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    Rembrandt van Rijn The Storm on the Sea of Galilee 1633 On March 18, 1990, the painting was stolen by thieves disguised as police officers. They broke
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    UB40: Rat in mi kitchen

    There’s a rat in me kitchen what am I gonna do?
    There’s a rat in me kitchen what am I gonna go?
    I’m gonna fix that rat that’s what I’m gonna do,
    I’m gonna fix that rat.

    When you open your mouth you don’t talk, you shout
    And you give every body the blame,
    But when they catch you up,
    They will shut you up
    And you got no one to blame


    There’s a rat in me kitchen

    When you out on the street,
    You practice lies and deceit
    And you scandalize my name
    But when I catch you up
    I’m gonna pull you up
    I’m gonna check-out inside your brain


    When yo deh pon the scene,
    You make everyone scream
    Because they know your so unjust
    But when they catch you up
    They will kick you up
    Because you someone they cannot trust


    You invade my space
    Make me feel disgraced
    And you just don’t give a damn
    If I had my way
    If I had my say
    I’d like to see you hang

    A message to our American and UK friends; guess who is the rat?


    A message to our American and UK friends; guess who is the rat?

    an answer to the above question
    The blood thirsty savages within Borrell’s garden

    even Niemöller had an epiphany


    tboc said

    The blood thirsty savages within Borrell’s garden

    So not the bloodthirsty savages genociding Gaza? I know you are Jew and proud of your peoples’ work in Israel, but you are just one of the symptoms. The reason that your people are able to demolish the USA is because the people of the USA let their guards down and got lazy, they stopped cleaning the kitchen and eventually the rats invaded. Your people are part of the ecosystem, you are there as parasites and rodents, you will steal the last bits worth stealing then piss off, like the rats in the kitchen.

    I say your people because as a believer in Israel you must also be a believer in the Jew nationality; the biggest scam ever, but having a nationality means that you can rape America of more of its cash, they are donating to a nation, Israel. Could they ever donate so much money to the Jew people in America? Never, so they set up a nation and receive cash from their corruption schemes; parasites indeed.


    tboc said

    Niemöller had an epiphany

    The Niemöller who was the German Navalny of his day? The US puppet? Give us a break.


    Did We Really?

    Denninger does not seem to have grasped that maybe the people who are running the USA are the same people running the UK and the EU. He is very perochial, his mind does not consider the wider picture. This is a big problem for a lot of his like in the USA. He has good instincts but his conclusions are very small scale. This is a problem because the people believe that their legal system can fix this, but the people calling the shots are not in the USA – or may not be in the USA – and they own the judicial system, so how is justice going to work?

    Reminds me of that Texas governor; he is fighting immigration but actually all he is doing is giving hope to the anti-immigration people, the result of which is that they wait to see the outcome in Texas and as time passes, more and more people immigrate and they are effectively neutered. If the Texas governor had not done anything, they would be complaining to Washington, their focus would be at the source of the problem, but the Texas governor is being rewarded for distracting them.

    Dr. D

    Here’s something rando useful for a change: “Adversaries keep chipping away at America’s military credibility. Trump isn’t helping. Does the US still have the power?

    “President Joe Biden noted that while the US would continue to respond to Iran-linked attacks “at times and places of our choosing,” it “does not seek conflict in the Middle East or anywhere else.” Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s statement on the strikes used almost identical language.
    Readers of these statements might reasonably wonder how one can bomb 85 targets and kill nearly 40 people without “seeking conflict.”

    Well that’s a pleasant change. Looks like Vox is now far right wing, white supremacist PutinHitler, and needs them some Freedom! Expect Vox HQ to be bombed shortly. Note the meta headline is that Trump has all the power, Trump is the leader, Trump is the man still controlling things. And Biden is decisively NOT. Biden who? Thanks, I guess?

    “Some Republican critics have called for the Biden administration to take even more aggressive action to deter Iran” Were they? Because I heard a lot of Democratic critics.
    “Trump also stopped short of striking within Iran itself, despite coming very close…” Did he? Because from what we can tell the CIA specifically dropped a drone inside a contested border zone in hopes Trump would start WWIII…and then didn’t. Doesn’t that say more definitively, he doesn’t want to, but the rest of government does?

    Demonstrating a few intelligent people remain in government: “Ashford was skeptical of the notion that military strikes against these groups constitute “deterrence” at all, in the traditional definition, noting that the whole point of deterrence is to prevent your opponent from taking some action, not responding to them after they already have. Once you’re exchanging fire with your adversary, that adversary has, by definition, not been deterred.” Yes. What he’s saying nicely is, “you’re losers who have lost.”

