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    – In what cases does Ivermectin still work?

    Prophylaxis. After that, Kory et al will update soon. But a scary tweet.

    – How do they test for Delta?

    They don’t, can’t. Handy, because that can hide ADE.

    – Why did Delta behave differently in India?

    Did it?

    – How do we know when it’s ADE?

    We don’t, just like we don’t know when it’s Delta. ADE will be hidden from view as long as possible. Unless someone, McCullough, Kory, etc., rings a bell. Guys who treat people daily, not like Fauci.

    – If ADE is happening in the US, why not in the UK?

    See above: who says it’s not? But too early for conclusions.,

    – Are the vaccines safe for pregnant women?

    Only if you’re making a horror flick.


    Pure Evil.

    US urged to fast-track vaccine approval for children under 12 as cases rise.

    Mr. House

    IM Doc
    August 10, 2021 at 8:42 am

    Good Morning.

    I have endeavored to share all I could about what is going on on the ground in my world. I have had a very emotional past 10 days – and sometimes on the ground reporting as a physician is going to have to include very emotional things. This current situation has really taken a turn for the worse. The patients who are getting to the stage of critically ill are very very ill indeed. It seems they are not responding to things that were useful in previous waves. I am not sure what that means at this point. And although, we have not seen any kids here that are critically ill, I know this is happening to some degree across the USA. Furthermore, I have now seen with my own eyes cases of other viruses that should be confined to winter now making people very sick right now. I fear that our COVID friend may be learning some new tricks.

    We now have multiple doctors and nurses on quarantine because although fully vaccinated they too have fallen ill, just as I did a few weeks ago. So I am going to be very busy and this will be the last report for a long while.

    I have two brand new students with me starting this past Monday. As I always do, I start their rotation off with a very simple statement – THIS IS STILL A NOBLE PROFESSION. I endeavor always to make sure they know that through their entire time with me.

    I have a lot in common with them as they enter their careers in this COVIDtide. When I was 25 and a brand new doctor, AIDS was raging. Death and dying hung in the air. But what kept me grounded back then was the other aspect of being an intern in that era – taking care of the WWII generation as they hit their 70s and 80s. As I always tell my students, go through your life learning more from your patients than they ever learned from you – and those WWII folks could not have been a better font for a young man.

    One of the mystical things about being a PCP is the opening up that happens much of the time right as people know they are about to leave this realm. It happens all the time. I was 24 back then. I do not need to watch Saving Private Ryan to know what life was like for a 24 year old on D Day. I saw it repeatedly in haunted eyes and words as these men were dying generations later. I did not need to watch Judgement at Nuremberg to know what it was like to see the Nazis being executed one by one – I lived it out through memories of a 24 year old who was there – spilling his soul years later to his 24 year old doctor as he lay dying. I could go on and on with kamikazes, Iwo Jima, the USS Missouri, and Pearl Harbor.

    I have also realized that patients will tell me in all kinds of ways that they are ready to go. And I best not stand in the way. And the thing that has become so important to me – this process can be just as mystical as watching a baby being born.

    And as I have learned so many times in the past, life lessons are often given to me as their physician as they are dying – it is one of the greatest gifts of my life.

    This happened this past weekend. A very elderly woman, fully vaccinated, told me in her own way that she was ready to go. This has been a very difficult struggle for her, but she took it with all the grace and dignity that I know she has. Her family has been here in this area for generations and she is as tough as nails. She gave it everything she had. But it was her time to go.

    That morning, when I walked in the room, she looked up at me – “Doctor, there are angels in this very room – Do you see them? – They are all around me. They are getting ready to take me home. I am not afraid. They are standing right behind you and have their hands on your shoulders. Take their strength. They are trying to lift you up. Let them.”

    One lesson I have learned is to not get in the way. When people are talking like that, they are indeed ready to go home.

    And I walked out of her room, and promptly fell to the floor and I started weeping like a baby. I am no longer 24, and this gets harder and harder every year. I also think there is just an overall exhaustion at play. This whole thing is really taking its toll on all of us in the hospitals. There is also some PTSD at play with me personally. Abandoning people to face this moment alone was common in the AIDS era. It was horrible then. I thought I would never see it again – but it is happening all over again now. People dying all alone.

