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    Dude. I’m out. I don’t think my postings were off topic and they were not meant to clog the works. Not sure how opposing messaging can get through without at least trying to do so, but the reactions to those attempts seem to add too much noise. I stopped posting a decade ago on all social media because of the dynamics I described in my long rant. I made the mistake of responding to every reaction to what I said.

    Best wishes.

    madamski cafone

    “@Raul: I would completely understand if you decided to start moderating with a fairly heavy hand the way JMG does at his blog. The quality of discourse over there remains pretty high as a result of his pro-active efforts. Internet forums that are a free-for-all have a way succumbing to the myriad foibles of human nature. But I’ll start the ball rolling and try to avoid posting for the rest of the day unless I find a video or an article I think the regulars would appreciate and post that with nothing more than a short description of what I’m linking to.”

    Since some of us feel that this site is something like a college course wherein you have to read all the material in order to pass a test, I think that restrictions on # of posts per days makes perfect sense. But any kind of moderation beyond blocking blatant spam will be a step down the same road as the one we decry as we watch the nations and peoples of the world become far too acceptingly familiar of terms like “lockdown” and “masking”.

    After all, the accepted term is ‘moderater’ not ‘censor’. But what is moderate for one person may be slim pickins for another. I think that rather than appeal to concepts like “reasonable number” or (my fave) “modicum of decency”, all subjectively relative terms that no two people will define fully alike, we should treat this de facto traffic issue as such, and place metrically, numerically defined load limits that satisfy Raul and, hopefully, the rest of us.

    Self-censorship vis a vis concepts like “being reasonable” or “a modicum of decency” are how today’s journalism became a shit-show on skates; and our roles here are a kind of journalism.



    I concur Raul. You do a terrific job of providing discussion points and food for though daily. You have been doing so for years. I remember seeing fewer comments from outsiders in the old days, these were mostly discussing trying to find an alternative to the decaying industrial petro dollar empire and setting the example (much like your annual soup kitchen fundraiser)

    Back then I would skim the subjects you brought up with interest. I would then move on to ZeroHedge, RT, BBC, Channel 4, al jazera, euronews, democracy now, keiser report, the reformed broker, ibankcoin, market ticker, mish, nassim taleb amongst many others to form a fuller picture of a complex worldview. I have always liked the contribution of this site toward critical thinking and still do.

    Obviously, regarding the news we crossed the line during the orange man’s reign (well documented on this site, much to many’s chagrin) and we totally crossed the line when we disregarded other’s bodily autonomy and shut down the planet. We are in unchartered waters now.

    It is hard enough for me to keep up with the mania in the background. Thinking about Raul having to moderate all these comments and then the mania amplifying in the comment section gives me a headache. Let’s all be a bit more considerate to our host and the subjects that are in question.

    On the subject of feeling hopeless and angry with feeling hopeless, I have already commented the need for something real and worthwhile (music, art, self expression, crafts, catering, design, philosophy, sports, gardening, dance, writing etc) but equally important – humour! Try and have a fun time while taking tyrants down a peg or two. It’s the best form of simultaneous attack/defense we have.

    In the UK we used to sing that song about the nazi’s “Goring has only got one ball, Hitler’s are so very small, Himmler’s so very similar, And Goebbel’s got no balls at all…” Mock the buggers more often. It should help the anguish and provide some entertainment value too. Good contributions on this front from those damned kids, dr d, mr house, john day, TAE Summary and madamski cafone on a regular basis here.

    Back to todays debt rattle; The Alison Goodwin video is eyeopening. I would be ashamed of my profession too if such a change occurred. It is totally unjustifiable to disregard informed consent and bodily autonomy. Anyone who cannot see this clearly is a tool for the tyrants or advocates fascism by proxy. Surely we can all agree on this much.

    Now maybe we can get back to singing some songs about fauci, macron, draghi, gates, soros and co.

    Have a good day 🙂

    madamski cafone

    Youtube has apparently been watching us. This showed up in my feed:

    The Neuroscience of Creativity, Perception, and Confirmation Bias

    6:44 minutes.

    madamski cafone

    “Good contributions on this front from those damned kids, dr d, mr house, john day, TAE Summary and madamski cafone on a regular basis here.”