    Rapid fire: “Trump said he would encourage Russia to “do whatever the hell they want” to NATO countries that failed to meet the alliance’s defense spending targets.
    “NATO isn’t like a country club where you have to pay your dues to get your service.”
    Really? You can just pay nothing and get served?
    “extended deterrence,” but it only works if those allies and adversaries are certain you will live up to your commitments.”
    But the author feels that only applies to the U.S. who is required to live up to commitments, and Europe is not, as above. If Europe pays nothing at all, it is ONLY the United States who is responsible. That is perfectly just and normal.

    “Allies know that Biden will, as he promised, defend “every inch” of NATO territory”
    DO they? Because both he, and the United States have already refused. Specifically Biden in Specifically Afghanistan which specifically flipped Saudi the day after.

    His conclusion? “Whether it can still be averted may come down to whether other countries — both friends and enemies — still believe the US will make good on its word.”

    ONLY the U.S. has to make good on our word. The rest should ride with no men or defense spending if it’s inconvenient.

    Speaking of, I think, I wonder, if the plan on this side was to force, lure Europe into defense spending which is what collapsed the Soviet Union for us. Europe did not take the bait, (and collapse on us) doing f-all in spending WHILE claiming they’re about to be invaded. This shows they don’t believe a word, never have, never will, yet have not the least trouble selling it to the media and getting away with it. As above, their job is to do nothing, ever, and it’s America’s job to die. …That’s just common sense. They sit around and comb their smelly armpit hair and we save them like a damsel in distress. Right?

    And not so useful, “The opposition leader, who died in prison, had been persecuted for years by the Russian state. He remained defiant…” — The New Yorker Navalny? Putin’s top opponent? At 2%? It’s not me, it’s you. You’re completely mental. Mentally deficient, that is. But “New York”. Says it all.

    “Iran Transported $2.8BN Worth Of Oil In 2023 Under Washington’s Nose

    Um, yes? Because we control nothing, and what are we gonna do? Sink them? Sink all ships on all seas? To defend shipping safety? We already are a major pirate on the high seas, following Somalia.

    “Incest Is Best? The Economist Says Copulating-Cousins Cool “In Most Cases”

    The Economist feels the need to print this front page. Why am I reading this? This is Economics?

    GCHQ – London – toppling the U.S. election. At the direct request of President Obama and national security advisor Rice.

    GCHQ here pretends that Steele’s information is all good, reasonable, credible, and that neither they, nor Hillary, had anything to do with it. It is not. From 60,000 feet in space: Trump is a well-known germophobe, on the edge of being in trouble by it. The bed story is therefore ludicrous on its face, therefore the rest is suspect on its face. GCHQ is well-aware, but they need someone – Buzzfeed and Yahoo – to post a “Rumor” so they can pretend to follow it up.

    I started a rumor GCHQ is working for Dracos Constellation, stationed on the orbiting station of Venus. For some reason this rumor is not being followed up. Oh, so we DON’T have to follow up and topple domestic elections for rumors that are ludicrous? Tell me more.

    “• Obscene Award Vs Trump Is Testing New York Legal System’s Integrity (Turley)

    It’s not “testing” it, it’s failed. Past tense. And that comes with all NY leaving for Miami. Forever. Since they in NY hate work, money, and business, this suits everyone fine. It’s a new twist on “Running out of other people’s money.” They are “Running other people’s money out” … of town.

    As Socialism always works, I’m sure NY will become fabulously wealthy now, just, and socially equal. Everyone will be an art student and there will be no more plumbers.

    “While Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is facing unprecedented indictments, journalists are still insisting that American justice is fair and impartial”

    While also reporting the #Opposite. Everywhere. Always. Everyone knows The System is broken and we need to “Burn it all Down.” ™

    “Can you imagine? Criticize a wind turbine or pandemic lockdowns and find yourself hauled in front of a judge!”

    Can I imagine what’s been going on for 50 years? With Exxon and only now moving to everything else? Yes, I can.

    The Michael Mann thing is amazing since the Hockey Stick WAS transparent, complete made up trollop, easily disproven with “Anything.” Like I can cite English literature, lists of kings, to say nothing of actual climate numbers. From anyone, even Mann himself. It’s also common knowledge as well as Wikipedia that “The Medieval Warming Period” “exists”.

    “Navalny Timeline (Maria Zakharova)

    Sounds about right. They print all the stories with no phone calls, facts, evidence, or statements at all. Immaculate Journalism! From God’s mouth to their ears. This is actually an improvement, as with Tucker – and is spreading industry wide – they are censoring and attacking stories BEFORE anyone knows what’s in them. They have gone lemon-sucking Church Lady second star to the Left and straight on ‘til morning. Far over the horizon into Neverland.

