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    @chooch: excellent work. Even if it sails over their heads, pat yourself on the back. Well done!!!


    New York City To Require Covid Vaccine For All Private Sector Workers —

    Mika BRZEZINSKI’S father….

    “In the technotronic society the trend would seem to be towards the aggregation of the individual support of millions of uncoordinated citizens, easily within the reach of magnetic and attractive personalities exploiting the latest communications techniques to manipulate emotions and control reason.”
    ~Zbigniew Brzezinski, Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era

    “Speaking of a future at most only decades away, an experimenter in intelligence control asserted, “I foresee a time when we shall have the means and therefore, inevitably, the temptation to manipulate the behavior and intellectual functioning of all the people through environmental and biochemical manipulation of the brain.”
    ~Darth Zbigniew Brzezinski, Between Two Ages, p. 15; Top Money Power Technocrat



    Given the make up of our HR dept., I would guess a few heads would have exploded. They made my accommodations more restrictive after I baulked on the first ones they put forth. Besides, if the evidence based counterpoint info I provided keeps a few moms from jabbing their kids it’s a silent win too.



    >>Is type 1 really something that would mix poorly if she got covid? I would think the vax itself is riskier than covid?<<

    Read through Denninger’s source document essays on this mRNA therapy…

    The fact serum ferritin explodes in the worst cases of CovFeFe (oh, the Money Power loves to mock the UNFIT to prove just how UNFIT they are!), the cytokine storm that ended the previously undefined “calm before the storm,” STRONGLY SUGGESTED that what CovFeFe does is release toxic iron sequestered inside ferritin inside the cells in the shorter term. Ferritin doesn’t work in the serum, it is not technically supposed to be there at all. IT WORKS INSIDE THE CELL. It gets ejected into the serum AFTER IT DUMPS ITS TOXIC REACTIVE IRON INSIDE THE CELL to do its damage.

    There is an argument to be made that type 1 diabetes is related to iron overload in the pancreas. Has a lot of processed foods and seed oils been ingested by this person in their life? How about through their matrilineal line? If so, YEAH, SHE’S IRON FREAKING TOXIC, just not in the blood. Dr. Bruce Ames discovered that iron in the tissues can be 10x the level shown in the blood… and it can drive inflammation that results in anemia due to chronic inflammation, CAUSED BY TOO MUCH IRON IN THE TISSUES!

    “Despite the link between iron-overload and obesity mentioned above, inflammation in obesity also leads to iron-deficient anemia [20]. Linking obesity with both tissue iron overload and iron deficient anemia may seem counterintuitive; however, this can be understood by parsing out systemic and cell autonomous regulation of iron storage as detailed below.”
    ~Iron homeostasis: a new job for macrophages in adipose tissue?

    Search these research studies…
    1. Iron homeostasis: a new job for macrophages in adipose tissue?
    2. Dietary Iron Overload Induces Visceral Adipose Tissue Insulin Resistance
    3. The Role of Iron in Type 1 Diabetes Etiology: A Systematic Review of New Evidence on a Long-Standing Mystery

    That’s right, all you folks with layers of adipose tissue that you can’t seem to get rid of… IT MAY WELL BE SEQUESTERING IRON AWAY FROM YOUR ORGANS SO YOU DON’T KILL YOURSELF SOONER!

    “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”
    Hosea 4:6

    “And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.”
    Daniel 2:43

    “Cleave” is the Biblical word that describes the perfect attitude toward marriage.

    “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”
    Genesis 2:24

    Do you anyone that can have a solid intimate connection with anyone else? I don’t. Whenever I’m either in the “inner circle” or see someone else’s “inner circle” it is invariably defined by chaotic defending, blaming, projecting… NOT loving, empathetic solution finding and uplifting positivity!

    The Money Power is following the Biblical narrative in their play to become what they think is the Messianic Bloodline. The head of this Messianic Bloodline will be the anti-christ, the AUTHOR OF THE SPIRIT OF THE ANTICHRIST IN THE MASSES, that Jesus defeats, once and for all.

    What is the MECHANISM OF THE SPIRIT OF THE ANTI-CHRIST (aka, narcissism)?

