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    Winslow Homer Mending the nets 1881   • House Speaker Mike Johnson First Floor Speech On Border Catastrophe (Kanekoa) • It’s Biden vs. Texas, and
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    Formerly T-Bear

    The Zionist / Israeli assault on the UNWAR is a blatant attempt to destroy the UN agency created to assist the Palestinian refugees from the establishment of Israel curtesy of Zionist Thugs, Terrorists and Thieves. In its destruction, also includes a registry of displaced Palestinians who by registering reserve their LEGAL RIGHT of return; some 6,000,000 (six millions) persons strong, closing that door for their rights forever in Israel’s empty assertion is accepted. By accepting, those nations withholding funds to the agency become accomplices to the Gazan genocide. What a pathetic list of morally bankrupt nations now exists.
    Do you live in one?

    Figmund Sreud

    Linh Dinh’s short story on Kafka’s “Jackals and Arabs” in this new booklet of his – read free at:

    … fwiw,


    Dr. D

    “”Entirely Counterfeit”: Harvard’s Chief Diversity Officer Plagiarized At Least 40 Times According To Complaint

    Gee if this keeps up they’re going to think it’s Black people instead of the correct lesson that it’s people from Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and Rutgers. I remember about 10 years ago a survey of their students where 80% said they cheated. Nope. Nobody did nothing. Sounded all good to them. Weren’t embarrassed at all.

    This study: Columbia, U Wisconsin- Madison, U Michigan. Gay: Princeton, Stanford, Harvard. Did I leave anybody out, or is UPenn only known for raping little boys?

    Also: so literally no one checked or noticed? Something like the 30 papers retracted from Harvard this month, or the 300 word-salad papers easily published to prove their point, now almost 10 years ago as well? A: Nope. Nobody checked or noticed. When they were found out and exposed they did nothing at all.

    Is there ANY possible point where Science or Education can become embarrassed? A: No. The Universe is not long enough that we could reach that point.

    Exaggerating? “Acid Attack In London Prompts Manhunt, But No Description Of Suspect

    So, your manhunt is “We’re looking for someone.”? Black or white? Can’t say. Muslim or Christian? Can’t say. Old or young? Can’t say. Rich and entitled or poor and downtrodden? Can’t say. Man or woman? A: What’s that?

    I’m sure they’ll catch up with Thee/Them in no time.

    China won’t have any trouble with this, and will just adopt the same policies to make sure they don’t surpass us in anything. That would only be fair, right? #SocialJustice Their deepest core belief is that only black people commit crimes, or they would just call it “crime” and release the photos. But we know without looking that we shouldn’t arrest anyone, because we know without looking that it’s a black person (insert trendy race group here)

    “Ukraine Celebrates EU Approval Of $54BN Aid Package After Hungary’s Orban Caved

    Man, they sure like dead Ukrainians.

    “According to an in-depth investigative report by The Washington Post, “police carry out tens of thousands of no-knock raids every year nationwide.”

    “SWAT teams are granted “no-knock” warrants at high rates such that the warrants themselves are rendered practically meaningless.”

    They’ll give one for anything, and if they’re wrong, like the FISA court, the judges don’t care and aren’t embarrassed or angry at being lied to at all.

    “SWAT teams are now increasingly being deployed for relatively routine police matters such as serving a search warrant, with some being sent out as much as five times a day.
    SWAT teams have been employed to address an astonishingly trivial array of so-called criminal activity or mere community nuisances: angry dogs, domestic disputes, improper paperwork …”
    “Aiyana Jones is dead because of a SWAT raid gone awry. The 7-year-old was killed after a Detroit SWAT team—searching for a suspect—launched a flash-bang grenade into her family’s apartment, broke through the door and opened fire, hitting the little girl who was asleep on the living room couch. The cops weren’t even in the right apartment.”

    “a Georgia SWAT team launched a flash-bang grenade into the house in which Baby Bou Bou, his three sisters and his parents were staying. The grenade landed in the 2-year-old’s crib, burning a hole in his chest “

    Again, as I say, that’s not the problem. The problem is, now these things happened, you know they happened, you’re afraid of them happening to you and your district, AND THEN YOU DID NOTHING. You didn’t get rid of SWAT. You didn’t drop a hammer on the warrant system. You didn’t outlaw no-knock, which is an option and a common sense one.

    So my only conclusion is, you like this sort of thing. You saw where you were going and kept going there. Why?

    BTW, this is exactly what we said would happen. Every word. So not just 1950. Not just 1977 when this weirdo California show came on about shooting everyone instead of Andy Griffith. ( Yes Americans are like this AND that the arrests are inside jobs of competition) Not just 1990 when every district started to have one. The WHOOOOOOOLE time we said this would happen, it DID happen, every day of every year, it got worse with each week, more people died, police and law lost legitimacy every day, people hated police and you, off duty more, AND YOU KEPT GOING. 20 more years. WHY? We told you it would make policing worse, your life harder, and it did. We’re now 20+ years in proving our point. But you won’t stop doing what DOESN’T work.

    The ghost of Marley says, “Gooooo baaaack, goooooo baaaaaack” before it’s too late.

    Of by the way, when there are lawsuits, who pays? The people being swatted in the first place: the local public. They are to pay for the privilege of being killed at any moment.

    That’s in the Ritter interview. “What if Russia just said, ‘We’re going to spend $100M to influence the ‘24 U.S. election’? They would all be ‘Russian’ candidates. Therefore most elected officials are ‘Israeli’ candidates.” Logical enough. If a foreign power then ALSO leads to the undermining of the U.S., perhaps through incredible poverty and overreach, would that be by definition treason?