    “Here is Navalny trying to scheme his way into a $20M payday from MI6”

    London. Attacking Russia. So we post this because it is more or less offensive than Navalny’s open, appalling racism against…well, everyone.

    And in a recent article they said the Russian “Opposition” – that is, fabricated, made-up Navalny’s & co. — were flying “Confederate” flags? Da whut now? You want to show me that? Can anyone think of ANY reason ANYONE in Russia would EVER have a U.S. flag?

    Btw, it’s NOT the “Confederate Flag”. (Why do I have to say these things? Sigh.) It’s General Lee’s specific BATTLE flag. The Confederate Flag was WHITE, for White Supremacy. Which demonstrates the OTHER thing I shouldn’t have to say, that although yes, the Civil War was about State’s rights and Federal oppression, the imminent colonization of the South, it was IN REFERENCE to slavery specifically. …Don’t worry if you’re foreign: nobody here knows it’s not the Confederate Flag either. Which goes to the OTHER part of the flag: People who fly it are not “Confederates”, nor necessarily racists. After the 1980s “Dukes of Hazard”, it was picked up as a light-hearted symbol of “I’m a rebel” “Born to be Wild” “Rebel Without a Cause” “Ain’t Skeered” and symbol of the South which had, as the South feared, become an African slave colony of the North oppressed and extracted for 100 years. But that was about to change, coincidentally about exactly that time in 1980, as all things were lifted, all investment went south, and the North was gutted. …But I am a coincidence theorist, and that this happened exactly then, and Civil Rights happened 100 years after to the day of Appomattox, is not suspicious at all. Things signal themselves and happen to the day all the time! And no one is ever involved or plans it, even though it involves shifting half a trillion dollars in money over +10 years at a pop. Just ask them. Nope! No planning here at the Family Office at all. Rich people never meet on the golf course and never, ever talk to each other. Not once! Just lucky, I guess.

    ““The people of Novorossiya, as much as Yemeni Houthis, have Faith imprinted in their DNA..”

    Whatever, Pepe. That’s what they said about Americans too. Pride cometh. Your natural, racial superiority.

    Back to important matters, Avdiivka was a true modern fortress. It was specifically built, chosen, and then reinforced again after by NATO. It was the gathering and staging ground for the 200,000 men ethnic cleansing murder campaign on Donbas. It’s the local military center, perhaps THE military center. To give you an idea, it’s not just a rully rully nice building and chemical warehouse. It’s probably an underground bunker, and DUMB like we saw last time, a salt mine where they held troops, trucks, artillery pieces in hope Russia would roll over them and pop up in the rear.

    Fortress. Which has fallen. Military Summary and others were “complaining” or perhaps noting that there is no defense behind Avdiivka. They didn’t build one, and why? Because anything they built behind would be worse and weaker than Avdiivka itself. And time and resources aren’t infinite. So they doubled Avdiivka instead of sapping it and making tank traps and minefields to the West, and that’s just a tactical decision. That means they are open to the Dniper or to Kiev and Lvov. But what difference would it have made if they did? They are outnumbered 10:1 in the field, and by a million more men in Moscow. Russia is making 10 helicopters and 20 tanks a week, and is shooting 100,000 shells a day. They have all air defense, and no jets have been shot, the now have total air superiority and aren’t even using it because they invented the FABS – “GPS” targeting mega glide bombs. They highlight Ukr “drones” and those are nice, but immediately find that dropping a hand grenade is like a pop gun. Even artillery isn’t quite enough, 10x larger. FABS are 10x larger than artillery and can drop them all day now.

    Who knew in these days war would end up so similar to WWI, to Middle Ages, to Rome, with fortresses set up and besieged as ever. All Rumfelds’ high-tech, no-man force useless as the day is long.

    “On July 13, 2023, President Joe Biden announced Russian President Vladimir Putin “has already lost the war.”

    There is nothing Biden isn’t doing to boost up and credit Trump. Nothing.

    “In 2015, The New York Times reported on Obama’s reluctance: “In part, he has told aides and visitors that arming the Ukrainians would encourage the notion that they could actually defeat the far more powerful Russians, and so it would potentially draw a more forceful response from Moscow.”

    Meaning they already knew it, and already decided against it. What changed? Europe collapsing economically? They thought they’d have more time? Remember August 2019 before “a Miracle Happened”?

    “Russia learned this the hard way in Cuba in 1962.”

    Not really. Russia won that one since we withdrew OUR nukes from THEIR Cuba: Turkey. The difference is, the Anglos mouth off and make stuff up and Russians don’t.

