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    René Magritte The human condition 1935   • Fauci: ‘Flood’ Of Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates After Full FDA Approval (USAT) • Covid19 Vaccine Efficacy
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle August 7 2021]


    I can barely believe that Tucker Carlson is one of the few folks on US tv making sense of the Corona-panic..

    Check out yesterday’s revelations.
    We’ve been hit over the head with bullshit for the past year and a half!


    Examine this latest UK gov report released yesterday.

    Check out pages 18 and 19.

    253 deaths in unvaccinated with delta / 151,054 unvaccinated with delta = 0.167%
    402 deaths in vaccinated with delta / 47,008 vaccinated with delta = 0.855%

    You’re 5x more likely to die from a Delta infection if you’re vaxxed than if not.

    That the UK gov. telling you that. That’s ADE right there.


    This is the most comprehensive Covid treatment protocol I’ve come across.

    It’s even more comprehensive than the iMASK+


    Israeli data shows that Pfizer ‘vax’ is utterly useless against Delta.
    Check out the lower right pane – “July 4th – July 31st” :

    V. Arnold

    René Magritte The human condition 1935

    Ah, more of Magritte’s magic…brilliant…

    V. Arnold

    Ilargi re; yesterday’s comment by you; please. please, do step in to stop the theft of your precious blog by a few galoots here, interested only in their own aggrandizement…
    Your’s is a rare gem in a sea of flotsam…


    “Tens of thousands of people who volunteered to be in studies of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines are still participating in follow-up research. But some key questions won’t be easily answered, because many people who had been in the placebo group have now opted to take the vaccine.

    How convenient!


    Iceland data: Delta variant has taken over all other variants & vaxed individuals can contract it relatively easily & spread infection; around half of those hospitalized have been vaccinated.

    ” …it has become clear that vaccinated people can easily contract it as well as spread it to others… ”

    “COVID-19 in Iceland: Vaccination Has Not Led to Herd Immunity, Says Chief Epidemiologist”


    Tell me when to stop Raul 😉


    SCOTUS asked to block Indiana U C19 vax mandate: students filed an emergency appeal at the SCOTUS, asking justices to block enforcement of IU’s requirement, which they said violates their constitutional right to bodily integrity under the 14th Amendment.

    V. Arnold

    Thanks for your support yesterday…
    from a Long Island NY’er


    Re “risk reduction” this is from the end of the Lancet article:

    “These considerations on efficacy and effectiveness are based on studies measuring prevention of mild to moderate COVID-19 infection; they were not designed to conclude on prevention of hospitalisation, severe disease, or death, or on prevention of infection and transmission potential. Assessing the suitability of vaccines must consider all indicators, and involve safety, deployability, availability, and costs.”


    Nothing needed to add:


    “Very rare” – now, where I have I heard that before?!

    “Canada now lists Bell’s Palsy as possible, though very rare, side-effect of Pfizer vaccine”


    Ding! Ding! Ding!
    We have a WINNER:

    What a hoot. We’re gonna be seeing alot of droopy faces in the months ahead!

    I know – that’s sick humour.
    But I just don’t care anymore at this point.

    V. Arnold

    Stampedes are easy when the herd is grazing and everything is relatively quiet…
    But this herd is deaf; and even a gunshot in the quiet of the night will barely be heard…
    Today is most dangerous…but nobody is awake………………..


    Germ, you are dividing by the number of people admitted to hospital, overlooking the fact that more unvaccinated ended up in hospital. You need to divide by the number in the population who got the delta.


    “How to redefine “rare”: “..34.9 percent had received two doses..” Again that’s 34.9 % of the people who were admitted to hospital, not the percentage of the people who were infected. How many people were infected but did not go to hospital? How many people did not even have a test?

    Dr. D

    Magritte: “The Human Condition”: mistaking the map for the territory. Same as “Ceci n’est une pipe” You’re seeing your MIND, not ‘reality’. If you were looking at reality directly without the intermediary of your mind, you would know it.

    We’re in deep comments and all against the wall, but maybe some additional donations would make it worth his while? They don’t have to be for him, under his control, they can be sent to Athens or any other place of need. Keep it open: we’re at a emotional peak and will figure it out somehow.

