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    John Day

    Figmund Sreud: The Saker has a good wrap for 2/24/22

    The collapse of Banderastan: tomorrow will be a crucial day

    Doc Robinson

    From RT:

    In an address on Friday, Zelensky said that he is open to talk about Ukraine’s potential neutral status, but insisted that his country needs third party guarantees.

    “We are not not afraid of Russia, we are not afraid to talk with Russia, talk about everything: security guarantees for our country and a neutral status. But we are not in NATO now – what security guarantees will we have? Which countries will give them?” he said, before adding that there should be talks that could bring an end to the Russian military offensive.

    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday that “neutral status and rejection of hosting [offensive] weapons systems” are Putin’s “red lines” for Ukraine and that the ball was now in Kiev’s court.

    V. Arnold

    @ Figmund Sreud

    My impression is that the linked video is just one part of a concerted effort to further demonise V. Putin and Russia; nothing new here folks…
    The fact is, this whole Ukraine debacle is fully the fault of the U.S. and it’s foreign policy as implemented towards Russia and any other country that doesn’t fall in line with the U.S.
    The hypocracy and hubris on the part of the U.S. (and it’s allies) is just stunning…
    Do notice the impotence of the U.S. response thus far…sanctions,,,useless and stupid…
    Taiwan is to China what Ukraine is to Russia; the weaknss of U.S. foriegn policy creates many possibilities…we’ll see…


    F. S.:

    I avoid watching cbc to avoid contaminating my mind with their lies. I prefer to keep an open mind instead.


    The US deep state has successfully led the Ukraine down the path to destruction and ruin.

    During Trump’s time in office the CIA couldn’t shell the Donbass. As soon as Biden came into office, the CIA started shelling the Donbass. Shelling was typically 80 shells away. In the last 3 weeks shelling increased to over 1,200 shells a day.

    Now we know why Trump was impeached by the deep state and Col Vitamen.

    When Putin is finished with the Ukraine, there will finally be a lasting peace in the region. The Ukraine however will be a much smaller country than it is now. And likely a landlocked country too.

    Victoria Nuland and Col Vitamen can now admire their life’s handiwork.


    Rising energy prices is a central part of Biden’s plan. He is going ahead with more plans to cripple future US domestic energy production under the cover of climate change. When Trump left office the US was an energy exporter. In one year, under Biden, the US is again a major energy importer.

    The nice thing about Biden being a puppet, is when he shoots himself (US) in the foot, it doesn’t hurt!

    those darned kids

    here’s something to not chew on: russia combined with belarus produce almost 40% of the world’s potash.

    corn flakes gonna be a lot more expensive soon..

    those darned kids
    Veracious Poet

    F.S. I couldn’t make it very far into the CBC propaganda after they put on BloJo, Macrony, Trudope + resident Xiden like they were the adults in the room…

    The tone deaf, idiot card reading news monkeys were just to nauseating 😐

    Socal local news have switched to blaming gas prices on Putin + portraying the innocents as victims, without presenting any aspects of how this mess was created by U$ Empire Inc. supporting monsters that make Putin look like a humanitarian…

    I certainly hope Russia’s police action is quick & decisive, with as little collateral damage as possible, so far so good.

    It’s also great that Chernobyl was a made mission critical to remove the potential for some psychopath to use it as a false flag to make situation NATO trigger…

    Moreover let’s hope that when the Black Sea Fleet rolls in it doesn’t escalate into a naval pissing contest, I’d hate to find out if the U$ Empire Inc. Navy is prepared to deal with hyper-sonic missles the hard way.

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