    I hypothesize it is metallic iron filings added to the food supply beginning in 1941.

    “As for the type of greens, it is a function of your blood type, blood chemistry (a function of your accumulated damages) and other factors. Generally speaking, any green plants are good but your specific requirements WILL dictate what should eat. Example, were you found to be deficient in ORGANIC IRON, you may want to eat more spinach!
    Not that difficult, is it? You can LEARN of your blood chemistry through a simple blood panel and learn about the nutritional profile of various plants native to your area, or those of other areas, since most are available worldwide.
    And eat accordingly!
    How simple could it be?
    Laughing out Loud!
    Now, forget all this foolishness and go have a BURGER!
    Laughing out Loud!”


    “I already told you to drink only distilled water. Very important as your digestive system cannot process inorganic minerals. You will find disinformation regarding this topic, but do your research. All necessary nutrients comes from the plant cycle (albeit plants you grow yourself..not store processed). The miracle of water, the covalent bond…the perfect YIN YANG of hydrogen (builder/structure) mated with OXYGEN (an oxidizer…break down) is perfection itself. Water did not sign up to be a mineral transport…at least not for human needs.”

    “Simply stated, the human body can not assimilate inorganic minerals and solids of this nature. It Kills. Aside from the harsh chemicals and pollutants which spring forth from the TAP.
    Minerals must be assimilated in their organic state, and that is only possible through PLANTS!


    Humans diets presently, for the most part, are not in harmony with their right NATURE. A quick look at the trends of obesity in western (and increasingly eastern) cultures makes this abundantly clear to even the dullest observer. One need only then consider the state of health care costs to understand humans are “killing themselves” from their “food” (phood) choices.”

    “CONCLUSIONS: The limited number of studies included found dietary iron, but not iron in drinking water, to be associated with risk of T1D (type 1 diabetes). Further studies are needed to clarify the association between iron and risk of T1D, especially studies including measurements of body iron status.”
    ~The Role of Iron in Type 1 Diabetes Etiology: A Systematic Review of New Evidence on a Long-Standing Mystery


    Indeed it has, Mr. House. But stubborn facts are snowballing and people worldwide are wearying of this virus game. As easily as they were terrified by propaganda, the New Normals can be soothed by saying “we won”- the “love-bomb” move in the abusive relationship. And just as quickly, the heavily mortgaged property “owners” can be destroyed if Blackrock’s real estate subs and Mr. Gates decide to dump everything all at once. (They can buy it back cheaper.). The market doesn’t have to crash tooo much to take out little investors.

    “Indeed, corrupt actors hide their money in the United States all the time. We can no longer provide them a shadow under which to operate.
    “Combating corruption abroad, therefore, begins at home, and our first step must be to expose the owners of shell companies and other illicit funds. Moving forward, the U.S. government will require many U.S. and foreign companies to report their true owners to the Treasury and to update us when they change hands. We’re also working toward new reporting requirements for real estate transactions and will be enlisting other nations to address these issues.”
    Janet Yellen and Samantha Powers, WaPo editorial.

    Sure sounds purrrdy, don’t it? These dames claim they want transparency, but every law ever made to police big guys finds the big guys wiggling out and the little guys getting crushed. Omarova was the toe in the water for Fed “takeover of the banks”. (gag. cough. cough.)
    Too bad so few know the Fed is private.
    I think Hopkins was right- it’s now or never for GloboCap. Things are going to speed up.


    “ By tracking the evolutionary trajectories of vaccine-resistant mutations in more than 2.2 million SARS-CoV-2 genomes, we reveal that the occurrence and frequency of vaccine-resistant mutations correlate strongly with the vaccination rates in Europe and America. ”



    BTW, if you want to know what is happening today, read Daniel 2:43-44 together, and note the timing CONSTRAINT you won’t hear about in any corporate church!!!

    Daniel 2:43-44
    43 And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.
    44 And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.

    Again, this “kingdom” will be set up in the days of the kings that were around when iron was mixed with the seed of men — AND NOT AFTER! There is a HARD TIMING CONSTRAINT, AND WE ARE AT THE END OF IT IN RIGHT NOW… COINCIDENCE?