    Quite a number of Covid sotries being pushed, but as Pool says, every one seems a little too “on point”. “Whyyyy?” one man screamed as he clutched his respirator, “WHY did I not just make the vaccine??? Now I’m going to die, die. …Die. Doctor, my dying wish is that you escape to tell others. Tell everyone: do not do as I once did. Save the vaccinated from the disease they’re already safe from. I beg you.”

    Poppin’ up everyhwere. Like the Dr. in Alabama who claimed that just happened when nobody had died in months.

    FAKE DOCTORS PAID TO PEDDLE JABS ON TIKTOK“ Like this. And all along, actually.

    He’s the problem: everything they say has been a lie for 21 years, so even if they’re telling the truth no one believes them.

    Dr. Benton, yes, materialism is their religion which like other religions has TERRIBLE problems they are blind to, and is now running their own Jesuit shock troops. Same as before, there was no “Catholic” (because what would you compare it to?) it was “just the way things are”, everyone was Christian, with a similar worldview, so it was hard to distinguish the Inquisition from the background culture. So today. And it’s unconstitutional to have State Religion and theocracy. I do it regularly for this same reason, they are dangerous zealots of a weirdo religion. I ask, “how does the body heal itself” well, cells and stuff. “Great how does it KNOW” to do this? How does it remember what your finger looked like to grow it back the same?” Crickets. No idea. Never once thought of it only one level down. How? Consciousness. If you don’t understand that, and time, which are everywhere, in everything, you understand nothing, and they don’t. …Nor me either, but at least I can say so. Live in a magic world of wonder, looking at the creator, these self-organizing currents that come and go forever.

    Irony, and affront is that they hate religion with the heat of a thousands suns while being one and exhibiting every bad habit of one, lacking none. Not even grooming little boys in the choir box, they’re outrunning the Pope on that one too. Know thyself.

    They worship machines, so no doubt they’re following AI, or as we say it: “Sniffing their own farts” and “Believing their own bulls—t.” Is they won’t leave their hermetically sealed air tight bubble because they’d have to get within 100 miles of a filthy deplorable, they have no way to realize how out of touch and out of control they’ve become. Which is ideal. They didn’t realize THEY’RE THE PROGRAMMERS, so reading their program output is the world’s tightest echo chamber. How dumb do you have to be? Their whirlpool gets smaller and smaller and faster and faster, expelling adherents at the speed of light until there’s no one left but that one, perfect, Science-ordained messiah like “Mr. Science-n-Stuff” on TV. Turns around, like a cartoon, no followers. Alone in the street. Everyone looking at them, naked and smeared in s–t wearing a tiara. Even Mr. Roboto is willing to vote straight-enemy to stop their genocide, the same equation that got Bernie and Trump going with earlier adopters going back 8 years. And it’ll end, but who are you convincing? Who do you think you’re adding with this behavior? The Right has their own problems but you can’t even see it anymore over the new flood who say “we agree to debate stuff and leave each other alone, have a beer.” You don’t have to agree with them to know that’s the side of the road you’re truly safe on.

    I think with the rising emotion even here: they’ve “Had enough”; they are breaking and that Covid pivot day will be right soon, strangely matching the 50th anniversary of Nixon in 8 days. Sorry Deflationista if you’re caught up in this. If we’re right, you’ll understand later. I grasp that since we get a pipe-fed fire hose of “The Narrative” everywhere else, they don’t prefer that here as well. Although to me it seems a slow 180 as I protested against the commenting public right here a year ago, but with not as much high emotion. Now I’m on the majority side, I feel like I should switch. (but can’t: Logic.)

    Amish sort of chose by lottery. They are chosen by the people as both competent candidates, then drawn randomly from that smaller pool. Just enough so there’s no point in wasting time trying to be great leader personality as your odds are like 4:1 anyway. So they’re also somewhat conscripted to it like we once were in Congress, before everyone abdicated their duties to specialists and “experts”. We can do that again if we just want to.