    One should never encourage me.;)

    Whistle while you work,
    Hitler is a jerk
    Cut his weinie
    Now it doesn’t work/squirt.

    Mister Roboto
    D Benton Smith

    (probably) Like many others on this forum I am a “conspiracy theorist”, but not by predilection or preference. I would much rather be a full time ordinary citizen and only “an-occasional-and-part-time” “conspiracy NEWS REPORT consumer.”

    If the official (and well paid !) conspiracy police investigators, conspiracy prosecutors, conspiracy judges, conspiracist jailers and mainstream journalists would do their respective jobs then perhaps that would be possible.

    But, alas, such is not the case.

    And so, back I go to wading through tons of unpleasantness and arcane sciency stuff that is literally wearing out my my brain, my dictionary and my patience. (not doing much good to my pocketbook either.)

    But to be perfectly frank, I sure wouldn’t mind a peaceful ETTWAWHCTKIR (which acronyms the wishful thought of an “End To The World As We Have Come To Know It Recently” ) .

    madamski cafone

    A note about modern media:

    They’re a form of interactive hypnosis, bright colored game-pages requiring low-level thought, just enough to distract and stimulate our basic impulses, but far from self-aware thought. Mostly staring at one area, so that one’s fovea moves very little or not at all, submitting one’s mental motion to an accommodating ‘squirrel cage’, sitting still in a chair as one’s breathing becomes slow and shallow…. hypnosis.

    Primary cause: raw emitted light (first TV, then PC screens). We hook onto raw emitted light like nothing else. Before electronics, raw emitted light meant fire, hearth, home, safety as well as danger. Books, magazines, etc: reflected not emitted light. Magazines require more text, more storyline to suck us in, and that requires moving our fovea to read text, and that makes for a different, less engrossed hypnosis. (God bless readers who move their lips as they read. It keeps them from going into a total trance.) Books/mags require page-flipping, which also mutes the trance effect.

    Staring at a screen of animation moving for you while you sit still and click a mouse and maybe type a few one-letter commands now and then… you can be zoned for hours, especially if you’re blue and dejected.

    And the ads such games proffer should enjoy high yield, because their subliminal aspects go DEEP into the peripheral vision of game-players. Without knowing it, they become convinced that Coke REALLY refreshes, and that taking pills really WILL increase a fella’s manly stature.

    absolute galore

    The firings are picking up steam:

    CNN fires unvaccinated employees for going to office

    Remember the good old days, when you would be fired for NOT going to the office?…

    I am certainly willing to be wrong about the vaccine death rate or the 1 out of 3 dying from ADE–in fact I leave it open as a horribly possibility. My point is always to be as factual as we can in these weird times.

    Not sure if I mentioned this before, but a colleague on the West Coast has a daughter who suffered severe neurological damage within days of receiving a vaccine. She is confined to a wheelchair at the moment. In her thirties, perfectly healthy, a runner, no comorbidities. But my colleague tells me her doctor doesn’t think it was the vaccine. Uh huh.

    D Benton Smith


    Just watch the linked video on “The Neuroscience of Creativity, Perception, and Confirmation Bias” , Totally friggin awesome! Good and useful stuff . . . and very pertinent to the matters we address here. Thankee kindly.

    absolute galore

    As somewhat of an aside, I think what makes so many comments extra really frustrating is the separation into pages. I’ve inquired previously if this is something that can be changed with the theme setting or a widget or whatever. Obviously it would not do anything about the content of posts;^) But if one could keep the finger on the down arrow until something promising comes up, I believe that would alleviate a lot of the angst. If nothing else, it would A. save time and B. make it slightly easier to go back to a day’s thread and find something again.


    I’ve been reading the Automatic Earth for a very long time. I tried to work out how long. Before the crash of 2008 I think. When Stoneleigh was posting on here. And I think I remember the website being called something else, and having something to do with peak oil. So it is quite strange for me to be accused of being mainstream etc, but I am just saying what I think, just like everyone else is. And if it happens to be mainstream, so be it.

    madamski cafone

    “Just watch the linked video on “The Neuroscience of Creativity, Perception, and Confirmation Bias” , Totally friggin awesome! Good and useful stuff . . . and very pertinent to the matters we address here. Thankee kindly.”