    Anyway, my point is, like above, IT’S NOT THEIR MONEY. We give “Foreign Aid” to them, they take 10% of it and bribe us off, a felony. We are paying for our own destruction and occupation. So like we do to Ukraine, they do to us. And we go “Duuuuuh, I dunno!”

    “”Since I was elected Speaker less than 100 days ago, more than 700,000 illegals have [entered]”

    You haven’t built 7 new American cities in the last 100 days for them??? How dare you! What are you doing up there?

    “Israel has agreed to a ceasefire proposal that would halt its war with Hamas, Al Jazeera reported”

    They only do this to rearm and re-position. Even when The Plan is 100 years old and all the countries involved not longer exist (USSR) or the events never happened (Tonkin, J6) we just do it anyway.

    “• US Created Ukraine Conflict to Keep Europe ‘Under Its Thumb’ (Sp.)

    Kind of? OUR army will offensively attack and invade, occupy, and sell off Russia. And we will sell that back exclusively to Europe. So they are under our thumb. Or are we under THEIR thumb? Since we’re the ones paying, dying, and they have leverage as our only customer, while they sit home and eat Smørrebrød and brioche?

    Orrrrr, sounds a lot like you two are in this together. How is your “Customer” “Under your thumb”? You work all day to serve HIM.

    “• EU Leaders Agree to Give $54Bln in Macro-Financial Assistance to Ukraine (Sp.)

    Whoa whoa, wait. I thought this was $54B in ARMS. It’s only a little arms and mostly money? So the money’s never going to arrive in Kiev and 90% will be recycled back to EU elite? Elected and otherwise?

    “This locks in steadfast, long-term, predictable funding for #Ukraine. Europe. Or CERTAIN people in Europe, who apparently are deeply unpopular, about to be booted, and desperately need this $54 billion in money to pay policemen to shoot French women in the eye and stay in power?

    “This locks in steadfast, long-term, predictable funding for #Ukraine.”

    Duran followed this, where it seems that this was all a maneuver to erase Ze. Like this: They punk’d Ze into having no choice but confront Zu, otherwise it would be obvious, the reality that Zu is in control, and Ze is an actor-puppet who never controlled anything. Now because they’re all double-crossing attack-weasels, WHEN Zu was told to resign, he said no, make me. That is itself inappropriate, although it’s somewhat required for Ze to follow this path of asking first. And they know that. Ze then goes back, starts the paperwork to dump Zu, and immediately finds out that his successor (Badenov) has just that minute withdrawn his offer to take over. Now Ze cannot go forward, can’t go back, loses face, and essentially all these subs — i.e. the whole rest of government — have stated they think nothing of his power. Pissed in your eye: you’re nobody. AND after pissing on you, we all stood here looking at you. And the Ukr parliament now knows who’s in control, has power, and what is happening.

    Ze, not being a politician nor a killer but a puppet who plays piano with his d—k, does not know what to do, since he wasn’t given that script. That brings us up to today.

    It’s also impossible the CIA/MI6 weren’t also in on it. So this is a new, “soft” removal? Instead of the 1960s coup of shooting in the head? So they say he has to move to Miami and “retire”….knowing full well that Azov and Budanov will shoot him in the head. …But that’s not the CIA’s business, is it? Although they arranged every single part and understood that would be the end result. But other than knowing and arranging the whole thing, they had nothing to do with it. Everything = Nothing.

    “the Pentagon has admitted there is no evidence showing Iran had a hand in the drone attack.”

    So we reported the Opposite and act on it.

    “Nevertheless, Biden has asserted Iran is to blame and that this gives the U.S. a right to respond militarily..”

    No it doesn’t. And not just because Iran didn’t do it to begin with.(technically) Just as Saddam was the #OPPOSITE of Al-qaeda. They had #OPPOSITE religions and they would remove Saddam in an instant if they could. What “right” does a President have to just attack anyone he accuses? Either in the U.S. or in the UN and ICJ?

    A: Squirrel! What’s Taylor Swift doing this week?

    No, the “Legal” move is an act of war, or even a Congressional debate and approval of exact parameters. Like we knew we legally had to do – and still wasn’t enough to be legal – only a few years ago in 2002.

    Why can Biden bomb anyone on the planet? A: “I thought it in my head.” That’s democracy.

    And yes, I hadn’t immediately put that together, but Ukraine didn’t shoot down POWs to cynically aggravate Russia for no reason except to get nuked. WE DID. Whoever in “the West”, that is, the CIA, had OUR guys in the Patriot missile battery, shoot down Russian planes over Russia, where Ukraine wasn’t involved at all.

    Again, like all provocations, Russia says, “Oh well.” and in their depressive, laconic way, say, “C’est la geurre” and carry on what they’re doing without alteration. Until their enemies are all ground to a powder so fine, and destroyed so utterly that history books gasp in horror for 200 years. …And then Europe, being retarded AF, immediately does it again.

    ““People are still collecting money to buy medical kits and drones for the soldiers,” Telizhenko said. “[This is] what is happening in Ukraine, total corruption.”

    Yes, because the corruption is AMERICAN. It’s EUROPEAN. None of the money is reaching Kiev except for the 1.5 milliseconds it traverses their bank.

    No? Then we really need a congressional audit into where the money’s going, right? Isn’t that really a minimum? We can’t have that BECAUSE all the money is being used for its intended purpose, and we can be sure of that because we won’t look. We know before we know that we know, without looking. No data required. No discussion. Are these guys Scientists or something?

    “• CIA Staffer Sentenced To 40 Years For Leaking US Hacking Secrets (RT)

    That is how it goes. It’s illegal.