    Adding to Yeadon, Cornell PhD chemist Collum also says Fauci is a pathological liar and his science is full of s—t. His science makes no sense, at first glance, from any level, and is illogical to itself. …If you hadn’t noticed. We have.

    Iceland, near-zero efficacy. Really? It took –ZERO– for anyone to notice and complain? BTW, this is going around as a Pfizer footnote, since they knew all along but needed to give known poisons like graphene.

    Sadly “they”, the White Hats, are definitely going to let them approve and put in mandates before they act much. People need to know and they’re VERY slow learners. It needs to be undeniable what we escaped as a lesson to others.

    Early Signs Covid-19 Vaccines May Not Stop Delta Transmission (R.)”

    As they don’t know their own writing and science – cuz: journalists, the guaranteed illiterate – pharma never said it WOULD stop transmission, just that it would keep you safe. We argued this at the time, and VDB and Denniger bc non-sterilizing. Reporter and Politcos just said it would cuz reality-is-whatever-I-thought-just-now.

    Swedish Professor Says 5 Shots of COVID Vaccine May be Necessary (SN)”

    First zero since masks would work, then one (that Joe and Kamala promised to refuse) then two, then 5, and as I’ve said, 50: two a year until 70 for a man of 20yo. …But they won’t be done. The Wendigo of profits has to INCREASE each year, consume more, grow bigger, forever. And we have a name for that: a cancer. It’s fatal. The market is at that point now, with nothing left to consume and must go down.

    “CDC Director Makes Case Vaccination Passports Are Futile (CTH) “

    We are breaking through. Just need to hold on to human rights a little longer. This is inevitable as a consequence of pathological liars, although I’m sure nobody thought it would take this long when they put Tony in front of a camera 24h a day. You couldn’t tell from Day 3 or his own emails?

    the Prime Minister authorised planning for “firebreak” lockdowns

    As they’re lost, I just read headline NBC “How Britain, on the brink, turned around and is recovered and open and double-plus goodly now.” Huh? Reading daily, that’s not true, but illiterate reporters from NYU never heard of “Google”. Then this sort of article. How? Discrediting themselves until we no longer believe and then divorce them. Like other abusive narcissistic sociopaths Johnstone could describe.

    Australia’s ‘Covid Zero’ Days May Be Numbered (ST) “

    Well if they never want to open up again, like North Korea or Sakoku under Tokugawa, this is a good way to do it. If they ever plan to trade goods, get iPhones, or join the human race again, not so good. Worse than prison actually, which has an end date. DumDumDumDumDumDumDum. And haven’t they “Smashed the Curve”? Almost no cases. All along. But then…? We can never open up and need totalitarian control forever.

    Speaking of, Joe + CDC love child say CDC legally now has complete dictatorial control of everything forever. Yes, if you can just confiscate all goods, never pay rent, shut down any where or any industry, any person, or open up anywhere, like WalMart, Amazon and your close personal fiends, so….what do we have Congress for? S.C. said, “Uh, duh, obviously not”(Only CONGRESS can trample all law and human rights). Joe said, “Suck it peasants. Make me stop.

    Interesting legal argument there, Joe. “I know it’s wrong but do it anyway”? Don’t know if courts will support you on that, and therefore there is NO contract between people and government WHATSOEVER. End of all authority. Jungle Rules. You won’t like it. We’re going to divert but people need to see it, feel it, suffer by it.

    US Last In Health Care Among Richest Countries Despite Spending Most (Hill)”

    As I usually say. We spend more than Switzerland since Obamacare, who spends more than France where you can get all maternity, both genders, and a daily home nurse. We get not even Peruvian clinic care, and more likely a kick in the teeth (which are also not covered). All run by the government, all since they got involved around 1990. Congress oversaw and demanded the whole thing, every step approved, required by law. And you want National Health Care? Can you see why they pushed for it (and removal of guns) so hard for decades now? Where would you be if they had got it, with no ability for Doctor dissent at all? And universal medical records, accessible at grocery and restaurants?

    Never. Trust. The. Government. I don’t know what history has to happen for that to sink in to people. You’d think the 14th century would have been enough.

