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    Gustave Dore Dante and the Angel of the Church before the Door of Purgatory 1868   • ‘US In Conflict With Itself’ – Medvedev (RT) • Ukraine’s Cou
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    The last people who are consulted, the last people who are benefitting from anything that goes on in Washington are Americans..

    Tax payers are just tax payers, they get the POTUS election entertainment, what more do they want. They get minimum returns, such as infrastructure, just enough to keep them from rioting. They have no say in who is in congress or any control over the people in congress. They are idiots, for a start they pay tax for all this shit to happen. Life is tough.

    Dr. D

    “If I said 10 years ago that in the future… nobody would believe it:”

    We know this because people DID say it. Over and over and over. Alex Jones for instance. And no one DID believe it. So…we tried that method, as the Good Guys must, but then we turned to other plans that work.

    “On Saturday, he was booked at a Georgia jail and released on bail, becoming the first US leader to have a mugshot taken.”

    Now that’s a sad day indeed. So many other leaders deserved it long before now.

    “attempting to overturn the 2020 presidential election results.”

    Yes, by filing all the legal methods and processes. Legal = Illegal. A ≠ A. Gee, I knew they hated the law and never followed it anymore, but I didn’t realize they now arrest anyone who DOES follow the law and uses it properly. I guess that was inevitable.

    “more Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in the first 18 months of this war than the number of American soldiers killed during the decade-plus war in Vietnam.”

    That’s so off-base it’s almost false. Ukraine lost more soldiers than we lost in all WWII. TWICE as many. Ukraine is also ¼ of the size we were then, so EIGHT TIMES as many as the U.S. lost in our greatest war ever. And can’t take a small village. According to WaPo, this is a bunch of useless, cowardly slinks who are “Casualty Averse”. Since they’re eight times braver than we are, what does that make us?

    “The appointed outside counsel should be someone with “a reputation for integrity and impartial decision-making.”

    Why do we bother to laboriously pass laws if everybody’s just going to ignore them? Just don’t pass any and save yourself the time. The law had only two parts, was well-written and we see why both parts are vital. They then ignored both and much more and nobody cares.

    Attorney General Garland, there is no alternative for the House but to launch the impeachment inquiry.”

    I presume that’s why they won’t do it.

    ““The fact that Joe Biden gave away $1 billion in U.S. money in exchange for my dismissal – my firing – isn’t that alone a case of corruption?”

    Of course not. It’s my Party. Anyone who accuses US, is an unbalanced, fact-free conspiracy theorist. I know that from my couch without looking at or reading anything. Chad just handed me “The Memo”. You in Europe and elsewhere may suspect I’m being hyperbolic. I assure you as an American, I am not. This is literally what 1/3 – 2/3rds of the country believes. And the less they know or read about it, the surer they are. So they are very, VERY sure and like it that way.

    “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.” ― William Butler Yeats

    “Josep Borrell, claimed on Saturday that the sanctions are “producing hard, tangible effects across Russia’s economy,” the IMF has forecast that the Russian economy will continue to grow by 0.7% this year and 1.3% in 2024.”

    While Borrell’s economy is shrinking at 5x that. That’s how you know they’re winning.

    ““The USA has pushed Europe into the competition of who will help Ukraine and how much: a military aid competition,”

    Have we now? Why didn’t the poor, helpless, innocent victims in Europe say “no”? I guess Europe is so weak and spineless we should have “pushed” them into being the 51st state and they’d just have to have said “yes.” Or territory, as they wouldn’t get to vote. This thing with everyone being a victim is just astonishing. Astonishing that it works and their heads don’t explode on contract with the words. Here’s a suggestion I’m pushing: everyone in Europe – or just the EU government – shoot yourselves in the head for me. Since you simply can’t say “no” it’ll green the earth and make more room for the rest of us.

    What, no? Why not? Because you CAN say no? Anytime you want to? And do so all the time? You only say “Yes” when you can blame somebody else for it? Uh huh.

    You must be the “Royal Prince”, “Millionaire”, “World Traveler”, “Victim”. — South Park. Like peanut butter, “Victim” goes with everything! Right Oprah, Taylor Lorenz?