    “German Chancellor Olaf Scholz intervened last year to prevent European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen from becoming NATO’s next secretary general,”

    But they ALSO stopped “blood, gore, guts, veins in his teeth” Ben from LONDON from getting in as well. And he resigned. Sorry I can’t remember his name, but the problem is I also don’t care.

    “While Biden may have favored a woman,”

    What’s that? How do we know Rutte isn’t one?

    “• EU To Get ‘Defense Commissioner’ – Von der Leyen (RT)

    United States of Europe, with the United Army of Europe. …But no men and no dollars. That way they can send Poles to shoot French women in the face, which is much more palatable.

    “von der Leyen’s centrist European People’s Party (EPP) will likely remain the largest faction in the 720-seat legislature.”

    Hardly matters in any way I understand, since the EU Parliament has no power in the first place and can be overwritten by any bureaucrat at will.

    ALSO overridden by the ECB, and ALSO overridden by local governments from time to time. ALSO overridden by Biden, it seems? Is there anything they ARE in charge of? A million dollar expense account they don’t show up for and a multi-billion dollar no-bid merger with Pfizer over texts, perhaps?

    “• France Warns of ‘Economic Shock’ From Russian Victory (RT)

    Once again, France is correct. But they are also speaking in code. It’s worth watching them.

    “• Suicide Pact Threatens to Flood EU With 75 Million More Migrants (MN)

    Anyone know what they’re up to yet? Endless Slave ships, like here? Or can’t let GDP fall bc it would lead to compounding debt collapse? Disaster Capitalism either way.

    “• American Doctor In Gaza: What I Saw Wasn’t War – It Was Annihilation (LAT)

    Ah, but the U.S. has a solution: Send 21,000 more bombs! #Helping! Pay your taxes, folks.

    Plastics, we used to use less, but also we used to reuse glass, like Coke bottles. But like the Moscow subway, that requires people to behave themselves en masse. That requires morality and a very level, long-term outlook.

    I can do it, mostly, or reduce it by half. But everything would have to change. It would cost a lot more, and people would die. Like for sterilizing IVs and syringes again, e.g.

    I guess the plastics committee is a good example of the base cause: all laws are for “Somebody else”. You already CAN do all these things, voluntarily. That would be “Capitalism” they hate so much, ie “Voluntary Exchange.” But they don’t want that freedom they already have. They want to MAKE YOU do something you don’t want, AND also not have to do it themselves. That is, they live only for AntiFreedom. For FORCE and VIOLENCE. And I’m not being pejorative here, I know what they say, what they do, and that they really mean it, earnestly in their hearts. But who are the ones flying to Cancun and Vanuatu for a scuba holiday? Exclusively Climate-Changer PMCs like this. No one else could afford it. Plus ten billionaires, but they hardly turn the dial. ALL of our issues right now are encapsulated in this one issue: seeing the beam in your own eye, instead of the mote in theirs. That’s why hypocrisy comes up with almost every sentence, and illogic.

    If you want it, DO it. Thanks for your testimony and advice, done. Show us the better way. As California and the 50 Blue cities are the shining Light on the Hill, Utopias of love and prosperity, absent of crime, shootings, and racism. Show us. I won’t stop you. Never have. And I promise I WILL imitate you, whatever works, even if it hurts and makes me look stupid. Promise.

    “How Panama canal works”

    And how the nearby China canal can never work. Unless the entire world is turned upside down: no Water. No rain, and no lake at the top. Explain? So it’s a Chinese military base self-financing with Tropical clear-cutting? Yes. But China’s the world’s bestest friend ever and ain’t up to nothing. They’re the exception to all nations and all history! This time they’re different! Yup.


    Aspnaz. You’re really stinking’ out the party with your mouth farts. I wish Boscohorowitz would come back and tear you a new arsehole.
    He would do I better job than me. I can’t be fucked mate. You deserve it though. You really do.
    Kanye West told the world he was an Anti Semite on his latest record but the record wasn’t boring.
    Catching my drift?
    I’m happy your an anti/Semite if that gets you off and helps form your tender identity and I think people should be allowed to hate as it’s a right – just STOP telling us so repeatedly- it’s like watching paint dry you fucking boring cunt.


    Decorum and all that.
    Sorry everyone.

    Richard Werner analysis of Carlson Putin interview is tops


    oxymoron said

    I’m happy your an anti/Semite if that gets you off and helps form your tender identity and I think people should be allowed to hate as it’s a right – just STOP telling us so repeatedly- it’s like watching paint dry you fucking boring cunt.

    Ha ha, you are a laugh, so we have reached C word level, as my colleagues would say. Glad to see it. Well, your moniker says it all, what can I add except that I am disappointed you don’t enjoy UB40, they were a great band?