    “Assange faces up to 175 years in prison on 17 espionage charges.”

    That is not how it goes. That is not illegal.

    “and his outspoken criticism of the United States.”

    How dare musicians be rebels and criticize the establishment? Modern musicians don’t. Like Green Day, raging in defense of the machine. Forgot to add them for specific ridicule yesterday. Disgusting corporate shills. American Idiots almost. Well post-punk never understood punk anyway. Just like today’s tattooed don’t understand the meaning of “rebel”.

    “• UK High Court Throws Out Trump’s Christopher Steele Case (BBC)

    Actually, you’d be saying it’s illegal to lie? That’s how London works to control the retard-dummy United States: they post a 2nd fake set of books to us about what’s going on in the world, we never doubt or double-check the intel of “our allies” – same as Israel – and slavishly and stupidly do whatever that intelligence tells us. Like get involved in 5 new wars, all of which coincidentally advance London and destroy Iowa.

    The problem isn’t Steele or MI6 is, it’s that you’re a treasonous retard. I don’t know if you can make a law against stupid.

    “Judge Kathaleen McCormick rescinded Elon Musk’s $55 billion Tesla compensation package,”

    One guy. “I thought it in my head!”

    “Dog always celebrates”

    Makes it taste better. You should do the same.


    Schulte, who was accused of carrying out the largest theft of US secrets in the CIA’s history, was convicted on charges of espionage, computer hacking, contempt of court, making false statements to the FBI, and possessing child pornography.

    So this guy was some super hacker bloke but he left unencrypted kiddie porn on his laptop for all to see? Sure, I will believe that, after all, if cows can fly then why not? The corruption at the core of the US mafia government is quite astonishing, not astonishing because it is there, but astonishing because it is to blatant and simplistic that even a child can see that this person has been set up and his character smeared.

    It really is very pathetic, the world’s most powerful government is smearing people with lies about kiddie porn; my guess is that kiddie porn is the standard shit they throw at people who refuse to bend to their threats and other blackmail; most of congress is probaby controlled by threats regarding kiddie porn, most of which will be entirely fake.

    Trump should pardon him when in power; Trump should have a list of hundreds to be pardoned on day one.


    Waters is 80 years old and doing massive sold out shows all the time. He’ll be fine.

    Musk insulted the Jews and looks at what happened afterwards. He has been playing the wannabe Jew to try to make up for it, but it looks like they may just take his 55bln to teach him a lesson. Bribing judges is child’s play today, the Democrat Jew lawyers do it all the time, they will have no problem sorting out Musk.

    Waters may be okay unless they use AI to discover a video of Waters fucking some little kid, the sort of thing the US government likes to use to demolish the reputations of morrally wholesome people.


    Failure of “People Power”

    In a remarkable PBS documentary, the January 6th committee admits the entire thing was a publicity stunt / fabricated TV production meant to manipulate the audience.

    Jan. 6, Three Years Later: 10 Documentaries to Watch

    Jan. 6, Three Years Later: 10 Documentaries to Watch

    JANUARY 5, 2024 by Patrice Taddonio
    Originally published on Jan. 6, 2023, this story has been updated.
    Again! Failure of “People Power”
    Farmers demonstrations in the streets.
    • EU Leaders Agree to Give $54Bln in Macro-Financial Assistance to Ukraine (Sp.)

    Mission accomplished. Hungary’s funds will not end up in Ukraine and we have a control mechanism at the end of the first and the second year. Our position on the war in Ukraine remains unchanged: we need a ceasefire and peace talks.
    WHY Failure of “People Power”
    Threats and other blackmail; …. most of which will be entirely fake.
    Demolish the reputations of morally wholesome people.



    Will the EU monitor and audit the 54 bln or is this just a rort; the cash is to be distributed among the Ukraine elites and their friends in the EU parliament.

    Who checks that this isn’t just plain theft, similar to the Pfizer deal that the EU did that mysteriously dissappeared a load of cash.

    Are there any honest governments? Have they always been this way or are they simply getting more incompetent along with more greedy?


    Aiyana Jones is dead because of a SWAT raid gone awry. The 7-year-old was killed after a Detroit SWAT team—searching for a suspect—launched a flash-bang grenade into her family’s apartment, broke through the door and opened fire, hitting the little girl who was asleep on the living room couch. The cops weren’t even in the right apartment.

    Cops are not the brightest lamps on the block and what with the current recruitment issues, they will probably start recruiting cops who are illegal immigrants who cannot read or write. There will be more “wrong address” raids as illiterate cops become the norm.


    “There is an enormous thrust in our time to have a simple answer. And that simple answer is that all depends on Alan Greenspan and the Federal Reserve. And Alan, who is an old acquaintance of mine, is a marvelous performer in the impression he gives of enormously great perception.” ~
    John Kenneth Galbraith

    “Under capitalism, man exploits man.
    Under communism, it’s just the opposite.” ~ John Kenneth Galbraith

    “Among all the world’s races, some obscure Bedouin tribes possibly apart, Americans are the most prone to misinformation. This is not the consequence of any special preference for mendacity, although at the higher levels of their public administration that tendency is impressive. It is rather that so much of what they themselves believe is wrong.” ~ John Kenneth Galbraith

    there is some thought in the United States, perhaps more prevalent than not, that the US military should strike Moscow and Tehran with a barrage of missles and see what happens. There is plain evidence that the United States reserves to the right to annihilate any life deemed objectionable. A test of the practicallity of this position seem appropriate.
    in the recent past i opposed this train of thought as unproductive, now in a perverse manner of thought i am warming to the idea such action would be highly productive.

    do you ever wonder what “Cookies” collar size is? asking from a foreign and domestic perspective

    do you find it entertaining that much of the video background for the Assange piece above features scenes from the Bourne movies? In real estate it is Location, Location, Location in video it is frame rate, subliminal input, frame rate, preconditioning and frame rate. The Hallmark movies are quite popular even though the background to most scenes are obviously more contrived than a theater set. Producing a personal sense of empathy for one’s own predicament must be quite profitable.