    That’s Europe. Both the Garden, and the Victim. Awwww, poor wee laddies, helpless before the endless majesty that is America.

    “Pressman, a California-born lawyer who formerly worked as an aide to then-US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, has harangued Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government for policies restricting promotion of LGBTQ lifestyles.”

    Well thank God they’re not religious so they can say killing a million Iraqi kids was worth it. This is what we all prayed for back in the dark ages when we were religious, that someday this blight of religion – and patriarchy – would end, so we could kill 6-10 million kids worldwide under non-religious people with names like “Madeline” and “Nikki” and “Susan” and “Hillary” and “Victoria”. Ah, peace at last now that the women – gay women? Are they women? How dare I assume they are women? Are in charge…

    Don’t worry, we here at home feel the same way the Poles and Hungarians and Russians do, and get the same reaction from the same colonists. I think Russia STILL hasn’t had as many people killed as we have. At 30k/year for 10 years using only one method alone, that’s a lot of people. Russia’s probably only lost 60k soldiers so far, a bargain at twice the price. We might lose that many in the Ohio Chernobyl, who knows? Ain’t no doctor going to find out and publish it.

    “Biden administration officials are privately bracing for a “war of attrition” that will last well into next year.”

    Because time doesn’t exist, this “War of Attrition” might happen if we’re not careful.

    “There is nothing that has been done to increase US munitions or weapons production since those reports came out that would allow the US to arm the Ukrainian military to enable it to fight Russia”

    Huh. Why? What’s going on? Do Arms dealers not like money or does Congress not like spending it?

    It’s almost seems like the Left wanted a ethnic genocide of 25M people so they could hand a nation the size of France to Russia. Doesn’t it? Huh. Why would they do that, which was so obvious from about the first 10 days?

    “Interfere in the day-to-day operations of TikTok in the US. … full authority to examine TikTok’s servers, equipment, records, facilities, and other properties, according to the draft. …block changes to the app’s US terms of service, privacy policy, and moderation policies and veto the hiring of any individual involved in data security for the US….submit to outside audits, assessments, code inspections, and cybersecurity checks by supposedly independent entities chosen by the US government. …exclude ByteDance’s executives from security-related decisions, instead deferring to an executive security committee whose actions would also be concealed from ByteDance. The company would be required to foot the bill for these intrusions.”

    This the POINT of regulations. At all. They EXIST to run extortion and interfere. For money. Pay Biden, and all these problems go away! Like Amazon refusing to collect sales taxes for +10 years, giving them a straight-up 10% price advantage, unemploying every worker in every state. As long as it’s illegal, Everyone approves.

    Jimmy Dore was following J Law yesterday, who was trying to avoid direct fire by pointing out corruption in all parties as e.g. a Senator must raise $17,000 a DAY to stay in office. That shouldn’t happen. Great, but WHY DOES it happen? and how can it really be stopped? They only pay the Senator anything because he can DO something for them, sell the donors a product. Remove the regulation and there’s no reason to pay a Senator to jack it for you. And don’t be a child and go Ayn Rand on me: the “regulation” occurs at every level of the court system and always has, if you break, harm, or disadvantage somebody you get sued for damages. The difference is, you’ve have to bribe EVERY court and EVERY judge, which can’t be done and the law gets through. It’s more economical to bribe just one Senator. Remove the power to meddle in every machine screw in the economy nationwide, worldwide – like was originally intended, and remains the actual law – and it all goes away. What? No? What is this?

    ” “No State shall . . . pass any . . . Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts.” — A1 S10 You mean they can’t meddle in contracts, and thus in the free economy? It’s specifically, illegal as the very first law ever written? But that’s illegal! How do they do it, then?

    That’s TikTok, and how you know it’s not “Capitalism”. It’s Capitalism except the government can and does, affect, regulate, control, and erase every decision of every “Means of Production” every day for 100 years. Riiiight.