    Youtube knows what we want. 😉


    Raul your request is noted and taken on board. Thank you again for all your work. D Benton – I think we are very much alike. OMG the reading list this last 18 months it’s like a college degree.
    Goodnight my friends.

    madamski cafone

    A preferred format could be discussed, albeit briefly since committee discussions on preferences take on a long-winded life of their own.

    Mine would be:

    link videos/articles with at least salient money quotes.

    If a link won’t post as a clickable link, post it “raw”; we can cut’n’paste the link to make it happen.

    Any response made to/at a person or article, either quote the relevant text or address it by their name.

    fwiw, I like the number 5 as a posts limit, but must acknowledge that the number 3 is universally believed to be the charm. By that metric, I am done for the day and maybe over limit.

    Dr. D

    182 and rising. (well this post won’t help much then)

    Fight the facts, not the man. I’m in favor of Deflationista and Democritus.

    The list of paranoia yesterday clearly describes both groups near-equally. But after 50 years of governments and corporations trying to kill us, why would we be suspicious? It’s just ridiculous I don’t trust them when a) they’ve been lying to me every day of my entire life which is well proven, and b) all of US were completely, totally right about what would happen, and all their expert predictions were totally, embarrassingly, fatally wrong. Okay, we’ve done 19 months. So why not sideline all the guys who were dead wrong (where’s my 25 million? Where are my 15 days? What’s with the vaccine passport and boosters that were all an unhinged theory?) and then like intelligent people, we promote those whose predictions and responses were accurate and helpful. I don’t care whose. Like Sweden’s, for example, or Florida, who’s no worse off than anywhere else, and is still better than NY, NJ, and CT.

    That’s not so hard. Evidence is in: they were wrong about everything. Hundreds of thousands of other doctors were right. So get the doctors that were right and replace Fauci and the CDC with them. I mean, duh, this is a meritocracy. If you fail, you go down. If you succeed, you go up.

    I don’t see that. At all. So why? And the people seem resistant to it? Defending those failures’ other, perhaps arguable, legitimate reports? Why? That Robert Nardelli is a swell guy doesn’t have anything to do with how he destroyed Home Depot and took another $210M for failing. We would remove such, not defend them.

    So yes, they have evidence from the state. …THE SAME EVIDENCE FROM THE SAME TESTS THAT WERE ALREADY DEAD WRONG. 99% were unvaxxed. Okay. You did notice the PCR tests has been completely discredited and is now being removed, but because it doesn’t work – at all – but not until December? If heart surgery killed you, we would stop it immediately not 5 months from now, but whatever. We went over that the numbers are collected in a crooked way, with dual thresholds for reporting, specifically to reduce the vaccinated case numbers. These numbers are given to us by state governments, like NY’s, that were completely wrong, had to backtrack, have proven bent or even fabricated. So I would believe them? UK has 40% of presenting be vaxxed, but that’s not true here? Could be but Science asks why and suspects it as that seems suspicious.

    If a scientist had even ONE suspicion, even ONE plagiarism, fabrication they (used to be) removed, suspected, career over. Now we see flocks of them blackening the sky and nothing? Pfizer pays them, openly, Fauci and Daszak are legally likely to be hung for murder, openly, and no motive, no suspicion, nothing? They’re good fellows, up to nothing?

    So that’s why it’s hard to get traction here, although obviously others should short list as I’ve done instead of saying “go away”. Both sides feel this way because two narratives with two authorities are presenting conflicting realities.

    Brings me to today’s Fact of the Day: Aside from being false false false that Trump’s people are at all resistant, — He invented the Vax he says, and DeSantis says “go get it” – some 38% of all stripes have got it, very similar regardless of race, who’s the ACTUAL top, most resistant demographic?

    PhD’s. And that goes with the OTHER thing, MIT (I think) found: the vax resistant were MORE educated and informed than the general population, not less.

    So what are we seeing? People who read stuff are resisting, people who follow authority are obeying, with two competing scientific narratives. That’s pretty typical of science, which is often a popularity contest for nerds, and all new things are learned this way, with great and totally illogical, pointless resistance. There is no Continental Drift, Troy is a fairy tale, there was no urban population in South America, etc. All garbage, all OBVIOUSLY untrue from a single look, all resisted to the DEATH for years, decades, whole careers. Like about cholesterol and statin drugs. 50 years and STILL killing people. Doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong, just: Typical. And this is too. SSDD.

