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    Pierre Bonnard Nude in an Interior c1935   • “We Hadn’t Really Thought Through the Economic Impacts” – Melinda Gates (AIER) • Coronavirus Fact-Ch
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    V. Arnold

    Pierre Bonnard Nude in an Interior c1935

    That is an amazing painting; so much left to the imagination; a feast for the fertile emptyness of where we go…

    Mr. House

    “We Hadn’t Really Thought Through the Economic Impacts” ~ Melinda Gates (AIER)

    Yes they did. It was part of the goal. Actions speak louder then words.

    Mr. House

    Yes they did. It was part of the goal. Actions speak louder then words.

    I’d go for her being clueless.

    Mr. House

    “I’d go for her being clueless.”

    That’s because you’re too kind. This is the age of fraud Raul. Anything that comes from the top is just an effort to part you with money or screw you. Its really that simple people.


    “Sweet Melinda, the peasants call her the Goddess of Gloom”

    Mr. House

    Our elites are like Marie Antoinette prancing around her peasant village in Versailles

    Dr. D

    “Sen. Grassley Blasts MSM Over Hunter Biden Hypocrisy (ZH)”

    The interesting part here is that outlets like Politico denied the story every day until the election, and now seamlessly report the story the day of Safe Harbor. And why? It’s not like they couldn’t just keep denying. They’ve done it all along, they do it on 100 other stories.

    Only to tell you “Hey punk, YEAH it’s true. YEAH we knew. YEAH we stuffed it. YEAH it rigged the election (stats elsewhere). What you gonna do about it? You’re HELPLESS. PATHETIC. NOBODIES. DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD.” And P.S. we’re never going to have a fair election again, if we actually have had any since 1990.

    I mean, otherwise, why hide it, then voluntarily admit it? You WANT to print “Yes, we know our new President is totally, utterly corrupt, and totally, utterly compromised”?

    “She should be under investigation for Russiagate”

    Far too easy. We should indict her for mass-murder but there’s so many mass-murdered, D.C. would be like Omegaman. But since in “Omegaman” the world is populated by “deformed, nocturnal people who are also homicidal maniacs” the metaphor is especially apt.

    Dianne Feinstein ‘Seriously Struggling’ With Cognitive Decline (NYP)”

    How can anyone tell?

    Sexual Misconduct Shakes FBI’s Senior Ranks (AP)”

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? The FBI commits new felonies every day? So. Shocked. Hey, are we going to look into their complete fabrication of Lab evidence someday? On the other hand, when everyone in your society is an immoral, lying cheat, where do you think you’re going to get policemen or “watchers” from? A: From the worst men in the nation, self-selecting.

    “directing the market to fairer results, ensur[ing] investments are aimed at mutual progress including accelerating ecologically friendly investments”

    Okay, nobody knows what this word soup corporate buzzwords to “leverage our synergy to monetize our assets” but haven’t we been hearing about the “Ecological” “Socially-conscious” Mutual Funds that turn out to have no – ZERO – ecological stocks? They are 100% Google, Apple, Raytheon, an exact match to all the other stock MoMos? Yeah, just “Invest in me and my pals’ companies” and “We’ll do you a solid” by returning the favor.

    And of course as written, it is just Soviet Stalinism. That’s what “You’ll own nothing in a worker’s paradise” means.

    “US Hits Search & Destroy Against The New Silk Roads (Escobar)”

    Ah, young countries grow up so fast. Seems like only yesterday WE were doing the predatory extraction. Does this mean we can stop saying colonialism is a white, racist thing now, or would that be white and racist?

    Trick question: EVERYTHING is white and racist. Like Candice Owens, Larry Elder, Brandon Tatum, David Webb, Enrique Tarrio, math, milk, trees, legal rules, hard work, family values, or my favorite: time itself. It’s a western concept doncha know? Poor barefoot people like the Empire of China had no idea time existed before white Europeans showed up. …You know, the WHITE Europeans that aren’t the Irish, Gaelic, Poles, Serbs, Jews, Greeks, Russians, Tartars, Basques, Sami, Roma, Spanish…

    Dr. D

    Yes, literally in the United States if you come from Spain, you are “hispanic” not “White”. You are “Ethnic” not “European.”



    About Switz -China ties, Guardian article.

    This all could very well be more or less correct, or might be hyped somewhat, or a lot. Idk. Not surprising in any case. Some background.

    Switzerland – CH – is not part of the EU – NATO, and has never ‘belonged’ to any such previous orgs. So, it had v. good relations with Turkey (….no longer), and had ties with the satellite USSR countries, before the Fall of the Wall. (Historically, Russia = communist = red devil.) These relations were commercial, organisational, educational, Gvmt. and Biz driven and subsidised in areas like the Arts, etc.