    Dr. D

    America is parochial, because we’re not supposed to be involved in the world, and the Feds aren’t supposed to do anything. That’s what happens when CA is the 5th largest nation, and Texas is larger than the next 150 nations. Then…the States…act like nations? Yes?

    Anyway, no, it’s not wrong in Texas, it’s just a strategy. The strategy is, the Center, the US Feds, are collapsing and the States — who are the size of nations — are taking over. By ignoring them and going around. And saying “Make Me.” “Stop me.” It may not be the RIGHT tactic — although I suspect it is — but it’s not a DUMB tactic. It’s just one of several functional moves on the chessboard.

    Today’s theme song, big wet kisses and sing it together.

    “Hating zion, and it feels so good
    Hating zion, ’cause we understood
    There’s one perfect fit
    And, sugar, this one is it
    We both are so excited
    ‘Cause we’re Hating zion
    , hey, hey

    I sat here staring at the same old wall
    Came back to life just when I got your call
    There’s one perfect fit
    And, sugar, this one is it

    This is a solid hate
    exactly what I’m dreaming of

    All through the day
    And all through the night
    I’ll give you all the hate
    With all my might

    Hating Zion, you’re my everything
    Only you know how to free
    Of all the hate that is in me
    I want to let you know I won’t let you go
    I’ll never let you go.”

    Like Rick Astley, never gonna give hate up, never gonna let hate down, never gonna desert you. You’re my everything! Hate. Why can’t I quit you?


    friends look at it this way
    aspnaz might be compared to a slot machine, put a nickel in get a dollar out

    in the movie Evil Knievel, Knievel noted “Awful Knofel” was so mean he hated himself


    Dr D said

    That’s what happens when CA is the 5th largest nation, and Texas is larger than the next 150 nations. Then…the States…act like nations? Yes?

    So your proclaimed morals stand for nothing, spending your money murdering people thousands of miles away stands for nothing, you are all standing aroung the California and Texas fires telling yourselves how good you are. Interesting. As I have said many times before, the world dislikes the Americans (part of the world hates you because you massacred their populations, not the likes of China, they are neither here nor there on the USA) but you have liquidity, so we have to live with you for the time being, but that will eventually change.

    Do you live in either California or Texas? Just wondering why you are singing their praises. Is that why you come up with “hate” as your signature tune?

    I am not a big GDP expert, but China’s purchasing power GDP has overtaken the USA in 2014, yet their nominal GDP is behind the USA by about 10 trillion. Interesting. What does this mean? You say that California has greater GDP than India, but india does more work, which means that California is living off rent. Which do you think will rescue the USA?


    Dr D said

    Like Rick Astley, never gonna give hate up, never gonna let hate down, never gonna desert you. You’re my everything! Hate. Why can’t I quit you?

    Here are the actual lyrics:

    We’re no strangers to love
    You know the rules and so do I
    A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of
    You wouldn’t get this from any other guy

    I just want to tell you how I’m feeling
    Gotta make you understand

    Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down
    Never gonna run around and desert you
    Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye
    Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

    We’ve known each other for so long
    Your heart’s been aching but you’re too shy to say it
    Inside we both know what’s been going on
    We know the game and we’re gonna play it

    And if you ask me how I’m feeling
    Don’t tell me you’re too blind to see

    Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down
    Never gonna run around and desert you
    Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye
    Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

    Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down
    Never gonna run around and desert you
    Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye
    Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

    (Ooh give you up)
    (Ooh give you up)
    (Ooh) Never gonna give, never gonna give (give you up)
    (Ooh) Never gonna give, never gonna give (give you up)

    We’ve known each other for so long
    Your heart’s been aching but you’re too shy to say it
    Inside we both know what’s been going on
    We know the game and we’re gonna play it

    I just want to tell you how I’m feeling
    Gotta make you understand

    Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down
    Never gonna run around and desert you
    Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye
    Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

    So Risk Astley is singing about love and you pretend it is a song about hate. Why do you have to pervert such a good song? The song I posted by UB40, I also posted the lyrics, I did not pretend that it was something it was not.

    You should try being a bit more honest with your readers, cut out the lies and the bullshit. You otherwise sound just like the MSM, opportunist bullshitters.


    The free world:
    The western world:

    Biden offered prime time Russian TV slot

    Trolling Biden by inviting him to undertake an interview with a Russian “Tucker Carlson”. Got to play the retard in the room, the Russians are playing dementure Joe like a young girl with smelly hair.


    The free world:
    The western world:

    China reacts to death of Navalny

    The first paragraph:

    The Chinese Foreign Ministry has declined to comment on the death of Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny before medical examiners have determined the exact cause of death, saying Moscow can handle its own domestic matters without foreign interference.