    “NOW – Biden on #COVID19 vaccines: “It’s still a question if the federal government can mandate the whole country, I don’t know that yet.”

    As if they care? They literally known and said stopping moratorium was illegal as h—l, and just did it, and said, “Blow me.” So let’s all pretend anything being “Legal” or “Illegal” matters at all anymore. If you hadn’t noticed from 2008, 2001, 1994, 1971, or 1913. BTW, the 50 year anniversary of complete unmooring from reality, Nixon’s Gold Window, is on August 15th, 2012. It’s possible people have planned a party.

    From what I can see, it is indeed a mirror-world now shattered only into smaller mirrors. But I think they’re losing and not getting anywhere. Decrying “Appeal to Authority” (that’s been wrong for 20 consecutive years) is finally breaking down. SMH. 240 consecutive months in a row of Lucy pulling the football people? Really? How did you not know this from Viet-freeking-Nam? Pentagon Papers? Church Commission? “Remember the Maine”? Whatever.

    “95% of the severe patients are vaccinated”.

    Direct opposite of Deflationista. Somebody is really wrong. Problem is: who?

    “7/10 have gotten a vaccine…” I don’t know if I believe that. Wednesday’s chart said 38%, but that could be old, incomplete…If 7/10 got it, why would they need to push? They won. It’s all done. You’re never going to get criminals or hermits or whoever is left. And why would you care? You’re all safe, call a victory and go home. …So I have to doubt it very strongly from their own behavior. Like election polls, they say it’s true to make you think you’re alone and lost. But because that didn’t get anybody out to the clinics, they’ve now screwed themselves right in the Narrative. Joe, if you’ve already succeeded in your medical goals, who are you fighting?

    A: They NEED a fight. It’s all they understand. So they NEED to antagonize everyone and divide them so that they CAN fight. They masked up again because they plan and most urgently, desperately NEED protests, riots, that they can make violent with the FBI, paid people (now proven) and 1/6 fabricate on y’all. So the POINT was not that 70/30 is true, but to INVENT that specific appearance so the unvaxxed are a minority they can beat, punish, destroy, call out martial law, executive power, all that good and yummy stuff.

    So ignore the crap out of them. They already lost, you just have to not get killed in the last jeep to Berlin. The funniest thing ever is if Biden says, “Lo! No law, NO Supreme Court, I do what I want! Mandatory vaccination, mandatory prison, death squads at down! Look upon me and despair!” …and everybody yawns like he doesn’t exist. And is totally useless and irrelevant. Because they ARE.

    YOU are the government. YOU are the military. They are a tiny committee that is paid by and obeys YOU. Or else.
    Or else we what? They’re so useless and unimportant they’re not worth a bullet. Or else we ignore their banks, their markets and their currency and they collapse in 6 hours. Which they are. Right. Now.

    So THAT’S why they’re desperate to be such antagonistic bastards right now. Don’t give them the pleasure. If they don’t want you to work: don’t. Let’s see how well their supply shortages are fixed when the few remaining people don’t come to work because they’re attacked and clearly not wanted.

    Bye bye nice man.

    “Authorities Are Viewing Their Own People as an Enemy” (SN)” Yeah, like this.

    I am glad to see, in mirror-shard land, ADE if finally popping up all over. …Because that’s EXACTLY what happened to every other mRNA trial consistently for 10 years. Vaccine “works”, but as soon as presented with any wild version, overreacts and ‘kills’ the host, worse than nothing at all. Which appears to fit the data from Cape Cod very well. And is why this will be overwhelmingly clear the instant fall flus appear, that the Vaxxed are the major diers.

    But if I’m wrong, so what? I’ll die of it and y’all can dance on my grave. I ain’t skeered. Anyone who believes otherwise has had most of a year if they wanted. It’ll be their fault. That’s being an adult. I won’t stop them: why do they feel the right to stop me? Let me die if I want to, drink coke, eat cheeseburgers, and race dirt bikes. 50 years of pushing RoundUp and NOW you care?

