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    Pablo Picasso Face female study 1925   • Yellow Vests Mark 3 Months of Marches, France investigates Antisemitism (AP) • Two Trump Cabinet Officia
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    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Face female study 1925

    Quite an interesting Picasso; more than one pov; I rather like it.
    The sturm und drang just keeps illustrating the inertia of the system…
    It will take a solid object to stop it…
    I can see no such object…

    Dr. D

    Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, being found by the Electoral Commission to have broken the law.”

    Because of course the Remain party and their 1,000 funds didn’t break the law at all. It was also totally fair to have 100% of the media—which as we now know was funded by the government directly—and all the corporations, most of which are international, to go all-in for Remain. Which is why it’s so amazing they could vote Leave. But since they voted the wrong way, we arrest all the Leaders and organizers, then have another new, fair election, like Catalonia. If that fails, we’ll imprison MORE leaders and freeze MORE bank accounts and have ANOTHER totally fair election. …Or avoid elections completely, like the Lisbon treaty.

    …Now they shouldn’t have done this, but really, investigate and prosecute on one side only, always and ever? When does this nonsense end? Macron declares Italians are not allowed to talk to French citizens without his express permission now, on pain of war and diplomatic severance. ‘Cause that’s fair and open discussion and debate.

    “Democracy at risk”? Yes, from Zuckerberg and the CIA, even as U.S. democracy is under direct and provable attack by Britain and MI6. When we investigate this, naturally we’ll imprison election rigging by Obama in Israel and Britain, Trump in Venezuela and all of South America, the U.S. in France, France throughout Africa, and the 20 color revolutions the U.S. has proudly and openly funded throughout Russia and the Eastern Bloc, and even an “Umbrella Revolution” (what were they thinking???) in Hong Kong. ‘Cause justice, amirite? So long as this is happening, any time we have an election go badly, we can have infinite new elections until they all go ‘right’ (or in this case, go ‘left’).

    “Varoufakis: ECB Profits Should Be Used For a European Poverty Fund (KTG)”

    The ECB doesn’t have profits. It’s losing every day buying sovereign bonds that will be defaulted. Besides, haven’t we had 100 poverty funds for 100 years and find that every one of them increases poverty? Check out Africa. Feed the World. But that was only 40 years ago and 110 new attempts all of which failed worse than the last. Why not try again? We just didn’t impliment communism/socialism/any-ism “right”, and I’m sure we’ll get it if we just keep trying another 100 years.

    “decline in meat consumption”

    Here we go again. They are on 24/7 kill-all-cows blitzkrieg. Why, I’m not sure except raw hatred for all things non-robotic, non-oil-consuming as these “vertical farms” must be. And Britain. Really, Britain??? With the North Seas gone, pissed off Russia that has curtailed the end of their gas pipeline, nuclear plants clocking out, they’re going to convert British farming to MORE, to EXCLUSIVELY oil-energy-intensive agriculture? And you want to use vastly more energy BECAUSE of Global Warming? Hey, if you want to kill 30 million Britons, be my guest. Apparently they’re not smart enough to resist and Darwin will prevail.

    “Return of Wolves to Germany Pits Farmers Against Environmentalists (G.)”

    They love this because they can put wolves on a calendar in a bank office in Hamburg while the farmers take the million-dollar hit and lose the farm in gol-durned Bavaria. Stupid hicks. Don’t they know the loss of their livestock, their pets, and their farms so hipsters in Berlin can virtue-signal is how it goes now? …In reality, I don’t mind the wolves, as I’m quite sure everyone can suffer an ecosystem, but there are costs. High ones. The problem is that they push policies that put all the COSTS on one group, the poorest and most disenfranchised, and all the BENEFITS on another, far, far smaller, far more wealthy group. Then when it goes badly, the rich further villainize the poor for not loving their own destruction.

    (PS, “Noble” “Gentile” and “Villain,” “Boor” and “Churl” are ruthless class terms wildly popular today. Nice work, virtue-signaling political-correctness-mafia. We know which side you’re on when workers and farmers are openly lambasted while journalists, professors, and city-folk are a protected class).

    “UK Plans to Make Plastic Packaging Producers Pay for Waste Disposal (R.)”

    …And at last, like AGW, we discover what the recent media blitz is all about: raising more regressive taxes that wildly focus on the poor. I’m all for it. Definitely need to tax China, Africa, and Southeast Asia since they are nearly the sole contributors to this problem. Once we get the 90% covered, we can move down the list to hyper-ecological nations like Europe. Wait, was I not supposed to notice that?

    What was it last year when they spoke of plastics and I pointed out how many forests would go down instead for equivalent paper packaging? It’s the NFL rule: TNSTAAFL. Now luckily, oil IS going to be curtailed, the economy WILL cycle down, and we won’t be able to afford EITHER excess packaging, OR world-wide supply chains that support/require them, but I don’t think the 10x increase in food prices are anything people are going to be happy about. The birds will be happy, yes. Fish, maybe. But not us.


