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    Italy says arrivals from China must take Covid tests amid new variant concerns

    “ in two passengers arriving on flights from China who undertook non-mandatory tests were found to be positive for coronavirus.”

    China’s variant is BF7
    They know these death shots are worse than shit.



    CIA Drug experiments.

    It has seemed quite obvious to me that after the Kennedys and MLK assassinations, the CIA needed a less obvious method of doing away with selected people. By chemically affecting certain portions of your brain you can induce artificial severe depression. These chemical depressions are so severe that the subject always elects to suicide. Mike Ruppert knew he had been selected and poisoned, and despite intense therapeutic care decided to end his life. Giving people cancers is also a viable solution for them, though it takes longer. I believe that Vince Foster was poisoned but was taking too long to go away so they had to send the goons in.

    If I were Musk, or Rogan, I would be very, very careful what I ate or drank, because I believe they have very devious ways of getting their zibbly dust into your food.

    Now the whole planet, minus us un-vaxxed, has been dosed. This is no longer a problem, it is a predicament. No solutions, only outcomes. What a world….


    Sorry Bishko – I knew Mike when I lived in Sonoma County. Was just a few miles from the trailer on that fateful day. Broke bread together in Sebastopol on more than one occasion.
    His depression wasn’t induced by the CIA – at least not directly.

    Go to 58min 15s

    RIP Mike.





    So China is re-exporting covid to Milan, Italy, again! A sequel to the first blockbuster movie!

    I often think of China’s “zero covid” response as being what you would expect from that of a bioweapon threat. In response, to a perceived bioweapon threat, China locked down and then vaccinated their entire population.

    In comparison the west was slower to lockdown and was unsuccessful in to vaccinating everyone.

    So now China is better prepared for a bioweapon threat than the west. Maybe this is China’s suttle way of telling the neocon west not to try another bioweapon again, as China is now better prepared than is the west.

    That the mRNA vaccinations created covid mutants, isn’t lost on the Chinese. Thus the sudden reopening to spread new mutants to weakened western immune systems. Chinese immune systems were likely not weakened by Chinese vaccinations, so China is likely in a much better position in bioweapon terms.

    China will have one big covid wave but the west will be having ongoing fifth or sixth or seventh or eighth covid waves. As far as I know, the Chinese people are not dropping dead “suddenly and unexpectedly”.


    Coronavirus: Omicron BA.5 subvariant may cause more damage – not less: study

    “In China, the two major strains circulating are BA. 5.2 and BF. 7, both sub-lineages of BA.5.”

    Wow – TVASF


    Direct from Taiwan:

    Coffee Talk Ep36 (Ms. Taiwan text messages about China BF.7 and Asian Media) by Dr. Paul Cottrell

    2023 is going to be a complete global shit-show.
    VAIDS – bring it!



    Late yesterday I wrote that any hopes the US neocons would stop the war against Russia were futile.

    Here’s why.

    The war in the Ukraine is killing about 500 people per day. A minor side show.
    The vaccine war, based upon British data, is killing over 1,500 western Europeans and North Americans every day. The vaccine war will never end, even if the neocons wanted it to.

    The US neocons have no problem killing people to stay in power.
    Thus war is peace.


    Thanks for the reminder, Germ.

    I too have been though all that over the past 20, except denial.

    I’m still meeting people who declare reality to be “Just your opinion.” And the idiots who are sacrificing their own welfare, or even their lives, continue to defend the system that has been oppressing them.

    Never forget that the bulk of the inhabitants The Matrix have been carefully trained to think of anyone who challenges the bullshit as weird, deranged, a conspiracy theorist etc. All of it is reinforced by the endless-bullshit media and the local Deceit and Crime organisations called District Councils.

    A neighbour has commenced some building work and is following all the bullshit procedures required by the local Deceit and Crime. I pointed out to him that it was all bullshit and had no legal basis whatsoever.

    That was just too hard for him.

    Back into The Matrix.

    I had correspondence with someone who went on a few ‘dates’ with Mike Ruppert. She told me he had lost it and had turned to alcohol big time.

    That was when he wet through the “Say my name” phase.

    We could all see it was so sad.

    But Mike’s desperation had really got to him.

    i went through a phase of not wanting to do anything.

    But now I’m back with a vengence.