    Ha ha, so we see that the Americans have zero influence in China. Nice to see the Chinese standing their ground and not giving into the thugs of America.

    D Benton Smith


    A message to our American and UK friends; guess who is the rat?

    Your question is too easy, aspnaz. You’re the rat. The clues are those little pellets of rat droppings you leave like a trail of confessed crimes everywhere you go, and that distinctively disgusting aroma. Yeah, thanks for the metaphor. Not only do you leave a mess behind and foul the atmosphere, there’s also the unfortunate after effect that the topics you touch are left tainted, like when a rat chews the corner off of a package of food that was perfectly comestible until the rodent got to it.

    Your visits to the forum are like the skittering scritchy noises in the cupboard when the lights go out for the night, and we’re reminded that it’s probably time to set the traps again. Damn rats! It was easier back in the day when it was only the occasional troll that needed to attended to. They were ugly and noisy alright, but at least they didn’t shit in the rations.


    Point to a bad guy and you support all the bad guys you didnt point to.
    Point to a challange to the empire and its the wrong challange. Just a campfire.
    Starting to smell like troll to me. Skip those comments. They dont exist.


    You [whatever] are [insult]. We Chinese are wonderful. No constructive criticism. Over and over. Yeah. Troll.


    Nima and Larry Johnson

    The Worst Defeat for Ukraine – No Victory for Netanyahu – Huge Miscalculations


    Have fun.
    Follow the bouncing logic/learning/AI

    Energy extractors
    Energy convertors
    https: //

    https: //
    Photosynthesis is … supplies most of the biological energy necessary for complex life on Earth.

    solar panels

    Self repairing/self correcting/learning/AI
    Replicator may refer to various things related to replication:

    Replicator (evolution unit), the theoretical basic unit of evolution in the gene-centered view of evolution
    Replicator (self-replication), a component that facilitates self-replication
    DNA replication, the process of producing two identical copies from one original DNA molecule
    Replicator (nanotechnology), a device to precisely position molecules to guide chemical reactions
    Clanking replicator, an artificial self-replicating system that relies on conventional large-scale technology and automation
    Replicator equation, a deterministic monotone non-linear and non-innovative game dynamic used in evolutionary game theory
    Replicator (cellular automaton), a pattern
    In culture
    Replicator (Stargate), a fictional species in the Stargate universe
    Replicator (Star Trek), a fictional technology in the Star Trek universe

    Self-replication is any behavior of a dynamical system that yields construction of an identical or similar copy of itself. Biological cells, given suitable environments, reproduce by cell division.

    https: //

    Hypothetical types of biochemistry (life)
    https: //

    See also ….
    Artificial life
    Complex system
    DNA replication
    RepRap (self-replicated 3D printer)
    Self-replicating machine
    Self-replicating spacecraft
    Space manufacturing
    Von Neumann universal constructor
    Von Neumann machine (disambiguation)
    Self reconfigurable


    Due Dissidence.

    The Markster

    Encouraged by the Scots organizing the peace display at a soccer game this month. Thanks for sharing.

    Encouraged by the publication of that 27 November 2016 memo regarding project FULSOME from British intelligence or whatever that was. Should be front page news across these disunited states, but obviously regime media will memory hole the thing even if it ever does see the light in normie land. Thanks for sharing.

    Sad for all the petty bickering on here without pointing fingers but hoping it self-corrects. Had to stop reading Greer blog comments once they got too tedious and long, hoping that does not happen here. TAE commentariat used to be so civilized. ☮️


    Ukronazi suffered huge devastating defeat worst of SMO in Avdeevka

    Ukronazis are having to pull troops from other parts of the contact line which then makes Russian forces advance in that part of the weakened line.

    It’s a death spiral for Ukronaziland.

    The retreating Ukronazis are fleeing acroos open fields and being torn to bits by Russian artillery, tanks, helicopter gunships and fighter planes.

    Russian drones have thermal infrared imaging so no escape by night, Ukronazis never saw what was coming for them out of the pitch black sky

    Dr. D
    Participant (Wherein AntMan can’t stop talking)

    Man we have got to him. He ain’t hearin’ nothing now. Now there’s no such thing as a song parody, he’s deflecting with Rick Astley, not Peaches and Herb, and is claiming that the fact that California is reputed 5th largest GDP in the world is some kind of secret message. Uh-huh.

    Well, it was fun winning that one. And I had a real spicy comment all queued up too, but what’s the point?

    As they say, Biggest. Help. Ever. Point at the decoy, while the bank robbers get away.