    But her family and her church family were just not going to let that happen. A few minutes later, as I was doing her note, a chorus started to ring out from the windows in the room – an old American hymn – There were about 50 people outside her room letting her know they were right there.


    And they kept right on going with another African American hymn —





    It was a joyous occasion. And as has always been the case – I learned many many lessons.
    But the reason I bring this story up – I think we can all learn lessons.

    That last song is from an ancient story sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims. It has a message that should be visible to even agnostics and atheists.

    I will sum it up for you like this –
    Americans – time is running out. We need to begin to realize we are all on the same team here. If we fail to do so, it will likely lead to 40 more years in the wilderness. If we find it in ourselves to start working together, the milk and honey will be flowing. We are going to do this together or not at all.

    If you are high risk, get vaccinated NOW. All of us should be eating well, exercising, out in the sun, losing weight and getting the stress off. We should all be looking for moments in our lives that are transcendent like I described above. It is very important for all of us to know that there is a higher purpose and we must get there together.

    Live not by Lies
    Live not in fear.



    That a good summary to date

    Social control however means nothing by itself.

    To what end?

    Entertainment, stand on your heads Peasants and spit wooden nickels at your Overlord’s command?

    Food production is so automated less than 2% of the population is involved.

    Same with automation in what ‘industry’ still exists.

    People in the quantities we have on Planet earth are not needed in as great a number with machines and AI consuming more jobs by the day.

    AI automation is accelerating exponentially, not just in making better mouse traps, but in fields like law and medicine.

    As much as I loathe lawyers and cowardly judges, AI is now writing contracts and other law documents in the lower levels, that is every bit as good as today’s lawyers. AI is nibbling it’s way up the legal food chain as we speak. Of course since the rule of law is no longer valued, maybe that’s a moot point.

    In any case, Covid as social control seems rather a drastic solution unless the Overlords are expecting what Max Keiser calls ‘a rug pull’.

    It’s when you’ve destroy the economy, globally, and brought all the suckers possible into the faux equity, bond and real estate markets, and then ‘pull the rug’ out from under everyone and their pension funds and assets in an intentional collapse of all global markets.

    A few keyboard strokes is all that’s required to collapse the US economy.

    If the FED did today what Paul Volcker did in the 80’s to control inflation, raise interest rates to 20%+, the global economy would vaporize, almost instantly.

    ‘Social Control” is needed when that happens.


    That’s still not a URL?!


    Cuomo resigns

    D Benton Smith

    The individuals and organizations of the World Economic Forum may, indeed sound like space alien elitest power intoxicated hubristic wack jobs, but I would remind everyone that they do represent the vast VAST majority of the world’s money and insitutional authority. Why in the world would anyone NOT believe that they are sincere in their what they have said they intend to do? Have their actions aligned with their stated intentions or not ?

    That’s a rhetorical question, of course. We all know why because we are the one’s refusing to believe plain text, looking away from the body bags, and waffling turning the bodies of helpless children into little spike protein factories.


    In the UK, the most vulnerable people, which is mostly the oldest people, were vaccinated first and I think they got the pfeizer. At least the ones I know did. According to Dr Malone (if I recall correctly) the pfeizer antibodies wane after six months or so, so if there is going to be ADE it would be here now in the elderly who got their shots first.

    If the stats are all unreliable we have to go with the most certain thing, the number of deaths. And it is quite low, as if nothing unusual is happening, and all the fuss is about nothing.

    Autumn will be the test.



    IMDOC’s comment is on this comment thread:

    Links 8/10/2021

    Just scroll down through comments and you will quickly find it. I cannot figure out how to link to an individual comment.