    .I’m still far too unimportant for the Empire of Lies to bother taking out. Hardly anyone listens to what I say. Even the ones who do pretend to listen don’t actually hear anything.

    People jut keep doing what they have done throughout their lives. ….which is why I saw a semi-ruck towing a large trailer, on which was a motor racing car this morning, as I went by bicycle to get a length of timer to continue work on an important energy-saving project. .

    Gotta get the oil used up and the Earth made uninhabitable faster.

    Is that acceptance?

    Thankfully, there is TAE to discuss such matters.

    I have no illusions about turning anything around -especially since we are governed by criminals and they have achieved complete mind-control over the bulk of the populace, not just on Airstrip Five but throughout all of Oceania and beyond.

    Is that acceptance?



    Worth a listen if Covid’s your thing (can you tell it’s mine!)


    Contador, shock for the cyclist: 100 benign tumors found in his body
    “The 40-year-old Spanish champion Contador announced the important operation that saw him involved in the removal of over 100 benign tumors”

    Sounds normal for a super fit Spanish cycling champion!
    Perhaps if he keeps boosting they’ll go away!!



    Big Tech once again tries to silence data showing increase in heart disease, cancer, clots and deaths

    Watch the vid:


    Tree Frog


    The few can cheat the many because so many are “intelligence and decency”.

    Veracious Poet

    I often wonder why they even bother. Telling stories that transparently false and shallow seems such a waste of time.

    Because the majority of human modernity really doesn’t want the truth, just a nice bedtime story to narrate the dishonest, malevolent CULTure of their tribe ~ Works like a charm every time, most sleep like babies on elephant tranquilizers…

    It’s the age of the child EG0, where there’s no shame & anything goes 😕

    Don’t cha’ know, we’re the *good* guys, wearing white hats, defenders of democracy & human rights!

    I mentioned in the past that in 1986 I blew the whistle on an aerospace that hired me (due to my credentials) to oversee final acceptance/shipment of the first installment of product under a new .GOV contract…

    From top-to-bottom almost EVERYONE in the plant *KNEW* the items were wildly out-of-spec (error made early in production, not caught until the end), which I discovered-by-eye when I visually inspected the crates before I met the DCASMA (.gov inspector) for final signature.

    After I was told to trash my rejection report (which I refused, so the chief eng’r did it), they told me to shut-the-f@ck-up, stay out-of-the-way, if I cared about my career…

    Me being me, I quietly talked with the only 1/2 honest eng’r in the plant, because I deduced the product was a life-or-death error ~ He confirmed I was right, but told me we could do no-thing 😕

    Long story short, I anonymously met with a DCASMA inspector who knew me from the SR71 program & blew the whistle, after which I quickly transferred to graveyard in the nuclear division, in an attempt to escape the fallout & death threats (UAW union thugs)…

    This was 1986, and I was the unlikely hero, which only means I was a good man willing to do the right thing, to save lives ~ The other 300+ were more concerned about their paychecks 😕

    Needless to say, the entire division was destroyed in the fallout, the top director fired, who was the SIL of the QE director in the nuclear division, who spent a year trying to destroy me, eventually firing me on a bogus charge…

    Again, this was back in 1986 at the end of the “Cold War”, which when compared to 2020+ was the “good ol’ days” by comparison.

    If the above scenario happened today, I have no doubt I’d be locked-up with the Jan. 6 victims, or worse…

    Happy New Year,


    P.S. Yes Virginia, humanity is under attack, this is not a drill!

    Veracious Poet

    1933 “Give us your gold. We’ll pay you $28 an ounce,” [The following week:] “Gold is now worth $35 an ounce.”

    It wasn’t “$28 an ounce”, it was $20, it was also 100% compulsory under Emergency Powers


    For folks interested in Mike Ruppert.
    These were his final days.
    His ‘madness’ was apparent.

    John Day

    Good Work jb-hb, AFKTT and VP Gary!

    Veracious Poet

    Now the whole planet, minus us un-vaxxed, has been dosed.

    Dr D Rich

    VP, you got the bonafides and it’s a lonely world.
    Family, friends, colleagues and mentors do not or refuse to understand.

    Although it’s entirely insufficient, hat tip you and i wish life was different for those of us.



