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    Arthur Rothstein Oregon or Bust, family fleeing South Dakota drought Jul 1936   • ‘Rumblings’ From Democrats On Censuring Trump Instead Of Impeac
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    V. Arnold

    So we could and would keep killing everything in the oceans if not for the climate? I don’t like the reasoning nor the priorities. We should stop the killing for the oceans’ sake, not our own narrow ones. We should learn to like beauty.

    I’m so glad you highlighted exactly this.
    One reason I’m so pessimistic is that the obvious; is no longer obvious!
    What’s with that? Are we stupid? Are we lazy? Are we willfully ignorant?
    Or are we just now, the walking dead? Devoid of all emotions?
    Incapable of feelings? Dead humans walking………………………

    Dr D Rich

    Moral hazard? As opposed to morally resolute quantitative easing and oversubscribed repo markets and selective too big to fail bank bailouts and financing Money hemorrhaging companies like Amazon for decades until they become profitable monopolies and bailing out the auto industry and nominal GDP targeting where rich “folk” were permitted to live for several years without the mortgage being paid to keep prices propped up as opposed to the less affluent “folk” who were permitted to watch their assets sold to cash flush clients at rock bottom distressed prices……on and on ad nauseam. Why does the manifestation of MMT sound so much like a press release from Roman Catholic Church or the CIA?


    “We should learn to like beauty.”

    Amen! A lot of our problems stem from this in my view. A human who cant appreciate beauty is a spiritual amputee. So many ways to frame it and one way is Ian Mcgilchrists from The Master And His Emissary, letting the left hemisphere rule leaves us less than half wise while at the same time giving us the illusion that we are completely on top of things.

    V. Arnold

    Dr. D
    What a great rant; do carry on… 😉


    I wouldn’t confuse Dr. D with Dr D Rich. And besides, VA, no comment on some of those people looking at the camera? 😉

    Dr. D

    Harris out of race, weird how the front-runner, right after Biden in the news at her peak, actually has no support at all. It’s almost like the polls are made-up to attempt to corral the public toward candidates they prefer. In other words, THEY’RE ALL COMPLETELY FALSE. Which you know, because they were written by an adult and published in the news.

    “If you want your lie, you can keep your lie.”

    33% increase in homelessness in L.A., San Fran’s poop on the streets somehow DOUBLES in just one year. #Winning!


    Of course NYC admits they give them a one-way ticket to CA or HI, (or NJ, they’re being sued) as do many other states btw. WV was sending them TO NY. Are we done yet? Can we move to a different approach, like the Republican one for JOBS, and leaving people alone so they can live in a shack in the woods with an outhouse if they like? (A: Nope. There is never a time I will leave people alone or stop telling them what to do. …Or paying for it. Helping! Helping so, so much until you just can’t STAND it!)

    Speaking of,

    “Since the girl on TV demanded “we need to get rid of our dependency on fossil fuels” and our daughter agreed with her, we have disconnected the heat vent in her room. The temperature is now dropping to twelve degrees in the evening, and will drop below freezing in the winter, we have promised to buy her an extra sweater, hat, tights, gloves and a blanket.
    For the same reason we have decided that from now on she only takes a cold shower. She will wash her clothes by hand, with a wooden washboard, because the washing machine is simply a power consumer and since the dryer uses natural gas, she will hang her clothes on the clothes line to dry, just like my parents and grandparents used to do.” etc

    And like her parents, I’m not kidding about that either. I’m perfectly willing to do those things, but if I did, IT WOULD BE ILLEGAL, the sheriff would show up, take the kids, confiscate everything, and involuntarily hold me until I promised to return to central electricity, central heating, phone bills, taxes, rent, debt, a car, and the whole shebang. How do I know? HAPPENS EVERY DAY with homeschoolers, homesteaders, and off-grid people, primarily the religious. Verboten, citizen. Babylon is not an option: it’s an order. Even the Amish are being SWATTED.

    So go ahead and try to be environmental and live in a tipi or a bark house. It won’t be a week before you’re #Helped right into prison, if the locals don’t steal everything you own for not having a lock first, while the police look on and laugh, and abuse you themselves just for fun.

    Do I detect a bit of an environmental problem here, where if you DON’T use 5x the world’s average energy use while in the Western world, you effectively go to prison? Sounds like that problem will be hard to solve when it’s required by #Helping law and enforced by #UniversalViolence.