    “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.” ~ Kris Kristofferson
    do you still have something to lose?

    perhaps you are a slave to your creature comforts


    Foreign interference networks are “deeply embedded” in Canadian politics, and operate at every level of government, according to a declassified intelligence report obtained by Global News.
    Targets of foreign meddling include diaspora groups, media outlets and federal, provincial, municipal and indigenous governments, as well as “various facets of Canadian civil society,” the CSIS report said.

    The Canadian Security Intelligence Service report, released under the Access to Information Act, also warned that foreign interference was “incrementally” weakening Canada’s democracy.

    … but other materials released to Global News at the same time name China and India as top threats.

    (There is no mention of the most active agents doing …
    conflict of interest,
    Threats and other blackmail; …. most of which will be entirely fake.
    Demolish the reputations of morally wholesome people.
    Ukraine, Nazi, Israel, USA or their agents have been ignored)

    Woman ordered deported over Chinese foreign interference

    allegations against China, Russia, Iran and India are all under scrutiny. David Akin reports.
    Justice Hogue is Appointed Commissioner in Charge of the Public Inquiry Into Foreign Interference in Federal Electoral Processes and Democratic Institutions
    September 07, 2023




    “Sometimes, the world needs a whore” Nikki Haley


    So True!


    Nikki be gettin’ downnn…..

    Hoeing for Boeing



    Nikki Haley wants you to work until you’re dead…

    you must be trippin’…….hahahahahahaha!


    James O’Keefes Truly Hysterical Exposure of Charlie Kraiger

    What an awesome disguise James!



    D Benton Smith

    The PBS documentary on the January 6 Committee is just astonishing, and most especially the statement from Adam Kinzinger that it opened with. Listen carefully. In stating that the information they had was compelling, BEFORE the hearings started, is a public confession that the committee had reached its verdict BEFORE it received evidence. You’re not allowed to do that in a legal proceeding because reaching a verdict prior to receiving evidence completely invalidates the process. It doesn’t just prove the fact that the hearings were a sham, it literally throws out of court all of the evidence and testimony given after the fact.

    It’s also a flat out admission that the Committee committed fraud. The alleged and reported purpose of the committee was to investigate, a gather facts from testimony, reach a conclusion based on that evidence, and then report their findings and recommendation accordingly. Kinzinger unambiguously goes on record stating that that is NOT what they did.

    As an aside, since when is story telling the job that Legislators are tasked with, paid for, and contractually obligated to perform? That ain’t their job. That’s not what they’re paid to do. In fact, it is a straight up breech of contract with the citizens who paid their salaries.

    So if they’re not fulfilling their contractual obligations to the citizens, then who are they working for? In other words, who are they telling the story FOR? That’s a fair question. Who was the Committee working for? Who tasked them with telling the story they were given to tell before the hearings even began?

    For that matter, who told them that their job was story telling rather than legislating? Obviously the “who” who gave them the job is someone they considered to be their real boss.

    I think an in depth investigation of the Jan 6 Committee itself, along with all of its proceedings and influences would be one helluva lot more fascinating to the viewing public than the boring crap that they actually produced.

    Question number one might be, who do the committee members take directions and orders from? Who do they actually work for. What do those command channels actually look like? Who’s doing what, with which, to whom, and why are they doing it?


    Dear Ilargi,

    You know, some photos, artwork, or altered videos are very funny and can be used to make a clever satirical point or to simply provoke a chuckle. Some photos and altered videos are just kind of dumb. The picture near the top of today’s post, the one of Biden and Harris as the couple from the Titanic, is an example of the “just dumb” category. It’s like those really inane pictures you sometimes post that show Trump as Jesus, or Trump with Jesus, or Trump with a lion boldly striding forward as the conquering hero.

    One can scroll over those with an eye-roll.

    But I gotta tell you, the video up there where someone has taken footage of MLK jr and altered his words to make it appear as if he is endorsing Trump is neither funny nor witty. It is abusive to the memory of MLK, Jr. and perhaps even actionable, should his family want to sue for the defamation of his legacy.

    MLK, Jr. was affiliated with neither party. No-one knows who he voted for in any given election. He did mention in many speeches that he thought capitalism was a major problem for the country and that we needed to move on to a form of democratic socialism. However, he never committed his support to any party, as he did not want his views to be used for their political purposes. He never endorsed any presidential candidate; for one thing, he strongly felt that as a minister it was wrong for him to issue endorsements for any politician. For another, he wanted to remain completely non-partisan and free of political attachments so that he could criticize both major parties when he felt it necessary.

    The text in that altered video is so exaggerated that it becomes repulsive. Donald Trump as the champion of the black man? Are you shitting me?

    We have had very few Americans during my lifetime that could be consider “great men”. MLK, Jr. was one of them. And they assassinated him; gunned him down like a dog to stop him from speaking. It was a truly grievous loss for the country.

    And now, some twit somewhere has decided to make a complete mockery of this courageous (and very dead) great black leader and you, for inscrutable reasons (You think it is amusing? You think MLK, Jr. really said those things? You just like anything that supports Trump?) have decided this video deserves your promotion.

    It’s easy enough to ignore the silliness that sometimes appears on otherwise informative websites like yours, Ilargi, but this video is too repugnant and offensive to pass over without remark. I really wish you had not chosen to feature this piece of crap.