    Just wanted to share an invitation… last night I got together with Madamski and TAE Summary and another friend here in Portland, Oregon for dinner and a beer. If you’re in the Portland area and want to be included in our next social get-together, send me an email at

    Also, both TAE Summary and I continue to work on documenting the Tale of Two Narratives with links. If you want to contribute to that, or just want a read-only link to the work in progress, email me using the address above. Please include your user name if you comment here regularly.

    island raider

    The FLCCC has been doing weekly webinar updates. I have found them informative. They typically involve Dr. Kory and/or Dr. Merik and/or Dr. Osgood and/or Dr Varon discussing some aspect of Covid treatment. You can register at the following link. Webinars are each Wednesday at 7pm East Coast USA time.
    I am hoping tomorrow we will have Dr. Kory discussing why the MATH+ protocol is less effective and hopefully he can begin to address the giant freaking elephant in the room… is the MATH+/ICU treatment less effective in vaccinated or unvaccinated or both? That is ADE or Marek’s Disease or ???
    My sense is that prophylaxis and early treatment with IVM will continue to be effective, but once a person’s body enters the cytokine storm/inflammation/thrombosis phases of the disease a different approach may be needed.
    Thank you for the head’s up and link regarding the IMDoc post. Powerful and humbling…

    island raider

    If interested, the following link describes Marek’s disease. Kinda sounds familiar…

    those darned kids

    nc links for today comment-3587201

    i can’t post a link, ever. not broken up, not complete. nothing.

    for example:

    the auto ma tice art h.c om [if this goes through, i’ll be surprised]

    Dr. D

    Democritus. Agree and correct.

    In that sense, we got nothin’ but fear so far.


    Re ivermectin becoming ineffective potentially: this was a question I asked at the outset. This has already been identified as an issue for its use for livestock.
    Why do illness rates follow political lines? Access to health care may vary by geography (for sure between Canada and the US). Overall underlying health will impact ability to fight any disease. Recall that at, as per Zach Bush, the end of the Mississippi River is highly contaminated with glyphosate from agricultural runoff drained into the river, and this has led to a huge decline in the health of people in this region which, in spite of its poverty, enjoyed good health in earlier times.
    Just a couple ideas that might explain the strange patterns in COVID.
    A reminder that garlic has many anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral chemicals, making it extremely difficult for pathogens to develop resistance. However note that medicinal dose is much more than what you put on your salad. Check out fire cider recipes for other ideas.

    Mister Roboto

    I am no longer 24, and this gets harder and harder every year. I also think there is just an overall exhaustion at play. This whole thing is really taking its toll on all of us in the hospitals. There is also some PTSD at play with me personally.

    This is a good example of why I always try to temper my skepticism of the Official Covid Narrative (TM) with the acknowledgement that there really is something going around out there causing significant amounts of death and suffering, and that we should always be ready to make peace with the idea of our own mortality.

    Polder Dweller

    – Are the vaccines safe for pregnant women?

    “Only if you’re making a horror flick.”

    Dr. V. Important, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, was just on RTL news saying how necessary it is for pregnant women to get the vaccine. The reason being that if they do get serious Covid then it can be very serious. No numbers, no further supporting info, just extra helpings of fear.

    Polder Dweller

    You vill own nussink und you vill be heppy.

    Is only a slightly veiled way of saying that we’ll all be dead. No possessions (when you’re busy pushing up the daisies) = no worries = happy, right?


    Just scroll down through comments and you will quickly find it.

    No, I won’t, that’s why I ask for a URL.Just a link to the main site doesn’t get me there. There’s a post, and a comment section, and then a comment. URL for any of those 3 would do. There are 10 pieces at NC every day. Can’t search all their comment sections.


    Fiction is fiction.
    Facts are facts.
    Read fiction to spur you to take the VAX.


    You may not know when it is Delta, but we in the UK do:



    IMDOC needs to dox.
    Sorry. It reeks of propaganda to me.

    Mister Roboto

    Island Raider’s link on Marek’s Disease is worth reading. What it describes is a scenario where a “leaky vaccine” makes a deadly virus evolve, but the vaccinated chickens are mostly unaffected by the disease. What happens instead is that they transmit the intensified virus to unvaccinated chickens who get sicker and die sooner than was the case with the original strains of Marek’s Disease. Might one call such a scenario “Inverse ADE”?


    100% have been immunized with two vaccines.
    Explanations for the outbreaks do not compute.
    COVID-19 outbreak declared at Metro Vancouver care home as cases rise in B.C.
    Published Tuesday, August 10, 2021

    VANCOUVER — A Metro Vancouver long-term care home declared a COVID-19 outbreak after two people connected to the facility tested positive.