    ““should just go with censure”

    It’s too late to just go with censure. They already DID the impeachment thing, and unlike the 2016 elections, no do-over. They’re getting plastered in the moderate swing states, and have probably just guaranteed Trump wins 2020 in a landslide. Congratulations. Do Pelosi, Schiff, and Schumer work for Trump or something? Seriously, because the things they do are inexplicable otherwise.

    They HAVE, however, increased their support in NY and CA. …States they already had and were not in danger til now. Is this the HRC plan for the 2020? Campaign everywhere you’re already liked, then piss off and ignore WI, MI, and PA? ‘Cause I think that’s what they just did. …They wanted a 2016 do-over in 2020, but maybe that’s not the part they had in mind.

    Democrats Accuse Trump Of Abusing Power, Obstructing Impeachment Probe (R.)”

    As I say every day, with every one of these articles: “Okay, great! Where?” Surely you can say, October the 23rd, IN the Library, WITH the candlestick. Instead it’s, “Well he didn’t stand with the Rohingas, so we Steady State Generals started a coup.” (Not kidding, see Vindman, Zaid, Strozk, Page, and )

    “Schiff later chalked up his fictional summary of the phone call to a joke”

    Schiff does standup, LIVE from the floor of Congress! Better keep your day job. …I wouldn’t make a lot of it, however, and that the Cheeto HAS made a lot of it shows there’s a something going on. …Probably my theory that Schiff was paraphrasing the fake transcript the CIA stole off the White House servers.

    Nunes Sues CNN Over ‘Demonstrably False’ Ukraine Report (York)”

    They need to sue every one of them every time, like the old days. Although pistols at dawn is good too. Then no matter who gets shot, the people win.

    Durham Needs to Bring Indictments (Farrell)”

    …Aaaaand 3 years later, no indictments are had. For all the smoke and hair-on-fire the media puts out, you’d think somebody had done something, but nope. This is the same media that calls Armageddon when there’s snow, in the north, at 6,000 feet, in the winter. Unprecedented! Travelers in Atlanta might experience…rain. Heavens!

    Why did the FBO fire Strzok? And how does that make Lisa Page’s claims look?”

    Poor Lisa only said she hated the way WalMart deplorables even SMELL, and they had a plan with Andy and would do ANYTHING to prevent Cheeto from getting in. …But that didn’t affect her judgement, neutrality, or her job in any way. Huh. Poor girl. She’s right: she is a victim…of dementia.

    In an age where people around the world want to avoid war and to focus instead on the climate chaos that threatens future life on earth,”

    Ah, of course. Despite unprecedented COLD through the whole northern hemisphere, there can be no permitted article, anywhere, on any subject, that do not throw in on this. Cheeto is talking out both sides of his mouth about every minute on NATO, which has the effect of smashing everything in NATO and in Europe. …Which is exactly what the American people sent him there to do. Smash away, brother! When NATO fails for the joke that it is, we can stop occupying Europe, paying their defense bills while they make fun of us for the free health care our multi-trillion-dollar allows them, and start fixing Flint’s water lines back home. Can’t smash Macron and NATO fast enough for me. With a guy who shoots the eyes out of French ladies for fun and profit, Trump’s far too easy on him.

    Hillary Clinton Still Refuses to Rule Out Running for President (PJW)”

    Please, please, PLEASE run. This would be the best thing evah! To watch her violent, psychotic, narcissistic dreams be shattered before her eyes not once, but TWICE? There is no better or greater punishment for her, not even prison. Can we donate and FORCE her to run or something?

    About 94% of the energy used in the transportation sector was petroleum”

    And we’ll be carbon-neutral by 2030. No ICE cars will be sold in Europe in like one year. Hahahahahahaha. But if they asked any engineer, ever, they would have told them. Because they DID ask, and they DID tell them, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 100 years ago. They even told them “there are not enough square feet in all of Germany to produce enough wind to run a fraction of the economy.” Now there are windmills on every square foot, and Germany has no energy. They import toxic energy with complete and fatal national security risk from France and Russia, just like the engineers all said. But in an #AntiLogos world, reality is optional. “We MAKE reality now,” as a famous zealot of that religion once said.

    Tackling Degraded Oceans Could Mitigate Climate Crisis (G.)”