    Howso? Suck the air out of the room. There are REAL crimes going on, with actual, specific, written names associated with them, each of which is legally admissible in court. Enter “Abstraction”. It’s the Lizard people from Alpha Centri! See how they all have nose hair? Alpha Centurians have nose hair too! Coincidence? I think not.

    I don’t care. Couldn’t care less if they’re Alpha Centurians, Pleiadians, Corsicans, or Lithuanians. They are live bodies who committed provable crimes, I write their names on a “Warrant”, then arrest and incarcerate their bodies, demonstrate “proof” and enforce “Punishment.” Then they can crime no more. If they sprout tentacles or start speaking in tongues, don’t care. If their fake wig comes off and they’re brown, not blonde, don’t care. If they are part of a crime syndicate of one, or of 600 Million, don’t care. Everything else is an epic and pointless distraction, a magic trick, that lets the bad guy zip offstage unseen. Practical people with real, practical work to do can’t be bothered with fairy stories and neverending sidelines.

    So no more “They” did “It”. Do you have a crime, and a name, or not?

    By the way, “America” did not do “It” either. Specific nameable, knowable Americans did, over the express objections of OTHER Americans who tried to stop them, often at the cost of their lives. That is why we arrest “America Group A” as guilty and release “America Group B” as innocent, if that’s too hard to understand.

    Keep it up though. This stuff probably works on all the idiot boards where the retards live, but not here. This is the comment section of Doctors, Lawyers, and Engineers. You know: people who can read.


    What if Putin’s translator was an Aussie?


    It makes so much more sense hearing it from Oz


    Why this war with Russia.
    “emotional and neuralgic reaction”

    Kiev has been fortifying Adveevka non-stop for nearly 10 years – essentially to keep shelling civilians in Donetsk and other parts of Donbass with impunity, ad infinitum.
    Yes. They know. Yet. Continue

    Throwing Good Money After Bad in Ukraine?

    Throwing Good Money After Bad in Ukraine?
    February 16, 2024

    William Burns was ambassador to Russia, he warned of Moscow’s “emotional and neuralgic reaction”

    Russia’s opposition was based on “strategic concerns about the impact on Russia’s interests in the region” and warned then that “Russia now feels itself able to respond more forcefully”. Burns added: “In Ukraine, these include fears that the issue could potentially split the country in two, leading to violence or even, some claim, civil war, which would force Russia to decide whether to intervene.”
    Yes. They know. Yet. Continued the lies
    The Secret Files of the Corona Expert Council
    (Documentary, Germany 2024, English version)
    (Misinterpreted the Omicron variant as particularly dangerous – Covid, Omicron, variants )


    Germany’s current ‘leaders’ directly descended from Nazi Scum



    Fentanyl Lollipops? Top Border Patrol Doctor Asked Staff For Narcotics Before UN Meeting In New York: Whistleblowers


    The rot is so deep in the Empire of Lies it rivals any third world shithole.

    “Several whistleblowers allege that the chief medical officer for Customs and Border Protection (CBP) pressured his staff to smuggle fentanyl lollipops to a September United Nations General Assembly Meeting in New York last September.

    According to NBC News, Dr. Alexander Eastman’s staff thought it was really strange that their boss would need to order fentanyl lollipops to take with him. What’s more, his explanation was hilarious; he might need them as part of his duties in case any injured CBP operators needed pain management, should an emergency occur.

    You mean like his Jones kicking in?


    What a pathetic gobshite, the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation

    Another No Neck Mobster Goon for Pedo Jo-Joe


    Customs and Border Protection is the chief agency responsible for detecting and stopping the illegal flow of fentanyl into the U.S. across international borders.

    Eastman’s staff initially responded to his request by explaining that Narcan, which can save the lives of those who overdose on fentanyl, has been requested for CBP operations in the past, but not fentanyl itself. The whistleblowers say staff members raised questions about how he would store the lollipops and what he would do with unused fentanyl at the end of the operation, according to the report.


    “This is the comment section of Doctors, Lawyers and Engineers…” You know, the people injecting you, making your laws and chemtrailing you from above. Pompous, full of shit Egghead.


    Why many blogs do not have a comment section.

    “Sad for all the petty bickering on here without pointing fingers but hoping it self-corrects. Had to stop reading Greer blog comments once they got too tedious and long, hoping that does not happen here. TAE commentariat used to be so civilized.”

    Yep! Without action, I’ve seen this operation being used to kill comments and blogs.

    Dr D Rich

    Regarding the GCHQ memo:

    1. Dated November 17, 2016

    2. References US President’s August 28, 2016 request to surveil Trump. (does not identify Obama by proper name)

    3. Names signatory GCHQ, director ROBERT HARRIGAN

    4. Names addressee MP BORIS JOHNSON

    5. Names NSA SUSAN RICE

    6. Cites the “approval” of Obama’s request to surveil Trump took place on Sept 15, 2016

    7. This document appears to be a request for 90-day renewal

    Admiral Mike Rogers’ sprint to Trump Tower to warn Trump took place during the time period cited in this GCHQ memo.