    ““Russian dissident Prigozhin” WTF? He was “A scholar and a father, a deeply religious man who will be sorely missed” – The Media on ISIS head-chopping liver-eaters. Yeah, Prigzhin and Navalny, practically blood brothers…

    I realize the Trump ad has that whatever it is subliminal Bernays tech in it. It’s “The Memo”. Since I can’t see it, I’m influence-blind, can anybody read it for me and tell me what it says? Frustrating, but we can’t all have all abilities.

    Maui: News it again the dog that didn’t bark, the clue that wasn’t there. Where are the mangled, scorched bodies of all the children? I heard they were sent home from school, so…shouldn’t they all be there? Gruesome, but that’s the reason to keep the media out, because if they’re not in their kitchens and front lawns, where are they?

    The fences are just for fun and the bulldozer drivers are normal Joes who would talk, Hahahahahahahaha! Sure. Super funny. Newsflash: you can’t go anywhere you want even when there’s NOT a fire. It’s private property. But okay, what does the country do for 300 years in normal states? In order to NOT have conspiracy theories and non-stop allegations of cover-up, they hand pick friendly reporters to come inside, CNN even, and walk them around on a leash like always. Not even that. Nope. Sorry. No way. There’s something there. The crime scene is so obvious that even CNN on coke, even NPR with their 80 IQs could see something wrong, and not just somewhere, but everywhere. Or they’d stop all this and have the usual velvet-rope tour with a camera smashing bodyguard right behind them.

    Dr. D

    Btw the allegation they should have police tape up predicates that you also believe it was a crime scene.

    What crime was committed that authorizes this, Polemos?



    Fertility was already dropping from massive widespread pollution,

    women getting educated with easy to afford contraception and deciding they didn’t want to be ‘baby machines’ as a career choice,

    and now massive widespread infertility because of the ClotShot bio-weapon that was designed to kill ‘useless eaters’



    Re the Trump ad. One thing it definitely screams from here in Oz is ‘Make America Great Again’. It is sentiment. Those 80’s when you guys were well and truly deep in the arse of the petro-dollar was a sweet glorious time when people felt very rich and powerful because well – most Americans were, relative to the rest of the world (Australians were swimming in cash in the 90’s though)
    It also says – fuck woke – I’m Donald Trump and I’m with you – biological women and men are so hot right now.
    It also says ‘I am the man of the hour’ – but you will love it and it will be bloodless like swapping keys at a swingers party
    It is speaking to the inner child wanting youth and hope of a dream-like future.


    What is known about the Maui Fires

    Ø School WAS Cancelled

    Ø Water WAS Turned Off

    Ø Power WASN’T Shut Off

    Ø The Escape Route WAS Blockaded Off By Police

    Ø All Hawaii Officials Were Off The Island

    Ø They Did NOT Sound Alarms

    Ø Emergency Alert System (EAS) Was NOT Used

    Ø STOPPED Food, Supplies, And Medicine From Coming Into Lahaina

    Ø Local Organizations Like Hungry Heroes of Hawaii Are The Only Way Help is Getting To The People of Lahaina…QUICKLY

    Ø The Government Wants To Buy All of The Property, Turn It Into State Land, Smart City

    Which Was Their Agenda All Along

    Still think I’m exaggerating when I call them Blood Drinking Satanist?

    Still think singing Kumbaya to these monsters is going to change the situation?





    Concord Hymn

    By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
    Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled,
    Here once the embattled farmers stood,
    And fired the shot heard round the world.

    The Massachusetts Militia started stacking bodies that day cause they had Balls.

    You know, those things real men have.

    “By the time the British arrived at the North Bridge, a force of almost 400 colonial militiamen from Concord and the surrounding area had gathered on the high ground across the Concord River.

    The Minute Men formed up and advanced on the British, who responded by retreating back across the bridge and taking up a defensive position.

    When the British troops opened fire, the Minute Men responded with a volley of their own, killing three British soldiers and wounding nine others. The British troops fell back to the town.

    The British, realizing their vulnerability, decided to return to Boston. Their retreat turned into a rout, however, as thousands of militiamen attacked the British column from all sides. Shooting from behind trees, rocks, and buildings, the Patriots inflicted heavy casualties on the retreating Redcoats.

