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    Oh, Canazida!

    How did you lose the Plot so thoroughly?

    Spiritually Bankrupt

    Running on Empty



    These are packages you can buy in Vancouver, Canada.

    You can literally go to the store in Canada and legally buy these.

    Everything okay up there Canada?
    We are worried about you.


    Depopulate Canazida

    It’s not that hard

    Free narcotics

    I remember in junior high there was always someone’s older brother who would buy us cigarettes and beer for a markup.









    Pig-pile on Canazida!



    They’re powerless with their blow-up tanks
    And cardboard mannequins in their ranks.
    Authoritative numbers fudged;
    The biggest demographic nudged
    To think it’s a minority-
    But look around you. You can see
    How vast is the majority.


    The boxes meth, coke and heroin are from these guys

    It’s just a Beta Test, floating a balloon to test the waters and IQ of Canazidians


    They are trying to see if they can merge the ‘assisted suicide’ with an open legal drug markey, a hybrid kill system if you will….

    On Oct. 25, Vancouver police raided the homes and workplace of the Drug User Liberation Front, also known as DULF, and its co-founders, Eris Nyx and Jeremy Kalicum.

    Nyx and Kalicum were arrested and released on condition that they do not speak with one another or visit their compassion club, the Vancouver Police Department told The Tyee. As of Nov. 9, no charges have been laid.

    DULF had been running a compassion club for just over a year at the time of the arrests. Organizers purchased illicit cocaine, meth and heroin off the dark web, rigorously tested the drugs and then sold them at cost to club members. The idea was to give people access to a clean, regular supply of drugs to protect people from the toxicity of B.C.’s current illicit street drug supply.



    People power
    Why is MSM bringing out the attack dogs against Trump
    Nearly half of voters think it’s likely Biden will be replaced as nominee, a new poll shows
    Trump lead Biden by +10%

    Read more …
    “I will do anything/everything to make sure that Trump doesn’t get elected.”

    As former secretary of state Hillary Clinton put it in an MSNBC interview earlier this week, Carlson is a “useful idiot” – a “puppy dog” that Putin doesn’t have any respect for, but is still good for propagandising to the most wilfully gullible members of the American public (all 74,223,975 of them).


    Meanwhile, a World Away, Peaceful Riots Have Broken Out at the Hague, Police Cars Torched Massive Riots Erupt Between Rival Groups of Eritrea Migrants


    I can’t remember when my memory failed me. – Biden
    It’s all about how you deliver it ( humor.)


    I appreciate the reminders about the problems of plastics. It is impractical and nearly impossible not to use any plastics. But, it is possible to have a goal of reducing their unnecessary use. I can remember to buy olive oil in glass bottles and toothbrushes with bamboo handles. Buying second hand almost always reduces plastic. I suppose some would say that just one person doing this is not enough — that is a valid argument. However, the elites would force us to change. We can change instead by choice, by voluntarily adjusting our values. My kids know that, in general, I don’t like plastic, but they also know that some things are simply best made in plastic — like Lego. Lego is also quite durable, and when treated well can serve the creative needs of more than one generation of children.


    Pictures worth a million words
    Mapping the ruins. The reconstruction and demolition of occupied Mariupol
    Alla Konstantinova
    31 January 2024,

    Dr D Rich

    ….and Obama’s January 5, 2017 Oval Office Meeting of The Principal’s Surveillance of President elect Donald Trump set in motion the perpetual spying and harassment of Citizen Trump, his family and business associates.
    Trump deserves it, maltreatment, for authorizing the murder of 8yo Nawar al-Awlaki weeks after his inauguration, BUT OBAMA A KILLER OF CHILDREN ALSO, namely 16yo Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, possesses no such lofty principles and pretensions in pursuit of nemesis Trump.

    Obama, always pathetic and preening, pursues his target in identical style to the behaviors of any low-grade malignant narcissist or psychopath.

    Dr D Rich

    Things I did not know:

    “Civilizations end when the fish is rotten from the spies on down”

    “This is the comment section of Doctors, Lawyers, and Engineers”

    Are there any Jewish engineers? Asking Dr D for a friend. I don’t know any

    Things I think I still know:

    Masters of deflection accusing others of deflection is not only timely, but it is also very, very ripe like the attorney said.
    By timely I meant The Mask is off.


    Fixed it.
    “This is the comment section of Doctors, Lawyers, and Engineers of Q-tips.”


    Israeli Basic Law-

    Israel is the State of the Jewish people, it is under control of the Jewish people, not under the control of its own citizens.

    Israeli politicians want to make it very clear that Israel is Jewish first and Democratic second. The Jewishness is more important than the Democracy.

    How Israel Enslaved America-

    TAE commentariat used to be so civilized.

    Does discussing Israel’s active real time genocide of Gaza offend you as “uncivilized” ?
    Would you rather have a nice cuddly circle jerk than call out the Jew apartheid state committing mass murder ?


    I can’t be fucked mate. You deserve it though. You really do.

