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    I must repeat myself
    I’m irrelevant, so, why are you trying so hard to convince me that you are right and that I’m wrong

    What I believe …. is the truth

    It must be true because our leaders/handlers/motivators/enablers/snobs keep repeating their same message for me to change my mind.


    On “Boris’ Blunder” by Igor Chudov, prev. thread.

    A poor piece. Chudov de-constructs BoJo’s speech and shows some parts are correct, others are BS. Maybe that is useful in some context, for some ppl, idk?

    Boris is not just frazzled, he is desperate super frightened. He thought he could handle different strands and forces by ‘winging’ it (…dealing with sh*t as it turns up, and boosting (sic) his own image at every turn) but now he sees it ain’t so.

    While having to deal with COV-10 messaging he is forced to transmit, coming from other powers (Corps, finance..), he is under attack. By: Tory rebellion as ‘core values’ denied, eroded — Labour as scripted oppositional opportunists, others, etc.

    He is facing being kicked to the curb. An extra worry might be that his extremely poor performance doesn’t lead to a comfy ex-Premier posting at the IMF, World Bank, EU Commission (out), Big Corp, etc.

    In the vid. Boris does merely two things, if one strips away the fluff and frills. He paints Omicron as dangerous “an emergency…” … ”is doubling every 2 or 3 days” … ”a tidal wave of omicron coming” … And he urges, Go get the booster: “2 doses of vax are not enough..”. “a booster dose, we cant bring our level of protection back up..” etc. etc.

    That is what he has been forced, in some fashion (maybe just peer pressure) to do, and it goes against his bent which is “let the bodies pile up” and then wait and see. As he is not a smooth pol, but postures as a Maverick, he can’t handle the situation.

    Nigel Farage is back! Don’t know about the tv station that aired this, but here he is, talking to Arlene Foster, and making a big point about – why jab kids to protect others? … Adverse effects are mentioned briefly. See how scripted it all is… (YouTube)


    OK, I give up, how do you embed youtube videos in the comments?



    OK, I give up, how do you embed youtube videos in the comments?

    You can just use the URL.

    Maxwell Quest


    Figmund Sreud

    Here we go, … all double-vaxxed NHL players and staff:

    “The Flames’ training facilities are currently closed and all players are isolating and being tested daily. Although they are scheduled to return to action Saturday against the Columbus Blue Jackets, that game will presumably be postponed.”

    Calgary Flames COVID-19 outbreak has 17 more confirmed cases

    … on another note:

    Effective immediately, indoor gatherings remain capped at 10 adults, but those people can be from as many households as desired. Children and youth 17 and under do not count toward the 10-person limit, …

    Alberta makes ‘very modest’ changes to COVID-19 gathering rules ahead of holidays

    Alberta makes ‘very modest’ changes to COVID-19 gathering rules ahead of holidays

    … what a bloody circus!



    I sent a friend the McCullough/Rogan interview. His pre-listening response was that McCullough has been discredited and he sent a link to McCullough’s Wikipedia page where there is a section on his supposed anti-vaxx stance. He still listened but thinks the whole idea that there was a concerted effort to push vaccines and ignore out-patient treatment is just conspiracy and compared it to the flat earth theory. The exchange with him was very disheartening. McCullough seems the most reasonable and informed person I have listened to and I agreed with 90% of what he said in the interview. My friend is a very intelligent and perceptive person and to find us on completely different sides of this is unnerving.

    I worked with the same friend at the beginning of the Iraq war. He was for the war and firmly believe in WMD while I was against and didn’t. He eventually realized he was wrong. Maybe it will happen that way again.

    I did read the McCullough’s Wikipedia page and the discrediting carried little weight.

    Mr. House


    A stark difference exists between intelligence and wisdom, we’re seeing that play out now.



    I don’t think there’s any denying that prophylaxis and early treatment have been denied across the board. Maybe that’s a starting point for such a conversation. All the lives lost to that. It may be more Malone than McCullough in the public perception by now, but their messages are very close.

