with it. Honesty and openness by those with control would have made a tremendous difference. Distrust, censoring, forcing has resulted in this fiasco. Toothpaste is out of the tube. Good luck putting it back in.


    “Boys are 14 times more likely to be struck down with a rare heart complication called myocarditis. ”

    “Association of Myocarditis With BNT162b2 Messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccine in a Case Series of Children”

    absolute galore

    cafone wrote: I think we can all agree that whatever ADE or Delta variant is/isn’t happening, the ADE meme is growing; and buzz rules media. It can’t ignore buzz.

    The Delta variant, yes. But you have seen ADE discussed majorly in a major media source? JMG notwithstanding, many of the “memes” we chat about are completely unknown to the majority of consumers of msm. Not only because the bigger outlets don’t mention them, but because many of the smaller ones get censored.

    The reason ADE will have an even tougher row to hoe than Ivermectin or adverse reactions is because it makes the cure worse than the disease, and nobody wants to hear that. I guess we will have to wait for reliable type sources to note some kind of patterns that might make sense and provide us with information.

    At this point I will confess that I am addicted, literally, to checking for more news, further developments, new discoveries, new facts about old discoveries, the vain hope that a few msm reporters outside of just Fox will report something resembling truth. I imagine this, like most addictions, to be a not terribly healthy pastime. Although there is some virtual relief knowing there are likeminded individuals floating around out there somewhere. (Apparently, perhaps,a statistically high proportion of them in Portland;^)

    madamski cafone

    “There’s been a lot of complaints lately about America’s continued activity in the field of biological weapons development, as there’s a growing list of reasons for those complaints to appear. One of the primary ones is the ongoing activity of more than 400 military biological laboratories created by the United States in 25 countries, including former Soviet republics – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.”



    @madam, “created by the United States … ” They’re all in it together. It’s called collaborating. Let’s stop pretending all these other countries are somehow innocent babes being taken advantage of.

    those darned kids

    the hook of fear*

    the hook of fear
    snags passerby,
    the unaware and wise alike.

    the hook of fear
    gores the writhing catch,
    leaving entrails on the oily deck.

    the hook of fear
    lances soles and pierces souls,
    turning the once strong into lame.

    the hook of fear
    traps in barbs of lies, our lives,
    our loves, our wit, our will.

    *i can’t remember who used this expression the other day..

    those darned kids

    Let’s stop pretending all these other countries are somehow innocent babes being taken advantage of.

    indeed, and if i may:

    let’s stop pretending the idea of countries means anything to the owner of a private jet.


    I’ve started to notice something here in Aus that is strange but interesting in that it seems the differentiation is not just going on between class per se but also between towns that are quite close geographically but different landscapes/economies. I live in between two large regional centres, one double the size of the other, and have noticed very different reactions between the inhabitants of both.

    Town A:

    -Largest of the two verging on a city, settled earlier, predominantly white population with only limited recent immigrants.

    -Mostly middle class although with a large welfare class.

    -Economy based originally on resource extraction but now large enough to be based mostly of services with some manufacturing and continuing resource extraction.

    -Shocking amount of buy-in to the Covid narrative, extreme adherence to restrictions, shaming for not wearing a mask, high vaxx rate, scanning for businesses etc. Neighbours dobbing other neighbours in. Everyone I know from there besides a few from the poorer end of town is getting jabbed.

    Town B

    – Smaller and more decentralised with smaller towns dotted around it. Settled later and very multicultural with a large recent immigrant population along with a large First Nations population.

    -More like a third world country with wealth distribution; extreme wealth at the top but a very large working class and welfare class. Also a large organised crime element and crime rate is generally quite high.

    -Economy based around agriculture and food processing.

    -Skepticism of the Covid narrative. Low Vaxx rate, relaxed mask wearing, even in same franchise that in town A would be strict, not much attention given to restrictions, large amounts of civil disobedience and no dobbing to authorities. Everyone I know from there is not getting jabbed or only will in the most extreme of circumstances.

    Now I’m not quite sure what this means. I know Greer mentioned that something similar was being observed in providence/east providence where he lives. Note that this is not going on class lines either as middle class people in town B are skeptical whereas middle class in town A are believers.

    Can anyone comment on seeing something similar going on in the other Anglo countries?

    Veracious Poet

    That’s really something to think about. The big argument against the gold standard is that it promotes deflation too much. But if fiat only gives us the ability to inflate our appetite for expansion and consumption, then woe to health of the planet!

    Fiat fake money has enabled expansion and consumption of WAR, which prior to money for nuthin’, chicks for free was generally prohibitively cost intensive, keeping a leash on nation building for purely political/cultural purposes.

    The MIC would never have grown to the cancerous empowered parasite that Eisenhower warned US about without its evil twin the federal reserve.

    All part of the plan, baked in the cake, just another business conspiracy to rape, pillage & plunder…

    All supported by the U$ofA$$holes ~ Selfish, uninteresting & improperly educated people that despise the Loving, Healing Creative Power of the Universe.

    This is THE problem, why the collapse of the Sons of Liberty’s gifts has transpired, why there is no -0- hope…

    All there is left to do is connect with the Light within & calmly witness the unassailable implosion of western civilization.

    Oh, there will also be a lot of whinging, weeping & gnashing of teeth by those not in self-centered trances, who will be disturbed by the twilight zone insanity of Klown World, but missing the silver bullet panacea because it’s either too simple and/or archaic…

    Gonna be one HELL of a ride 😉


    The commentary on this site reads like a special segment from the My Pillow Guy’s Cyber Symposium. And, just as factual.