    “PAPER, People! You are handed PAPER!! What don’t you get?? The paper costs nothing to produce!! And has the taxpayer’s blood (read YOU) as backing! SO you provide the guarantee, at gunpoint! Keys to the KINGDOM indeed!

    “At some point, the remaining bloodlines will be similar enough in power and stature to know that coexistence is the next logical evolutionary step….referred biblically as the thousand year peace. At that point, there wont be many left, at least relevant to the current population level. 500 million at most.
    THEN things get interesting!
    Thanks for playing!”

    “Currently, you note a consolidation of the few remaining countries without a “central bank”…and how rapidly this is occurring. Look for Syria next to fall, and fall quickly.
    North Korea has already cut a deal under the aegis of China…feit accompli. Cuba has also agreed to the North American integration once Fidel “passes”.
    That leaves IRAN. And biblical prophesy. The fallout from that conflict sets the stage for the true new world order as has been broadcast in the media for the last 13 years or so.”

    Meat is only used…occasionally…for ritual purposes. Those who have actually read the bible understand on some level the need and significance of “sacrifice” in the cosmic “wheel”.
    Ritual and symbolism are extremely relevant, but generally humans concern themselves with non-sense like comets and old calendars.
    Generally, eat to your blood type. There is no universal diet…no one size fits all.
    The human diet should be primarily fat, plant based is preferable…with proteins next based on the humans “lifestyle”.
    Carbohydrates should be avoided at all costs.
    If one wishes to really stretch the mind, check out that Indian fellow who lives on sunlight alone. He is on a very productive path…and of course being mocked to no end…
    Laughing out loud!!
    If one chooses to pen and slaughter animals, one should consider the longer term ramifications of their actions. It is very simple-minded to think there are no consequences for the wholesale slaughter of “innocents”…particularly with so many better options available.”

    “Pollution of your bloodline is the only relevant issue. As I quoted earlier in another post, the word bloodline is mentioned most frequently after “God” in the bible. There is a reason why.”

    When asked how best to prepare for the upheaval Rothschild said was being financed…

    “It will be the span of your life and those of your progeny, if you indeed have any.
    If so, it will engulf theirs as well. It will not “end” per se…just evolve and evolve. And for most, degenerate.
    You are not prepared in any sense of the word. It is something of a standing joke among many enlightened how the simpletons scurry about hoarding tins and small calibre handguns and such. Is it seriously believed that any such preparations would sustain any serious attention from those in power?
    Will a few gold or silver coins matter in the likely scenarios? Think that one through carefully.
    Seriously, how can one hold such deluded viewpoints. If you can find someone who has been through such an ordeal, ask them about it. Likely that you will never find such a person since they DON’T survive the encounter.
    YOU ARE NOT PREPARED. Absorb that fact.”

    “Now, let’s assume that you live in Los Angeles and get word that a tsunami will take out the city. That information has great value, does it not? You can prepare you and your family by moving to the mountains. Of course, there will be details to work out and plans to make, but humans are adaptable by nature.
    If you lack this vital knowledge, will the provisions and skills you have laid in allow your survival when the city is submerged? What if your tins float away with the debris?
    The point is made eloquently in the bible.
    For want of knowledge, my people are lost.
    Not, for want of creamed corn, my people are lost. Big difference.
    You lack knowledge, and a deluge is coming. My bloodline HAS knowledge, and control is how it has been obtained, and kept.”

    “”The optimal human diet is well understood and stated clearly in many venues…the christian bible being one. Refer to genesis, for example, which advises primarily a vegan diet (paraphrasing here a bit)….plants, seeds, fruits (in season and occasionally). Complete instructions can be found there for the inquisitive mind.
    Incidentally, the observant will note the GREAT detail in which the bloodlines are addressed. Make of that what you might!”