    – Teri

    John Day

    Jim Jordan Whips Out Subpoena, Devastates Fani
    House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) has slapped a subpoena on Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis for failing to comply with document requests related to allegations that Willis fired a whistleblower who tried to stop a top campaign aide from misusing federal funds.


    What kind Overlord power uses puppet governments to destroy farming? 1 that plans on starving you to death. Wikileakers get shot, 40 years or life in prison. Inject poison into billions, killing millions, you get stock options, a raise, awards from isreal, capital of Murder Inc. After thousands of years the jews are finally getting what they want…Hell on earth. Freemasonic traitors dancing to the tune of Money. As chemtrails rain down on you, 5G bounces around in your head, injections eat your insides, rapists and murderers coming from the border to your town…what will you do? The painting at the top evokes a time of purposeful people. A rarity this day and age. I pray to God this changes Time is short.

    John Day

    Thoughtful input, tboc. 🙂

    D Benton Smith


    I sure hope that I never earn your reprobation, because you really do know how to dole it out in a calm, measured and rational manner that leaves no room for excuses or avenue of escape. Very well done.

    Dr. D

    I thought the MLK video was amazing, thought provoking, well done and… Probably should not have been made.

    We’ve got enough of that going around. People can’t tell fact from fiction, and after the first few lines began a steady divergence from MLK to …something. Maga, I guess.

    MLK did a wide number of bad things as a man, including adultery, and had we enacted his world as a dictator, quite probably it would have made hell on earth. Everyone hated his guts when he was alive, particularly Democrats. They love him dead. But we’ll never know since he was one man, trying his best, working it out, and raising his voice for his perspective as we all should. The lesson might not be lionizing him, but learning how we can do great things and make a difference despite our weakness and flaws.

    His family is a good indicator, since they are also flawed, and yet chose to meet with Trump to talk, find out, ask. Tell. Coordinate. We don’t know what came from that but it wouldn’t surprise me if he told them about the well-known hit on their father, its purpose, the FBI’s deep involvement, and that he knows it and this is his position. …Not that he would be telling them anything they didn’t know, but it good to know HE knows, and if he’s rocking a boat that might splash back on them.

    At present, RFK is saying and doing the same thing for different heroes and different murders, but essentially the same.

    No I wouldn’t post it but it’s interesting it exists. This is about to be our world and in 10 years no video WON’T be AI-generated Trump saying he loves the Democratic Party like his wife and the CIA most of all…Elon hates space and cars…and Elmo is an ax murderer. If you don’t stand for truth, that’s your future and you might get used to it.

    D Benton Smith

    It’s mildly amusing in a saddening sort of way that the people who want other people to fight in wars have absolutely no intention to fight in any wars themselves. Quite the contrary. They are dead sure and damn determined that they themselves will not ever have to physically fight under any circumstances. The best way to assure that one doesn’t have to fight in a war is to get someone else to fight a war to keep that from happening.

    What makes this double funny is that the people who actually do fight in wars (you know, FIGHT, as in hit and bleed, kill and die kind of fighting) only do so because they reckon that they have to, that they must fight because they have no other choice. They consider that they have no better alternatives, and so they do what they think they must. They choose to fight. The ridiculous irony is that they are fighting to protect the lives, treasure and sacred honor of the assholes who are forcing them into it. You remember who they are, right? They’re the assholes who don’t want to fight. They’re also the assholes who have done all the bad stuff that people are fighting about. Talk about psychological projection!!!. That’s really knocking it up a few notches. Like all the way to the top of the scale.

    John Day

    Fugitive Wanted For London Acid Attack That Injured 12 Is Afghan Asylum-Seeker & Convicted Sex Offender

    D Benton Smith

    I am of decidedly Irish heritage. Irony is our specialty. If you aren’t convinced that Irish history isn’t proof of the fact then just look at our literature and humor. Irony is definitely our thing. Luck of the Irish, and all that. Ah, well, it could have been worse, so I count myself lucky for that.

    John Day

    Qouth DBS:
    “The people who actually do fight in wars (you know, FIGHT, as in hit and bleed, kill and die kind of fighting) only do so because they reckon that they have to, that they must fight because they have no other choice.
    They consider that they have no better alternatives, and so they do what they think they must. They choose to fight.
    The ridiculous irony is that they are fighting to protect the lives, treasure and sacred honor of the assholes who are forcing them into it.
    You remember who they are, right? They’re the assholes who don’t want to fight.
    They’re also the assholes who have done all the bad stuff that people are fighting about.”

    Figmund Sreud

    “We have to vaccinate some bankers!” – Dr. Dave Collum ( at ~ 1:24:08)

    Anyway, … answers to just about anything and everything from Collum!


    Figmund Sreud

    … er link to Collum interview:


    Boycott List of Shame

    Boycott List of Shame
    At the Canadian BDS Coalition, one of the questions we receive most frequently is: “Which products and businesses should we boycott? Which businesses should we support, if we want to support Palestinian rights and liberation?”
    (You will have to live under a rock and eat things that you grow.)

    John Day

    Trump Prosecutor Avoids Tainting Fani, Gives Booty To Estranged Wife In Last-Minute Divorce Settlement
    Trump special prosecutor Nathan Wade will avoid testifying about his alleged relationship with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.
    Wade notably filed for divorce from his stay-at-home wife of 20 years, Jocelyn Wade, on Nov. 2nd, 2021, the day after Fani hired him as a special prosecutor in the Trump case, from which he earned more than $650,000 in taxpayer dollars – which he used to take Fani on lavish vacations, according to claims from Trump co-defendant Michael Roman and corroborated by receipts revealed in the divorce case.