    IOCCO: “The Interception of Communications Commissioner was a regulatory official in the United Kingdom, appointed under section 57 of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000…”
    “The Interception of Communications Commissioner has been replaced by the Investigatory Powers Commissioner by the Investigatory Powers Act 2016”

    Harrigan cites “Russian hostile actors” in his memorandum.

    ****notice Obama’s request of GCHQ to spy on Trump took approximately 18 days to accept/approve without revealing how long Obama domestically spied on Trump. Susan Rice was ready with the renewal request 30 days before the 90-day expiration window.

    7.5 years and counting versus 18 days to move Heaven and Earth against Trump….the putative motivation being Russian hostile actors.

    Nothing will come of it.
    The statute tolls.
    All these judicial rulings against Trump can be seen as malignant actors doubling down on their prior criminal acts because their acts rise to punishment by firing squad for High Treason.

    I’m all for it, and have been since 2016 when I debated just these facts at Emptywheel only to be set upon by Marci’s attack dogs.

    And I still think Admiral Mikey Roger’s sprint to Trump Tower was just a flag officer’s ass covering move.

    Prove me wrong. Prove that memo authentic.

    D Benton Smith


    I think that’s why advanced civilizations have learned to separate jailers from judges, judges from cops and cops from spies. Their respective jobs (although all aimed at the same target of maintaining security for the innocent) must go about their respective tasks in ways that must not be mixed together or combined. Spies figure out where the trouble is probably coming from. Cops gather evidence and haul the suspected trouble makers into court. Judges and juries decide if the evidence proves guilt and hand the guilty over for punishment and incarceration. The jailers keep the miscreants far enough away from society that it is better for everyone concerned (including the convicts, actually).

    Civilizations end when the fish is rotten from the spies on down.


    Twisted information
    Yiddish and the Ukrainian–Jewish roots of the new U.S. Secretary of State
    Posted On: November 30th, 2020
    Posted In: Diverse Voices

    D Benton Smith

    Here’s a bullet to chew on. Nobody (and I mean NOBODY) believes that there will be a free and fair election in the United States in November 2024.

    The bad guys know it. The good guys know it. And the genpop knows it too. That’s why the the Bad guys and the genpop say that they don’t know it, and why they don’t want anybody to even talk about it. It’s because they KNOW it (otherwise they wouldn’t care if you talked about it or not).

    So, since everybody knows that there is not going to be a free and fair election in Nov 2024 WHAT HAS TO HAPPEN BEFORE THAT DEADLINE?

    Lots of stuff, boys and girls. Lots of stuff. Like the Dollar, Ukraine, Palestine, free speech, border hemorrhage, election law, federal court system, you name it. What has to happen before November of the year with each of those crises? Can ANY of those crises be left unresolved without the consequence of preventing a free and fair election in ’24? And yet if ANY of the crises do get resolved then what will the effect of such resolution on the election itself?

    There’s the “Deadline”, so to speak, and I can’t imagine a better word for it.




    Putting the Rich in Ritual Humiliation




    please give a moment for this description of justice served

    Justice is served when complete and total cost for violation of the human social contract is petitioned for and received. The historical connection between punishment and recidivism is well established. The concept of punishment focuses to narrowly on an individidual and not the broader issue of cost to a community. Loss of property or life or lives at the narrow perspective often does not take into the account the broader community injury. There is a broadly known perspective on this issue among communities of faith. The frequency of violations of the social contract within any community is as much a reflection of the community as any individual within the community.

    glorification of the brutality of the Roman Empire or the brutality of Western European Colonialism of the last five hundred years is the glorification of brutality. The cost of two and a half millenia of the brutality of empire is plainly visible at this moment. How many libraries are full of cultural scripture glorifying the advancement of western culture? How many of the years any of us spent in the classroom were we taught of the civilizing virtues of Pax Romana? What was the cost to the communities subjugated by The Roman Empire? Where is the justice? yes i reject there is any nobility in the history of western european colonialism

    Everyone is crying out for peace, yes
    None is crying out for justice
    Everyone is crying out for peace, yes
    None is crying out for justice

    I don’t want no peace
    I need equal rights and justice
    I need equal rights and justice
    I need equal rights and justice
    Got to get it
    Equal rights and justice – Peter Tosh, Equal Rights and Justice


    Big Mike Speaks

    The ground shakes



    (S)he would know.

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