    This is an important read –

    The death of Europe

    Saul Goodman


    She was born type 1 as an autoimmune disease. Ironically, my wife and her 2 sisters all have an autoimmune disease. They linked it back to some drug their grandmother took to prevent a miscarriage’s (ironically at the time FDA approved but now pulled as a carcinogen)

    Her mother has celiac diease, my wife has celiac, her oldest sis has ruma arthritis , and type 1

    Saul Goodman


    I know you linked a video of a guy who read a book on Iron, i lost it but it looked like a good read.

    She was born type 1, is very healthy person in terms of diet and exercise.

    Is there a way to measure iron in the tissue?


    Trivium, your posts put me in a CCR mood.


    “I defy you to find a single case where the No. 1 bestselling book in America over a 16-day period has not been mentioned in one mainstream newspaper in the country,” Mr. Lyons told The Washington Times . . . none . . . have even asked to see a copy of the book . . . So they don’t care about the content, and they’re not trying to refute any of the claims.”
    Publisher blasts ‘total media blackout’ of Robert Kennedy’s bestseller on Dr. Anthony Fauci – Washington Times

    A certain notable “anti-Vaxx” skeptic has endorsed Kennedy’s book:
    American Pravda: Vaxxing, Anthony Fauci, and AIDS, by Ron Unz – The Unz Review

    Will Kennedy’s book begin a hairline crack in the concrete? Maybe . . .


    “This looks like it was another level of economic siege used to DESTROY more companies NOT in the Money Power Monopolist Mega-Corporate Orwellian Fascist Global Empire system.”
    Socrates drank hemlock. It was an act of non-compliance masquerading as obedience. But he was still dead.
    God loved meat. That’s why Cain killed Abel. Why would vegans herd sheep?


    Anecdotal, I stopped at a B&N to pick up Scott Atlas’s “Plague Upon Our House”. They keep it in the back, it’s not out on the floor. Had to ask for it.


    Oxymoron- have you looked into preserving eggs? (Bar food.)

    Doc Robinson

    Saul Goodman: “Is type 1 really something that would mix poorly if she got covid? I would think the vax itself is riskier than covid?”

    This graph (Figure 1) could be useful for a diabetic person to estimate their risk of mortality from a Covid-19 infection.

    The study data shows that a diabetic person of age 50, for example, has the same mortality risk (from a Covid-19 infection) as a non-diabetic person whose age is in the range of 60-66. From another source (a paper published in the journal Nature on November 2, 2020, “Age-specific mortality and immunity patterns of SARS-CoV-2”), the Infection Fatality Rate for a female of age 60-64 is 0.318 which means the survival rate is around 99.7% for diabetic people of age 50. (Keep in mind that the overall Covid survival rates have improved since then.)

    The disproportionate excess mortality risk of COVID-19 in younger people with diabetes…

    The “OpenSAFELY” line on the graph uses combined data for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, while the other lines are based on data for Type 2 diabetes.

    Doc Robinson

    COVID Infection Fatality Rates By Sex And Age
    (using data from the journal Nature)


    New story

    People in the 75-79 age group have more than a 3% chance of dying if infected with coronavirus,

    You can catch Omicron but it will not kill you. The pandemic is over. – paraphrasing Fauci

    Pfizer vaccine less effective against Omicron by 40 per cent – study from S.A.

    DNA testing finds that Omicron is everywhere

    Dr. D

    Another day, another employee reduction program.

    And NYC needs to sell that land to China, cheap. How they gonna do that with all those people there? The whole point is the drop real estate prices for our friends in the 12 Fed-center cities. BLM, Omicron, taxes, really I could care less why. Just get it done.

    “Is it Safe to Hang Out with the UnBoosted?”

    Translation: Do vaccines work? Or did I take one, it won’t protect me, and I’m an idiot who bought an empty bag? Newsflash: The Atlantic won’t tell you. They’re incapable of rational thought.

    “And I’m wondering: how is that not a completely insane world? How do we fail to connect these things?”

    Pretty simple: their technology is in human engineering. Of the psyche. Roughly represented by Bernays, but far older and far more medical.

