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    Gustave Courbet The bathers 1853   • Central Banks Want World To Party On As They Remove Punch Bowl (BBG) • This Is What Happened To The American
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    V. Arnold

    Just scanning all the economic data is a sanity saving exercise.
    It’s a wonder Usians’ don’t wake up to the chicanery put upon them, and save themselves, while it’s still possible.
    I can only surmise they have been beaten into timidity and their curiosity killed.
    As a society they exhibit the behaviour of caged animals in a zoo.
    Knowing how easy it is to escape; I’m struck by the passivity of compliance…


    V. Arnold,

    “twisted belief system”

    Some of us live outside the MSM box. In fact, I have personally witnessed a number of historical events in the Middle East that are a total contradiction to what you have been told.

    Here is another one that the MSM is very anxious that you should not find out about:

    Another False Flag Terror ADMISSION: Snipers In the Ukraine “Protests”

    It seems that Georgian mercenaries – among others – were brought in and given orders by American soldiers as to who to shoot at Maidan. They agreed to testify by video link from Georgia. The trial is being held in Kiev of those falsely accused of carrying out these shootings.

    Guess what? Both Poroshenko and Saakashvili were involved. Both of them are part of the Zionist mafia.

    If Russia had really invaded Ukraine in self-defence and in order to reinstall the democratically-elected president, we may have had a hot WW3 on our hands. Thank you Putin for keeping your cool.


    There is nowhere to go, there is no escape. We are specimens of humanity, and as such share the same fallibilities, regardless of location. So work for the good, however you perceive it. Bitchin’ is for babies.

    V. Arnold

    What makes you think I’m a fan boy of MSM?
    I almost never read it.
    I have never believed Russia invaded Ukraine; but do understand the U.S. orchestrated the entire coup and 99% of the violence.
    Both Poroshenko and Saakashvili dance to their U.S. master’s tune.
    I’m also no fan of governments, any government. I see them as necessary evils. But in today’s world, some are clearly better than others…


    “Arctic Warming So Rapid That Computer Measuring It Rejected The Results (Ind.) ”

    NOAA’s Arctic report card released at #AGU17

    This is undoubtedly so for Arctic ice. However, this ice will not change sea levels when it melts. It largely melts from below – because that is where 90% of it is, and because water is far better than air at transferring heat.

    In the video by the NOAA at the 50 second mark, they show a chart – average monthly arctic sea ice extent – that commences in 1979, when the sea ice had reached a maximum. Everyone agrees that the sea ice had been much lower in the 1940’s. We didn’t have satellite data from before 1979, but that does not mean that we should discount all previous data.

    For a historic perspective on the Arctic’s sea-ice, I suggest this article:

    Historic Variation in Arctic Ice – Tony B

    A reading of this history will confirm that there has been massive changes in the sea ice of the Arctic – nothing to do with human activity or lack of it.

    Here is a sample from a report to the Royal Society in 1817:

    “The ice which has this year surrounded the northern coast of Ireland in unusual quantity and remained there unthawed till the middle of August, with the floods which have during the whole summer inundated all those parts of Germany where rivers have their sources in snowy mountains.”

    It goes without saying that a few years later the picture had completely changed.

    V. Arnold

    Bitchin’ is for babies.

    Seriously? You believe that?
    Some of us refuse to be wage/debt slaves; and we bitch to the high heavens; and when the heavens don’t answer; we act, and throw off the chains.
    You’re welcome to your choices; I saw another road…

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