    Since Putin, CH – Russia relations are excellent if rather sub rosa. (CH is obliged to implement sanctions imposed by the UN, it perhaps doesn’t really…this topic is used by anti UN-types.)

    At the same time CH had, has, a good relationship with China (contrast to Japan). CH lobbied hard for China to be admitted to the WTO (achieved 2001), and the Swiss credit themselves for that in part though they were imho minor movers.

    CH signed an FTA with China in 2013, it is quite broad. Negotiation was, reportedly, strange and confused, or charmingly quirky – two so very different cultures meeting (Linnaeus vs. Confucius, or something like that) but it worked out ok. Reportedly, all of the negotiators enjoyed Swiss white wine and smoking on the pavement, and Chinese spring rolls at the other venue. (Fondue, chicken feet, not so much.)

    Here, graduating students from the Top Techs go on study trips to China. India second. Not to the US since 9/11, visa insuperable difficulties.

    msm: – pic shows many ppl in CH object to close CH-China ties. Tibet! So there is a lot of stress as well.–rating-for-swiss-chinese-trade-deal/44427848


    The good news – TAE reader are aware of the bad new
    The bad news is that vaccines won’t rescue the U.S. economy in time.

    Doc Robinson

    Dr. D: Yes, literally in the United States if you come from Spain, you are “hispanic” not “White”. You are “Ethnic” not “European.” Explain?

    Not quite. From the latest results of the US Census (2010):

    People who identify their origin as Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish may be any race.

    “Hispanic or Latino” refers to a person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race.

    “White” refers to a person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa. It includes people who indicated their race(s) as “White” or reported entries such as Irish, German, Italian, Lebanese, Arab, Moroccan, or Caucasian.

    Over half of the Hispanic population identified as White and no other race…”

    Doc Robinson

    Texas replied to the Supreme Court today. A summary of their arguments (from the Table of Contents):

    Argument………………………………………………………….. 3

    I. Texas IS likely to prevail………………………………. 3

    A. Defendant States violated the Electors
    Clause by modifying their legislatures’
    election laws through non-legislative
    action…………………………………………………….. 3

    B. State and local administrator’s systemic
    failure to follow State election law
    qualifies as an unlawful amendment of
    State law. ………………………………………………. 5

    C. Defendant States’ invocation of other
    litigation does not affect this action,
    either substantively or jurisdictionally. ……. 5

    D. Texas has standing to sue……………………….. 7

    E. Neither laches nor mootness bar
    injunctive relief………………………………………. 9

    II. The other Winter-Hollingsworth factors
    warrant interim relief…………………………………. 10

    A. Plaintiff State will suffer irreparable
    harm if the Defendant States’
    unconstitutional presidential electors
    vote in the Electoral College. …………………. 10

    B. The balance of equities tips to the
    Plaintiff State. ……………………………………… 10

    C. The public interest favors interim relief. … 11

    Conclusion ………………………………………………………. 12


    We Hadn’t Really Thought Through the Economic Impacts – Melinda Gates

    I believe it. These ppl are idiots. Looking to use their ginormous wealth to impact the world, gain status, organise everything, be top of the pyramid, the New Lords and Ladies, adulated.

    The Gates Foundation fell for one of the classical mis-interpretations of statistics. They supported *small schools* to the hilt. (Links below are just off the top of goog, there are 100s of others, and all this is well-known.)

    They did this because outliers – ex. those who have high success rates in schools, just like high colon cancer rates, or a high number of lottery winners, etc. are always from ‘small communities’, ‘small or low numbers,’ by definition. E.g. death rate for colon cancer in a small, 500 ppl. F village for one year can be 100% (one guy met mates in hospital, etc.) while in Paris or other large is it “say” 5 %.

    boosting small high schools in NY City:

    Mr. House

    “I believe it. These ppl are idiots.” Uh huh. If this was a one time occurrence i would agree with you. This is a pattern, and every time something goes wrong, whoops we just didn’t know better. How do you become so rich and powerful and yet you’re that stupid? Doesn’t pass the smell test.

    Doc Robinson

    The “Chief Strategy Officer” for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is an economist.