    OMG what dips. Without unlimited DEBT, issued by the central banks, the economy would HAVE to fall to a steady state. Then we would not be ABLE to pollute the oceans this fast, and both environment, and carbon would fall massively. …But along with GDP being cut 1/3 to 1/2, and taxes falling too, along with the ability to send wars, and kill millions for sport in 30 nations worldwide. Awwwww. No wars? No pollution? No carbon? No dead rhinos from China printing endless money and driving horn prices beyond Mars? Life’s hardly worth living then. Can’t we destroy some stuff and blame poor people for it or something? Worked for the last 50 years, why not now?


    It’s too late to just go with censure. They already DID the impeachment thing..

    I think they’ll try censure regardless. Schiff et al overpowered Pelosi, and now of course the ranks are closed -to the outside world-, but internally, there are major talks going on. There’s Schiff, and probably AOC et al, who insist on impeachment, and then there’s others who say: but look at the hearings, you don’t have anything! Well, other than hearsay, opinion, interpretation. But guys, the Senate is really different, it’ll be an actual trial, and none of that stuff counts, much of it won’t even be admissible.

    “But he tried to bribe Ukraine!”. Uh, that’s not what the call or the transcript say. That’s just what the witnesses make of it, and they are all from the same old-school bureaucracy. And the US president has the constitutional right to determine foreign policy, while none of these people do.

    I think what they’ll spin it into is: censure for now, but once we beat him inn the elections, and we take the Senate as well, we’ll go after him for all the charges on the table today which we can’t prove.

    I don’t think people like Schiff fully grasp the difference between closed-door hearings they entirely control, and the full-on trial that will follow if they persist with impeachment. But someone is explaining it to them right now.

    V. Arnold

    And besides, VA, no comment on some of those people looking at the camera?

    Mostly, it depends on context; anyway, it’s all subjective in the end, no? 😉

    Dr D Rich

    But I’m the real Dr D

    Dr. D

    …But I’m not rich.

    Speaking of our awesome justice system throughout the west, “Pedophile Mueller Witness Charged with Steering Illegal Campaign Contributions to Hillary Clinton”

    Ah, pretty petty and partisan. “A convicted pedophile who became a key witness in Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation has been indicted on charges of illegally funneling campaign funds to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign using straw donors, according to Politico.”

    “Nader, also a Lebanese businessman, has a shadowy record that includes a 1991 conviction on child pornography charges in the US – for which he served only six months in a halfway house thanks to his role in helping to free American hostages in Beirut.”

    And was freed.

    “He was also charged and convicted in the Czech Republic in 2002 on 10 counts of sexually abusing minors, and eventually received a one-year prison sentence.”

    And was freed.

    In initial charges filed against him, authorities alleged he had carried child pornography when he arrived in the country from Dubai in January 2018.”

    And was freed.

    The explicit videos of minors were found on one of the phones Nader gave to FBI agents working for the special counsel. He came and went from the country several times while being interviewed by Mueller’s team”

    And was freed.

    Lobbyist George Nader, who was arrested this June at JFK airport for sex-trafficking a 14-year-old boy, has lobbied on both sides of the aisle.”

    Well, he hasn’t been freed yet, but statistics are clearly in his favor.

    This guy’s in jail though: “Feds raid Amish dairy farm—twice—for selling unpasteurized milk”.

    “SWAT agents stormed a Pennsylvania Amish dairy farm wrongfully accusing the owner of selling raw milk interstate. The agents arrived at 4.30am while the owner Dan Allgyer’s family was still asleep and he was preparing to milk the cows. A warrant was served upon him claiming the police had “credible evidence” he was involved in interstate commerce.


    I don’t know why …. but the comments, this morning had me laughing out loud …. the comments this morning really, really cheered me up.

    I hope that everyone realize that laughter is better than appreciating the beauty of nature. I regularly go into the mountain to appreciate the beauty of mother nature. The trail cam pictures that I obtain of nature make me laugh. I’ve discovered, sorry, …. observed, many things that bring a smile. Did you ever see a video of a bush moving/following the sun? Have you ever discovered “needle ice? I’ve seen a elk calf push her mother away because she was eager to have her turn to look at the camera. (Today, we say, “getting a selfy”.)

    I have been around the mountains enough to realize that there is not enough wild life to sustain a man for one year. (Not enough for me and other competing hunters or other competing wild predators such as wolves, bears, and cats).
    Modern logging reveal the ancient forestry roads and show evidence of the cedar stumps that were logged 50 years and even 100 years. Yes, I’ve also walked among old growth trees.