    They, like us, have to fight the one-sided, one-dimensional story this has become. Against the odds, and the tide. And politics. And Pfizer.

    I for one admire both greatly. Not even for being always right, but for trying, for the energy they bring to the fight. Where would we be without those guys? They are not charlatans, they are highly decorated doctors made to look like something much less than they are.


    McCullough and Malone helped bring my spouse around.

    Off topic, from a comment on ZH: skynet exists. A fellow tells us about Alexa, etc.
    I have been very careful in Alexa (etal) households. I bring paper and pen with me, just in case I need to “say” something…



    Here is a good recent snapshot of the mind of Fauci, if you will, on where this is and where it is going from his point of reference. Embedded in the messaging is that the reflection risk applies to anyone and a booster and shots are the only way forward.

    Also, I have read there is going to be a California specific OSHA hearing tomorrow on adopting a revised mask/testing standard irrespective of vaccine status in that state.

    The potential for more confusion and chaos coupled with oversized fear and fear signaling is going to challenge our sanity in this next wave.


    The NFL had 36 players just this past week find themselves on the COVID 19 list (with 93% double vaxxed), so what do they do? Double down on the stupid by requiring boosters for everyone (including players and without negotiating terms with the union). The exemptions, however, are interesting.

    ” The following do not have to meet the requirement:

    — An individual who is not eligible for a booster pursuant to the CDC definition.

    — An individual who is in the 90-day test holiday after a confirmed positive COVID-19 test under the league protocols.

    — An individual who received monoclonal antibodies within the immediately preceding 90 days.

    An individual whose “S” antibody level on an antibody test administered via BRL (BioReference Lab) at the club facility is 2500 or greater.”

    No antibody titers? No “N” antibody levels? I was of the notion that S antibodies wear down after a bit, but N antibodies last longer in natural immunity. Somebody make this make sense.

    those darned kids

    Somebody make this make sense.

    see you in 2037!

    Mr. House

    More like see you in 2075 when the FDA releases the approval documents 😉


    “see you in 2037!”

    I’m with Mr/ House here, likely 2075 per the “Fatal Drugs Allowed” department.

    Those “exemptions” appear designed to fail.


    I’ll trump that …. “see you in heaven”

    Veracious Poet

    The first San Bernardino County case of the Omicron variant has been detected.

    The variant was detected in a male resident of Redlands who was fully vaccinated and had obtained a booster shot. He had traveled to a conference out of state and returned with COVID-19 symptoms.

    The man is isolating at home and is recovering from the virus. The San Bernardino County Department of Public Health is working on contact tracing to help mitigate any spread.

    Omicron variant detected in San Bernardino County

    NBA implements ‘booster day’ as the league is hit with a surge of COVID cases

    Yesterday a typical winter storm passed through SoCal ~ On the other side of the tracks from our home in the high desert three (3) abysmal drivers rolled their vehicles negotiating the same set of curves, obviously driving as aggressively & recklessly as the majority of the mindless denizens in SoCal do, everyday:

    48-year-old woman killed in rollover crash on Mariposa Road in Hesperia

    The levels of inhumane, insane behavior on the roads is beyond endemic levels, it’s approaching Mad Max levels…

    In SoCal, social media “planned” street “takeovers” have become near daily assaults, shutting down major thoroughfares, progressing even to taking over freeways. 😐

    Hearing loud vehicles racing to & fro is the rule, not the exception ~ Every night it sounds like our beautiful housing tract is surrounded by a race track, with CHP/Sheriff’s pursuing only the worst maniacs.

    Then there are the “professional” truck drivers I see whenever I’m on the road, driving like suicidal/homicidal maniacs, regularly running red lights with impudence.