    I’m working on this idea and that’s why I was delayed, but since being mentally hijacked is now EVERY day, I’m sure it’ll be relevant tomorrow.

    experts are therefore even urging countries to drop restrictions and let Omicron spread so the more infectious but less severe variant can kill off Delta”

    Finally some brains. That’s why we won’t do it. Or in NY anyway. FL is now officially the safest place. Lockdown MI is arguably the worst.

    “The War on a Virus Has Resulted in Colossal Failure (Schachtel)”

    Which we knew in May, 2020, and the CDC documents said in 2019. Follow the Science! If only the CDC had done what the 2019 CDC documents told them to, think how many lives could be saved!

    I started following data on the Root Cause Protocol, but it’s elusive and complicated, fair warning. Difficult to impossible to test, and relatively complicated to conceptualize. Just wanted Tri4 to know I’m listening although it sometimes seems I’m dismissive.

    “corrupt actors hide their money in the United States all the time.”

    Once again, they are saying they’re broke and attacking to get money enough for tomorrow. This is a variety of cutting off the periphery to save the core, only more time-based. Yes, they’ll get a little money, but the yearly, decade money FLOWS will stop forever. And criminals are the largest money-holders, if the UN is to be believed. They will therefore die. Yay! Same for the sudden, SUDDEN rush to war with Russia, with the most fabulous heated fever dreams I’ve ever seen, even from respectable people like Tim Pool who should know better. WTF would Putin want with Ukraine? They hate him, and they’ll bankrupt him. The BEST thing is for them to bankrupt the EU, ECB instead totally discrediting pretender-in-chief (Milley?) by KEEPING Ukraine. There is NO reason to want Ukraine. What, 12 empty time zones isn’t enough for you? All they need is for nuclear missiles not to be parked 5min from Moscow, because Cheney II will DEFINITELY hit the button as soon as they’re sworn in.

    But again: they don’t want a WAR, they need an EXCUSE. Excuse 1, It’s the wahr what caused the economical collapsy thingie thar that’s been clearly past-tense since 1999. Excuse 2, sanctions on Russia, which was the first, next, and last thing they said, saying, and will say, because it will buy, dunno, 60 more seconds of cashola to keep the Fed and ECB from collapsing like the failed failing failures they are?

    That was always the plan, and that’s terrible when you so egregiously lack imagination as a zombie minion, that you’re incapable of anything but going forward with the original plan. Here we are, decades after that plan was made, the whole world is on its head with opposites, and they’re still trying a Cuban Missile Crisis under Kennedy on the Soviet Socialist Republic that hasn’t existed in lifetimes. …They updated it for HRC to start (she pinkie-promised in Syria) but scarcely a line was changed. Now 50 years later, same thing: race war at home, Russian war in Ukraine, like when Brzezinski was but a wee laddie and Soros hadn’t had his 1,000th birthday yet.

    WTF is wrong with these people? Are the people behind them like rock-trolls or something, living 10,000 years, thinking in 100 year lengths, incapable of even NOTICING something’s happened since they last looked? It’s pathological, and so inhuman it’s disturbing.

    Anyway: good for us, since all you have to do to beat them is not let them run their plans. Just keep changing the field by, I dunno, measuring your admin in Scaramuccis. As soon as they laboriously, like twits run by tree elves, congeal a new plan, hand them the keys, stand on your head, and say “Tag: you’re it.” and run off in a tutu. Do this all day and they can’t react or do a thing. You can go safely play golf for months while they make up another “Master Plan” that it’s “Can’t be: It’s Impossible!” and then pop that one too, on and on forever.

    …P.S. that all sounds really stupid but it’s how General Washington won a continent using two janitors and a seamstress for an army. And they’re so very MUCH stupider, they sit there like dinosaurs while it happens.

    “at the time FDA approved but now pulled as a carcinogen)”

    Remember children: Every drug the FDA has pulled was approved by the FDA!

    Eggs can also be preserved in Waterglass. Which is fascinating. However, they’re so cheap an available have to wonder why to bother.

    Pardon Fauci now! He didn’t mean to kill those 200,000 gay guys. It was an accident!


    Looks like today gave me some time. Am I a horrible person for wanting to make it another 5 years to when I can retire from the grind? That said, I’m willing to die on this hill, I’ll not be coerced.