    I would guess that 50 years of no gas would probably be enough reset nature to a new balance around another/different “strange attractor”.
    I wonder, would cattle and dogs revert to their previous role of being the prey and predators and set up a new balance.

    Enough, its time to go back to our regular news channel.

    John Day
    Eleni has sent this extensively informative article about all of the trade organizations, trade routes, pipelines, information exchanges, financial exchanges and the geography they cover, which are outside the US Dollar, NATO, SWIFT, etc.
    It is vast, and a lot of decisions are being made whether to use these networks more or less, compared to the currently dominant, dollar-based, western financial empire.
    I think the weaponization of the dollar reveals that it is a waning asset now, to be exploited for short term objectives, until it is replaced.
    One thing I have gained from all of this detailed information is the view that it is possible to have a world of peaceful trade, and that is being offered as an alternative to the militarily backed petro-dollar, which is so coercive these days.
    Importantly, a multipolar world, backing way off on bombings and invasions, false-flags and choke-holds, can potentially be much more efficient, and might work on large-scale cooperative projects, like not killing us all.

    Is there any global power which approaches the ideals propounded in this quote?

    According to Chinese philosopher Xunzi, there were three types of leadership: humane authority, hegemony and tyranny. Humane authority begins by creating a desirable model at home that inspires people abroad. Xunzi[2], proposed that, though hegemons know how to win wars, “The ruler who makes his own state act correctly will attain international primacy.” The domestic determines the international and, since humane authority based on morality rather than power, is superior to hegemony it is more important to win over people than territory. States wishing to exercise humane authority must be the first to respect the norms they advocate and leaders of high ethical reputation and great administrative ability will attract other states.

    Russia, China, and the European Peninsula

    OOPS! Meeting adjourned. Press conference canceled…
    ​ ​The leak by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation of a clip showing Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson caught on a hot mic appearing to ridicule President Trump at the NATO 70 year anniversary summit, appears to have made an already tense diplomatic situation, downright unbearable​…
    ​ ​This was a really unusual trip for Trump, who abided by Boris Johnson’s wishes to not interfere in UK elections, got an earful from Macron, woke up to footage of close allies mocking him, and, on top of it all, decided not to get the final say with a presser.

    ​ ​Bloomberg says he is “Running for president to stop Donald Trump and rebuild America.” In reality he is running to stop Bernie Sanders because he knows that given a level playing field Sanders would emerge triumphant. Bloomberg’s strategy is to skip the early states and focus on Super Tuesday in March. This plan is a sign that he is more interested in being a spoiler than in actually being president himself.
    ​ ​Bloomberg’s impact on New York will be felt for years to come. He described New York as “a luxury product” and he acted accordingly by accelerating the displacement of black people through gentrification. In order to make sure that black New Yorkers got the memo and quickly left town he instituted the notorious stop and frisk police program.

    John Day

    But wait, there’s MORE!

    Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Abruptly Quits After ‘Father-Of-The-Year’ Blows Off Child Support Hearing
    ​ ​Hunter Biden’s lawyer abruptly quit on Monday after the former Vice President’s son and Ukraine energy expert failed to show up for a child support hearing regarding his out-of-wedlock child with a D.C. stripper from Arkansas…
    ​​Biden has requested that his financial records be sealed to avoid public ’embarrassment’ over claims of ‘significant debts’ ​(and massive Ukrainian bribes and laundered money…)​

    The Clintons regularly stayed at Jeffrey Epstein’s weird New Mexico ranch where the deceased pedophile had grand plans to seed the human race with his DNA, according to his estate manager.

    Lobbyist known for Trump ties charged with steering illegal contributions to Clinton
    ​ ​A lobbyist known for his ties to the inner circle of President Donald Trump has been indicted on campaign finance charges for allegedly using straw donors to conceal contributions to Trump’s 2016 rival, Hillary Clinton, the Justice Department revealed on Tuesday…
    ​ ​In July, Nader pleaded not guilty to unrelated charges of importing child pornography and traveling with a minor to engage in sexual activity. Nader pleaded guilty to other federal child pornography charges in 1991.