    The misinformation and fear being thrown around in here is truly astounding.


    Even with no vaccine, resistance to ivermectin has been observed in livestock all over the world. Google ivermectin livestock resistance and you will find lots of articles. From what I have read, ivermectin has quite a broad range of action. However, my understanding is that very little beats garlic. Interesting side note: an Alberta farm was robbed of 1500 garlic – pulled right out of the ground at their farm.
    Recipe for fire cider:
    No you don’t need to use all ingredients – the more you use the better the effect.
    Note: I do not let my fire cider sit like this— I just put all ingredients in the blender and bled for about five minutes, then strain out the solid stuff, leaving the vinegar infused with the juices from the garlic etc. This way is quicker, but Rosemary Gladstar is the guru…up to you which way you want to make it.
    Dosage: From Jon Barron for his fire cider (sold in 2 oz bottles)
    one bottle per day for the first four days after you notice symptoms and then one bottle used at 10 droppers per day for the next six days to allow your adaptive immune system to “learn” the pathogen and get up to speed.


    @sumac: thank you.


    Great backgrounder from Jon Barron explaining the limits of big pharma approaches to bacterial and viral diseases and why natural pathogen destroyers are so much more effective:

    Using Natural Anti-Pathogens


    “The misinformation and fear being thrown around in here is truly astounding.”

    This is the money shot, folks – it’s all on us!!! Mainstream has not thrown around misinformation or fear in any way, shape, or form over the past 18 months.

    And here I was worried about my grandchildren’s future. Whew! Relief at last.


    PS : the droppers are just those plastic dropper tools with the top that you squeeze. Jon Barron’s dropper holds 1ml. Again you don’t have to be that precise. I take it with food and dilute it in a glass of water.


    @sumac: understood on droppers. How I take herbs, etc., now. Not precise. We aren’t talking pharma here. 😉

    absolute galore

    The Times, trying to explain away worrying trends, pretending like they know something. (It’s beginning of month, so was able to get in and get a link)

    “The more infection rates go up in the background, the more you’re going to see disease among people who were immunized,”

    “Breakthrough” for Dummies, from the NYT:
    As more people get shots, the percentage of hospitalizations and deaths among fully vaccinated people should rise. This may seem counterintuitive, so it’s important to understand why.

    In a state with a high vaccination rate, a higher percentage of breakthroughs may simply reflect that fully vaccinated people are a bigger chunk of the population, or that there are few hospitalizations and deaths overall. Imagine a state where just two people are hospitalized but both are vaccinated — breakthroughs would account for 100 percent of the hospitalizations in that state, even though these cases were very rare.

    To calm people down about the Delta variant, the Times put a big graphic on the front page, saying that 1-5%of hospitalizations and 2-5% of deaths were breakthrough cases. However, a bit further in, we get this:
    While vaccines have done a remarkable job at protecting a vast majority of people from serious illness, the data in the Times analysis generally spanned the period from the start of the vaccination campaign until mid-June or July, before the Delta variant became predominant in the United States.

    Fun with numbers:
    Although at least 80 percent of people 65 and older are vaccinated in the United States, surging cases could still present an elevated risk for them. ...

    then next paragraph, they switch to total population of a single state, NOT percentage over 65:

    In Mississippi — where only about 35 percent of the population is fully vaccinated and where infections and hospitalizations have been surging — vaccinated older people and people with weaker immune systems have been overrepresented among those hospitalized and dying, according to the state health department.

    Message to readers: Not to worry, they may be vaccinated, but they are still the old and weak.

    Which, if that is the cohort most likely to get severly ill and die, while most of the rest of the population (to this point) has a very low risk of serious illness or death, why are there vaccines?

    It’s basically a free for all, using apples, oranges, and other numbers in whatever way will be most palatable to Times readers.

    Mister Roboto

    The fact remains that the vaccine was supposed to keep you out of the hospital, but there’s clearly no sort of guarantee on that.


    In pondering the *pillow guy* reference a bit longer … there was a bunch of fanfare gushing from Cuomosexuals, who by now may be hiding their heads under their pillows. Is that what the pillow guy symposium is referencing?

    #metoo … go, team, go!!! Wait, that can’t be right … getting so confused. 😉


    Finding ivermectin in Oz

    Owing to the slow spread of the plague here, I’ve not needed to find a source of supply of IVM. It’s a prescription-only medication here, and I haven’t tried importing any from India. I suspect it would not make it through Customs.

    A horse paste exists which contains the forbidden substance. I won’t name it lest it be banned or jumped on or whatever. Yesterday I went to several internet-based outlets and found that it’s out of stock. Hmmm.

    those darned kids

    deflationista: it seems you believe certain things about our current “situation”, and most of these things seem to be in line with what our governments have been telling us.

    do you believe what our governments tell us about foreign policy? yes/no why/why not?
    do you believe what our governments tell us about environmental policy? yes/no why/why not?
    do you believe what our governments tell us about military policy? yes/no why/why not?
    do you believe what our governments tell us about infrastructure policy? yes/no why/why not?
    do you believe what our governments tell us about monetary policy? yes/no why/why not?

    just curious..

    Mister Roboto

    Chris Martenson talks about the MATH+ treatment protocol, and as that involved the “I” word, I should post the video now before YouTube possibly deletes it.

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