    I too am at a state land-grant university surrounded by idiots/sheep. For 4 years before I moved here I worked at the #1 US Public Research University in the world (so they say) surrounded by idiots. It’s what finally really spooked me. It’s what made me see this was all planned and all bullshit.

    Anyway, thanks for keeping me sane and strong for more than 10 years now. I have to admit, when covid first hit I was pretty worried about this blog, it’s been interesting watching it evolve from March 2020 to now.


    Doc Robinson:

    Thanks for the 2 articles on covid risks for diabetics. I am sure Saul will appreciate them very much.

    Dr. D:

    I think “I didn’t kill anybody” Alex Baldwin lent his “it just went off by itself” gun to fauci!


    So the outgoing major of NYC will force everyone in New York city to be vaccinated 3 days before he leaves.

    What I want to know are the views of the new incoming major elect.

    Is the new major just as big a nut case as the outgoing major? Is he a Democrat too?


    Just don’t let them.
    Bless your faith in humanity, Dr. D. You’re a laser in the fog.
    Oxymoron needs something to do with a surplus of eggs, I believe.


    Isn’t there is a flip side to the bad guys winning because they cheat? In a world where the majority cheat, is it possible that the good guys have the advantage? Where so many lie, the ones who tell the truth and understand how to recognize the truth and deal with each other based on it, might they not- with reality on their side- gain the upper hand?

    Mister Roboto

    I have to admit, when covid first hit I was pretty worried about this blog, it’s been interesting watching it evolve from March 2020 to now.

    It has certainly been a learning curve for a lot of us. 🙂



    I rather liked your definition of a PhD as a person “who knows everything about nothing”!

    My Father, a mining engineer, was going for his PhD, like his MD brother, but ran into difficulties with the idiot professor supervising him, electing to go to work instead.

    Years later, I asked my Father if he ever had any regrets about not finishing his PhD. He said no. Once you are out in the real world, your employer only wants to know if you can do the job. He quickly rose to chief engineer at the mining company.

    My Father also said there are those who can only survive in an academic world, because they can’t make it in the real world. Since my Father hired many people, he largely avoided those who had stellar grades, as he found most of them couldn’t boil water if their lives depended upon it and couldn’t handle adversity.

    Mister Roboto

    Wisconsin Conservative Group Finds ‘No Evidence Of Widespread Fraud’ In 2020 Election

    Perhaps there was fraud elsewhere, but I really do want to be able to keep thinking that such things are a rarity in the Badger State.


    Mister Roboto:

    Have an Old Milwaukee! Sorry but Toronto doesn’t have a beer named after it! We just aren’t quite in the same league!

    Even though Milwaukee:s and Toronto’s weather are very similar, Milwaukee is a couple of degrees warmer! The other big difference is Milwaukee gets more rain/snow. Thus a big green dairy state!

    The natives used to winter in Toronto because areas both south (Niagara/Buffalo/Lake Erie) and north (Lake Huron) got much more snow, making it more difficult for the natives to get around. Toronto is kind of in a sweet spot not getting as much lake effect snow. Natives also liked the unfrozen mouths of rivers flowing into Lake Ontario for fishing too.


    Mister Roboto:

    When it comes to Republicans, there are two groups. There are the corrupt Mitch McConnell uniparty republican (deceptacons-two faced) insiders and then there are ordinary republican voters who keep wonder why Mitch and company keep supporting laws that work against the best interests of ordinary voters (like shipping their jobs to China!).

    You need to remember that Mitch has a huge vested interest in proving there was no voter fraud!

    Every state where people have tried to hold Democrats/Republicans accountable (like Phoenix) have failed and been discredited by the republican party insiders.

    All you need to know is joe received more votes than any president in US history! Yes he certainly did!

    Sort of reminds me of an exchange between JFK and Nixon, where Nixon conceeded defeat. Nixon said to JFK. “You won fair and square.” Most people don’t realize is what Nixon was really saying is the that JFK’s dems did a better job of stuffing the ballot boxes than Nixon’s Republicans did!