    The U.S. Government Has Been Run as a Criminal Enterprise: Financial Fraud, Criminal Cash Flows
    Interview with Catherine Austin Fitts​ (12/10/17, still pertinent)
    ​ ​“The U.S. economy is deeply dependent on criminal cash flows. We’re the global leader in money laundering. If we stopped doing that, the economy would be in for a major, major change. . . . The preference for most Americans is to keep that system going as long as it works for them. So, it you are a public official, you are between a rock and a hard place. If you press the red button and stop the illegal cash flows, then all hell breaks loose. . . . The U.S. Government has been run as a criminal enterprise, and I have documented and proved that on multiple occasions. The swamp that exists in Washington is from sea to shining sea. It’s not just in Washington. It’s in every county and every state house in the country. If we are going to change and clean ourselves of enormous financial dependencies on criminal activities, we are talking about a very big change, and it’s not just in Washington.”
    ​ ​Why are so many top people in politics and Hollywood being taken down?
    Fitts says,
    ​ ​“These people are expensive. This is a fundamental re-engineering. . . . We are watching purges, but these purges are knocking out the expensive people, people we no longer need from the financial coup d’état period, and you are bringing in a new wave of people or you are just downsizing. So, we see sex purges in Hollywood and in various forms of media and entertainment. . . . You have various purges going on because the reality is the world needs to move on. This money needs to be reinvested, and you can’t afford a bunch of egotistical maniacs who were good at stealing money. You can’t use them to build the future, and you can’t afford them. . . . There is a huge amount of money that is floating around in fixed income and derivative markets, and now you’ve got to bring it down into the hard economy and hard assets. How do you do that? You need to switch the caliber of the people for management and reinvestment of the money. You have to do it in a way that doesn’t kick off hyperinflation.”
    ​ ​So, what are the rich doing with their money?
    Fitts says,
    ​ ​“Gold is what it has always been and that is a real store of value. I am a gold girl.
    If you look at the smart money and central banks around the world . . . the smart money is buying gold, and the smart money is buying land. If you read the land report, that’s the top holders of land in the United States. Their holdings have doubled since 2008. I see tremendous amounts of money moving into hard assets.”

    The U.S. Government Has Been Run as a Criminal Enterprise: Financial Fraud, Criminal Cash Flows



    I think the weaponization of the dollar reveals that it is a waning asset now, to be exploited for short term objectives, until it is replaced. One thing I have gained from all of this detailed information is the view that it is possible to have a world of peaceful trade, and that is being offered as an alternative to the militarily backed petro-dollar, which is so coercive these days.

    That waning asset thing is old. The one thing that could make it reality is a replacement. It doesn’t exist. Nobody wants ruble or yuan. It’s not even about the petrodollar, you can’t do forex with centrally controlled currencies. I’ve tried to explain this in, among many essays and posts, The Fed Detests Free Markets.

    There has always been cross border trade in yuan and rubles, and numerous other currencies, but it’s always been minor. You have to remember, the USD is the reserve currency, and it’s very hard to push those things off their thrones. It usually takes a big war. The euro has carved itself a nice path when you look at international trade, but that’s mainly thru EU nations trading amongst themselves.

    Sure, the USD will lose its current status, but it won’t be tomorrow, and it won’t be replaced by yuan as long as that’s under Xi control, or euro as long as France and Germany and UK are at each other’s throat. FX runs into the $multi-trillions every day (it’s insane), and volatility, any sign of it even, is its enemy.

    FX basically is the dollar, against which everything can be “scaled”, and there is nothing else that comes close. All the rest is just dreams. As I just said, it usually takes a big war. Perhaps an even bigger one, seeing how much we “progressed” since we went from sterling to USD 100 years or so ago.

    Dr D Rich

    Dr D,
    I’d hope you would expound on your expertly crafted statement from Dec 2nd, “So the woman is a deep-knowledge specialist, same as a surgeon.” In other words, how to convey that meaningful message to nonphysician hospital administrators without offending their tender sensibilities and losing your job? my gmail is kdus23 so as not to hijack Raúl’s excellent thread

    John Day


    Thanks for the reply, and you know I’ve been reading you almost 12 years, now, and steadily.
    The dollar being a “waning asset”, up in history for replacement sometime historically-soonish, isn’t contrary to your observation that the petrobuck is still the biggest reserve currency, without an openly nominated replacement.
    We can all speculate what might replace it.
    I vote “Gold”, but I’m unimaginative.
    Gold is popular amongst central bankers again, and the ones I see in the news stories are even keeping it at home, now.


    Physical currency? Doubtful, that limits the fractional reserve system since it makes it harder to keep the fraud going without getting called out, that’s why they got rid of gold.

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