    Examples like this monster, who probably should NEVER have been the wheel of a big rig, have become common incidences, such that I’m not even surprised when the “news” breaks:

    The social fabric is in tatters, with feral mongrels running rough shod upon what is left of America ~ Flashmobs, smash & grab, home invasions, street robberies (all over the place now), race warfare (against whites/asians), hooliganism replacing civil decorum, suicidal/homicidal drivers, rampant domestic violence, et al.

    People hurting people is almost a non-story in 2021, it’s become completely ubiquitous!

    There is no shame, anything goes ~ Thanks all you namby pamby enablers!

    I seriously don’t know how much longer society/commerce/services can survive with this rabid mass psyshosis spreading ~ Oh, with all the stores closing around San Fransicko I guess things are starting to fail, aren’t they?

    Then you add on top of that maelstrom our elected “leaders” insane responses to Us being blatantly attacked with bio-weapon, which is more & more leaning towards malevolence + genocide.

    I really don’t understand how anyone can believe that anything approaching “normalcy” can be restored…


    Hopefully heaven lets us drink beer. 😉


    For those trying to make sense of the world, please be advised “to not try to make sense of things”, as things are not made to make sense! It is simpler to remain confused!

    My 21 year old daughter, forced by her university to get vaccinated by December 14th, had her second shot of Pfizer yesterday. Today is sick in bed with a very sore arm and a fever. Yeah, that means the vax is working! Remember that lie of lies?

    Today I was supposed to start removing the old parkay flooring upstairs and install new laminated flooring. Since the boss is sick, I went grocery shopping for her favorite foods instead. We shall see what happens tomorrow.

    Yesterday, was sunny here in Toronto, so I got into my home made solar cooker in the backyard and temporily transported myself to Florida for a few hours. The best part was no passport of any kind was required! As a result of my brief trip to Florida, I now have a slight sunburn!



    So that is where my missing hammer went!

    Figmund Sreud

    Bit more off topic stuff for today:

    “President Xi expressed his pleasure in meeting President Putin virtually at the year-end, their second virtual meeting in 2021 and their 37th meeting since 2013. President Xi noted that on multiple occasions President Putin has hailed Russia-China relations as a model of coordination between countries in the 21st century, …”

    President Xi Jinping Had a Virtual Meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin

    The 21st century, … them sands are shifting!



    S. F.:

    Talk about making sense. I laugh whenever I read about the environmentalists protesting the oil sands in Alberta.

    Whenever the oil sands companies reclaim land, they have to fence it off to keep the deer (and others) out so they can meet the environmental standards imposed upon them for reclaimed land.

    This greatly upsets the local deer, because the grass is much greener and higher 9on the other side of the fence. Whenever the deer do manage to jump the fence, they have to be immediately chased out.

    However, if the oil sand companies let the deer in, then they can’t meet the imposed environmental standards! That means reclaimed land is kept devoid of most wild life for many years! Yeah, that totally makes sense!

    Veracious Poet

    Today’s attack on RFK Jr. & rational people aka anti-vaxxers:

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s anti-vaccine group thrived amid COVID-19 pandemic, investigation finds:

    While many nonprofits and businesses have struggled during the pandemic, Kennedy’s anti-vaccine group has thrived.

    An investigation by The AP finds that Children’s Health Defense has raked in funding and followers as Kennedy used his star power as a member of one of America’s most famous families to open doors, raise money and lend his group credibility.

    Filings with charity regulators show revenue more than doubled in 2020, to $6.8 million


    I’m sure the avg. sheepster thinks $6.8 million is “raking it in”, but that’s like the average MONTHLY take for CEOs…

    Talk about propaganda & pablum for idiots & fools 😐

    Great job Associated Proglodytes!