    Zero hedge has a story where a guy Warped Perception strapped 3 small jet engines to the back of his electric Tesla car. Pretty cool video!

    V. Arnold

    Incredible discussion on our present realities of the mass hypnosis across the planet.
    Dr. Desmet is a psychologist who masterfully describes what happened to our world under the grip of Covid.
    I think Germ would second me on this being a must watch; I was gobsmacked and couldn’t not watch…
    You won’t regret it…or forget it…



    I appreciate those links as well. As a Type I diabetic, it’s good to know (even with the advanced age category risk from COVID itself) that my chances of dying without the vax are still better than with the vax. And now I have more ammunition if they give me a time about it. Though the last four times I’ve needed health care I have not been asked for vax status nor have I had it pushed on me.


    There was an interesting comment on Kunstler’s article that summed up what we are dealing with, that most people’s moral development according to Kohlberg is at the adolescent level. While a very few who come here seem to be at stage five, most of us are at stage six:

    “action is never a means but always an end in itself; the individual acts because it is right, and not because it avoids punishment, is in their best interest, expected, legal, or previously agreed upon.”

    Recalling memories, I’d say I might have begun stage six at age 12.

    When at stages 1-5, you’re afraid of the authorities. When you’re at stage 6, the authorities are afraid of you. I’ve found that to be the case across many of my experiences, as I’m sure others here have noticed in themselves as well. My thoughts when in these battles with authority when justice is at stake is always they should be afraid. “Unstoppable authoritarian force” meets immovable justice based object. Though I really do wish I didn’t have to go scorched earth so much.


    Eggs are cheap? Chicken feed prices just went up. If you want organic eggs from chickens not fed glyphosate-laced feed and raised on a smaller scale (say less than 100 as opposed to 50,000) where they can have something resembling a genuine chicken life (opportunities for dust baths and scratching for bugs etc) they cost $7.5 per dozen in my neck of the woods. Quality is quite superior to conventional eggs imo.

    Canadian Civil Liberties Association is fighting some me good fights in the covid department-I know of no other organization in Canada doing what they are doing. See for example:

    CCLA to Minister: Choosing not to be vaccinated should not disentitle you from employment insurance


    Since I don’t have the skills to directly link to a comment, I’ll copy/paste here. While we are dealing with a pro-COVID vax cult and mass psychosis, we’re also dealing with those who just want to be “the cool kids” and “good people”.

    Jarek December 6, 2021 at 11:10 am #

    “How does it ever work? Pay? Uh, yeah! And being a good boy by doing what the Establishment says is the right thing to do. Ideology? Following orders IS being a good person for many if not most. Review Kohlberg’s stages of moral development. Wiki has a good summary. The tragic fact: Conventional morality (by definition, the morality of most) is not sufficient to maintain our freedoms.

    But good points nonetheless. The United States is unique. They will have a hard time treating heavily armed people like kulaks.”

    A Brief History of Epic Mass Madness

    As I noted before, 1-5 people are afraid of authorities, stage 6 authorities are afraid of you because people might wind up following your example. This is the Asch effect.


    @ oxymoron

    Egg preservation

    The only method I’ve tried is pickling. It was the method where (essentially) boiled, peeled eggs are submerged in vinegar with spices. Then they could be left in the refrigerator for months. (Fridge was full, jar got pushed to the back, had no mold..and, what do you know, still good!). Not sue about warmer temperatures.

    I don’t know whether or not eggs can be lacto fermented (I’ve done this with cukes, cabbage, etc., but not eggs.)

    I’ve used frozen eggs before, and freezing them had no adverse effects. (But I’ve never tried freezing them.). I know eggs can be dried, but I’ve never researched it.


    Re: preserved eggs – I’m not a fan but this Chinese recipe is a good way to keep them

    Excellent work with The Great Reset Flowchart the other day Maxwell Quest! I liked the original one (pushback – no – so sorry, too late) it was the human aspect there that made me laugh. The amended version is more like their diktat – cold, authoritarian and inhuman. A geniunely realistic visual of how reptilian minds think.

    Comment section has been on fire of late – it is hard to keep up. Great contributions from all.

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