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    those darned kids

    “the louder you speak the more aerosols you emit. It sounds like a joke”

    indeed it does. to wit: that’s why mr. trump is such a superspreader!


    > indeed it does.

    “Quiet, Proles- you’re spreading the viwus!” / pass

    Mister Obama’s well-publicized birthday party

    class analysis can be helpful

    those darned kids

    for the brainiacs: Lost in post-translational modification—Dengue virus writes its own sequel [july 2, 2021]

    Abstract: Elevated frequency of afucosylated IgG1 antibodies during dengue virus infection is associated with prior infection and predicts severe disease.

    all about ADE. i actually found it on page 213 of a google news search. [have a great retirement lt. ade, the atlantic county sheriff’s department is gonna miss ya’; rest in peace, ade sponberg]

    ht tp s: // im mu no lo gy .s ci en ce ma g. or g/ co nt en t/ 6/ 61 /e ab k1 55 5

    madamski cafone

    “Yeah, he said all these things years, generations ago. Nobody listened. Nobody done nothin’. Well now you got no food: can you hear me now?”

    Oh, we listened. A lot. Great song. Almost got laid by it once. So close…😉 but did we hear? Oh, we even heard too. Most of us Boomers who drove those record sales knew what he meant. We’d seen the USA in our Chevrolets and knew what small towns were and wished there were jobs in them so we could live there.

    Movin to Montana

    But there were no jobs, and we are conditioned to have “jobs”. So we went from being hippies to yuppies.

    We heard it as we hear everything in this culture: a media fever dream, a manipulation of senses, ideas, and emotions that never connected to the physical reality by which we live: “That was Johnny Mellencamp, yup, what a name, huh? Great guy! And now, a word from our SPONSORS…”

    We listened, we heard, we felt, sometimes even cried. (Good maudlin drinkin’ music.) Then we combed our hair and applied for a job so we could make money, and that was that. Mammon wins again. Almost always does these days.


    “He continued, exasperated: “You’re telling these women who are told don’t even drink a fucking glass of wine’ to get a god damn MRNA vaccine even though there’s no studies? That showed you the sociopathy of the campaign,” Collum concludes…..”

    Didn’t it just? Eventually, TPTB run out of foreigners to destroy/enslave for profit, and come to rely on their domestic constituents. Talk about a Great Reset. Contracting empires have no choice but to eat themselves.


    “White House vows no more lockdowns of schools or economy despite COVID’s rise
    “The promise came as some teachers unions aligned with the Democratic Party call for the school year to begin with virtual classes, not in-classroom learning.”

    This fits in with ‘just get vakzed and all will be ok’, I guess. But they just can’t shut things down any more, I think. AI has to be telling them that the people are getting kinda… fizzy. Ready to pop.

    Popping people. I think I’ve brought up the Delphi pool effect before. Its opposite is today’s shepherded internet, where everybody knows a bit of what everybody knows, and conformity rather than accuracy of knowledge prevails. Break the web, and have people talk face-to-face, and that spell diminishes, and people experience new insights and share them with each other in a way that reduces the grip of their previous consensus reality as it moves toward forming a new one. During that transition period, much wisdom and resilience will avail as people make ad hoc single decisions but in a group context: primal Delphi effect. (The correlation I make with the Delphi method is a loose, sideways correlation based on the Delphi method’s principle that the more people rely on their own opinion and not that of their neighbor, the closer the aggregate of all these opinions comes to the truth.)

    Delphi Method


    “Why is everyone so pissed off at the government for not doing its job ? Isn’t the government hired and paid to provide security to “good” people by taking away the freedom of “bad” people . . . by force if necessary?”

    First we must beat our chests a bit, DBSmith. Part of the process. Then we beat each others’ chests. Only briefly, because we’re close to each other and get hit back. Then we turn our attention on some vile Other and advance upon them, first beating our chests, then them… then each other again.

    Vakzinazis turn on us, we turn on them, but always, always, we turn on each other first to decide who will lead the local revolutionary struggle to see Who Will Be Master of us on our March to Freedom where we will be free to beat our chests and each Other that we encounter or anoint.

    After awhile, the thing gets big enough to sell out major venues:

    Got to Fight the Lion!


    “US sends in B-52s in desperate bid to stop the Taliban seizing key Afghan cities”

    We’re so cute. We make the Taliban, the Taliban breaks us. So we carpet-bomb like, like, like primates beating their hooting chests. Methinks the Pentagon doesn’t trust AI that much? AI would surely know better than to do such a thing– although that requires it have full access to all data, and the Pentagonians are ultimately self-serving dream machines like the rest of us.

    Imagine AI fed GIGO.


    madamski cafone

    “In the past, I have shared dreams here that I believed were related to the quasi-pandemic or TAE, and I trust that I am not contributing to “comment pollution” by doing so.”

    Any culture that shames personal sincere sharing is a toxic culture. If a vistor or the curator wish no more such sharing, it can say so, citing it as its preference, not a ‘fault’ of the dream-sharer. Sharing oneself is “comment pollution” only in toxic social settings, i.e., 99.9% available online or off… in my illustrious opinion. The struggle is to keep a social venue from becoming essentially toxic in terms like the Golden Rule, not ideologically or topically in synch with some imaginary party line.

    My interpretation: you feel lost obviously. Mama Culture abandoned you like a kid raised on Tobacco Road. If TAE feels like a beacon to you, hang around while you gas up for further adventures!

    Tobacco Road


    ”Israel’s parliament passed a law Wednesday allowing the government to share the identities of people not vaccinated against the coronavirus with other authorities, raising privacy concerns for those opting out of inoculation.”
    “The objective of the measure — valid for three months or until the Covid-19 pandemic is declared over — is “to enable these bodies to encourage people to vaccinate by personally addressing them”, a parliament statement said.”