    WES did you miss that little piece of info about the tar sands toxic tailings ponds that kill anything the comes in contact with them? Yes they have mechanisms to keep wildlife from dying. Do you really think that permanently polluting vast quantities of fresh water to extract oil is a good thing and environmentalists are bad? Here’s a little more background: my dear old dad spent about a decade way back when heading up a research team that was trying to find ways to clean up tailings ponds- they never found a way. My last job before retirement (5 years ago) was evaluating some research programs In the natural resource sector – guess what? They still had not figured out how to clean up the tailings ponds. If you are going to dis environmentalists please do your homework. Environmentalists are not unlike folks here : trying to sound the alarm against a machine that is only interested in more power and money.


    Thanks to TAE we can look up and see the sword swinging back and forth.

    Already Amtrak and overwhelmed hospitals have negated the Biden Vaccine Mandates to include a basic public health procedure — weekly testing. US courts have stopped their implementation.

    Persons who don’t see the truth are those who think that workers don’t matter or they are bamboozled by the corporate/state media propaganda. To the ruling elite, society and governments are of no matter; only individuals. Except this is patently false. Humans need families, culture, tools, clean air, pure water, and good soil; plus communities that serve and protect them, in order to survive on Earth.

    On the eve of the fifth US Omicron wave, the FED chairman does the unthinkable. He is going to raise interest rates in three steps to stop inflation. This will kill the voodoo companies that exist because they don’t have to pay interest on their debts and instead have goosed their bonuses and stock prices. He and his fellow travelers cannot see that healthy workers are necessary for a functioning economy. They deny that the current inflation is due to supply shortages from the lack of workers due to the never ending pandemic and the collapse of just-in-time logistics. The only way out is to do what China, Japan and Taiwan are doing. The West must restore democracy and the public health systems to get through the crisis. mRMA vaccines alone does not work. The treatments do not stop viral transmission and at best protect individuals from severe effects but fades away in months after injection and have proven side effects.

    Everyone is drag racing down America’s streets. There is nothing better to do while waiting for the sword to fall.

    those darned kids

    “the oil sands companies reclaim land”

    hahahaha, sure.

    Mister Roboto

    Regarding inflation vs. deflation: We can see that some pretty major inflation is happening right now as the Fed and other central banks try to print their way out of the jam they’re in. But once that situation implodes, and it will, and True Peak Oil sets in, then we will see deflationary compression and resulting depression. So it will be the worst of both worlds. Hooray!

    John Day

    You may have noticed that “Deflationista” made an appearance this morning, with stories about how young pro athletes dying and leaving the game with acute chest pain in normal, nothing new.

    Those arguments are no match for the graph of the timing of cardiac events in athletes this year.

    317 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 178 Dead, After COVID Shot

    We have recently seen 3 “voices” of “deflationista”:
    The bot-voice, which posts articles in opposition to something presented here, with or without “attitude”. Attitude and snark settings were adjusted some in November or so, since getting mad and rude may seem more human.
    The overworked-human-minder voice, which quite coming around a month or so ago, and was mainly rude and sarcastic, which was not working in this context.
    “Captain Deflationista” is the intelligent, uncertainty-introducing voice, like a “Captain” of a company of “Internet Warriors”, coming in to determine the most effective propaganda tactics to use in this sophisticated comments section “community”. See 12/13/21 comments section, starting on page 2. “Captain D” worked a long shift that day.

    None of those voices is the voice of the original Deflationista, which Mr. House somehow discovered in that Deflationista’s blog from 2011:
    You can see for yourself. Different people have different voices, whatever name they might expropriate.


    Making sense of things… we are enjoying a lovely thunderstorm- a real one with thunders every three minutes or so- big rolling ones. The rain is light but steady and there is little wind. The prediction is this will change- 60+mph later this evening- then it will freeze tomorrow.
    The whiptail on this storm is frightening.

    Mister Roboto

    Ten years ago, I probably would have agreed with deflationista about deflation. What changed the equation, obviously, was all the fracked oil that made inflationary money-printing possible, at least for a while. That while will seem pretty short when the survivors of the collapse look back upon the two-thousand-teens, I predict.