    You are simply trying to interface with the walking dead!
    The matrix is the only home they have ever known, so they will never leave it.
    Your obsevations from such interfacing, is none-the-less interesting because it confirms what we are all experiencing too.
    Different airstrip, same zombie reactions!

    Just keep doing whatever you are doing, as it pisses our masters off to no end!

    Dr D Rich

    Hat tip TO you


    Top German virologist says COVID-19 pandemic is over

    ” Famous German virologist Christian Drosten …. ”

    Yes it is – but only for purebloods!


    Dr D said

    It’s not like he can just get out of Starlink and tell the Pentagon to suck it.

    Musk turn down an opportunity to publicise his Starlink service by sending free Starlink terminals to Ukraine, all heavily publicised, then crow about it on Twitter then let everybody know that he is funding it personally. And this is the guy who has so much money he could do almost anything. Give us a break, Musk is running a personality cult.



    No good deed ever goes unpunished.

    I remember being warned by my company in Milwaukee to be on the look out for a political anti-Tito message in the shipping crates of the second mining machine sold to Yugoslavia back in the late 1970s. I never found a written note, but found a bank of heat resistors very nicely rewired to fail spectacularly in a gigantic shower of sparks! I just quietly rewired them correctly and said nothing to Milwaukee. (That was where I got my first ride in a Russian military jeep!)

    (The first shipment to Yugoslavia had a hand written note in one of the shipping crates with an anti-Tito message which got the poor service engineer briefly arrested. The dumb hand written note writer was later identified and fired. Obviously there were more than one anti-Tito working in Milwaukee! )

    Veracious Poet

    I find life in 2022 so insanely ridiculous, words fail…


    I have noticed that both Canada and the US are allowing large increases immigration levels.
    Obviously to hide the expected increase in “died sudden and unexpectedly” deaths.



    Very interesting image. Missing only a syringe.(


    Medvedev .
    “Russia, meanwhile, has insisted that Kiev must “recognize the reality on the ground” as a prerequisite for any peace negotiations, including the new status of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye as parts of Russia.”

    Means you have to just accept that we have invaded and stolen your soverign territory and agree that that is now the stablished principle of our new world order , any country has the right to invade another and take it’s territory.
    Reality ,only the two despotic dictatorships of North Korea and Iran have recognised Russia’s annexation of Crimea.The majority of the world’s countries will never rcognise the Russian principle of smash and grab as the new law that they themselves will function under.

    “Alas, there is nobody in the West we could deal with about anything for any reason,” he wrote. Medvedev went on to say that nations that claim global leadership deceived Russia when they claimed NATO expansion in Europe posed no threat to it.

    Means , alas Putin took the bait offered by the US and invaded a soveriegn country and is now caught in a terrible dilemma where it cannot advance or retreat. Our expansion is just and fair but NATO’S is not. We were not invaded by NATO but we have invaded Ukraine. Alas we have exposed the fact that we are hubristic blunderers of massive proportions who have no functioning intelligence agencies.Our only option now is to start a nuclear holocaust , the Russian people are demanding we do that rather than be defeated. It is the right moral thing to do.

    Medvedev predicted. “From now on we will do without them until a new generation of sensible politicians comes to power there. We will be careful and alert. We will develop relations with the rest of the world,” he wrote.

    Means, us old Soviets will soon be replaced by a younger generation of Russians who will have a different national/cultural viewpoint not attached to the old Soviet values of war , corruption and incompetence.

    “The West is incapable of offering to the world any new ideas, which would take humanity forward, solve global problems, or provide collective security,” the former president insisted.

    Means we are the master race and will now assume the leadership of the world with China , Iran , North Korea , Saudi Arabia and South Africa helping to lead the way to a new utopia based on our collective higher intelligence and moral values.

    Meanwhile China is deep economic trouble and is in political turmoil with the distict possibility of massive social unrest and the unseating of it’s dictator.
    Iran is in deep political unrest with the possibility of it’s religious dictators being overthrown.
    The beheaders in Saudi are being their usual despotic selves and oh wait they want to destroy the Iranians? Seems there is a bit of hostility to each other in the new world order group.
    So it is not one big happy family after all?
    Rocket boy of NK will be a fabulous addition to Putin’s team , that have so much to offer!
    SA is slowly sinking into oblivion and the other African countries are mostly in the control of murderous dictator militias but don’t worry Putin’s private militia , the Wagner group is there setting new moral principles for the Russian empire.
    It all looks good Mister Putin , you certainly have a very bright and exceptionally moral mob working with you , I can’t imagine that your NWO will be anything but a smashing success.