    Here is one of the good thing about social media, TAE is feeding us info which we normally would not be made aware.
    February 17, 2019 / 6:33 PM / Updated 13 hours ago

    The four deputies from the center-right European People’s Party (EPP) were traveling to Venezuela to meet with Guaido, one of them said in a video distributed via social media.

    Reporting by Mayela Armas; Writing by Sarah Marsh; Editing by Sandra Maler

    Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
    Customers across the world depend on us to provide them with reliable and objective news and information.
    This means that we have a special need to safeguard our independence and integrity and avoid any bias which may stem from control by specific individuals or interests.
    The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles were adopted in 1941 and include the preservation of integrity, reliability of news, development of the news business, and related principles.
    Today, the Trust Principles are fundamental to our entire business.

    As you can see, “Thomson Reuters Trust Principles, adopted in 1941” is your guarantee that you are not getting fake news, or propaganda.


    “Thomson Reuters Trust Principles, adopted in 1941”

    They all say these things. They all have for many years too. But what changed for NYT, WaPo, CNN, NBC, the dawning that bashing Trump brings great fortunes, changed for Reuters too. They’re a bit more subtle though.


    I keep sheep and goats in wolf country. (We also have too many cougar around) I also keep livestock guardian dogs. in 20 years we have lost one sheep to predators. Every European country has a breed or two of tending dog or LGD that have worked with farmers for centuries. The old ways work.

    The wolves in Yellowstone. The Bob Marshall/Glacier Park area or the Frank Church Wilderness have had a remarkably positive effect on the landscape. Trophic cascade and all that. However, when the wolves spread into areas where there are no large herds of wild ungulates, they quickly turn to taking livestock. If the natural prey species of the European wolves are not reintroduced in sufficient numbers at the same time, the problems will persist and worsen. Wolves are smart. Shoot a few and they will get cautious. However, shooting one or two animals from a pack may make pups harder to feed and drive the remaining adults to even worse behavior.

    Regarding yesterday’s article on planting trees, thanks for running it. Albert bates is the only person I am aware of who covers his own carbon footprint (he does climate and permaculture work all over the world.) by planting many trees every year. He’s an extremely bright guy who figures it out.

    There are many good reasons to massively plant trees besides the carbon sequestration. Forest restoration is an absolute must if we are to see our way through the current environmental disaster. The first priority should be re-planting forests where they used to exist. Reversing desertification is possible. This will restore local human economies as well as having an essential ecosystem function. Restoration work also needs to be done in existing forests. Currently my spouse is coordinating a 90,000 acre project in the inland PNW. Jobs and enormous environmental benefits for the locals – human and otherwise.

    Indeed, the ultimate answer is to stop the pollution. In the meantime… A tree planted for every human on the planet would be a good start.

    Now, to shovel more snow.


    I wish I could get excited about mass tree planting but I see large challenges. Examples: I planted 10 native pines alongside my orchard. No synthetic chemicals and no grass competition and reasonable fertility. All 10 succumbed to fungal disease, showing serious signs of disease during all 3 growing seasons. Friends in the area are trying to re-tree their sandy soil (think dessert) with native species. Without daily watering during the growing season these trees die. I cannot see daily watering happening in large scale plantings. I have a reasonable amount of knowledge and experience in this area and it is not at all as easy as it sounds. In our wild forest we have Dutch elm disease killing all of our elm trees. Our general area has also been hit with an ash borer killing all ash trees. Butternut squash are also seriously impacted with disease. Oak wilt is coming soon. I am sure there are people around who manage to successfully plant a whack of trees but success is far from guaranteed and there are very large challenges.



    Indeed. The challenges are huge. Of the five major species of coniferous trees native to this area two are dying off. It simply does not get cold enough in the winter anymore to kill off many of the bugs, fungus and disease. Combine that with the century long interruption of the natural fire cycle and you have real trouble.

    We were in zone 4 when I first moved to this part of the world 40 years ago. We are now officially in zone 6, but are having a zone 7 winter. Natural phytomigration is not nearly fast enough to keep up with the changing climate. Precipitation patterns have changed along with the temperatures, further challenging native species. Many of the birds that would normally spread seed and expand the range of various species are gone.

    As permaculturists with an emphasis on forestry we are constantly testing the bounds of what will grow here. We are starting, in our tiny nursery, tree seeds from species that grow a thousand miles south of here. We also push the limits with shrubs, fruit and nut trees, herbaceous perennial ground cover etc. There is a definite threat to your native trees and some species will not survive. ( It breaks my heart to write this) I suggest to you that enhancing the phytomigration in your area with species that will find it more hospitable may be an option for you.

    The main emphasis on tree planting needs to be where forests once existed, but have been denuded of trees by over grazing, clear cutting etc. That would have the most impact per stem. While we are at it, stopping the clearcutting of the Amazon to grow soybeans would be an idea to consider… just saying.

    Your friends’ effort to restore native species is an admirable one. It may be that allowing some pioneer species (certain weeds) to establish as shade plants would aid their efforts. I suggest Geoff Lawton’s video, “Greening the Desert” for inspiration.

    The natural world will never be the same. Never. We are all groping for answers and taking shots in the dark to try and save what we can. Don’t give up.

    Good luck

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