    Thank you Teri


    This is how gobshite lawyers think, with “Legalize Sleaze” and “Weasel Words”

    Find a ‘loophole’ to violate the spirit and obvious intention of a law, any law, lawyers as a profession are sociopaths at a bare minimum. Yes, I mean the entire ‘profession’ > gang.

    Texas Finds Loophole With New ‘Super Ouchy Pokey Wire’


    “EL PASO, TX — With the legal conflict between the federal government and the state of Texas still in full swing following the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the use of razor wire along the southern border, Texas found a loophole by instead using “Super Ouchy Pokey Wire.”

    The new type of wire, manufactured in Japan, provides an alternative to the controversial razor wire that was previously being used to deter illegal migrants. Legal experts consulted by Texas officials discovered the loophole and presented it as a viable option to subvert the legal challenges brought by the Biden administration.

    “This isn’t razor wire,” said Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. “The Supreme Court ruling had to do specifically with razor wire. This is ‘Super Ouchy Pokey Wire’ from the Crazy Aggressive Security Corporation in Yokohama, Japan. It’s just as effective, but it is absolutely not razor wire. Your move, Biden.”


    Larry Makes Fun of the Empire of Lies Military Mafia Announcing It’s Intentions Before Hand

    Or “It’s Too Bad Stupid Isn’t Painful”



    I must ‘fourth’ teri’s sentiment. Memes are a downgrade. It’s still viable humor, and maybe you can have a ‘humor’ thread, like Martyanov’s Friday music threads.


    Happy Ground Hog Day!


    From Andrei Martyanov

    UKRONAZIS do not operate Patriot PAC3.


    Ukronazis aren’t smart enough for one thing

    The ‘Patriot’ AD system is a piece of shit, like most Military Industrial Mafia weapons are.

    The F-35 Lardbucket boondoggle for instance.

    Their Brand…….

    Made for ‘Profit NOT Performance©

    “Those systems are operated by US personnel, including making a decision on its use.

    From Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova,.

    The US and its citizens are complicit in the deaths of the Ukrainian POWs who were killed last week when the Russian Il-76 military aircraft transporting them was shot down by Kiev’s troops,

    On Thursday Russia’s Investigative Committee released a report stating that the cargo plane was destroyed using two US-made MIM-104A missiles fired by a Patriot air-defense system. The Il-76 came down in Russia’s Belgorod Region last Wednesday.

    All of those on board – 65 Ukrainian POWs, three Russian troops, and six crew members – were killed. Russian investigators stated that Ukrainian troops fired the missiles from a staging area in Kharkov Region, not far from the village of Liptsy, some 10km from the Russian border.

    They based their conclusion on 116 missile fragments found at the crash site bearing inscriptions in English. Responding to the report, Zakharova said in a Telegram post that US citizens “need to know where their money is going,” arguing that President Joe Biden and his administration have made Americans “complicit in a bloody tragedy.”

    I am sure those Empire of Lies Military Mafia will get Bronze Star for shooting a defenseless aircraft carrying POWs.

    Not the first time the US shot down civilian aircraft.

    Patriot missile serial numbers



    When Maria Zakharova says this, there will be consequences for the Empire of Lies and their Toadie Coward Mercs and Buttboys in Ukronaziland.

    “The US and its citizens are complicit in the deaths of the Ukrainian POWs who were killed last week when the Russian Il-76 military aircraft transporting them was shot down by Kiev’s troops, “

    Time to get really serious and whole kill a shit-ton of Western ‘advisors’.

    I mean really go after them gloves off fashion. There are Legions of in ground Russian intel assets in Ukronaziland who know what rocks the dirtbag vermin are hiding under.

    I know that will ‘trigger’ the snowflake soyboys of the Collective West but….