    Germ: ADE. Yes, that’s why they have to get the vax now. It’ll be waaaaaaay too obvious to hide in even a few weeks. 0%? In the top vaxxed countries?? Gee, is having the same bad reaction to the same non-vaccine you had during 10 years of testing, replicating and re-proving it, “Science”? Yes it is. They triple-checked the mRNA experiment. It kills.

    Songs to Sing, from someone who Johnny said wrote perfect songs:

    Yeah, he said all these things years, generations ago. Nobody listened. Nobody done nothin’. Well now you got no food: can you hear me now?

    Dr. D


    This song is set to the tune of Mr. Sandman.

    Dr Fauci
    You gave us “vaccines”
    Big pharmas profits, they went to extremes
    We tried protesting in the rain and the thunder
    Uncle bill got vaxed, now he’s six feet under

    Oh Fauci
    Youre such a cunt
    You say youre a doctor but that’s just a front
    CDC, NIH but we all can tell
    “Medical science” is now one big cartel

    Hey Fauci
    Take it from me
    Why don’t you get lost and make like a tree
    Adverse reactions, from shingles to coma
    Your days of popularity are over

    Hey fauci
    Who paid you so much?
    Flip flopping questions that you don’t want to touch
    Backing the advice of “medical experts”
    The media propaganda is so bad my head hurts

    Oh fauci
    Say it aint so
    Money seems quite funny in the WHO
    This whole charade makes me feel sick
    Being “vaccinated” by such a tiny prick

    those darned kids

    thanks for the great work, germ.

    Dr. D

    And like John here says, now like an American I have to go work all day for peanuts, a kick in the teeth, the scowling of my neighbors, or likely no thing at all.


    Many thanks Germ. Great work!

    And many thanks for this blog everyone. I love it here.

    those darned kids

    it’s too bad these leader types don’t suffer from “balls palsy”, thus preventing future generations of leader types.

    nice song, zoid. needs a title: “hey, mr. vaxxer”.

    try to keep caring, germ. people are in trouble and they need your clarity.


    I first heard Dave Collum being interviewed by Max Keiser, and then by James Kunstler. The interviews were mostly about economics. But he’s very funny. He’s a professor of chemistry at Cornell but has a knack for money trends.

    He writes a very funny and pithy year-end summary he calls The Urine Review.

    Anyway, he tears Fauci a new one and tees off on all things Covid in this radio interview from:

    Quoth the Raven #260 – Dave Collum August 4, 2021

    Mister Roboto

    I won’t attempt to speak for anybody else, but I thought yesterday showed an improvement in the comments section, and I hope I was able to be part of that improvement. I always try to sweep my own doorstep first, these days.

    If some of us have been taking excessive liberties with posting lately, I think that may have to do with the fact that these are rather anxiety-spiking times. Such times can make us a bit more “gabby” than we should ideally should be as a way of processing these feelings.

    I posted Eisenstein’s third article in the “Girard” series on Facebook last night with the announcement that I was probably going to be away for a long while. And this is after only posting two or three links to eighties music videos for the past two months. BTW, I recommend periodically re-reading all three article in that series, as he gives your mind a lot to chew on in them. 🙂

    Mister Roboto

    And I actually just posted a link to the first of Eisenstein’s articles in that series by mistake. Here is Part 2. Here is Part 3.


    pathological liars

    No lies. No misleading. No omissions. No suppression of knowledge.

    Only the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    The public is awash in lies and misinformation about COVID-19 and the vaccines, “they are being misled.”

    sea of lies on social media.


    Why have none of our media leaders never told us the “Absolute Risk Reduction” of the vaccines?
    What is the “Absolute Risk Reduction” of the HCQ, vitamine D, zinc, Ivermectin?

    Someone with a degree in math can make the numbers tell any story that they want.