    By the time the fighting stopped, the British had lost 73 men killed and hundreds more wounded, compared to the Patriots’ loss of 49 men killed.”

    Stacking bodies, we’re approaching that point when a sitting head of the country uses the ‘Just-Us’ department to jail his political rival.

    Sic Semper Tyrannis

    Death to Tyrants



    Duh’merican better grow a pair before they are genetically castrated by the ClotShot being put in their food supply and injected into their babies



    Duh’mericans wear their mental illness on their selves like a Red Badge of Courage

    What a pitiful, lame, demented society

    The Future is So Bright I gotta Wear Shades



    Sasha Latipova.
    Recording from Rofim International Mega Event: Have You Stopped Trusting Yet?


    Countries of the world have been overtaken with money by a global ‘mafia of billionaires.’ Russia and China no different, in my opinion. Lots of kabuki to make it look different. How to pull the rug out from under them?


    They’re going to get their war. It’s what they’ve been planning for,
    And they’ll push until the breaking point is reached.
    So when friends and family fight, they will grin with great delight:
    For the covenant of decency’s been breached.

    When the bullets start to fly, some will have to say goodbye
    To the people they’ve been close to all their days.
    But it’s just too much to bear- with so many who don’t care:
    We will face-off, now- instead of parting ways.

    D Benton Smith

    The controllers of the money KNOW that the “Jubilee” (the wiping clean of all MONETARY debt) is coming and coming fast. Destruction of the US Dollar , for example, cannot be stopped, and many of its companion currencies are going down with it. The way this “forgiveness” of debt will manifest is the falling of value (to near zero) of the MONEY that the system uses to control who gives the orders and who obeys them.

    Note that I said MONEY, specifically, and not “ownership”. Legal ownership remains intact during Jubilee. Only the MONETARY debts are forgiven and wiped to a clean slate (or a clean and fresh new blank ledger book in this case).

    Since ALL MONEY is a form of legally enforceable debt, when those debts CANNOT be repaid
    (meaning not possible to repay under any circumstances at all) then the value of that “money” ceases to exist as well and as a consequence. Thus all monetary debt is (de facto) destroyed (“forgiven”) by the total or near total BANKRUPTCY of the currencies.

    The object of the bad guys’ financial (and CONTROL) game, therefore, is to OWN everything before that unavoidable Jubilee occurs and all of their MONEY becomes worthless butt wiping tissue. And that bankruptcy is happening right now, so fast that it’s set financial heads spinning like tops.

    As to when this happens I can only say what the monkey said when he saw his tail get caught in the lawn mower, “Well it won’t be long now.”


    On, Medvedev (top post) and others who rumble on about a Civil War in the US.

    Supposedly, a potential fight between Repubs, social conservatives, nationalists, Trump supporters — against Dems, ‘crazed’ socialists, globalists, pro-tranny shows, whatever ..

    > Won’t happen, those who predict it rely on, opine, that US citizens on one / other Pol side in the artificial division which means nothing much, rep-dem, one third of pop. about identify as ‘independents’ — are ready to take up arms against others to prevail for what? Win what? Ex. loving Gay marriage? Stopping ppl coming in at the Mex border? I don’t think so.

    What happens in such situations where society is breaking down, slowly to be sure, steadily nonetheless, is that Local powers arise and take control. In the US, that might be at State level, probably a good thing, but maybe hard to achieve, > break up of the USA into autonomous States, at the end point. More alarmingly, the rising power at local levels of Mafia types, Local Militias, Corporate Potentates, takes over, in patches here and there, gangs of one or another kind take over, citizens call on protection, etc. etc.


    Ayn Rand on me: the “regulation” occurs at every level of the court system and always has, if you break, harm, or disadvantage somebody you get sued for damages.

    Dr D:
    Allow me to shoot some holes into that logic with a parenting lesson.
    If I never give a child any limits, then the child — at less than one year of age, mind you — opens the door, crawls to the street and begins crawling down the street. (It was the sidewalk, not the street, but this happened with my twin sons. They didn’t get very far before I figured it out and ran to the rescue, but they did make it to the sidewalk and were crawling down the sidewalk towards the busy street. After that, the front security door always had the double-key deadlock engaged, with they key on a hook at my eye-level.)