    The lawsuits are going to be EPIC and hilarious and already are. It’ll be like Bugs Bunny with 500 shotguns going off in their direction all at once. Dodge this. Apparently Canada can’t even prove there IS a virus. That’s up the list for most embarrassing failure in Anglo-Canadian History.

    “Vaccine Hesitancy” Is A Class Issue (Tracey)”

    Speaking of PhD’s, half the CDC refused, and Pfizer’s exec just got busted unable to go to Israel because he wasn’t vaxxed. …But it’s just us poor dumb, whatever-faces. Who’ve been screwed and lied to religiously, in an outhouse torrent, since “that giant sucking sound.”

    So sit back and watch the show. They look like a bunch of muppets, running around with their hair on fire, not knowing whether to s—t or go blind, telling every lie and its opposite, shouting accusations and orders like 6-year olds, while the rest of us watch in amazement like a 4-alarm dumpster fire.

    Are you not entertained? Every day these guys cry and gag and burn, it cheers me up marvelously. Couldn’t be better.
    Because it can’t be cleaned up until the old thing is admitted and removed. We’re going local. They’re not local. The end. 10 days left. Moon calendar for the market fall is a-waitin’.


    Re: RT Project Fear article..

    I can tell when authors have been so indoctrinated by the mainstream narratives that they are failing to see outside of the mainstream narrative box. In this case, it is because the author sees “the unvaccinated” as figuring they have made it thus far, going to continue…not realizing that for a sizable subset of the unvaccinated they cannot be induced into fear of Covid BECAUSE THEY ARE ALREADY IMMUNE, Covid survivors. See, the super-fearful Covid survivors already took the jab. I know of one Covid survivor living in the NYC area who got jabbed despite his immunity, despite knowing the vaccines were problematic because he succumbed to the social pressures and the vaccine passport inconvenience. There are the Covid survivors who go off of instinct and ignore everything else — they figure I survived, I’m immune and look no deeper. And there are Covid survivors like me who feel the need to research the vaccine risks and the particulars of natural immunity. (Either way — the scare tactics don’t work. It’s like trying to get me to be afraid of the dark when I have a flashlight at hand and plenty of batteries.)

    At least this author is helping create the social space for the vaccine decliners to exist in society.
    But sometimes I just wish I could shake people out of the mass psychosis trance, help the to understand that Covid is no significant threat, treatment/prophylaxis makes it even less of one, and the path to freedom is infection and survival — this is the path that Nature/God has given us. Covid vaccination is a form of slavery.


    That’s because over 93% of Britons now have COVID antibodies – acquired from either vaccines or natural infection yet they still want to get all the kids jabbed. Nuts.

    D Benton Smith


    Since I am the person who braced you the most directly, harshly and explicitly it is fitting that I be the first to ask that you not leave.

    You are not a troll or anything like it. I reviewed your posts going back many years and they prove beyond doubt that your positions and opinions are earnestly held.

    In your post to Raul you said, “I made the mistake of responding to every reaction to what I said.”

    I suggest that your mistake was not in responding to every reaction, but in REACTING to every response. It’s an easy and human mistake that we have all made. It’s just one of those human flaws we would all benefit from working on to improve.

    Presenting the views of the loyal opposition . . . respectfully when possible . . . benefits everyone. Ironically, it is a vital part of the Scientific Process that we all claim to revere.


    Over 93% of Britons now have COVID antibodies – acquired from either vaccines or natural infection yet they still want to get all the kids jabbed. Nuts.

    When does it end?


    “Had COVID? You’ll probably make antibodies for a lifetime”


    A prestigious social media marketing group is paying amateur actors to impersonate medical doctors and promote the COVID-19 experimental vaccine on TikTok –



    A study out of Israel just showed that antibodies produced by these vaccines are disappearing at a rate of 40% a month. So much for the vaccine antibodies being better than natural immunity.


    Re Deseret news article

    “ This has brought new questions about whether natural infections are more protective against the delta variant than vaccinations — but the answer is not yet certain.”

    Appeal to ignorance is a logical fallacy in which someone argues either for or against something because there is no contradicting evidence. In other words, it’s based on the mistaken assumption that a lack of evidence is evidence.