    Bill Gates, Co-chair and Trustee
    Melinda Gates, Co-chair and Trustee
    Warren Buffett, Trustee
    William H. Gates Sr., Former Co-chair (d. 2020)
    Mark Suzman, Chief Executive Officer
    Carolyn Ainslie, Chief Financial Officer
    Lisa Alvarez-Calderón, Chief Human Resources Officer
    Susan Byrnes, Chief Communications Officer
    Connie Collingsworth, Chief Operating Officer
    Chris Elias, President, Global Development
    Gargee Ghosh, President, Global Policy & Advocacy
    Allan C. Golston, President, United States Program
    Trevor Mundel, President, Global Health
    Rodger Voorhies, President, Global Growth & Opportunity
    Ankur Vora, Chief Strategy Officer
    Global Development Division Leadership
    Global Growth & Opportunity Division Leadership
    Global Health Division Leadership
    Global Policy & Advocacy Division Leadership
    United States Program Leadership
    Operations Division Leadership


    Look in the shadows
    Look behind the curtain

    The elites are idiots
    Who did you think made all the rules and regulations of our society so complex?
    That is why they hire enablers, lawyers, accountants, politicians
    No proof of wrong doing – Biden


    “Sweet Melinda, the peasants call her the Goddess of Gloom”

    Wow! It’s worth quoting the whole verse (granted I’ve only got old Grateful Dead renditions to draw from):

    Sweet Melinda, the peasants call her the Goddess of Gloom.
    She speaks such good English when she invites you up into her room.
    Of course, you, you’re so kind and careful an conscientious not go to to her too soon.
    Still she steals your voice and leaves you howlin’ at the moon!

    And the timeless wisdom of “But the cops don’t need you, and, man, they expect the same.


    Barr has done exactly what congress intended him to do.

    Run out the clock on President Trump.

    State courts are doing what their master wants. Throwing out election fraud cases.

    SCOTUS will soon also throw out election fraud cases too. Their master will be pleased.


    Doc Robinson:

    I only have limited experience dealing with Hispanics.

    My impression is that Hispanics are people with mostly native ancestors but who speak Spanish.

    However, if your ancestry is mainly Spanish, then you are “white”.

    Being “white” puts you among the elites.

    So yes, there are two classes of people. The ruling “white” elites and the ruled Hispanics.

    I base this observation from visits to Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic , and El Salvador.


    Sparkle Socks was very very upset when the head general of Canada’s armed forces canceled secret winter training exercises with the Chinese army. Nobody in Canada knew about this!

    It remains to be seen if Sparkle Socks will fire the general over this.

    This is the same pair of socks that set up an expensive vaccine deal with an unknown Chinese company. This rather sketchy deal has not produced a vaccine but was probably never intended to do so in the first place. It was probably a purely money laundering operation from the get go. Chinese laundry mats are very good at cleaning taxpayer’s hard earned money.


    I think we can all agree that as far as Sweet Melinda goes, it is all about money.



    China replacing IMF?

    In Africa, China just adds a second source of bribes for the ruling elites.

    The money ends up in Switzerland. (I got canceled checks as proof from changing money.)

    Their fellow countrymen get royally screwed.

    I base this from working in Morocco, Congo, Zambia, and South Africa.


    Dr. D.:

    The FBI is a brothel.

    That is what the “B” stands for.

    I still haven’t figured out what the “F” and “I” stand for.

    It was the first legal brothel in the US.

    Maybe that is what the “F” stands for.


    I’m not sure how this relates ‘cuz I’m drinkin’ some fine IPA……but TAE muse’s me in many ways.

    Taking into consideration the precautionary principle…what were all those people on the Mayflower thinking? …and everyone that ever came before them that moved forward towards an unknown future??

    I mean WTF? Would YOU even be where you are right now? Would you even BE?



    I saw a replica of the Mayflower and boy was it a small ship! More like a small boat!

    I doubt you or I would have had the courage to have even boarded her!



    My earliest American ancestor, Bridget Bishop, wasn’t on the Mayflower but her luck ran out in 1692!

    She was the first Salem witch to be hung!


    My earliest American ancestor, Bridget Bishop, wasn’t on the Mayflower but her luck ran out in 1692! She was the first Salem witch to be hung!

    So dissenting from the official narrative runs in the family!


    Mr House you may be right…

    yet…Bill Gates (Melinda contributed nothing) becoming so rich in the USA_capitalist_monopolistic system is not extraordinary. Someone wins the ‘monopoly’ (partial in Gates’ case) and that person need not be smart, that is highly intelligent, hard-working, dedicated and diligent. Is J. Bezos smart? I doubt it very much. These ppl are just in the right place at the right time, they develop good connections (political), they hire a bunch of bright ppl to do the job, and a winner there has to be, and they are the lucky ones.

    Also, what I call being ‘an idiot’ is helped along by the wilfull blindness of the rich (or those who consider themselves successful) and total lack of care for others (which is not limited to ppl like Gates.) I just can’t see Gates as an evil genius who wants to control (fill it in: the population, the world, the destiny of the US, the future of computers, or anything..)

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