    I just noticed that there is a positive improvement …… when going to next page of the comments

    I’m noticing and wondering if some of the frustrated unwashed of the world have decided use fire as a weapon against the establishment. (wildfires everywhere)


    Dave Collum from Zero Hedge

    He’s A Pathological Liar”: Cornell Chemistry Professor Dave Collum Unloads On Dr. Fauci And Covid Hysteria

    The take away quote:

    “And you know what else is psychotic? The moment where it crossed the dotted line was December 2020. The vaccine had been out for a very brief period. The CDC Tweeted, I can recite it almost verbatim, although there are no studies, there’s no reason pregnant women shouldn’t get the vaccine.”

    He continued, exasperated: “You’re telling these women who are told don’t even drink a fucking glass of wine’ to get a god damn MRNA vaccine even though there’s no studies?”

    “That showed you the sociopathy of the campaign,” Collum concludes…..”

    Mister Roboto

    ‘This is a dystopian world we’re living in,’ he said. ‘The public is awash in lies and misinformation about COVID-19 and the vaccines, they are being misled.’

    Such utter, unbelievable projection. But projection is certainly something you get with Cluster B personality disorders (narcissism, sociopathy, and borderline-ism), as well as with burgeoning totalitarianism.


    I’m sort of [6 degrees removed] proud that Dave Collum is from Cornell, right here in NY state. Shows that not everyone in NY has balls palsy. 😉

    Btw, some of the commenters here have a wicked sense of humor and are talented in bringing that across in writing. Many thanks to all of you. Sometimes your comments are the only laugh I get in a day.

    D. Benton: enjoyed your comment on consciousness yesterday. Well done.

    madamski cafone

    Regarding today’s Magritte: wee excerpts from a story I wrote for my wife about her and I:

    It was a big train, as long as the world is round, but narrow the way trains must be to stay on the tracks. Inside was warm and bright with lots to eat… but so cramped. The rails running underneath were like prison bars to the wolf. He’d roam the aisle restlessly, and got off most every stop.
    She wondered why he preferred the woods, cold and dark, to the cozy light of the train. He tried to explain that most of the world was out there, not inside the train, and he couldn’t live without the world.

    “Why?” she asked. The train was in the world. You could see out the windows, and it stopped at stations, sometimes staying overnight.

    “It’s where I find god,” he explained. Wolves can talk. This wolf talked a lot, always trying to share the world with her. Especially, he wanted to share the glimpses of God he found out there. “Hard to see with all the lights on board. Even the cleanest windows show reflections from inside as much as the world outside.”
    He learned, eventually, it took many many years, that what most people saw outside the train was darkness, where he saw starlit snow and things like the light in an owl’s eyes or the moon in clouds. Sometimes there were campfires he could approach and, if he was careful to wear that wool suit, they’d let him warm up a bit and eat something good before running running running to meet the train at the next stop.

    As he grew old, he had to stay on the train, nose glued to the window when he wasn’t sleeping or watching the world from the tourist car. Always moving away, always passing by. The world, he knew, was not his to keep any more than it was his to own. It belonged to God, as do we, even though we seem lost and don’t know if we’ll ever get home again.
    It wasn’t just age that kept him on board. It was how she finally understood that he’d never wanted to get away from her, nor, for that matter, away from the train. The train was cozy, the food good.

    It was the reflections that bothered him. How people saw themselves out there, outside, in the world, when all they really saw were their reflections in the windows, superimposed against the forest vista rushing by outside, moving so fast it was gone before you knew it, replaced by the next. Nice enough to watch, but more illusion than reality. Just scenery in a picture frame, always changing so fast there was nothing you could call you in it, that is, nothing you could belong to.
    <end excerpts>

    And, of course, a song:

    Magic Mirror

    My second favorite mirror after my wife’s eyes:



    Predictive Programming:

    Mister Roboto

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo apparently also misappropriated state resources as part of his list of, shall we say, “impeachable” behaviors.

    As Paul Joseph Watson said in the video linked somewhere above, “Us, and Them”.


    Incoming ……… !!!

    “Government draws up contingency plans for ‘firebreak’ Covid lockdowns over winter”


    Sorry if this link has already been posted here, but I saw on JMG’s hypothesis blog and it appears to be a legitimate analysis of potential vaccine associated deaths. The math is a bit difficult to wade through, but the outcome seems rational. Thoughts?

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