    It is also known as argumentum ad ignorantiam (Latin for “argument from ignorance”) and is a type of informal fallacy.

    As mentioned above, one falls victim to this fallacious line of reasoning when they assert that a claim must be true if it hasn’t been proven false, or false if it hasn’t been proven true.

    Ignorance, or the lack of opposing evidence, is the main premise for the argument, hence the name “appeal to ignorance”.

    There are two logical forms for this argument, depending on if the argument is affirmative or negative. The affirmative claim asserts that a particular conclusion must be true since there is no evidence against it, and a negative one declares a conclusion false due to the same reason.

    Notedly, the article fails to address the issue of Covid survivors having more durable immunity than vaccine recipients — instead, it sows doubt and then moves on.

    I am very glad that Israel’s current Covid wave is less severe than the third wave. I find the data quoted to be insufficient. It would be significant to know, for those currently sick with breakthrough cases, and the subset hospitalized for breakthrough cases, *when* was the vaccination received? Is there a correlation between breakthrough cases and how long ago the vaccine was received? (I.e. is, perhaps, the vaccine effective at either preventing infection or preventing severe infection for the first 4 or 5 or 6 months, but wanes thereafter? Is there a correlation between poor health — comorbidities — and breakthrough infections, and/or Covid hospitalizations? Are people who survived Covid and were subsequently jabbed coming down with Covid? Is PCR testing being used — if so, at what cycle counts? Is there correlation between time that has transpired since vaccination and breakthrough and or hospitalization?)

    Because of the data insufficiencies and general lack of depth to the article, I get the feeling that this article is designed to “mop up” spillover concerns that may arise in the flock when/if they encounter data about breakthrough infections. It appears designed to soothe their fears with data that supports the Trusted Media Initiative, and intentionally does not share any data that might cause more concerns to arise. Personally, when I read it, my mind starts spinning questions about the data not included and I find it odd that others (including the author) do not have similar questions. But that is what happens when your thinking has been confined to a box, and you have been deluded into believing that box is all that there is to see. Plato and the shadows in the cave.

    (I know about such boxes. I was raised in one. My marriage was another. When life did not function according to the rules of the box I had to look outside of the box in order to survive with my sanity intact.)

    TAE Summary

    * A Very Brief Summary : The Three Important Questions

    1) How effective are the vaccines at preventing Covid symptoms, death and long Covid?

    2) How prevalent, how severe and how long term are side effects (including death) from the vaccines?

    3) How effective are the FLCCC protocols at preventing infection, hospitalization, death and long Covid?

    Who would cross the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three, ere the other side he see.


    I’ve seen it happen many times
    A band of voices find a forum-
    One comes along and pantomimes,
    Disrupting previous decorum.

    Will you now craft your words to fit
    As backs are patted all around?
    Or will you formally accept
    That here we cherish fertile ground?

    Such fertile ground grows many flowers.
    Don’t clip the blooms for some bouquet.
    The garden- not the vase- empowers
    Desire to read what you might say.


    Clarity of intention and purpose will “shield us” in our quest to hold firm.

    The Goodwin video linked above is brilliant. She gives my thoughts, feelings, and actions/choices a solid GROUNDING. Thanks to Ilargi for posting it.

    NOW, with clarity and purpose – I can ask my vaccinated friends and family why they feel that they – and or my employer or Government – have the RIGHT to take away my RIGHT to decline medical treatment. Why the rush/full-court press/push to vaccinate ALL? Why is that effort not feeling inappropriate in some way to you?

    To ask them why their response to Covid is better than mine – which involves prevention: sleep, nutrition, supplementation (D/C/B/zinc/copper/magnesium/nano-silver), fit 132 lbs. @5’4”, and early treatment (Ivermectin, supply from Kachhela/India).

    To remind them that we are all not at EQUAL RISK. So why are you and others behaving like we are?

    It’s clear. I am clear. Clearly re-centered in my TRUTH.


