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    Dr. John / Mr. Roboto,

    I’m getting a nanny mcphee vibe.


    Those darn kids:

    Please take a look at who wrote the article! You make Bender proud!

    Canada’s equivalent of the Washington Post, NY Times, CNN!

    those darned kids

    haha, it’s the first one i found. i am familiar with canada’s press. nonetheless, the article is a report about a mining association report.

    “The Centre’s research was paid for by the Toronto-based Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC). It was completed in October 2009 but was not publicly released.”

    John Day

    Hi Real Deflationista:
    You have a sense of humor. I believe you are an innocent human.

    those darned kids

    Those Darn kids:

    Mining like other industries have their share of good and bad. Mining is a very economically risky business. Nobody starts digging a hole in the earth unless there is somebody willing to pay for such an activity.

    In the old days nobody was willing to pay anybody to mine while minimizing pollution. Nobody! I bet I saw a lot more abandoned mines than you did! Hundreds more!

    Over the years mining and attitudes in North America has slowly changed. Mostly in our lifetime.

    Today some of the ultimate consumers are now being forced to pay to cover the costs of minimizing mining pollution. They now have to pay for miners to be able to reduce pollution and reclaim the land. This activity is not pollution free. It never will be. But if you want anything of what you currently have, then you are big part of the problem. However, there are still many of us who are not willing to pay for these costs and lower our standard of living.

    Many Canadian and American mines have closed since the 1980s. They simply couldn’t compete while operating under current government pollution rules verses third world countries. I know because beginning in the early 1980s, I, my brother, and my Father, all had to leave the mining industry as we lost our jobs about the same time. Yeah, we learned to code, as they say, even though all of us could already use computers even back then (my Father could code in 1965! He computerized all of his mining company’s mining data!).

    I changed careers to a plastic injection molding company that made the equipment and molds for the PET plastic bottles made by Coke, Pepsi, water bottling companies, etc. How do you like that for moving to a nice clean non-polluter!

    My brother changed to building cars. He crashes cars into walls in Detroit for a living. Another nice acceptable clean non-polluter! EVs are fast becoming his favorites to crash and burn. No pollution here!

    My Father was forced to retire as there was no need for mining knowledge.

    My son maintains GE wind turbines. Another nice clean non-polluter!

    Anyways these days only Chinese miners are allowed to mine anything. Their mines employ only Chinese workers and Chinese security personnel. Naturally they don’t create any pollution. If you say they are polluting, then you will come up as a daisy!

    That is how we meet most of our mining needs today. Out of sight! Out of mind!

    Don’t you feel so much better!


    Some more sanity. Looks like Capitan Brandonista will be upset again.

    Hopefully Real Deflationista is the real one, because our usurper needs some karma.


    @ John Day
    Fascinating story about baboons.
    However, I disagree with the idea that all the aggressive young males should be eliminated…
    It seems that the strong “mothering” did not take the aggression out of the males in the forest group…simply caused it to only surface when it was needed.
    I’ve believed for a long time that our culture is strongly male dominated. I’ve supposed that bringing in more female influence might balance our culture out. Quixotically, the women’s movement in many ways became about women out-competing the males at the males’ own game. (Which always seemed pointless to me.)
    There is value in the innate tendencies of both sexes. I understand full well how difficult it can be to raise children when I am only one person, pushed to shoulder the roles and responsibilities that two adults should carry.


    Zero sum
    “ It must be true because our leaders/handlers/motivators/enablers/snobs keep repeating their same message for me to change my mind”

    Well stated.


    There is a mining town in Arizona where around a hundred years ago the town allowed the mining company to round up the workers wanting a union, put them in cattle cars, dropped them off in the desert of New Mexico where there was no civilization. Those rounded up were abandoned there and apparently died. (None returned.). The town then ignored what had happened to their acquaintances, friends and family members, and no one was prosecuted.


    WES interesting posts about mining etc. The last mine I visited (yes, nothing directly to do with the discussion about energy, though digging into the ground for coveted stuff is an age-old endeavour) was this one, in CH, salt mine in Bex. Very impressive, and interesting.

    link is to Eng site for tourists – some pix.


    For anyone wishing to go to the source on Doc Robinson’s BC mortality data in comment 95309 earlier on this date, here is the link to the BC Center for Disease Control app that produced those graphs; click on “Top 15 causes of death” at the top, and then click on “Top causes of death by age group” on the right.

Viewing 13 posts - 81 through 93 (of 93 total)
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