    Mister Roboto

    I’m not really sold on the idea that who has been trolling us lately is a different set of fingers on the keyboard from ten years ago. But if that were the case, can you imagine the person who originated the account coming back and seeing the flurry of antagonistic posts they didn’t actually write?



    As you know, I come from a mining family. I am well aware of tailing ponds!

    This might come as a surprise to you but Canadian miners use trout to test the quality of their released tailing pond waters. The trout serve the same role as the canaries do in underground mines.

    If people want to keep their current standard of living, then they also need to accept that some pollution of their environment will also occur. Canadian miners are not perfect but I can tell you that they do a much better job of minimizing pollution than most miners in other countries do! Been there! Seen it with my own eyes!

    I have a friend who works in a oil sand refinery in Edmonton. His sole job, year in year out, is to improve the processes to use less energy and to reduce pollution. A very successful project is to make a 0.001% improvement here and there. It is a very slow and difficult process to make such small improvements. Once success is achieved in one area, then it is onto the next improvement project. Oil sand companies have greatly reduced the amount of water and energy required to produce a barrel of oil. Soo there are some Canadians working to reduce Canada’s footprint. I never saw one such person in Africa!

    Here is the question you need to ask yourself. Would you rather have your oil come from Canada or from somewhere out of sight? From one you know and have some control over verses one you don’t know and don’t have any control over? I give you Nigeria for example.

    Yes I know about tailing ponds. Treating their water 100% properly (I.e. with zero pollution) is often not practical or way too expensive. Often the only practical way is to dilute it! Yes, you read that correctly!

    All forms of energy cause pollution. Period! No exceptions! Nuclear power. (Spent rods/old plants/uranium mining). Wind turbines. (My son is a maintenance technician for GE. He climbs turbines everyday! Care to guess how often the blades/batteries/etc are replaced and where they get buried?) Solar panels (Care to guess where 20 year old solar panels end up?). Hydro dams (Did you know that whenever a new hydro dam is built, the newly flooded lands release hugh amounts of heavy metals, such as mercury, making it unsafe to eat any fish caught for decades to come?) Don’t get me started on coal mining. (My specialty!).

    So you need to make a choice! Live like a caveman. Or your current life style. Even the caveman polluted his environmental pretty badly. Likely suffered from early blindness and black lung!

    As badly as we pollute the world today, I still wouldn’t trade today, for what was happening to our ancestors! When they polluted, they had no science to help them mitigate their pollution!

    I once asked my Father about life in the 1930s verses 1990s before he died. Everybody heated with coal so ice clean air! Horses reigned supreme back then! You could not walk in the streets due to the horse poop, flies, smell, etc. He said if life was so bad today, then why is everyone living longer, growing bigger and taller, and living healthier (OK maybe in 1990s not now!)?

    I have to agree with my Father. Life is better now than it was back then!

    those darned kids
    real deflationista

    I didn’t write all those annoying comments! I’m not an obnoxious troll, I promise!


    My parents said know:

    Yeah, looking forward to when your weather pattern reaches us here in Toronto! Not!


    What still puzzles me greatly, is that we haven’t heard a peep out of any of the insurance companies about the costs to them of covid and covid vaccines! It has to be costing them billions!

    those darned kids

    Canadian miners are not perfect but I can tell you that they do a much better job of minimizing pollution than most miners in other countries do!


    Mister Roboto:

    I think the Fed printed the money first, so the frackers could produce oil.
    The Fed wanted to see if their fake money could produce real oil!
    They succeeded in turning nothing into something!

    Veracious Poet

    I didn’t write all those annoying comments! I’m not an obnoxious troll, I promise!

    Did someone contact you through your website?

    If that’s really you, I vote to IP ban the usurper, seems like the right thing 😉

    P.S. I’ve seen the damage that miners have done, taking the profits & leaving it for future generations to clean up (if ever), my take is that a lot of them should be/should’ve been hung…

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