    @ deflationista
    Thanks for the info on cognitive biases…
    The thing is, my bottom line is this: I survived Covid and am immune.
    The mainstream narrative tells me I should get vaccinated but has provided me no data that would clearly indicate that this would provide a health benefit to me. Various medical studies strongly suggest that my immunity is broad-based and life-long. At the same time, we have data that suggests that the Covid vaccines are much more dangerous in the short term than any prior vaccine I’ve received and, quite frankly, not enough time has passed to gather sufficient data on mid- and long-term side effects of the vaccine.

    Nothing that you have shared challenges my understanding of my own natural immunity, nor the fact that there are a multitude of adverse reactions in VAERS, proportionately much larger than any prior mass vaccination campaign.

    “Safe and effective” is a meaningless mantra without the data to back it up. The mid-term data is just starting to emerge; long-term data is non-existent.

    I acknowledge that I have cognitive biases. That is why I take the time to parse these issues out, and get to the core issues. I recognize that I lack trust in the Establishment, and that lack of trust is what spurred me to look for the data behind their pronouncements and to base my actions (or inaction) on the data.


    On the Zero Hedge article, “China’s social credit system has arrived in America..” (prev. thread posted by Ilargi.)

    My grandfather (my only grand-p who survived WW2) and could tell me stories, travelled all over Europe on a bike (between WW1 – 2), when he was young, there were no controls. The personal touch..

    Some ppl had a ‘Laissez-passer’ – a certificate signalling they were ‘unique, important’ or were ‘envoys’ and were thus due some special courtesies and attention. These were handwritten and sometimes crudely stamped with an official imprimatur, by the ruling dignitaries, officials, of the originating country, district. This was the European system 1500 – 1900 (rough dates, but see link) …

    For ordinary folks making small trips, or even huge ones, which was admired, no certification was required.

    Passports only came in bit by bit. I just looked up the wiki and it seems not too bad? (link.) Now, without re-tracing the history of personal ID, gradually, from (let’s say 1920) the “certification” has flowered and grown.

    The last time I went to renew my passport I was directed to a closed booth and special photo-op (bio-metric pass, photo of iris.) Hmm. This actually would be a great topic for a Book. Really, yes, looking for collabs.

    The US, more so? see below .. than other W countries, uses and promotes the judgement, the singling out, the branding, categorising, of individuals. It has public Credit Scores, Criminal Records (and other publically available registers..), medical records (easily transmitted), a no-fly list, suspected-terrorist lists, and probably more I haven’t a clue about.

    The urge to meld all these together must be very strong.

    Note US citizens did not (afaik) ever oppose any of this, maybe Gitmo an exception, but of course nothing happened, etc. It is an old story, creeping authoritariasm is ignored or welcomed when it viciously targets *dirty, dangerous ppl, scum*, sparing *us, the valiant supporters of our overlords* …

    Several W countries are just as bad (or worse) but less blatant. France for ex. has a category called *fiché S,* ppl who are ‘at risk’ for becoming ‘violent’ jihadists; a dossier is opened, and the person is tagged, surveilled, monitored. Even visiting a jihadist website can get you on there! (in eng)

    Since a year or two, all control and stigmatisation of ppl has switched to the oh-so-convenient medical (hard to counter, oppose, illustrate, explain..) rationales re. COV-19.

    Terrorists are old-hat ..totally passé! Kicked into the dustbin of history! 🙂

    The unvaccinated, deplorable, mentally deficient or deranged, disgusting, plebs are far more dangerous! They have germs in their ugly bodies that can kill you, your sweet gran, your children! No guns or explosives, dark plots, no, just ignorant c***s who refuse to follow The Science!

    Mister Roboto

    You are not a troll or anything like it. I reviewed your posts going back many years and they prove beyond doubt that your positions and opinions are earnestly held.

    Okay, this is where I really think I need to say something. Prior to last night deflationista was merely annoying, but when someone comes charging in swinging a baseball-bat in every direction the way they did on Thursday night, that’s when they become a noxious troll in my estimation, and that’s why my usual forbearance came to a very abrupt and dramatic end. It really seemed as though I was witnessing the denouement of an especially nasty psychiatric episode, and deflationista in their long tirade earlier in the week certainly outlined some reasons why they might be experiencing just such a thing.