    If we rely solely on aggrieved parties to bring it to the courts’ attention that a person or entity is doing public harm, the harm may go on for a very long time, harming the property, health, and well-being of many. Court-mandated reparations seldom adequately mitigate the original harms — often, harms are impossible to reverse. Once the court acknowledges the harm, then, still, the only thing preventing the same type of harm from occurring again, is reliance upon the psychological makeup of the perpetrator being (a) aware of the prior court case, and (b) being fearful enough of potential adverse consequences to avoid the deleterious act. Many believe that threatening adverse consequences is an excellent way to shape human behavior. While it is often successful, it also has a tendency to leave emotional wreckage in its wake, and for some humans backfires completely. (The discipline meted out by the high school vice principal of discipline against my son last year was a perfect example of this — the result was escalation of his behavior until I stepped in in a big way, pointed out that they were in violation of his IEP, and his problems behaviors were from then on referred to the two individuals at the school who had a background in behavioral health. His problem behaviors gradually subsided, and currently the first three weeks of his senior year have ambled along relatively smoothly.)

    An alternative (and often complementary) strategy is to teach people “principles to live by,” — a moral code, if you will — and yet another is to codify a set of agreed rules to follow in specific situations. Both the moral code and set of rules strategy rely on humanity’s ability to think and reason, rather than on the fear response of the ancient limbic system. So, when I’m an employer, I may look to a moral code that tells me to treat employees “as I would like to be treated,” with compassion and respect, and I may look to a set of laws that tell me which taxes to pay, to purchase workmen’s comp insurance, overtime pay for work in excess of 40 hours per week, etc. Yes, there will always be unscrupulous individuals and entities who behave in antisocial ways, bending the moral code and codified rules in their favor. And there will be innovators who creatively come up with new ways to apply the old rules or modes of operation where the established rules are nonsensical. Sometimes, the unscrupulous and the innovators are the same person. Still, the idea of an unofficial moral code and a codified set of regulations is an effective way to educate people into the current accepted way of doing things, or, at least, the way that we would like a system to operate. Morality and codified rules are ways to get humans thinking about how they want their systems to function, rather than simply reacting to fear with the limbic system.

    D Benton Smith

    Our primary purpose must be to care for those we care about. Proactively attacking the enemy is a misuse of resources if it distracts from the more important task of CONNECTING with and CARING FOR those who care about you. Wasting time, attention and energy on trying to do harm to those who DO NOT CARE about you is just that. A waste of time and energy, and this is not a good time to waste time.

    Harming others is a valid action ONLY when if it is necessary to do so in order to connect with and care for those who want to connect and care for you.

    The most caring thing you could possibly do for those you care about is to go connect with them and inform them about what is REALLY going on, so that they can do the right thing. And the RIGHT thing is to take care of those you care about.

    This is not necessarily restricted to other corporeal human beings (although your spouse and children are an excellent place to start). There are non-corporeal beings who care for you very much indeed, and it’s important that you connect with them to the maximum of your capability. Hint: The action is as simple as stubbing your toe, and the return on investment will surpass expectations beyond your imagination.


    If they try lockdowns, they’ll probably declare ONLY mail-in balloting. Local election results will surprise people in many places- few will recall who else was on the ballot except who they voted for (and maybe not even that). Soros types will get into many more places.
    Riots- at first over election results and then for lack of money, food, or things to do- will move out of the cities. Thugs will get shot. The shooters will be prosecuted.
    The govt will send in the guard in some places. Then something bad will happen and battle lines will start to be drawn- but this “war” will be mostly borderless.
    A civilian war, I guess, instead of a civil war (oxymoronic!)

    Sheeeer speculation, but I think the “all mail-in ballots” part is extremely likely.


    The fluff today was wonderful! The birds, the puppies, the stallion, the amazingly talented kid on the handpan!

    Perhaps someone might have an early morning video of school buses headed for the mansions. But hurry!
    Hawaii’s school year started on August 1st and will end on May 26th. (I wondered why the kids were in school.)