    Fraser Health announced the outbreak in a statement Monday, saying a resident and a staff member at KinVillage in South Delta tested positive for the disease.

    While the facility also operates assisted living, independent living and seniors supportive housing services, the health authority said the outbreak is only in the long-term care building.
    “Fraser Health has worked with the site to support the implementation of enhanced control measures,” a statement from the health authority said.

    “Fraser Health is also working with the site to identify anyone who may have been exposed, and is taking steps to protect the health of all staff, residents and families.”

    Outbreaks in care homes dwindled in recent months as vaccination rates increased and case counts fell across the province. However, as case counts have started to rise again, so have the number of outbreaks. As of Monday, there were six other outbreaks in long-term care homes in B.C.

    Those outbreaks were in:

    Holyrood Manor
    Nelson Jubilee Manor
    Kootenay Street Village
    Cottonwoods Care Centre
    Brookhaven Care Centre
    Discovery Harbour
    Four of the seven active outbreaks are in the Interior Health region, which has seen a recent spike in COVID-19 cases.

    Addressing the outbreak at KinVillage, Fraser Health said visits are restricted in the facility, cleaning and infection control measures are enhanced and movement of staff and residents is restricted.


    Peter Schiff: Let The Free Market “Build Back Better”
    “We want the economy to run itself. The reality is politicians for centuries have promised to build back better. But the best way to build is to have the free market do it.”
    Senate Passes $1.2T Infrastructure Package


    my parents, I kind of got that feeling from this IMdoc comment, too. Something didn’t ring true to previous IMdoc comments.

    Mr. House

    Here is a question: Why don’t the PTB get fauci and other MD’s and have a two hour sit down with the people. Go over VAERS and produce facts about the virus IE: survival rate, percentage who have long term symptoms and so on. Isn’t that what you would do if you wanted people to do what you’re telling them when they don’t trust you? Treat them with respect and as adults, instead of lying lying lying all the time and then brow beating? Why is that so hard? I’ve been wondering that since this all began. Which is what leads you to believe they have other motives.


    Especially the “get vaccinated NOW” statement in IMdoc’s comment. Huh??? Wasn’t his previous comment about vaccinated people that are now showing up, quite sick, needing treatment? Impossible to keep track anymore. Data makes no sense. Narratives blowing apart at the seams. People doing 180s overnight. Whiplash!!!!!

    Mr. House

    And Jesus why hide the pfizer contracts? An agreement is being made on our part, you’d think we’d have a right to see what is in the damn agreement? Its like the trans pacific partnership all over again and obamacare. And they wonder why no one trusts them.

    Mr. House

    He said if you’re AT RISK get jabbed now. I don’t read it like you guys are. I imagine he’s under a lot of stress if the old treatments are not proving effective all of a sudden, its like he’s back at square one. That would be depressing.


    @ Oroboros

    I say social control because…
    (1) Dr. David Martin referencing Fauci wanting a pan-influenza/pan-corona virus vaccine and related info in his interview with Herr Fuellmich.
    (2) All of the fear and propaganda and censorship is funneling towards vaccination.

    Vaccination accomplishes:
    (1) money to the vaccine makers and their investors
    (2) fear leading to release from fear that is granted by the oppressor – Stockholm syndrome
    (3) population conditioned to periodic submission of injection of pharmacological substances that can be fine-tuned for multiple purposes (fertility reduction, mind control, making population more docile, population reduction, etc.)
    (4) a palatable reason for authoritarian measures of control: vaccine passports, identity of who enters what building, acceptance of censorship for the “well-being” of the population, etc.
    (5) creation of a pariah class that can be scapegoated

    These are already happening.

    What does the parasitical class wish to do with this social control?
    I don’t have any any “smoking guns,” so we can only conjecture based on circumstantial evidence.


    @sumac, you commented several times on ivermectin growing less useful over time, as have ABs. I followed the link Raul provided earlier to the imask, et al, protocol and see the dose of ivermectin was already much higher than originally recommended.

    Can you please point me to a good link for fire cider recipes? (there are gobs of links, I want one to someone who hasn’t overly messed with the original recipes). Also, are the chili peppers critical? I hate those things.