    And that, in turn, made me wonder, is both RL and the Internet just going to keep getting crazier and crazier until somebody somewhere gets seriously hurt or killed? (But with four officers who were present at the Capitol riots having killed themselves already, perhaps it’s a bit late to wonder such a thing.) But I should probably remember that I do have low-key Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and perhaps its time for me to take Dr. D’s prescription and not make such threatening mountains out of such risible molehills.

    And also, this probably isn’t the place to post nostalgic music-videos from the eighties just because I don’t feel comfortable having anything to do with Facebook anymore on account of the way the Zeitgeist is manifesting there.


    ‘How a 1990s book predicted 2020- Christopher Lasch’s ‘The Revolt of the Elites’ detailed how capitalism would radicalise the rich’:

    “Here was a revolution backed by almost all billion-dollar businesses and public institutions bar the US presidency, and whose leaders had almost nothing to say about poverty or unemployment. Their demands were for more diversity and racial equality, already sacred ideas among the cognitive elite, all of it accompanied by bizarre, quasi-religious public declarations of faith.

    It was the Revolt of the Elites.

    Christopher Lasch never lived to see his great work published, but since his death from cancer in February 1994, it has developed a cult following among unorthodox sections of Right and Left. The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy warned of a growing cultural and social divide caused by a rapacious free market and the radical politics of the Sixties, one that would lead to extremism and division..”

    Reposting this from yesterday- I think Eisenstein’s piece could have used some judicious editing, but still very good:

    upstateNYer said:

    “I come to TAE to AVOID group think. Ya know, the group think we’re bombarded with every single day on every mainstream outlet. The mainstream BS stats (covid and vaccine) that not one journalist questions. The vaccine deaths that not one person has investigated or proven to be inflated. The chain yanking “the science” has gleefully undertaken over the past 18 months.

    I’m in NY. I know what group think is. It’s vaccine mandates for a job, test mandates for a job, mask mandates, lock downs, failed businesses, people wearing masks when they’re alone walking up a street with no one else on it. Group think is when nearly everyone I know has been injected with a vaccine that uses novel technology never used in human vaccines … and which has NO long term safety data. (a fact even deflat and democ can’t debate). Group think is when parents inject that novel substance into their children. You know, the young people who should have a long time left on this planet but, hey, who cares about long-term effects?..”

    Hear, hear..

    D Benton Smith

    I think there is an extremely high probability that our so-called leaders are listening to ( and BELIEVING, unfortunately) a host of computer driven/ machine learning / Artificial Intelligence algorithms almost exclusively, and ignoring the heartfelt pleas from their consituants and even their OWN hearts . . . because the machines (in service to rather sociopathic but otherwise rational elites) are both predicting and CAUSING human chaos in a feedback loop.

    Since machines are not conscious these AI solutions cannot actually evaluate ANYTHING. They can be programmed to simulate conscious evaluation of what is good or bad . . . but ultimately these simulations are just that. They are simulations. FAKE. Fake now and fake forevermore (Dawkins, Kurzweil, their ilk and their sophistry be damned!) .

    It is also highly probable that the way out, realistically, is going to be the more or less catastrophic collapse of the highly complex technical apparatus that made such robo-tyranny possible in the first place. Our job is to save the pieces (and our loved ones) when that goes down.


    4) Why has there never been a clear definition of a “Covid case” ?


    “so why then do you suddenly trust a government-corporate cabal when they tell you to hide in your homes for years and submit to an untested drug that’s never before been used on humans and for which they have zero liability? Why do you allow these nefarious professional criminals to convince you to turn on your neighbors, friends, and family if any of them dares to question the approved narrative? “

    Vaccines, Variants, and Vilification

    900+ comments

    A Pandemic of The Vaccinated – Does The Vaccine Create a Pathway For A More Dangerous Variant?

    Mr. House

    Karls eyebrow went up when looking at jobs data

    Figmund Sreud

    OK, folks, I have been following teachings of Dr. Richard Fleming on this topic of COVID-19, … and largely accepting it all as presented, … as perhaps, just closest to being most probable. But, … just lately, my inner feeling is that he becomes more and more a possessed person on a mission… more a Fauci Hunter than a doctor he probably is. Here is on him/his latest:

    COVID Criminals WILL Be Held Accountable, Says Atty. Dr. Fleming in Warning Against Novavax
    … any comment on this would be greatly appreciated.


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