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    William Henry Jackson North from Brink Wood, Pen Mar Park, Maryland 1906 • Trump Trade Chief Navarro Accuses Germany Of Abusing Euro For Own Gain (Tel
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    John Day

    Scott Adams (Dilbert) has had good insights into the tactical Trump, but just his (impressive) tactical abilities. Trump isn’t in this alone, and there is obviously strategy involved, too. The rapid-fire attacks on the status-quo have been disorienting and disarming in the political landscape. There’s no time to fight back on one thing before it changes and there is a new threat.
    This has looked military to me, a counteroffensive to the fourth-generation warfare we have been subject to since the 1980s, and which has become the state religion, the “Blue Church” as it is presented here. Jordan Greenhall is an impressively clear analyst of human society. This is war, war among the elites, and their constituencies, war on every level, including military. This is military war in American deep state politics, and NATO/Europe/Global, by extension.

    E. Swanson

    John Day: An interesting strategic analysis. Having worked in 4 Presidential campaigns, the last in 1992, I’ve followed recent events with considerable interest. Also, as I have been doing some “remedial reading” of Marx, I find the situation not unlike that described by Marx in mid-19th century Europe. Then, the new spread of machinery resulted in vastly increased production per worker, not unlike the impact of the PC computer and emerging communication revolutions we now enjoy. The “middle class” which grew in the 20th century gave the average unskilled workers exceptional opportunities to accumulate real wealth, both in the form of real estate and machinery like cars, boats and tools.

    But, as the AI revolution continues, the average worker now faces loss of job opportunities and income as employment shifts to other nations with lower pay scales and less regulation on employers. The US auto centered / suburban culture depends on cheap fuel, which is becoming less likely to be seen going forward. If people shift toward self driving vehicles rented for short periods, they won’t need to purchase their own cars or trucks, which will cut the number of vehicles manufactured, resulting in even fewer jobs. In the resulting turmoil, the old media models (which are already failing as the dominant channels providing information), are being eclipsed by the cable and internet sources of alternative information. The unified cultural knowledge base previously nurtured by the old media model is being inundated by “alternative facts” fabricated and spread widely by the new technologies such as internet blogs and chat channels, Facebook and Twitter. If Trump can’t deliver on his basic promise to bring high paying jobs back to the US (which would appear unlikely), those same media channels will light up with condemnation and Trump’s effective tenure may be rather short…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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