    The Moral Character of Duh’merica on Display for All the World to Laugh At


    John Day

    New Westphalian World Order

    Michael Hudson , Perfecting Imperialism
    ​ Look at the background of the people who’ve led the World Bank. From the very beginning, John McCloy was in the army. The most notorious World Bank leader and most corrupt was Robert McNamara, of course. And then you have the last few World Bank presidents who come directly from the US national security state. So, if you look at their background, you may ask, why is it that they come from the military or the national security state?
    ​ Well, the reason is that they look at the World Bank as a key to the US strategic control of other countries’ economies. And there are two basic spheres economically that the United States uses as the buttress of its balance of payments and its ability to impose sanctions on other countries. The first is oil, which explains why the United States has blown up the Nord Stream pipelines and why it’s isolated Venezuela. It used oil to be able to control the energy of foreign countries. And the second point is agriculture. And that is probably the most serious and most negative, destructive element of all of the World Bank’s policies. And I have a chapter on that in my Super Imperialism.
    ​ The function of the World Bank is to prevent other countries from growing their own food, to make sure that the World Bank does not give economic support to domestic agriculture. One of the most fateful requirements of the World Bank is that it only makes foreign exchange loans. Now, foreign exchange loans mean they’re going to develop the export sector, they’re going to develop roads and transportation for export commodities. The government will bear the cost of developing mining, of developing oil and minerals, of deforestation, but it won’t develop domestic industry. And if you look at agricultural development in the United States, most of this agricultural development spending is domestic… Not a single (World Bank)​ loan has been made for that unless it’s for plantation agriculture and export crops. So, the idea is that other countries, Latin America, Africa, South Asia, should depend on American farmers for grain and food exports and they should export plantation products that do not compete with American agriculture…
    ..The World Bank has opposed land reform. It’s opposed any of the domestic rules that any country such as the United States, or the European Common Agricultural Policy, have used to support domestic food production. So, what the World Bank has done is subsidize import dependency on American grain. And the export competition with other World Bank customers to compete among themselves at products that do not compete with American or Western Europe production. So, the World Bank is basically an arm of economic warfare by the United States and NATO against the global majority…
    ..The important thing to know is that there was an alternative to the World Bank. It was called the World Bank for Economic Acceleration, and it was promoted by the American senator from Florida, Senator Smathers, and was called the Forgash Plan after Morris Forgash, who was the head of the containerized shipping. The World Bank for Economic Acceleration was to finance land reform, it was to finance domestic subsidy for agriculture and domestic import displacement, and of course that was opposed by the United States.
    ​ I found out that it was opposed because a copy of the plan was sent to my former boss at Chase Manhattan Bank, John Deaver. Deaver said, advised David Rockefeller, that every country that is engaged in land reform has ended up a political enemy of the United States. Well, that’s because the United States subsidizes assassination squads to kill any advocacy of land reform, so that the United States can control the land of the country’s most​-notorious United Fruit Company…
    ​..The idea of the World Bank is to turn Latin American, African, and other economies into extensions of the US economy, not serving their own domestic economy…
    ..You need an alternative set of international institutions whose goal will be to promote domestic development and domestic independence in food, basic consumer goods independence, energy independence, instead of dependency on the United States…
    ​..De-dollarization doesn’t mean having an alternative currency like the euro or the dollar or the yen. It doesn’t mean a domestic currency at all. De-dollarization means how do you avoid having to keep your reserves in dollars where the United States can simply confiscate them…
    ..You’ll have, of course, some holdings of other countries’ currencies, just as every country holds other countries’ currencies to stabilize the foreign exchange market.
    But the big problem is what do you do to keep your international reserves, the savings of the country, in a kind of global money? In other words, what do you do to replace the role that gold had prior to 1971? The problem is that the growth in international reserves itself is a function of American military spending. Almost all these dollars that have been ended up in the bank accounts of foreign governments have been injected into the world economy, not by foreign trade, not even by foreign investment, but by foreign military spending. Again, I showed the statistics in Super Imperialism…
    ..Well, the United States will not let these countries do what the United States does to them… It will only let these dollars be invested in US Treasury securities, or maybe in the stock market, or maybe you can buy scattered real estate… The problem is the fact that these reserves are unnecessary in the first place. The reserves measure imbalance in international trade, investment, and payments. And if the world worked the way it’s supposed to in the economic textbooks, countries would be in balance…
    ​..If you didn’t have American military spending, if you didn’t have the American looting of global south countries, you wouldn’t have this growth in reserves. And the fact is you wouldn’t need them. You would need basically some international credit..​.
    ..The fact is that access to international credit, to international reserves, is used as a kind of political leverage to force them to follow laws that will not tax American and European firms, that will let them use accounting stratagems to pretend not to earn any profits at all at home, but to take them in offshore tax havens and offshore banking centers..
    ..The whole international financial system is a massive pretense to avoid paying taxes to the countries that are the host countries for investment and to avoid making companies responsible for the economic damages that they cause to the environment and to the rest of the economy…
    ..Why did the United States go off gold in 1971? It’s because General de Gaulle in France and Germany were doing the same thing, were cashing in all of the dollars that were thrown off by American military spending, mainly in Southeast Asia but around the world in the 800 military bases. If you had the gold reserve or a reserve controlled by the global majority, then the United States could not simply finance its military spending by printing dollars…
    ..So basically, neoliberalism is financialization, privatization, untaxation, and a lot of political assassination, a lot of killing of people who oppose this…​ As the head of the CIA said, “we’re murder inc.” and who do they murder? They murder people who are trying to explain and expose this whole imperialistic process​…
    ..In fact, all of this increase in wealth by the financial class, by the real estate class, by the insurance class and what I call the FIRE sector- finance, insurance and real estate- has been created in the form of economic rent. Not wages, not profits, but land rent, monopoly rent and financial returns…​
    ​..Well, how can the rental yield go up if you’re deindustrializing the economy?​ … The banks will say, let’s give this mortgage to the Federal Reserve as a deposit and the Federal Reserve will give us real money for it. Let the Federal Reserve and the government take the big loss. That’s the only hope of getting out of this because 80% of bank loans are mortgage loans.​..