    What’s interesting is that, if we’d tested from the start, and quarantined on that basis, the effect on privacy would be fundamentally the same. It shows how we can use the same mechanism and how whether it be viewed as good or not is largely a matter of trust. Right now, much emphasis here is placed on totalitarian social credit scape-goating. Later, I suspect it will include focus on the absence of any organization large, and supplied enough, to keep track of who’s whom and has what (virus, home, rice’n’beans, ammo, whatever), which list might be nice to have when rationing essentials.


    For Mr. Dylan:

    I Shall Be Released


    “Royal DUTCH Shell.”

    Hmm, said Sigmund, cranking up his Dream Analyzer. Hmmm… but he couldn’t find anything else to say.


    “However, it later came to light that the woman was taking some form of medication that lessened her symptoms, so the asymptomatic claim is now in question. But at this point it is firmly embedded into the narrative.”

    Deft illustration of how easy it is to mislead. “No sign of symptoms” becomes “asymptomatic” when it could just be “I took some Nyquil, dipshit”. I went along with the asymptomatic concept. Who has energy to vet every word uttered by dipshit/deceitful authority? Whether there is asymptomatic transmission or not (I’m sure there is), the info has again been used meaninglessly at best and destructively at worst.


    A quote from Paul Craig Roberts:

    In my days as a Wall Street Journal editor, I reviewed a book by a historian who said the sack of Rome by barbarians occurred because the Roman citizens feared the terrors of the barbarians less than they feared the terrors of their own government and opened the gates of the city to the barbarians.
    ”With all its talk of domestic terrorists, this seems what Washington fears. Patriots see Washington as the enemy and are now the danger that Washington faces.”


    “Papers like this show that the louder you speak the more aerosols you emit. It sounds like a joke but a measure that would be more effective than masking would be to say no speaking or maybe just talk softly in this establishment.”

    True, and it’s funny how “more effective” in this case is like the difference between a sieve and a leaky bucket. The big joke/lie of this is the claim that transmission can be stopped short of shutting down society and keeping people in quarantine. That ship having long ago sailed (on a Princess Cruise Ship), any consideration of slowing its spread, obviously including vaccines, has long ago become the equivalent of giving your colon an old-school doobie “shotgun”.


    Mister Roboto

    Hmm, said Sigmund, cranking up his Dream Analyzer. Hmmm… but he couldn’t find anything else to say.

    I can. It occurred to me right after I hit the “submit” button that the dominance of hot colors in the brightly lit small town (red, yellow, and orange, maybe some blue here and there for le contraste, suggests a certain sense of urgency.


    Johnny Cash and Roger Miller – The Johnny Cash Show:

    Both were top of the heap. Miller.. too good, and went way, way too young.
    ‘Hard Headed Me’:

    madamski cafone

    “I can. It occurred to me right after I hit the “submit” button that the dominance of hot colors in the brightly lit small town (red, yellow, and orange, maybe some blue here and there for le contraste, suggests a certain sense of urgency.”

    I referred to the DUTCH emphasis Dr. D made.


    madamski cafone – Eventually, TPTB run out of foreigners to destroy/enslave for profit, and come to rely on their domestic constituents. Talk about a Great Reset. Contracting empires have no choice but to eat themselves.

    That is it right there – that is the whole Gambit. I mentioned it roughly last year with the GMO corn analogy. Oh yeah and Facebook sucks like a mean teacher at school these days and will end up just as well remembered

    V. Arnold

    @ Germ
    I’d be very interested in your assesment of the Sinovac & Sinopharm vaccines.
    My internet searches haven’t revealed any problems (ADE & VAERS) reports.
    I’m hoping you’re still lurking out there…

    those darned kids

    ht tp s: // of f- gu ar di an .o rg /2 02 1/ 08 /0 7/ it s- ju st -w hy -i -w on t- su bm it/

    It’s just temporary. It’s just a safety measure. It is just your ability to pay cash. It is just contact tracing. It is just a health screening. It is just a temperature check. It is just a scan of your face. It’s just a minor loss of privacy.

    It is just one semester. It is just two semesters. It is just one year out of your child’s life. It is just one more semester. It is just a high school graduation.

    It’s just the birth of your grandchild that you missed. It is just not being able to be there for your relatives when they are ill or dying. It is just not having a funeral. It is just in person that you cannot grieve with your loved ones. It is just not getting to attend religious service. It is just not getting to practice some parts of your religion.

    lotsa just, not much justice

    V. Arnold

    @ those darned kids

    TPTB are masters of the mini-negation of normal & individual freedoms…“It’s just…”

    those darned kids

    ht tp: // ww w.g ran ma .cu/ cub a-co vid -19/ 202 1-08 -04/ extie nden -ensay o-cli nico-is maelillo-a- ninos-de- 3-a-11-anos -04-08-2 021-11-0 8-52

    3 to 11.. i sure hope they got it right.

    D Benton Smith

    It is because AI is not conscious that it is incapable of making informed choices on matters which are literally BASED upon consciousness. Losing a dollar, honor or a loved one in no way comparable to losing love, companionship or trust. It is literally impossible to reduce that type of lived experience into the numeric values that are the only data which computerised algorithms can run.

    Sociopaths have much the same problem. Because they have little or no empathy they are literally INCAPABLE of solving problems which are BASED on truly appreciating the subjective, lived, experiences of other people. They are baffled by the fact that people distrust or even hate the liars whose incessant lfalsifications have caused terrible personal harm. It doesn’t compute.

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