    Veracious Poet

    Means you have to just accept that we have invaded and stolen your soverign territory and agree that that is now the stablished principle of our new world order , any country has the right to invade another and take it’s territory.
    Reality ,only the two despotic dictatorships of North Korea and Iran have recognised Russia’s annexation of Crimea.The majority of the world’s countries will never rcognise the Russian principle of smash and grab as the new law that they themselves will function under.


    @ Redneck

    I hear the same rant from the sleeping sheep.


    By the way, not that it is important at this point in the collapse, but it is interesting anyway:

    The Son of God is actually The Sun God.

    The Sun God was impossible to see directly because he/she/it was impossibly bright. But occasionally The Moon God got between the Earth and The Sun God and The Sun God’s magnificence appeared as a halo, as per the painting depicted today.

    33oC in the shade today. Too hot in the sun to do much between 11.00 am and 5 pm..

    The hottest period on Airstrip Five is usually late January through to mid-February. That’s when the grass turns biscuit colour and the rivers and stream dry up.

    2023 is sure going to be an ‘interesting’ year.

    By the way two.

    Not worth a major comment, but the Russians are advancing westwards. One report suggests the loss of 1,000 Ukrainians in one recent engagement.

    Soledar falls soon.

    BTW three. I was trapped in The Matrix too. 50nyears ago I fully believed most if the bullshit.

    The mistake the Empire of Lies made was to educate me and then shit on me repeatedly.


    Some more real-world reporting on the antics of the clown factory.

    “$3 million per missile.”





    Russia isn’t going on a massive invasion anytime soon.
    The ground freezing solid has nothing to do with it.
    This is just US/NATO propaganda.
    This is an artillery war.
    Russia has more artillery than anybody else!
    You don’t attack quickly, unless you are prepared to take massive casualties.
    Only the Ukraine is prepared to take massive casualties.
    Russia is not prepared to take massive casualties again like they did in February/March.
    Russia still has a lot of work to do before the Ukrainian/US/NATO army is ready to collapse.

    The increased mobilized Russian army size is purely to restore artillery war combat effectiveness and to constantly rest 1/3 of all troops. It is also a response to changing Ukrainian combat tactics, of less armor and more infantry. Before Russian battle groups had very little infantry support. This shortage has been corrected.


    All I said was “please don’t get boosted anymore.”
    He said, ” We are already quadruple- boosted.”
    But the way he said it, I think he heard me.
    Does it matter?


    The IgG4 narrative is frightening. If the spike protein in the mRNA vaccines can induce the human immune system to accustom itself to their presence and to other respiratory viruses, then this will also occur with each new COVID infection. If a new mutant virulent variety of the Wuhan Coronavirus arises, it will run wild through the vaccinated and essential workers who have already been exposed to the virus.

    It is said that a COVID infection ages one’s body by twenty years and is additive with each new infection. In June, Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, caught COVID. Check out his comments on the collapse of Southwest Airlines due to IT problems, worker shortages, and the Polar Vortex. He has lost his “baby fat”.

    With the end of Zero-COVID in China, there are no functional national public health systems left on earth.


    Redneck said

    Means you have to just accept that we have invaded and stolen your soverign territory and agree that that is now the stablished principle of our new world order

    Dream on, the Ukraine was stolen by the USA in 2014 and you are calling it sovereign territory? Wow, talk about the west cannot do any wrong. But, if the new world order means that Russia takes back the land stolen from it by the west, then sure, bring it on, it will be good for all of us.


    “Wow, talk about the west cannot do any wrong.”
    The West is absolutely and diabolically wrong , at least the Jews and their proxies are.
    The fact is that the Russians are not much better and recently have shown that they are just as corrupt , hubristic and incompetent , living in their own bubble just like the West.
    They have been sucked in by the West , they took the bait and now they have no way out , they are not as smart as I thought they were , their intel is nonexistent and their military prowess was a figment of their imagination , they believed their own propaganda , big mistake.
    They will have to get their shit together now if they want to prove they are other than a puffed up bunch of Soviet has beens.

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