    Mr House, I get that … get vaccinated if you’re at risk. But considering the known vaccine side effects and the fact he is seeing very sick vaccinated people, why would he recommend getting vaccinated? It doesn’t work so go ahead and do it NOW? But … I’ve grown suspicious of everything at this point and you have a good point so I’ll reconsider. 😉

    Mister Roboto

    I’m with Mr. House. The tone of that post was unusually emotional for IMDoc, and we should just let the guy be a human being dealing with a very challenging situation where people are dying.

    I agree with Polder Dweller that if much tighter social and political control is the aim of this “New Normal”, then there has to be a reason all this coordinated effort is necessary. And the reason that most readily presents itself is that some form of big economic change is coming whether we want it to happen or not. So a plan needs to be in place to deal with it if the rich and powerful are to remain on top, and the populace needs to be controlled to get them to go along with it. Hence why I think the Great Reset may actually be a thing, even if it sounds like QAnon talk to a lot of normies.


    @ Archie – How did you do the link to the exact comment like that?

    @ Ilargi – Didn’t mean to irritate you. My link was to the particular article at Nakedcapitism (the morning “links 8/10” article) that contained the exact comment you wanted to read. It’s their daily news compiler article which really is a stand-alone article. My link doesn’t take you just to their website, it takes you to that one article. The comments are under the article. I just didn’t know how to separate out one comment from the rest.

    I had just happened to read that article and the comments before I came here, so I knew where the comment was. But obviously I need to learn how to link to a single comment. Sorry about that.

    Hey, I have a funny thing going on here the past couple of weeks. When I come here to the home page at TAE, Ilargi’s post will show a certain number of comments up at the top of the article, but when I actually get down to the comment section, there will be fewer comments than what it says at the top. Just now, it claims at the top of the article that there are 78 comments. There are actually 74 comments according to the count at the bottom of the page. Odd. I’ve tried switching browsers and reloading the pages, but I still get different numbers top and bottom. Anyone know what causes that?


    Waaaay back in 2019, my mate and I wondered what was going to happen to all the charitable urges around us. Americans wanted to do something nice for someone.
    Hucksters picked up on it:
    Puppies are suffering!!!
    Cute, pudgy old ladies in the former Soviet Union are starving!!!
    Baby elephants can’t stand up!!!!
    Little kids have cancer!!!!
    SEND MONEY!!!!!
    Never mind that NO money went to “the cause”- it went to pay the hucksters to “increase awareness”. That is, it sustained the ads that begged for ad money.
    I’d rather give money to a panhandler. It’s a lousy way to make a living, but some people can’t be employed and they -for some reason- resist institutionalization. It’s one on one.

    Guilt assuagement is a most lucrative business, and Covid came along and let everyone participate in do-goodiness: give up your [civil rights; humanity; mental health…] for others.
    The money part came in the form of $$$$vaccines. Not free “vaccines”. Fkin’ expensive (and rising) “vaccines”.

    When an anonymous blog post gives you a lump in your throat, beware.


    @phoenix, you have provided good, logical analyses today. 🙂 But I question this particular observation: “However, I suspect that the side effects of the vaccine are much worse than the architects of the pandemic + vaccination campaign had imagined … A vaccine that is too deadly and damaging to the body undermines the goal of social control.”

    Decades of failure in developing a vaccine for coronaviruses and 20+ years’ experience with the failure of mRNA technology use in lab animals gave them all the information they needed to know beforehand the side effects of these vaccines. That part of your analysis doesn’t quite compute.

    I confess to being a person who avoids looking closely at *mass events* that can only be defined as – planned evil? (don’t like that word but it will do). I’m a bit saddened that this last-of-my-walls is being torn down now, but I don’t know how else to view this current insanity.

    The Losers DO tell us what they are going to do ahead of time. Cuomo did that every day for months beginning last spring. Still we didn’t listen, we didn’t believe.

    Even when The Losers decided to cannibalize Cuomo they didn’t acknowledge the more egregious errors he made with his covid policies, they could only be bothered by “hand on the waist” sexual harassment charges.

    At this point I’m not sure what more we will need to see before we believe The Losers have a bigger plan.

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