    Perfecting Imperialism

    ​ Pepe Escobar, Will the Hegemon Ever Accept a New Westphalian World Order?
    ​ A new book by scholar Glenn Diesen, The Ukraine War & The Eurasian World Order, out in mid-February, asks the make-or-break question of the young 21st century: will the Hegemon accept a new geopolitical reality, or will it go Captain Ahab on Moby Dick? …
    ..Diesen offers a concise, easily accessible mini-history of how we got here.
    ​ He starts to make the case harking back to the Silk Roads: “The Silk Road was an early model of globalization, although it did not result in a common world order as the civilizations of the world were primarily connected to nomadic intermediaries.”
    ​ The demise of the Heartland-based Silk Road, actually roads, was caused by the rise of the thalassocratic European powers reconnecting the world in a different way. Yet the hegemony of the collective West could only be fully achieved by applying Divide and Rule across Eurasia.
    ​ We did not in fact had “five centuries of western dominance”, according to Diesen: it was more like three, or even two…
    ​..What is indeed The Big Picture now is that “the unique world order” produced by controlling “the vast Eurasian continent from the maritime periphery is coming to an end”​
    Mackinder is hit by a train​
    Diesen hits the nail on the head when it comes to the Russia-China strategic partnership – on which the overwhelmingly majority of European intellectuals is clueless​…
    ..Diesen shows how “Russia can be considered the successor of the Mongolian nomads as the last custodian of the Eurasian land corridor”, while China revives the Ancient Silk Roads “with economic connectivity”. In consequence, “a powerful Eurasian gravitational pull is thus reorganizing the supercontinent and the wider world.”…
    ..Witte “wanted to end Russia’s role as an exporter of natural resources to Europe as it resembled ‘the relations of colonial countries with their metropolises’”.
    ​ And that implies going back to Dostoyevsky, who argued that “Russians are as much Asiatics as European. The mistake of our policy for the past two centuries has been to make the people of Europe believe that we are true Europeans (…) It will be better for us to seek alliances with the Asiatics.” Dostoyevsky meets Putin-Xi.
    ​ Diesen also needs to go through the obligatory references to Mackinder’s “heartland” obsession – which is the basis of all Anglo-American geopolitics for the past hundred and twenty years.
    ​ Mackinder was spooked by railway development – especially the Trans-Siberian by the Russians – as it enabled Moscow to “emulate the nomadic skills of the Scythians, Huns and Mongols” that were essential to control most of Eurasia.
    ​ Mackinder was particularly focused on railways acting “chiefly as feeders to ocean-going commerce”. Ergo, being a thalassocratic power was not enough: “The heartland is the region to which under modern conditions, sea power can be refused access.”
    ​ And that’s what leads to the Rosetta Stone of Anglo-American geopolitics: to “prevent the emergence of a hegemon or a group of states capable of dominating Europe and Eurasia that could threaten the dominant maritime power.”
    ​ That explains everything from WWI and WWII to the permanent NATO obsession in preventing a solid rapprochement between Germany and Russia, by any means necessary.
    ​ Diesen offers a succinct perspective of Russian Eurasianists of the 1920s such as Trubetskoi and Savitsky, who were promoting an alternative path to the USSR.
    ​ They conceptualized that with Anglo-American thalassocracy applying Divide and Rule in Russia, what was needed was a Eurasian political economy based on mutual cooperation: a stark prefiguration of the Russia-China drive to multipolarity.
    ​ Savitsky in fact could have been writing today: “Eurasia has previously played a unifying role in the Old World. Contemporary Russia, absorbing this tradition”, must abandon war as a method of unification.
    ​ Cue to post-Maidan in 2014. Moscow finally got the message that trying to build a Greater Europe “from Lisbon to Vladivostok” was a non-starter. Thus the new concept of Greater Eurasian Partnership was born. Sergey Karaganov, with whom Diesen worked at the Higher School of Economics, was the father of the concept.
    ​ Greater Eurasia Partnership repositions Russia “from the periphery of Europe and Asia to the center of a large super-region.” In short, a pivot to the East – and the consolidation of the Russia-China partnership.
    ​ Diesen dug up an extraordinary passage in the Selected Works of Deng Xiaoping, proving how the Little Helmsman in 1990 was a visionary prefiguring multipolar China:​
    ​ “In the future when the world becomes three-polar, four-polar or five-polar, the Soviet Union, no matter how weakened it may be and even if some of its republics withdraw from it, will still be one pole. In the so-called multipolar world, China too will be a pole (…) Our foreign policies remain the same: first, opposing hegemonism and power politics and safeguarding world peace; and second, working to establish a new international political order and a new international economic order.”
    ​ Diesen breaks it down, noting how China has to a certain extent “replicated the three-pillared American System of the early 19th century, in which the U.S. developed a manufacturing base, physical transportation infrastructure, and a national bank to counter British economic hegemony.”
    ​ Enter China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI); the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO); the AIIB; the de-dollarization drive; the China International Payment System (CIPS); increased use of yuan in international trade; the use of national currencies; Made in China 2025; The Digital Silk Road; and last but not least, BRICS 10 and the NDB, the BRICS development bank.
    ​ Russia matched some of it – as in the Eurasia Development Bank (EDB) of the Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU) and in advancing the harmonization of financial arrangements of BRI and EAEU projects via the SCO.
    ​ Diesen is one of the very few Western analysts who actually understands the drive to multipolarity: “BRICS+ is anti-hegemony and not anti-Western, as the objective is to create a multipolar system and not assert collective dominance over the West.”
    ​ Diesen also contends that the emerging Eurasian World Order is “seemingly based on conservative principles.” That’s correct, as the Chinese system is drenched in Confucianism (social integration, stability, harmonious relationships, respect for tradition and hierarchy)…
    ​ Diesen’s detailed analysis of the Ukraine proxy war, “a predictable consequence of an unsustainable world order”, is extrapolated to the battleground where the future, new world order is being decided; it is “either global hegemony or Westphalian multipolarity.”
    ​ Everyone with a brain by now knows how Russia absorbed and re-transformed everything thrown by the collective West after the start of the Special Military Operation (SMO). The problem is the rarified plutocracy that really runs the show will always refuse to acknowledge reality, as Diesen frames it: “Irrespective of the outcome of the war, the war has already become the graveyard of liberal hegemony.”
    ​ The overwhelming majority of the Global South clearly sees that even as what Ray McGovern indelibly defined as MICIMATT (military-industrial-congressional-intelligence-media-academia-think tank complex) cast the Russia-China partnership as the main “threats” – in reality those that created the “gravitational pull to reorganize the world order towards multipolarity” – they can’t bring Russia-China down geoeconomically.
    ​ So there’s no question “the conflicts of the future world order will continue to be militarized.” That’s where we are at the crossroads. There will be no peaceful road towards to Westphalian world order.

    Will the Hegemon Ever Accept a New Westphalian World Order?

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