    Cannon fodder is also an important investment: let us not let their sacrifice be in vain!

    Veracious Poet

    If I said 10 years ago that in the future… nobody would believe it

    Sure they would have homey, or least 🙄 , shake their head & reflexively *snap* instantly back to their idiot boxes of choice…

    The People have been dumbed-down-to-succumb for so long, from cradle-to-grave, that they wouldn’t recognize “normal” AMERICAN civic virtue if it was broadcast 24/7 🙄

    The People when confronted with anything approaching ethics/morals cerebrally regurgitate & retch, flipping right over to their inculcated responses of That’s Racist, Homo/Gyno/Xenophobic “thinking” of patriarchal/colonist “disinformation” ~ The *agitprop* is so complete, so endemic, that since Clinton a majority percentage The People have devolved into a state where they’re more comfortable with & accustomed to shameless, brazen-faced *evil* than to even contemplate that the UniParty GlobalCap Empire *might be* malevolent in thoughts, deeds & intention.

    The COVID CULTural revolution should have made that crystal clear!

    It’s a Brave New World, where There’s No Shame, Anything Goes!, with gen pop wildly running off-the-cliff enmasse on command 😐

    Watch the following & honestly calculate what % of gen pop would make it 30 seconds into this HS “curriculum”:

    Uh huh, that’s what I thort (probably only 10-20% even on TAE lol) 😉

    We’re all on a train approaching 100mph on a downhill course towards a mountain with no tunnel in place, with every conman, carnival barker, peanut vendor & online “genious” predicting the outcome, which is delusion(s) of grandeur writ large!

    AKA going to H3LL in a hand basket…

    The only solution available is for a *significant* remnant to humbly surrender to The Loving, Healing, Creative Power of Infinite Life, seeking Spiritual Sanity thought mediation & prayer.

    Wonder what the odds of that happening in Sin City today?

    You may have noticed I don’t chase-my-tail with the latest, greatest news stories du jour ~ That is because I learned LONG ago that the problems manifesting *all* have the same *evil* root cause, with the only *hope* *available* contained within the same *simple* solution, that’s work across millennia…

    Ave Imperator, morituri te salutant.

    Veracious Poet



    As I Went out One Morning

    As I went out one morning
    To breathe the air around Tom Paine’s
    I spied the fairest damsel
    That ever did walk in chains
    I offered her my hand
    She took me by the arm
    I knew that very instant
    She meant to do me harm

    “Depart from me this moment”
    I told her with my voice
    Said she, “But I don’t wish to”
    Said I, “But you have no choice”
    “I beg you, sir,” she pleaded
    From the corners of her mouth
    “I will secretly accept you
    And together we’ll fly south”

    Just then Tom Paine, himself
    Came running from across the field
    Shouting at this lovely girl
    And commanding her to yield
    And as she was letting go her grip
    Up Tom Paine did run
    “I’m sorry, sir,” he said to me
    “I’m sorry for what she’s done”




    The Insanity continues

    It’s Humanity’s time to shine like a Rhinestone in a manure pile.

    Rock on



    Nothing left to say

    John Day

    Dr. Jay Bhattacharya: Biden Admin’s Push For Everyone To Get New COVID Vaccine Is ‘Irresponsible’

    We shan’t let them run this drill again, but what else is going on that we should know?
    This may be a distraction.


    Dr. D, I can completely understand why aspnaz, or even jb-hb, want to play the straight man, but Shirley you —you who intimate the primacy of “Logos” in many comments, you who stroll down game trials in the silva rhetoricae— would get the intentional setup. I even put two inconsistent claims in the same sentence together, to make it a bit easier to infer the joke. That you and the cuddleheads fall for this silliness just goes to show two things. One, reading comprehension. Two, narrowly focused attention. Three, some people just want for trolling.

    I take a few months off, and y’all still mired in the same ruts. Whassat ’bout Old dogs? Stale tricks?


    Hey Polemos give us the straight dope beyond old dogs and stale tricks? I’m genuinely intererested 🙂 I mean it.

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