    Wasn’t that long ago that native brownies like yourself were slowly being Genocided by your fellow Aussies. Do you enjoy being a second class citizen on your own land ? I guess you do.

    I wish Boscohorowitz would come back and tear you a new arsehole.

    Madameboscoski is too busy licking its own narcissistic asshole. Like beetlejuice- I’m sure its here lurking and likely posting under another new account.

    So basically you’re advocating for Jewish murder- “don’t criticize the chosen people”, or the vaccine, trust your politicians, and govern me harder white boy daddy govt. Met any Black Jews lately ? Try converting to any other religion on the planet and you will be welcomed with open hearts and minds.
    Try converting to Judism brown boy and see how you are treated.


    D.B. Smith:

    A piece of wood can have more than one end!

    As I found out the hard way after receiving a mini wood hand saw for Xmas, when a little boy!
    First, I tried to cut a leg off of my Father’s work bench but it was too thick!
    I quickly solved the too thick leg problem, by moving up to a skinnier leg in the kitchen!
    I was under the kitchen table busy trying to saw off one of it’s legs!

    The other end of that wood piece, was spelled “MOM”!



    Thanks for your research efforts to find a more truthful view of the reconstruction effort going on in Mariupol.

    Reminds me of Bush’s gov FEMA non-reconstruction effort after hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Justin Trudeau sourcing covid stuff, via numbered Chinese companies he set up, to ensure no accountability, and the resultant numerous empty cargo planes scheduled flying from China for show..

    Governments see these crisis estimates as just opportunities to line their pockets.

    So, you can imagine with helpers like these how difficult it is for anyone like Putin to get anything positive for the ordinary people done.


    Von Der Lyin:

    EU president Von Der Lyin wants to set up a “Defense Commissioner” so she can centralize all arms purchases in her hands. Just like how convient it was for her to buy all the covid vaccines with no accountability to anyone.
    The “grift” never changes!
    Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

    Notice the US Congress has set up a Ukrainian reconstruction fund to line their pockets for years to come.

    Notice who is spearheading the Senate’s $95 billion foreign aid bill for the Ukraine. Of course, Chuck Schumer, Jewish, who’s ancestors came from the worst part of the Ukraine, Glacious, home of the Ukrainian Nazis! The same hometown as the Vittmen twins impeaching Trump!

    This is just another grift program to line their pockets far into the future!

    It is a small club and you ain’t in it!

    Speaking of Trump, notice all new congress bills are written with poison pills written in to impeach Trump should he try to fulfill any of his election promises.
    So far the border, NATO, Ukraine, Syria, Israel, and probably many other things we don’t yet know of, are already set in stone.

    I really don’t get why anybody is still concerned about the fate of the Palestinians in Gaza.
    Our Masters, DAVOS, the UN, the IJC, have all approved and legalized this democratic action.
    It is a done deal.
    Get used to it.
    Protesting is a total waste of your time and effort./s

    Figmund Sreud

    Puzzling, … few days ago – out of the blue – Canada’s CBC aired following vid on mainstream tv feed, … all about Russia’s new hypersonic missile:

    Why? What prompted their propaganda department to air it now? Scare tactic of sort?


    The stars above can tell the time
    In steadfastness: they are sublime.
    The rhythmic cycles of the seas-
    They beckon us- they chant and tease;
    And smoke arises from the flame
    As tribal stories will proclaim
    That humans love complexity
    With hidden, ordered majesty.

    Without these things we perish.
    We must save what we cherish.



    Where were you when I desperately needed poetic help in high school English Literature!

    I had to run away to electrical engineering to escape my masters of poetry!

    So far collected only 21 litres of maple sap. At 40:1 thats only 1/2 litre of maple syrup! Sap stopped flowing about 10 days ago. Might still get 3 or 4 more sap flowing days but the season looks like it is pretty much finished. Spring and cottage season is just around the corner!

    Hope you are surviving winter in good health.


    Indeed I am, WES, thank-you. I hope the same for you.
    We have had a cold snap these last few days and got 6 inches of snow. The trees had started to bud in the extended warm spell- I sure hope our cherry trees will not be discouraged from blossoming!

    Michael Reid

    the owners are destroying america

    the owners are destroying the west

    perhaps the global owners are delivering the world articulated by the

    georgia guidestones

    The problem is corruption. spin. not thinking. no attention span. people

    cannot think. superficial coverage. no thinking going on. it is a game. the

    problem is the united states wants to be the world power. dominance as an

    agenda. failure


    Michael Reid

    Way out in weird space for the old-fashioned yucks of the innocent internet of olden days: “Cows With Guns”. (From “the answer is 42” commenter on ZH).
    I would love to post it to mesmerizingly batshit crazy vegan Radagast, but I won’t take his stupid pledge. If anyone here posts there, I bet he’d like it.
    Internet nostalgia.
    And now, cows with guns.

    Michael Reid

    Cows with guns

    Cute and delicious


    Close to reality. Entertainment light reading for Q-tips.


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